‘Warehouse 13′ Cancelled by Syfy

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Warehouse 13 HG Wells Stickup Warehouse 13 Cancelled by Syfy

Since 2009, Warehouse 13 has offered a quirkier alternative to the darker science fiction serials offered by the Syfy network. The tale of government agents tasked with recovering artifacts of supernatural or super-scientific origin has garnered a decent cult following over the years.

Though Agents Pete Lattimer (Eddie McLintock), Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly), and Artie Nelson (Saul Rubinek) have survived everything from rage-inducing combs to a malevolently resurrected H.G. Wells, there’s one thing the heroes of Warehouse 13 can’t escape: network cancellation. In a move sure to disappoint loyal fans, Syfy has decided to discontinue the series.

EW reports that Warehouse 13‘s fifth season will be its last. Already truncated to just six episodes, the series will officially end in 2014. Syfy President of Original Content, Mark Stern, stated:

“Warehouse 13 has been an incredible signature series for us… We are grateful to the loyal and passionate fan base and know that Jack Kenny, his gifted creative team, and outstanding ensemble cast will give them an amazing finale season.”

This is an odd move on the part of Syfy, given that season 4 of Warehouse 13 has yet to finish and production of its follow-up won’t begin until mid-summer. The series is still pulling in decent numbers for the network (though its week-to-week ratings have fluctuated this season). So, why cancel a well-liked and well-watched show?

Warehouse 13 Agents Warehouse 13 Cancelled by Syfy

One possibility pertains to Warehouse 13‘s current lead-in series, Defiance. Defiance was a heavy investment for Syfy – a cross-media experiment designed so that an MMORPG video game and television show could actively promote and influence one another. Since Defiance has been officially picked up for a second season, it may be that Syfy is trying to free up more budget resources for the expensive property by cutting Warehouse 13 short.

Of course, this is all just speculation. It may be that Warehouse 13 was designed to end in its fifth season, and these final six episodes are truly its intended swan song. If so, this may end up being a blessing in disguise for the series’ fans. After all, it’s always a shame to watch a favorite show outlive its charm.


Warehouse 13 will continue to air its current season on Syfy on Monday nights.

Source: EW

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  1. I went to syfy.com and took the viewers choice servey. And one of the questions was which network do you think has become worse in the last 6 months? I checked syfy. Then they asked why I thought it had become worse in the last 6 months. So I wrote back in length about the lack of good sci fi programing they had on their network and what does wresting have to do with sci fi and about all those fake reality shows. I also wrote how very unhappy I was about canceling warehouse 13 and many other shows they have canceled that I use to watch. I would like to encourage everyone who is upset with syfy to please consider going to syfy.com and take the viewers choice survey if you have not already and let them know how unhappy you are with thier decisions. And who knows maybe if enough people take survey and show how unhappy we are they just might change their ways.

    • I do like Face Off, which does have a sci-fi base element to it (Wizards and a Grimm crossover, by definition is Sci-Fi..and of course anything Star Wars or “E.T.” fits the Sci-Fi bill)…but I agree that pro wrestling is a HUGE stretch; other than maybe one of the wrestlers’ backstories is that he came back from the dead (??)

      SyFy has a weird way of handling scripted series. Being Human, Haven, WH13, Continuum; all last maybe 3 seasons before being dumped. You have extremely short “behind the scenes” shows which barely make it 4 weeks into the year before being tossed; like Monster Man and a show where the main character is like Cake Boss; with way more tubes and dry ice packets than anything you’ve ever seen.

      Ghost Hunters is to SyFy what Law and Order is to NBC. It’s the ONLY show that’s been on that network for more than 8 years. Can we get MORE actual SyFy shows? Isn’t that what SyFy was wanting to do in the first place? Hell, bring back reruns of Kolchak or Dark Shadows for crying out loud.

    • I have to say I am extremely disappointed that they cancelled Warehouse 13. Especially if they cancelled it for Defiance. Defiance peeked my interest for about 6 episodes then I lost interest. This has become common for Scifi over the last many years. They have a great show with absolutely no problems with ratings then they just drop it for another show. Half the time they drop it without ending the series. Then they air absolutely stupid shows all day that don’t even remotely relate to Scifi. This is a network that has lost touch with its original intended viewer base. Scifi, History and Discovery channel were the only reasons I paid for cable. Scifi hardly shows sci fi shows. History channel is now skewing historic facts with what ifs and conspiracy theories, and Discovery just started making stuff up, throwing in a few fake scientists and experts and airing it as facts. As you can likely tell i have cancelled my cable subscription.

