‘Walking Dead’ Season 4 Trailer Revealed at Comic-Con 2013

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As the Walking Dead heads into San Diego Comic Con in advance of season 4, change is on the menu. Once again, the show is dealing with a new showrunner as writer and producer Scott Gimple takes the reigns, but beyond that, there is also a host of new characters at the prison following the exodus from Woodbury at the end of season 3.

How will they integrate into Rick Grimes’ patchwork group of grizzled survivors? We’ll have to wait until the show’s season premiere – which was revealed to be October 13th – for any real answers since the ensemble is one of TV’s most button-lipped, but the first trailer for season 4 definitely mixes in a few clues among all the questions that are raised.

“We have to have numbers. People are the best defense against walkers.” says Rick, a man burdened with the well-being of far more lives than he is accustomed to. In response to that, it seems as though the prison has been made to resemble a fortified┬ácamp in the middle of enemy territory and not a way station for a small group in search of any port in the storm. Rick and his group are trying to make a home, trying to adapt and defend, but the growing number of walkers that are baying at their door aim to make that a challenge.

walking dead s4 trailer Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer Revealed at Comic Con 2013

“We’re losing the war” says Michonne to Rick. “We might be safer outside those walls […] We just lost 12 of our own. Two more were killed in cold blood. Everything we’ve been working so hard to keep out just found it’s way in.” says Hershel, probably referencing the act of sabotage or guerrilla warfare (the Governor?) that is prominently referenced in the trailer.

Can Rick withstand the opposition from Hershel and possibly others? Will he snap? We know that he punches Tyrese in the eye in the above clip, so we know that there is at least some tension there. Speaking of Tyrese, what’s up with him? In two separate moments, he seems horrified and then distraught. Did something happen to Sasha? Is his hammer-handed horde assault a call-out to the gymnasium from the comics? What about the radio? What is that all about?

We’ve got the rest of the summer to speculate about the answers to those questions, but at least we can feel as if Gimple and concept creator Robert Kirkman are giving us a bit of meat to gnaw on too.


The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 13th.

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  1. Wow! That season was so good! Can’t wait for Season 5..

    But on the real, if Tyrese dies in this season, then this trailer was the biggest spoiler of all time.

    • I think the fact that they put that in the trailer means he most likely makes it out of that mountain of walkers…or maybe that’s what they want you to think…then it IS a shock when it turns out that’s how he dies! Only time will tell.

      • There’s a moment in the comics where there’s a similar scene like this but it happens in the prison not outside. Tyrese lives from that particular attack.

        • tyrese will be fine but his GF/wife shes gunna die

          • I think that’s his sister.

            • I think so too. Her line of “you had a few years before I was alive” either meant they were dating since she was born or she’s his sister, lol.

        • Yea that’s not a spoiler regardless if Tyrese makes it out of the walker gang-up or not since his fate in the comics is completely different


  2. Looks really good, looks a lot more action packed than previous seasons.

  3. Okay, now this is what I’m talking about. If season 4 is as awesome, and made me feel like I did watching this trailer, then I will forgive them for season 3. The only thing I’m dissapointed in is that they’re changing the Tyreese gym scene, but this one looks like it will be awesome. My faith is restored for The Walking Dead.

    • I thought season 3 had a lot of interesting and awesome parts to it but there was definitely a fair share of mediocre episodes.


      I’m just glad they killed off Lori and Andrea in the last episode. Those two really annoyed the heck out of me and sometimes made me enjoy some of the episodes a lot less. Season 4 won’t have them so I will without a doubt enjoy it that much more.

      • I hated that they killed Andrea. It just showed that they have no idea how to deal with a bad character. Lori and Andrea were annoying to people so they just killed them instead of trying to redeem Andrea and make her badass sniper Andrea from the comics. They could have turned her around so well.

        • True, they did show Andrea’s sniper skills at one point, shooting Darrell in the arm though lol. There was definitely a way to make her a badass character and one that I would not mind having around, though it would’ve taken a lot of work to do so. I find throughout season 3 and 2, she just did so many dumb things that caused problems that didn’t even need to be there, it almost became a hassle to have her around.

      • I agree 100% with that. I really hated them….especially Lori.

        Now all the have to do is kill Carl and ill be he happiest person alive

        • I sort of disagree with Carl, he was pretty badass in season 3 I find. Though for Lori, I am so happy she was killed off.

    • The Walking Dead is about the corruption that rises from post-apocaliyptic events like this so expect drama. But yeah it looks like they’re going to prove again that the walkers are NOT manageable and just as dangerous, if not more, as humans.

      • I agree with you that it looks like the zombies will be returning to the forefront of the story. And it is about time. Also, I like Carl. He has certain grown into the self-possessed boy that I predicted.

  4. Best show on TV in my opinion, and it looks like it’s about to get better.

  5. So Tyrese’s sister is going to be turned into a zombie?

  6. Get the feeling that the “two deaths in cold blood” may be in reference to the barbershop incident in the comics. Particularly because of the absence of Beth from most of the trailer. Looks like a promising season.

