New ‘Warcraft’ Plot Info & Concept Art Revealed

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World of Warcraft characters New Warcraft Plot Info & Concept Art Revealed

Source Code director Duncan Jones’ Warcraft video game adaptation is far enough along to have gained a leading man – Vikings star Travis Fimmel – and a list of potential leads, which include Colin Farrell and Paula Patton. We also know that screenwriter Charles Leavitt (Seventh Son) is basing the film’s storyline on the first two real-time strategy Warcraft games, Orcs & Humans and Tides of Darkness. The film is set to begin production in January 2014 for a release in December 2015.

For such a relatively high-stakes potential blockbuster, we know quite a lot about Warcraft – as opposed to the secrecy surrounding similarly high-profile 2015 projects such as Batman Vs. Superman and Star Wars: Episode VII. Now, we have more information about Warcraft coming out of the just-wrapped BlizzCon 2013: some new plot details a batch of concept art, courtesy of Kotaku.

During a Q&A with Jones and his special-effects supervisor supervisor Bill Westenhofer (an Oscar winner for Life of Pi and The Golden Compass), Jones talked about his initial reaction upon reading the first draft of the script, which put too much emphasis on the human Alliance. It appears that Jones wanted an equal amount of time focused on the Orcs, saying “It’s about both sides. It’s going to be red and blue.”

World of Warcraft Movie Criticism New Warcraft Plot Info & Concept Art Revealed

After speculating about the rumored plot details, we have a solid storyline (which we already basically knew):

It’s the story of Anduin Lothar versus Durotan, Human and Orc heroes from the original real-time strategy games.

Along with the recently cast Travis Fimmel (with Farrell and Patton still in a holding pattern as far as we know), we’ve heard about a possible of shortlist of actors for supporting roles – Paul Dano (Prisoners), Anton Yelchin (Star Trek) and Anson Mount (Hell on Wheels). With the start of production coming so soon, Jones was asked if he has all his actors locked. His only response to that was “Yup!” He did, however, reflect on the difficulty of casting the Orc leader:

“It’s been hard to find an actor who looks like Durotan,” said Jones. “Every time I meet an actor I just try to squish his face.”

As for Westenhofer, he’s a long-time player of the Warcraft games and likened the tone of the film to Gladiator, stating: “The swords that are being built are the biggest swords a human being can wield.” Which sounds suitably epic.

Along with these details, we also have some concept art. Here is a rendition of Draenor, the home of the Orcs:

Draenor home of the Orcs. New Warcraft Plot Info & Concept Art Revealed

This is Dalaran, a magical floating city:

Dalaran the city of magic New Warcraft Plot Info & Concept Art Revealed

You can also see Ironforge, the city of Dwarves (behind the panelists):

Ironforge city of Dwarves New Warcraft Plot Info & Concept Art Revealed

And finally, Stormwind, the center of the human Alliance:

Stormwind seat of the Alliance1 New Warcraft Plot Info & Concept Art Revealed

Video game movies have proven to be the one genre that eludes Hollywood in terms of both critical and commercial success, but this could soon change. We here at Screen Rant have maintained that video game movies could be the next breakout genre – like comic book movies were in the past decade. The Assassin’s Creed  movie has attracted A-list talent in the form of Michael Fassbender and The Wolverine‘s Oscar-nominated screenwriter Scott Frank, with Duncan Jones and his creative team easily on the same level.

An impressive attention to detail appears to be going into the making of Warcraft and while Peter Jackson has set the bar for high fantasy good and high with his Lord of the Rings trilogy and the on-going prequel series The HobbitWarcraft might just be able to surpass it. Expect more news – including casting confirmations – to surface in the weeks leading up to the start of production.


Warcraft is slated to open in theaters on December 18, 2015.

Source: Collider, Kotaku

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  1. I was a Blizzcon attendee and the sound for this particular panel was terrible in the main hall.

    My only worry is that it’s slated for same release date as Star Wars Ep7. Which means Duncan needs to strike that critical balance between gamers and newcomers for it to be a success.

    The general feel from Bill Westenhofer was extremely enthusiastic, stating his dedication for detail and already vast knowledge of in game content.

  2. Oh god, they’ve already got it wrong, Dalaran wasn’t a floating city at nowhere near the time this movie is supposed to be set in, it was on the ground located by the Lordamere Lake on the Alterac Mountains shore in the Eastern Kingdoms.

    • Yes, and Khan was a lot younger in the original Star Trek 2, the Iron Patriot was never the alter ego of Warmachine in the Iron Man comic books and wargs were not even mentioned in the Lord of the Rings!! Let’s try to come up with as much stuff you can think of for movies adapted on (comic) books, movies, games or any other material!! Whatever dude, if the story makes (kinda) sense in the world they build on the Warcraft games, I’m sure it’ll be epic!!!