  2. I almost cried watching the last episode. After reading this if they canceled warehouse 13 for defiance, then sci-fi has truly lost their minds.

    • I DID cry — the first time and then a while ago, when I watched the last episode again, I was sobbing. My husband looked at me and then just hugged me. He knows I’m a very emotional person.

      Now I guess I’ll go back and watch the two holiday episodes. As a rule, I don’t like Christmas episodes of anything because it kind of disrupts the flow of a show. But hey, whatever.

      And I can always start all over for the 4th time and watch from the 1st episode again. (Do you think I have a mental illness? Separation anxiety?)

  3. Knowing the possible link between Defiance and W13, I may decide to boycott Defiance. Warehouse is BY far the better show!

  4. I have never really understood why some shows are cancelled. As loved at MASH was it was past time to go but it ended well. ER, come on, kill it off. Eureka, OMG it was an awesome series and the mixes were changing so it could be fresh. Warehouse 13, again, relationships were working. Maybe if there is not relationship tension the writers cannot figure out a plot. Firefly!!

    Awesome series and then we get Sharknado, even ported over to the big screen. I feel like I am back at IBM, best prints around, lets sell the division. Best laptop around, lets sell off the division. Come on SyFy, keep the winners and dump the losers.

  5. I love Warehouse 13. It was an amazing show, and while I feel it ended well, it has so much more untapped potential left in it and it is a crime that it will now go to waste. Shame on you Syfy. I’ll show you my DEFIANCE!


  6. Another annoying point. Both Eureka and WH 13 were given endings that left them unended. GD is bought and being re-opened but they still end the series. WH 13 has Pete vowing to not allow the WH to be moved! Neither provides closure, ie. Pete and Myke get married and have kids or odd couple Steve and Claudia. Eureka is even worse! GD is closing but then a savior steps in ….

  7. Syfy is a disappointment as of late end of story.

  8. I can’t believe syfy cancelled warehouse 13… Here’s one viewer you have lost

  9. Me and my sister loved this show

  10. Cancelling WH 13 is one of the dumbest moves in television history, and that’s saying something! I am a 62 year old sci-fi fan since before 99% of the viewers were born and WH 13 was one of the most cleaver and entertaining TV sci-fi shows since the original Star Trek. Campy at times, but so was Star Trek! The characters were really starting to gell as a team and there are millions of plotlines/artifacts that could have kept viewers like me going for at least another full two years, with the last episode being a movie-length episode, sort of like Firefly…

    But no, not enough silly alien costuming or characters that mostly grimace and act stern to the point of looking stupid. WH 13 gave great balance to the dark stories of so many of the other shows now… none of which I will watch after this idiot move by ScFY.

    • Amen… I’m only 22 but I’ve been watching SyFy with my dad since I was in diapers and I can’t even remember a show that I loved as much as Warehouse 13 that wasn’t cancelled I have lost faith in SyFy all of my favorite shows were canned all of the stargates WH13 Eureka.. etc.

  11. makes no sense that syfy continues to cancel such great shows?!?! Eureka was amazing and so was Warehouse 13! then they throw both away unfinished! defiance is good but it does not compete with Warehouse 13. absolutely ridiculous

  12. I was devastated to find out that, Warehouse 13 was cancelled. A truly loveable cast and fun episodes was a welcome refreshment for scifi, I feel really bad for the cast and creators for being dumped this way. This was and still is my feel good show. Pitty!

  13. We are really pissed that SYFY ended Warehouse 13. It was a great show with good actors and a great chemistry. What does SYFY have that is better? Nothing I have seen.

  14. I don’t get it……I am a huge science fiction fan who finds that the SyFy channel shows a lot of stuff that is not really science fiction or good for that matter and then cancels a descent series like Warehouse 13, not to mention several other series I enjoyed. There are many days when I can’t find anything on SyFy worth watching at all. Very sad, so much promise and so little product. I love Defiance but you just wait and see – it will be gone soon just like Firefly:(

  15. Well… at least BBC hasn’t let me down yet.

  16. I am stunned.. why cancel such a brilliant show with a great big fanbase? Goodbye SyFy channel. I wont ever watch you again thats for sure

  17. I can’t believe it, I just watched the last episode of the show and I came here to confirm its cancelled. I was watching it on amazon and was thinking why there was only six episodes and the last one seemed like a rap up. Completely sad now, and because of this I will no longer watch scfi channel anymore, since there is nothing good to watch anymore.

