‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Fall Finale Will Add Popular Comic Character

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The Walking Dead adds Tyreese The Walking Dead Season 3 Fall Finale Will Add Popular Comic Character

In a year that has brought us two very popular characters from the original Walking Dead comic book series (Michonne and The Governor), it looks like  The Walking Dead season 3 is also delivering another integral character to the AMC flagship series. Reportedly AMC will add Tyreese (no, not the model) to the hit zombie TV series in the upcoming Dec. 2 fall finale, after actor Chad Coleman (The Wire) was spotted on the Woodbury set in Senoia, Georgia.

Adding to the Tyreese near-confirmation by Roamers and Lurkers, in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly the creator of The Walking Dead comic book and executive producer of the TV series, Robert Kirkman, said “A big deal fan-favorite from the comic book is introduced into the show in [episode 8], so be on the lookout for that.” When asked directly if it was in fact Tyresse, Kirkman played it coy by simply saying, “I don’t know. I got no clue!” (which pretty much comes off as a yes).

For those who are fans of the Walking Dead TV adaptation, but haven’t had chance to take a look at the comic series on which the show is based: Tyreese was a former NFL linebacker pre-zombie apocalypse, who was introduced in issue #7 along with his daughter, Julie. Although physically strong, Tyresse was a terrible marksman, often using melee-style weapons in his zombie battles. Despite his troubles controlling his emotions, Tyreese’s genuine concern for all members of the group quickly created a strong friendship between him and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) – who often only trusted Tyreese to watch his son Carl while he was away.

[Walking Dead comic book Spoilers Below]






The comic version of Tyreese also shared a close bond with Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Carol (Melissa Suzanne McBride) – both of whom he had romantic relationships with. Tyreese would later cheat on Carol with Michonne, which caused a tense rivalry with the two women until Carol concedes the competition in an extremely dramatic way.

The Walking Dead adds Tyreese the kiss The Walking Dead Season 3 Fall Finale Will Add Popular Comic CharacterCarol catches Tyreese cheating with Michonne







During Tyreese’s absence from seasons 1 and 2 of the The Walking Dead  TV series, his role has been split three ways between Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal) who provided the” best friend ” relationship with Rick; Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), who took on a similar role in the group as Rick’s go-to-guy; and T-Dog (IronE Singleton – who many speculated was the adapted version of Tyreese) as the only primary African-American muscle in the group.

The TV version of Tyreese will naturally be altered from his comicbook counterpart, and despite The Walking Dead’s “no one is safe” policy, it’s unlikely Darryl Dixon is going anywhere (at least for the time being). It also remains to be seen if the Tyreese, Carol and Michonne love triangle (or square if you count Darryl) will make it to the TV adaption, or will be pushed aside for less complicated storylines.

With actor Vincent Ward now established in the group as principled former prisoner Oscar (another character created for the show), one also has to wonder – will we be getting TWO African-American characters in Rick’s band of survivors? Or does the coming of Tyreese spell doom for Oscar?  And are you Happy that the AMC is finally adding Tyreese  - or is it too late in the series for you to care?



The Walking Dead airs Sundays @9pm on AMC and mark your calendars for the Dec. 2 mid-season finale ‘Made to Suffer’.

Source: EW & Roamers and Lurker

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  1. great artical but am little irked by how you suggest that the group has to have a certain number of black people like it’s limited , they didn’t kill off Dale as soon as Hershel was introduced not in the beginning anyways , is it beyond the realm of possibilities that there can be two black men in ricks group?

    • I know, I feel the same way.

      • Ditto. I’m glad I wasn’t the only feeling that way.

        • one*

    • Same here, that was a bit weird.

      • I disagree. I find it weird that T Dog was pretty much the only black character for three seasons of the show. When is Morgan and Duane coming back? It’s been a noticiable while. And don’t think I forgot the one that blew herself up. Lame.

        As for Dale getting killed off when Hershel was introduced… um what? Whats that got to do with anything? I’m not sayin it’s a HUGE deal but no one can deny the lack of black, Latino or LGBT characters on this show.

        • The issue with Morgan and Duane is that the actor who plays Morgan is some new show. Or has been so they’re probably just give up on that story line or maybe introduce Duane solo or something. Wouldn’t hold my breath for that plot line.

        • Seriously. And why did he have to be called T-Dawg? And never have lines other than during the racially motivated crises? When he started talking too much, I said to myself, “BYE, T-DOG! YOUR TIME TO GO!”

          We had some latinos. They were the bad prisoners. Funny how in the novels, they were white.

          As for LGBT – where’s Eric? We should have seen him already. Guess he’s not gonna be there. And Aaron? Meh. We’ll probably get a couple of lipstick lesbians for show. IF that.

          • I get that and would love the LGBT but since the LGBT to some people are unsuitable for children, there are”lesbians” in Pretty Little Liars don’t see why that would be a problem but it also depends on the writers view.

        • You must be kidding with the “lack of” comments regarding LGBT. They are all over TV that it is sickening. Once again, special people thing they should get special privilege. I didn’t know that your sexual tendencies mean you get a spot on TV now. I’m actually happy I don’t have to watch it on one show for a change. What next, someone that likes orgies? Is that really an important part of someone?

