New ‘Warcraft’ Movie Plot Details Emerge

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World of Warcraft Screenwriter New Warcraft Movie Plot Details Emerge

As the pieces of Duncan Jones’ (MoonSource Code) quietly-percolating adaptation of Blizzard Entertainment’s wildly popular dark fantasy video games, titled Warcraft for the screen, slowly come together, one question hangs over the project: how does someone go about translating the experience of World of Warcraft into a movie? If new details on the film are accurate, by focusing its plot around the franchise’s RTS (Real Time Strategy) entries rather than its namesake MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game).

Warcraft‘s events will reportedly unfold against the backdrop of Orcs & Humans and Tides of Darkness, the first two installments in the beloved series, rather than the looser, more open-air experience of World of Warcraft. Not content simply to slavishly reinterpret the feel of the game for a different medium, Jones apparently plans on going full-bore with the fantasy elements and crafting a legitimate genre film as well as a bona fide video game movie; picture the scope of Lord of the Rings, but with characters like Khadgar, Medivh, and Lothar serving as leads.

If those names mean little to the uninitiated, their mention should excite diehard Warcraft fans, who will recognize them as major figures in the game’s universe. Assuming that the information from Bleeding Cool is good, that definitely puts Jones’ film right at square one in the age-spanning, sword-and-sorcery clash between humans and orcs; that immediately excludes the presence of story-defining characters from subsequent follow-ups to the original game and its sequel. (To say nothing of the sequel’s expansion pack, Beyond the Dark Portal.)

What’s clear at this point is that Jones isn’t going to make a dumbed-down blockbuster that’s totally friendly to mainstream audiences. He’s going big, here, and while that’s a huge risk with a general public that doesn’t frequently turn out for fantasy fare (Rings and Harry Potter aside, among a few other exceptions), the payoff could be equally great. Contemporary fantasy movies rarely receive their due diligence while video game movies are typically seen as a joke, but it sounds like Jones intends on making the best film possible in both traditions, which is nothing if not exciting.

Warcraft Orc New Warcraft Movie Plot Details Emerge

Most of all, it’s good to have an idea of the shape Warcraft will take in theaters. The decision to draw on the RTS games for structure makes enormous sense on paper; World of Warcraft might have teamwork-oriented objections and world events that everyone can take part in, but it has an open-ended narrative and lacks a traditional climax, a’la Orcs & Humans, Tides of Darkness, and the hugely successful Reign of Chaos (the game that provides the basis for many of World of Warcraft‘s quests and adventures). The Comic-Con panel established that the core conflict of the games will remain intact, but now that conflict appears to have its context in the early stages of the orc/human war.

While this almost certainly means no Thrall and no Arthas – two of the most iconic characters in all of Warcraft – it’s possible that additional Warcraft pictures could include them in the future – assuming, of course, that Jones rakes it in at the box office and Legendary and Warner Bros. decide to fund sequels.

Of course, it’s far too early for any serious sequel talk, given that the first movie doesn’t even have a release date, so now all that’s left to do is wait for further developments on production. In the meantime, hopefully Jones’ direction on the film will change the minds of the skeptical crowd and begin building interest from both gamers and non-gamers alike.


Warcraft begins shooting in 2014, and should arrive in theaters in 2015.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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  1. Im very interested in this idea but it will come out only

  2. 2 ways …very big success or garbage

  3. This is Duncan Jones we’re talking about, he will leave us all in awe, just wait and see! In Duncan we trust!

  4. Will he manage to slip his dad into a cameo role?

    That would be the only reason for me to hunt down that clip on youtube.

  5. I will see this because of duncan jones only, moon was amazing and source code is one of the few january movies that i was extatic about after seeing

  6. Only Humans and Orcs? I just don’t agree with that and think it should have been based on the original, vanilla version of WoW (at least character-wise). Should have been Orcs, Tauren and Trolls vs Humans, Dwarves and Elves (yeah I know I left the Undead and Gnomes out but….)

    I’m sure they can craft a decent story but I know the millions upon millions who have ever played WoW will be disappointed.

