‘The Walking Dead’ Learns To Just Let Things Go

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Norman Reedus Danai Gurira Lawrence Gilliard Jr and Chad E. Coleman in The Walking Dead  The Walking Dead Learns To Just Let Things Go

[This is a review of The Walking Dead season 4, episode 4. There will be SPOILERS.]


Last week, Rick figured out that Carol had made a decision that impacted two lives rather negatively, in the hope of saving many, many more lives. Of course, that’s in reference to the two people she killed in a fruitless effort to prevent a particularly virulent flu from spreading.

All of that leads up to the bigger issue in ‘Indifference,’ discussing the changes that’ve taken place in nearly everyone on The Walking Dead – or at least in the characters who’ve been around long enough for there to be a noticeable change. Early on in the episode, Carol and Lizzie have a fairly unambiguous chat about the concept of change and what it means in the world that they’re in now. Lizzie’s young and inexperienced enough to see some kind of hope in every little change, from her someday turning into an adult and hopefully growing stronger, to people turning into walkers, as that is – to Lizzie, anyway – an extension of the life that’s too frequently cut short nowadays.

It’s possibly one of the most overt conversations The Walking Dead has ever had, but at least it was an overt conversation about something that led to a more significant moment, and not just some dialogue intended to point out something that’s literally happening onscreen the moment someone says it (which has been a problem for the show in the past). Still, overt or not, the conversation manages to throw in a few telling references to Carol’s past that shed a little light on her current way of thinking about tough choices, and walking a very thin line between being strong and simply being ruthless. And, as Rick’s actions at the end of the episode suggest, he’s firmly in the Carol’s actions were ruthless camp.

Andrew Lincoln and Melissa McBride in The Walking Dead Indifference The Walking Dead Learns To Just Let Things Go

Rick justifies his decision of exiling her in much the same way Carol made her decision to kill David and Karen: by weighing the potential good of doing something bad against doing nothing at all. In this case, Rick essentially saves Carol’s life in the immediate future by ensuring she’s nowhere near Tyreese, as he also makes it pretty clear keeping her secret isn’t going to be an option for him. It’s another demonstration of how people can change, as not too long ago, Rick might’ve thought there was a way everyone could work past Carol being a killer.

But it’s also in keeping with the other overt theme of the episode, in that characters are no longer in a world that affords them the luxury of holding onto things, no matter how much they may mean. Whether those things are emotional or physical, or both, depends on the individual. Newcomer Bob Stookey (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) is certainly packing a lot of both, as the guilt over getting Zach killed in the season premiere seems to be haunting him as much as the quiet he’s so desperate to drown out with drink.

In the end, ‘Indifference’ may have been the most accurate title of an episode yet, since despite the apparent dismissal of a major character, it feels as though the show was more concerned with making a series of thematic jabs than it was with landing a significant emotional blow. Perhaps that will be saved for when Rick comes back to the prison without a character the series has known for so long.


The Walking Dead continues next Sunday with ‘Internment’ @9pm on AMC. Check out a preview below:

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  1. How bout you guys get your box office wrap up…completely inconsistent timing with that post each week

  2. And now I can say that this season is much better. It’s a combination between the weaknesses of season 2 and 3, but more improved. They’re giving us character moments, along with good action. And the pace is perfect for me.

    • this has been the worst season so far by a lot. the first two episodes were slow and didn’t go any were.

      • You’re opinion. Although most people would disagree with you on this one. This season has been great.

      • I agree… The show is getting unbelievably boring. The characters have gotten annoying… mainly cause of everyone’s mood-swings.

        This honestly just isn’t a good show. I have forced myself to watch it for the last 4 seasons because it is so hyped, but I don’t really recommend it to people who haven’t seen it.

        Honestly, just stop and think about how LITTLE happened in this weeks episode… soooooo slooooooow.

        • I get so tired of people who watch this show, and judge is based on “things happening”, this show is based on it’s characters, it’s the pulse and soul of the show, if you don’t like shows that are character driven rather than plot driven, then this isn’t the show for you, no offense, just saying.

          What i will agree with you on is how it is a bit overhyped, though not because it’s consistently below that level, because it periodically hits highs that i wish the show would stay there, but it’s every onc ein awhile sinks back into a slump. Though a lot of that has to be because of changing showrunners, and not having any continuity in that regard.

          • Agreed!

          • I see your point, but I cannot fully agree. You’re totally right, that the comic book as well as the TV show is character driven! But especially in the TV show writers cannot ignore the plot and the plausible plot development – it’s much more important in a TV show than in a comic book. In a comic book you assume very much between the panels, you accept much more as plausible than in a TV show.
            So it’s not all about character driven (though I agree! It’s mainly … or should be mainly character driven), but it’s not good to have plot holes and not plausible scenes like the supermarket scene (for example) … scenes when suspense and action obviously just occurs because there has to be suspense and action and not because it’s plausible (e.g. supermarket – someone has to jam his leg – 3 guys require half an hour to lift a shelf – it’s just a dangerous situation, because everybody acted totally improbably AND many, many coincidences occured at the same moment … or in other words: just because the writers had no better idea for a better plot line, but want to show some CGI action at the season start with raining walkers).

        • Stop forcing yourself to watch. Don’t you have more regard for how you spend your precious time? Find something you love and spend your time doing that. That’s what I do and I love watching The Walking Dead.

  3. Holy crap what a awesome episode. Might have been my favorite this season so far. Daryl’s group was incredible. He is so intense and honestly I would have thrown the booze away. Guy was willing to risk his life and that of his groups for a buzz. But Daryl handled it so intensely I was tensed up.

