Is the ‘Walking Dead’ Spin-Off a Prequel Series?

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walking dead spinoff prequel Is the Walking Dead Spin Off a Prequel Series?

Though it isn’t set to debut (assuming it does make it to air) until the year of the nerd, aka 2015, the Walking Dead spin-off series remains a curiosity for observers and fans of the original zombie-filled ratings juggernaut. Now some of that curiosity can finally be satiated by a new report that posits that the spin-off may actually have prequel elements.

In the original series (and in the comic that inspired it), we really don’t see much about the days leading up to and the days immediately following the initial zombie breakout. In both mediums, the story more or less starts when Rick Grimes’ eyes open in an abandoned hospital days after the onset. His confusion and forced to the new world puts pain, loss, and terror in the foreground, serving as an excellent bridge into the world of The Walking Dead for us, but it also leaves fertile ground to be explored.

With a few exceptions, both The Walking Dead show and series have resisted the urge to look back, but with a new show comes the burden of separating the spin-off from the original series. Making it a prequel series could certainly be a legitimate way to accomplish that.

Here’s Kirkman in an interview with IGN talking about making the two series stand apart. 

“It’s a really different location with completely different people, so we are going to see an entirely different corner of the ‘Walking Dead’ world. It definitely won’t be set in Georgia, I can at least say that. It’s important to us that this show exists on its own. The spinoff has to be a show worthy of existing, or else we’ve all sold out. So that’s something we’re all working hard towards doing, and I think we can pull it off. I think that the ideal situation is, when you’re watching the spinoff, you’re like, ‘Wow, this is a really awesome show.’ The whole other show doesn’t need to exist for this show to be cool and stand on its own.”

The Walking Dead season 4 zombie Is the Walking Dead Spin Off a Prequel Series?

Can the spin-off really stand on its own if it introduces itself to us while fleshing out the world that we already know? Might the quest for uniqueness be better served by showcasing a group of survivors that are less dedicated to the preservation of their humanity – a group that relishes the dire moment, seizing on the opportunity to seize power and whatever else they can in the lawless wilderness of a broken world?

These are questions that Kirkman, his producing partners (David Alpert and Gale Anne Hurd), and AMC surely have weighed and will continue to weigh as they build this show up over time.

What do you think, Screen Rant readers? Is there room for two Walking Dead series on the air? Let us know in the comments.


The Walking Dead airs on Sundays @9pm on AMC. We’ll continue to keep you up to date on the untitled Walking Dead spin-off as it moves toward fruition.

Source: TVLine & IGN

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  1. enough with these damn spin-offs and prequels!

  2. I would definitely watch another series,but I would like to see a 2 to 3 episode only prequel storyline to what started the mess they’re in,then have a new group running another stand alone story ,with fans counting the days until the crossover happens with the groups hopefully meeting one day from both shows.
    SPOILER Alert: the final episode of the Walking Dead ends like this..
    After years of battling.. the rag tag group finally makes it way to a secured military base,just BEFORE they make it,the survivors are swarmed and we watch each member die one by one.
    and the last scene is Rick flying up from his hospital bed awakening from his coma,there Shane and Lori sit by his bed,Rick looks around and says OMG what a dream!!!

    • That is the worst idea i have ever heard.

    • Actually the final episode is Carl holding a snowglobe with the prison inside having imagined the entire show, Rick comes in with Lori and comments on how disturbed their son is to which Lori replies “Hey why am I dead in you’re dream world?!” Rick gets the final line “Because you’re a b**** Lori, because you’re a b****”

      • Awesome!!!!!

    • ya thats the most terrible cliche thing i have ever read! i say only that to avoid “personal attacks” and “swearing”

    • Hah thats a funny joke. what a terrible ending

    • One word: Idiocy

  3. Hope its a prequel that would be cool to see

  4. Question: I’m reading Screenrant on iPhone using Safari. It keeps trying to open the App Store every 15 seconds. What the hell are you siteowners running? It’s damn annoying.

    • View Screen Rant through their app instead and you’ll be good to go!

  5. I was hoping to see more of the world they’re in, so this should be awesome!

  6. It would be awesome to see what happened…
    WHAT – exactly was the source of the gene activation that created this menace in the first place?

