‘Walking Dead’ Season 4 Details Revealed

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Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira in The Walking Dead Welcome to the Tombs Walking Dead Season 4 Details Revealed

Season 3 of The Walking Dead has come to a close, but just like the gruesome fate that potentially awaits each and every character, the series will return to stalk and torment those still counted among the living.

But unlike the climax of season 2 – which teased viewers with a tantalizing and somewhat-foreboding glimpse of the prison – season 3 reached its conclusion with a slight sense of optimism (as Rick and the others welcomed the citizens of Woodbury into the prison), but no real indication of the direction The Walking Dead would be headed in season 4.

In a series of interviews, comic book creator Robert Kirkman discussed the season 3 finale, the fate of Andrea, Milton and the Governor, as well as what fans can expect from the core group of survivors, now that they seem intent on making a go of it as a community in the prison.

While there have been certain key deviations the series has taken from the source material, e.g., Andrea’s demise, Kirkman maintains that at least some of season 4 will focus on the dynamic between Rick and the recently-welcomed Tyreese.

Kirkman said:

“There’s some really, really cool and big stuff that people have been expecting, or that people have been anticipating from the comics, that will work into Season 4. To give a hint, I will say that we do have Tyreese and Rick, who are now united, which is a big moment for the comic book fans. There’s a lot of story that comes from those two guys being on the same side. We’ll possibly see a bit of that in Season 4.”

David Morrissey as Phil in The Walking Dead Welcome to the Tombs Walking Dead Season 4 Details Revealed

But Rick aligning himself with Tyreese won’t be the only change fans will see in the character. According to Kirkman, Rick’s brief interaction with the Governor and the environment he created in Woodbury has caused Rick to re-think some aspects of how he intends to survive in this zombie-infested world, and what it means now that he’s decided to no longer keep everyone at arm’s length or, as we saw in ‘Clear,’ ignore a stranger’s plea for help.

“It’s going to be different in a lot of ways. We’ll see a very different Rick Grimes for one. His experiences against the Governor and with the various things that happened to him in season three are informing his character in huge ways. We’ll see a lot of familiar elements from season three: we’ll see the prison, Rick and his group are still in the same place but those elements are all going to be radically different. I can’t really get into it but season four is going to be extremely different than season three in some very startling and cool ways.

This is the moment where Rick takes a turn; he’s no longer going to be pushing people away, he’s no longer going to be doing what ever he can to protect these people in ways that hurt other people. He’s not going to be the guy who would leave that guy on the side of the road — the backpack guy in Episode 12. He’s letting the people of Woodbury in and trying to tell Carl that these people are like us, you have to be open to this and the only way to survive in this world is to have people and be in a community. That’s going to be a big part of season four.”

Chandler Riggs and Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead Welcome to the Tombs Walking Dead Season 4 Details Revealed

While Rick seems more intent on exploring his compassionate side, and possibly learning to grow a community, Carl has adopted a far more ruthless, kill-or-be-killed type of mentality. As evidenced by his merciless killing of a young man who appeared to have been surrendering, Carl’s shift into that of a child soldier has now yielded some negative results, and the youngster may soon find himself at an ideological crossroads with his father.

“Rick’s got his work cut out for him. He’s aware of this and he sees what allowing his son to become a child soldier has brought, which is a very big part of Season 4. Moving forward in the show, this is a guy who’s working as hard as he can to maintain a life for this child. [In] the process of surviving… he’s allowed his son to lose a pretty substantial piece of his humanity. It’s now a question of: Is there going back? Is this now status quo? These are the things that a father will have to deal with.”

In the closing moments of ‘Welcome to the Tombs,’ we saw as Rick welcomed not only Tyreese and Sasha into the fold, but he also brought the people of Woodbury to the prison. There have been questions circulating as to why the decision was made to stay in the prison, rather than the relatively normal confines of Woodbury, but Kirkman says the continued threat of the Governor makes the prison the more sensible choice for Rick and the others.

Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus in The Walking Dead Welcome to the Tombs Walking Dead Season 4 Details Revealed

“They see the prison as something that is much more easily defended than Woodbury. They were able to get into Woodbury easily themselves. The Woodbury defenses are very effective against zombies, but not very effective against humans. They see [the prison] as much more of a defensible position.”

And while the comic creator acknowledges the next season’s storyline will begin at the prison, there’s no guarantee that is where it will end.

“There’s always going to be new locations and new places to discover and explore. I don’t want to reveal too much; Season 4 is still five months away. But I will say that as we see at the end of Season 3 we’re definitely going to start Season 4 at the prison. We may be there the whole season and we may not be… But there are going to be some big differences from Season 3.”

Season 4 of The Walking Dead will premiere this fall on AMC.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter, TV Line, TV Guide

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

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  1. Finale sucked more dick than Andrea does…

    • Did anyone else find it ridiculous that while the Governor was gunning down about 20 or 30 of his innocent followers, nobody decided to shoot back?

      I mean, most of them still would of been armed. Then that last guy standing pointing the gun at him didn’t even shoot him, he waited an eternity and just stood there while the Governor took ages to shoot him. Why would the 2 guys just drive off with him into the sunset,,AGGHHHH, It just doesn’t make any sense, such poor writing.

      • A lot of them might not be aware(they are in the back of HIS gun)..Since the HE is still the head of the team,no one could imagine that HE will fire…However,that is something undeniable which is the last guy who didnt shoot but only point the gun towards HIM…LOL

        • You are forgetting that it is not an easy thing to pull the trigger against another human being, no matter how evil he is. Allen didn’t have it in him to pull the trigger, because he never had to. The whole Woodbury “army” were not soldiers, that’s why they retreated to two people.

  2. as i see right now there will be A LOT OF RUNS to Woodbury for supplies

  3. Not looking forward to the whole Carl story arc. It got annoying in season 2.

    • Amen to that brother

    • that was because Carl was acting like a bratty kid. Not a badass killer.

      • Now he’s just a bratty bad ass killer.

        • That kid was being an idiot with Carl and Hershel. They told him to put the gun down and what does the idiot do? Keep walking towards them still holding the gun. If Carl hadn’t shot him they may have tried to pull a fast one to kill Carl instead.

  4. This storyline offers the perfect way to write off Hershel, Beth and baby Judith not by killing them off, but leaving them behind with the community. Some twist will happen where we will see Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Tyrese, Michonne, Maggie, and Karen and some new characters leave the prison and move on to somewhere else.

  5. Carl is a little b****, Rick needs to slap him something serious and let that kid know his place and shut his damn mouth. His character is as annoying as his mom and the whole pompous “I’m a big kid now” is getting so old and lame. Rick obviously should have dealt with that sooner than let this unwieldy kid get too individualized. Children need guidance, without it they’re left to their own devices. I can see Carl being written this way to convey that point, but regardless, it’s getting extremely hard to watch and way too cheesy.

    At least Andrea died…I actually liked her a smidge more by the end…just a tad.

    • Wrong, Carl has improved. That guy deserved to be shot by Carl.

    • i know right that kid needs to now his place. We get it he had to blow his mother’s brain out and grow up fast big deal that doesn’t mean that he has to tell his father what to do. Men i want to b@#%* slap that kid for real.

  6. It took a whole season to kill Andrea truly disappointing and not by a horde of zombies, The Governor but by one zombie possibly the worst character on the show. Then Carl kills another kid in cold blood and thinks he is tough, not even after zombie apocalypse do parents get to beat their children when needed. The turning point on the crazy train that is The Governor is when he executed all those people, all in all it was a bat sh*t crazy cream pie that did not satisfy me in the slightest.

    • Ya and what would have happened if the guy pulled a fast one and killed Carl instead? He deserved to be shot for being too stupid to put down the gun when he was told.