    Rick making the decision to bring those kids along was sweet. I loved the inclusion of the questions. I actually liked them wish they hadn’t had died but also I feel it’s necessary in this show. Had that impact that anything can happen. Plus carol made the wrong call letting them go out. Rick should have stopped that.

    Carol made the wrong call killing Karen and David. I agree with rick and I think she did too to a extent. Though that isn’t the last time we see carol I get. Ricks actions were justified. He is te leader of the group whether he wants the role or not. Everyone turns to rick and I hope this is the start of leadership rick. Not how he was in season 3. But more of his leadership in 2.

  4. carol joins the governor and ricktatership begins. Daryl is a badass in this episode. If they ever kill his character off i will stop watching that moment. No real prison action which is kind of a shame. At least all the meds will be back next episode it seems.

  5. The amount of commercials during this show is seriously stretching the limits of watchability. The show itself is only about 30 minutes long. It’s interrupted so much it was hard for me to relax and enjoy this episode. I’m losing my patience with the show and not just for the amount of commercials. Carol is a major character, but her leaving really didn’t mean a whole lot to me. She was just there… Carol. Nice to see Rick pull his head out of his potato’s and make a decision. And getting the characters away from the prison was a nice breath of fresh air. If Tyrese keeps up the s***** attitude someone may need to b**** slap him a bit. And Daryl completely over reacted….. let the man have a drink, it’s the damm zombie apocalypse! I don’t know, I use to look forward to the show, it’s starting to feel like Hershel’s farm all over again. Something intriguing needs to happen. Where are the idea’s??? I think George Romero may be right when he said the show is just a “Soap Opera”.

    • “I think George Romero may be right when he said the show is just a “Soap Opera”.”

      It is. If you know anything about the source material it was/is never about the zombies.

      I wish people would/could understand this but apparently most people think it is a zombie show.

      It is a drama (or soap opera if you will) that just happens to have zombies as the catalyst.

      • its a drama not a soap buddy. those are two different types of tv shows

    • 43 minutes long

    • It’s called On Demand. Just wait 24 hours.

    • LOL, Romero probably didn’t read the source material. TWD was never about zombies. They are there but they are not the main focus. It’s about what humans do when they are in an apocalypse situation. It could have been zombies, nuclear, natural disaster, or any other issue. I love Romero but sometimes the guy doesn’t investigate the material before he speaks.

      • Agreed. I love Romero for giving us zombies in the first place, but The Walking Dead is better than anything he’s done in the past 25 years.

        In fact, the reason WHY some of his later films weren’t as good as his first few flicks was BECAUSE he started to focus less on the characters and more on the zombies.

    • @garv I completely agree ..I mean it’s in a zombie apocalypse is it that bad to have a drink would have hit a lot harder if the showed him before putting people in jeopardy and running around like a drunk..Pryor towards his overreaction…They need a objective or goal asap….give the group and the audience something to hope for..a destination they need to get to cure something..it just seems like everyone is content with just being. In a bacterial filled no longer safe prison..and don’t get me started on rick…now he wants to be the boss..he kicks out a senior member without consulting anybody who the hell does he think he is. And the ad part is the writing has been so out of wack…I didn’t even care Carol left and I use to love her

      • It truly amazes me how much you truly misunderstand just about everything about this show. This episode had such well written and well played human emotion that made Carol’s departure so difficult to accept even as we realize it is the only real solution. If you were really into this show you would have seen how this episode demonstrated in full detail not only the evolution of Rick and Carol’s characters but how and why they became the people they are now. So extremely well done. The number of nitpicky complainers posting is definately dwindling even as viewership grows.

        • It’s not dwindling trust me ..and a lot of more people like this episode why…because they were not at the prison wether they want to admit. It or not I have been saying on the move is better…I understand everything completely just not entertained by it and know I don’t need more zombie action ..just something remotely interesting and people not just doing things to move the plot…Rick is a hypocrite he should have took it to the council…they are making every character more and more annoying…She has been there from the beginning with the group…but he is worried about tyrese some unstable guy who picked a fight with u for no reason…And yea great writing if u really think carol would have left so easily especially leaving the girls..more just to move plot

          • Sorry, the evidence is here in black and white as well as on other sites and in the polls conducted by the comic fan club and in the ratings and well just about everywhere. The posts here are abundantly positive, much more so than negative, the media critics are in the 90% range positive, The Walking Dead comic fan club poll has gone from the low 70s to the mid90% approval range and just read through the posts…more positive than negative. You are in denial friend. Even the poster frobin who usually mirrors your objections had only one area of nitpicking to post regarding this episode. It’s right there in colorful black and white. Not my opinion but actual documented fact. Most assuredly dwindling. Pretend otherwise if you like but it may just be time for you to forego watching TWD and find something that satisfies you.