    They already established that everyone has it – but only recently did it suddenly activate. Something had to trigger it – and now it seems to affect all of humanity immediately after death – so it would be logical to assume this was something that could effect the EARTH…

    …assuming it IS a global situation. If not – what states were effected, and where/what was the source? Then you need to beg the question – what is happening in other states or even in other countries – is this happening there as well?

    Lots to think about……………………………………..

    • The way you describe the potential outbreak – with all that “trigger talk” – made me consider, for just a split second, that this could be ripe for a crossover with “Revolution”, thereby possibly saving that show but, of course, completely destroying TWD.

  7. I would watch another series, but yea I do think it should be in a different location. I think its possible to do both that and tell how the outbreak started. I would love to see flashbacks (kind of Lost-style) that give more depth to the character’s current situations. They did some flashbacks early on in the Walking Dead but I feel like they’ve gone away from it recently. It would be a great way to learn more about the newer characters that didn’t start in the group.

    • I really wish Screenrant and all other news outlets would stop ASKING QUESTIONS as their header and start REPORTING news. Anyone can ASK. we come here to be INFORMED. and since we have not been informed, then I just wasted my time. I want to hear news about the WALKING DEAD. If I wanted to sit around and say what if, I have friends, coworkers or my own imagination. I cannot really see a use for Screenrant if they are asking us the questions we come here to find out the answers to.

      • I must agree on that. Screenrant is better than this.

      • true that brother! i never thought of it that way! all it is is a way for them to get comments rolling so they can have an idea of what we think about a certain topic, so they can appeal to us in a future post with possibly real facts!

        • I think it’s more likely to increase web-traffic and bring in more advertising dollars. If there’s nothing to report, just post about something topical. Anything to get people viewing the website.

  8. I am done with the current series so…

    • Me too. i’m sick of TWD. i really enjoyed the first season but idk what happened to the series..

  9. Not a series, maybe a mini-series.

    A limited run 8 episode series would be good. The show has taken place over the course of years so far. Another series that follows the outbreak only has a few days of timeline to work with before it just becomes “Walking Dead” with other characters.

    I love the show, but i’m not too sure if i want another. I’d be more welcoming of a mini-series

    • if AMC is so intent on starting another series, why not extend this series to 24 episodes a year instead, like most other series?

  10. I would welcome it but I do think it needs to have many differences from the original show. More of the before and beginning chaos of the outbreak. And I do agree that the characters should not too concerned with rebuilding and preserving humanity. I think it would be an interesting take if the characters were ‘bad’ in a sense and just do what they want without too much squabbling if it’s ‘right’ or not. They should relish the opportunity to seize power in the broken world.

  11. I like the idea of a spinoff, but I can’t help but think that AMC is simply doing this because TWD is basically the only heavy hitter left in its arsenal.

  12. I would really like it if they explained just a little bit about how the entire world, or just North America, got completely owned by the zombies while having armed forces around. Plus the entire apocalypse situation would be kinda of cool to experience and see how the initial survivors deal with it.

    • I think it would be awesome to see initial outbreaks being on the news as random cannibal attacks.Then slowly growing into something larger. For the whole zombie outbreak to get a foothold in my opinion there has to be lots of confusion in the general public so I hope there’s a lot of lmisinformation on the news. Kind of like fog of war.

      I love the whole idea of a prequel.I think it’s going to be great to watch the whole thing go down and watch the government try to fight it and then fall apart and eventually fall. I’ve always wanted to see that part of the whole story. The majority of zombie shows, movies, ect… never show that part and I think it’s fertile ground to jump into.

      • Yeah I would love to see the same thing myself. Is detail to the fall of mankind. Like let’s go back to season one when you see Shane sneaking through the hospital and the soldiers are shooting everyone, and that walker comes through the doors and bites that soldier and he fire wildly hitting other troops. Also at the end of episode 1 season 1 the tank that Rick hides in was an Abrams. Now I alwasy say if I ran out of ammo for the waist gun just hop in close the hatch and do donuts on them undead mug’s until it ran out of fuel(like what if Rick would have seen like miles of dead smashed walkers behind the tank. Little eye to detail yet the idea of mass confusion to the general public. Nothing as dumb as how “World War Z ” was handled.

