‘Walking Dead’ Season 4 Details Revealed

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Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira in The Walking Dead Welcome to the Tombs Walking Dead Season 4 Details Revealed

Season 3 of The Walking Dead has come to a close, but just like the gruesome fate that potentially awaits each and every character, the series will return to stalk and torment those still counted among the living.

But unlike the climax of season 2 – which teased viewers with a tantalizing and somewhat-foreboding glimpse of the prison – season 3 reached its conclusion with a slight sense of optimism (as Rick and the others welcomed the citizens of Woodbury into the prison), but no real indication of the direction The Walking Dead would be headed in season 4.

In a series of interviews, comic book creator Robert Kirkman discussed the season 3 finale, the fate of Andrea, Milton and the Governor, as well as what fans can expect from the core group of survivors, now that they seem intent on making a go of it as a community in the prison.

While there have been certain key deviations the series has taken from the source material, e.g., Andrea’s demise, Kirkman maintains that at least some of season 4 will focus on the dynamic between Rick and the recently-welcomed Tyreese.

Kirkman said:

“There’s some really, really cool and big stuff that people have been expecting, or that people have been anticipating from the comics, that will work into Season 4. To give a hint, I will say that we do have Tyreese and Rick, who are now united, which is a big moment for the comic book fans. There’s a lot of story that comes from those two guys being on the same side. We’ll possibly see a bit of that in Season 4.”

David Morrissey as Phil in The Walking Dead Welcome to the Tombs Walking Dead Season 4 Details Revealed

But Rick aligning himself with Tyreese won’t be the only change fans will see in the character. According to Kirkman, Rick’s brief interaction with the Governor and the environment he created in Woodbury has caused Rick to re-think some aspects of how he intends to survive in this zombie-infested world, and what it means now that he’s decided to no longer keep everyone at arm’s length or, as we saw in ‘Clear,’ ignore a stranger’s plea for help.

“It’s going to be different in a lot of ways. We’ll see a very different Rick Grimes for one. His experiences against the Governor and with the various things that happened to him in season three are informing his character in huge ways. We’ll see a lot of familiar elements from season three: we’ll see the prison, Rick and his group are still in the same place but those elements are all going to be radically different. I can’t really get into it but season four is going to be extremely different than season three in some very startling and cool ways.

This is the moment where Rick takes a turn; he’s no longer going to be pushing people away, he’s no longer going to be doing what ever he can to protect these people in ways that hurt other people. He’s not going to be the guy who would leave that guy on the side of the road — the backpack guy in Episode 12. He’s letting the people of Woodbury in and trying to tell Carl that these people are like us, you have to be open to this and the only way to survive in this world is to have people and be in a community. That’s going to be a big part of season four.”

Chandler Riggs and Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead Welcome to the Tombs Walking Dead Season 4 Details Revealed

While Rick seems more intent on exploring his compassionate side, and possibly learning to grow a community, Carl has adopted a far more ruthless, kill-or-be-killed type of mentality. As evidenced by his merciless killing of a young man who appeared to have been surrendering, Carl’s shift into that of a child soldier has now yielded some negative results, and the youngster may soon find himself at an ideological crossroads with his father.

“Rick’s got his work cut out for him. He’s aware of this and he sees what allowing his son to become a child soldier has brought, which is a very big part of Season 4. Moving forward in the show, this is a guy who’s working as hard as he can to maintain a life for this child. [In] the process of surviving… he’s allowed his son to lose a pretty substantial piece of his humanity. It’s now a question of: Is there going back? Is this now status quo? These are the things that a father will have to deal with.”

In the closing moments of ‘Welcome to the Tombs,’ we saw as Rick welcomed not only Tyreese and Sasha into the fold, but he also brought the people of Woodbury to the prison. There have been questions circulating as to why the decision was made to stay in the prison, rather than the relatively normal confines of Woodbury, but Kirkman says the continued threat of the Governor makes the prison the more sensible choice for Rick and the others.

Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus in The Walking Dead Welcome to the Tombs Walking Dead Season 4 Details Revealed

“They see the prison as something that is much more easily defended than Woodbury. They were able to get into Woodbury easily themselves. The Woodbury defenses are very effective against zombies, but not very effective against humans. They see [the prison] as much more of a defensible position.”

