‘Walking Dead’ Season 4 Confirmed

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Renewal Walking Dead Season 4 Confirmed

It probably won’t come as a shock to the many die-hard fans of AMC’s hit post-apocalyptic thriller The Walking Dead, but the network has already renewed the Emmy Award-winning series for season 4 before season 3 has even begun. While there is no “official” word just yet – the news comes off the announcement of a contest on the network’s Website that gives a lucky fan the chance to appear on set for season 4.

Interested fans looking to win a 3-day, 2-night trip to the season 4 set of The Walking Dead next year need not give up a pound of flesh – just simply roll up their sleeves. AMC, in conjunction with the American Red Cross, is forming a nationwide blood drive between now and 11:59/10:59c on Monday October 22th. The sweepstakes is open to those over 21, residing in the US and Canada (except Québec).

The Walking Dead Season 4 Renewal Use Your Brain Give Blood Walking Dead Season 4 Confirmed

Just to reiterate the fact that The Walking Dead hasn’t actually received an “official” renewal yet (and to smooth over their obvious flub), AMC has released a brief statement on the matter:

“The Walking Dead has not been renewed for a fourth season. There was no inadvertent pick-up of the series. Season three premieres October 14th. Promotional sweepstakes give-aways which involve prospective future season visits or opportunities are common practice in television. The sweepstakes rules clearly state AMC may award a substitute prize if the future season opportunity is not available.”

Despite the AMC’s attempt to call backsies on the zombie drama’s season 4 renewal – with the The Walking Dead’s season 2 finale delivering a record-setting 9 million viewers and the highly-anticipated season 3 introducing many long-awaited fan-favorite characters and storylines from the comic book –  it seems a season 4 renewal is almost-certainly a sure thing.


The Walking Dead rises again Sunday, October 14th @ 9/8c on AMC and will be followed by the post-series chat-show Talking Dead @ 10/9c

Source: MTV

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  1. Walking dead amazing love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. the walking dead TV show so far has been a COMPLETE flop, and I don’t just mean with events, there were numerous character problems as well, for example: Andrea, while a complete B@D @$$ in the comics, is a COMPLETE slut in the TV show, carol was completely frail and weak (possibly even to the point of instability) mentally in the TV show, where as in the comics she was controlled and all around normal, axel was a major character and also another b@d @$$ during the prison arc in the comics, but in the show he was a sniveling coward, Carl has shown almost no character growth in the TV show at this point where-as at this point in the comics he’s on the path to becoming one of the most mature and well handled characters in the group, now rick, while its true he DID start to go slightly crazy for a time after Lori’s death, his insanity has been rushed to the point where he’s even unfit to lead the group, I won’t even mention the governor (Phillip or, Brian in the comics) or Hershel, but the show has been a complete flop in terms of both story AND character so far, so lets hope a season 4 can redeem it

    • yeah your right,… the highest rated show in cable history is a flop because you dont like it.

      I LOVE the comic, but this is a separate beast. You have to throw everything you know about the comic out the door, or else it is kind of a disappointing. But if you compare the show to half the crap on TV, its brilliant.

      • I agree. I did not know a comic book existed, and I love the show. I am one person watching the show as a separate beast with nothing else to compare it to.

      • Thats a brilliant comment! Totally agree!

    • think your watching somethink eles, the tv program the walking dead is no way near a flop as you called it, your better of reading your comits,
      there will be a season 4 with only 3 eposodes left on season 3,

    • you’re on your own in that camp of 1. the walking dead is not a flop.

    • Whatever connor! If you don’t like it then it’s simple, don’t watch it. Just stick to reading your commics and let the rest of us ennjoy it for what it is. myself and many others love the show so keep your nit picken to yourself!

      • Love the show I thought it was stupid at first. But then my one daughter told me to watch season one and then I was hooked. My other daughter downloaded the 2 and part of the 3 that was a high internet usage bill.
        then I went out and bought the season one and two waiting for three

    • Seriously dude!? Watch the walking dead behind you. :)

    • Arrête de critiquer et regarde une outre chose si ça ne te plaine pas ou tu ne aime pas la très bon série de THE WALKING DEAD!!! vous pour critiquer son toujours la, en premier file ;D pendant que dans votre vie vous ne savait préparer même pas un verre du lait ……….

    • They aren’t attempting to go by the comic book… if they were, the fans of the comic book would know what’s coming. What’s the fun in that? Just because a show isn’t like how it was originally written in a book doesn’t mean that it’s not good, if not better then the book…

    • the show is based off the books. it doesn’t have to be an exact copy. i like the show a lot. a lot of people would agree. so if you’re trying to convince people your opinion, it won’t matter even if people say “hey, i change my mind about the show now. you’re right about everything.” what has that accomplished? you didn’t gain anything. you still have wasted just as much effort as i have writing these comments. people will go on liking things that you don’t like. just go with it. it’s a jersey thing.

    • booo! U may be the only one who thinks that!

    • I believe millions would disagree with you that the show is a flop. If the tv show was just like the comic why would one bother to watch? They could read the comic and know what was going to happen on the show. Kirkman said from the start that the show would be different in many ways from the comic. There is no Dayrl or Merle in the comic’s as you know. Remember, you don’t have to watch it.