        • WWZ was the worst zombie movie I’ve seen. the beginning even was bad, but the ending, holy crap, on the plane, in Israel, at the end? The writing was sooooooooooo bad, so convenient and contrived (Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof’ specialty).
          Bar none, the worst zombie movie made. I’m so thankful those guys have nothing to do with the walking dead, or I wouldn’t even be able to watch it.

  13. God if the Spinoff will be as boring as the current Season, HELL NO.

  14. They need to sort out the current series first compared to GOTs or BB its dull

  15. I don’t need a spin-off series. The Walking Dead is already retreading the same themes over and over as it is. What would a spin-off series have to offer that isn’t already covered by The Walking Dead? The only really interesting approach would indeed be a prequel that shows in detail how the zombie apocalypse started and how everything went down the drain. So basically the whole part that was glossed over by Rick’s coma, because it’s too friggin’ expensive to actually show on TV.

    • +1
      If there was an overdose of material in The Walking Dead, I’d definitely be up for the spin off but there’s not much going on in the Walking Dead. Hopefully the spin off is something else entirely.

  16. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to concentrate on making The walking dead a better show? so dave morrissey isnt the only good thing in it?

  17. I adore it when a guy who is clearly ‘selling out’ goes on about not selling out. Don’t misunderstand, it’s not that I blame him, people like his concept enough to shovel money at it, …take the money and run. But please, leave the platitudes in the dust.

  18. I think its a good idea!! So long as they can separate the 2 without it being stupid!! Looking forward to it!!!!

  19. One thing I always thought would have been great about The Walking Dead was if they had a season or so that started off in normal, modern suburbia or something and watch the world slowly descend into the zombie apocalypse.

  20. I’d like to see them do something like “lost” did. They show the normal show. But show a lot of flashbacks of the characters and what their lives were before during and after the outbreak:)

  21. I agree with comments above. If you have money to throw around to start a whole new series—why not spend it on TWD to improve it and give us more grandiose episodes, MORE episodes?

    When shows start doing “spinoffs,” isn’t that kind of the death knell of a series?

  22. After watching the webisodes.I would watch a spinoff if they had Josh Stewards
    character Chase in it.Chase leaving Atlanta looking for his sister in Kentucky.

  23. I’m curious what all the people complaining about how bad, or slow this season of The Walking Dead has gotten will be eating their words after tonight’s episode. Every episode doesn’t need to kill 100 zombies, or be insanely fast paced, shows have ups and downs. I think its one of the best shows on TV, and every time they introduce new characters I’m more convinced that a spin-off could be just as good.

  24. First of all this season of twd is amazing. I don’t know how much more too can add to make it more interesting…there is a sickness killing people off, their shelter is being compromised inside and out, the governor is back, they encountered a mass horde of zombies(which I believe will come into play later), its the first time someone has been kicked out of the group as punishment, Carl is back to kicking butts, i think having more children in the show will be a different, interesting look at things, what child plays with a pool of blood? When Daryl finds out about carol he is going to snap. And there is someone in the group that is compromising their safety. Among many other things. I don’t know what people expect out of the show but I think this season is one of the better ones and if you don’t like it that much, don’t watch.

  25. I think a spin off is a great idea. I can’t get enough Walking dead.

  26. I don’t know why ANY fan of TWD would be apposed to this. I think it’s a BRILLIANT idea!!! Completely different characters, different scenarios, different events with just the terrifying zombie-infested environment to connect the two worlds? That’s a whole different show! Which means I wouldn’t miss the other characters at all because you’d not only have them on the original show but now you’d have this whole new set of characters in the spinoff. One group of survivors dealing with their s*** here and one group of survivors dealing with their s*** there. That’s like twice the entertainment! WEEKLY! I wish this was happening TOMORROW!

  27. I think what would be cool is a “short story” style zombie series, not a serial.

    Think Twighlight Zone meets World War Z (the book, not the HORRIBLE movie).

    You get guest directors/writers to make an hour long zombie movie set in the “Walking Dead” world.

    They could be in the past, present, or future.

    It would be a sort of “farm team” for the regular series. A character, place, or whatever is well received they weave it into the next season of TWD.

  28. Yes! I am soo ready for another Walking Dead. All my friends and family can’t wait to see it. SO EXCITING!