Don Cheadle Hints at War Machine in ‘The Avengers 2′

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Don Cheadle War Machine Armor Don Cheadle Hints at War Machine in The Avengers 2

What’s better than a team of Earth’s Mightiest superheroes that includes a man in an armored suit? A team of Earth’s Mightiest superheroes with two men in armored suits. The Avengers focused on the core heroes from the Marvel Studios franchise who’ve each had the chance to star in their own films, adding a few secondaries in non-powered characters from the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization (Black Widow & Hawkeye).

With “Phase Two” of the Marvel cinematic universe officially beginning with Iron Man 3 - as outlined during the Marvel Studios Comic-Con 2012 panel along with announcements for the upcoming slate of film – there are going to be more characters available to fight the good fight come time for the next epic team-up in The Avengers 2.

Guardians of the Galaxy is set to pick up from the mid-credits button in The Avengers which introduced Thanos, and while Ant-Man doesn’t have a date yet, it’s live-action existence is now official (read our description of the Ant-Man footage). Both of these films will introduce new characters that will likely play a crucial role in The Avengers 2, but there are also additional characters in the next Iron Man, Thor and Captain America sequels.

War Machine wallpaper 570x356 Don Cheadle Hints at War Machine in The Avengers 2

War Machine was introduced in Iron Man 2 and returns in IM3 with a few changes and upgrades, as confirmed by actor Don Cheadle who plays James “Rhodey” Rhodes in a Comic-Con 2012 interview with G4. In that same interview he was asked about the potential of the character to show up in The Avengers since he wasn’t given the call the first time around.

“Into The Avengers there’s been some mention, potentially and into a spin-off or… Let’s keep it going now. Let’s start it now and then pump it up and keep it going, and get it moving all through Comic-Con.”

The spin-off talk is just that, talk, and we heard the same about Black Widow, Hawkeye and Nick Fury previously. It’s unlikely any of these characters will get their own full-length feature to headline with so many other characters vying for an introduction (see: Black Panther and Doctor Strange). What will happen – and what makes more sense for the studio – is more cross-pollination of characters in the films, since they do all share the same universe.

Iron Patriot in Iron Man 3 Don Cheadle Hints at War Machine in The Avengers 2

Clearly, Don Cheadle would love to play a bigger role in the franchise, and we at Screen Rant would love to see him show up – even if only for a brief time – in The Avengers 2. War Machine is one our top 15 characters we want in The Avengers 2 and with Tony Stark undergoing some drastic changes in Iron Man 3 (see the new Iron Man 3 armor here), there’s more to differentiate him (and his armor) from War Machine.

Do you want more characters in The Avengers 2 or is the old adage of “less is more” a strategy the studio should employ?

Iron Man 3 is directed by Shane Black based off of his and Drew Pearce’s screenplay, and stars Robert Downey Jr., Ben Kingsley, Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce, Jon Favreau, Rebecca Hall, Cobie Smulders, William Sadler, James Badge Dale and the voice of Paul Bettany.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor 2 on November 8, 2013, Captain America 2 on April 4, 2014 and Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014.


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  1. i dont want a spin off. keep him in iron man because i want new charcters. Strange, Panther and Cage.

    • Rampage Jackson for Luke Cage…or Terry Crews.

      • Terry Crews would be amazing!

        • Jackson would be better. I wouldn’t be able to take Crews seriously enough.

          • I didn’t think I could take Chris Evans seriously enough for Captain America, but I was proven wrong. I say give him a chance.

          • Crews has the humor, so I would find Crews funnier then Rampage when he says “Sweet Christmas”… Just my two cents. :D

            Other then that, either would be a great pick IMO.

            • Agree with Brandon, Terry Crews would be the best Luke Cage IMHO…I think Rampage Jackson is too small and doesn’t have the acting chops that Terry has.