    • Oh god. I was speechless after I turned that page. I was hoping something like that was going to happen but the characters weren’t even in the show. Hopefully with more fodder than we’ve ever seen before it can happen.

      “Is his hammer-handed horde assault a call-out to the gymnasium from the comics?”

      That’s exactly what I thought when I saw it. I’m hoping this season is going to be the true prison experience from the comics. They never really settled in last season and nothing seemed to come of it. It’d be nice to at least get some references like that. I hope they do the Governor better as well. There didn’t seem to be as much actual conflict in the show.I want to see a couple choice scenes between him and Rick and Michonne.

  7. this looks so frikin awesome. Season 4 has the feel of what made season 1 so great. The walkers. Plus hunters this season!! I wonder if the governer has something to do with the hunters attacking the prison

  8. I noticed Macon on the map. Hopefully we get to see the aftermath of when Lee was in Macon from The Walking Dead video game.

  9. What’s this I hear about Rick possibly being killed off in the show?

    • I highly doubt that’ll happen anytime soon. They won’t risk views by killing off the protagonist.

      • Alright, because I just read an article where Robert Kirkman mentioned it as a possibility and then conversed about contenders to take up the role as leader. I was really surprised because it was Kirkman that brought up the idea. I hope it was just to build up suspense.

        • The day they kill Rick is the day I stop watching the show. It has been mainly watching the development of Rick that has kept my interest this long. I like how he has gone from being an unsure leader to a confident leader. Then from a confident leader to a broken man and now trying to figure his way back. I look forward to the changes that are still to come in his character.

    • I’m all about killing characters if it moves the story along but Rick? I’d be really bummed out if that happened.

      • It’s just something said to get people talking about it

  10. OMG!!! Macon!!!

    Those who know what I’m talking about, can I say more or would that be considered a spoiler?

    • I hope Clementine shows up in this series :)

  11. Macon

  12. It looks really great! but i think they showed way too much, i mean breaking bad shows a 3 second clip and that comes out in a few weeks.

    • True, except Walking Dead has a 16 episode season (much more content) Breaking Bad only has 8 episodes, which means it’s trailer needed to be really short.

  13. Wow. I am excited about this upcoming season. It looks like it’s getting back to the season 1 formula which is great and doesn’t surprise me as Scott Gimple was a student of Darabont. Can’t wait for October

  14. ***************POSSIBLE SPOILERS****************POSSIBLE SPOILERS********

    Wow. It looked to me like a new spin on the serial killer angle, Tyrese going into berserker mode, both from the comics. Then you hear ” Sanctuary… Arrive you survive.” Could it be the Senator? Where is the Governor? Really excited to see where his story goes b/c it has strayed far from the comics, but is still great if not better. Maggie and Glenn, will they leave, possibly introducing Abraham? Super excited, looks like it may be a great season.

  15. hopefully the wealth is spread and the rest of the cast is given an ample spotlight, like in the first season. the last couple of season has centered too heavily on a handful of folk. the love triangle, Andrea, Daryl for example.

  16. can’t watch the trailer because racism.

  17. Evacuate the prison complex. Didn’t they secure it once and for all before bringing in the people from Woodbury?
    Other than that…Bleedin’ cool!

  18. I notice there are now two people from the Wire in the series.. Tyrese and the new african american guy with the shaved head..

    Overall the trailer doesn’t look too intriguing to me. Let’s face it what made last season so good was the governor and his town, i hope there are some original story arcs in this one otherwise the show is going to get repetitive….

    • The reason why season three was just OK was BECAUSE it got so repetitive. They first few episodes were really good, but scenes with Woodbury and the prison really started to drag after that. The only episodes I thought were amazing were “clear” and “This sorrowful life” because they were so different. I loved The Governor though. Unlike most people, I loved the way the developed his character throughout the season, becoming the insane cold hearted guy he is in the final few episodes. I had mixed feelings about the finale, but I thought at least he was cool in that episode. Now that he’s on his own, I can’t wait to see what they do with him this season.

      This season looks fresh again, with The Walkers becoming more dangerous than ever. For the most part, The Walkers were a manageable threat last season. I’m glad that’s going away and we’re seeing them attack full throttle.

      Even Morgan is coming back for a recurring role, I’m very interested in seeing what happens with his character.

      • @Robert W.
        what makes you think Morgan is coming back as a regular character?

        • It’s been confirmed. And I said “recurring” not regular. We don’t know how much of the season he’ll be in, but we do know he will be in at least more than one episode.

  19. Ho….ly….shiiiiiiaaaaat!

  20. it seems the threats are converging, with the overwhelming parade of walkers, humans who engage fellow humans or manipulate the walker threat, and now mother nature enters the picture.

  21. When are they going to announce the new showrunner?

  22. awesome…. just utterly awesome. This made me super happy and excited for the new season.

  23. Very good series