‘Warehouse 13’ Brings Aaron Ashmore Onboard For Season 3

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Aaron Ashmore on Warehouse 13 ‘Warehouse 13’ Brings Aaron Ashmore Onboard For Season 3

Has SyFy become a refuge for actors formerly known as Jimmy Olsen? After bringing Sam Huntington to Being Human, SyFy has added another actor who once played Superman’s pal by casting Smallville’s Aaron Ashmore in the third season of its hit series Warehouse 13.


Ashmore will portray ATF agent Steve Jinks, a human polygraph of sorts – he has the unique ability to discern whether someone is lying or not. After the events of last season, which saw Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly) leave her post at Warehouse 13, Jinks has been recruited by Mrs. Frederic (CCH Pounder) to be Pete Lattimer’s (Eddie McClintock) new partner.

While the young show is anything but stagnant, adding a new player to the mix could certainly add a bit of intrigue and conflict that will make for some interesting viewing once the new season kicks off this summer. Fans tend to congregate around similar subject matter and thematic elements, so from a ratings point of view, casting Ashmore was a no-brainer. He’s not only easily recognizable from his roles on Veronica Mars, Fringe and In Plain Sight, but Ashmore also has the added bonus of looking just like the dude who played Iceman in the X-Men movies.

This summer’s third season of Warehouse 13 will contain a lucky order of 13 episodes. Whether Ashmore will appear in all 13 hasn’t been revealed, nor has the fate of Joanne Kelly’s character. We can expect to see her in the premiere episode (likely in flashback) as it establishes the new status quo, but beyond that, the third season will hopefully resolve Mynka Bering’s situation.

Warehouse 13 on SyFy ‘Warehouse 13’ Brings Aaron Ashmore Onboard For Season 3

At 3.4 million viewers, Warehouse 13 is SyFy’s most watched original program. The popularity of the show is no doubt helping the network build its reputation as a premiere destination for quality genre television. In conjunction with other standout fare like Battlestar Galactica, the aforementioned Being Human and upcoming programs such as Among the Spirits and Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), SyFy is slowly challenging the notice that its name is merely synonymous with made for TV movies like Mega Python vs. Gataroid and Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus.

Do you think Ashmore is a good fit for Warehouse 13? If you’re not already watching the show, does his addition make you want to tune in?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Even though I love the show, it became a little silly last season, it lost it’s more serious edge it began with.

    • That was EXACTLY my problem with Warehouse 13. If they had set a goofy tone up front I would have figured “OK, that’s the show.” But it started out much more serious and devolved into goofy camp – and that annoyed the heck out of me. I stopped watching.


      • Maybe this change in the lineup will give them an opportunity to redirect to its more serious beginnings. I like the National Treasure-meets-Voyagers!-meets X Files similarities but Myka seems too vital a character to be rid of permanently.

        Also, it was kind of cool being directed to this story via the news page on imdb.com

        • They’ve already lost me.


  2. Joanne will be back, as will Myka. This is very similar to how they ended S1 with Artie “exploding” at the very end. Was he dead? Did he survive? Same kind of “what happened?” scenerio.

    I have no fears that Joanne will not be back. If she had been let go or chose to leave of her own accord, the internet would be alive with rumors and news stories about it. In this day & age, it is nearly impossible to keep news of a cast member’s leaving a secret.

    I’ve enjoyed both seasons so far and can not wait to see how they resolve Myka’s guilt over having trusted HG. I’m not pleased with the addition, but I’ll live through it because I know Myka will be back and Jinks will either be push to the back ground, be the next big bad or simply leave and go back to where ever he came from.

    TPTB for the show are not stupid, they know a lot of the fan draw is due to Eddie & Joanne’s chemistry with each other and the whole ensemble’s chemistry. Take any one of them out of the equation and it lessens the punch this cast gives.

    • I agree that Joanne will be back. They know if she goes, the whole chemistry of the show will go. I am not looking forrward to the new guy if he is a regular. if he pops in once in a while, ok. But they had better not mess with our team too much and start making them all serious and boring. thats why i adore the show, the chemistry, mystery, and the wonderful characters that i have come to love in only two seasons….yeah not happy about a new guy.

  3. As much as the show was intriguing, most viewers are guys. I might be one in a handfull of girls that watches. Most of my friends have never watched this show. Needless to say I get awkward/confused glances when I bring it up in conversations with my gal pals. So of course adding an attractive young male to the cast will bring in the female viewers. I say it’s a smart move on their part. I look forward to seeing Mr. Ashmore, he’s just what the show needs right now. Myka will be back……you’ll see! We still need that strong female presence too.
    By the way, that is one epic ability! Oh if only I could tell when people where lying, my dating life would be so much easier. Lol!

