‘Walking Dead’ Season 5: Here’s What’s Going On With Rick & Michonne

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Walking Dead Season 5 Interviews Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira Walking Dead Season 5: Heres Whats Going On With Rick & Michonne

WARNING. Article Contains Walking Dead Season 4 SPOILERS. 


The Walking Dead season 5 was of course a highlight of Comic-Con 2014, as AMC debuted a new trailer that set up some pretty high-stakes story arcs for Rick and his fellow survivors. In the season 4 finale, the splintered group of prison survivors (along with a few new acquaintances) saw their happy reunion turn sour as they were attacked and imprisoned in the would-be safe haven called Terminus.

As the season 5 trailer reveals, however, the group won’t be in confinement too long. After striking a tenuous agreement with the leader of Terminus, it seems both Rick’s group and a Terminus crew combine as a unit, with the grand mission of going to Washington D.C. to help Dr. Eugene Porter hopefully cure the zombie plague. Along the way, the usual suspicion, distrust, savagery and tragic loss all seemingly occur.

In the midst of all this hope vs doom, there are the other things that fans tend to be concerned about – namely love and relationships amongst the survivors. In our Comic-Con interviews with The Walking Dead cast, we talked two of the most popular characters – Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) – about where they’re headed in season 5, and whether or not they’re headed there together (like, together together).

The Walking Dead Mid Season 4 Walking Dead Season 5: Heres Whats Going On With Rick & Michonne

Andrew Lincoln addressed where Rick is in the aftermath of his violent actions in the S4 finale, and his decisive statement to the rest of the group that the Terminus gang is “screwing with the wrong people”:

Andrew Lincoln: I think he’s made peace with all of it. I think he’s in a very uncomplicated place. There’s just as much humanity in me as brutality. And he realizes that they’re both just as important - and probably why he is still here, and his family. So I don’t think he has any conflict any more, or any kind of moral ambiguity; he’s just very pragmatic, very dangerous, and a very formidable leader as a result. It’s so good to be back [smiles].

Meanwhile, Danai Gurira discussed what season 5 will be like in terms of Michonne’s evolution – now that we know so much more of her backstory and what made her a hardened warrior in the first place. As it turns out, the excellent surreal dream sequence at the end of season 4 – revealing Michonne’s past – was planned long before we actually saw it in the show:

Danai Gurira: I don’t know how much of that I can share! I’d have to check with my boss. But yeah, It was something I’d known about – I’ll say for a substantial while. And it was great because it is a little different from the comic book, but not entirely, you know what I mean? So it really did make the extreme of how impenetrable she was in the beginning really make sense. As I said earlier, to be a mother – to see the love a mother has – is so extreme, and then the loss of that was so extreme, that to go to a place where you harden yourself – to the point where she was hardened underneath in season 3 – is really justified to me in the sense of how she was a mother.

So she didn’t want to ever hurt like that again – and she didn’t want to walk the world vulnerable again – and she could not trust again, because, you know, she trusted someone to take care of that child and it backfired. So [her backstory] actually made the hardening make so much sense.

The Walking Dead Season 4 mid season premiere Michonne Walking Dead Season 5: Heres Whats Going On With Rick & Michonne
But now that Michonne has made her breakthrough, season 5 will find us looking at a Michonne with new outlook:

DG: The beauty is that she’s with people she deeply cares about. And now they’ve reconciled with Daryl and Glenn and Maggie – and that’s the perfect place for her to start. Because where she was getting to in season 4 before the wretchedness of The Governor messing up the prison was she was getting to a place where she could really invest and commit to these people. And she was out with Hershel helping him with the bodies – he was helping her with the bodies – when they got abducted, when they got kidnapped – because she was really starting to say ‘Okay, I’m going to stay here, I’m not going to keep getting on my horse and riding out, I’m going to stay here and help out and spend some time.’

And then it all broke apart. And so the need to now really work with the group, and show her commitment, and be protective and care and really be THERE is even stronger. Because miraculously she’s been able to reconcile with most them.