            • I’m not in denial…at all Ron..
              This sight praises the show the most…and people also loved crack but then later realized it was terrible and the number of users went down drastically…I’m not nitpicking I think indifference was the best episode all season but that doesn’t make it great.I didn’t complain about the episode more so of what the characters are turned into…everybody loves a fight it’s appealing gives u something to hope for..But right now it’s like they have nothing to look forward too or at least false hope..so if someone wants to die who is anyone to blame them…You can’t tell them lets make it to floridabbecause they seem to want to stay in ga for some reason…Nobody cares to see the state of the world..No one is saying hey lets pull together there has to be a cure or a safe place..I guarantee u if someone dies on the way there we would feel it a lot more..And I know that’s not the point of the comics this isnt the comics

              • The crack comparison is just dumb…sorry…don’t mean to be insulting but you talk a stretch…wow…you will have to try better than that. This sight was predominately negative for the last 2 seasons and has shown a reversal this time round so you are incorrect there. The things you tend to ignore are the other examples such as the increase of over 20% on the comic fan club poll as well as the overwelmingly positive ranking by the major media critics. I also follow 3 other sights which this sight won’t allow us to mention and they are also predominately positive. YOU ARE VERY MUCH IN DENIAL and would do yourself and the rest of us a favor by becoming an exviewer of TWD and find a show you can appreciate.

                • If my comparison is dum then your just a fanboy…they literally can make and put anything together and you willl call it excellent just because it Twd..the crack was not just a comparison..The walking dead is like a car accident u want to turn your head but u can’t because u want to see how this wreck happened or will end..A lot of people watch to see what’s the big deal..and can’t find one..sorry I cant take your opinion seriously because no matter what episode or what happens you will blindly say it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.yea some negative stuff was said on this site but it was towards the end of last season…the finale was So terrible people had no choice to admit it but leave it up to you Twd can do no wrong..I guarantee u loved the finale

                  • I thought an intelligent conversation was possible but when you stop making valid arguments and start hissyfitting like a ten year old it’s time to cut one’s losses and run. Your ridiculous assumption that millions of people watch TWD in the car wreck frame of mind is mindnumbing beyond belief. You’ll hate TWD no matter how good it is (see two can play at that nonsense). I’ll debate the merits of the show with folks who show some respect for other opinions even if they aren’t in agreement with them. And the crack comparison was (and I apologize once again) just plain bizarre. I can do no better job than you have done on your own to discredit your very own comments. So I’m on to more stimulating debates.

                    • U call someones opinion dum then get mad like a child..when they respond back…u can’t have it one way I never get disrespectful..because I want the same treatment I keep it civil.. but to call my opinion dum is crossing the line just was my opinion…u can’t have a one way street
                      .like I said if my opinion is dum your a fanboy that cant see clearly which only brings my point home

                  • Didn’t call your opinion dumb, called your crack comparison dumb and apologized beforehand…should have tried to think of a kinder way to say it like maybe “your crack analogy is beyond any rationale explanation” I’ve been polite to you and all others who have a differing view of TWD. I expressed my problems with some elements of the show in the past and yet you keep falling back on the stale fanboy accusation (not particularly inventive). I actually liked your idea of the crew using a boat as their refuge and said so. I thanked you for reminding me about the whole helicopter thing. I am sorry to have offended your sensibilities but sometimes you have to call things for what they are…and the crack comparison was d……beyond rationale explanation. I’m done here.

                    • I hear u you usually are quite civil and insightful..I just feel with a show with so much potential and originality should be held to a high standard..with that said don’t get me wrong it’s still better than a lot of television these days

    • Yeah its standard time for an hour long drama on basic cable/network TV 40-44 mins. Frankly who doesn’t own a DVR at this point? lol, i haven’t watched commercials in years.

    • All half-hour shows are 22 with 8 min of commercials.

      All hour-long shows are 42 mins with 18 min of commercials.

      All two-hour cable TV broadcast movies are actually 90 min with 20 min of commercials.

      Just the nature of the beast – and has been as long as I can remember. Can’t blame Walking Dead for that.

  6. wouldn’t surprise me if they run into carol in the future leading a group of her own.

  7. Am I the only one that feels that Carol did the right thing with Karen and David, she was protecting her family, and promised Lizzie’s father that she would protect them no matter what. On one hand she should have talked about it, but Tyreese was being naive and selfish by visiting Karen and potentially getting everyone sick, she knew that everyone was just too emotionally connected.
    Not saying that Rick didn’t do the right thing, he weighed up the options and made the decision he thought was right… finally being the leader that he needed to be.

    • Carol did not make the correct decision in murdering two people that were ill. First, she had no way of knowing exactly what illness they had. Second, if those two people had the death illness, they could have been isolated, like the others now. Third, if one of those people had been her own daughter, she would not likely have murdered her. Fourth, it was not her choice to make, but rather, Rick’s and/or the council’s decision. Lastly, you speak of Tyreese being naive and selfish, but what about her? She murdered two people, not knowing exactly what was wrong with them, nor discussing her intentions with anyone else. Protecting her family? She acted hastily, immorally, and selfishly.

      Rick was right to banish her.

    • I think her actions were justified, but not telling the group (being a member of the council) just shows that she can’t be trusted anymore. Plus, Rick pretty much saved her by banishing her, considering Tyrese would have probably killed her.

    • This was one of those situations where they really was no “right” decision. On the one hand, there needs to be somebody that’s willing to make the tough decisions that nobody else is willing to even contemplate, and Carol had become that person; on the other hand, she killed two people, and it ended up being in vain. If she had successfully managed to stave off the illness by killing them, would her actions have been justified?

  8. Great episode. I would of done the same thing Rick did. I figured he was gonna give her more than a talking to. Thought she would leave on her own choice during the run by episodes end.

    Bet we’ll see Carol again. Maybe she’ll be at the new safe haven before the rest will or show up after before the season is over or next season.