  7. Walking dead finale was quite simply BAD. Season 3 was lazy writing dragged out filler episodes… Get back to the main thing here WALKERS… People vs people is done. You have got to the point of how hard it is to survive. We get it. Now season 4 make the cast more vunerable to walker attacks and less easier to kill. The scare factor needs to be raised a notch. Drop in someone from the CDC with new information about the plague. Make Rick a leader again and not seeing the ghost or whatever of his dead wife. Make michonne even more bad ass with the katanna. Glen should kill the guvnor with his bare hands. Get the audience more involved Raise the game! Sorry for rant ;)

    • The main thing is NOT the walkers like you and a lot of people think. Yhe storie is that people are the real enemy when the world goes to hell. The walkers are a means to tell that story. I wuld like to see them move the story to not only the prison but to other locations too, like a big city. Even like create a new group of survivors in a big city and just switch stories back and forth were they at a point would unite the 2 groups. Flashbacks to the past have not been done so much (only 2 times if i counted them correctly) and would be a welcome adition to tell a bigger story about what happend and flush out some characters more.

      • That’s what I’ve been saying for the longest. the Zombies are just sort of a backdrop to the story. It’s more about their encounters and interactions with others as they try to survive. That’s why you always see new foes appear. It’s all about how they handle it with in combination with the walkers…

    • You mean make it like all the crappy zombie movies that everyone hates? No thank you. Please stop watching, and stop trying to ruin the show. Also, you probably didn’t pick up on it, but The Walking Dead is a symbol for the survivors. And how is people vs people done? In a post apocalyptic world, you would encounter so many dangerous people because supplies and safety are scarce.

    • The Walkers are the main thing??

      Your right.
      But you fail to realize that the Human survivors ARE the Walking Dead.

      • Mind = blown

      • Clever! And so true:) People today are ignorant to the human plight now much less in that type of situation. Yes they want to survive but what is survival if in the process you lose the very thing that makes you human, which is love and compassion for others. I would like to see them get to the local hardware store and get some paint. I think the place needs brightening up. They could all use some visual stimulation, especially Lil Asskicker! Lol

    • Agreed! The Governor story arc should have ended with season 3 … I’m totally not interested in another prison & rumble of surviver gangs season!

      To fix this the Governor should launch his second attack as soon as possible in Season 4 … and die, brought to justice, hopefully by the sword of Michonne … then start a NEW SEASON!

      But I’m afraid we will get another super slow prison season and the second attack at best as midseason finale or at worst as Season 4 final.

      If so, I pretty soon will lose interest in the show!!!

    • Sounds like someone missed the whole point of the show. The show is more about human development and less about zombies. If you want zombie action,go check out those zombie movies

    • @ walkinglost ” lazy writing dragged out filler episodes” spot on. That is exactly what we got this season. If they can’t keep up the suspense and excitement. I would settle for 13 or even 6 great episodes versus 16 fluff filler lack luster watered down episodes. And to those out there saying well there is worse shows out there to watch…were is your line drawn? When do you say enough is enough? Personally those kind of comments to me usually come from fanboys who just follow and what ever they are a fan of can do no wrong. I’m a fan, but if something seems like it needs critiqued, i do, and if a majority think the the same, guess what? It probably does need addressed.

    • Not the whole season 3 but just the 2nd half. The 2nd half slowed down completly like if it was season 2. Not enough blend of action and drama. Plus the poor horrible writing of Merels pointless death considering how this episode turned out. Nothing but a bait and switch. Hype up the “big” fight and switch it with this episode.

    • I strongly disagree with your comment walkinglost. I obviously can’t tell a person what they find entertaining but more people watch the WD, assuming its a character piece than an action piece. I get it, you find it more entertaining to see zombies and hoardes and all the gore that goes with it. I highly recommend the resident evil series, this seems more your style. I love the WD special effects and wouldn’t be upset by more zombies, but I get they are just a back drop. To me it sounds like you’d rather have a tv redefine itself rather than watch something that more fits your viewing pleasures.

