Want More Wanted? Wanted 2 Is For You

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wanted Want More Wanted? Wanted 2 Is For YouI don’t think that you need me to say that Hollywood loves a franchise – but darn it – I just said it. If it’s not a franchise then it’s just not worth it, and that seems to be the case with Wanted. The James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie starrer has recently crossed the magic $100 million barrier and now Universial Pictures wants a sequel.

“Easily done” I hear you say.

Not quite. There’s a problem or two.

Beware there are major Wanted Spoilers below.

Don’t say that I didn’t warn you!

In the new film version of Mark Millar’s comic book, the two major stars Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman… die. Yes – they bite the big one, leaving only McAvoy’s Wesley Gibson standing to kick ass in the follow-up.

While the film clearly has sequel written all over it – it will be quite difficult to match the box office gross because McAvoy is hardly a big draw when it comes to selling tickets. That said, a lot of women went to see McAvoy in the film following his recent starring role in Atonement.

Director Timur Bekmambetove and writers Michael Brandt and Derek Haas are already hammering out ideas for a potential continuation.

Producer Mark Platt said:

“The writers are at work already, and those creative discussions are taking place”

What direction this new film will take is anybody’s guess. Heck that might even bring Angelina Jolie’s twin into the film. What – you think that’s too far fetched?

Man – you’ve never seen Dallas.

They’ve got a 300 sequel in development and they spent years writing a follow up to Gladiator.

I’ll even bet that someone, somewhere also tried to get a Sixth Sense sequel made – The Seventh Sense – anyone?

Whatever happens you can bet they get a sequel out in three years at the very most. I don’t see the Wanted franchise having a very long shelf life.

Soon it could be Unwanted.

Source: Variety

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  1. Not to give any disrespect. Yet, I think that you are really over thinking this whole concept. It is true everyone is dead, but McAvoy.

    However, you are clearly forgetting the magic that is cinema flashbacks. They can easily bring back Jolie and Freeman through flashbacks. As well as bringing in other villains with star appeal…Eddie Murphy anyone? (That would be hilarious LOL)

  2. this is a comic book movie and most comic geeks know that any popular character NEVER stays dead for very long :)
    thats one of the things I love about comics ( and sci-fi , fantasy , whatever ) you can make your own rules.

  3. Obi Wan Kenobi wasn’t a flashback, yet he was present many times after he shed ,the mortal coil.

  4. simple solution, two new big actors.

    And if there is a sequel it will need to be sooner rather than later if Macavoy is to be Bilbo in the hobbit Duology cuz that will be a long shoot.

    Will this Gladiator thing ever actually happen? What will be the draw, its been so long and everyone’s dead, I don’t know how it will have anything to do with Gladiator. Plus, they had Rome which was awesome.

    I know originally it was to be about the kid grown up and mommy would be in it again. I just don’t see it for a long long time in the wake of modern action movies and comic flicks everywhere

  5. I skipped the first one.
    Looking forward to doing the same with the sequel.

  6. You gotta be kidding. Just because they made money with that one, they want a sequel? I mean, heck, for the same reason that the superb cult favorite “Equilibrium” didn’t need a sequel, “Wanted” should be left alone. The original ideas of curving the bullet, controlling 400bpm heartbeats to harness the superhuman abilities from the adrenaline surge, etc works well the first time around but we won’t wanna see that recycled.

    If there’s a sequel, I bet it’ll feel forced and unoriginal. It’s going straight to video.

  7. Um, you lot are forgetting something!!! The movie was very loosely based on the comic! Sequel = very based on the comic!!! Winner!!! ; )

  8. Crap,,, im like a month late!!! Hehehehe.

  9. I don’t know the comic. I wen tto see Wanted for Jolie. At first I liked it thinking it would be Matrix-like that they would explain how these inpossible thing could happen, like maybe they were in a computer reality. But then I realized they wanted us to actually suspend belief and think these thngs were in the real world and it then became just silly. Not that it was much better, but I’d much rather see a sequel to JUMPER.

  10. In the sequel, they need to bring back Angelina Jolie who did not die from the bullet to the head as thought to be. The bullet was not strong enough to kill her and temporarily made her unconscious where Terrance Stamp finds her and nurses’ her back to health. She has memory problems and Terrance helps her regain her memory and he reforms the Fraternity.