      • Agreed, Dalaran was not a floating city at this point in the time line. I hope they do something different with the Orc eyes. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and these concept art eyes immediately stuck out looking far too human.

        Disagree on Wargs… They WERE mentioned in the Lord of the Ring books, namely in The Two Towers while on the road to Helm’s Deep. The movie got it wrong when the Warg Riders attacked and dragged Aragorn off the cliff. That scene was not in the book, and only inserted to by Peter Jackson to create more drama and tension that really wasn’t needed at that point.

        Disagree on Khan… Assuming you are referring to “Star Trek Into Darkness”, you have to realize that through the altered timeline he was the right age for “Space Seed”. Khan was discovered and unthawed earlier by the Admiral, long before Kirk’s 5 year mission even occurred, and his Wrath was aimed primarily at the Admiral and Starfleet rather than Kirk. As a further observation, “Into Darkness” shows that in the new timeline “The Cage”, “The Menagerie”, “Troubles with Tribbles”, “Space Seed”, and even “11001001”* from TNG do not occur – at least not as before in Classic Trek. You need to accept that the Timeline has been drastically altered and compressed in the Abram’s Reboots.

        *I still believe there were a pair of “updated” Binars on the bridge of the Enterprise in “Into Darkness”, implying the Binars are already members of the Federation at this early point in the altered timeline.

    • Hopefully it’s just concept art. Bear in mind, it was probably produced before they had a defined final script (if they even have that yet). WoW have a pretty hardcore lore team, this isn’t George Lucas making this film. All the panellists were either creators of WoW, or players of the game for 5 years or more. The guy incharge of graphics has been playing Blizzard games since Orcs VS Humans lol, so I wouldn’t worry.

      Difference is Niels, Star Trek created the alternate timeline, Marvel comics have so many different variations and timelines of a character that it really doesn’t matter how they present them, and Lord of the Rings they couldn’t fit everything in. A better example would be the elves in the Hobbit, and the changing of Bilbo’s character. This Warcraft movie is intended to be a faithful reproduction of the First Invasion, which according to Metzen, they haven’t even covered in detail yet.

  3. No movie based on a video game has ever been worth s***.

    • Resident Evil 1 & 2 were rather nice

      Postal was acceptable

      Mortal Kombat 1 was acceptable

  4. As long as it is not GARBAGE piece of s*** like Man of Steel, I’m good :)

    • Thank goodness MOS was excellent and not this POS that whatever you saw apparently was.

      I look forward to seeing how a WoW movie turns out…I used to love to play the game.

      • What? The Man of Steel I saw was (in context) terrible. It was once again a cheesy outing with tons of plotholes and “…what?” moments that ruined immersion. Sure it had some cool fight scenes and it was a really good vision of Superman. If you’re a fanboy who would accept anything Superman, or just dumb and uncaring about realism within a Superhero movie, then sure it was awesome.

        But compared to the Marvel franchise balance of comedy with bullet-proof plot, or the rigid plot logic of Lord of the Rings trilogy that Warcraft will inevitably be compared to, Man of Steel was equivalent to the Transformers films.

        Example: (SPOILER) Superman and Zodd take off from a specific city, launch wildly into orbit of the earth, knock down a satellite and they all HAPPEN to fall back to earth over the same city, whilst Laurence Fishburne stands and watches it all in the middle of a city being destroyed, having just missed death by a fraction of a second.

        The film sucked, and noone wants Warcraft to be that kind of a cheesy, “action at the cost of script writing” film like Man of Steel/Transformers 2+3.

        • Well, to each, his own. I found MOS to be excellent, and I would LOVE for WoW to be made with the same level of quality and attention to detail as MOS.

          In short, you don’t speak for everyone.

          BTW…Did you ACTUALLY use the phrase “bullet-proof plot” in the same sentence with Marvel…with a straight face? REALLY? I no longer feel insulted by your words of obnoxious disdain; I merely pity you.

          • It’s a view shared by many, though. Few took issue with Marvel until Iron Man 3. Try and pick holes in the plots of the Marvel films, beyond “this is different from the comics” (which is the source of the majority of butthurt especially on sites like this). There are no blaringly obvious duds, if any at all; I came out of Thor 2 so pumped, the script writing and twists were insanely good.

            Man of Steel on the other hand made me cringe at times, I was like “meh that was okay”. Up until the point where Zodd took his armour off, the ending sucked so much I was laughing. After that it was awesome, but I probably wouldn’t watch it again.

            Derailing this into a Marvel vs DC argument is pointless at best, the Batman films (which were franchised out to Chris Nolan and only made famous by Heath Ledger) and the new Spiderman were pretty good. However, Zack Snyder is a mediocre at best producer (just look at his back catalog, he is on par with Michael Bay for messy editing). Man of Steel was far from perfect. If you’re going to offer anything as a bar-setter for Duncan Jones to aim for, Man of Steel should be way far down the list, noone would take it seriously – which is why they said on the panel they are aiming for LOTR trilogy/Gladiator in terms of quality.