    • Orcs and Humans featured humans vs Orcs because the Orcish Horde came through a portal and invaded the kingdom of Azeroth. Tides of Darkness had Humans, Elves, Gnomes, and Dwarves in an alliance to drive the Horde out of Lorderon, Khaz Modan (dwarf land) and Azeroth. The Horde was made up of many clans of Orcs, along with Warlocks, Ogres, Trolls, and Goblins. Adding Tauren and night elves would be pointless since they’re across an ocean.

    • This will be a good starting point, world of Warcraft lore is huge, you can’t simply pack it all into a 2hour movie, that’s what sequels are for. If you support this movie and make it huge they will make more, plain and simple. Sometimes you may have to support ideas you don’t like to get what you want. This movie will be the start of something special.

    • Okay .. to make something clear. T-H-I-S I-S N-O-T W-O-W

      You call WoW events original? World of Warcraft is the major fail in whole Warcraft universe, and it is created so Blizzard can earn a lot of money from obsessed people who like PvP, PvE (not to mention unrealistic sh*tty boss fights which ruin the lore in first place) and other crap.. Warcraft is original piece of work, and everything starts from there. WoW is for losers, and start realising that not everything turns around WoW. True fans of Warcraft universe won’t tolerate lore changes so you can kindly back off in steps, and go gear up 2 years for stupid achievements, and go ‘pro’ for fighting noobs in PvP.

  7. Wow was s***. The story ended at warcraft 3

    • +1000000

    • dude no it ended at lich king cause at the end of warcraft 3 frozen throne arthas was still alive and kicking although encased in ice he had a body unlike ner,zhul so whence he rose a new threat appeared so yeah also just stating bringing deathwing back to life after he was slain in warcraft one or two i cannot remember is kinda silly and then dont get me started on the pandaren although they are part of the lore

    • i concur with u on every word…played both rts and mmorpg, liked mmorpg, but the events that happened in rts, especially in WC3 were so epic in scale, that any comparison with WOW lives WOW in shadows( raiding is cool, but has no effect on the entire story) WC gets you to care about every race and they story, WOW gets you to care about yourself, and leveling…

  8. that would be cool

  9. This movie will only be cool if they have the main character as an orc worker. No zug zug, not cool.

  10. Warcraft has such an expansive universe from which to draw store lines from. I think people are stuck on their distaste of World of Warcraft after so long that it distracts from the fact that there is some incredible storytelling potential underneath it all. If this is done right we could get to see some insanely epic movies. I hope this works!

    • Legend Of Zelda has an expansive lore too but I wouldn’t want to see that as a movie.

      • As a huge LoZ fan myself, the two are hardly comparable. LoZ has a silent, characterless protagonist. Warcraft has slews of complex, well-defined characters.

    • Screw WoW. It’s a totally different beast than the RTS trilogy, and other than having the same names and locations it might as well be a completely different franchise. The perfect Warcraft movie would be Lord of the Rings meets Braveheart.

  11. Thank God! Seriously, I was so afraid that they would try to create some storyline out of WoW. You can make a really good movie from the first game. You can make a really good trilogy based on Warcraft, Warcraft:Tides of Darkness, and Warcraft:Beyond the Dark Portal. Make this thing rated R and it will be great. It most likely will be PG-13 though, which does suck a bit. You can’t exactly show off the brutality of the Horde without an R rating. If they cut a bunch of CGI crap out and went with practical effects and non-CGI settings you could cut the budget down to something that makes an R rating practical. WoW basically butchered Blizzard’s own cannon and story line so I’m glad to see they aren’t going that route with the movie.

  12. This is going to fail, epically.

    1) Too niche. Yes I know Warcraft is popular, but even the most popular game in history is niche when compared to the tastes of the general population.

    2) Will NEVER meet the expectations of fans. I’d bet a paycheck on it.

    • People said the same thing about Comic book movies too. If it is well done it can succeed, especially if marketed well.

  13. Comment all you want. But don’t kid yourselves. Cool or not. Great or rubbish. They WILL make it and you WILL watch it. Theatre or DVD. One way or another. Out.

