Wanted 2 Director Talks Resurrecting Angelina

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angelina jolie replaces tom cruise Wanted 2 Director Talks Resurrecting Angelina

So we recently reported on the rumor that Angelina Jolie is returning for Wanted 2, even though her character, Fox, [SPOILER ALERT!] was on the receiving end of a bullet to the head at the end of Wanted. Naturally, being the masters of deduction that we are here at Screen Rant we asked the question “How can they pull off resurrecting Fox without completely jumping the shark???”

Well, Wanted director Timur Bekmambetov recently let MTV Splash Page know exactly how he plans to do just that. Take a look at what he had to say and judge for yourself where it falls on your “shark jumping” meter.

“If you remember from the first film, we have a recovery room with the baths of wax…But there has to be a reason for her to come back… and we know the reason…”

Head over to MTV News for the full quotes, but I’ll tell you now: Bekmambetov never cops to what this grand logic for the character’s return actually is. Oh the suspense! Seriously though, if he were to give any answer OTHER than “The reason is we want to hold onto our biggest movie star so a bunch of people actually come see this thing,” I doubt I would believe him (way too cynical).

I said it before, I’ll say it again: this is a ploy, we all know it’s a ploy, and damn you, Hollywood, damn you. I already think Wanted was an overrated comic book; the movie was an underwhelming film; and this sequel is going to likely be like seeing a paled copy of a pale copy of a mute-color original.

jolie wanted Wanted 2 Director Talks Resurrecting Angelina

However, everybody (contracted to be) involved with Wanted 2 should be on their knees right now, making offerings to the gods in the hopes that Jolie does return to this franchise. If not for her gracing the screen, is there really any firepower left in the Wanted gun?

At the end of the interview with MTV Bekmambetov again asserts that Wanted 2 will start filming by the end of the year. We’ll let you know what develops from that claim as it does.

Source: MTV

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  1. Wanted is a throw away action film. I can’t believe people supported it…
    Reminds me of the XXX franchise. Stupid and lame.

  2. From what I remember, that wax bath only healed people, it didn’t ressurrect the dead. I agree with you totally, Kofi. The only reason to have her in it is to appeal to the testosterone audience. Heck, why not just get Megan Fox to be in it? On second thought, scrap that. :-)

  3. Because unlike Fox, Jolie can actually act(IMO).

  4. i really hate this idea, i did not like the movie at all. i mean c’mon, look how they got their targets. friggin ridiculous. besides there were only 2 good things about the movie, bending of bullets and Jolie:D

  5. My initial mentality going into teh film was that it was going to be a terrible mess. Suirprisingly, I found myself enjoying it. I am not going to go as far as to say that I thought it was an epic picture, but it did have its good moments. Should there be a Wanted sequel? I dont’t think so. I dont think that the premise of th franchise is strong enough to warrant a sequel. Aside from all that, everyone besides the main actor dies at the end of the film.
    I remember when I first watched this film and they showed

    Jolie getting shot in the head I thought to myself that they would probably just throw her in that white goo-like substance and resurrect her. It is far-fetched but hey it IS a comic book movie nonetheless and in most of these movies there is generally no guide to follow.

    If I had to grade the first movie I would give it a B- and due to teh fact that the studio has to recreate most of the cast I don’t think that a sequel will be all that promising. Will it come out? Ofcourse. Will it make a profit? Of course, Jolie is in it…

  6. It’s not hard to ressurect Fox inside Wanted universe. They curve bullets, man, just think about it…

    But, IMO, Wanted2 without Angelina Jolie would be a flop, that’s why anyone will take their chances. She can carry a movie as good as 1st Wanted, even better, since the script doesn’t sucks.

    BTW I think Wanted was good, disregarding comparisons with the comic book. It’s actually better than Dark Knight. B or B- is a fair evaluation for the movie.

  7. @ 790…..That is a little harsh my friend. The tripe that was ( is) XXX films agreed is really LAME. Don’t tell anyone but I kinda liked “Wanted”. Please don’t hate me.

  8. i think itsa good idea to make a wanted 2 and da first one was awesome

  9. I really enjoyed Wanted, I thought both Jolie and McAvoy were brilliant, as were most the cast. It would be such a shame to cast Wanted 2 without Jolie, I will be rooting for a plausible way to bring her back..

  10. Those of you that disliked the movie made the common mistake of failing to leave your brains safely tucked away in the glove compartment of your vehicle prior to walking into the theater.

    I made no such mistake, sat there totally brainless, thinking and expecting nothing.

    Naturally, the movie rocked!

  11. Maybe she will be a zombie

  12. Well, no matter how hard you twist your wrist, that’s never gonna bend the course of a bullet, so if you’re going for that already, you can accept pretty much any lame excuse these guys can throw at you to resurrect Jolie and her oversized lips…

  13. umm??? wanted was an AWESOME movie? why are people apologizing for enjoying it? it was great! i had NO IDEA it was a comic before which i guess is a good thing, because i too am thrown off by any movie that strays to far off from its original medium.

    oh, and angelina’s lips are NOT overly sized??
    They are perfect.
    Perfect i tell you! lol. I mean, just IMAGINE the benefits!

  14. Wow! I’m shocked at how many people didn’t like Wanted. I thought it rocked. It was one of those movies that you just have alot of fun watching. It had like the best action ever. It was funny. Angelina Jolie was in it. MORGAN FREEMAN was in it. It had the best (IMO) last line of any movie ever.

    I liked the first one. As long as it’s as action packed I’ll go see a second one.

  15. And Jingo, it’s a ‘fooph’ing movie. Of course you can’t really bend bullets. That was just to be awesome.

  16. Long rich and now pushing 50 —Brangelina has kept completely SILENT about the FACT of their and their industry’s sell-out to the most awesome genocidal regime
    in history —across the pacific.

    –We wonder how long they can keep the lid on those
    70 million -unoutted and unanswered for -’peacetime’

    -It’s got to be a drag sooner or later —no mater how
    vast the market favors.

  17. im sorry i ever saw wanted. the fact that theres a sequal in the works means hollywood is starting to slump more and more.

  18. im sorry i ever saw wanted. the fact that theres a sequal in the works means hollywood is starting to slump more and more.

  19. did you even read the comic? jagoff