Rick Carl and Michonne Walking Dead Season 5 Walking Dead Season 5: Heres Whats Going On With Rick & Michonne

The cast wasn’t aware that the season 5 trailer spoils a reunion between Rick and baby Judith – a moment that will certainly resonate with Michonne:

I think what’s beautiful to Michonne… I think the beauty of it is seeing the reconciliation – like seeing pain that these two had both gone through, you know? To lose a child is something she understands, the beauty of the reconciliation and witnessing that is such a beautiful thing for her.

So does that mean that Rick, Michonne, Carl and Judith are headed toward becoming a family unit – with a Rick/Michonne relationship at the center? Don’t bet on it (yet). Both Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira batted down the idea:

AL: Why is everybody asking us that? No, but it is the second question that we ask of the writers; the first is, ‘Are we going to die?’ The second one is, ‘Do we get laid?’ Excuse my French.’

DG: What’s great is that Michonne has people that she cares about again – and as I was saying earlier, her true self is a woman who had intimate relationships, had a child, and so it’s beautiful that she has [Rick and them], but the other stuff is ‘let’s stay alive.’ Let’s try to stay alive, you know?



The Walking Dead season 5 premieres on Sunday, October 12 @9pm on AMC.

Source: AMC

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  1. I could ship them big time. Rick needs to move on from the memory of his whiny b**** wife. Lori was an awful human being and deserved to die. s*** wife, s*** mother, just s***. Michonne and Rick make excellent family because they are equals. that’s rare on TV.

    • I was thinking the same thing about Lori. I am almost at the mid-point of season 4.I just watched all three seasons and all Lori was is a BTCH. she was mean and rude with everyone. she was selfish and she had not one redeeming quality. She was the only real person i wanted gone. and now she plays the same ‘tough, mean, rude btch’ in that new film, into the storm. I think it’s the career choices this lady makes. she wants everyone to see women as tough. well, if we wanted our lover to be tough, we’d…well, we don’t. If our mothers were like that. we wouldn’t need dads. and women like that can’t be wives or gfs.
      they can stay single and tough and miserable. that’s just nasty. and so is the actress who plays lori, the one trick pony actress.

      • lori may have been a b**** and she did feel like a selfish survivor at times but she did lover her family, even shane…you cant blame her for what she did, shane and rick were like brothers, the world goes to s*** and lori and shane asume hes dead, if lori, shane and carl survive together and spend every day together of course romantic situations will spark and shane becomes a father figure to carl, no one did anything wrong, its just how everything was handled once rick came back…shane and rick were never as close anymore and they never agreed on anything and it was becuase shane was jealous rick was back

        • I couldn’t agree with you more. I actually felt sorry for Shane. He did his best to protect Rick during the zombie apocalypse. He honestly thought rick was dead and moved forward. Ricks family may have died had it not been for him. But after Ricks arrival, Shane was forced from his position. He had to give up being the leader, protector, lover and father figure. That blow would hurt any man.

          • While I felt bad for Shane he didn’t have to sleep with Lori so quickly after he thought Rick died, there are more important things that get laid when the apocalypse is happening and people are getting eaten by hordes of walkers. And according to random people on the internet (correct me if this is off because I have no clue) Rick was probably presumed dead by them for a couple of months, that is not that much time that you can start sleeping with the spouse of your best friend, seriously keep it in your pants Shane.

            • Totally agree. Only a few months pass & you covet your bestfriend’s wife!??!!! That wasn’t a very good message & didn’t sit well. And Lori should’ve respected her (supposedly dead) husband’s memory as well. I didn’t like their characters. But I also understand they had to be there for the storyline.

    • OMG, she didn’t “deserve to die” because she might not have been as endearing as you hope she’d been. I’m sure you’ve never made any mistakes or been a dick to anyone… If that’s all it takes for someone to “deserve to die” then the world should really have a population of about 1000 people…

      People like The Governor deserve to die. Heck, thinking about this whole series he’s pretty much the only one that really deserved to die…

      • While I didn’t like the character of Lori (she was too erratic and made a lot if bad decisions) I can’t help but to point out that the two comments above come off as way overly hostile and masoginst.

