‘Walking Dead’ Season 4 Poster & Premiere Title Revealed

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walking dead comic con 2013 banner michonne horse Walking Dead Season 4 Poster & Premiere Title Revealed

It seems like no show on television has the ability to take control of a comic convention like The Walking Dead does, inspiring awesome and funky walker cosplay, stentorian squeals, and serpent-like lines that stretch far and move in concert toward the shared goal of stealing a moment with Norman Reedus or one of the show’s other stars. And this year’s San Diego Comic Con will be no different – in addition to celebrating the 10th anniversary of the comic that Godsparked all this hub-bub, we’re also sure to learn a bit more about what’s to come in season 4.

The first step toward that end? This promotional poster for the upcoming season, that highlights a grabby, bitey horde of zombies; Tyrese, Rick, Daryl, and Michonne; and a hammer, pistol, katana, crossbow, and one horse – as well a reveal of the season 4 premiere title!

walking dead comic con 2013 banner Walking Dead Season 4 Poster & Premiere Title Revealed

The image is rather cool and ripe for interpretation in that it doesn’t show any hint of The Governor, who is returning for another round this season. We’re also looking at what could arguably be described as Team Rick’s most ferocious fighters. So when you couple that with the zombies, does that mean that this poster is hinting at an influx of the undead that might consistently bring them back to the forefront on the show – something some fans have been vocally hoping for? Possibly. Back in March, producer Gale Ann Hurd spoke to CBR and gave them a little insight into season 4, saying:

“We are going to amp up the threat of the walkers, because they’ve started to seem like a manageable threat. They are not a manageable threat,”

Chandler Riggs and Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead Welcome to the Tombs Walking Dead Season 4 Poster & Premiere Title Revealed

The responsibility of executing that plan falls to Scott M. Gimple, who is replacing Glen Mazzara as showrunner after serving as a writer and producer during seasons 2 and 3.

Gimple is expected to join his fellow producers (Hurd, Robert Kirkman, David Alpert and Greg Nicotero), as well as show stars Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Danai Gurira, David Morrissey, Chad Coleman, and Scott Wilson during their SDCC panel on Friday the 19th where they will hopefully debut some footage from the upcoming season.

As for the premiere episode of season 4, TV Line has reported that Gimple will write it and that it will be called “30 Days Without An Incident,” though no one seems to have a clue as to what that title means, exactly. At this point, trying to guess is an exercise in speculation, and besides, with SDCC just a few weeks away, it looks like all will be reveal -okay, some will be revealed there. Maybe.


The Walking Dead season 4 premieres in October on AMC.

Source: TV LineCBR

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  1. Michonne on a horse pic looks so bad ass

    • Yeah, but I bet you’d like to “horse” around with her!

      • ahahaha

    • Stay at home and stay off this site with these money-grubbing scam-n-sham ads!

  2. Heh-heh…look, it’s Johnny Depp as Tonto!

  3. “30 Days Without An Incident” Maybe someone gets into an accident, maybe Rick?

  4. “We are going to amp up the threat of the walkers, because they’ve started to seem like a manageable threat. They are not a manageable threat,”

    It would be good if some walkers start actually running or at least walk faster. that would
    be really scary and change the show’s name to’ the running dead’
    No but in all seriousness they shoud start running that will make show a lot more interesting.

    • I really hope that doesn’t happen. Zombies don’t run.

      • Okay… This is a horrible misconception. Zombies have the abilitiy to ‘run’. We’ve seen them ‘run’ in this show. ‘Power walk’ (which sounds fuking stupid), whatever you want to call it, they’ve done more than simply stumble and ‘walk’, they have the ability to move ‘faster’, that in itself is ‘running’; speaking strictly in physicality. Yeah, they haven’t ‘sprinted’ as in “28 Days Later” Rage Virus ‘run’, but they have moved faster, and others have moved slower.