    • I hope they bring Micah back. Otherwise, “she knows about the Warehouse” and she will have to be “dealt with.” That would be an unfortunate loose end for Mrs. Frederick et al to deal with Micah’s disposal on the program. It would give the program an edginess that I personally wouldn’t like (taking out one of the good guys), but hey, this is the day and age of ratings ratings ratings. As for the new guy, if he doesn’t work out, he can be assigned elsewhere like the regents since that head dude is dead. That’s still a loose end they haven’t made into a tidy bow. My daughter has been ever so patient in waiting for the jade scarab episode (shown in the into with the theme song), so I hope they finally show that item.

    • I think it’s a pretty balanced male/ female demographic. It’s one of the few “family friendly” sci-fi genre shows in production.

    • Actually, I kind of disagree with you… My brother watches W13 with me sometimes, but everyone I know who watches this show are girls. Hell, my family is five girls and one boy, we all watch it together.

      On the other hand, I also agree with you about Ashmore. He’s a good actor, and so far he’s funny. Not to mention he has the possibility of becoming a best friend/ partner for Claudia, because we all know she needs someone other than Artie to hang out with.

  4. I’m sure that we’ll see “Myka” back one way or another. I think that the HG storyline was rather confused.. could have been handled better but we will see.

    I’d like to see some more historical case studies of past Warehouse 13 cases. This would be a great area for licensed novels.

  5. Did you ever think that Myka will come back to be Petes partner. Maybe Claudia will become an agent and get Jinks as a partner, they are both younger people!

    • that would totally suck!!!! i would not watch the show. lol! Pete and Myka are the show

  6. I agree, Myka will surely be back and the only question is when. As for the addition of a new character and fears that there wouldn’t be enough strong female characters, I think this show already had it’s fair share of positive and strong women in it and it could probably benefit from adding another guy into the mix (at least for a while). Part of me wonders if Myka’s return will be Jinks’ exit.

    When an ensemble cast is great already, I think they should keep the number of people fairly stable. I believe that adding even more people to it only lessens the time that the other characters have to ‘shine’. In other words if, in the past, they divided the air time fairly evenly between characters, and they add yet more, then time for ‘someone’ or several someones is going to have to be cut, or they’ll do what many shows do, you may not see your favorite character that episode at all. I’m hoping they’ll avoid doing this as well.

    • This is normal. They have a hit show, and immediately start changing it. Hey! If it works, don’t fix it.

  7. My girlfriend got me hooked into this show and one of the first things I noticed was the chemistry between Myka and Peter is what really makes this whole show work.
    Yes, the other characters do add a little something BUT make no mistake, this show is made because of the chemistry between the two main charaters, Myka and Peter. Myka is the serious one while Peter keeps you smiling but it is how these two play off one another that make the whole thing work and worth watching.

    I hope they bring back Myka in time as she will be missed as will the chemistry between her and Peter. But then again, should they take away Peter, this would have the same effect on the Myka character and the show itself. Bottom line, these two characters really are the show and they have made it worth watching week after week. Take one away and you have a really steep hill to climb (which is why I think we will see Myka back very soon).

  8. I’ve seen every episode that’s aired and I have only one thing to say: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  9. I agree with Jethro. Why mess up a very good thing. Chemistry is everything. Myka is great. Don’t fade her out. And I’m sorry but I was happy when Arron Ashmore left Smallville. The last thing I want is to have him show up on one of my fave shows. Especially when I have been waiting FOREVER for new episodes. More Pete, Myka and Artie please.

  10. “but Ashmore also has the added bonus of looking just like the dude who played Iceman in the X-Men movies.”

    They do know that Aaron and Shawn (Iceman from Xmen and Jake from Animorphs) are identical twins right?

    I would totally make sure not to miss an ep with him in it.

  11. No one has said much about Allison Scagliotti. She was a great addition to the show. The new guy I am not so sure about. Hopefully we will know soon. I have been waiting on pins and needles for Season 3.

  12. Myka and Pete…great chemistry and I like that they were not each other’s love interest – a solid partnership and a lot of fun to watch them play off of each other. It would be a huge mistake to not bring her back – and quickly.

  13. Ok, I’ve watched this show from the beginning. Anyone who says that it wasn’t a little goofy to begin with needs to watch it again. Was it more serious in the first season? Perhaps. Was the whole HG Wells thing far fetched? Yes. But I kinda liked that a bit. It made me laugh. Also, to the person who said that very few females watch this show – I am female and the only people I know that watch are other women.

    Oh yes… And claudia is probably my favorite character on the show. I like myka and pete but claudia ROCKS! I mean she’s the care taker of the warehouse. She’s awesome. :)

  14. As much as I really really hope that Myka will come back(although I’m 99.98% sure she will), I think that the addition of a new character(that won’t turn out to be evil or leave at end of the season) is much needed and will make the show more interesting. I think Jinks will make a great new addition to the cast.

