5 Directions ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Part 2 Could Go In

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walking dead next group 5 Directions The Walking Dead Season 4 Part 2 Could Go In

[Major Spoilers from the Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Ahead]


After the heartbreak and destruction of last night’s Walking Dead mid-season finale, “Too Far Gone”, showrunner Scott Gimple didn’t just break up the relatively secure prison, splintering the survivors into small groups that are now seemingly headed in a separate direction; he smashed the show to smithereens, challenging himself and the rest of his staff to rebuild on the run.

For fans, it’s exhilarating to see someone walk up to an intricately laid out puzzle, flip it over, and start again – especially when that person sits at a desk that is built atop a trap door (four seasons, three showrunners) – but Gimple has thrown the gauntlet down, and now we find ourselves wondering where he will drive the series as it heads toward the second half of its fourth season.

As is always the case, the early trailers give us little indication (save for one instance), but logic, educated guess work (thanks to the source material), and a few tidbits from earlier in the season make it possible to theorize five directions The Walking Dead could take when the show returns on Sunday February 9th.


1) Rick Gets Down with the Sickness

walking dead next rick and carl 5 Directions The Walking Dead Season 4 Part 2 Could Go In
Though the series often veers away from the comic, switching one character for another (Hershel died in the prison stand-off in the comic, but in the show, he lost his head as a substitute for another character who still lives) and ignoring plot lines from the book entirely, the final moments of “Too Far Gone” and the second half trailer point to a faithful direction for two characters – Rick and Carl.

Last seen fleeing the prison – which has been overrun by walkers – Rick is physically battered and emotionally dejected thanks to the loss of both their home and Judith (more on that later), but somehow he keeps going, but for how long? In the trailer, Carl is seen shaking Rick and yelling for him to wake up, so something clearly happens.

Is this the post-prison story in the comic where Rick is near death and Carl is alone and full of anger? It’s a key story and it would be smart to go there. Rick has fought against Carl’s ascension to adulthood forever, but that can’t go on and we need to see Carl stand on his own while Rick accepts it, remembering his physical vulnerability, and the urgency with which he needs to truly prepare Carl.


2) Judith Lives

walking dead next michonne judith 5 Directions The Walking Dead Season 4 Part 2 Could Go In

Judith’s empty, blood stained carrier was one of the more shocking moments in the mid-season finale, but while Judith did die in the comic (while being held by a fleeing Lori during the prison siege), killing her feels too aggressive for a show that has previously stayed away from copying its source material’s most gruesome and less TV friendly moments – like Michonne’s full torture of the governor.

It seems more likely that someone has Judith, and since we saw the team-ups at the end of “Too Far Gone” – Team Glenn and the School Bus of Woodbury Redshirts; Sasha, Bob, and Maggie;┬áDaryl and Beth; Tyresse and maybe Mika and Lizzie; and of course, Rick and Carl – that doesn’t really leave anyone besides Michonne, who we didn’t see leaving the prison, but whose popularity makes her practically un-killable (for now).

Besides , while we still know little about Michonne, her interaction with Judith earlier this season (and her initial effort to get formula to the prison) gives us reason to think that there is some kind of small child related heartbreak buried deep within her. What better way to explore that and flesh out Michonne than to make her Judith’s protector?


3) Stay Clear of Morgan

walking dead next morgan rick 5 Directions The Walking Dead Season 4 Part 2 Could Go In

The events of the season three episode, “Clear”, didn’t really follow the comic, but making the early turn to rediscover Morgan as a sad and crazed man proved to be a vital and well executed detour that rebooted Rick’s mental state, brought Michonne further into the group, and showcased the brilliance of Lennie James. It also bolstered a lot of people’s confidence in Gimple, who wrote the episode.

In the comic, Morgan’s return is less impactful, occurs after the prison, and lasts longer. But though Morgan may return to the show at a certain point (flashback?), the writers have to stop teaching and re-teaching Rick the same lesson about the dangers of being mentally too far gone that he has learned from Morgan, Clara (the girl in the woods from “30 Days Without an Incident” who seemed to have re-appeared as a walker at the end of last night’s episode), and the Governor.


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  1. David Morrissey was the best part of the show..
    Also Patrick Warburton should be Negan and KILL GLENN. Glenn sucks.

    • Warburton as Negan? LOL

  2. No we have to go through a filler episode with sick rick.

  3. On each subject..

    I both like and dislike the theory of Rick becoming very ill. I like it for the reason of developing Carl into more of a man. Make him grow up even more than he already has. I also dislike this storyline, as Andrew Lincoln is my favorite part of this show. No Andrew Lincoln, no Walking Dead in my opinion.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Judith is still alive. But if she REALLY is dead, the writers did it the right way. You can’t crush a baby under her mother’s weight in the most popular television show on TV.