  3. Gimmmmee more!!!
    I want a scene where they get up on the .50 cal and start mowing them downnn…love the show

  4. I want answers.,Why are all major infastructers still intact?. Why did the Black Hawks in the flash backs of season 2 only Firebomb the populance instead of Nuke the entire citiy or cities. Cmon if you were wanting to stop somethingg as virulent as that you would think they would just vaporise the entire cities the whole country even. In the begining the soldiers shot the people in the hospitals blackhawks napalm everyone. But buildings still remain standing. Question this if you wanted to attack a country and still keep the building intact you would use some sort of biological weapon. Do you see where i’m going with this. If I was the writer of this I would start creating a story of the what why.New cast new characters and slowly fold the original cast back into it again. Another question I wanna damn well know is was this isolated to america only or the entire world. If america why has’nt another country if this was an accident wiped america off the face of planet to stop the spread.Which confirms my theory that this was an attack by another country or the government itself against it’s own populance.Yes some sort of switch on/ switch off form of population control.Round up those who survived give em the vaccine without knowing and start again!. “Get my boat?”. The new world order created by unknown wealthy people conspiracy theory who think they know best. Yes SEASON 4 needs to concentrate on what or who created the mess and damn well why?.

    • Just a reply to some of your thougts and questions.
      This crisis is global and has been spreading to the whole world.
      I remember Dr. Jenner (The scientist in season 1) saying that the French did hold the longest before they were shut down by walkers.

    • Geeeez CJ yu think tooooo much! Its a tv show! lol

    • Dr. Jenner said in season 2 that hit the whole planet. He said the French thought they were close to a cure but lost power before they could finish it. If you ever wanted a new world to come out of this then you don’t go around dropping nukes everywhere. History has shown us in real life what happens when that is done.

  5. Yes I am a real big fan of the walking dead. I want to see more episodes in each season. I think there is a lot to do with this story line. You can add some sifi to it and maybe add some spice to the show. And I definitely would like to get rid of all those fraking commercials! I would like to see this!!!!” Series to last at least 10 year or more. And develop to where Carl is all grown up.

  6. Love the show!!! I’m sad because season 3 is about to end, on the other hand, i’m very happy because season 4 was confirmed. I never read the comics so can´t wait to see how the story continues. Best regards from Argentina to all TWD fans.

  7. Glued to tv every Sunday it should come on every Sunday :-)


  9. theres a leak for season 4 episode 1 but all the links keep getting taken down anyone know where i can find it?

  10. yea i got it from mediafirecloud.com/twds4ep1.html LOOKS LIKE ITS GOING TO BE EVEN BETTER THEN SEASON 3!

  11. haha loving these comments on how different the show is to the comics, what you don’t realise is that the television show is an adaptation of the comics, adaptations do not exactly follow the source they were adapted from. I love this show and would love to win that competition, unfortunately i live in a different country :’(

  12. It doesn’t matter if the TV version is different from the comics otherwise it would be too predictable for the people that have read the comics and watch the TV version , so of course it would have to be different from the comics so there’s surprises and other things for the viewers.

  13. Love the show..I would still prefer The Walking Dead, than all those walking bimbo in all reality bullsh*t tv show.

  14. ik like the serie s1,2, was on the tv in Belgium and i like it i have seen s3 also last episode is rly strange when is the next comming out ? after s3e16 is there a s3e17 or a new season ?

    im a big fan like like good work !!!

  15. k

  16. My name is Tyler I’m turning 15 and I love to act and I would love to be in your show I do gymnastics. So that probably would help I could be a stunt double or something I don’t really care I just want to be in the show

  17. i am seeing walking dead since season 1 and i love it now i am waiting for season 4 please release soon please

  18. Does anyone have a confirm on the release dat of season four? i heard it was suppose to be in augst sometime.

  19. The Walking Dead is awesome but in season 4 they need to change the plot because season 3 was just dragging it out with the governer and Ricks wife Lori dying. It used to be more fun on season 1 and 2 cause they were moving round and scavenging

  20. T w d has been brilliant I love zombie movies and to have a series is awesome roll on season 4

  21. I have not watched any of the episodes until last week…saw people commenting on Facebook about the last episode and decided to see what it is all about. Found Season 1 and 2 on Netflix and became a instant fan! I don’t care that it doesn’t match up verbatim to a comic book, it was the adaptation that make these episodes work. I’m glad I was bored that night and looked it up The Walking Dead Rocks!!!

  22. It’s all this Bloody Waiting before series 4 comes along,even then when it starts it will show just a few episodes then such down again for months. Pain in the Arse!

  23. The walking dead series is awesome!! Loved watching it through out all 3 seasons, I can’t wait for season 4… Plus I want the governor’s head on a stake… LOL

  24. k season 4 is coming out nex Sunday!!!!

    Sike jk

    best show ever they should just cancel all the other bs shows and focus on this one XD

  25. October 14th is a monday.. so maybe they meant October 13th :p Just saying! I am now going to be a troll and say LIKE and SHARE my page! https://www.facebook.com/TheWalkingDixon

  26. Just so you all know, this is a tv show, and we haven’t used napalm since Vietnam. It’s under the Geneva Convention that it’s illegal.

    That is all.

  27. Norman Mark Reedus,,,,iloveyou!!?! :-)

  28. I can’t wait for the new season to start!!! I MISS MY WALKING DEAD!!!

    • I can’t wait as well Kerisha.pain in the butt all this waiting!And with most of the Characters Gone I miss them to. Sad ain’t it!

  29. Connar a FLOP please look how many love it myself included anyways how many movies from text ever translate any wear near what you see I’m sure some people out their might come up with some reasonable examples but most of it turns out to be something else based on the book or comic in this case that’s why they use words like based and not exactly the same as the book if people out their were making productions exactly like the book THAT’S WHAT THEY WOULD ADVERTISE wake up connar and take your head out of your arse mate ya bloody wanker.

    • Well said Sean! I’ll Second That! It’s a good thing that the Second Ammendment Exists! Without Guns Rick and the rest would be Up Sh*t Creek! lol