‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Adds Another Actor from ‘The Wire’

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Seth Gilliam in Teen Wolf The Walking Dead Season 5 Adds Another Actor from The Wire

HBO’s crime drama The Wire received almost unanimous praise from critics and won multiple awards throughout its five-season run (despite being notoriously snubbed by the Emmys), thanks in large part to its excellent ensemble cast. While alums like Idris Elba and Michael B. Jordan are currently enjoying a steady climb in their careers, AMC’s The Walking Dead has also looked to The Wire‘s large cast as a source for acting talent.

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is a big fan of The Wire and has reportedly expressed a desire to get as many actors from that show into AMC’s adaptation of his comics. Already The Wire stars Chad Coleman and Lawrence Gilliard Jr. have become series regulars as Tyreese and Bob, respectively, and now Kirkman’s wish has been fulfilled once again as another actor from The Wire is set to join The Walking Dead in season 5.

Seth Gilliam is currently best known for his recurring role as Dr. Deaton (veterinarian by day, druid emissary by night) on MTV’s Teen Wolf, but prior to that he was a series regular throughout all seasons of The Wire as police sergeant/lieutenant Ellis Carver. THR reports that Gilliam has now joined The Walking Dead as a series regular in season 5.

The Walking Dead Tyreese Michonne Daryl and Bob 570x294 The Walking Dead Season 5 Adds Another Actor from The Wire

The casting breakdown for Gilliam’s character names him as “Michael Todd,” but if you don’t remember that character from the comics then don’t worry: it’s a dummy name. His character description is fairly vague but might offer a few more clues, describing “Michael” as having a friendly, puckish humor coupled with a haunted side that results from a dark secret in his past. Right now the best odds point to Gilliam playing Gabriel Stokes, a preacher from the comics who crosses Rick’s path at roughly the same point in the storyline that the show has now reached.

Gilliam is the only new cast member to join The Walking Dead season 5 so far, but Andrew J. West , Alanna Masterson and Christian Serratos were all promoted to series regulars in March. West plays Terminus leader Gareth, Alanna Masterson plays Tara and Christian Serratos plays Rosita. Of course, season regulars are scarcely any more safe from a swift death than the show’s guest stars.

Do you think that Gilliam is perfect casting for Gabriel, or is there another character from the comic books he could be playing? Tell us your thoughts on this latest casting news in the comments.


The Walking Dead returns to AMC in October.

Source: THR

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  1. Father Gabriel?

  2. I feel so bad for these guys. To go from the best written original series of all time to one of the worst, has to be rough. At least they are working!


    • Yup WD is the worst written show thats why its viewership continues to skyrocket. Are you another person who claims to know the comics and whines each time they change anything? No one wants a show that is scene for scene the comics, it would be sh*t then. Most issues are filled with either the big bad cursing a ton or the survivors sitting around talking. This show has done a good job at recreating the feel of the comics without being stupid the way the comics can be.

      • Claiming viewership numbers as some kind of evidence of writing is fallacious. Dancing with the stars still crushes these numbers! It must be the best show ever!

        The comic was something I never checked out, so assumption #2 is also completely fallacious. It looked awful, tbh, terrible artwork. I can’t comment about Kirkmans writing at all, or the writing in the comic. This is based simply on the series.

        The series does well because its the GORY ZOMBIE SHOW ON TV, silly. Every teeny-bopper in America watches this crap. It’s also a decent production some of the time, as the makeup looks pretty damned good. It always did. The first 6 eps of the series were decent.

        Anyway, after Darabont was forced off, the series has been terrible, and it consistently one of the worst pieces of shiit that I ever forced myself to watch. Hey, I gave it more than a fair shake. I saw nearly 4 seasons worth of this. The series can’t even keep consistent with its OWN internal physics. TERRIBLE writing. All tropes.

        Regardless of our perception of TWD, THE WIRE is undisputed as a ten times better written series by ANYONE who has a clue. SO please. Junior. Cupcake. Go back to your silly zombie show and leave writing analysis to people who don’t blindly defend fanboy level silly.


        • Lol @the sad guy who doesn’t understand the writing.