    They have already announced Morgan will come back in season four. If he’s just as crazy, then its pointless. I think they’d gain more from the old likable character. Like said in the article, no one wants to see Rick learn another lesson from him.

    Carol will be back, duh. I think she’ll regroup with Tyreese’s small group and eventually Karen’s death will come around.

    Too soon to move to Negan. I see him being introduced in early or mid season five. I don’t think the show needs another big baddie too soon.

    Lastly, David Morrisey will be missed. Second best character behind Rick. Also, Hershel will be missed as well. Mid-season finale was fantastic. Can’t wait for the second half!!

    • Morgan is coming back? A black character? So much for Bob or Tyreese.

      • I believe it’s just a guest appearance, not anything long term. Though I do believe Bob will be the next to go.

        • Bob is the black Kenny…every episode you think he is about to die and then he lives..OMG, they killed BOB, no just a flesh wound….lol…

    • I agree with most of your comments, but I am actually glad the governor is dead. The character, for me, was getting old, and I thought it disconcerting that some people actually liked him, as an anti-hero. A sad reflection of our culture, I suppose. Rather, I much preferred Hershel, played by Scott Wilson, who became the heart and soul of the group, a saint among them, and who held my attention every time he spoke. I was sad to see his character killed off.

  4. We still don’t know who was feeding the rats to the walkers. I hope that actually gets dealt with at some point instead of getting swept under the rug.

    As for Carol, I have no doubt (and hope) that she’ll be back. But, just thinking out loud here, what if they focus on her for the spinoff? That could possibly be interesting.

    • No, it wouldn’t. The Walking Dead spinoff will be about a different group of people anyway. Carol’s not interesting enough to support her own show.

      • I dont think he ment for her to be the vocal point of the show…just to star in it.
        And yes that could work. Then after Carol finda a new group, make them join Ricks group so that both shows show 1 Walking dead world so to speak.

    • There’s speculation going around that the rat killer is D…er, Bob. Im not sure I see that though, he doesn’t seem too messed up in the head yet

    • I think focusing on Carol for the spinoff wouldn’t do very well. She just couldn’t support her own show. I think they ought to focus on a different group in a different group from Atlanta. Focus the first season on the origins of the outbreak – do what TWD never did. Show how the chaos drives the second group together. Then focus on what happens when a group is less willing to hold onto that glimmer of humanity, and make them different than the characters we’ve come to know so far. The great thing about a show like this using such a terrible circumstance as a backdrop is that it allows for such great character study. We can see what specific things drive similar people in vastly different directions. The Governor was a good example of how one terrible incident (Michonne killing Penny) took someone that was already on somewhat of a downward spiral and drove them deep into the bottom of it. Let’s see what makes different and similar types of people tick.

  5. *Mid-season spoilers (whether you care or not):

    I think it’s the most likely that Judith is with Tyrese, Mika, and Lizzie because Judith was with Mika, Lizzie, and those (I think two) other kids when they were originally heading for the bus. Then after Mika and Lizzie saved Tyrese they headed back towards the prison for something and Tyrese followed telling them that they were going the wrong way.

  6. Put a 34 on Herschel and let him stagger around in zombie form!

    • /rimshot

  7. I dont know anything about the comics but who is this Negan dude? is he like the Gov or worse?

    • Worse…. way worse.

    • Dude Negan is 100 times worse then Gov Im still in shock of what he did in issue 100 he is just ugh. Id love to see Negan on the show but im pretty sure they wont show him until way later on. Im hoping they go with the hunters story line next since they are out on the road now. Cant wait to see Abraham

      • People saying Negan is way worse are ignoring some key characterizations he’s been shown to have. The comic Governor was shown to be a complete psychopath with no real code while Negan, even having done some things just as bad, is an amoral man with a code and a goal, as twisted as those may be. You don’t cross Negan, he doesn’t cut your hand off for no reason or rape your women (which really was hit home in the most recent issue); he’s even willing to take out someone who’s attempting to go behind your back and cut a deal so they can be in charge.

        The thing with Negan is that he’s running a racket of sorts (goods in exchange for “protection”) that asks a lot, but those that cooperate and don’t cross him don’t have issues whereas the governor would turn on you without notice for his own sick pleasure.

        Is it right? Well, it’s certainly not the way we would want to live, but we’re always arguing one side of what kind of social structure would be needed in the shows environment while denigrating those who have established that exact form of social structure when it’s perceived in opposition to our protagonists.

        Point is, they are two very different people with very different motives and can’t really be adequately compared.

        • Sure they can be compared, Negan is far worse.

          • So Negan is the Mob boss of the Walking Dead?

