‘Walking Dead’ Season 5 Trailer: Cure Hopes vs. Cannibal Hunger

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The Walking Dead season 5 is a big deal to the many attendees of Comic-Con 2014, and the show is (at the time of writing this) ready to bring down Hall H with the roar of its massive fandom. In terms of the actual show, Walking Dead season 4 left Rick Grimes (Andrew Linclon) and his band of survivors in a precarious place, trapped by the inhabitants of Terminus and facing an ominous fate. ‘

As revealed in the Walking Dead season 5 trailer, things are about to get much more complicated than many fans (of either the show or the comics) probably expected.

UPDATE: At this point, it’s ben well established that AMC’s Walking Dead TV show is a departure from the comics. While certain events and story beats remain consistent between screen and page, many other things have been changed or rearranged so that both experiences (reading and watching) can be respectively enjoyable.

Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer SDCC Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer: Cure Hopes vs. Cannibal Hunger


All that said, at the end of season 4 it was highly debated whether or not certain iconic (read: horrifying) events from comics were being rolled into the Terminus storyline of the show. Walking Dead season 4′s latter half broke into a unique new format in which smaller odd groupings of survivors were featured in their own character-centric episodes, before the scattered group (mostly) reunited at their beacon of hope, a town called Terminus. Of course, this being Walking Dead, the survivors were tricked and violently herded into a train car – but only after running past a gruesome stack of human bones.

The Walking Dead comic has dealt with murder and rape aplenty, but cannibalism was an especially jarring part of the reading experience as well. Exact recreation of the most memorable “survivors vs cannibals” moment from the comics is impossible on the show (certain characters needed for it are already dead in the show continuity) – but the idea of cannibalism is one that holds much more potential for the TV version of Walking Dead.

Josh McDermitt in The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 11 Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer: Cure Hopes vs. Cannibal Hunger

World Savior?

At this point, it has not been confirmed that the inhabitants of Terminus are in fact cannibals (pretty likely, but not official yet); but here’s the thing: it doesn’t really matter if they are or they aren’t. The title to this article works just as well as an observation for the thematic arc of this season, as evidenced in the trailer: The question of whether or not people can work together toward a greater purpose, without first dragging down and destroying one another.

In other words, can humankind rise to its noble potential, or will we “cannibalize” one another first? (And all the real-world metaphors that come with that question.) Looking at it like that (figuratively), Rick and his groups have just as much potential to be “cannibals” as the mysterious Gareth and his subjects do.

The Walking Dead Season 5 Header Image Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer: Cure Hopes vs. Cannibal Hunger

The early part of the season will hinge this thematic quandary on the dangling beacon of hope that is Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt). Fans of the comics know how Eugene’s arc played out in that continuity; that same thread holds lots of potential for Walking Dead season 5 to take some drastic and interesting turns come mid-season – hopefully continuing to open up the format of storytelling to the sort of fresh approaches we saw in season 4.5.

Until then, the new dynamic of having new characters interacting (“heroes” and “villains” essentially in one camp) should be enough to carry things.

The Walking Dead season 5 premieres on Sunday, October 12 @9pm on AMC.

Source: AMC

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  1. I watched the trailer and a couple things:

    1. Kofi, did it state or give obvious reference to the Terminus inhabitants cannibalism? I may have missed it or are we still just ‘assuming’ at this point?

    2. I must say I was very impressed with this trailer. The scale of this season looks to be the biggest so far.

    3. So much for the theory that Beth is dead!

    • I don’t think they mention it directly in this trailer, but in the season finale there was a shot of a pile of bodies that were clearly not walkers. I’m guessing that was a hint. I didn’t even catch it the first time I saw it and I knew what Terminus was from the comics. :)

    • There was a room of bones and skulls which is the big hint (maybe blood on the walls?). They went through the room quickly. And it looks like they are ready to chop them up and kill them. Why wear butcher’s aprons if you are just going to kill someone?