  9. Daryl will not like very much that carol is gone !
    Better then last week !

  10. Season four is batting four for four! Another excellent episode in which we get sharp insight into the emotions behind the choices and decisions made by the characters. We can fully understand what led Carol to make a cold, calculated, brutal choice as much as we can feel empathy for Rick’s decision on how to deal with the situation that choice created. The concentration on the human drama was nicely integrated with well realized walker action that was seamlessly and logically woven into the storyline. I also like the development of Bob’s character which had been troubling me up until this episode as well as the dynamics between Michone, Daryl and Tyreese. My tiniest of quibbles this time around centers on the fact that I found the hippiesh couple an interesting addition to the proceedings and was sorry to see their quick demise (although we only know for sure that we won’t be seeing Ana again). I also doubt that we have seen the last of Carol. I don’t agree with Kevin at all regarding the lack of emotional blow as we lost a major player at the conclusion of this episode. The scenes between Rick and Carol were all bursting with emotion that had me in it’s grip which tightened as it became more and more clear what the resolution would be.

    • “… with well realized walker action that was seamlessly and logically woven into the storyline.”

      Well, no! In fact – as I argued below – I consider this action scene not very woven into the plot and proper for the characters. The danger was very artificially stage-managed. Especially this team wouldn’t have any problem with a few walkers (and in the end didn’t) … then the dangerous situation disappeared as suddenly as it appeared … just for the sake of a dialogue on the roof. Not plausible. And I don’t mean if it could be plausible from a human view … it is not plausible in the show.

      It was a good episode, still slow (it’s ok) … but (contrary to season 1) the writers seem to have a problem with the staging of plausible action and sudden danger scenes.

      • Yes, you argue it below quite unsuccessfully in fact. I stand by my quote (thanks for repeating it!) and argued in favor of that scene (quite unsuccessfully for you obviously) in my previous post. There was a natural flow to the events in this episode that made element of the story a seamless progression. (IMO)

        • I totally agree with the progress of the story in the episode overall. I’m just arguing about the creation of suspense within the building, when the group wants to leave.
          And here you didn’t really “argue” … you just claimed it “seamlessly and logically woven into the storyline” in your much valued opinion ;) … that’s not exactly arguing.

          However, don’t want to start something … obviously we’ve different expectations for things “seamlessly and logically woven into the storyline”. :D

          • I did argue it though I’ll be the 1st to admit not very thoroughly in my post where I talk about walkers are always going to be around, mentioned the size of the facility, walkers haven’t proven themselves very adept…. You presented your argument with specific examples and that trumps me for sure. Still stand by my analysis. I am just basking in the fact that you only had this one complaint so I am going to defer to you this round.

            • Ah, and so the arguements begin, LOL. The complaints this season is soo rare that it’s actually nice to see a couple. So far, the approval rating for season 4 is at 91% based on TWD comic book fan club. Not bad considering S2 & S3 only had an approval rating of 72%.

  11. im hoping all of these episodes in this season leads to that giant bunch of zombies coming to the prison and it forces everyone to flee. Im hoping we don’t see the gov again until a season or two

  12. Well, compared to anything in S3 this was a masterclass. For once I enjoyed not counting the amount of stupid moments (as there were very few) and embraced the fact that this all felt a little more real, both in terms of adherence to morality and inconsistency of motivation from people favouring the singular rather than the collective.

    Of course, the zombie moments do and always will come stamped with ‘obligatory’. Nothing in this aspect ever feels natural when they appear, which should actually be the easiest thing to incorporate considering they are significantly outweighing location and population.

    Anyways, back to kid acting next week. It was fun whilst it lasted.

    • Yeah, I also enjoyed not counting stupid moments – there was only one in my opinion: the sudden danger in the building and Daryl’s group on the run from a few walkers seemed totally silly to me. They went in, walked around, no walkers, they want out … walkers … not really much … they step out of the broken window … danger’s over, because the drama dialogue requires time. Not plausible!

    • That very comment about counting stupid moments is proof positive that you go into watching this show with a negative mindset and then go about justifying it. For me, that totally makes your observations null and void. Please not that I specifically said “for me” meaning I’m sure for you and everyone that is of like mind your views are legit and I wouldn’t suggest any different. Just, for me, null and void.

  13. the scene of the alchoholic choosing the bottle over safety was done great…the emotional struggle was intense, Daryl ripped him but also realizes the addiction and depression are strong

    • Yes, you can tell with Daryl by his facial expression that Bob admitting he’s an alcoholic brought back bad memories of Meryl along with his dad beatings(his dad had drinking problems too). Intense moment

  14. Rick’s character merely furthers his hypocrisy in this episode by banishing Carol. First of all, Carol’s actions – as well as Carl’s when he shoots a kid who was surrendering at the end of last season – are all examples of having Rick as a role model. Rick’s character wants to pretend that he’s high and mighty. Well, this is the guy who killed his best friend. This is the guy who imprisoned an unarmed kid and imposed the death sentence on him while at the farm. This is the guy who simply passed a hitchhiker who was begging for help last season, only to come back and steal the guy’s backpack after he was killed.

    Therefore, Rick is going to get all high and mighty with Carol, just because he’s had a change of heart?

    There are also some things that make no sense on this show: They haven’t clearly explained why they didn’t stay at Woodbury instead of a dank, dirty prison where infection and illness were bound to spread. Also, the group is dealing with a virulent form of the flu (how they figured that out is anybody’s guess, I would have guessed batchelism). Taking antibiotics for the flu is useless – you might as well suck on Jolly Ranchers.

    Also, antibiotics go bad after less than a year (so does gasoline, but oh well).