  15. I love the show and all of the characters. The thing that draws me to the show is the artifacts, their powers, and the ‘historical’ stories that accompany them. The HG storyline did not bother me a bit. Adding another new cast member as another permanent fixture would bother me. I hope they keep the same theme as before with interesting twists and creative usages of ‘everyday’ items that become supernatural-like in nature. The mystery of Mrs. Frederick should still be explored. I am with all of you– if it ain’t broken, please oh, please do not change it. That is truly a series ender when the formula strays! It presents a challenge to the writers, but that is why we watch it. :)

  16. I can’t imagine continuing to watch the show with either Myka or Claudia absent. Pete and Artie are necessary to make Myka & Claudia shine. There were some great Cluadia & Artie moments in Season 2.

  17. I think the fans (at least me) have been screwed over by not at least giving us a reason and nfo on why and what happened with several fo the shows characters, like Myka… I get very tired of getting yanked around by my favorite tv shows… if she left for personal reasons tell us, if it is because of whatever tell us soemthing,, don’t jerk us around, we deserve better.. we get emotionally invested, give up year so our lives and get fed bs,,,

    it’s just wrong to get treated like mushrooms… sometiems I feel like just giving up on getting involved in shows, to love them, then to be left hold a bag of crap,, with no explanation… at least one or 2x peer season I get frakked by the shows..

  18. ya they need myka back. literally after the last season i screemed so louod i almost blew out my friends eardrum. I really think that if they take out myka, like mentioned earier it will throw the whole thing out of sync. i really dont know much about the new guy but if he does take mykas place i am gonna get ticked off. i kinda hope he turns into like the H.G wells of seaons 3 that would be really cool!!!!

  19. And so goes the demise of yet another SciFi Channel show. It was stupid to let Joanne Kelly and stupid to add this two-bit actor. I’m no longer going to be watching.

  20. You completely ignored the best show on SciFi (I refuse to refer to it as SyFy) – Eureka.

    If Joanne Kelly has permanently left the show, I am going to be very disappointed. The love-hate relationship between her character and Pete was a great part of the show. I will miss that.

  21. I like the title Syfy, & I also like Eureka, but I truly think Warehouse 13 is the best show on Syfy, & the numbers back up my claim.

  22. I can’t tell you how disappointed our family was last evening to have a significant portion of the show openly communicate about the newest character being Gay! Hollywood needs to realize that there is a significant number of families that still hold to traditional family values. As a family, we waited months for the season premier; we even had the date on our calendar. We realize not everyone shares our values, we don’t expect them to. But to openly support the Gay agenda, even in programming appropriate for families with older children, was a step too far for us. Disappointingly, we won’t be watching the show any more! I guarantee there will be others stop as well!

    • Not watching a show because someone is gay is pretty low, I’m Christian and I don’t care that he’s gay, it’s still a very awesome show!

      • Well your not a very good christian then

        • False, being a good christian means loving everyone equally because nobody is allowed to pass judgment, god said love thy neighbor, and damnit the biggest teaching of the bible is that pretty much everything is a sin so we are all on a level playing field.

          • I never said I hated them like you are assuming, I just dont like something I find morally wrong pushed on me. They are doing it to get society to think gays are normal and widely excepted. Christians should disaprove of gays because its the churches stance and not out of hatred.

    • I agree with Jethro — if you like the series, it’s rather low to react negatively to a characterization that includes being gay. It is wrong to construe it as an attack on your family’s values (I am sure that you had a family discussion afterwards as to what you think on such matters — I respect your right to hold those views) while other families like mine might have different opinions as to gay fictional characters and real-life gay members of my family.

    • I was glad to hear Jinks come out. Now I hope the show handles this well. It is high time for tv to represent gay characters whose lives do not revolve around the fact they are gay. I would be pleased if there are few references to Jinks’ sexuality ( or perhaps none at all). As for the “gay agenda,” I am a gay man and can never seem to get on it.

    • Jane is right. The new guy is gay, and now Pete is taking of his shirt to show his body off to the gay guy. Straight guys do that all the time, right? Now you have Artie being asked if he is a bear, like a person would ask, do you like ice-cream. The funny thing is the gay guy is acting more straight than the straight guy is. The problem isn’t so much that they have a gay person on the show, but because the show will be more about accepting gays and less about SyFi. R.I.P. warehouse 13!

    • I agree, particularly since the way they introduced his sexual preference with a poorly written scene. I dont mind if someone is gay, however I don’t want it sold to my children as an alternative choice.

    • I agree I watched the show all the time but have quit since they have gayed up the show.