And while the comic creator acknowledges the next season’s storyline will begin at the prison, there’s no guarantee that is where it will end.

“There’s always going to be new locations and new places to discover and explore. I don’t want to reveal too much; Season 4 is still five months away. But I will say that as we see at the end of Season 3 we’re definitely going to start Season 4 at the prison. We may be there the whole season and we may not be… But there are going to be some big differences from Season 3.”

Season 4 of The Walking Dead will premiere this fall on AMC.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter, TV Line, TV Guide

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

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  1. I personally think that Rick’s character is one of the best characters in the show hands down. In season 2 when he draws down on the guys in the bar was probably the best moment in all of the seasons and the song that plays afterwards is my favorite song to date. I think in season 2 we’re going to see Rick dealing with problems in a much more precise manner and Carl being very chaotic. Can’t wait for season 4

  2. I just appreciate Carl’s effort…i luv walking dead

  3. I wish people wouldn’t hate on Carl. I think they’re pulling this character through nicely in Season 3 and I look forward to what they have for him in 4. I think they’re going to pull some elements from the comics with him, like his interaction with other children. Is he a normal child anymore? Etc. Does he know how to play, socialize? I mean, there’s so much potential there, and the actor for Carl is great.

    I really hope they can pull a good season out their hat. I think Season 3 was 50/50 for me. Still enjoyed it, though.

  4. what i am hoping to see in season 4 is more runs for supplies. I personally liked the feeling of not knowing whether there is something around the corner or lurking in the shadows, since rick did bring the woodbury community into the prison, i am hopeful. also, i’m confused, did carl actually shoot lorie? or could he not do it. but he might have, because rick was stabbing the chubby looking walker,which might mean it ate her. right?

  5. First of all, I love TWD, and i’ve been a fan ever since the first episode aired. Yeah, i’ll admit that I didn’t enjoy season 3 as much as i thought I would, but i see a lot in store for season 4. I really think the writers and producers are going to redeem them selves, from what I saw of the trailer, that is. Im thinking Morgan will come back this season. I mean, think about it- Was he reunited with Rick in season 3 just for a hello? Or for a reason? Correct me if i’m wrong, but Rick wanted Morgan to join them at the prison. He was still grieving the loss of dwanye and possibly his wife still. Maybe this season he’ll take rick’s advice and find them? It’ll sure make up for the losses theyre going to have at the prison. Just a thought.

  6. This may be WD last season if Kirkman doesn’t get back on track. Season 4 will venture into zombie swarms as expected, but humans should be gathering together too. We should be seeing large colonies of survivors (not just 12 or 50.) Kirkman has forgotten that humanity still has intellect. Comic book fans are becoming more unhappy with the show. Writers are rolling over for the “lovesick” fans of Norman Reedus focusing on an affair type thing between Daryl and Carol. Of all the male characters, Daryl is the least sexual…and might stay that way because no beautiful women survive the zombie apocalypse. Sorry Carol. Daryl will be seduced but not by a homely housewife turned warrior. It must be a younger beautiful dynamo who really get his juices flowing…probably a handsome man.

  7. To the people saying the finale was garbage, I half agree with you half disagree, I agree because its stupid how they made it revolve around Andrea, they should’ve developed her character more. Made it better. Her death was meaningless, has no effect except pissing off the fans who liked her. The reason I disagree is because most people who say it sucked (not all) say they should’ve made it like the comics, isn’t it better not knowing what they’ll do, instead of always knowing what will happen all the time?

  8. I personally think season 3 was awsome. As I combat vet with ptsd and multiple tours, the toll that war can take on the mind was played out brilliantly. As for andrea… good glad shes dead the writers tried to build a lot of tension by having her stare at the dead guy waaaaay too much, to the point i got mad and screamed I hope you die your taking so long to free yourself. It wasnt well done at all. That entire scene was just dumb. The amount of time she wasted she coulda freed herself, ate a sandwhich, came back and then killed the guy before he ever stood up. So my opinion she deserves to die.