    Can this actually have some sort of interesting plot, other than the character plodding around for supplies and dealing with meaningless moral issues? How about trying to find out how the virus started?

    • Sure, why don’t they just sit around talking about how the virus started instead of going to get meds as soon as possible? Yeah, that makes since…

      And if you seriously can’t understand Rick’s decision to banish Carol, then you don’t know Rick’s character very well at all.

      • LOL right. I mean, finding out how the virus started is like explaining physics to a 2 year old. I can understand if a doctor wasn’t trying but as the guy at the CDC said in season 1, they have tried to find out where it started along with a cure but to no success. If a guy who was familiar with genetics didn’t have an answer, what makes you think people with no idea what the genetic structures are will have an Einstein moment.

        • They didn’t have a answer 2. Years ago,all plauges too time…too figure out not saying they will..but u def can’t go off what one coward doctor told you 2 years ago doesn’t make since on any level they have barely left Atlanta they haven’t explored anything…I don’t care what the comics say this ain’t the comics..nothing I have seen would cause anybody with since to just stay in a dirty prison and die

          • But again, you’re missing the point. This isn’t a Romero movie in which a janitor all of a sudden becomes a genetics doctor. That is just lazy writing. I can understand the point of why Dr S isn’t looking for a cure. I get that but to think that a Rick, Carl, Tyreese, or any of the other people who do not know anything about reverse genetics in reversing a virus effect in society. It would be like your cashier at a McDonalds being expected to find an equation for a way to use rocket fuel for a longer travel in space. There is an equation out there but do you think that common kid will all of a sudden become a rocket scientist by just having an “ah ha” moment.

            • I see you missed my point it’s common sense they are not going to create a cure..your love for the show has blinded you in the sense of you not thinking orther people have common sense..when I say find a cure I mean there could be facilities out there for all they know they haven’t even left Georgia ur insulting my intelligence…why would in the man above name would I believe…that a group that consists of normal people would all of a sudden ..know genetics,medical information and whatever u need to try and tackle a virus..your wise comparisons makes u seem to lake common sense

              • How is my comparison lacking common sense? So do you believe that by them moving around they will find someone that will all of a sudden find a cure or will find a better fitted location? If so, then you need to read the source material because most of the material shows that zombies are #2 on the threat level with humans being a clear #1. Given the issues they’ve faced in S2 and S3 with the outside world, I would be a little put off by other people as well.

                • Why can’t they run into someone…they haven’t even left the state..So how would they know for themselves anything I watched every episode multiple times I don’t need source material..nobody or nothing they came across on the tv show would justify every single person thinking 100% sure that there will never be a cure or safe zone..Georgia isn’t even close to 1 percent of the world..yea it may take time to move around…but it’s not like they have anything else to do

                  • Not like they have anything else to do? How about, I don’t know, finding a place to fortify and SURVIVE, which is what they’ve been doing. At this point just moving around isn’t exactly “easy”. Because of how secure the prison is right now, it’s better to just stay there than leave and “hope” there’s a cure or a safe zone out there. The zombie apocalypse has gone on for over two years (in the show) now, it would be hard to believe they could find a better place than the prison right now.

                    • Nope. The apocalypse has gone on for less than 2 years, guess 18 – max. 20 months of (story) time passed in The Walking Dead: Season 1 occured in spring or early summer, season 2 in the same year summer and autumn, then at the beginning of season 3 we’ve seen that the group survived a hard winter and then they find the prison in spring. So season 3 again is set in spring and summer. Now at the beginning of season 4 it’s late summer or autumn.

                      And here I agree again: It’s just to early for them to think about long time solutions, in my opinion. But they should start to think about it … and Rick’s farmer ambitions are kinda this direction. For now they were on the run. Hershel’s farm was the first break … but it was overrun … shocking … not save … now they found the prison and knew about Woodbury just about 4 to 6 months ago. They just want a break, a safe haven … they aren’t yet ready to think about rebuilding civilization or how … for now they think about survival.

                    • Spot on! Their are posters who don’t seem to get that these are folks who have had to absorb an overwhelming amount of radical change in life as they knew it and have experienced devastating consequences during their journey. They want, better yet need to try to establish some level of normalcy, some resemblance to life as they understood it to be in order to retain their sanity and regain their humanity. They need to get a handle on the day to day details of survival before they can even begin to contemplate the BIG picture. It’s only been 18 months for goodness sake!

                    • I agree. I think with everything happening(dangers) they haven’t really had time to think about the future outcome. Rick farming was a step into that direction but right now it’s all about comfort and protection.
                      Just an observation but the way these episodes have been running it makes me think come midseason they will reach a certain issue that may drive them out of the prison and with the season ending being the arrival to Virginia/Washington DC.

                    • Robert, you missed the point here, which is that the central plot of the show hasn’t changed since season one, nor have any plot developments. The group finds a place that’s safe for a little while, there’s a bit of in-fighting, trouble with other survivors, and some character bonding/feuding when they go out on supply runs. Some characters have gone crazy, while other characters continue to plod along in a world where flesh-eating zombies exist, which in itself is a medical impossibility.

                      Perhaps discovering something new about the virus or perhaps how it started would be a new part of the story that actually interesting, different, and won’t bore the viewer to tears and make the viewer shout “this is exactly what happened last episode! For the love of god, please have something happen that’s actually interesting and different!”

                      This is probably the most overrate show on television, and Romero is right – this is simply a soap opera with zombies.