  8. We all have to face it; since Frank Darabont was fired the ambition to create a cinematic post apocalypse TV experience has given way to a desperate money making exercise. Fair play to AMC and Kirkman: you’ve made your cash now please do the decent thing and put a bullet right through the skull of this show so there’s no coming back, preferably before the indignity of a clip show in S4.

    • Yeah, because it is so terrible….You guys are whiny bitches. The 3rd season finale was decent the only reason it somewhat disappointed is because of how they marketed it. I’m sure season 4 will have the climatic battle with the governor that the comic had.

      • Yeah it was decent, and only decent. They tried to force Andrea’s unnecessary death down our throats, and it didn’t work. Andrea is too important of a character to die a meaningless death.

        • I’ve not read the comics yet, but I’m glad to see someone else isn’t happy about Andrea being gone.

          • If you like her on the show, you’ll really appreciate her in the comic. I didn’t like her portrayal this season but I didn’t think she should’ve died.

          • Add me to that list! They skipped most of her story and killed her off waaaaaay too early and it pisses me off!

        • yah im also one of the few ppl that liked andrea. Killing her off might hurt the show in the long run since she is so important in the comics.

          • Yeah seeing how Rick and Andrea are a couple in the comics. I guess the girl who The Governor didn’t kill may hook up with Rick.

            • And THERE’S your spoiler folks.

              • Wasnt much a spoiler…it seemed rather obvious given the caliber of actress brought in to play the part.

        • Yeah, the battle will come … but that’s the problem: I’m not really interested anymore … the super slow season 3 was built for this showdown and didn’t deliver!
          I’m tired of the prison and the rumble of gangs … I want the show to go on with other story arcs, this one lasts to long, filler episodes everywhere … it would have been ok (all the filler episodes and slowly setting the path into showdown), if concludes in season 3.
          No interest for season 3B!!!

        • While she was important, she was not liked by most. I actually smiled when she got bit, which probably isn’t a good thing for her character.

        • ..Andrea’s not important; in the comic she is but this isn’t the comic. It’s fairly clear nobody in the show is really important, outside of Rick and Carl for the moment.

          I wasn’t exactly happy with the finale, but waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in October, the producers of the show even said they wanted a couple of seasons involving the Governor and the Prison.

      • Gotta love fanboys like Corey who will defend mediocrity to the death. The corporate suits just love sheep like that. Those of us who actually care about the product expected better and are justifiably pissed over the big FU AMC and TWD gave us in place of a true season finale.

        • Agreed 100%!!

        • Gotta love people like Rhyan that don’t remember this being a two season in the prison show

    • Couldn’t agree more my friend. It had potential to be fantastic, in my opinion the writing on this show is simply awful. Especially when you compare it to shows like Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire or Game of Thrones etc etc,

      I really enjoyed Season 1 and the end of Season 2 leading into the first half of this Season, I thought things had really picked up. The firing of writers and changing of showrunners is definitely evident and effecting the quality up on screen, so many plotholes, dragged out storylines and characters doing stupid or illogical things all the time.

      If anyone doesn’t agree with my last point, that’s fair enough, its my opinion, but I’ll be willing to send them a long list of idiotic things done by characters on this show. I’ll begin it with, Sending someone down a zombie occupied well on a rope, oh god no,,,,

      • I agree. I still love the show but if people just keep praising what we are getting we’ll never get better writing. This show could be epic. In terms of ratings…yea ok it already is. It just really feels like they have sold out. Too many plot holes, bad editing, and in a lot of episodes bad writing. Season 4 will do it for me. It’s gonna have to be great for me to keep watching.

    • Darabont is overrated. Season 1 on any show is always the best because a lot of series put out their best work to keep it from being cancelled like Boardwalk Empire, GOT, Spartacus, Dexter, and so on. The fact that TWD continues to grow and has the highest rating in cable TV tells you this show isn’t going anywhere unless Kirkman wants to leave. This whole “put this series out of it’s misery” comments is like saying “lets go ahead and cancel GOT because the show has gone downhill since the first season”. As long as the rating is high the show isn’t going anywhere

      • Darabont isn’t the best to be sure but it was his persistence that got TWD to air, and you’re quiet right about pilots getting the lion’s share of great gags, but lets not try to cede to mediocrity. The issue I have is the quantity:quality ratio.

