‘Walking Dead’ Season 4 Showrunner Talks About Next Story Arc

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Walking Dead Season 4 Adds Alanna Masterson Walking Dead Season 4 Showrunner Talks About Next Story Arc

[WARNING: This Article Contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the first half  of The Walking Dead Season 4 – AND the comic books!]


TV biggest hit, The Walking Dead, is currently on break for the holidays, but when it returns, it’s going to be a picking up in a vastly different landscape – one that we arguably haven’t seen since season 1 of the show. The mid-season finale episode saw The Governor (David Morrissey) stage an all-out blitzkrieg against sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his prison community, the end result of which was the Governor’s demise, the prison being overrun with zombies, and Rick and Carl getting separated from the other survivors, with baby Judith seemingly dead as well.

That shake-up leaves the survivors once again displaced and wandering with little resources to their name – a situation that we haven’t really seen since season 1, where the zompocalypse survivors were still green to the hell on earth they found themselves in. But how will a more experienced group of characters handle life on the road? Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple is dropping hints.






As Gimple told TV Guide:

“It’s going to hit [Rick] in a way that we haven’t seen before. If it’s just the two of them, [Carl is] going to have to step up quite a bit because circumstances are wildly different and a lot will depend on him in terms of them just surviving. They don’t have an awesome, dual-layer fence and brick buildings to hide behind. They’re out in the world.”

Walking Dead Season 4.5 Rick and Carl on the road Walking Dead Season 4 Showrunner Talks About Next Story Arc

Fans of the comics know that the rhythm of the Walking Dead tends to be an oscillation between attempts at building civilization in doomed strongholds, or dark and savage odysseys across the open road, where other humans and lack of supplies are as dangerous as the zombies. After a lot of nesting storylines on the show, we’re now back to that dark odyssey place – and despite extensive changes made by the TV version, there is still room for several of the more iconic (and disturbing) highlights from this volume of the comics to be presented onscreen.

One of those iconic elements will be a character. It’s no SPOILER to say that during New York Comic-Con 2013, The Walking Dead showrunners introduced new cast member Michael Cudlitz (Southland), who will be playing fan-favorite character Sgt. Abraham Ford in season 4.5. In comic book continuity, we’ve reached the point where Rick and the remaining survivors must first re-unite (hence the initial Rick/Carl road saga) and eventually encounter new friends (like Abraham) and new horrors (like cannibals) as their modest convey tries to find a new home. That’s all I’ll say for now – but it looks like the show is headed in a similar direction.

Walking Dead Season 4 Abraham Michael Cudlitz Walking Dead Season 4 Showrunner Talks About Next Story Arc


Of course, there’s the issue of repetitiveness. The comic book, as stated, begins to take on a circular pattern of storytelling; a TV show has much less leeway to do so. If the next road trip segment ends in a new locale for nesting, then farm and Woodbury and prison comparisons (and complaints) will be heard almost immediately. How Gimple and Co. plan to get around the shrinking resources offered by the source material is anyone’s guess; Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter may ultimately be right in his claim that Walking Dead has a short shelf-life as a show.

But with an upcoming spinoff series potentially offering a new (and more purposed) storyline in the WD world, maybe the main show will finally leave the comic behind once and for all and evolve into its own story. We’ll soon see. (Meanwhile, it wouldn’t be too bad if the show went in a slightly more uplifting direction where Judith is concerned. Click HERE to see what I mean….)


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The Walking Dead Season 4 Part 2 premieres February 9, 2014 on AMC.

Source: TV Guide

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  1. I loved the first three seasons, but season 4 I really thought just sucked. Hopefully they’ll make the zombies actually seem like a threat again soon.

    • I have a totally opposite opinion. Where I thought season 1 was excellent, seasons 2 and 3 really dragged. Season 4 has been the best since season 1.
      And as in the comic…the zombies are always a threat, but they are background tools. The story is the people, their morality, and how they cope with the world they live in.

      • Agreed. It’s funny to me that people still seem to think they are going to get some kind of Romero type of series. Sorry, it’s not going to happen. Zombies are a threat but eventually they become just a backdrop to everything else. I personally can’t wait. I mean Hunters, Safe Zone, Negan. Yes please

        • If people want to watch a show where people are just traveling, they can watch repeats of Lost. How about some revelations?

    • It dragged a few episodes in, but if you ask me I would say the mid season finale was a brilliant return to form for the series. What did you dislike about season 4 in particular?