        My point is that they’ve shown that some move slow, some move faster than others, and some crawl. There’s a variety of movements, but the degradation of muscles doesn’t allow them to full-on sprint. It makes sense; 28 Days Later didn’t even have actual, fully-decomposed ‘zombies’, they were something different. These zombies, an actual decomposed, reanimated body, isn’t going to sprint because it’s legs would break in half and it’d just start crawling… It’s pretty self-explanatory.

        So no, the zombies won’t ever ‘sprint’; it’s just not going to happen with the lore that The Walking Dead comics have set up. However, I wouldn’t rule out zombies that move faster than others, or ‘newer’ zombies that have been born from recent infections and reanimate faster than others, and hence have limbs that can do more.

      • Yeah,especially now since it has been roughly over a year since it all started in the shows world.

      • Especially since it has been a year since the world ended in TWD lore.

    • While i definetely agree that they SHOULD run,and that it would make the show much more intense and interesting,i believe it’s too late for a drastic change like that..it would be like if the survivors stumbled upon some mutating monstrous infected people from resident evil,it just wouldn’t make sense on this particular scenario.

  5. Only thing with the amp threat, why have there been no army of men just walking the streets wiping them out, you trying to tell me that the only military was killed by the gov.?? making the virus/disease evolve into faster “walkers” would kill the name, but I would love to see that happen. World War Z, omg, yes… And lets not forget a couple other things. Like, If I was wanting to live, I would find a place with multiple floors, and do away with a stairs/access to the second floor, use a ladder or rope. then all you got to worry about is the gov. They need to do something big, and I cant wait to see what it is. Big fan of the show, love it to death. cant wait till October.

    P.S. Please fix that big a** whole on the side of the prison. Hello. bud a moat for christ sake… think as if you were in that situation.

    • the title “the walking dead” refers to the human survivors of the zombie apocalypse, i think the creator of the comic even said that the title referred to the survivors.

      • i just realized i misread your comment… now i feel like an ass.

        • Don’t feel bad…I’ve felt a perfect ass a few times myself…and a couple of them slapped me!

  6. XD 30 Days Without An Incident, well that certainly “depends”

  7. shouldnt zombies be dying out?

    • Yeah didn’t Kirkman say they starve?

  8. “We are going to amp up the threat of the walkers, because they’ve started to seem like a manageable threat. They are not a manageable threat,”

    Wait! What? There are still zombies in this show???
    After last season, I thought they were all gone…

  9. Please no faster Zombies. While I understand the threat the show was never about the Zombies.

    There is no need to make the show ‘about’ the Zombies. Other movies and media take care of that.

    • Thank goodness Quicksilver and The Flash aren’t zombies!

      • Actually they are/were if you read Marvel on a regular basis.

  10. if you read the comics you know that the walkers are not a threat at all…it’s the living people who are the real threat. The Governor was just the beginning. I do not think the general show watching public would like that though…with a title The Walking Dead they want zombies darn it!

  11. I really enjoyed last season (It had problems, yeah) but there were still some great episodes. The only thing I’d like for them to avoid this season is spending SO much time at the prison. Obviously the pilot will, and I’m fine with that. But after that I want to see more episodes of them exploring new places. Obviously they are going to go back to Woodbury to collect stuff, which could be really cool since it’s most likely filled with walkers now.

    Oh, and that new banner looks freaking awesome! I’d love to get that for my room :)

    • Last season was terrible. The finale was some of the worst tv I’ve ever seen.

      • “Last season was terrible. The finale was some of the worst tv I’ve ever seen.”

        Really? I disagree. IMO, the only terrible episode in the entire season 3 was the one when Rick, Carl and Michonne found that black guy from the first episode of the first season. The season finale was very uplifting. I loved all 3 seasons! I really hope they do great in Season 4.

