‘Walking Dead’ Season 4 Finale Sets Ratings Record; Cast Offers Season 5 Details

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The Cast of The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 8 Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Sets Ratings Record; Cast Offers Season 5 Details

[NOTE: This post contains MAJOR SPOILERS for The Walking Dead season 4 finale.]

While opinions on The Walking Dead‘s fourth season finale, entitled simply “A,” have been flying fast and furious since it’s debut, AMC is most assuredly laughing all the way to the bank. The broadcast didn’t quite set an all-time record for the mega popular zombie drama, but it did reach new highs in both the 18-49 demo rating and total viewer count for a Dead season finale.

“A” drew in a total audience of nearly 16 million people (15.7 million to be exact), smashing the previous season finale record of 12.4 set by season three swan song “Welcome to the Tombs.” Even more impressive, considering it’s the group advertisers most care about, 10.2 million of those viewers belonged to the coveted 18-49 demo, vaulting past the 8.1 million 18-49 year-olds who tuned in for last spring’s finale. For the record, the all-time series champ in both demos and total viewers is still the season four premiere, “30 Days Without an Accident.”

With season 4 of The Walking Dead now officially in our collective rear view mirror, talk turns to the next logical topic: What do the show’s writers and producers have in store for us in season 5?

Well, those details are still a ways off, but that didn’t stop the cast and crew from speculating about where their favorite characters are headed this October.

For those unable to watch the footage, the video features series creator Robert Kirkman, executive producer Greg Nicotero, showrunner Scott Gimple, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd, executive producer Dave Alpert, and cast members Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Danai Guiira, Chad Coleman, and Lauren Cohan first discussing the evolution (or in some cases devolution) of Rick’s group in season 4, then transitioning to speculation about what dark paths season 5 will travel down.

Included below are some choice quotes:

Andrew Lincoln: You can never be the same person you were before. Rick can’t.

Danai Gurira: You can always evolve. There is constant evolution of self that happens in this world.

Greg Nicotero: I would pretty much guarantee that we’re going to see a completely different Rick Grimes in season 5.

Andrew Lincoln (on season 5): It’s gonna be messy, it’s gonna be brutal. It’s gonna be thrilling, how these guys get out of this scrape.

the walking dead rick s4 finale Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Sets Ratings Record; Cast Offers Season 5 Details

When October finally comes, season 5′s premiere will begin with plenty of unanswered questions. For starters, where is Beth? Who took her? Why did Darryl seemingly give on up on looking for her so quickly? Where are Carol, Tyrese, and Judith?

The popular fan theory of Terminus’ residents being cannibals has also yet to be disproved. While it can be argued that the people of Terminus advertise sanctuary to lure in victims and steal their supplies, there is no apparent reason why they would choose to hold, feed, etc. all these captives. Not unless you consider the possibility that they’re fattening their prisoners up.

Also, what did the shocking events of “A” really do to Rick’s already fragile psyche? He murdered a man with his teeth. He almost bore witness to the sexual assault of his teenage son. It became apparent after Lori’s death that Rick has a tenuous grasp on reality. He’ll likely continue putting up a brave front, but how long will it be until he reaches his mental breaking point? If the online conjecture is correct, and Terminus really is serving up BBQed Beth, how could Rick possibly remain sane?

However Kirkman, Nicotero, Gimple, etc. choose to answer these myriad questions, one thing remains certain: millions and millions of people will tune in to see what happens next. Even if Rick and company really are “too far gone.”


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The Walking Dead returns for season 5 this October.

Sources: Deadline & YouTube

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  1. EEEEk! Let Beth not be dead! There are still members of the group uncaptured by terminus, so hopefully they are able to stage some type of prison break.

  2. Somebody in the train car is gonna get eaten. Probably that chick in the daisy duke shorts, the one in Abraham’s group. ;)

    • Nah, Rosita won’t get eaten.