    • I’m sorry, but that is rude. Just because someone is gay doesn’t mean they don’t have family values. Also, the character of Jinks is a very well written and acted character. His sexuality is actually not that mentioned, really just at two times, and it isn’t a big deal.
      The fact of that matter is that you are watching a Sci-fi show which automatically goes against most religious beliefs, a show that has talked about pre-marital sex, and has shown a lot of technically illegal activity. That along goes against your ‘family values’ so my question is, why should a fictional character’s sexuality, that doesn’t really come into play at all, upset you and yours?
      PS, I’m a homosexual 19 year old who absolutely loves the character of Jinks, finds the show to be brilliantly written, and my family values, which are to someday raise children that I will love unconditionally with the belief that love is love, life is beautiful, and helping others is something we should all strive to do, haven’t been damaged in the slightest.

    • Get over it. If this bothers you, you don’t have a life. I’m sure the character being gay is going to ruin everything for mankind. Better turn off the TV and home school your kids. Don’t want them to know that there are “GAY” people in the world.

      • I am not religious, but I have a problem with the new character. When they introduced him they made a big deal about his sexuality. Gay people want everyone to stay out of their bedrooms, but that’s all they want to talk about. It looks like they pulled back on all the gay talk, so most people will not care. Jinks seems to be a person that most people would like, no matter what his preference is. No straight guy wants to see men holding hands or swapping spit. I don’t blame people for turning off the TV and home schooling their children. If you are gay have a good life, but quit trying to force that life on everyone else; it’s just a bit needy.

      • It’s nice to see that you’re not intelligent enough to make an argument. Make it easier for me to laugh at your comment.

    • Well I hope that you are not hipocritical in your tradidional family and got your husband’s permission to watch tv:
      Ephesians 5:22-24,33 — Just as the church should submit to Christ, not rebelliously but respectfully, so the wife must abide by all her husband’s decisions. The only exception would be if the husband commanded her to do something that would violate God’s law (Acts 5:29).

      And I KNOW you do not have a job because of your traditional marriage:
      Titus 2:4,5; 1 Timothy 5:14 — God says the work of mothers is at home. They are to manage the household, loving and caring for their family. This work is a blessing and should be valued and appreciated (cf. Psalm 113:9).

      • I am glad you can look up verses, now go research the culture and history behind those verses and you will sound more intelligent. Grabbing random comments from the bible and not having an argument makes it clear you only pick and choose without knowing what you are taking about.

  23. I don’t think that Joanne’s character can be replaced and still keep the feel of the series. If she leaves, I will most likely not continue watching.

    • Your right Joe, Myka is irreplaceable, so is everybody else on it. W13 would still be great without Steve, but I do think he’s a good addition to the team.

  24. Why oh why do these telly execs, think the viewer wants a change of format? We liked the show, as it was, with Myka. It will not be the same. I am sick and tired of gay characters being introduced in an attempt to appear cool and trendy. The show worked because of the underlying attraction between the 2 main characters. Irrespective of whether the new guy is gay, I would feel the same if he were straight. People like familiarity with characters. They might get away with changing the actor of a supporting role, but to change the lead actress to another guy is show suicide.

  25. Hmmm, just read an interview with Joanne Kelly, aka Myka, and it looks like she returns anyway, so maybe they are a trio now and all these comments pointless. Seems like they have a character that will appeal to all indviduals, so I will reserve judgement until I have seen it firsthand.

  26. If they push the gay thing, we will quit watching it.

  27. Yep, I’m tired of Syfy going out of their way to push the gay agenda. I’ve about had it with Syfy. It really started going down hill when they changed their name from SciFi. They are not far from me removing the channel all together from my program list.

    • W13 is the most successful show on Syfy in its history, the person who has the most say is Jack Kenny, the exec producer. And if the numbers are showing his decisions are paying off, very little’s gonna change.

    • Since when does Sy-fy push a gay agenda? I’d really like to know what that agenda is.

  28. I watched the first episode from season 3, and to be fair, it is just as good. Jinks’ character is somewhat serious, and balances out Pete’s jokeyness. I think it will work. Its irrelevant to the format of the show, whether a character is gay or not. But, I do think he was chucked in as ‘the politically correct token gay’, which is just pointless. It might of been a better idea to have had him straight, then Myka would be spoilt for choice and the guys would compete for her attention. Oh, I must of missed the scene where Jinks’ sexuality becomes apparent, because I never heard a mention of his orientaton. And, Petes shirt getting ripped off, was in relation to the storyline and not just ‘thrown in’ for good measure.

    • If they cut down Pete’s “jokeyness” they would not need someone that is serious. Pete took off his shirt to show Jinks, it was not related to the story line. Pete wanted to show Jimks his body because “it was going to waste with the ladies around here”.

  29. Lose the new character.