‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 to Have Standalone Governor Episodes

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David Morrissey as the Governor in The Walking Dead The Suicide King The Walking Dead Season 4 to Have Standalone Governor Episodes

Clocking in at around four-and-a-half minutes long, the season 4 trailer for The Walking Dead showed off a fair amount of detail with regard to the upcoming season – highlighting life in the prison with the Woodbury expatriates, Tyrese’s growing role, Hershel’s growing discontentment, and more. One thing that was missing, though, was last season’s “Big Bad,” The Governor.

Though David Morrissey is slated to reprise his role this season, there is great mystery regarding how he will be used and how often he will show up. According to a new report, though, it seems that The Governor could actually dominate a portion of the first half of this next season with what is being “unofficially” described as a pair of “standalone Governor installments.”

To fans of The Walking Dead, this probably won’t come as a surprise as the show went back and forth last season with standalone prison episodes and standalone Woodbury episodes. Doing this allowed both settings to be more fully explored as we were introduced to a batch of new characters in Woodbury like The Governor, Milton, and for awhile there, Michonne.

With this season promising more introductions due to the swelled prison population, it seems smart to employ the same or a similar device, lest they try to tell too many stories at once, blunting the show’s overall creative trajectory.

Walking Dead Season 3 Midseason Premiere The Governor The Walking Dead Season 4 to Have Standalone Governor Episodes

As for what we’ll see of The Governor, one can only speculate in a thoroughly spoilerific way.

Last season’s conclusion saw the one-eyed, zombie head-collecting bad guy riding away from a pile of his bullet-riddled former acolytes, with only two scared and confused flunkies by his side. In the season 4 trailer, it’s quite clear that someone is acting against Rick and the prison group from the shadows, but while it’s easy to assume that that could be the work of The Governor, the producers of The Walking Dead like to embrace an approach that can sometimes be the opposite of obvious, so let’s not assume that he’s responsible

We know that the show doesn’t typically use flashbacks as a storytelling device (or, at least, not in a sustained way), so any standalone episodes detailing The Governor’s journey from that pile to the wilderness and back again seems a bit unlikely as well.

Could we see The Governor seducing another group with his syrupy charms? Anything’s possible. All we can say for certain is that The Governor is a mad man driven by revenge and un-tethered from any residual humanity that once resided inside of him, and that, regardless of whether or not we see him in horrifying “fun-size” increments or in standalone episodes, he will be an arresting force for the bad side of things.

Are you looking forward to season 4, Screen Rant readers? Let us know in the comments.


The Walking Dead returns on October 13th, 2013 on AMC

Source: TV Line

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  1. I can’t wait for season 4!!! Hopefully we get to see a lot more of The Governor this season.

  2. im thinking the governer is somehow behind the attack on prison with the walkers being more of a threat or his some how using the hunters to lure the walkers to the prison

  3. I kinda wish the governor would have gotten killed off. He was a great character, but the third season got away from the zombies so much that they really didn’t feel like a threat. They trailer looks really promising though!!

    • It looks like this season they are making the Governor a big threat who strikes or appears on random occasions (as opposed to being one of the star characters beginning to end).

    • The governor in the series is a sweetheart compared to the one in the books….that Govenor had zero amount of charm, and really liked torchering even more than the other.

  4. They need to have the zombies run a lot more faster like in world war z. Once I saw that movie, the zombies in walking dead looked like they were in slow motion.

    • World War Z was just bad all over. Running Zombies? really? the difference in WWZ was it was rabies, like rage. Zombies are known to be slow-moving. I can understand if you are young, and only get your information from what you might see on TV from time to time, but there is a history of where ‘Zombies’ come from. Of course, for you, I think there will be more WWZ flicks and you can always see the 28 days later and its sequel. But for Walking Dead and George Romero, this is the realistic tradition. Yes, you sure are welcome to watch it just like the rest of us, but you just have to understand that some movies/shows want realism, and others just don’t. But don’t worry, this is the 21st century, there is something for everyone.

      • Weren’t they doing backflips in WWZ?

        • Ninja zombies…could be a whole new franchise.


        • In WWZ the zombies did things Olympic athletes could not do.
          Their capabilities were akin to giant ants complete with ant hills.

      • Right..talking about zombies and realism. It’s about what’s scary and entertaining I think. Some runners in the huge amount of zombies could spice things up a little.

        • next you’ll want them to have freakng laser beams attached to their heads. or maybe zombie witches will pop up. Oh no! that zombie is gonna cast a spell! Way to spice up this show!- get the flip outta here.

          • why don;t don’t you get the “flip” outta here? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and don’t need jerks like you to ridicule them just because you disagree with them.

    • Wow.