                      If you want to see a very good show that is intelligently written and, above all else, is actually entertaining (unlike TWD, Boardwalk Empire has a story line that actually progresses), you should watch HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.

      • This show is basically “The English Patient” of the horror genre.

        • VictorNYC, I haven’t missed any point. IMO it’s a pointless point. Just don’t agree with you. Your oversimplification of the series doesn’t cut it as an argument against it’s quality. Every show can be stripped down to it’s basic conceit even Boardwalk Empire (which I do watch and regard as quality television as well. BE being good doesn’t negate the quality of TWD). The fact is it isn’t the story being told that matters (all stories are derivative to some degree) it is how it is told. For me, The Walking Dead is told in a most entertaining, engaging and always interesting way. And your statements regarding the viewer being bored and shouting etc. probably refers to yourself and others who are like minded but does not accurately reflect the reaction of MOST viewers. Romero is one of my filmmaking heroes…doesn’t mean he is always right and quite frankly some of his later efforts at the continuation of his zombie saga have been less than satisfying for me.

    • This is what I have been saying there is no goal or objective..Nothing to root for or hope for…just a bunch of pointless drama…you want to stay in the dirty infested prison but this man can’t have a drank be serious…they showed nothing so far too make Daryl act like that…

    • He killed his best friend who was just about to kill him which makes that argument pretty pointless. And actually any of the examples given (hitchhiker, men in the bar) are also negated by the mere fact of Rick’s character arc. He isn’t hypocritical, he has been on the road to redemption as he tries to regain his humanity. That has been the whole point of his journey and a point that some posters seem to have missed or are simply ignoring.

  15. oh boy daryl is gonna snap when he finds out what rick did with carol

    • absolutely EVERYONE is saying that but im afraid Daryl will be submissive to Rick. It’s obvious to say that Daryl will be pissed , jeez his brother who abandoned him to his abusive father was a racist murderer who tortured his friends for joy AND YET Daryl stood by him,
      BUT i fear that the writers will choose the unexpected card instead of character justice and make Daryl go all “i agree with you Rick my master” just to shock people even if we all know that this is not Daryl.

  16. I think that I would rather have Carol protecting my children rather than Rick. She is tough and she has changed a lot since being an abused spouse. I think Rick is going to need Carol one day. But I agree that he did save her life. I think Tyreese hasn’t let go yet. It is like he has a death wish.

  17. Perhaps The walking Dead’s spinoff show will feature Carol. Just a thought.

  18. I’m interested in seeing what Darryl is going to have to say about Carol no longer being in the group.

    And like previously stated I have a feeling she’ll join the Governor.

  19. Good episode, but still a little bit slow.

    Only weak point of this episode again was the short scene in the building when Daryl and the other got surrounded by walkers. Again suspense and tempo is created very artificially – they go into the building, no walkers seen … then on the way out suddenly there are walkers everywhere and it the set up will make us believe it’s a very dangerous situation. They run … from just a few walkers … then they step out of the broken window … end of danger zone … walkers just can overcome any barrage when suspense is needed, but not walk through a window when a dramatic dialogue on the roof requires some time.
    It’s a bit unsatisfactory that obviously the writers can’t create suspense and action consistent and plausible.

    However, the episode overall was really much better than the lame episodes 1 & 2 and also was an improvement compared with ep. 3. Really great (argued) and – for me – unexpected move of Rick to break with Carol. Good move to not not let a main character die, but just leave. I hope Rick’s coming back as a leader.

    Also good development in the character building of Tyreese.

    So overall: It’s getting better, but they have to work on more plausible action scenes and sudden danger scenarios!

    • It’s with great satisfaction that I read your post and that you appreciated much of this episode. I don’t agree at all with you about the med building scene. There was nothing implausible about it. Your assumption that there were no walkers around is what is somewhat unrealistic considering the landscape in which this story exists. And the walkers haven’t been shown as quick thinkers or adept at getting through obstacles or climbing so it would make sense that they would be a bit clumsy at getting through the window. No false suspense. No artificially created action. Quite frankly, considering the backdrop of this show, suspense, danger, dread, fear, etc. is omnipresent.

      • Yeah, of course: walkers are everywhere in this world … but it’s not the problem with the walkers everywhere (in fact they are not … too much randomness). It’s about their appearance just when it’s obviously needed for some action – just to have some action and not out of the plot.

        The development of this scene is too obviously fitted for just one reason: danger button ON – danger button OFF.

        However, that’s the only complaint I have for this episode.

  20. For me, this season has been a bit lackluster. While far from awful, my expectations for this season were a bit higher.
    Buy I get it. You can only have so many big episodes and what we are getting now are just filler episodes- I mean the whole flu thing will subside eventually and do we really need this many episodes on it?

    I think we need some more structure and direction as to where the season is headed in the coming episodes. We all know the Governor is still lurking out there but maybe it would be nice to introduce another human threat to the group. At this point I feel like the season is aimless.

    • Totally agreed! And as much as I appreciate slow episodes as well as character and plot development … the whole season 2 was veeery slow, then season 3 was a seesaw of slow episodes and some action … but overall built the expectation for an amazing action final. These expectations were gutted fulminant … and now slow episodes really have to be very well written, because everyone lusts for action (similar to season 1) like a walker for fresh flesh.

  21. This was another good episode…if any of you read the comics you know Carol’s demise…so they had to write something in it’s place….this works…hopefully we will get to see her as a zombie in the 2nd half of the season

    • Not the comics my friend. If it was Andrea would still be around kickin’ some mean walker butt and Hershel would be history.