          • LOL…agree T.Crews could be perfect

      • I think Micheal Jai White would be a good Luke Cage

      • I think Micheal Jai White would be a good LC

      • Michael Jai White (Black Dynomite)for Luke Cage hands down!

      • Please, no rampage Jackson. Terry Crews is older, so is maichael Jai White, but I would prefer Michael jai white for Luke cage or the word is Tyrese

    • I don’t like everyone having a spin off as well some characters are just good supporting characters, then we’ll have to many movies

      • right there with you Hoboshotgun….just because there are alot of Marvel characters doesn’t mean they all deserve a movie.

        From a movie buffs perspective I don’t believe all the characters have interesting enough stories and some Marvel characters just wouldn’t translate to the big screen anyway. Fanboys will support just because its says marvel on the trailer but from a mass appeal perspective its hard to imagine them staying interested if we have 4 to 5 Comic book movies a year .

    • I don’t like everyone having a spin off as well some characters are just good supporting characters, then we’ll have to many movies

  2. Less is more. As much as I want to see more and more heroes/characters, I only need to point to one thing as my test case:

    X-Men 3…..meh

    ’nuff said!

    • It all comes down to who writes and directs… The “meh” factor is irrelevant. Avengers had just as much going on in it as X-3 did, it was just handled properly and by the right folks. Not everything has to happen “ON” Avengers 2 … there are enough bridge movies to tell an epic, multi-character story without bombarding us by cramming it all into the one film.

    • I mean… the AVENGERS comics already exist with stories that successfully carry all of these characters together in them. Don’t they??? Isn’t there a pre-set way to bring everyone together built into the already existing comic book canon????? I feel like the only person who knows this!!!

    • I really didn’t mean to say that 3 times… My bad

    • thats mostly due to multiple avengers comics and earlier Avengers and West Coast during comics would focus on a few characters on one comic book while some others were simply background characters

      in the case of movies if the writers place some heroes as background characters naturally audience and critics will feel they were underused and to one dimensional therefore boggin the movie down

  3. Let’s add ALL the new characters!

  4. I am inclined to think this is a bit if self-promotion
    and wishful thinking on the part Don Cheadle.
    Personally, IM3 enough for War Machine.

    • @Robert…can you blame him? i’d try to get my hands on that Avengers’ cash too, if i were him.

      • Exactly. Why do you think FOX is trying desperately to re-make FF and DD? They want in on that $$$CASH$$$

  5. It’s pretty clear that these lesser, secondary characters can’t merit the budget or the schedule to warrant their own films. I don’t think they need their own films, in fact. Marvel just has to put them in enough of the real films to keep the threads and connections going. Then bring them all together in the Avengers movies.

  6. depends on the scope of the avengers 2. if we’re talking about an epic intergalactic battle with extremely powerful beings then not only will it be fine, it’s probably needed.

    • I agree, but if it is a more “intimate and painful” movie as Whedon hinted, I don’t think we need two Iron Mans in the same team.

      I guess it all depends on Avengers 2′s story and which characters will be returning (if RDJ/Stark doesn’t make an appearance – oh please, please, please don’t let that be the case! – for whatever reason, then it makes sense for War Machine to step up)

  7. War Machine shouldn’t be in this film. I want the Iron Man films to focus on Tony. I would be okay if it was just him as Rhodey, but War Machine doesn’t need to be in it.

    • If they do the “Demon in a bottle” They might have to use him, Tony is to hungover to save the world so War Machine fills his shoes.

      Depends on how they use him I guess.

  8. Less is definitely more for the avengers. They are a team, not an army. I also think, for mostly the same reason but also because I feel there wont be enough public appeal, that Guardians is a step in the wrong direction.

    • Although I agree with pretty much everyone that there shouldn’t be a spin off, I do think he should be in Avengers 2. I don’t need him in most of the movie but would it be too much to ask during a final battle that Stark calls his buddy and say, “GET HERE NOW!”.