  5. why is the governour returning? thought this was the season3 plot. hoped there will be something new

    • Because his story arc isn’t finished.

  6. A casting call for episode 10 looks to be introducing Abraham, Eugene and Rosita. I personally can’t wait for that.

    • They need Danny Trejo to play Abraham..all the drawings look like Danny…

      • I don’t know about that. They had him on Sons Of Anarchy and he barely had any screen time. I’m guessing he’s become a bit too expensive to use on series for very long.

  7. Hopefully, The Governor is dead by Episode 8 or 9. Looks like Abraham, Eugene and Rosita are joining the group in episode 10.

    • Whyyyy? Everyone is rooting for The Governor to die. He is more interesting than anything that’s happened since Shane’s deteriorating relationship with Rick.

  8. The two prequel novels “Rise of the governor” and “The road to Woodbury” are actually pretty good. They should use material from them to do flashback-episodes about the governor. Or movies!

    • They had their shot with the Governor and ruined it. I really want to move on to Abraham and hopefully, Jesus :)

      • How did they ruin him? Because they didn’t kill him off in one season? It makes sense to have the Governor/prison arc last two seasons. Especially considering how much they left out from the comic.

        • they ruined him by pussifying him compared to the comics…

          • He isn’t over with yet so it’s kinda hard to label him ruined…they might do the things you want in the 4th season.

  9. I love the character. it figures the version of the governor we get this season will be close to or easily much worse than the psycho pirate from the comics. the guy started off sipping tea and indulging in classical music, and finished off ruthlessly biting off merle’s fingers and killing his own flock.

    question, where has mention of a season four appearance by the hunters been made? not that I care much for them at this time with the number of cannibalizing walkers already in tow, but just out of curiosity. plus, with the casting calls mentioned in this thread, it’s a given there’ll be a high turnover rate by the end of the season.

    • I too really feel that need for the TV show governor to really become the psychotic pirate he is in the books. Because I really dont feel afraid of him, unlike say Joffrey or Walder Frey – the governor is yet to be established as a character to fear. He isn’t Trinity (dexter) – but he could be. That’s just me though

  10. Governor was the worst character last season. I don’t blame Morrisey, but they did a horrible job of developing him into the complex character he could’ve been.

    • I think it started off strong, but Andrea was so bad it sort of ruined the Governor too. And the season finale… just wow.

    • I see where you’re coming from, but I loved his appearance (although small) in the episode “This sorrowful life” where he killed Merle. That scene really bothered me when I first saw it.

  11. Wow, I really hope not.

    They set him up as a wonderfully wicked baddie last season, and then they mishandled the season finale so bad… just ugh. The governor had his chance and the writers ruined it. It’s time to move on, not linger on the worst part of last season.

    • What? I thought The Governor’s part was the strongest part of the finale. I loved the scene where he completely lost it and wiped out his whole crew. That took me by surprise :)

  12. Governor character bores me

    • Same here, but he obviously appeals to the fans who like anti-heroes.

      • I love anti-heroes, and the Governor is pretty lackluster to me also.

        But that’s because he isn’t an anti-hero.

        He is one more scene away from a mustache twirling villain. An anti-hero is someone that is the protagonist, but has no heroic qualities (at least to start). Riddick, for instance, is a prime example of an anti-hero. And really, when I think about it, most of Vin’s roles are him portraying an anti-hero. Even in the Pacifier. Not so much Saving Private Ryan or Boiler Room, but movies he has been the star of? Hmm. Interesting.

      • Umm, did you see the last few episodes of season 3? I wouldn’t consider The Governor an “anti-hero” any more.

      • anti-hero? Merle was an anti hero. The Governor is just a really bad guy.

  13. I doubt the governor will be dead four minutes into season 4, or six seconds as many hope. they’ll likely scatter his appearances. I think he will serve as a comeuppance to the prison group for not tying up this existing loose end last season.

    this will likely cost the lives of many fan favorites, including one Mr. Daryl Dixon. perhaps carl’s haphazard behavior will drive this scenario.

    • Daryl is good as gold. Herschel, his daughter, and Tyrese meanwhile probably aren’t.

  14. I can see how there could be someone on the inside of the prison being a lacky for the Governor. The Governor is somehow luring walkers to the prison im thinking. Seeing how many of them are appearing more than usual. Maybe killing deer & living things & scattering them close enough to the prison. But I wouldn’t doubt the Governor has something to do with all the walkers being around the prison. It’s his sorta thing that we seen from Season 3.

  15. The governor? To get stand alone episodes? Great> I’m already dreading this next season…

  16. Although the Governor from last season wasn’t all that great I think Gimple can bring something new to the character. I never really thought Glen Mazzara was a right choice for this show. I seemed like he didn’t know how to mix pace, drama, and action into 1 season. Gimple, who is a product of Darabont, seems like he could be the right mix. We shall see though

  17. Boo!

    The Governor turned out to be a terrible character with an uninspired character arc.