      • It’s not the comic, true … but it’s still an adaptation and it’s not totally without relation. I really appreciate the tv adaptation so far, but there’s a reason why the comic book works. It’s a team book with core and changing members. For every story arc there are more or less important roles for group members. These roles have to be replaced, if the comic book character dies on TV.

        Comic Book Spoilers!!!

        I think the death of Andrea was a waste of a good character. Her role in the group has to be replaced at least when the Andrea Safe Zone story arc begins. Maybe Daryl will take her role. But Daryl already has part of the role of Comic Book Tyreese. Now we have Tyreese (maybe we’ve seen the start of his love affair with Michonne in this episode?) and in this season we will see Abraham joining the group … so we have Daryl, Tyreese and Abraham in very similar roles. I’m curious to see how they solve this problem on TV.

        TV Hershel just takes the role of Comic Dale (so I bet he will die in this season). For example: Will Hershel take Dale’s role in the Hunters story arc? If not, who will?

        Faszinating! :)

        • I look forward to your posts as they are very informative and even when I vehemently disagree with your point of view, I appreciate your thought process in deriving your analysis. We definately have diametrically opposite views on the series quality over the 3 and into the 4th season but I think we do have some points of agreement on where the show succeeds. By the way, on Talking Dead last week, Gale Anne Hurd said that it has been a year and a half since the apocalypse began so all the assumptions about what should be left such as gas and batteries maintaining their power, etc. were kinda premature. I was thinking it had been around 3 years but I was wrong…show does not progress in real time so I should have known better.

          • Thanks. Too bad I don’t watch Talking Dead, since I’m outside USA (Europe). Doesn’t work for me on the AMC website. Have to look for some other online source …

            • Watched Talking Dead now online … first time … and have to say: such an stupid talk show! I mean, I really can be enthusiastic about some tv shows … but this is just a senseless hail and praise show to create additional ad dollars. It seems pretty set up for me … the audience (or fans) just ask a few question and then are merciful dismissed. The topics are pretty set up to praise and explain to an underestimated audience what happened in the show and how well done it was. No critics, just hail the Dead.

              Nobody would watch such an senseless, empty talk show for 40 minutes (!!!) in Europe! Although we watch many senseless, empty talk shows here in old Europe … but not one that is obviously not really a show, but a colossal oversized commercial.

              • It’s a show for the fans and in that regard succeeds. It’s not meant for any serious critical dissection of the episodes. It is for all intent and purposes inconsequential. It’s like going to a scifi convention honoring Dr. Who and meeting with folks who are FANatical about the show. You do on occasion get some insight when a Kirkman or Nicotero or Hurd or cast member guests and they have explained some plot choices and hinted at upcoming story arcs so for that it can be fun to watch. You received some info that you were grateful for from other posters that they learned from watching the show so it does have some minimal value. It’s good for a chuckle but certainly NOT must see TV.

          • When it comes to time, the comic is very slow too … it’s for sure not real time. This you have to have in mind … it’s sometimes hard. I remember HBO’s DEADWOOD (one of the best shows ever, still annoyed they didn’t finish the story with season 4) … every episode was just one day (or little more)! So after one season (12 episodes) not even a month passed (between seasons more time passed).

            The (story) time passed in The Walking Dead is a little less than 2 years: Season 1 occured in spring or early summer, season 2 in the same year summer and autumn, then at the beginning of season 3 we’ve seen that the group survived a hard winter and then they find the prison in spring. So season 3 again is set in spring and summer. Now at the beginning of season 4 it’s late summer or autumn. I think it was even mentioned one episode of season 4 that winter is coming, if I remember right?

            So one and a half year would be my guess too.

            • Think you nailed it. I remember posters last season talking about how it’s been 3 years shortly after Lori gave birth which would have made it a fantastical record breaking pregnancy for sure. I guess they equate number of seasons with number of years.

  22. I like Carol and hate what the writers have done to her character. But as it stands, she had no right to kill anyone. Not sure if I like where that story is going.

    Also, I get tired of new folks being introduced, finding they’re quite nice people and bam, gone in the next 5 minutes. Maybe Sam will be found walking toward the prison, since Rick did tell them where it was.

    • I don’t think the writers have “done anything” out of line with her character. Everything she’s done has totally made sense (from her point of view, at least) considering her backstory and what she’s seen (and lost). But, keeping secrets from the council is pretty much what led to her banishment. Not saying some of her decisions have been good, but they’ve made sense for her character (as opposed to Lori, who was all over the place).

      And come on, it’s The Walking Dead we’re talking about here. Part of what makes the show so intense is not knowing if a new character will be one that lasts or will be “gone in the next 5 minutes”. And yes, we have had several new characters introduced that are interesting and are still around.

      • What Robert W. said!!!

      • Totally agree!
        The development of Carol is great and it makes sense for her character. The bad thing about her decision to kill those two members of her own group is that she decided alone and for herself to kill someone! Regardless if this decision is reasonable or not … she can’t kill her own people just because she herself thinks it’s the right thing to do … Rick is totally right: How can he ever trust her again with Carl? What if Carl is getting sick? The group will always be in danger for some reason … but the group is kinda family or clan now and you have to trust every member of your group to not raise the hand against their own. Trust within the own group is for survival now. Otherwise you’re out.
        And I’m really glad about Rick taking the leaders role again and making this decision!