        Great writers, great actors but somewhere along the line we descend into plodding narrative and hackneyed characterisation.

        I don’t think it’s necessarily “whiny” to suggest we should get more from our media creators as we kill the hours to our own doom! As we approach what @aleksyceo refers to as media zero hour and we pay per view on all Media output issues like this will become really relevant.

        Quality will win out ultimately but it will also stymie growth of really creative new talent… A veritable apocalypse of qualitative proportions

      • How has Game of Thrones gone downhill since season 1, who on earth is saying that? If you think so, then fair enough but do you not remember The battle of Blackwater, ep 1, what an episode, it was an epic battle scene which seemed like it belonged in a big budget movie rather than a tv show.

        Season 2 of GOT had been building up to a big battle and a clash between the kingdoms, so thats what fans got. Game of Thrones delivered, on a huge scale at that, Blackwater went beyond fans expectations. Walkin Dead Season 3 had been dragging out and trying to raise tensions for this final confrontation and just ended up fizzling out, fans have a right to be disappointed with the finale.

        • Sorry I meant, episode 9 = Battle of Blackwater

        • Reread it: he compares it to saying that, not literally saying that :P

  9. I have read about half of the comics, and they honestly are better. Andrea in the comics is not a slut, she is a gun machine. I’m not sure why they would go so far away from the comics, unpredictability? Drama? Action? Either way I was stillDissapointed in the finale. I feel S4 should go back to zombie threats and the progression of human mentality that Rick and the group lose or gain. A good example was Gordon, his loss human compassion. however, in the comics he actually goes with them and is not insane

    • Keep reading. Eventually zombies are no threat at all. And why would they? It is something they have to learn to deal with.

  10. *Morgan

  11. I have not read any of the comics yet, but the lament among fans of the Walking Dead is nothing new with stories adapted from comic books. Almost no live action depiction of a comic is 100% accurate or even close sometimes. The Walking Dead was a surprise when it came out and unfortunately the massive pop culture success it has become means that the show is not going to be geared strictly towards fans of the comic.

    The first season had Darabont’s influence all over it, and once he left people should have known the direction of the show would change. I for one was shocked the show did not get cancelled and once it started becoming a money machine Kirkman clearly got Lucas fever. The show will go until the masses get tired of it and then it will be on to the next thing.

  12. I noticed whenever a character gets annoying in the show, they tend to get killed off. Let’s hope Carl gets extremely unpopular early in the season like mommy dearest & clueless Andrea. Merle didn’t have to die. He was more essential than annoying in the show.

  13. Well i love TWD an i thought it ended good an for as andrea she would have live if she hadn’t choose that warm bed over a ride or die true friend an daryl wasn’t even in the comics so i think Kirkman did a wonderful job with it.

  14. Breaking Bad dumps on this show. I mean can we get one good season as a whole? The first season was the best as a whole. This one was okay. To me the final was just very uneventful. The Governor story line is still going on, but it felt like that killed Andrea for shock of the finale & to differ from the comic book. Yawn… the Merle episode was so much better. Daryl is the main thing keeping people tuned in.

    • While I didn’t hate the finale like apparently a lot of people did, I think a stronger season finale would have been to end it with Merle’s death and the preparation for the final battle. Of course, with all the hype leading up to it, that would’ve made people just as mad or even angrier.
      While Andrea was a bit annoying, mainly due to her odd rationale this season, I still liked her character and had hoped she wouldn’t die.

      • Ink, You and I are thinking in the same tink tank! I agree and feel the same :-)

    • 100% agree

    • IMO Breaking Bad dumps on almost all the other shows on TV. It SUCKS how long I’ve had to wait to see how that show ends. Back to TWD. I was also dissappointed in the finale. It didn’t have the epic showdown that was alluded to all season.