      • @Ken J we are all going to die one day and wishing it doesn’t make it happen, you are naive to think people don’t think ill of people they don’t like. No is perfect like you said but it’s human nature to have bad thoughts about people you don’t like, but thoughts don’t manifest into reality so it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day

        • @Don Li

          *looks around* um, who here said anything about nobody thinking ill thoughts about people they don’t like?? I’m merely pointing out to them how they are wrong that she “deserved to die.” Telling someone they are wrong in no way implies that nobody thinks the same thing… Heck, the majority of thoughts people have are wrong… lol

            • Please just pay a little more attention though. What you’re talking about and what I’m talking about are two totally different things. If he simply had said that he was hoping she’d be killed off, that’s one thing, but he said that she “deserved to die” as if it’s a fact and not just his own thought and opinion… So as much as he has the right to express his thought, I have the right to point out the flaw with his statement, so…

    • Careful fishnets, don’t you know it’s unconstitutional to criticize women? They are all perfect beings incapable of anything bad or wrong..

  2. when is karl going to die?

    • Carl gets beaten to death by Beth after he tries to make the moves on her.

  3. I made the mistake of watching the trailer.

    I left last season wondering how they were going to escape their situation in the boxcar.

    After the tailer, I know how and why also the direction they are going to go in the new season.

    If you have not seen the trailer, I suggest you do not watch it.

    • Yep great trailer, showed the whole season in a few mins, stupid stupid move.
      As what you might call an ex fan, it hurts me to say this but this show truly is the walking dead, it died quit a while ago and is left to limp on through the tv wastland.
      RIP walking dead, enjoy your last season.

      • how did it show the whole season in a few minutes when the only like half of the season (if that) has been filmed? and this won’t be the last season. i’m sure AMC won’t miss you. they have millions of other fans. this show isnt going anywhere

      • Definitely didn’t give away the whole season. Maybe the premise for the first half of the season, as AMC has said before they have a different story each HALF-season. So, yeah, maybe they gave away the story for the first 8 episodes before the mid season break, but we know nothing about what happens following that.

        Whatever they do, I hope they avoid using that ‘focus on 1 or 2 characters for an entire episode’ thing they did last season. Completely ruined the feel. I understand they want people to feel each characters solitariness, but it drags the story down so far it was almost unbearable…not to mention AMC’s commercial breaks. My god, they are the biggest mood killer in all of television.

  4. I wish this show had a limited run like Fargo or True Detective. The longer it go’s the more pointless and boring it gets.

    • I agree, I love LOVE the Walking Dead but I don’t want it to be dragged for 10 years with no point to it, I rather it going for 5-6-7 strong seasons and that’s it.

  5. I’m surprised Rick hasn’t made any moves. I mean, she’s not Maggie cute, but she’s pretty cute… :-D

      • @Aqueen

        Um, have you ever heard of an opinion? Just curious…

          • @Aqueen

            LOL, I was thinking Daryl was going to get with Carol for a while, haha.

            And just because I said I don’t find her “as” cute as Maggie doesn’t mean I don’t find her attractive. You don’t know how attractive I find Maggie. And actually, to be quite honest, I find Maggie more “cute” while Michonne more “beautiful.” The thing I like about Maggie is the whole cute farmer’s daughter thing. But in terms of like being like a more mature beauty, I would actually say Michonne is more beautiful. When I made that comment I was thinking more in terms of cuteness since the topic of Rick and her getting together makes me think about her doing all of the cute things with Carl, like the silly games they play and what-not…

            Trust me, it’s not at all an insult to Michonne. To me, I really like both of their characters, so it’s like comparing great to a little more great…

            • why are you such a prissy fa660t

          • OMFG, are you F**** kidding me? Again wordpress is filtering my comment??? WTF???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

          • @Aqueen

            Ok, so I tried to repost my comment small section by section to narrow down what this stupid wordpress is filtering, and it appears it doesn’t like my very first section… Now I have to break it down further:

            LOL, I was thinking Daryl was going to get with Carol for a while, haha.

            • @Aqueen

              Hey, don’t mind this post, the comment system they used filtered my comment before, and now the editors helped get them posted, so they weren’t showing before. LOL :-D

  6. What do you mean she’s not Maggie cute? Because she’s not a conventionally attractive white woman? Michonne/Danai is effortlessly beautiful. Get out of here.