  9. The Avengers in the comics kind of are an army now, if Whedon or Feige wants to make great Avengers stories, then they need to take a que from traditional written Avengers stories and introduce way more charecters. In four years we got a slew of charecters but not enough. Only one female non powered Avenger?

    Personaly i loved The Avengers because, thats exactly what it was, The Avengers. But it wasnt enough, felt like a glorified tv show, which wasnt a bad approach.

    But, Marvel Studios, should introduce like 6 to 10 charecters over 3 movies, then have them crossover for a major film Avengers-like event.

    Dr.Strange, Ant-Man, Black Panther, Ms.Marvel and War Machine can join Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, and Cap in Avengers 2.

    Dr.Strange, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, (if rights were reverted) Daredevil, can all have solo films culminating in a Heroes for Hire or New Avengers Team-Up.

    Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova and (if rights were reverted back to Marvel) Fantastic Four, could all have solo films then come together for an Annihilation crossover.

    Then, 2018, all these teams could come together for a massive 2 part Avengers 3.

    • i like it — you have it all planned out!

    • While I would also love to see all of the Avengers on screen, there are budgetary concerns to worry about and screen time. Each actor wants their moment to shine and the more you have, the less that will happen. It works for the comics and animated shows but not so well for movies that cost 200 mil+ to make.

      • The Avengers made a whopping 1.5 BILLION DOLLARS… There are NO budgetary concerns anymore. j

  10. With all these teen romance books getting a split, two part movie for one book of material, how come Marvel movies with 75 years worth of storytelling, dont. They assume audiences dont know these comic charecters and we need origin stories, most of which arent even accurate, but i’m supposed to believe that tween girls clamoring for these 2-part movies are a bigger draw than the nerd communitiy?

    • how would you split avengers? theres not enough fighting in the first half and the second half is a giant battle…its impossible!!!

  11. i think a war-machine spin-off in the vein of a military movie (i.e. Saving Private Ryan, Battle for LA, etc) could be pretty cool. Could even have it take place during the time the Avengers are fighting in New York. Hence WHY War Machine wasn’t there. just a thought….

    • It would be cool, but if they do that, then I think they should include a few other heroes as well.
      I love War Machine, but I’m not sure if he can carry his own film.

      • imo, it would seem to much like another iron man film.

      • Maybe WAR MACHINE can’t carry his own film… But Don Cheadle surely can.

    • No offense to Cheadle or the War Machine character but there are many other and more worthy characters who deserve their own solo movie WAY before War Machine. Now once we have gotten Dr.Strange, Black Panther and say Luke Cage/Iron Fist out of the way THEN maybe do a SHIELD movie but not before.

      • We’re only talking hypothetically though (if they WERE to make a WM movie)… I’m sure ‘IcemanHill’ would agree that there are many other heroes that deserve their own flick first…

  12. You know what I would want to see is an expansion of Marvel Studios. So they can put out some of these solo movies and have more than two films a year.

  13. A good team-up i think would be: Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, War Machine, Black Panther, Ant Man, and maybe Deadpool(already enough “assasins”.) What do you Think?

    • Deadpool is with Fox. But he also doesn’t belong with the Avengers.

      • He might be thinking of Ultimate Alliance 2 which had Deadpool?

        Take Deadpool out of the list and add in Ms. Marvel and Wasp and I agree.

    • I’ll go with Cap, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Wasp, Goliath (Hank Pym, blue/yellow costume), & Hawkeye (but put am in–yes, I’m gonna say it, mean it, and some of you I bet secretly agree….the early comics’ blue and purple costume, mask and all!!! It rocked, and is NOT out of place when you consider everyone else’s costumes in hero movies. The clothes make the man!). And this line-up has already been done, in the early comics back in the 60s, and worked great.

      • They can’t have Quicksilver or Scarlet Witch due to the X-Men movie rights and due to them featuring often in x-men comics they’re part of the deal, so there’s little chance of them appearing in The Avengers 2

  14. In the current continuity War Machine is a Air Force/SHIELD asset. So yeah, do a SHIELD movie with the current agents. Introduce Carol Danvers (Ms.Marvel) she is Air Force after all.