            Sorry if I insulted you by backhanding your opinion, but it’s pretty funny. You can’t preach to the damned, and before you say it, I’m no Marvel fanboy, I just enjoy well-made films. MOS is not in that category (not far out of it, but a spade is a spade etc).

            • Actualy, you are pretty much the DEFINITION of a Marvel fanboy, based on your comments.

              Truly sad.

          • forgot to add to “Try and pick holes in the plots of the Marvel films…” — which is why they perfectly connected together plot threads from 5 different films to create the 3rd highest grossing film of all time.

            (There is NO way in hell that DC will manage that with a Justice League film to the same level of attention to detail, you just know the odds of that happening are so low it’s not even worth hoping for.)

            • Fanboyism strikes again. You cannot predict HOW a JLA film will do: It might, indeed, fail miserably, OR it might succeed stunningly. Your presumption shows your fanboy leanings quite clearly.

              As for picking holes in the plots of the various Marvel movies, people have done so easily each time a review/spoiler thread was introduced on SR All you have to do to see why you are spouting nonsense is READ the comments (and, in some cases, the articles themselves). To be fair, people did so for the DC films as well, but you did not ask for THAT “proof”, since you’ve already convinced yourself of that “truth”.

              Good luck…

              • Achaeon

                I apologize for saying this but, MOS was bad.
                There are a lot of points in the film that made little sense. I think Michael Bay is a horrible director and Mr. Snyder tends to fall into his slippery slope but I do see that Mr. Snyder makes an effort to use what he learns. I would acknowledge MOS is an (albeit unsuccesssful) attempt to form a psychologically realistic superhero. After watching the film, I thought it was obvious that Mr. Snyder was very very inspired by Watchmen and he might’ve wanted to make the same feel and sense of awe to MOS.

                First, someone as “wise” and “smart” as Jorel lied to Zod and kept Kal el a secret to keep Kal el safe. oh wait, no! Jorel told the entire thing to Zod straight out, endangering Kal el and all the kryptonian hope of salvation he carries with him. Jorel even said it with a proud and heroic Russel Crow face with a dignified voice.
                Obviously that was done for drama and exposition, but that was BAD exposition and FORCED DRAMA.

                Secondly, Clark’s foster father. Okay he is one hell of a mess. In one end he was telling Clark “keep your powers a secret” because it’s dangerous. On the other he keeps saying “I believe you are destined for great things”. The animated films did a really good job at justifying those two seemingly contradictory lines by demonstrating what they mean in the action sequences, their consequences after and that they complement each other, but what does MOS foster father do? Sit back on the truck in a tough-love fatherly pose and say “Don’t use your powers” speech and then “I believe you are destined to be great” speech. There’s no sense in that. You may argue that “Ah but this is an action film so the mistakes they made when making deep shizz can be overlooked because this is an action film”. I would counter-argue that while this is an action film, there is obvious effort on the part of Mr. Snyder to add a “human dimension” and show the Clark before the Superman, but it is shallow at best. That is the reason why it is titled “Man of Steel”. Snyder wanted to show the vulnerable emotional man under that mantle of steel.

                The only redeeming quality the films had was the use of Clark’s would be childhood. That was the only part that was good in the entire movie. It gave the vulnerability the Clark has that made Superman a human.

                However that was ruined when Clark’s father rushed towards the tornado to save the dog but got dragged in and died. Again, this is drama being forced down. Clark could have saved his foster father. I’m pretty sure Mr. Snyder did this for drama and attempt to demonstrate the moral cheesecrack the foster father delivered earlier but the “oh I can’t save everyone, I’m so powerless poor me” trope would only have worked if Clark indeed could not have saved his foster father. If you recall the scene, no one would have given a damn if anyone saw anyone fly since they are too busy running for their lives from the tornado.

                Third point Jorel was shown to be able to control Zod’s ship near the ending, why couldn’t he have used the controls to fight Zod? That would have made the battle shorter but at least they would have saved more lives.

                Fourth point, the destruction of the city. It is understandable that in the climatic fight, the city would be eradicated and millions of lives would have been lost. However, Mr. Snyder was too eager to please the fans by making the destruction of the city as violent as possible. Again, it doesn’t make sense. Why would superman fight Zod in a city? There is no single attempt by Superman to lead Zod out of the city to fight in a place where no civilians would get hurt.