    • aaaaand there we go. Someone HAD to go and make it racial. There can be different ‘cutes’ and it has nothing to do with colour. Way to start a potential flaming war,T…

      • It was just unnecessary. Why can’t she just be attractive without mentioning how much MORE attractive someone else is? Racially driven or not, it’s backhanded.

        • @Anon

          Oh yah, I’m sure you’ve never compared different characters before on a show, or compared different real world women… ;-)

          Like let’s talk Game of Thrones. I find Daenerys pretty hot, but I find Talisa Stark was hotter. OMFG, they are both white, what shall we do! What am I discriminating against??? It must be blondes, I’m prejudice against blondes!!! CALL THE POLICE!!!

          • I’d call you an ephebophile and call Chris Hansen.

            • @Anon

              Um… and who exactly are you talking about? Maybe you need to get more familiar with the character names? Talisa Stark isn’t one of the sisters, that was Rob Stark’s pregnant wife…

            • @Anon

              Where did my comment go? All I said was that Talisa was Rob Stark’s pregnant wife. What word in there could possibly set off the moderator filter???

            • WTF??????? I am not saying anything that is anywhere close to being something that needs to be filtered, WTF?????????

            • WOOOOOWWWWWW, so for some reason, this STUPID wordpress thinks the name T@lisa is a curse word or something? Because it automatically filters my comment if I type that and goes to moderation… Screenrant, guys, please, get rid of this garbage. Whoever runs that company needs to be curb-stomped…

            • @Anon

              OK, so, in a few days, you will see all of the attempts I made to reply to your comment, because apparently wordpress thinks the name “T@lisa” is a curse word and filters my comment for moderation…

              Anyway, I was just trying to tell you to pay more attention to the character names in that show, because T@lisa is not one of the sisters, that was Rob Stark’s pregnant wife…

          • I don’t watch GoT, and my last comment would’ve made sense if you’d said Lady Sansa instead of Talisa (I’ve seen 2 epis)

            • @Anon

              I figured you got the characters mixed up. And no, I honestly don’t find Sansa attractive at all… Maybe it’s just because there are just so many beautiful actresses on that show, haha. But no, go look up Oona Chaplin. She plays the character I was talking about. I think she is just absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. And funny thing, the company I currently work for actually did a service for her a month ago. I didn’t get to personally meet her, but I heard that she was actually a nice person, so that’s good…

        • @Anon

          Oh yah, because I’m sure you’ve never made a comparison between two female or male characters on a show or in real life. Ever… ;-)

      • @Rob

        Wow, what a crazy radical concept. People having different tastes in women that have nothing to do with race?? OMG, up is down, left is right, you’ve turned the world upside down!!

    • Agreed.

    • @T

      LMAO, um, you do realize I’m a minority right? Race has nothing to do with it. My first real girlfriend was Nigerian, and the girl I’m mainly going after right now is black, but I’ve dated people of all races… I merely pointed out that, in my opinion, she’s not as cute as Maggie (who is freakin’ adorable to me :-D ), Michonne is that bad-ass chick that I find also attractive, and pretty darn cute when she’s not chopping peoples’ heads off, and goofing around with Carl, but still, not Maggie cute in my opinion… Sorry she happens to be black and Maggie happens to be white…

      • Lol, of course you’re a minority. I guess that’s why you felt the need to state that you’ve dated black women as if that somehow makes you exempt from racism. Like anon said, either way, it was unnecessary for you to downgrade Michonne’s beauty to prop up Maggie.

        Anyway, I’m sure Richonne will happen once they reach Alexandria Safe Zone. I think they will find it in 5b, if not then probably early season 6. Hopefully Michonne gets to bond with Rick more and tell him about Andre before then.

        • Wtf… Are you arguing just to argue? It’s his opinion. His original post had nothing to do with race. You find some people more attractive than others… It’s as simple as that. If he would’ve said I find Maggie more attractive because she’s white then jump all over him.