  15. I would be surprised if War Machine ends up in Avengers 2. I would much rather see Ant Man and the Wasp in the movie since, after all, they are founding members of the Avengers in the comics.

  16. I’m gonna guess War Machine plays a small part in Avengers 2 and we get to see him expanding that scene in a solo movie (like, for instance, my idea before to see a shadowy hint of Venom in a Spiderman movie and a brief glimpse of Spiderman in a Venom movie before they do battle in the same flick).

    Sort of like Coulson in Iron Man 2 getting called to New Mexico midway through then at the end, we see him looking at Mjolnir to set up Thor.


    I agree with most on this list. Doesn’t have to do anything with this article here, but I thought it was good enough to post here.

  18. War machine would be awesome in avengers

  19. Keep WM away from the Avengers if RDJ will be back. No reason to have 2 Mech Superheroes on the same team, shake it up with new characters. WM would be perfect for a Shield or a ‘Secret Avengers’ movie.

    I would like to see a ‘Secret Avengers’ movie, and have WM lead. Put some lesser known characters along side him and just introduce their backgrounds real quick before they go on the Black Op. Mission. I know Steve Rogers was the leader in the comics but no reason to have Capt involved with them in the MCU.

  20. I’m no Comic Book Geek, so I’m already aware that my opinion is probably about as useful as a photograph of Oxygen to a drowning man, but.. I personally don’t care for the Hawkeye and Black Widow Characters. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE Scarlett Johansson wearing a tight ANYTHING! I’d personally volunteer to be her Stalker ANY day (if she requested one). But.. I simply don’t see the sense of having several Hard-Hitters in a movie along side ‘normal’ human Characters whom DON’T possess any REAL Superhuman abilities/strengths to speak of. That’s just how I feel. Not ‘hating’ on anyone or anything. I just feel that maybe those two Characters could have their own movie where they would be the main Protagonists. :-)

  21. Sounds like Falcon and Winter Soldier are coming to Cap #2. OK, War Machine can hit the screen again, but I want Goliath (Hank Pym), Wasp, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch in Avengers next round up.

  22. I’m curious to see how this is all going to play out. I rememeber a couple months ago Joss Whedon stated that if he makes Avengers 2, he wants to go smaller and focus on the characters. I seriously wanna know how he can manage this, especially since Marvel will probably want to add more characters for the film and not drop any.

  23. Can there, should there we a war machine without iron man?
    they would rather pay Cheadle than pay RDJ?

  24. What of they make an ant man movie that introduces him and black panther. Have pym go study vibranimun bc they found a giant deposit under wakanda. Meets klaw who sides with man-ape in a war with the wakandans. Have pym help develop black panthers suit.( technologically not mythically) and have them team up to defeat the white apes in a battle for wakanda. Then since pym works for shield have fury check in and don out they can’t see from satillites bc of vibranimun disrupts signals an asks iron man(cameo) to go help but he’s busy so he asks war machine to go and he does. Origin story for ant-man, black panther, and war machine gets screen time. Hows that sound? Too dumb?

  25. Don Cheadle? ehh, not interested. Neither he or the other fellow who played the part fit the role. Frankly, Cheadle’s a one note pony, too bad they wont find someone else.

  26. An appearance by War Machine in Avengers 2 would only reinforce growing suspicion that Marvel Studios is incapable of expanding the movie universe outside of the status quo.

  27. They could just make a movie all about James Rhodes having his armour stolen by terrorists then doing a James Bond thing to get the suit back then in the end he gets the suit, stop all the terrorists, flys off and as he flys off the screen fades to black and the cinimatic credits roles then the post-credits scene role with Tony Stark appearing as a cameo saying he had a bad day as Rhodey replies by saying his armour was stolen Tony replies to this asking if Rhodey has ever fought aliens. Credits role.

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