  15. I dont know how things get so off track from the books when Kirkman writes both. Its not like its someone totally unfamiliar with the source material…its just strange to me. Some changes don’t even matter like why couldn’t Tyreese start off with Rick’s group for example. Its not like him going to Woodbury furthered some kind of interesting subplot. So I don’t understand changes when they serve no purpose and when the original text is more interesting. I actually did like the finale. Im glad the Gov is getting a multi season arc, it feels more realistic to the setting than just meeting up with someone who is crazy already. Its cool to see the progression. So I am glad they didn’t try to cram a battle and his death and the wrap up into only 60 minutes. I also liked the hint of hope after a very bleak season. I know I’ll keep watching and reading

    • Per Robert kirkman “The comics still exist and I’d urge those people to continue reading …Just know the show is something different and we are telling different stories. It doesn’t mean we’re not going to see a lot of the big stories and big events from the comic book in the TV show eventually; it just means those things will be a little bit altered from time to time. Hopefully it will be exciting, new and fresh just like it was the first time you read the comic, which is really the goal.”

  16. FINALE SPOILER”””I love watching this show because of how easy people get killed by Walkers. Andrea had an opportunity after releasing her hands to put her pliers into milton’s eye. Her death wasn’t as dramatic as Merle’s. As for Carl, him becoming the groups executioner would be cool, but acting self righteous about it would be kind of annoying.

  17. New theory Robert kirkman is deliberately jacking the TV series so comic enthusiasts talk up the comics, therefore hardcore fans of the show will buy them (as I did)… Am I crazy or since his involvement I’m feeling a serious struggle for direction in this series which it didn’t have in the first season and didn’t so much in the first half of the second (although it was ill paced).

  18. The fans want the Governor dead and Rick’s group to win the fight, if they do that then there’s nothing to drive them out of the prison in season 4. The finale ended the way it did so as to avoid writing themselves into a corner and it makes sense. The Governor being alive is essential to pushing the group out of the prison and driving the story forward (and yes I’ve read all the comics).

    • And you get it. Why the gov. didn’t die? Well, in case people forgot, they did say at the beginning of the season that the prison arc would last into season 4 so to me the finale wasn’t a big letdown. Also as far as why they are making the show different than the comics? Well, if you remember from Season 1, Kirkman did say they wanted the series to reference the comics but have differences from it so the series being soo different than the comics isn’t a big surprise.

  19. No one wants the governor to still be alive. We just watched a whole season of that story arc. Kill the governor in the first episode and start something new. Killing Andrea was silly. Bring Morgan back for the whole season. That’s what I want. This show is going downhill. First season was great. But since then it’s been bad. Season 3 was pretty good every now and then but it just feels cheap.

    • Morgan will never come back for an entire season, because the actor that plays Morgan is far too successful/busy with many other projects. Managing actor contracts/schedules, dealing with locations/sets is alot more difficult than writing a comic book.

  20. seems like Carl has a bit of Shane in him

    • I was thinking a bit of Merle.

  21. I think it’s a golden opportunity to expand this particular universe.

    Why not leave this group altogether for a while, right from season 1 it was made clear that there are other small groups of survivors out there (the guys in the nursing home).

    And from this season we’ve clearly established that there are groups of soldiers still around.

    Kirkman and co appear to not be too concerned about adhering completely to the graphic novel, so why not go to another group (soldiers) for a while, see a few episodes with that group, perhaps start with flashback episodes to show them in combat against the walkers.

    Then maybe show another group, and maybe even a third group. Then back to our main group and have all these story arcs come together at some point. Then bring the Governor back again, now with a new group of his own, more deadly than before.

    Then we can have an almighty shoot out and see who survives.

  22. I wonder if the show will combine the character of Negan with the Governer?
    And what about the Hunters storyline?

    • I’d say it is way too early for Negan. I hope to see the hunters arc tho.

  23. I don’t understand why people think Woodbury is easier to defend then the Prison, after all, don’t they also have to patrol the backyards of all the homes there?