            • yeah thats a good analogy – but it will only work if the writers grow bigger balls and make it work

  8. I know some dudes that follows the comics they spoiled it for me but the next chapter will be intense

  9. 1. Judith is dead. I think they (correctly) did not want to show a slaughtered infant on tv.
    2. I agree that Tyrese is going to find Carol and hook up with her. The comic story line is too good to pass up. While tv Carol is much stronger, she is warped, so they could make that story arc work.
    3. ABRAHAM!!!!!!!
    4. Cannibals…. mmmmm, yummy… you gonna finish that?
    5. Rick is going to go very dark. With Judith and Laurie’s deaths, he’s going to become a lot more emotionally detached and start being a bit more ruthless.

    Can’t wait for the rest of the season!! That finale was rough! I need a hug.

    • I sincerely hope they go like this. These are awesome storylines that cannot be left out of the TV show.

    • ” I agree that Tyrese is going to find Carol and hook up with her. The comic story line is too good to pass up.”

      Some of us, however, have learned that the shows way of keeping us guessing is to do the opposite with any one character at any one time in any given situation or transpose one character into another’s death while having the one they replaced pick up the role they would have had. It’s become somewhat routine.

      They switch Dale and Hershel, just having Hershel fill the role Dale would have had (including the missing leg) until they switched Hershel and Tyrese for this episode. Tyrese, The Walking Dead wrecking ball had been portrayed primarily as a big ol’ soft-spoken teddybear with minor infrequent fits of sorrow induced rage. Carol went from docile PTSD laden female who commits suicide by walker to cold-blodded remorseless tough as nails killer. The Governor is portrayed as a morally challenged individual struggling with his impulsive behavior (the complete opposite of a calculating remorseless psychopath) etc etc.

      Bob, Lilly, Andrea, and more all have qualities that are stark contrasts to their original portrayals. About the only one they didn’t stray on characterization with was Dale, and he pretty much caught all situational opposites.

  10. About the rat thing. Im pretty positive its the little girl (the older of the 2 sisters). Theres been a couple things to show that shes not completely right in the head. Im interested to see where they take her story.

    • I think so too

      She seems to be becoming a child soldier type character on the show

  11. Tyrese had judith….slow it down when you see him running off in the end, hes holding something clearly.

    • before mitch lays waste to the bridge, you can see tyreese cradling his arms as he is hauling a**. he sprang out of the doorway t-dog and carol fled through after t-dog got bit.

      I’m fired up to see where gimple leads the show. there’s ample elbow room to develop the newer members, plus the pairings could work. newer cast members paired up with, and playing off of their established co stars. case in point sasha and bob with Maggie, beth with daryl, etc. tyreese having to likely sacrifice some of himself for others, if he did take off with the youngsters who’ll urgently need his guidance. count me in.

    • Yea tyrese is def running away with something in his arms, most likely judith.

      Im looking forward to the carl becomes a badass/hunters/abe

  12. Everything has been tied up so neatly thus far: Hershel being the main focal point and the self-sacrificing hero in the virus arc, The Governor making a speech about his hate for the hero, the Governor killing Hershel.
    Carol’s teaching to the kids about being brave in crisis’ and using a gun, backstabbing Tyrese by killing Karen, then indirectly saving him – her teachings echoed in the kids’ actions.

    This tight writing will continue – Michonne’s distress over crying Judith will be explored further, which means Judith is alive and will be with Michonne.

    Beth’s growth, the whole “i don’t cry anymore” will continue and what better way than to be under the wing of the battle hardened Daryl.

    Tyrese will for sure run into Carol.

    I’m not a big fan of Rick, he keeps doing stupid things and making stupid decisions which is frusturating and makes him very unlikeable. i don’t care what happens next for him, but it’s all clearly leading to the maturity and continued development of Carl which will be interesting.

    Sasha, Bob and Maggie and Glen are the only storylines that doesnt have anything intriguing going into the second half.

    I wonder if we’ll see the return of that mother and daughter, whatever their names are. Exploring them after witnessing The Governors sadism will be interesting.

  13. Amanda !!! You’re the 1st person to agree with me on that. In the comics (they have the two twins & one becomes psycho & kills the other twin thinking he will just come back to life) I feel they are doing this with the two young sisters & the older one will become the crazy one. I ALSO feel she was the one that killed Carol “the whole carol thought us to be strong May have got to her head” & killed them. I feel carol was only protecting her & took the blame. Like tyreese said “whoever is doing the rats thing, killed Karen” so betting that is what happend !!!

  14. I ment she killed Karen***

    • but how would she drag 2 full grown adult and burn thm by herself??

      • She didnt. Carol did to try and help cover.

  15. plus, if the hunters are introduced, why do I feel they’ll come across the folks on the bus? now would not be the time for glenn to freeze like he did in the bar with dave and tony.

