‘Warehouse 13′ Cancelled by Syfy

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Warehouse 13 HG Wells Stickup Warehouse 13 Cancelled by Syfy

Since 2009, Warehouse 13 has offered a quirkier alternative to the darker science fiction serials offered by the Syfy network. The tale of government agents tasked with recovering artifacts of supernatural or super-scientific origin has garnered a decent cult following over the years.

Though Agents Pete Lattimer (Eddie McLintock), Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly), and Artie Nelson (Saul Rubinek) have survived everything from rage-inducing combs to a malevolently resurrected H.G. Wells, there’s one thing the heroes of Warehouse 13 can’t escape: network cancellation. In a move sure to disappoint loyal fans, Syfy has decided to discontinue the series.

EW reports that Warehouse 13‘s fifth season will be its last. Already truncated to just six episodes, the series will officially end in 2014. Syfy President of Original Content, Mark Stern, stated:

“Warehouse 13 has been an incredible signature series for us… We are grateful to the loyal and passionate fan base and know that Jack Kenny, his gifted creative team, and outstanding ensemble cast will give them an amazing finale season.”

This is an odd move on the part of Syfy, given that season 4 of Warehouse 13 has yet to finish and production of its follow-up won’t begin until mid-summer. The series is still pulling in decent numbers for the network (though its week-to-week ratings have fluctuated this season). So, why cancel a well-liked and well-watched show?

Warehouse 13 Agents Warehouse 13 Cancelled by Syfy

One possibility pertains to Warehouse 13‘s current lead-in series, Defiance. Defiance was a heavy investment for Syfy – a cross-media experiment designed so that an MMORPG video game and television show could actively promote and influence one another. Since Defiance has been officially picked up for a second season, it may be that Syfy is trying to free up more budget resources for the expensive property by cutting Warehouse 13 short.

Of course, this is all just speculation. It may be that Warehouse 13 was designed to end in its fifth season, and these final six episodes are truly its intended swan song. If so, this may end up being a blessing in disguise for the series’ fans. After all, it’s always a shame to watch a favorite show outlive its charm.


Warehouse 13 will continue to air its current season on Syfy on Monday nights.

Source: EW

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  1. Easily another 5 seasons would have been awesome!!!

    • yes you are correct i agree with you i loved this series and would of liked to see what happend with pete and mika

  2. After working a really long day I only had one thing to look forward to is warehouse 13 it is the best show that was or will ever be bring it back and u will make this man the happiest Man ever thank you for ur time

  3. Warehouse 13 is one of our family’s top 5 favorite nightly shows. We’ve watched and rewatched all the episodes. We will really miss this show. Wish you would change your mind about cancellation.

  4. Warehouse 13 is one of the only family shows my son, 8, and I look forward to every night. It was funny and action packed and appropriate. The only thing he’d watch other than cartoons. Now since we have been looking for a show that’s equally entertaining and appropriate for an 8 year old. Would have loved more seasons.

  5. well its a safe bet that SYFY is well on its way to being cannceled as well but they will likley change their name to SF first. BAD MOVE GUYS. I have one question though What aritfact did you touch ? you must have touched something and now everything is messed up!

    • If they can’t bring it back on Syfy, maybe BBC America could AT LEAST buy the rights to the WH 13 re – runs & possibly Eureka. They show some cancelled American science – fiction & fantasy like Star Trek : TNG & the re – envisioned BSG as well as their own science – fiction, fantasy & horror / supernatural line – up.

  6. I actually have a solution that is if there are any intelligent science fiction/fact people left in this world that have enough passion and guts to put forth the effort to do something meaningful.

    Why not put our heads together,organize and write the letters,contact the writers and the actors and if needed hold their hands and bring back the show and the unlimited wonders in the name of the millions of people that it means so much to.

    To hell with a poorly managed tv network that cant get a grip on alternate-realities. Forget what the “other guys” are doing and let us show them what really counts. Im sure the suits and execs at schit-fy wont know what to do if someone tried to out do them…. Seriously though it you love your show, Then there is only one thing that you can do. MAKE IT SO.
    Let me know when you are ready to bring it back….i will be seeing you

    • The original Star Trek series was essentially kept alive by the fans when it was faced with cancellation, but their actions ( petitions, letters to Paramount & NBC, etc. ) were swift & deliberate. How long has WH 13 been off the air ?
      Action should’ve been taken SOONER, really.

  7. I started watching this show and was immediately hooked. I’m upset that it ended so soon. Please bring it back. I would like to see what happens to Pete And Myka.

  8. My eight year old also loved this show. It made her laugh. There are not many shows that an eight old can enjoy these days that doesn’t involve cussing.

  9. I love this show, I am so bummed that it’s over but I watch the reruns often.
    There is a new show called the Librarians, I think they are trying to capture the warehouse premise, it’s not bad but I’m not hooked yet, we’ll see how it goes…In the meantime I’ll be watching warehouse 13 reruns for a long time to come!

    • +Suzannasinister: Have you ever watched the movies that ‘the librarians’ is based on? There are three I think. They are all awesome! Great movies and might help you appreciate ‘the Librarians’ even more.

      I really hate that they cancelled Warehouse 13. First they axe Eureka and now my other very favorite, Warehouse 13. I don’t believe I’ll be watching their channel anymore. I mean, what’s the point?

      • They stopped ” BEING HUMAN “, as well. It was a GREAT American version of a British series. Why don’t they run some series like re – runs of the original Star Trek, classic Doctor Who, Star Trek : TNG, Young Indiana Jones, Sliders, Dark Shadows as well as Stargate : SG1 & Stargate Atlantis rather than their reality shows, wrestling, & their mostly shlocky made – for – Syfy movies ? That’s how they started out as SCIFI.
        ” Defiance ” is okay, can’t really get into ” 12 Monkeys “.