    • Season 2 and 3 sucked big time. The only good episodes in the series are in s1 and the two governor episodes in s4. Everything else just falls short of the comic, because the producers/writers doesn’t have the balls to go in a darker direction. The only thing they really care about is making money.
      Compared to the comic, this zombocalypse is a stroll in the park. Pathetic.
      One last thing. I bet Judith isn’t dead, she was picked up by Tyresse. Just so they could have som Rick & Carl alone time.

    • The fact that you like the “god awful” season that is season 2 but hate on season 4 invalidates any of your arguments but season2 was utter and complete dog poo.

      • Agreed. Season 2 was just blah and season 3 started out okay but that finale was just the worse thing I’ve ever seen.

    • In my opinion it’s season one, two and four that were the best; season three is the one that sucked the most to me.

  2. It’s true that the books sort of repeat themselves in the way the survivors find themselves going from one safe haven to the next as and when the situation forces them too. That said its the character development which for me is the most interesting. With Rick we get to see him go through some serious tough times and have to make some hard choices , and as for Carl his story is still unfolding but he is turning intoa bad as
    s. That’s where the series still has to go, its not the places but the people

  3. I like Darryl’s name for Judith better.

    I find it interesting that people don’t think zombies were a threat in Season 4, it seemed like they were more of a threat to me. They were raining down on them at the Costco, got inside the cell blocks from a contagious flu, messed up some supply runs and even breached the fence.

    That was much more than they did last season.

  4. This show goes through so many highs and lows it’s ridiculous. It never stays bad long enough to truly write it off and the good always wears back down to bad eventually. Season one was balls to the wall awesome from start to finish, I’ve never watched a season of tv and wanted more so much than those first 6 episodes. That being said the first seven episodes of season 2 were god awful until Shane opened the barn, than the rest of the season was pretty awesome. Same really goes for season 3, the mid season finale till the episode before the season finale were great(except that one episode where Rick and the governor were just chatting away). Than the season finale was the biggest disappointment I’ve ever seen on tv, not even Dexters finale was that lame. The worst part of this season is that we went through 8 episodes just to end up where and HOW last season should’ve ended. It’ll be interesting to see how the last 8 episodes of this season go but I agree with sons of anarchy guy, this show has a shelf life and they need to figure out the road map to the ending pretty soon before it goes bad for good.

  5. I hope that there will be a DVD set when its all over so that we can watch the whole thing uninterupted by breaks, fingers crossed

  6. I want to know when will NEGAN appear in the shoe becuase my best gues is season 5

  7. I want to know when will NEGAN appear in the show becuase my best guess is season 5

    • I’m waiting on Negan too, man.

      If people thought The Governor was bad, wait until they meet Negan.

    • I still think they need to explore some storylines before Negan but I am thinking end of season 5, beginning of season 6, then we shall get Negan with Lucille, lol

    • my guess would be that they’ll lave negan for season 6 possibly later since theres so much they have to cover (meeting abe, possibly getting morgan, making it to dc, etc.)I would assume all these parts would take at least 2 seasons to get to the moment where negan will show up, but damn am I excited to see him eventually lol, but i’ll say this, i’ll be pissed if they don’t add the tiger lmao

  8. Oh- next story arc for Walking Dead? It’ll go like this: human drama, human drama, human drama, some nifty zombie scenes, and human drama.

  9. Anyone stating that this sucks or that is slow or lame, needs to stop and take the show for what it is. It is NOT a direct comic adaptation and was nee meant to be, so quit trying to compare a TV show to a comic and your imaginations. Accept it on it’s own merits, and as a separate entity. You’ll be happier once you stop trying to make page-by-page comparisons.

  10. not sure Im on board with Michael Cudlitz cast as abe…personally when I was reading the comics all I could think was danny trejo would be great for this character lmao! but i’ll wait till I see him in character before I make an opinion, really wonder though if we’re going to see some of the more messed up moments coming up (the hunters dismembering one of the group, obviously not dale since he was killed off early, carl losing his eye, maybe rick finally losing that damn hand lol etc.) but either way im psyched for the rest of this season come February….

  11. I like the show overall, but the zombie genre is limited to what can be done long-term. The films on the subject are done over short periods of time and never really come to any type of conclusion. The biggest swerve the Walking Dead has going is that supposedly every is infected with whatever turns people into the undead and will turn no matter how they die. This is a bit of a departure from the stuff Romero did because there was never a definitive reason given for the zombies, it just happened and people had to survive it. The Walking Dead has set itself up with a situation that on the surface is hopeless unless they write their way out of it, which makes the fate of all of the characters and humanity in the story pretty cut and dry.

  12. If they want to change things up they should have the group head off to the southwest to the desert cities to survive. They could show how the heat and weather change zombified people. ALso the group could deal/struggle with finding water.

    Or have them go to an island area.