‘The Walking Dead’: Will the Governor Be Back (Again)?

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the governor david morrissey with tank The Walking Dead: Will the Governor Be Back (Again)?


SPOILERS for The Walking Dead Season 4.1 ahead!


AMC’s The Walking Dead is TV’s biggest hit show, drawing in 12.1 million viewers for its mid-season finale. The show may be on its third showrunner in four seasons, but it’s more popular than ever, and arguably at its creative peak.

Next year’s continuation of season four will pick up where the mid-season finale left off: sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) sees his community in chaos following an all-out assault by The Governor (David Morrissey). Rick and his boy Carl (Chandler Riggs) have been separated from the others in the group and while baby Judith may or may not have perished, The Governor is certainly dead.

Or is he? In an interview with PA (courtesy of Zap2It), David Morrissey spoke about his love for the show, its cast and crew and his fans – even the ones that hate him – and teased that despite The Governor clearly buying the farm, he might be back in some form.

Here are Morrissey’s comments:

“Something happened to him. I feel like a shady politician where I can’t confirm and I can’t deny anything. Certainly, bad things befell him at the end of the last episode but we just have to wait and see.”

The Walking Dead Rick and Daryl The Walking Dead: Will the Governor Be Back (Again)?

Morrissey’s cagey remarks are either an unsanctioned bit of foreshadowing for the last half of season four (or perhaps even the fifth season or beyond), the actor’s wishful thinking or – maybe – a bit of both. There are precedents for previously-dead characters showing up again in some form: we saw Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) torment Rick as a figment of his imagination, and prior to his flesh and blood return in season three, Michael Rooker’s Merle Dixon appeared to his brother Daryl (Norman Reedus) as a hallucination.

Producer Gale Ann Hurd did not appear to mince words about the Governor’s fate, telling Zap2It“That was a head shot! Lilly shot him.” If you notice, however, Hurd also never says that he’s dead and not coming back. She was more diplomatic on the subject of baby Judith:

“First of all, I don’t think you’d ever want to see a baby being killed. That’s probably a line we won’t cross. But at the same time, habeas corpus. We’ll have to be just like them, wondering.”

We’ve had some insight from showrunner Scott Gimple on what’s next in season four - and we have our own ideas along those lines – and Hurd offered further rather vague ideas on what fans can expect:

“Our characters are very much on the run, not as a group but split up, and they’re all in jeopardy because — as we’ve learned — being on the road alone is a difficult and dangerous place to be. It will also give us an opportunity to get to know who they are and whether they have the will to survive. How much have they changed after this devastation and can they retain their humanity?”

The Governor walking dead The Walking Dead: Will the Governor Be Back (Again)?

It’s tempting to look for some kind of clue about the Governor’s future on The Walking Dead in Hurd’s comments, and while she’s not really telling us anything we didn’t already know, Morrissey’s popularity with fans is high enough to secure some kind of future appearance – even if that return comes in the form of a hallucinatory cameo.

Will our heroes have any time for self-reflection at all when the show returns next year? The community they have built is overrun with zombies, their fellowship is split, and while retaining one’s humanity has always been a defining theme of the show, could Rick or the others again be tested in some specific way, with the Governor serving as a symbol of how much – or how little – they might have changed? We’ll find out for sure in February.


The Walking Dead returns on February 9th, 2014 at 9pm on AMC.

Source: PA, via Zap2It

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  1. To quote (ish) Kirk in ‘Star Trek XII: So Very Tired’:

    “Again with the Governer.”

    If AMC have their way, he’ll be around in season 14, 5% man, 95% machine.

    • “Dead or alive, you’re coming with me Rick!”

  2. I’d be fine with the Gov’na haunting Rick for a while.

  3. “Seeing a baby being killed is a line we wont cross”

    No I dont want to see a child being ripped to shreds. But, if it is a part of the narrative, I dont have an issue with seeing the child die some way. Lori falling on the baby in the comic was soul crushing. Yet, Kirkman provided us with a realistic death, that was not subject to overkill (ie. Graphic, unnecessary death).