          • @Brian

            Yep, thanks, I don’t get it, some people are so racist they can’t see anything without injecting race into the equation. I merely commented about my opinion on two characters, never even for a moment thought about what race they were, but some people just can’t see past the color of someone’s skin… *shakes head* You would think we would be beyond this in 2014…

        • You must be short because the point just flew right over your head and it wasn’t a very complicated statement… Do you know what makes me “exempt” from racism? The fact that my comment had absolutely nothing to do with race. It was you and the others who are the very first to even bring race into the discussion. I compared two women based on their looks. Sure that’s shallow, but I never mentioned race and I never considered race. So technically, YOU guys are the racist ones since race was the first thing to pop into your heads. It was never even a thought in mine until you people made a big deal out of it.

          So seriously guys, stop being so racist, everything’s not about race you know. Try to view this world and view beauty without putting race into it shall we? Thanks. :-)

    • SO TRUE Danai /Michonne is GORGEOUS I agree with you in that

      • I meant to reply to @T with my above comment

  7. Would totally love a Rick and Michonne relationship those 2 are pure bad ass and made for each other =p

    • @vladiator

      I think at this point it might take away from the main plot though. If it was last season when they’ve “Settled down” in the prison, then I would have agreed that Rick needs to get some action with the bad-ass chick, but right now, I’m pretty sure staying alive and not getting eaten by these cannibals are their main objectives. Love lives can wait, haha.

  8. I hope they have a relationship. both are alone too long ago and they were made for each other.

    • Maybe after they escape from Terminus, then it’s boom chicka wow wow time, lol. If this was HBO and not AMC, then I’d agree with you, but since it’s AMC, it would probably be pointless with no fan service, so let’s just stick to the main plot for now is my vote, haha. :-P

      I’m a guy, I apologize…

      • I may be in the minority (as a Chick), but I don’t need to see actual romantic scenes with Rick & Michonne, a kiss or other intermittent displays of affection would be enough, but mostly I’d like their relationship to be implied but obvious… nothing at all like Gaggie, lol.

        • @Anon

          Lol, Gaggie? What’s with this mixing of names? It’s like ever since the media did it for Angelina Jolie and whoever it was she was with, now we do it for every relationship, lol. :-P

  9. Please don’t put these two together. They show’s gone away from the books quite a bit, which I understand, but please don’t put them together just because a few fans want to see it. Sorry, but being able to both cut some zombie heads off don’t exactly make them a good couple.

    • @StarMan

      But it’s more than that. She’s actually really good with Carl, or Coral as the meme-world likes to call him, lol. Also, they both have been through a lot together and honestly, there’s no one else for either of them. But I do think that there are plenty of more important things for them to focus on at the moment from where they left off the last season. But eventually, if they both survive long enough, they might have that need to satisfy…

  10. Beth. What do you think happened to her? She’s always been like the odd man out; not quite fitting in anywhere. That kind of makes her interesting. Not a child, not really an adult. No real peers.
    What happened to her? What will happen?

    • You see her briefly in the trailer. Apparently she’s been taken by some society that’s doing some unethical things…

  11. NO WAY, I don’t think they should create Richonne, its going to make her soft and weak, don’t want seeing her baby sitting.

    • She had a child before the ZA. …kids and a romantic relationship won’t make her any less badass, but more, now that the stakes are higher.

  12. These two will get together. It’s pretty obvious, plus can you really picture them writing a love interest for either character at this stage, then seeing THAT drag on for a season or two (the initial getting together)?! So pointless. The writers have already made a point of highlighting the chemistry and trust between Rick and Michonne, so a relationship could very well be the next step.

    Whatever, we’ll see. I’m thinking it’ll happen during the latter eps of season 5.

  13. I want these 2 together so bad. There scenes together are fire. However, I don’t think they will become a couple, only really close friends. When they reach Alexandria safe zone Rick will find a new love there. It seems like the writers are sticking to the comics, so once Morgan is part of the group him and Michonne might be paired together. I like Morgan but I feel Rick belongs with Michonne. I also think the writers might tease at a possible Rick / Michonne relationship but nothing will come of it. The same thing they’ve been doing with Daryl/Carol for a number of seasons. They also did this with Daryl/Beth. I hope the writers stop with the teasing and let some of these characters get together. I hope Rick and Michonne happens because I think they will be incredible together.