  16. the psycho rat-killer murderer is definitely lizzie(I think that’s the older girl), and the fact that she saved tyrese from the lesbian girl, whom she killed mercilessly, is ironic enough to prove that; judith is definitely not dead, this show gives you subtle clues of the fate the characters in early episodes and when michone held judith she felt something that she hadn’t felt in a long time, and protecting her is what will keep her going because she accomplished her self-imposed mission of killing the governor

  17. I wish it was Glenn’s head that got the chop, not Hershals, I thought the flu might of done it, but no, Glenn still lives, I find him annoying sorry, but Rick is still the man, Hes awesome, he better stay to the end!

    • They are saving the death of Glenn for the Negan stoyline, I wanna see Lucille in action lol.

  18. @freedomispopular: I think the person who was feeding rats to the walkers was Lizzie. She had an obsession with them. They found the dissected rat in one of the cell blocks. IMO, she just seems like the most logical explanation for who fed the walkers.

  19. Wow… Carol didnt kill those 2 people.. It was one of the girls, she was protecting them..maybe..

    • exactly, The girl that saved tyreese is the one feeding the zombies, and she was responsible for the death of karen. Carol took the blame, just to cover up the girl. Most likely Carol had to drag the bodies outside.

      • Exactly what I thought since the burned bodies showed up.

  20. I believe they will do like they did with the Gov.

    Have 1-2 episode mini stories for each group.

    1. Yes Carl and Rick alone and yes to the sick Rick. It was very powerful in the books. I just hope Rick picks up the phone again.

    2. Hunters. You have to have this story and the only person to follow through with the way it was covered in the book is Darryl (as Rick is preoccupied). So D and his little group.

    3. Tyreese and the girls have a sit down and he finds out it was the older sister that killed the two.

    4. Glenn and Maggie hook up with each other. Im sure they have ‘plans’ if they were ever separated. They meet there. I would like to see this go a little comical. Or a lot lighter then the other stories. I mean its Glenn, Maggie and a bus load of ‘old’ people. There is a joke there somewhere.

    5. Michonne and lets flash her back to where the two walkers she had came from and why she has that sword……

    I would like to see the group end up where Maggie and Glenn are. Again the committee should of had a back up plan as where to go if the poop hit the fan.

    I would like to see Tara meet up with the group somehow. Possibly helping Rick/Carl.

    As for Carol coming back I can take her or leave her. However if she is truly protecting the girls she needs to be back.

    I want to see stories of the smaller groups. How they deal w/o each other, how they overcome without others to rely on. I would also TRULY love to see a ‘funny’ episode.

  21. Intricately laid out puzzle? For a second I thought I was reading a review for a different show.

  22. Nagan? Really? Shame on you screenrant

  23. I can see 2 men as Nagen, Steven Segal or Andrew Dice Clay.

  24. FIrst of all “School bus of Woodsbury Redshirts” is pretty much the best phrase ever! Lol second of all i kinda felt Judith had a redshirt of her own since birth but im not opposed to a her being saved storyline as said with Michonne. Now as far as Carol goes i think for drama wise it will be Tyresse and the girls that find her or her them then Daryl and Beth will show up and spill the beans either purposely or accidentally. Also am i the only one wonder what happens with Lilly and Tara? i read somewhere that Tara is a guest star but her contract has the potential to become recurring in season 5? does anyone think they are coming back or are they getting a Governors entourage treatment they got in the comic where their ammo runs out but Kirkman said how he and the characters have moved on from the prison

  25. I think the Sanctuary is the next place there headed. Of Coarse not right away, figuring there will be some seperate story episodes first with each group. If you remember earlier in the season Daryl and Michonne were in the car and turned on the radio and hear the static message about Sanctuary. Just a hunch though.

  26. Will the voices heard on the radio not be mentioned?

    • The ones from season 3? Rick was imagining that stuff.. Surely you refer to different voices that I am not recalling right now.

      • The voices in season 3 were on the phone not the radio……I think they mean the army broadcasts

        Will we ever find out if Rick actually saw that helicopter in the pilot episode?

  27. gimple and kirkman have said those dangling issues will be addressed. I doubt bob is feeding the walkers. with his alcohol issues, the guy has enough going on, considering his stunts have already imperiled the group. he’s likes the heavy drug abuser from let’s get harry.

  28. The thing about Judith (and I”m not sure if it’s a mistake by the showmakers or a clue) the straps of the car seat were all undone. Yes, there was blood, but anyone who has ever had a kid in one of those seats knows a walker could not have accidentally undone the straps while eating a child. (I know, disturbing, but think about it…) If the child had really been killed, wouldn’t the straps still be fastened?

  29. Remember when Lizzie was sad when she saw that the zombie that she named had been stabbed? She’s mostly feeding the zombies the rats because she thinks their hungry & doesn’t know any better but I’m 99% sure Lizzie was the one who stabbed Karen as well