    • SyFy is done in my book, Joshua.

      I just started watching Sanctuary (on Amazon) and am wondering if I should even continue since I know it was cancelled abruptly and unceremoniously, between seasons.

  18. BBC & BBC America have more science – fiction, fantasy & horror programming ( & action – adventure ) than Syfy has now. I watched the 2nd season finale of ” In the Flesh ” & the next – to – last episode of the season of ” Orphan Black “. They’re better than most of what Syfy has airing now, I promise. & don’t forget Doctor Who with Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. :)
    If Syfy is happy airing dreck, & you’re not happy with them, move on. Teach them a lesson !

  19. SYFY was the only channel that I didn’t hate, now they want to be like FOX to hell with that who gives a crap about defiance , sure WH13 was campy but at least it didn’t take it self seriously , well written characters infinite possibilities . Its like Dresden files, firefly and all other great shows that got cancelled over. A great show cancelled because some pompous a hole execs were too dumb to see the potential. Curse you SYFY execs may you get M.E.R.S

  20. Bring WH13 back, it was solid and a hit!
    Why cancel perfection?
    Whats wrong with you???
    One of the best shows I’ve ever watched!
    You guys are idiots, why would you cancel one of the best shows on television today????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    sincerely disappointed!!!!

  21. Many shows have had the aame in line for canclation; to drive more senselessness in marketing for the fans, and instead marketing for the bottom line. Entertaiment from syfy isnt about fans or watches of the channel. Nor is it about the pwople who work there butts off to make them and present thwm to us; its about you guys on the top. Getting the $$$ for media market expansion to the new age and demographic of youth who are being pulled into an integrated world of games and shows… this “experiment” is nothing more then money and botching the entertainment industry without using what you have. Well in my optimim… syfy? You will fail. Good writing is a focus, not good “recipes” as you call thwm, I have a few mentions of that failure. It begins and ends with the shows you kill gaining more ground.

  22. And as syfh stretches it’s useless paper wings with shows like wrestling and the late night Hot Sex shows, this cannot but make me wonder about the “character” of the shareholders.

    • I agree! My hubby and I found it fun, witty, refreshing and we loved the inventive nature of the artifacts! It was a show I could watch with the kids running around and not grimace. I have read the reviews of Defiance (not good) and I simply cannot understand such a dumb, ill calculated move. 6 months from now these exec idiots will be wondering why their viewership dropped significantly.

  23. I can’t believe warehouse 13 was canceled. I was just last summer introduced to it and my sister and I immediately fell in love with it! What is wrong with you syfy????? This is like firefly all over again. We find an awesome show and then the so called “geniuses” of production decide to cancel it!!! Syfy, once again you are making a HUGE mistake and I am beyond disappointed.

  24. What is wrong with syfy? Why would you keep canceling good entertainment and keeping crap that my do won’t watch. I like to be entertained and be pulled out of my every day life into something unique. Now all that is left is fake reality show with no plot that is just like everyday life crap. This stuff can be wrote by a preschool child about home life. That child not not need to see more of a crappy life. He needs to be taken out of it even for a short time.

  25. sure your grateful to us fans? Just like you were to us BSG fans, you do what you want and the **** with those that support your shows!

  26. First Eureka gone, now Warehouse 13…. not a thing to watch on SciFi anymore.

  27. There is any official page that we can do a petition. To get Warehouse 13 back? This is my 1 and ONLY #1 Favorite TV show.

  28. Warehouse 13 was the best thing going on SyFy (SciFi). I can’t believe they just dumped it after the great episodes and story arc in season 4. But, like all the shows that I really like on SyFy they cancel them for no apparent reason. Great way to lose your audience.

  29. Got the news four days ago. I’ve been crying at least 7 hours all together since that. I just can’t believe why the cancelled it. Jaime, who plays HG has even said that she doesn’t even like Defiance! And she plays in both shows. I can’t really get hooked on Defiance either, so I think that Syfy actually will lose more than earning anything by cancelling WH13. It’s ridiculous…

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