          Anyway, loved Gilliam from The Wire and OZ; I am always glad when he is back on TV

        • Yeah, poor guys. Being on the most watched show on Cable. Has to be rough. I mean, Those millions of people seeing your face, increasing your profile as an actor. Brutal. You should make them a gift basket. Poor guys.

  3. I saw him at a bar once…sitting by himself. Believe me, they all miss the glory days, but I’m sure he’ll take working over not working.

  4. Sthu fool

  5. Get McNulty and Bunk on the show

  6. Seth is a very good friend of my older brother. This is awesome news.

    • If he’s such a good friend, then why the hell was the guy ALONE in a bar? It just doesn’t add up.

      (Yeah, that’s just a joke, so nobody need flip out.)

      • Yeah I wasn’t dissing. THAt guy is a legend. Him and Herc

  7. I thought they were going to skip the character of Gabriel since I think he was introduced right before the Hunters storyline, because he was part of the group during that. Then again, that doesn’t mean anything, since the show takes its own path. I’m not familiar with this actor (never saw The Wire), but if he’s playing Gabriel I don’t really care. Unless they change him a lot for the show, I could do without him. I never felt he contributed anything to the group, instead he was always a huge coward and would even try to get Rick in trouble a few times. And honestly I don’t think Kirkman knows what to do with the character because he barely ever appears anymore.

    If this Seth guy isn’t playing Gabriel, unless it’s a new character made for the show, I’m gonna throw out a crazy idea and say just based on his look I could see him playing Douglas, the leader of Alexandria. I know Douglas was white, so they’d had to change that, but I don’t see that being an issue. Maybe I’m wrong (again not familiar with his acting) but from the picture in the thumbnail I very much think he looks like a black Douglas.

  8. I love that all the shows I watch now feature actors from a show I used to watch just as religiously. The Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire, True Detective and Game of Thrones all feature former cast members of The Wire and The Sopranos…Dominic West needs to get his ass back on TV. Wendell Pierce and Clarke Peters (who was also in one episode of True Detective) were on Treme, but I could never get into that show. HBO loves using its alums. Get Dominic West on Thrones!

    • Dominic West was offered the part of Mance Rayder, and turned it down. Iceland for 6 months? Nope. His wife and he had a new child, and no way he was going on location for 6 months. Look it up, true story. He also didn’t know what it was, didn’t even look into it.

      Instead the part was given to Ciaran Hinds from Rome, but I’m sure you know that now.

      So yes we have Caesar, Brutus, and now Niobe. The Rome reunion continues on Thrones. And none of them will ever be in a scene together lol.


      • Never got into Rome. I have friends that raved about it, but it never appealed to me personally. May have to give it a chance now though.

        • Rome season 1 is absolutely brilliant. Season 2 got seriously compromised.. lost funding halfway through (caused Deadwood to be canceled as well), so the entire season was rushed, abbreviated, and still was pretty good, actually.


          • Rome was a great show, season 2 wasnt bad.. but yeah, not as good as the first.. Deadwood was great as well, and i thought it died because the writer decided to go do John from Cincinnati.. which bombed! never heard it was due to funding and Rome.. interesting..

            back on topic- the wire was an amazing show.. for me, no show compares to it..
            glad to see the actors from it working on TWD.. yes, the TWD is No Wire in terms of writing or production.. but its not bad.. i enjoy it, most the time.. this last season was tough to watch at times.. but entertaining.

            • Oh, I agree on all counts, though for me TWD maybe 9 or 10 episodes total, 6 of them being the first season. But nvm about TWD.

              Yeah, the Deadwood/Rome story. That’s some interesting stuff. It’s why the series didn’t have an ending. And no, listen to David Milch’s commentary on the last episode. He didn’t leave anything.

              The head of HBO programming at the time, who was responsible for this whole fiasco, was fired shortly thereafter. Too late to save Deadwood, however, and we never even got the promised 2 Deadwood movies that would have ended it.

              It’s a terrible tragedy, and Ian McShane (who LOVED playing Al), originally was siked about the movies.. just a few years later, stated that he will NEVER play Al again. Too late, HBO. It’s a black mark in HBO history, one of the worst ones, if not THE worst one. :(


  9. I would pay for cable just to see Omar kills some zombie.

  10. Dominic West for Negan!

  11. Please add Omar Little to this show, as Omar Little from the Wire.