‘Walking Dead’ Season 4 Featurette Promises Darker Story, More Zombies

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Simply put, The Walking Dead is a television behemoth – an all-devouring monster of a cable drama that dominates any show that dares to stand in its way.  With a series record of 12.4 million viewers for the season 3 finale, it’s difficult to argue that The Walking Dead is the king of Sunday nights.

But if history has shown us anything, it’s that being king is no simple task, and the writers and cast members must now attempt to top what they did in the previous season, or else run the risk of falling into obscurity as one of those big shows that fell off the radar.

In this new season 4 featurette, the cast and crew share their insights on what we can expect from the upcoming season.  According to talented leading man Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes), the writing in season 4 will be much darker and more exciting.  Lincoln goes on to say that he’ll have to learn what it means to be a father as the survivors must deal with new threats from beyond the prison gates.

The Walking Dead Core Posse Walking Dead Season 4 Featurette Promises Darker Story, More Zombies

Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd (Aliens, Terminator) promises that fans can look forward to seeing more zombies than ever. Rick’s son Carl (Chandler Riggs) also chimes in, saying that we’ll get to see his character be more of a kid.  The Walking Dead appears to be gearing up for its biggest season yet, but will new showrunner Scott Gimple be up to the task of managing television’s most highly rated drama?

Gimple has a difficult task ahead of him, with The Walking Dead entering its fourth season. The former showrunners (Frank Darabont, Glen Mazzara) were let-go by AMC.  Both men were talented writers with great careers, but it seems like differences of opinion concerning budget always got in the way.  How can Gimple succeed where others have failed?

Like independent films, a great story can be told on a small scale.  Every show on television can’t expect to have the same budget as Game of Thrones, which costs nearly $7 million per episode.  Gimple must learn to work within the constraints of a smaller budget, or he too may find himself doomed to the same fate as his predecessors.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Images zombie Sophia Walking Dead Season 4 Featurette Promises Darker Story, More Zombies

As fans of Robert Kirkman’s popular comic book series, now published by Image Comics, The Walking Dead has the potential to be a great drama – yet inconsistent writing and uneven storytelling keep it from becoming “great.” It’s probably unfair to compare the books to the show, due to the fact that the long-running series has just celebrated its tenth anniversary and has had a significant amount of time to develop character.

However, AMC can learn from Kirkman’s success by understanding the significance of a single voice.  Having three showrunners in four seasons is not a model for stability or success. Shows like Mad Men (Matthew Weiner) and Breaking Bad (Vince Gilligan) are ones that have one voice guiding their journeys, and it shows when one looks at how consistently excellent the storytelling has been.

But if the entirety of the season lives of to the promise of the Walking Dead season 4 trailer, then Gimple may pull the ratings and acclaim necessary to keep him in the driver’s seat. We’ll soon see.


The Walking Dead season 4 premieres Oct. 13 @9pm on AMC

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Sources: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. In Gimple I trust!!

  2. Stupid country restrictions of videos…

    • + 1

  3. I have been reading on some sites that are close to the production of this series and to have them be impress thus far is good because they haven’t been since season 1. Based on what they “heard” is that they have gone back to what made Season 1 successful in which more zombies are present and consistant storytelling. Another good thing is that Gimple is staying true to the comic storyline which sounds like it supports Kirkmans interview in which he said, “Comic book fans that think the show has steered away from the comics completely will be pleasantly surprised by Season 4. Honestly, some of the closest adaptations of the comic have happened thus far is in Season 4. There are some very cool things that are told in the comics that… are adapted almost directly, which I usually frown upon. But Scott Gimple is able to talk me into things from time to time.”

    • Always wondered that myself. It’s a decomposing body it couldn’t last for long out in the southern heat could it??

      • Well there has been some indication that feeding does slow the process (so they must still be able to absorb nutrients?) but a starving zombie should probably rot away in months, not years,

  4. Darker story? Ah, as if a zombie apocalypse story, in which the surviving humans are not only food to the walking dead, but also prey to each other, is not dark enough?

  5. Let’s hope AMC doesn’t let us down by letting go former show runners go & that new ones can do well. I enjoyed the 3rd season & can’t wait for what’s in stored for the 4th.

  6. Can this show just die already?

  7. Cant wait!! so pumped

  8. don’t know, at some point main characters have to die to make the show credible. the problem arises when newer or background characters aren’t fleshed out.

    • It’s as if all the newly introduced characters should be wearing “red shirts”, ala the original Star Trek, as they are the only people being killed off, while the main cast survives.

      I’d like them to kill of the Governor, as I’ve had enough of him. To keep him around for much longer, just to be a continuing antagonist, will just get old and ridiculous.

      • Eh, I’d have to disagree with that statement.

        In season 3, we lost Lori, T-Dog, Merle, and Andrea. Yeah, Rick and Daryl are still alive, but the show still hasn’t been shy of killing off main characters. And season 3 introduced several prominent characters that made it to season 4, such as Michone, Tyrese, Sasha, and The Governor. I think some fans just want more characters that were introduced in seasons 1 and 2 to be killed off.

      • Well he’s only got 2 henchmen left so I figure the show will kill him off pretty quickly in season 4

    • it makes sense to me that rick and daryl are still alive, not that rick is the main guy and daryls the fan favourite, but they’re both well trained and cautious people so i dont see them ever ‘having to die’, unless its some sort of freak accident

  9. yeah, I was hooked in in tuning again until Riggs said we’ll get to see Carl be more of a kid – that character is annoying as is, don’t want to see him acting childish and bogging down the show down even more

  10. I’m getting tired of having to wait until October every year for a new season. Sure having it come out close to Halloween the first season was a good move, but after that it was just frivolous

    • I agree. True Blood sucks and it started out being so good.

  11. Since we have seen burned up zombies and half zombies, I imagine they’d have to be REALLY falling apart to be harmless.

    I agree, get rid of the Governor, make the zombies real threats again, and how about some city action, or some proof others survived. Just to add some spice.

    • Watch the trailer for season 4, I think you’ll be satisfied.

  12. I would “guess” that we will be seeing more zombies in which people might use them more as a weapon now(trapping them and releasing them in the area of which they want damage to be done), you “might” see the return of The Governor in which Season 4 could either end with the killing of the Governor or if we’re lucky have it be done by the midseason mark. From things I have been reading online I now fully expect this show to grow even larger as people who weren’t fans are now becoming fans of the show based on “things”.

  13. I don’t get why AMC is so stingy with budgeting. This show has to be making them a ton of money and yet they want it done cheaper and cheaper. I worry about this show being on much longer since this is the 3rd show runner they have had