Jolie Leaves Wanted 2 For ‘Gravity’ [Updated]

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angelina jolie wanted  Jolie Leaves Wanted 2 For Gravity [Updated]

[Update: Jolie has dropped Gravity and is Wanted 2 still alive? ]

Back at the start of summer ’09 we got word that Angelina Jolie would be returning for Wanted 2[SPOILER ALERT!!!] even though her character in film, Fox, ended up having her brains blown out.

The whole “Isn’t she dead?” question was the first on many fans’ lips; however, Wanted director Timur Bekmambetov insisted that an explanation for resurrecting Jolie’s character would (somehow) be logically established.

Well, it looks like Angelina managed to retain some cognitive abilities after that head shot did its damage, because she has jumped ship from Wanted 2 and hopped aboard a space-thriller called Gravity, which is being helmed by one of the best directors in the business at the moment, Alfonso Cuarón (Children of Men, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban).

Taking a page out of Sam Rockwell’s playbook for Moon, Gravity would feature Jolie onscreen alone for most of the film, playing the last surviving human member of a space mission, who is fighting to get back home and be re-united with her daughter. Notice I said “last surviving human member.”

It may sound a little too close to Moon for some sci-fi fans’ liking, but with Cuarón at the helm you know it’s going to be an accomplished piece of cinema.

cuaron  Jolie Leaves Wanted 2 For Gravity [Updated]Cuarón

Ironically enough, Universal Pictures had Gravity on their docket (with Jolie set to star) before putting the film into turnaround where it was scooped up by Warner Bros. When the movie traded hands Jolie went along for the ride, effectively killing Universal’s hopes for bringing Wanted 2 to the screen. At the moment, the sequel is looking dead in the water.

How do I feel about all this? Fan-freaking-tastic! I said it before: in my opinion Mark Millar’s Wanted comic book was lukewarm at best, the movie was even weaker and the sequel would’ve been even weaker than that. To me, trading some “back from the dead” nonsense for an Alfonso Cuarón sci-fi thriller is like trading in a rusted hatchback for a limo; I’m all for it and I think Jolie is smart for making this move.

Update: I may have nominated Angelina Jolie for Mensa membership a bit prematurely. According to Entertainment Weekly, the story in Vulture didn’t have all of the facts right: Jolie has apparently dropped out of Gravity as well as Wanted 2. Not only that, but Gravity has yet to be confirmed on Warner Bros.’ slate.

Angelina is still done with Wanted 2, though – but that hasn’t stopped the creator of the comic book, Mark Millar from once again opening his mouth (unevidenced proclamations have been his signature) and claiming to STV that Wanted 2 will be proceeding as planned, sans Jolie.

For a more official source, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that insiders at Universal are claiming that we will be seeing a Wanted sequel, despite Jolie’s departure.

We’ll see what happens with both  Gravity and Wanted 2 as time unfolds.

Sources: Vulture via /Film

Update Sources: Entertainment Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter & STV


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  1. Couldn't agree more. “Wanted” was barely watchable. I have no problem with her jumping ship to make a movie that might actually be interesting.

  2. With her gone, there is no movie.

  3. I totally disagree. I loved Wanted. LOVED it. Such loopy nonsense but a boat load of fun for the 100 mins or however long it was on for. The dialogue was satirical and whip shart, the action was INSANE and the ridiculousness just added to the fun of it all. And Jolie wasn't exactly sore on the eyes in that role.

    I wouldn't mind a sequel to it, although the idea of Jolie coming back to life was admittedly stupid. I hope that it's still on and McAvoy comes back.

  4. Sounds more interesting than wanted 2…

  5. That director, Cuaron, has some weird-looking eyes.

    Looks like Jolie has some intelligence after all. Wanted, like you said, was barely watchable and …

    ****** SPOILER WARNING ******

    Jolie's character would have to have some incredible explanation how she came back. I don't remember seeing any time-travel stuff in Wanted.

  6. Jolie with intellegence? That's not saying much looking around Hollywood.

  7. I mean… I could have watched a sequel and all, but I definitely don't blame Jolie for jumping onto a Cauron film. Who wouldn't want to?

  8. For a second I thought that Cuaron photo was Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips. He even dresses like him.

  9. Wanted was a movie that I had no intentions of seeing in the theaters, but for some unknown reason, I did. Frankly, I enjoyed it. I'm a fan of comics and graphic novels, but I hadn't read Millar's title until after seeing the movie. The movie strayed so far from the source material that I couldn't support a sequel being made. Thank you Jolie for ending this madness and for being smoking hott on-screen for so many years. I think Gravity is a much better choice!

  10. Are you surprised Hollywood writers strayed from the 'source material'? As for Jolie being hot, I can't get past her weirdo behavior and make out sessions with her brother………..

  11. She sucks as an actress. She is not even that greeat to look at. She was the reason alot of people i know didnt like Wanted.

  12. I actually really liked Wanted and am very disappointed by this news. It's obviously not Oscar quality or anything but it was loads of fun. Very stylistic. However, Angelina Jolie coming back to life seems too much of a stretch realistic-wise, even for a Wanted film. I hope they still make another one though.

  13. Smart move by Jolie.

  14. A sequel to Wanted would be rather problematic because not only was Jolie's character killed off, but


    Morgan Freeman's character, Sloan (who was the chief bad guy) also got killed off, so where could the story go from that point?

    Wanted was an OK movie, but I hope there won't be a sequel. I'd much rather see Timur Bekmambetov give us the too-long awaited conclusion to his NightWatch vampire trilogy.

  15. I agree, that this is a better move for Jolie. Gravity would be a better place for her to try some acting and not just action.

  16. Moon was a fantastic “ohhh” movie…i wasnt expecting the ending. such a superb piece of sci fi. I just hope they dont rip it off. I loved children of men…one of my fav. movies and angelina jolie is really a wonderful actress as evidenced in Girl interrupted, the bone collector and Beyond borders.

  17. didnt her character dide in the first wanted movie?

  18. didnt her character dide in the first wanted movie?

  19. Story could go into many Directions.
    There was a PS3 and Xbox360 Game that continued the Story rather well with all the Original actors doing the voice over !

    I would love to see a second one…that would continue the Game. But I am glad Jolie is out,a sequel doesn't need her !

  20. I enjoyed Wanted. So what if she left… I didnt see the movie for her. I saw the movie for the Movie.

    When people get out of the mindset of “oh its blah blah I got to see it” or “Blah blah is not in it I wont see it” you will get a more even playing field when it comes to “money” and movies being made.

    While a certain actor CAN make a movie you can still make a movie without a certain actor.

  21. Not fussed either way. I think Jolie is overated anyhow. Don't like the comparison to 'Moon', sounds like 2 completely different movies. C'mon Kofi

  22. Forgot to say….. Moon was a brilliant film, loved it.

  23. I think it was Latino Revie that reported Jolie is thinking about doing a movie called Serena next she plays the ambitious bride of a ruthless tycoon .

  24. Oops .
    Latino Review is where I heard that report about Jolie and the Serena project.

  25. I think it was Latino Revie that reported Jolie is thinking about doing a movie called Serena next she plays the ambitious bride of a ruthless tycoon .

  26. Oops .
    Latino Review is where I heard that report about Jolie and the Serena project.

    I AM NOT A staiker. i am a very nice persom. from. greece, athens.
    dont be shy. your safe. love abd kisses your fan. ts.