  14. adapt me a book. not a video game …Please!
    like… Wheel Of Time for example …hunn?

    • Lol. Wheel of Time would be better served going the Game of Thrones route and being a show on HBO or another cable network. They would butcher it if it was in film. I think most fantasy books would be better served as Tv shows.

  15. Huh who did the CGI for the orc in this article? Looks terrible. The director/ art director better not be working on the movie.

    • the orc image is from the cinematic to Mists of Pandaria,, it’s a game cinematic. what are you complaining about?

  16. Blizzard stories are quite atrocious. I hope Duncan isn’t beholden to anyone there to carve out the story.

  17. Here’s hoping that does for videogames what HULK did for superheroes. It might not do brilliantly, but it’ll show the world that a videogame movie can work.

  18. Still have the original OvH Win95 disc. Still have memories of waking my wife with the squealing of the modem and zug zug when attempting multi-player.

    I have played it from the beginning all the way to the Panda (did not like the Panda stopped).

    All of the stories all of the lore is just like anything else in a fantasy world.

    It can work showing Azeroth as it is now with a brief recap of the history and how it has come to be how it is now right before the death of Mankrik’s wife. ;) Meaning the beginning of the rule for Thrall.

    Or it can work with the very beginning when Orcs discovered the portal and passed over.

    Like all stories/movies/comics as long as it is told well enough and is just different it can be successful.

    I for one would love a 5-10 minute recap of how Thrall got where he is and go from there. While we would not see characters like Khadgar, Medivh, and Lothar ‘live’ they still have a place in the stories and could provide spinoffs and or recaps.

    From Thrall you have a bittersweet tolerance between the two sides. Along with world threatening events and ‘dungeons’, Burning Crusade, Stormrage, Deathwing, Black Temple, Caverns of Time, Lich King, and my favorite Medivh and Karazhan.

    The issue will be keeping the story telling to a level where they dont feel they have to try and cram all the lore down our throats at once. Hint at and flow into some of the stories but dont overwhelm the audience. Lead up to a Catalyst or Lich King with small stories including other pieces.

    If done right it can and will work. I just wish they were going the animated route like they do their intros.

  19. I’ve played WoW for longtime and love the game and the community I have meet there(It’s not all great I know), but even I think they missed the boat with this film. Subs are now down to 7.7 million, this should have been done when game was at it’s peak of 12 million subs. That being said if the film is done right, maybe it will generate new interest in the game, which wouldnt be a bad thing.

    • I think there are a good bit of old Warcraft fans who were turned off by WoW.

  20. Who’s the big green guy that looks like the Hulk carrying Ultimate Thor’s hammer?

    • It’s an orc from the opening cinematic of the latest WoW expansion called “Mists of Pandaria”. The thing he’s holding is a part of a Pandaren statue

      • Thanks!

  21. 11 hours of awaiting moderation…….

  22. Shouldn’t the first movie be about the well of eternity and the sundering? That pretty much sets up the whole story. Or they going fir the whole starwars thing with the prequels coming out years later.

  23. A tough call for any director. Whereas LoTR had a huge amount of lore & character history to draw on (& it still took 3 films of 3hrs+ – extended versions leave far fewer gaps) WoW will need the same careful handling. The 1st movie can only be concerned with ‘setting the scene’ of life/conflict within Eastern Kingdom of Azeroth. It will need subsequent movies to bring in other races (Forsaken, Troll, Tauren, Gnome etc.) & flesh out the stories of Arthas, Deathwing, & the Elvish conflicts. For fans this will be a trial of patience over anticipation, David Jones is a good choice, but to attract new interest he can’t throw too much, too quickly at this opening act.

    • Fan of both franchises but Warcraft has way more content and lore than LotR. Like, not even close… And they have dozens of dozens of potential lead characters for sequels and hundreds of interesting characters to develop.

      That’s what’s great about Warcraft which ends up making the writer’s job easier. And Thomas Tull said something like that himself, they just grabbed every book, comic and in game story ever written about Warcraft and started from there.