  3. I’m guessing Bob will meet the butcher.

  4. Carol and Tyreese to the rescue!

    • yeah is quite obvious

  5. They should’ve had Beth hanging in parts off a drying rack or something as the big shocker. The cannibals will be short lived if they follow the comics…

  6. cant wait to see a more brutal Rick.

  7. Bob will likely be first and then they’ll go for Tara &/ or Abraham – BUT … then at the last minute one or both of them will be saved, but more than likely it will only be Abraham and Tara will be killed (sadly – she’s pretty hot and as anyone with eyes has noticed, she has nice boobs).

    Rosita is way too hot to kill her off too quickly, as well she has no meat on her, they would want to fatten her up first.

    but this is all assuming the Terminus group are cannibals. but based on the room with all the candles they are most likely some kind of cult or something and they will at minimum want to use Rick’s group for human sacrifice.

    whatever the case may be, somehow, someway Glenn or Rick WILL escape and then help release Michonne and/ or Daryl and then the Terminus group will go down.

  8. I really hope they pick it up next season, I was bored with the second half of the season, just wandering around with nothing much happening at all, This used to be my favourite show but now “Game of Thrones” just smashes it out of the ball park! epic show in every way that is, “True Detective” was a masterpiece as well, TWD is slipping imo..

  9. Can someone please explain this shows appeal? the first season was interesting but about 2 episodes into season 2 I lost interest. Its the slowest show ever. It seems like the show has no purpose but to drag on forever so AMC can run more AMC ads by AMC on AMCs the walking dead only on AMC.

  10. The Walking Dead is like gossamer, and one doesn’t dissect gossamer.

  11. Please watch the show and comprehend the content before making statements that are just plain wrong. Rick is not at war with himself anymore. He is not going to crack.

    Rick the ruthless killer and Rick the father and Rick the farmer have fused and cast off doubt. Every character has evolved to cast off doubt and limitation in favor of clarity of purpose.

    The Hansel and Gretel symbolism is blatant, i.e. the over-arcing theme that believing shelter and safety is A PLACE or THINGS is a trap.

    Over and over again it is proven. The Grove. The Still. The Golf Course clubhouse. The house Rick holes up in. The Truck.

    They are all fool’s gold used to expose and purge the flaws of the group.

  12. Mark my words. The group will be far deadlier and the cannibals are a stepping stone.

    Season five will be about the strengths and perils of absolute conviction.

    • with their portrayal of gareth as a smug sort, he’ll be stunned and out of sorts the moment it all falls apart at terminus. what in hell does he think was bound to happen with this grand scheme of his? you keep herding large numbers of people to this ” trap ” you’ve conceived, and you’re bound to haul in the combat tested likes of team grimes.

  13. @Rob – Finally somebody out there gets it, and has the intelligence to explain to others. I loved the second half of this season. As i Loved the entire series (Season 2 was my favorite – yes the farm season). This show is about the evolution and trials and tribulations of these characters. For those who keep saying they dont know why they keep watching and it slost their interest… I dont know why you keep watching either. So Stop. Let the 16 million people (who I can make a safe bet most of them watch because they enjoy it) watch and appreciate it. theres enough watered down and senseless shows on TV to watch. Go watch Divergent in the theater, that might be right up their alley.
    This show is amazing. Although I will agree with one statement, Game of Thrones is quite amazing, but for alot of the same reasons this show is. There’s plenty of drama and dialogue and character development in both. The Zombie lovers just cant handle teh actual people having a conversation.
    IMO this season has been fantastic. second half especially. Peace.

    • That’s your argument? People can’t handle conversations? Oh my, you just don’t get it do you?