    • The biggest indicator for me was that they had a bustling barbecue full of meat in the “welcome wagon.” I thought, there’s no way that much meat would be readily available, it’s gotta be a prime cut of homo sapien.

  2. I cannot wait for this new season!! But what’s really exciting me is that finally, Beth is gonna grow a backbone and become the warrior that she should be! I’m sure the part where the cop hits her, is because the cop was verbally challenged! This is amazing!

  3. looks great but they really gave ALOT away in the trailer. Terminus is bad yes, but they end up working with the group? Reveals where beth is? Ty, carol and Judith come back to the group? very interesting stuff. looks a lot different than the last few seasons.

  4. The direction for some of the scenes look really good.
    I was gonna drop the series altogether but I may stick around..

  5. NO WAYY!!! EVERYONE WHO READS THIS, PAUSE AT 2:20!! SOMEONE IS ABOUT TO TAKE A BAT TO GLENN’S HEAD!! Sorry for the Caps, but that’s how Glenn died in the comics. I really hope that’s just a teaser, and in the episode, someone actually says stop before Glenn gets hit. Everyone loves Glenn, and to see him go would kind of suck, to be honest. Yeah we’ve lost a lot of good characters, but in my opinion, Glenn, Daryl, Carl, and Rick are untouchables.

    • it’s probably just a wink at the comic book readers on the producers/writers part, teasing what will eventually happen (thanks to Negan). cause kirkman said negan wont come till season 6 at the earliest

    • Glenn is clearly around after they leave Terminus so he doesn’t die here.

  6. Did anyone else see Glenn about to take a bat to the head at 2:20.. This can’t be. We can’t lose Glenn now.

  7. Glenn will probably die… Sad, since apparently he’s the only Asian around…

  8. dam this season looks darker then the last. Cant wait!!


  10. More of the same/lame.

    • thanks for your input fury because everyone cares what you have to say


  12. Pretty epic trailer. Some initial first viewing thoughts:

    1. Carol, Tyresse, and baby Judith arrive safely to Terminus, and Rick is reunited with his infant daughter. I wish they would have kept that hidden but when we see these three characters in the start of the season, we have no worry about whether or not they will die. They are initially safe.

    2. The cannibals come close to killing and eating them, before Bob (or at least he is the start) convinces that they have someone who has the ability to cure the zombie plague. The cannibals agree to go along with it. Again, this kinda kills any suspense we have about them. We pretty much know that they won’t cause too much damage to the core group. They might kill at least one person but I doubt it. The idea of a cure stops this.

    3. BETH!!!! Well, we can now say she is not at Terminus, but she is with a lady cop, wearing a nurse’s scrubs? I wonder who she is with.

    Overall, pretty pumped for this season. We still have awhile before the season premiere but dang, that has one heck of a trailer for a TV series. Looks like it might be the most action packed yet.

  13. Sources claimed that Steven Yeun was spotted hugging, shaking hands, and acting very emotional towards the end of filming the season. Ya’ll know what that means!

    • “Sources”

  14. And again the THIS TRAILER IS NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR COUNTRY BS……AAARRGGHHHH why denie the world this trailer…people in europe matter too damn it

  15. Did anyone else notice the part where Abraham falls to his knees if you pause it just right it looks like that he may have received a wound to the back of his head. If you have read the comics you know what that may mean.

    • I was thinking that maybe Rosita dies or something, which is why he’s shocked and falls to his knees.
      Also, we get a shot of Father Gabriel!

      • I had thought about Rosita months ago after the season finale; I didn’t recall seeing her at the end, inside the train car.

  16. DAMN IT! I hate it when they region lock the trailers I can’t watch it because I’m a mexican that live in Mexico.

    • There are plenty of international friendly links on Facebook courtesy of TWD fan/spoiler pages. The broadcaster of TWD in my country has already shown it so perhaps yours has it available too?