‘The Walking Dead’ Reveals First Image from Season 5

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The Walking Dead Season 5 Header Image The Walking Dead Reveals First Image from Season 5

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for season 4 of The Walking Dead.]

When writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore first teamed up over a decade ago to create The Walking Dead, their intent was to answer a little-explored question: What happens after the ending of every zombie movie? How will the movie’s heroes/survivors continue living in a world conquered by undeath? And just how long can humanity cling to the vestiges of civilization?

A decade later, The Walking Dead is not only a comic book series with over 120 issues to its name, but it’s also one of the most popular television shows on the planet. Heading toward season 5, AMC’s adaptation of The Walking Dead is still a ratings powerhouse with a devoted fan following. As such, it makes sense for the series to begin drumming up interest in new episodes even many months before its yet-to-be-announced premiere date.

To that end, AMC has released the first still image from the production of season 5 of The Walking Dead. You can check out the full image below:

The Walking Dead Season 5 Preview Rick Grimes The Walking Dead Reveals First Image from Season 5

Featuring a look at series lead Andrew Lincoln as conflicted survivor Rick Grimes, the picture doesn’t tell us much about the creative direction of the upcoming episodes. However, Rick’s condition does suggest that season 5 will pick up immediately after the close of season 4, with Rick and company imprisoned by the unsavory sorts at Terminus.

While the photo seems to be little more than a reminder that season 5 is in production, that doesn’t mean we can’t get our speculation on. The television series has deviated considerably from The Walking Dead comics in its details, but has (generally) maintained the source material’s overall structure. As such, it would make sense if the events at Terminus are a loose adaptation of the comics’ “Fear the Hunters” story arc.

During that storyline, Rick and company are waylaid in their journey to Washington by a group of stealthy assailants who turn out to be cannibals. Though the Terminus setting would flesh this idea out into a potentially larger plotline, the presence of a bloody bones, entrails, and ever-present barbecue does seem to indicate that long pork is on the menu at the train terminal.

The Walking Dead Fear the Hunters The Walking Dead Reveals First Image from Season 5

If season 5 of The Walking Dead is indeed adapting “Fear the Hunters,” it does raise the question as to how long the show will linger on the plotline. The comics arc is relatively short – clocking in at about six issues. So unless the television series transforms the tale of cannibalism and brutal revenge into something much more complicated, it’s likely that Terminus will only appear in the opening episodes of the season.

In any event, this first image is largely proof that season 5’s production is well on its way toward completion. Does the prospect of Rick Grimes fighting mad cannibals sound enticing, Screen Rant readers? Share your own speculation about the upcoming season in the comments.


The Walking Dead will return from its uneasy grave to AMC in the Fall of 2014.

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  1. I think it will only be 2 or 3 episodes, maybe 4, and then they are on to Washington.

  2. 4 episodes.

  3. NEGAN!!!

    • Season 7.

    • Chill, bro… 😉

    • With the way the ratings have been coming in they might not care, LOL. It’s too bad that there isn’t any other good series out there on a Sunday that is on basic cable. This show needs some major competition that way the top level people can actually give us something great. Right now the show is good but not great

      • Boardwalk Empire, Peaky Blinders, Fargo, True Detective all better than the Walking Dead on Sunday’s…I lost interest after Season 2…it is awful…the writing is terrible…like baseball I wish the Walking Dead would just end…fold…collapse etc…by the way who is paying for television anymore.

    • Yeah, I think Kirkman will probably have some new material once it starts catching up to the comics but either way I am thinking 8-10 season tops. Then again, who knows. With the way the ratings have been coming in it’s hard to tell.

  4. i mena the ratings will always be there, people love this series but you know i dont want them to lose focus on the real threat which is the walkers,its like since season 3 theres always been a more important threat than the walkers and eventually its gonna be just like a normal drama series

  5. That’s been the theme the entire series. That the walkers aren’t the things you have to worry about. Living people are a bigger threat.

    • if that wasnt the real threat then the show should be called the walking people, id be a group of people scouring the southeast for no reason, the walkers are what caused the world to be like this, they have the survivors outnumbered by the millions, its the reaosn why there trying to survive, how can you not look past that?? it would be a reality show if not for the walkers

      • Stop.

      • Nope. Even the comics focused more on the emotional and psychological aspect of a world ruled by the undead. It’s titled “The Walking Dead” NOT because of the zombies, but because, the characters of the show are, figuratively speaking, “the walking dead”. Meaning these people are dead inside. What they used to be, what they’ve done, what they’ve become in order to survive just one more day.

  6. i mean i do agree with you that other people are a threat as well but, the 1st 2 seasons were just surviving, i mean other people werent really a threat until season 3, i agree that there should be people thats a threat too i just dont want them to ignore the real one

  7. The walkers are more or less a nuisance to the survivors. They’re filler material, an obstacle to get past, etc. It has always been about the people. The surviving groups, how they interact, how they’ve changed, how they intend to keep moving on, that is the story.

  8. I’m hoping we get to Alexandria in season 5. I enjoy the Hunters storyline, but it doesn’t need to be dragged out too far. I don’t expect Negan to come on this season, or even next season.

