‘Walking Dead’ Season 4 Bumps Three to Series Regular – Are They Safe?

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walking dead season 4 tyrese Walking Dead Season 4 Bumps Three to Series Regular   Are They Safe?

Due to the large amount of series regulars who met their end in The Walking Dead season 3 finale, it’s hard to say that a promotion to series regular means much in terms of career stability. However,  Chad Coleman, Sonequa Martin-Green, and Emily Kinney (aka Tyreese, Sasha, and Beth) are – at least – assured a bit more screen time in the coming season.

The three new series regulars join fellow alum David Morrisey, who will reprise his role as The Governor in season 4. Melissa Ponzio (aka Karen) will also pop up as a recurring character.

A part of the show since the eighth episode of season three – “Made to Suffer” – Tyreese played a small but sometimes valuable role on the series, towing the line between believing the Governor and fearing him. With his new status as a regular, Tyreese’s role will grow – but will he rise to the level of prominence that the character had in the comics?

At this point, it’s very hard to put much much stock in the role of a character or the direction of a story arc with relation to how they are in the comic books, but Tyreese is one of the more important characters in that realm, so one has to wonder if there will be a parallel here and if he will take on a leadership role. Beth and Sasha are characters that are exclusive to the show, so we have no hints (be they useless or useful) with regard to how they fit in.

walking dead season 4 governor Walking Dead Season 4 Bumps Three to Series Regular   Are They Safe?

For the Governor (David Morrisey), I suppose we can expect more of the same bloodlust and madness; though, without his flock (thanks to, you know, him killing a lot of them in the season three finale), we have to wonder how much havoc he can bring about. Regardless, producers and new showrunner Scott Gimple clearly have plans for him.

What plans producers have for Karen (actress Melissa Ponzio) is another question. The lone survivor of the Governor’s attack on his people, Karen led Rick, Michonne, and Darryl back to Woodbury and then joined the large group of refugee’s that were brought back to the prison. Will she rise up and help her fellow townsfolk acclimate? What about those Woodbury residents? Is it possible that we’ll see a few more cast additions and some familiar faces and names before the show starts filming in May?

Anything is possible, and we’ll keep an eye out for any and all casting announcements, but for now we — at least — know that a few familiar faces will be back on The Walking Dead this fall… at least until they also get killed off.


The Walking Dead season 4 premieres in October.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. How about Hershel and Carol?

      • Is she a hooker? Shes a hooker isnt she xD

  2. “Due to the large amount of series regulars who met their end in The Walking Dead season 3 finale” You mean Andrea and Milton?

    • Yeah whew that’s like half the cast!

      • Right???

    • Milton wasn’t a main character…

      • But he was practically a series regular. Don’t think my comment said anything about “main characters”.

    • Um do you not remember Lorie dying? Or T-Dog? Or all 3 prisoners remaining that had died?

      • @brad

        Um, read this sentence from the article more carefully: “Due to the large amount of series regulars who met their end **in The Walking Dead season 3 finale**”

        Notice the part that’s highlighted…

        • Lori: Series regular
          T-Dog: Series regular
          Andrea: Series Regular
          Milton: Main Character, Practically a regular
          Meryl: same as milton, practically a regular.

          …………… So their was nothing wrong with that comment except the finale part cause a sh*t load of people died this season.

  3. I figure no one is safe, except Rick. But who knows, they may fool us and kill him off as well.

    • Worked for Game Of Thrones lol

      • No it didn’t…

        • How did it not? Sean Bean was the biggest star and died in the first season. GoT popularity is bigger now than it was then. So how did it not work?

  4. If like carol to he added as a regular as well but this is cool news. Looking forward to a cool tyrese Rick Daryl friendship. Beth I’ve ways liked but des hardly ever in it. And Sasha seems like tyrese so I’m sure shell be fine but also the first to go of the three cuz her commitments to once upon a time

    • i honesty don’t understand why people like carol she literally does nothing

      • @mrsbutterworth

        Um, because she’s level-headed and sweet… I mean, how much do you contribute to this world? Should your friends and family love you depending on how much you produce??

        • I agree. I think she’s the rock that the group needs, someone to lean on, a sympathetic, but tough characters. I still hope they hook her up with Tyrese like they did in the comic, but then things go bad from there, which I hope it doesn’t (that would go against her current character arc)…. still…I guess I’m a Carol fan, too, she went through a lot, abusive husband, daughter died, turned into zombie. I mean, a regular woman would be a complete basketcase, but she’s made of sterner stuff.

          • @Doug

            Come on, this isn’t the comic, in this tv show world, she needs to get with Daryl, lol. Seriously, Daryl deserves to be happy and so does she… :-)

      • This comment literally did nothing.

  5. As for the governor, he will be back to kick everyone out of the prison with an army of bikers, bandits, and bad-asses. They will need something to shake up the group and get them moving again. We all know how people like to complain when they feel nothing is happening. Other than that, I assume we will get to see more of the stuff that happened in the comics version of the prison now that they have more characters to work with. I don`t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn`t read them so…

  6. Glad Tyrese is a regular he was so awesome in the comics. Hope Karen gets more screen time too

  7. Observation about Carol:
    Andrea is now gone. But you know, she ‘died’ protecting Carol. Meaning that the reason she is probably dead is because she got out of the truck on the farm to save Carol. and she did. She didn’t want anyone to die.
    Daryl picked up Carol on the farm and took her to safety. He found her in the tombs and took her to safety.
    T-Dog died saving everyone, but especially Carol.
    Shane beat Carol’s husband to a pulp for abusing Carol.
    I hope Carol goes on to find the cure for it all.

    • Howed u no? The cure is carols pinkie toe.

  8. So pissed off they didn’t actually go through and end series 3 with the proper prison battle. It was so excruciating to watch a forced character death that goes against the comics just so they could avoid giving us the prison battle we wanted. Seriously… The Governor kills all his own men – I don’t think Rick and his group actually killed a single member of the governors group.

    • @Scorpio

      Nope, they don’t, but they didn’t intend to. I think they knew all of the “soldiers” would be regular townsfolk from Woodbury, so they didn’t want to kill them, just scare them off apparently…

      • u got that right

    • Well iirc Carl ‘gunned down’ one of the governor’s group. So that is at least one member that died.

  9. I think we’ll get another prison battle. They’re still somewhat staying close to the comic. The Gov’ attacked and were repelled. He’ll be back and we’ll get the battle we want. Remember, Mazzara wrote this script, so I don’t think it was polished enough. I was not unhappy with the final episode. It had plenty there to keep me satisfied.

  10. It makes sense that they take Karen. She’ll fall into the “female lead” role left by Andrea. The strong woman who is a dissenting voice. That’s my guess anyway. They don’t have that character now. Thinking back on it now, they positioned her quite a while ago to be this. Wasn’t she the one who was snotty to Andrea when Andrea asked where the Guv was? Wasn’t she the person who demanded that Andrea “do something!” when the guy got bit in Woodbury? Holden should have seen her sneaking in on her job.

  11. I will Miss Andrea and Merle obviously.

    • No!!!!!!!!!!! I demand you to miss OScar and Oscar only!!!!