    AMC is showing they are in it more for Advertising dollars, than integrity of this show. I love The Walking Dead but AMC is too childish for this lurid content.

    • To be fair there are some things they just can’t or won’t show on basic cable. I don’t imagine a lot of Michonne and the Governor’s relationship would be kosher for the show or something like the barbershop scene from the comics. As much as I would have loved those things in the show I wasn’t particularly expecting them.

      • Exactly why this network is not the right place for the show. The Walking Dead was made for Showtime, Cinemax or HBO. The amount of sex and violence in the book is proof enough, that AMC grabbed this because they knew it could dull it down for profit, rather than substance.

        And the Barbershop scene? I dont recall that one, friend. Remind me please?

        The relationship between Michonne and the Governor is definitely a lot harsher than portrayed.

        • Get off your high horse. No one would make this without the anticipation of a profit. As for your apparent desire to actually see babies being killed, perhaps you should talk to someone about that…

        • If I recall, the prem channels had first go of this show when it was first pitched but they ended up passing. AMC for all it’s flaws is made excellent choices in their pick for series in Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and The Walking Dead.

  4. I say let Phillip die with some dignity of being an envious raving lunatic. Don’t drag him out again. Time for the writers to bring in a new antagonist.

  5. Well. He is the best actor and character in the show.

  6. Oh yeah he`ll be back… as a ZOMBIE !

  7. This isn’t even worth speculating! Like my mama said about my daddy back in ’76, “He ain’t coming back!”

    • Wow that is just depressing.

  8. i really wouldn’t like to see him come back, he died right where he should have for the continuity to keep with the comics somewhat, I know they don’t exactly to that to the tee but c’mon, theres soooo much they have ahead of them right now that trying to keep the governor around would dilute the cast and upcoming story arcs, he doesn’t need to be there every step of the way to keep some form of conflict in the show, I mean, there’s the hunters coming up, the problems rick and Abe have trying to get supplies from ricks old town, and lets not forget the events in d.c. and eventually negan, by the time this stuff arises the governor will be white noise and people will be getting tired of him miraculously coming back over and over, because that seems like a very long stretch for them to try to find some way for him to survive a friggin sword through his CHEST without some serious medical attention and possibly surgery to prevent lungs collapsing from outer pressure or internal bleeding

  9. maybe he will be the main character in the spin-of series.

  10. Considering how many people have criticized this show for dragging certain plot lines and elements on for the sake of providing filler, bringing this character back would only serve to solidify the idea that they are just dragging certain things out for whatever reason. I have not read any of the comics and probably won’t until some point after the show finishes, but the whole premise of the story really does not lend itself to needing one bad-guy constantly showing up to torment the main protagonists. Just let the character die like others have on the show, it is the nature of the narrative so why pull out gimmicks to keep one villain around ?

  11. Im pretty sure michonne made sure he was D.E.A.D.

  12. Morrissey’s just being a good soldier. i think the character’s time is done.

    • walker bait

  13. If he comes back as anything else but a walker I’m done with the show. Easy as that. The Walking Dead isn’t Supernatural, characters that clearly got killed should stay (un)dead, regardless of how popular they are. In a world without hospitals Michone’s stab wound alone would have done him in, and there is no doubt in my mind that what’s-her-name wanted him dead for getting all those people and her daughter killed despite her pleas to stay. She certainly didn’t fire the gun for fun.

  14. I think of anything, we will just see a flash back.. or see him turn into a zombie the first episode back from the break.

  15. The Governor is a pretty popular character. They should do a prequel series based on the novel The Walking Dead: The Rise of the Governor. They probably can make a lot more interesting stories up until he establishes Woodbury.

  16. He can come back in Better Call Saul and Mad Men, pre-zombie apocalypse. Stick him in a cartoon, too.