  10. I recently discovered this show on Amazon and was disappointed that it was cancelled. I really love the show. It is a shame that all the good shows get cancelled and the shows that should be cancelled continue to air.

    • I think this show was wonderful and had so many other great stories they could have done and possible crossovers. Just think a warehouse 13 and Doctor Who crossover where this is a Tardis found in the wearhouse and the Doctor pops out or something of that nature. Let the screen writers have fun with that. I believe they could have sold the rights and the show to BBC. I mean they been doing Doctor Who since the 60′s. Why not let BBC take the show over. I guess in the end its well over now and a lot of us are sad. But thanks for the show. “””BEGS””””” Maybe 1 day a movie?

  11. Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen the final-lie. I don’t think the writers actually left it as an ending or closed option they could never revisit…

    It didn’t really end but left enough room for options to revisit the series that you could easily park another.

    If there is a will of the actors and the writers then this series should be picked up. It was clean family fun and very few scenes a 6 year old couldn’t or shouldn’t see. Far more age appropriate then BSG or even in some instances SG1 or other such SI FY series… I’d rather my kids watch this over wrestling Defiance or any number of other shows on the network.

    So, I intend to contact the agents of each of the main characters to see if there’s even the will to pursue a resurrection. Some have picked up and moved into new series from what’s shown on IMDB or whatever that sites called but it’s not alot of work to pursue. If there is enough fan base pitching this to Disney XD or Marvel wouldn’t be a huge stretch or networks that hosted Burn Notice, Breaking Bad, etc… have budget and the means and writers who would have a field day writing some family entertainment with really very few limitations regarding covering history in an entertaining way…
    The largest challenge will be contracts for actors and writers but there are very few shows today that cover both action for the kids and enough fun for the parents to jointly enjoy some clean family oriented escapism.

  12. The syfi network made a HUGEEEEE mistake cutting loose wearhouse 13 , wearhouse 13 was/is one of the better shows that the syfi network has ever aired , wearhouse 13 and its fans deserved better than what it/they got, the network should have at least given us the courtesy of ending the fifth and final season WAYYY better. I mean come on why in gods good green earth would you end it just as Myka and Pete just got together and then just jump decades and end the show !! , why not end it by giving Pete and Myka a freaken happy ending!!!!! , ended it by showing them getting married or having kids or both for crying out loud !! , what the hell were you guys thinking when you canceled the show, why would the thought even cross your freaken mind !, wearhouse 13 IS the best freaken show ever !!, syfi dropping wearhouse 13 was an even bigger mistake than when the ABC network dropped the tv show ‘Kyle xy’, both of these networks made the BIGGEST mistakes in their FREAKEN “lifesss” HONESTLY ! I MEAN THEY IS 473 comments of loyal loving fans and those are just the ones that decided to share their thoughts ! There are ‘hundreds of thousands’ other fans out there that LOVED the show and HATED to see it end !! PLEASEE PLEASEE PLEASEE bring the show back !!! , it will bring the network TONS of ratings because like I have expressed up above ‘Wearhouae 13′ IS the BEST show the network has EVER came up with , please respond to this comment at the email provided.

    • Myka was in love with HG. (Confirmed by the actresses themselves!!!!!!!)

  13. This sort of thing is why I no longer watch SyFi Channel. They trade in good programs for “lowest common denominator” shows. Just not worth my time.

  14. This is what I and most prior SciFi fans have come to expect from the network since they changed their logo from SciFi to SyFy ever since this took place it has been one cancellation after another.

    What do us loyal SciFi fans get to replace good shows such as Warehouse 13, Stargate, Caprica and many many others instead we get WRESTELING! what a joke Wrestling does not belong on a SciFi channel granted i know it is all fake so in essences it is fiction but there is no science to it in any way just a bunch of over grown men wanting to man handle other men if you ask me i think most of them are gay but are afraid to admit it to themselves. Since the new Syfy channel is fond of cancelling things i simply cancelled my subscription with them. i will never watch the network again even if they bring back some of the shows they cancelled way before their time.

    I ask anyone why invest the time in learning and trying to understand a show when at any moment the damn thing could be cancelled at any moment without any warning or even an ending for that matter.

    • They had a CSI marathon a few months back. While not strictly Sci – Fi, it was close & also an interesting series. Better than their reality dreck – fests.

    • Syfy ran a CSI marathon a few months ago, & although it’s not science – fiction, it was a sight better than their reality series & dreck movies.

  15. oh for the love of god why cancel such good show, syfy made great mistake, cancel DEFIANCE instead Warehouse, Defiance sucks- Warehouse 13 rocks!!!

  16. I love Warehouse 13. Please bring it back :(

  17. No! Bring it back :(

  18. I absolutely love this series and I don’t consider myself a television watcher.
    I have a few shows I keep track of and watch in the morning to wake up and at night to wind down. This was one of only 6 shows I watch and at the top of my favorites list. I would be ecstatic to have 5 more seasons of this show.

    List of the only shows I watch:
    One Piece
    Naruto Shippuden
    Warehouse 13
    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    Once Upon a Time

    Just about every other show that airs nowadays makes me sick, I simply can’t stand the overreaching dramatizations, terrible acting and bridge club esk story plots. When I try and watch other shows, I feel like I’m drowning in a tub of horse manure at old miss Johnson’s book club for cat lovers and widows. Watching those shows is about as interesting as watching the 700 club, makes me want to rip my eyes from their sockets, cram them into my ears and cut my own head off. At what point did every show on every network turn into “Days of our Lives”? If this is the future of television count me out or kill me and get it over with. Syfy lists like 6 shows on its top shows list. I haven’t seen even one of them and never will, unless of course its used as a torture device by the SService.