‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Preview: Producers & Cast Offer Teasers

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the walking dead comics vs show The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview: Producers & Cast Offer Teasers

For those not constantly counting down the days until The Walking Dead‘s season 4 premiere, the return of AMC’s hit zombie drama is still nearly six weeks away. While the wait has been undeniably agonizing for fans, the network has been kind enough to release several sneak peeks, trailers and featurettes in recent months to hold them over and just recently, the show’s cast, producers and creators provided some tasty season 4 tidbits that should continue to whet fans’ appetites as they ride out this next month and a half.

In talking with THR, the cast and producers answered (as best as they could) some of the most burning questions about the upcoming season, which new showrunner Scott Gimple said will “remix a lot of elements from the books in a different context.” So, what exactly will season 4 bring? Here are the highlights from the interviews and some things we learned:

  • Season 4 will feature a comics episode. While the upcoming season will remix material from the comics in different ways, executive producer Greg Nicotero said one episode this season is “almost verbatim” with an issue of the comic. Said Nicotero: “It’s really fascinating to make those slight departures, introduce new characters and then get to a situation where you take one episode and you really stick to the source material.”
  • Not all of the former Woodbury residents assimilate seamlessly into the new prison community. Producers teased that many of season 4′s conflicts will revolve around the old Woodbury group versus Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) crew and that not everyone will be able to buy into the latter’s way of life. Co-star Steven Yeun (Glenn) also hinted that Rick may not be the same leader with the expanded group, saying: “The community is growing and that mixes with the fact that there’s less of a dictatorship than there has been.” 
  • Rick could lose a limb. In the comics, Rick loses a hand in an epic battle against the Governor (David Morrissey), which obviously hasn’t happened on the show yet, but that’s not to say it won’t sometime in the show’s future, according to executive producer Dave Alpert. Lincoln certainly wants it to happen soon. Said Lincoln: “I keep saying we should do it, so maybe that’s going to happen!

David Morrissey in The Walking Dead Welcome to the Tombs The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview: Producers & Cast Offer Teasers

  •  The Governor will change. At the end of season 3, viewers saw the Governor go to the ultimate extreme and the events of last season’s finale will have a lasting impact on the character, according to Gimple who said: “It will weigh upon him and it will change him.” Morrissey added that season 4 is “about how he (the Governor) deals and comes to terms with the man he is and what he’s capable of and which side he’s going to fall on.”
  • A new threat will be introduced. Between the walkers and the Governor, it’s clear that Rick and co. already have plenty of enemies, but Gimple promised that a new threat will challenge the survivors in season 4. Said Gimple: “It’s someone we haven’t seen before. Someone unusual; you can’t stab them in the face, you can’t reason with it. It’s a force that would be dangerous in this world and in the world of ‘The Walking Dead’, it’s terrifying.”
  • The walkers will become more dangerous. As the series has gone along, its core group of survivors have learned how to adapt to their surroundings and dispose of walkers rather easily. Apparently, that could change in season 4, as Nicotero hinted that the zombies will pose a major threat, as they did in the first two seasons. Said Nicotero: “We’ve devised ways to put our characters in instantaneous jeopardy without them being prepared for it. Danger could come from anywhere, and it was really important that we re-establish the rules of our world.”
  • Season 4 will be split into two parts. As it has in the past, the show will split the new season into two eight-episode halves. Each half will contain its own story, but the path for the second half story will be set up in the season premiere, which will also unveil the new threat that was mentioned above. Of the premiere, Nicotero said: “It’s really the one episode of the season where there’s a little bit of lightheartedness before the s*** hits the fan.”
walkingdead nicotero directingzombies The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview: Producers & Cast Offer Teasers

Nicotero directing zombies

While there weren’t many complaints about the show’s third season, some fans felt the series was getting a bit monotonous, as its nomadic characters continued to move around and slay countless amounts of the undead. However, after going through some of these teasers, even those nitpickers would probably agree that season 4 is aiming to shake things up, while continuing to develop its characters.

With a slew of new characters, more threatening walkers and ever-evolving group dynamics, there seems to be a lot to look forward to in season 4. Now, all we have to do is wait the six weeks to see how it all comes together on screen.


Tune in to AMC for the season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead on October 13, 2013.

Source: THR

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  1. At the time of the first season of The Walking Dead
    Robert Kirkman was on record saying Rick losing his hand was
    a mistake in the comics and that would not be repeated on the show.

    I can’t see them doing it either after watching Merle
    suffer through all that and why go there again.

    • who is Dave Nicotero?