    • But hasn’t the prison just been blown to pieces too, the gates and fences etc, there seems to be a constant gathering of walkers around it, and sometimes inside it from some whole in the side of the prison, It seems like Woodbury could be held protected and guarded by literally 2 or 3 people at anytime, ah anyway, the show is very poorly written so all logic goes out the window anyway.

      • Reciting from memory.

        G’s group fired a few shells at the watchtowers, decimated a large amount of Walkers in their way and crashed open a few fence gates. That’s nothing that can’t be mended. Every prison with such outdoor fortifications has ample spare gates/parts to repair damage as fast as possible. Also, remember that the entrances were rigged (tire spikes etc)and only slightly fortified, so that it looks like they holed up inside the main complex and later as if they had left.

        The Walkers inside the complex pose no threat to our group because they know exactly where they are coming from and they have the means to lock them out easily. G’s group didn’t know about that.

        As for the Walkers in general. Yes there are always a few lurking around but not in huge amounts. I would think that there are probably a few that come around the prison per week.

        Yes, Woodbury was prepared to fend of Walkers but it fares poorly against humans. Especially if those humans know its weak points.

      • The Walkers need to be faster, because everytime someone gets bit, they react poorly, like Andrea. Seriously, all she needed was one hand free to stab Milton through the eye with the pliers. She released the other hand in time to grab him by the throat and then use the pliers, but she had to make a brief pause just to get jumped.

  24. urrgh! Can the producers take a step back and keep the integrityt and plausibiliy of the story they originally presented to us. I hope this doesn’t become another vehicle to play out a soap all about the characters feelings and relationships! keep it real! season 3 was supposed to be set a year after contamination…how are they getting water and food? where is the endless supply of gas coming from? and isn’t it supposed to degenerate after a certain length of time? and why are some of the men clean shaven with short hair! and have the walking dead reached a point of degeneration and will remain that way (they look and act the way they did in episode one). I’m only raising these issues cus I do love the show. It should be as gritty as 28 days later or the Road.

    • *integrity* *plausibility*

  25. Dude I’m sooooooo tired of the prison.. I’ve read the books if they just get past the prison EVERYTHING gets AWESOME!..
    dude give me the hunters..Alexandria safe zone.. And Negan

  26. I love the WD up til now. Just don’t go adding anymore liberal panzie characters like Dale. Well, at least Dale knew how to use a gun. Keep it country. I don’t want to see any New York or New Jersey characters like those two dicks in the saloon. First of all, there has been enough sh*t filmed in New York and about New York. It’s been refreshing with WD being in Georgia. I love the different races getting along but keep it country!! Everyone knows that there are absolutely NO city liberal panzies that would survive the zombie apocalypse. Oh yeah, and RICK – beat the sh*t out of that kid. You are no liberal panzie father. You’re a country Sheriff! Now act like one!!!! Rick should couple up with Michonne. She could help him get that little brat headed in the right direction.

  27. Season 3 was disappointing and Andrea dying was absolute bullsh*t! They redeemed her then gave hope of some great character development and then killed her in a crappy way. Ruined it for a lot of comic readers as well, knowing some things from the comic definitely won’t happen. Season 4 looks like it will be disappointing, really wish they’d just kill the governor already his storyline is just dragging on and it’s terrible.

    • i like it when cock suckers like you talk for everyone apparently you are a retard

      • Not sure cussing someone out for giving an opinion on a fan site was really an intelligent way to say Jodie was wrong. Maybe next time- just disagree?

        What didn’t you like about the comment?

  28. Okay, I didn’t love the finale either. But…. wow, there are some really disappointed fans here. That level of irritation shows no matter what we think of the pacing of this show, these characters and the source material are still top notch.

    To the true Walking Dead comic nuts- all I can say is isn’t at least a little fun to still be surprised? If it followed lock, stock, and barrel with the comics, wouldn’t ou be a little bored with it? Besides, there is mo way it could as much justice to the story as the comics do.