    • well after watching for the 3 rd time i’m going to agree with you i took a nap woke up and she was still stairing at this guy

  9. I would have to agree with u Andrea could have worked a little faster getting out of there she was a horrible actress any way iam glad she is no longer on the show. I hope Rick does not get killed off he is the main character that would suck if he did.

  10. BATES and EMMA i soooo agree with you.Was getting tired of Andrea’s amazon wannabe character.With all that happened between the governor,mitchonne,daryll and merle she should have left sooner,eliminated the governor or better still been killed sooner.my faves Rick Daryl Carl,hope nothing tampers with them

  11. I disagree, maybe Im just an Andrea fanboy but I really loved her character. Yes she tried to be a warrior, and in some respects she was – she racked up plenty of walker kills, but the great thing about Andrea was that she failed, she couldn’t save Woodbury and she couldn’t kill the governor. What’s the point of having characters that constantly succeed ? Its boring !! She was believable and realistic, she wanted to help and sure she made bad choices but thats what people do. I for one will miss her.

    The whole Carol and Daryl thing, I like it. I think there is something there, it works cos they are in a crazy situation and yes they might not normally get together but theres dead people walking around and chewing on peoples faces regularly, this world is far from normal !! Carol keeps me coming back to the show, she interests me and I want her to survive, she’s learned and adapted and thats what I like to see in this kinda show.

  12. They say that 12 have already been killed, with 2 in cold blood. That doesnt mean that 12 people will die in season 4, it might be a count from when they left the farm? Cold blood: otis and shane. Others: dale, patricia, jimmy, t-dog, andrea, lori, and may even include axel? So, that means we may only see 3 or 4 deaths this season, which one I reckon will be sasha.

  13. anyway for whats its worth i will make a guest appearance on this movie just to promote if I an asked i think it would add a lot to the show if they would invite unknown people just to appear on the movie

    • i think it would draw in a lot more people and really help the movie like the need it lol and roll in the dough

  14. well i think i’ll go home and watch it again and if they do this remember it was my idea so I’m first ralph from KY

  15. Stfu Ralph u are def a guy that just doesn’t know how to get at things. And to the dork talking about he’s a vet w PTSD…. Lol I guarantee you’re some dork that barely left the wire, got blown up once and couldn’t handle it. Grow up and stop advertising. I’m a prior Marine Infantryman I don’t need to post how many yours and whether or not I have mental issues. You, and every other baby that needs to post that in everything u do online are a joke. You were in the military you should have some type of mental toughness how about showing it.

    • Mr USmc Paul what does your screen rant have to do with the walking dead u seem to enjoy putting people down perhaps your head is a little to big. If you don’t watch the walking dead maybe you should not comment on this site.

  16. I can’t believe that some people are slagging off season 3. It’s an amazing wonderful series. I have been bored by zombies for so long and this has my interest one hundred percent. Watched it since day one, luckily got friends who get me the whole season so have watched at my leisure. There is so much more to explore, and it’s a never ending story. I would like people to be working on a cure. the new baby could be immune. that is if bitten wouldn’t turn at death. we need something like that positive for the future or else what is the point? nature will find a way to eliminate this disgusting virus. it always does. i love that in war of the worlds it’s our immunity that saves us and the germs get the bad guys. so perhaps that’s an angle not explored enough. apart from that it’s a masterpiece all of it faults too. but then the faults are only perceived by individuals so who’s to say they are.

  17. I think the plot of season 4 will go something like this:

    As we see in the trailers, the cell block in which thay are gets infested by zombies. They are forced to leave the prison, but since the group is composed os 30 or 40 people they cant stay out in the wild. Someone has the idea that they go back to the now deserted Woodbury and they decide to take it. However when they get there, they find out the governor is still alive (they could do a mid season finale, with like the governor being revealed)
    Then the rest of the season would go one of 2 ways: Either they try to welcome the guv’nor into the group (higly unlikely), or it’s just a straight up war between the few Governor men, and the larger Rick Group. In the endof the season, they finally kill him.

    PS – I would like to see season 5 be the last of The Walking Dead. They could go Red Wedding on your but and kill every member of the group, leaving just Daryl, and then the spin-off would be about him