‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Clip: Carl Rushes to Michonne’s Rescue

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After a dramatic close to season 3, in which the show once again strayed from the comic book continuity, The Walking Dead is returning to AMC this fall with the promise of a rising body count and the dangling carrot of civilization – hopefully a civilization that isn’t run by a psychopath or megalomaniac. While we’re on the subject, the Governor of Woodbury is still around and will apparently be getting his own standalone episodes.

The Walking Dead has always featured an ensemble cast with multiple branching character plotlines, which means that no character is ever quite safe from a nasty death. The Comic-Con trailer portended yet more strife and hardship for the characters, even behind the high fences of the prison, and the latest teaser clip is a chilling reminder that the walkers do not respect boundaries.

It’s a little confusing to see Michonne trying to battle the walkers bare-handed when she has her trusty katana slung across her back, and it’s even more disconcerting to see young Carl coming to her rescue. The younger Grimes has attracted a substantial amount of negative backlash for needing rescuing and being responsible for the deaths of other characters in the show, but The Walking Dead‘s writers have already begun to develop Carl into a stronger, more ruthless character, and this seems likely to continue.

Not only is Carl growing up in a literal sense, going through the growth spurts and personality changes of puberty, he has also grown more adept at committing violence – against both the living and the dead. Prior to season 3, Glen Mazarra (who later became the second showrunner to be fired from The Walking Dead) outlined plans to “explor[e] Carl as a child soldier in this war against the walkers,” though at this point it seems he’s equally likely to become either a hero or a serial killer.

Carl Grimes with a gun in The Walking Dead The Walking Dead Season 4 Clip: Carl Rushes to Michonnes Rescue

Based on this short teaser clip, the former seems a little more likely; the way in which Carl is not only manning the gate but also grabs a gun and hurries to Michonne’s aid without hesitation indicates how far the character has come since the beginning of the show. Since Carl has already seen first-hand evidence of the fact that adults can’t necessarily always protect kids from being chomped on by walkers or killed off in other ways, it makes sense that he would continue to learn how to defend himself, as well as others.

For those who have been feeling cold towards Carl in the show so far, do you think that your estimation of him is likely to change in season 4? If the zombie apocalypse continues to wage for another twenty years, is Carl more likely to turn into his father, or into a character like the Governor? Share your thoughts on Carl, and on this short clip, in the comments.


The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday October 13th.

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  1. Walking Dead!!!

  2. Any links to that video that is available in all regions would be appreciated.

    • second that !

  3. Fake whites are evil. Would not help blacks.

  4. This annoying kid with his stupid cowboy hat, limited acting ability and awful dialogue is just one of the reasons Walking Dead has been going downhill.

    (Yes yes, I know fanboys will now get defensive and point to the ratings and popularity of the show, but I’m talking about the quality of the writing.)

    • Yes, Yosemite Sam is probably the most annoying character on TV right now. However, Dr. Vogel on Dexter is knocking at the door

      • hahaha + 1

  5. Can’t stand this kid, worst part of the show and makes it annoying to watch. Maybe if he wasn’t such a little b**** and Rick manned up and beat some sense into him I’d like him. There are definitely likable kid characters out there, but he’s far from it. Reminds me of a whiney Anakin Skywalker, terribly wooden and moody acting with a pouty face. Hopefully a walker tears out his jugular to end our pain.

  6. F*** you for blocking the video on my country

  7. I feel like I’m the only one who actually likes Carl, and how he is turning out. I wan’t to see where he goes and see if he goes psycho or becomes a hero.

    • I just don’t see how the character arc of an eight year old child during a zombie apocalypse can be in anyway interesting or intriguing . He’s an annoying little kid at the end of the day. People talking about his character development as if he’s Walter White for gods sake. He’s without doubt the worst part of the show.

      I wish Arya Stark would rip his cowboy hat off and beat the s**t out of him,, give him a lesson in how to act and how to be an interesting child character on TV while she’s at it.

    • Carl’s a fine character and the actor does a good job. This show is still awesome. Lori deserved the ire she got, this kid not so much. Some comments are so overly critical that I wonder why they are still watching.

  8. I don’t mind what’s going on the show that happens around Carl after what happened to Sophia & not seeing a lot of kids around his age with the End Of The World-like days on their shoulders. I like to think it’s phase & he’ll get wiser as he’ll get older & more mature. I doubt he would be anything like the Governor. Not when he’s with good people around him.

  9. Please stop these personal attacks on the Carl character. If you actually look at how adolescents sometimes act so impetously in a non-apocalyptic scenario, can you imagine how they would act under these strenuous conditions? I am also concerned about how they are writing michonne. Are they neutering her character already?

  10. The fanboy community sometimes is by far, the most ignorant, never pleased, whiny bunch of losers alive. I love comic book culture, films and all things of this kind, but the amount of hate things get. No wonder these actors dont always come to signings and fan gatherings. Its clear you have no lives or other ways to show your discontent without racial slurs, hateful and ignorant statements,and mindless banter.

    That being said, I like Carl’s character. He’s not the same as the comic book, because some of the key elements that have made Carl who he is in the funny pages, are absent from the show. So we are getting a watered down, or for better terms, an altered variation of the show. I think HBO could do this better, with a higher budget, meaner, grittier tone and of course, better writing. However, the show is still pretty awesome, and Im anxious for this season

    • @ Chicago Guy

      I agree with the first sentence when it comes to tv shows & films. Sure both have their faults at sometime but a lot of people like give up on a show after a episode or one season so quickly which wasn’t as bad as they exaggerate it to be. Films are alittle different as studios don’t wanna invest a sequel if the first didn’t meet their expectations & wasn’t well received by movie goers.

      I don’t mind Carl’s character neither on the show from what he is on pages. I never expect show creaters of filmmakers to stick 100 % to comic book material because they all wanna be creative in their own way to try to make their shows/films stay on their own & interesting altogether. It’s been going on for years.

      I too look forward towards the new season.

  11. I wish Arya Stark would rip his cowboy hat off and beat the s**t out of him,, give him a lesson in how to act and how to be an interesting child character on TV while she’s at it.