        • Exactly. And the main issue that other commenters don’t seem to get is that Carol killing them wasn’t the problem: keeping it a secret and doing it herself was the problem. It would be one thing if she was just a random member of the prison, but she’s part of the COUNCIL! Now she’s done SEVERAL things without the councils permission, making it difficult for anyone to trust her.

          Not saying she’s wrong, but by keeping so many things from the council has made her simply untrustworthy. I love her character and understand her decisions, but Rick was in the right here. That’s what I’ve loved about this season, having characters that make mistakes but not hating them either (like Andrea). I was SO glad when Andrea died, although it does suck that they couldn’t have developed her character more like how she is in the comics.

          • Totally agreed!

  23. I’m not sure if anyone’s mentioned this yet. What if there setting up Carol to be a character on the spin-off show there making? Just a thought.

    • It’s an option, but I don’t think so. All I know about the spin-off is that it’s a totally different group with no relation to Rick’s group and I think it’s located elsewhere. Don’t know why, but I always have the west coast in mind …

  24. Great Episode.

    I am on Team Rick (as always). Banishing Carol was smart and the best decision. She was wrong to murder two people who, for all she knew, could have pulled through and lived. She was basically responsible for the deaths of the two new people (I have no clue how they survived this long but whatever). She proved to Rick that she felt justified even if she felt bad about it. That isn’t someone you can trust.

    Sure Rick did things like Carol and Carl did (although shooting Shane was way different than Carol’s pyro party and Carl’s shooting of that helpless kid) but Rick stopped himself and broke off from that path (hence Farmer Rick). Rick can see what it looks like to go too far and lose humanity, something that he is fighting for just as much as his family. Carol lost it. What is the point in surviving a zombie apocalypse without having humanity?

    • pyro party… that made me laugh sir!

  25. seriously… tyreese needs to just let it go. Zombie apocalypse bro! sorry the chick (who is also the mom on teen wolf) you knew for a few months and wouldn’t even sleep with you and who was dying anyways was killed. And Tyreese was going to go visit her when they were being quarantined, probably to serenade her some more with his crap-ass singing. I guess what i’m trying to say is i can’t stand him, liked him last season where he seemed level headed and smart, now he’s acting like a big baby boo-hooing over that chick and barely realizing that “hey! your sister could also die, will you stop moping and help save her!” ugh, just ugh!!!

    • Guess you have never been in love.

      Great episode, cannot wait for next week.

  26. I really disagreed with Rick’s decision to banish Carol. Everyone keeps harping on the “Shane” comparison and how that really isn’t a good reference (quite justly I might add) but everyone seems to have completely forgotten Rick blowing away the 2 guys in the bar. Now that IS a direct comparison……Rick surmised that these two were bad news and a threat so he preemptively took them both out. So how exactly is that different than what Carol did? (other than the fact that virtually no one in the show knows it happened)

    Also Carol herself said they were choking on their own blood which is a sure sign of going well past the point of no return. While I don’t necessarily agree with her taking it upon herself to be judge, jury and executioner, I don’t think it was a bad choice.

    Also how is Rick’s decision to banish Carol and different that Carol deciding on her own to kill them? The hypocrisy is astounding. They should have gone back and let the council decide what to do and let he present Carol have her say.

    Very disappointed in losing Carol. Our original members list is getting rather thin.

    • Umm, those two dudes in the bar were going to KILL Rick. He didn’t just assume that, they drew on HIM.

      Also, I love how you say they should have gone to the council to discuss what to do with Carol, but did Carol do that after she killed Karen and David? Nope. And as MANY others have mentioned, Tyrese would have killed Carol, Rick saved her life. Yes, there will be consequences for Rick not discussing this with the group first, but ultimately I’d say he made the right decision.

      And OF COURSE Carol will be returning at some point. It’s The Walking Dead for crying out loud. Morgan came back, Merle came back, yeah, I think it’s safe to say she will return at some point.

  27. Carol may be back but would she have to redeem herself first, before being re-accepted back into the group?

  28. As usual a great show. However, the abject stupidity of these people continues to amaze me! The complete lack of preparation, whether at the prison where they fail to see that they should reenforce the fences until they start to fall down, to the evident lack of any organization when they reach the town. When you are looking for medical supplies why would you only take certain meds or supplies instead of all the supplies, I suppose so you can continue coming back risking zombie attack to further the story line? Why would you involve people you don’t know in the search when doing so could cause you to have to rescue them and risk your own people? It seems the writers use ridiculous plot devices to move the story forward feeling somehow that viewer will just write it off as some kind of reaction to living in fear of the zombies!

  29. I don’t agree with the decision Rick made. They are woefully thin on capable and productive group members. She made a bad decision, good intentions poor judgment. Her chances of survival alone are drastically reduced.
    Rick bears some responsibility as well, if he were not off playing Farmer John and leading the group as he should be Carol would not likely have killed them. Her “someone had to do something” comment implies that.
    Tyrese is a loose cannon and I wouldn’t trust him. I would trust Carol to do what is best for the group for the most part.
    There is no comparison to what Rick did with Shane (sheer self defense and he did a poor job of explaining that to the group and his freak of a wife) or the two clowns in the bar, they were bad apples and Rick knew it. That was borne out during the interrogation of the punk they foolishly rescued when he informed Darryl that his group had raped and kidnapped the daughters of the man they found dead by suicide in the tent.
    Did the bozo’s in the bar not try to draw on Rick first anyway? I will have to go back to that episode and confirm. Either way, they were bad news and anyone with a clue could see that.
    The hitchhiker on the road was harsh, but he was not part of their group.