        • ‘CLEAR’ Your crazy! That was one of the best episodes IMO, we finally got some info or closure about 2 of the most important characters of the TV shows beginning season.
          I asked the question a few times “what the hell happened to Duane and his pops” and it took 3 seasons to get an answer!!
          The guy who plays Morgan is a GREAT actor and I actually loved his portrayal in the 2 Ep. he was in, I just wish he was in it more!!

          THE WORST EP. WAS THE WHOLE HOUR WAS IN WOODBURY…. NOW THAT WAS TORTURE! I hated that stupid place and it’s Gov.

  12. sheesh, i will have to watch every season many more times up to the next season, i consider that cruel and unusual punishment :-P

  13. 30 days without one of the old people the group ‘adopted’ at the end of Season 3 dying and coming back to life in a messed-up way? Seriously, it’s a prison. For the nearly-dead, it’s perfect. Lock everyone in a cell and pass them food and water. Send in young Carl to give the unfortunate a second death and Tyreese and Rick can drag the body out whilst Hershel performs last rites.

    30 days without The Governor hulking-out and killing someone? 30 days without Andrea making a piss-poor judgement call and making everyone facepalm? 30 days without Beth bursting into song?

  14. I really liked all 3 seasons, not a fan Woodbury, but the rest was great. I thought the scenes in the prison added to the storyline. I didn’t feel they dragged this out. If they were always on the run, we would be thinking why not go hold up in a prison somewhere? I also do not need them to keep killing off main characters to keep it suspenseful. The conflicts that arise between the characters and the moving towards the unknown all the time is suspenseful on its own. I like the storyline and the characters, and want to see this tight knit group in how they evolve thru the threat of zombies, humans, and trying to figure out what they are running to as well as what they are running from. If they are going to keep introducing new main characters to the group I hope they can find someone like michael Emerson from Lost, he added so much depth to that show when it was needed. I’m not tuning in to see who is killed next, I’d rather see the characters keep developing. I don’t follow the comics, but I would have love to see more of Daryl caught in the middle of his loyalty to his real brother and rick. They skimmed over this too fast. Not here to be the arm chair quarterback, or rewrite a great series, but also would have love to have seen Merle take down the Gov.

  15. Zombie Apocalypse Store in the basement of the Haunted Hotel at 424 Market Street will extend a 10% discount on all merchandise during Comic Con 2013

  16. I bet that’s one nervous horse.

    Addressing some of the comments about running walkers, so to speak, If TWD universe was similar to WWZ, the show would have been over halfway through the first season. Everyone would be dead.

    I agree with the dubious comments about the relative absence of the military. If you’ve ever seen weapons like a mini-gun in action, you know they could have easily quarantined the CDC and cleared a large safe zone.

    Oh, and Momma, I’m glad Merle didn’t kill the Gov. That privilege I hope is reserved for Glenn.

    • Remember-you dont have to be bit to become a zombie in TWD. Death from unsterilized wounds would do it for alot in the military. You’d definitely have people capable of manning them guns depleted eventually.

      • well. enough people with scythes, BB-Bats, and riot shields would do the trick just fine. also, why do you have to shoot the zombies when you just could run them over with armored vehicles, trucks, tanks, tractors…
        fortifying buildings and whole cities would be a joke if people would get their act together and work togehter in organized groups.
        quarantine measures and hold up zones would be established to weed out infected.
        oh and to the minigun-comment: given enough ammunition and enough of those guns you could easily establish a perimteter of about 1km where nothing would even be able to walk anymore… all bits an pieces afterwards. and it takes a while until the barrels overheat …
        I love zombie movies, comics and all, but the fact that the whole world gets overrun by slow walking, uninteligent undead that can be shoved back when noticed early enough is just stupid and not thought out at all

  17. To scoop:

    “…if people would get their act together and work togehter in organized groups.”

    That is the thing, people usually don’t get their act together and work in groups even in the best of times. Now add to that, the concept of the dead actually coming back and eating the living, and the survivors will be their own worst enemies.