  11. no jolie, no sequel, easy!

  12. I really liked wanted, and I hope they make wanted 2. It would be neat if they had Angelina guide and mentor him. She was not corrupted by Morgan Freeman’s character. She could be the guilds secret mentor or something.

  13. Extra…! Extra…! Read all about it… Wanted 2 will sink down the toilet… Duh…
    The 2 big hollywood actors in the movie are dead… Even if they use flashbacks it will still suck, cause for one thing theyre still dead… And using flashbacks would mean that there is really no real original story for wanted 2… And about the comic based thing… Dude this movie is based on present technology they cant make the dead people come back to life… Especially when you get killed by a GUNSHOT on the HEAD…

  14. To Samdman10… Dude that is exactly what I was thinking. The bullet losing momentum only fracture her scull knocking her unconscious. I just hope they bring her back she made the whole movie. It does suck the about Morgan Freeman’s character but after that there is no bringing him back unless they use flash backs but that’s to gimicky. As long as Angelina is back it’s all good.

  15. Right on Chris, They can easily bring back Angelina, but we need a Villian. I vote for Vin Diesel as the villian who is Terrance Stamps protoge’ turned bad and thought to be killed by Terrance, Vin comes back to kill Terrance and Angelina and Vin go “at it” to make a smashing movie. A good ending would be that Vin repents his ways and finally joins Angelina and the Fraternity.

  16. I like the director for his visual style but I didn’t like his previous movies, Nightwatch and Daywatch which were too long. This one much to my surprise is not very faithful to the comic but managed to catch my attention, I saw it and wow !! I was amazed by the action scenes and well simple plot.

    So a sequel I don’t know, unless in the comic there are other adventures for the main character?

  17. a sequel sounds great!
    and i agree with Samdman10
    that could be possible. and if it is then great! as much as i though the main character wesley would be great in the sequel i do hope you are right! because i thought fox was great too. well lets keep our hopes up! and also vin does sound like a good villian but maybe it shouldnt just be about angelina and vin wesley should be a big part of it too. but anyways all great ideas!

  18. “Extra…! Extra…! Read all about it… Wanted 2 will sink down the toilet… Duh…
    The 2 big hollywood actors in the movie are dead… Even if they use flashbacks it will still suck, cause for one thing theyre still dead… And using flashbacks would mean that there is really no real original story for wanted 2… And about the comic based thing… Dude this movie is based on present technology they cant make the dead people come back to life… Especially when you get killed by a GUNSHOT on the HEAD…”

    Dude, I’m not saying that Wanted 2 WON’T sink down the toilet, but it’s got such a good chance. Wanted was merely the intro to an exhaustive comic series. There’s so many things left to tell.

    And we don’t NEED Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie, just Mcavoy. Besides, people don’t always die from getting shot in the head. It’s possible for a bullet to go in one side and come out the other and the victim will still survive. It’s a slim chance, but it’s possible, besides the fact that this is Fox we’re talking about. 😉

    And anyone who says compares Wanted to Jumper should consider retracting their statement. Wanted had the best plot of any over-the-top action film in ages. And it shouldn’t suspend belief nearly as much as people say. With movies, if you can see it happening, it’s happening.

  19. i know this is an old thread but im throwing in my two cents for the coffer…

    the first movie was horrendous… i hate seeing movies that blatantly make fun of the viewer’s intelligence… the train scene anyone?

    sigh… please let this one have some crazy Watchmen-like rights battles and NEVER hit theaters…

    yes… i just cursed the wanted franchise…

  20. thanks and yeah that does sound like a pretty good idea. im just used to vin being kinda the hero ya know? (the movies XXX and the video game wheelman are good examples) but then again alot of good movies have the villian as a big tough guy that proves to be way too strong for the heroes at first so vin would definitely fit the bill for that lol
    either way would work, as long as wesley n angelina are both in it, if not oh well wesley can still kick some ass

    • vin has played criminals before.

      people under the stairs and pulp fiction come to mind.

      • never mind .i was thinking of someone else.

  21. @ RastaZen: Hollywood in general (and soap operas in particular) are making God jealous…because they’ve raised more folks from the dead than a Chicago alderman on Election Night under the late Richard J. Daley, former Mayor/father of the current Mayor, the late Richard M. Daley.