                Fifth point “It’s okay to smash the buildings since I don’t see the people inside. Oh look there are people in front of me, I am now conscious of how destructive my actions are.” When Zod was doing the laser eye thing to them poor Korean tourists, Superman was all “No! I cannot let these innocent people die! I have no choice but to kill Zod!” This is again, another effort by Snyder to show the ethical guilt a superhero would have to face that he has to KILL the villain directly. Normally rule in hero films is you see heroes spare the villain, to make the hero look heroic, and the villain does something that leads to his death to resolve the conflict without making the hero kill anyone. Mr. Snyder obviously wanted to go edgy and defy that rule by saying “To save these people, you have to make the tough choice of killing the villain”, because he’s so frackin inspired by Watchmen. However, that failed miserably since if you look back in the city destruction scene, Superman did nothing to prevent damage and loss of life in the buildings and was so focused on beating the hell out of Zod. Very much, full of values dissonance.

  5. Zachary Bayes

    There is more then enough lore in the Warcraft Universe to make an established franchise. Which kinda surprises me that this hasn’t been adapted into film sooner. I’d be willing to see it, playing WoW is gone now, but there were many a awesome moments.

    • I completely agree. There is so much good material to adapt epic movies from. In particular I’d like to see Archimonde and the World Tree

    • The Arthas story line alone would make a great movie. Medivh would make a good story as well

    • Benjamin Smith
  6. Is that Orc from the test footage? Or just a particularly awesome fan art?

    • If I remember correctly, the orc is actually from the Mists of Pandaria cinematic.

  7. We’ve waited a long time for this!

  8. Rachelle Reyes

    What?! Lol, I thought they quit trying to make one years ago

  9. I love Warcraft lore. I hope there’s equal amounts of horde and alliance in it. If it’s based on anything from pre WC1 to WC3 I’ll be happy 😀

  10. Garvin Dale Jogie

    interesting details were discussed in the movie panel at Blizzcon, Jones stated it’s going to be an EARLY wc1 story, Humans vs Orcs, and two of the main characters are Lothar & Durotan. I’m really excited for this movie

    • Garvin Dale Jogie

      *Orcs & Humans :)

  11. “while Peter Jackson has set the bar for high fantasy good and high with his Lord of the Rings trilogy and the on-going prequel series The Hobbit, Warcraft might just be able to surpass it.” Ehhh?…..doubtful.

    • As much as I love both, WoW and LOTR, I have to agree with you. There is a much larger fan base for LOTR so saying WoW will surpass it, is pushing it a bit.

  12. Nick Rivera

    Ricky Seidel

  13. Gregory A. McDonald

    Going to try and go up againast Star Wars. Not a good idea.

    • meh different genres and the new star wars looks fail.

    • Why? It isn’t like Star Wars has been worth much as of late. It can’t be any worse than the prequels.

    • Let’s be real here. Star Wars is done. At least in the form the fans of the original series know it as. 77 was a different time, so were the 80s. The most important difference between then and now is the internet.

      People won’t go to ANY new Star Wars movie for any other reason than to bash the crap out of it. Why? Simply because that’s what the internet generation does. Cynical, uneducated fools. They will go into it and they will always, simply always conclude that the movie “sucks compared to the originals” and that’s all they will have to say about it.

      So as far as Star Wars is concerned, they might as well not even make the movie because the internet is just going to destroy it.

      Quite honestly, I believe the Warcraft movie will do better than Star Wars…and that is an awful awful thing to say and tastes like dirt on the tongue.

      • Nonsense…I think MANY people will see SWE7 because they WANT to see it, not merely out of a sense of nostalgia nor a desire to mock it (though there WILL be those pathethic losers too…Welcome to the Age of Internet buffoonery).

        • Sigh…”pathetic”, not “pathetHic”…butterfingers.

  14. welp they already got a bunch of the lore wrong Dalaran wasnt a floating city at the time they set the movie.

  15. I’ll admit that I’ve played the game. I’ll also admit I hated everything about Warcraft since the first time I heard a nerd talk about it. I’ll admit that I still do, even have played the game on and off for a while. Playing the game was something to do, I never cared about it.

    Lately though I’ve been wanting to read up on the lore behind everything because I’ll admit there is a lot of content that could make for some pretty cool stories to read in novel form.

    That said, the notion of a Warcraft movie makes me sick. What makes it worse is that Duncan Jones agreed to do this…so much for his career of making quality product. Then Travis signed on, and again just a head shaking moment.

    Keep Warcraft in it’s game form, with some literature to explain it. The world knows who plays those games and the world doesn’t want them shoved in it’s face. Let them keep themselves behind their monitors and in their basements because let’s be honest, we all know they don’t get out enough to watch movies anyway. Harsh comment? You bet. But that’s how I feel about the whole thing…as a player of the game and someone interested in the stories involved in it.

  16. I’m very happy to see that they’re basing it off the first two games…words don’t describe my dislike of I’m glad they’re basing it on the RTS games.