      • I am not authorized to divulge that secret.

      • U r kidding right.. He is one of the best make up artist in the business

        • Plus a producer.. N director

        • That would be Greg Nicotero
          Not the mysterious Dave Nicotero.

          • Oops lol I thought I read Greg .. My bad

            • :D And Greg is great, of course.

              • Of course… Without a doubt

    • Agreed. We saw Merle lose his hand. The gimmick got used. To do it again would be a waste…and it truly was a mistake in the comic book series. I am saying in print right here: Rick will never lose his hand in the series. I’m confident I won’t have to eat those words.

  2. I really hope Rick does not lose his hand in the show. Its already going its own way by killing off andrea and it has changed quite a lot from the comics. Wonder what is the new threat that they keep talking about. I’m hoping its gonna be the hunters or something else.Cant wait to see how much more dangerous the walkers are gonna be. Season 4 is gonna be good

  3. Rick will not lose his hand. Robert Kirkman said it was biggest mistake he made in the comic since it makes it harder to write the character. Ever since Rick lost his hand he’s lost steam as a character.

    • Lost steam as a character since he lost his hand? Have you read the books? Rick losing his hand may be a mistake in the eyes of Kirkman, but doing so really made the book stand apart from any title on the market, especially during the time when it happened. Kirkman said he would have only took some fingers if he could do it again, but in my opinion it was necessary.

      In a world where the dead walk the earth, and the remaining humans struggle with maintaining humility, due to a savage desire to survive at all cost, Rick losing a hand in this world, to a mad man was far from a mistake. It made Rick look stronger, because it showed his ability to adapt, even if it means surviving while disabled.

      I love the show, and I respect another man’s work, but losing his hand would really catch people off guard if done right, but with the way AMC handles it for its casual viewers, bandwagon hardcore fans and female fan base, the actual Walking Dead fans will more than likely be disappointed

      • It also showed that no character is safe. When they killed Lori during the prison raid, killing the baby in the process, it showed how vicious and cynical the Walking Dead world is, and how Kirkman was pulling no punches. Ive said it before and Ill say it again, HBO deserves this show

  4. Not many complaints? Are you kidding me? The extremely boring and frustrating latter half of season 3 ruined a lot of the faith I had in the show. To the plot not progressing in the slightest to The Governor being the most god awful villain ever (seriously, what is his motivation for ANYTHING he does? I don’t know a single person who understands the character), to the HORRIBLY lack luster season finale that was built up throughout the entire season and the laughable conclusion of it, there are plenty of complaints to be made about season 3.

    That said, I am looking forward to season 4 and hope it gets the show back on track.

  5. The whole leadership thing is something I’m not looking forward to.

  6. i haven’t seen the preview for season 4 but based on comments above i can’t help but feel disappointed if rick would turn out to be hand less. i can’t wait to see the season 4. i just hope to see more reasons of the governor’s actions aside from greed of power which rooted from his lost of faith in God.

  7. the loss of a hand would play easier in a comic than in live action, in my opinion. as for the threat, Kirkman stated in April that it was mother nature itself. I’m guessing torrential rain, mudslides, etc. the ” someone ” phrase Gimple used was likely to misdirect.

  8. Man please use The Hunters story as the convergence from comic to screen.

    As for the new threat that could be a threat here and now and in TWD universe…… the computer from the CDC has uploaded itself to a satellite wanting to wipe out the rest of humanity. Vi is the one that released the virus. (im kidding)

  9. can’t wait for season 4! im really lucky i didnt’t reconnect with this series and finish watching it until this minute because i don’t think id have coped with the wait. As for the comment about the governers lack of motivation for his actions. I don’t think there needs to be its to contrast the plain outward trip to crazy town rick’s experiencing with the far developed inward, already been to crazy town next stop crazy city, of the governer. Also it shows the strength of bond between the characters as they and rick both reach out and eventually he comes back from the brink. This all just highlights the governers crazyness, his progression into it; keep in mind rick almost mirrors him. And his lack of support during it. After all who needs motivation or logical reason when you bat sh*t crazy :) lol

  10. I want to see some kind of upgrade to their prison home in season 4, and maybe a vegetable garden :P.

  11. They say that 12 have already been killed, with 2 in cold blood. That doesnt mean that 12 people will die in season 4, it might be a count from when they left the farm? Cold blood: otis and shane. Others: dale, patricia, jimmy, t-dog, andrea, lori, and may even include axel? So, that means we may only see 3 or 4 deaths this season, which one I reckon will be sasha.