‘Walking Dead’ Season 4 Preview Video; Premiere Snags Record Ratings

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The Walking Dead season 4 is here, and judging from comments in our season 4 premiere review, people are liking it (though still nitpicking it to death – out of love, you know?). But while debate about a show’s quality is always a quagmire of subjective opinion, numbers – specifically the ones related to Nielsen ratings – are about as objective a measure of a TV show as you’re likely to find. And on that front, Walking Dead is truly killing it.

EW reports that AMC’s horror/drama snagged a record 16.1 million viewers for its season 4 premiere – including a 30% increase over the season 3 finale in the coveted 18-49 adult demographic. Not only does that make Walking Dead the top dog on cable (a title it’s long since held), it makes it top dog of Sunday night scripted TV overall – including broadcast network heavyweights – and the most popular airing in that 18-49 demo for the entire fall 2013 TV season.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere ratings Walking Dead Season 4 Preview Video; Premiere Snags Record Ratings

Look, we recently asked the question of whether or not AMC is in a troubled place. ‘The little network that could’ sprang out of obscurity in the late 2000s, bringing us gems like Mad Men and Breaking Bad - and eventually the game-changer that is Walking Dead; but since that golden era, the second and third waves of shows (like Rubicon, The Killing, Hell on Wheels or Low Winter Sun) have failed to find the same foothold. The network’s brand as the place “where stories are told,” is arguably fading, while profits are being vacuumed up in disproportionate amounts by Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner.

That is why the network isn’t thinking about great variety so much as expanding established brands, right now. Breaking Bad is gone (bowing out at the moment when it finally became a major cultural fixation, ironically enough), but AMC is going to try to recoup that loss with a spinoff series, Better Call SaulThe Walking Dead may be at the top of its game right now (ratings-wise), but the network is already thinking of milking more teats on that cash cow as well, by expanding TWD into a whole universe, starting with a secondary TV series populated with all new characters and a separate storyline.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Poster Walking Dead Season 4 Preview Video; Premiere Snags Record Ratings

Meanwhile, the main Walking Dead series continues to be ratings juggernaut – despite a new showrunner at the helm – and is casting a wide shadow of doubt on Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter’s previous claim that the show couldn’t last more than season 4 or 5 under AMC’s guidance. As the video up above says, season 4 could be one that takes fans (and newcomers) by storm with some “huge” developments. The season 4 trailer seemed to suggest as much…

With ratings like these, it’s doubtful the network is going to be treating this show with anything but well-padded care gloves. After all, their biggest bragging right may soon be their only one.


The Walking Dead is currently airing season 4 Sundays @ 9pm on AMC.

Source: EW & The Wrap

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  1. 16.1mil? thats crazy. Loving season 4 so far. But they better not kill off Daryl if they kill him off they will lose a huge chunk of viewers because a lot of ppl only watch it for him

    • Doubtful Daryl bites. I would not be surprised
      if Daryl were to headline the spin-off show.

  2. the premiere was awesome, and so effective in creating tension out of everybody seemingly happy then introducing what looks to be some hybrid Zombies with Patrick at the end. i’m concerned that this season’s death toll will be huge, and I’m all for killing off some main characters but the problem with it is writers can get trapped into how can we shock the audience even more by killing off a character, it’s a double edged sword. i get that its a zombie story so how many will actually survive to see old age, but still i would be careful as how you do it as Vladiator points out killing off someone like Daryl will undoubtedly loose viewership. I’m on the fence, but if they kill Daryl and Glenn then i will be done.

  3. The one thing that this show has done very well, is to bring home the point that in a zombie apocalypse people die. They haven’t shied away at killing anybody off if it suits the plot. While it might hurt the show to kill off a character like Daryl, I think it cheapens the writers ability to tell a story if their not allowed to. For a fine example of that watch the Dexter series finale.

  4. Anyone else notice Andrew Lincoln spoke with an American accent in the interview? lol

    • Andrew may speak with an American accent on set to stay sharp.
      Lincoln does do a seamless accent very different from his natural one.

      • @Robert

        I know, I just thought it was kind of funny.

        • It was indeed funny. I was taken aback too.

  5. I enjoyed the season premiere. Loved the sequence when the group went on supply run in the store w/ walkers falling through the roof. The episode beat out that night’s football game I heard with viewers. I like how Daryl is the leader,taken Rick’s place for now while Rick takes it more easy & spends more time with Carl & Judith. Id say Rick would need a break but still be kept in the loop as Hershel informs him on things.

  6. Really enjoy TWD season 4 premier,
    deserved the 16.1mill records

  7. I would tip my cap to the writers if they went through with killing daryl. I like that no one is safe and therefore no one should get a pass. in addition if they are ever going to kill daryl, do it while you still have the numbers and not when you down to your last few. and if they keep him around while others drop like flies, they might as well put him in an actual bubble.

    • Killing Daryl would be one of the worst things they could do right now. He’s too much of a fan favorite of the show.

      • Agreed. They would need to have someone equally as popular in place for a season in order to do something like that which as of right now I don’t see. Also he loves his job with this show so I don’t see him going anywhere for another season or two.

    • @estevan

      I would agree with you if he’s someone who is less capable of surviving than the rest, keeping someone like that alive would seem fake and not believable, but him and Michonne have both shown that they are superior to the rest in surviving on their own. So actually him surviving longer than the rest would actually make more sense than killing him off while the others survive…

    • @estevan

      To add to my last comment, I would go as far as to say that if everyone were to die but one, I see him being that one. Unless he sacrifices himself for someone like Carol, which he might do…

  8. i wish at the bottom of each epsiode they would put something for a timeline…like 100 days since outbreak. also i wish they would go back a week b4 the outbreak started

  9. my thing with daryl is the ” no one is safe sell “. as a character he should fall into that category, as have other capable characters, be it in the show or the comic. even the national guard has fallen victim so I would think daryl isn’t above that. more so now that the producers are banging us over the head with the resurgence of the walker threat, plus this new disease that threatens the human populace i.e. Patrick.

    selfishly, I tire of the ” daryl dies we riot ” segment. some idiot threatened to stuff a gun into glen mazzara’s mouth on twitter during season 3. perverse stuff over a fictional being. I’m a glenn fan, and I dug t-dog. if glenn dies, let it be in the strongest service to the story and i’m cool.

    my only issue with t-dog’s death is that he was a massively undeveloped regular. a three season shadow in the cast. had he been given something of an arc, as gimple attempted with several characters in the s4 premiere, and then died to Andrew’s schemes, onwards. it was a big death for a character that was barely explored. whereas I feel daryl has kind of hit his arc and his death would be impactful.

  10. man, that has got to be at least twenty thousand walkers the quartet confronts on that drive, as shown on the nycc sneak peek. if the governor is behind that, they are really then turning it up with him.