    Terrible decision.

    • Except his character arc isn’t finished, and they might be able to learn from their mistakes from last season. New show runner after all, and looking at that trailer, it looks like they will DEFINATELY be fixing their mistakes.

  18. Honestly after how episode 15 ended last season there was only one way for the finale to go and that’s the governor dying. The producers built that final confrontation up so much that I felt nothing but disappointed from it. I’ll give the new season about 3 episodes to change my mind.

  19. I love David Morrissey’s Governor and the more the better.
    This is a different take on the Governor in many ways from
    the comics and his ultimate fate can be altered in the show.
    I would like to see him go out with a measure of redemption.

  20. For those who have not seen this before, might clear up a few things..

    • thanks for clearing that up for me :-)

  21. Very happy about this. Make him as bad as he was in the comic and finish the prison arc this season.

  22. I think the Governor needs to regroup. He left with the feeling of unfinished business, I think even though he wiped out his entire staff mostly he will regroup. He had a personal vendetta against Rick for many reasons and he won’t stop until he stops so I think it’s great that he will be back. They can continue to play up the good guy vs bad guy or in a zombie ridden world are there really anything as a good guy or bad guy. I guess it’s all about survival.

    • I meant he’s stopped, sorry for any incorrect grammar or spellings. :-)

    • The Governor wants Michonne on a slab. The reason she is hunting the Governor other than the obvious is she feels it’s her duty since she killed Penny. No one knows about that. Tyreese asked her why she was looking for the Gov and she had a B.S. answer. And people who are confused why the Governor is returning…he LOST! Other than having Andrea and Milton killed, which he didn’t want to begin with, he lost the first battle to Rick and Michonne. He loved Andrea and Milton and in his twisted mindset will undoubtedly blame Rick and Michonne for their demise. He’s out for more than blood. He wants them to suffer horribly. I just remember what Merle said to Herschel I think: Merle Dixon: [to Hershel] “When the Governor returns, he’s gonna kill me first. … He’ll save Rick for last so he can watch his family and friends die ugly.”
      He already killed Merle. And Kirkman already said that there’s a lot of the comic book ruthless Governor material that is still coming. I think this is his last season but I’d take even more of Morrissey. He’s fantastic. And I’m sick of Rick’s hypocritical B.S. And Michonne needs to answer for her lies.

  23. killing the likes of Daryl would likely hammer the point home for the character, similar to Negan in the comic. I think there’s still some surface to scratch with the character. the humanly worst is probably still left for him.

    as for the showrunner discussion, I think mazzara relied too heavily on the same cast for his season and a half as an executive. T-dog, while a minor player, sort of symbolized the lack of character, and overall, world building that has befallen the show since the first season. hopefully this has been remedied in the upcoming season. I don’t want another season heavily focused on the love triangle, 1000 hours of Daryl Dixon, and Andrea’s indecision over life.

  24. This show …they just need to stop making this show. It’s so far beyond what it was capable of in the first 2 seasons. They’ve taken it in the direction of all too familiar territory. Humanizing your enemy (in this case, changing your enemy to human beings) absolutely destroys shows of this type.

    I was rewatching Breaking Bad while season 3 of this was airing and man, it’s painful to watch TWD after being exposed to the incredible production that is Breaking Bad. Didn’t even bother with the last few TWD episodes for weeks after they aired.

    • DEAD ON!!!

  25. Bob Stookey will be the one sabotaging the group and secretly working with the Governor.

  26. I love this show and I love the way it’s going it has grown so much in the past three seasons I can’t wait for season 4 what I do hope Rick does not die and that he still stays leader figures out who tampers with the prison and gets them in danger and takes care of the problem and blows their head off along with all the zombies

  27. The Governor/Woodbury = Samuel Sullivan/the Carnival.. strange deviation from what made the show great.

  28. I think Beth and Maggie dies this season

    • The Governor is a really good character. He shows just how insane and evil a person can get in a post-apocalyptic world. Cant wait to see more of him and to see him get killed on in a EPIC battle between him and Rick Grimes!!!

  29. I wish the Governor would have died S03E14 (Prey), When Andrea released the zombies on him in the warehouse. The TV series does not follow the comic all that much anyway. The Governor is boring, isn’t frightening in the least bit, and personally I think David Morrissey comes across as a sissy. Every time I see the Governor I just get the feeling I could totally whoop is butt and he shouldn’t give off that vibe.. Maybe its because he looks so puny.. I dunno. Just my Opinion

    • How does he look puny? He is 6 foot 3, how tall are you? 7 feet? Dirp!