    I’m wondering how far they’ll take this show though. We’re not even halfway towards where they’re at in the comics, so unless they really start accelerating through the material, we already have content for like four more seasons. Also I think I once heard Kirkman say that he plans on taking the comic to about issue 300 or something (even though I doubt this will happen), so if that’s the case the show could go on for a long time too. Honestly where they’re at in the comic now, I could see being a good place to wrap up the show. Kind of just have Rick and crew trying to rebuild society.

  9. I know the comic book is meant to NOT have an ending, but it would be good to see a resolution to the tv series someday. They brought up spinoffs before, but it would be cool to see a light at the end of the tunnel for these characters (A cure or something to that effect).

    I do like the idea of extending the cannibal story arch though.

    • yea id like them to carry on with this story and these characters to atleast 7 seasons and get them to a safe zone, then do a spinoff about a different group from a different city around the same time as when the current group is in the safe zone, follow them for a few seasons and let them head to the safe zone and then connect both groups for a finale season

  10. wow cant wait for season 5 really great series

    • last episode should be finding a cure
      or eliminating all the walkersor the walker coming back to life like the warm body jeje

  11. Offtopic: while I was watching first season again I couldn’t help but notice that the walkers are a bit active like there is a scene where a walker literally tries to climb a fence and in another scene they breaks a glass door with a rock. But now if u can walk faster than a 90 year old grandma u are safe. How are they in the comics??

    • i disagree. They came at daryl and beth pretty quick in the golf house, and the burnt ones were somewhat agile when they came at mika and lizzie frtom the woods (S4 P2)

  12. Just reading through these posts, people have no idea what this show is about. Lol

  13. My memory’s not so good so I wont say this is fact, but i seem to recall hearing that “The Walking Dead” was actually meant to refer to the survivors… You know, like they’re pretty much dead already, they just don’t know it yet? And RK always said his main objective was to tell the zombie apocalypse story from a character-driven perspective.. To really delve into the long-term impact it would have on humanity, rather than tell the same old story that is essentially the basis of every zombie movie ever made. (It hits, a handful of survivors form a group, they run, within a few days all but 1 or 2 die, the lucky ones reach ‘safety’ by the skin of their teeth, the end.) So really, while the zombies are extremely badass and definitely an important part of the story, it almost* doesn’t matter what caused the sh-t to hit, because it’s mainly about exploring life without civilation as we know it.. when the threat of death/danger is prominent (eminent? idk lol) and neverending, fear and panic are your new best friends, and survival can no longer be taken for granted, but instead becomes a 24/7 job and your one and only priority.. And it’s about what that devastation, tragedy, and mind-blowing life change would do to people.. How it would affect their personalities, morals, and priorities, and what they are willing and able to do to survive and/or protect their loved ones.. But then, i’m just a big nerd and quite possibly may have just wasted 20 minutes spouting random nonsense.. For that, and my run-on sentences (and my potential overuse of the dot dot dot…) I apologize.

    • Your comment was spot on. I enjoyed reading it.

  14. SUPER excited and anticipating the new season!!

  15. amo twd

  16. I am so looking forward to twd season 5 can’t wait. Hope my Daryl and Rick don’t get killed off.

  17. I started watching TWD on the Internet coz some of my friends recommended it. Imma so glad I did. As soon as I finished I went strait to google to find out when S5 comes out.

    I think that this show has achieved lots to keep it interesting and different from every other zombie movie. U people above r right. The zombies are important, but the show also focuses on the people alive and how they deal with this stuff and get through it.

    Even my mum is into it now; not coz of the zombies but the human interaction and emotions, and issues of endurance.

    When Hershel died I was angry! I thought Daryl was gonna die for a moment too but it’s okay so far. Daryl is my fav! Rick better see little @ss kicker again.

    I’ve watched it all online but does anyone know if S5 will get aired on Australian TV?

    • Didn’t little Judith get buried along side the two girls?

  18. All i dont understand is why the two girls had to die, and i had started growing fond of the young brave gal, only to be killed by her sister, that was mean.

    All along i have been looking forward to everyone reuniting at Terminus. I thought it was about time everyone had a rest after fighting the walkers. I was even distort at Rick thinking this is a bad place and using the back door.

    And it breaks my heart to see he is not even reunited with his daughter but into another slaughter, bring on season 5. Rick, show them that they are messing with the wrong people

  19. if rick or daryl get killed off i swear to god i will never watch this series again :(

    • Or michonne too! Since andrea was dead i feel like i lost my firm-b***y character.

  20. The story lines can take a completely different turn that’s what keeps us all gripped season to season, there’s so much more from t.w.d , I feel this is just an excellent taster of things to come.

  21. If u want to watch any show or movie, u should donwload showbox. Look it up on google. Idk if u are able to download it on iPhone

  22. He set out on a quest that was pretty much against all odds and he came out on top,” said Yeun. “He found his wife. And I think for him that’s something that’s solidified a sense of humanity in him, a sense of hopefulness in him that continues to persevere even though he continues to face some many terrible things.”