      • Sorry I just tried to sum up from some of the few complaints I’ve read here and there. I guess I did a poor job of it. Basically whatever complaints that i do see have to do with how “slow” the show is. Or pacing in some episodes. those episodes in question are usually those involving character arcs rather than slam bam action and zombie mutilation. I actually enjoy some of those private intimate moments which help add to each of our characters. Point: I didnt really care much about Beth except she was cute and could sing. Until her two episodes with Daryl, which some may think were slow. I enjoyed these emotional moments, to flesh out her character (now I care more and wonder where she’s gotten off to), and also to break up to non-stop “dead” action. I think the Zombie run-ins this half season were much more intense and creepy due to these character moments breaking it up a bit. Its just my opionion of course, but I just assumed those complaints out there were due to these moments and scenes (i.e. long character moments with little or no action-”conversations”). Which I can see why certain people can get bored I guess. I love that this is a drama, which just happens to be set in the Zombie apocalypse. i love the comic and i love the show. I think its paced very well. But I’m also a bit different in my opinions as well – as much as season 1 was arguably the best, agreed my most everyone, and it had its fill of great action, when they got to the farm and started Shane’s character downfall arc, I was in my glory. To me, the show was at its best. Very little Zombies, yes. But how intense was that scene with Carl alone in the woods with the Mud stuck walker??? Wow. Then (Spoiler :-/) that same one tore up Dale! Damn. And of course the barn reveal. Thats what gets my heart beating. But hey, to each their own. I think season 4 was fantastic overall, with very few flaws, and I look forward to season 5. Peace.

  14. My take:

    The narrative of this all new ep is very shocking. I was not expecting its gonna be like that. Like for example, the pace was so slow that i kept checking the pendulum on how many minutes more since its like 20 min have passed but the narrative is still in the state of being potentially bothersome. The finale is 50/50 for me. Rick biting the neck is the rick i missed. Many holes but since im smart, i dont need to site it all here.

    I was really waiting for a very important cast to be killed. Daryl was the first person i could think of since he’s being punched and kicked. Then next is Carl especially when he was about to go to the train. The scene is so slow and i was expecting for a gun shot but it let me down again. Wtf. Beth should’ve had a small scene and i was expecting a scene that her leg is cut chopped and she’s in the state of total letdown.

    Future: i think what might happen in order for them to be saved is that daryl or rick will be able to get out and have the weapons that they concealed taken out. Or tyreese might see it. I think the more likely candidates to be killed are beth, maggie, tara, glenn, and bob.

  15. I really hope Carol and Ty save the day. I sense Carol will die doing some heroic like Jefferson in Dirty Dozen…it will provide a catharsis for her.

  16. I loved all of Season 4, and the punchline at the end of the finale leaves me very excited for Season 5. You shouldn’t screw with guys who bite through people’s jugulars … And not only do we get Season 5, we also get a Spinoff next year!

    @Rob is right. Next season will show us what happens not only when a team is solidly convicted, but also how effective that team can be when it maintains a strong sense of its pre-apocalyptic virtue.

    @mewalke1 — At the base level, the show’s appeal is that we get to see flesh-eating reanimated corpses every week. But on top of that, the protagonists have to deal with criminals, psychotics, and finding moonshine.

    All-in-all, that’s a baller way to spend a Sunday night, because, as Shawn of the Dead analogized, the 9-5 job awaiting many of us on the following morning is basically the zombie apocalypse. Sunday night TWD marathons give many of us the fantasy we need in order to deal with the reality of the corporate monster.

  17. I’m done with this series, it has been dragged out to no end, just to get more episodes in a season with the smallest possible budget to get the maximum ad profits.

  18. the sad thing is, that the writers can’t keep track of the previous episodes they wrote. Example, the guys that were with Darrel never saw Rick kill his friend or flee the house after doing so.

    • Yea, the guy who got the sleeper hold put on him saw Rick under the bed. So you are mistaken. ;)

      • Your right, I thought he was dead.

        • Also he heard his voice and tracked them

  19. I definitely think cannibalism is part of the whole Terminus ordeal. Also interested in learning about the history of Terminus and when they turned into cannibals. One of my theories is that Bob is immune to walker bites. He was the last man standing after being with two different groups, he has this “everything will be okay” belief system (because he is immune), and I think that he actually got bit a few episodes back and covered it by saying that the walker scratched his bandage. Just a theory.

  20. @jfk conner Thats a great idea! I hope so.