    To the rest of us (I refuse to read the comics, just because I do like the show and for the reasons above. Intend to read them someday), I submit the following hopeful thoughts:

    -Blood thirsty Carl could be way more interesting then bratty Carl. Let’s give this a chance.

    -Remember how long it took to bring back Merle and Morgan? If the do this right, the return of a psycho Governor at just the right moment could be a stinking blast. A show is made by it’s villains. They are always more fun.

    -I am STILL not buying the prison over Woodbury thing, but okay. I will move on. Besides, that many MORE mouths to feed brings more zombies. And we can all agree: More Zombies+more disposable characters= really fun deaths.

    -I didn’t want Rick to be Shane, which is where he was until the last few episodes. I want a human, flawed, strong, caring leader. I want Rick.

    -Michonne still slices butt. So long as she is around, this show will be fine.

    • Yeah I can see the governor making a surprise appearance later on in the series, similar to that man with his son (forgot his name), two seasons in you bump into him again and he’s a changed man.

      I initially found Carl annoying but throughout season 3, it starts to show that he has inner demons of his own, even if he’s just a kid.

      While I was definitely not wowed by the season finale, I think it’s far from being bad. I’m glad they’re taking different routes of a zombie apocalypse opposed to gunning down zombies, people and bloodshed.

      To me, this season was by far the best, there were some episodes that had very little action but was still very enjoying to watch because it gives you a break from zombies and tunes you into relationships between the people, whether they’re enemies or friends.

  29. I just like the show for what it is. Ive never read the comics. Don’t like how things have played out?: get a group of friends together and film your own version, edit and composite it, watch it an applaud your own efforts on a fine story done well.

    • @ Casey. Thats a very lame and ignorant statement. Assuming most of us who disliked the finale are comic book readers. I haven’t read one issue and i thought the finale was garbage….because it was garbage for a finale….hell they could of ended it with Merle dying as a finale and would have been better to end the season, and honestly it wouldn’t have made much of a difference. I didn’t like how things played out and if much doesn’t change I’ll just “tune out” so you and the like can swallow your watered down mini soap opera as the show is turning into be.

      • Why do we assume anything about the comic book readers. This is a TV adaptation! If your unhappy fine but don’t drag the rest of us who have read the comic and respect the show be being a separate entity into an argument saying the people upset are the ones who read the comic! And if you have read the comic why are you still waiting for them to start directly taking its story arcs? Do you folks who have read the comic honestly believe those stories would work on tv, without any changes to fit the medium?

        • Well said Mcagoon! I agree that the story may not pay out well on TV vs. the comics. So why would you want it to follow so close if you read the comics. That’s what keeps us fans…comic book fans or TV version Fans, for coming back for more is because we don’t know what’s going to happen next. True…I believe they hyped up the ending of season 3 a bit more than they should, maybe follow the comic book a bit more, since the people of Woodbury high-tailed it out before any fighting really began, but I can honestly say…”Wow!!! I didn’t expect that!”

        • I’m with you Mcagoon! I have read the comics and continue to do so and I appreciate that the show while keeping some aspects of the comics has made its own storyline. If they followed the storyline to the letter, it would be boring to watch the show knowing whats going to happen.

      • WHAAAAA…. do you need a whambulance?? MY GOD relax, it is a great show! there will be episodes that ppl like and some that ppl dont like! THEY (the producers) dont want to make it the same as the comics and to me THAT would be a STUPID CHOICE! Everyone that reads the comics Thought for sure they knew what was coming and alas they were ALL WRONG! Im sure the show will be just as good as always but they have to differ from what ppl think they know!
        I DO READ THE COMICS but I too also know they are NOT following the comics so I was not surprised one bit, BUT I DEFINENTLY DID NOT THINK IT WAS A BAD SEASON ENDING, they are trying to show that the characters are evolving! YOU must be like a neanderthal because they did not evolve and died! PPL get sick of the same ole thing especially if ppl can see what is coming THAT is what makes this show great