    • hard to take your gripe seriously with artical (sic)

    • That’s because you’re not black and didn’t watch the last few seasons wondering about Catchy Nickname Black Character with no Purpose (other than to sit there being black and fill the quota). Just like the evil prisoners suddenly being mainly latino, when they were originally white.

      The graphic novels were MUCH more racially diverse. I’m honestly shocked that they’re bringing him on, as I’d given up hope that we’d see him. I figured they’d made Daryll into the whitewashed version.

      On the OTHER hand, I’m not actually complaining. There’s a horrific scene in the graphic novels that Michonne originally had to endure, and I’ve got a feeling they’re going to put Maggie in her place. Unfortunate that the scene’s going to make it to screen at all, but it appears that the race-bending is on both sides.

      • What? Are you saying that in GA today that there’s a lot of people of color other than flesh tone? As a trucker who goes down ther quite a bit I figured it was a bit like the old Andy Of Mayberry sho in NC where over the course of the series they might have had one or two very brief encounters with someone wo wasn’t white. I can understand that perfectly…Whenever I go down there i can’t help but wonder why it’s nothing but white evreywhere I look……Ya right….

    • Totally agree. Keep both black characters in the group, as long as they make the story interesting I could care less what color they are. As for Carol, they need to let her and Daryl finally get together and then Tyrese can shag nasty with Michonne.

      • Yes I wish they let darrel and carol would be together

    • Maybe the writer was being snarky since most tv shows with an ensemble cast star primarily white characters with really no more than two of a particular minority. Though realistically there probably should be more blacks in the show since it’s set in the South. Either way Tyreese is f****** awesome. Loved him in the book.

      • So, now the the midseason finale has aired: Oscar out, Tyreese in.

        We won’t so we told you so… but… we bloody well did.

    • I feel the same way too. I don’t see how skin color would make any difference in the show. Personality type? yes, I think that is something to think about.

  2. FINALLY !!!!!!!!

  3. this is gonna be sickk

  4. Yeah. That’s what all shows need. Quotas of people type. Just like real life would be, right? I’m sorry we can’t band together in this disaster scenario, we don’t have enough poor white trash single men who aspired to be architects. We simply lay down and die, making room for a more diverse group.

    • lol.

  5. Ha. All black people that responded. Pffff Go figure.

    • am not black

    • And you know they’re black how? You don’t. Pffff Go figure.

  6. Introducing Tyreese now is not gonna have the same effect on how he was introduced in the comics. And with Carol being as old as she looks in the tv show, that may be a bit creepy to see.

    • No way he hooks up with Carol. I could see him making sexual jokes toward Michone. Michone would initially be un-responsive, only to eventually warm up to him after some type of life/Death moment. At least that’s the way I could see them writing it. :)

      • I guess thats the way its gonna have to be because Carol looks way to old in this show and it’ll be kinda strange. It would’ve been nice to see the whole carol, michone, tyreese thing that happened in the comics though. That would’ve added a lot more drama to the show.

        • Michonne looks like a dude and acts like a jealous lover in regards to Andrea. Michonnes character is unbelie
          vable and unrelateable, I also find it annoying how she just stares at

          everyone like a mute instead of talking

  7. sweet, just started reading the comics bout few weeks ago but am on issue number 70 and i love this character. freaking awesome i cant wait for next week episode actually. epic.

  8. My guess is Oscar bites it in the mid season finale battle with Phillip. Two black males? At one time? You want to start a revolution?

  9. as a black man, i feel it’s laughable that the writers somehow decided there can be only one black person (man?) in the group at a time. i’m sure race is no motivating factor in deciding who lives/dies/joins/leaves the group. Although, I have to point out that t-dog’s (ugh i hate that name) lack of lines in season 2 was the punch line of many jokes among my friends and I given that he was the only black guy around but it’s all for fun.

    • Johnny,

      Where do you see the writers of the show stating this? Not that a black person cant play other characters, but the books were written/drawn a certain way.

      Characters are introduced and either kept/killed to move the story along. To assume anything else would be stupid.

      Now to say there were “x” amount of black characters in the book so we need to see that many on the screen is also laughable as 1. It needs to be paced properly and 2. the show is not following the books page for page.

      Going back though until you can show me where the writers are PURPOSELY limiting the screen time of blacks you should not state it as such.

      Furthermore I have no problem with any of the wihte characters being black, latino etc. It is not the book so anything is game as long as the underlying drama remains the same.

      • You completely misunderstood my post. I find it laughable because I think it’s a silly notion. I don’t believe that is the case at all. We’re in agreement.

        • sorry you said you find it laughable that the writers somehow decided there can be only one black person (man?) in the group at a time.

          I read it that you beleived that did that but you meant its laughable that they would do that.


  10. I don’t see Tyrese replacing Daryl as Rick’s go-to guy. Daryl is quickly becoming the best character on the show next to Rick and it would be stupid for the writers to suddenly start downplaying his role.

    • Meh Tyreese from the books (all we have to go on) (IMO) does not appear to be similar to Oscar in anyway.

      Tyreese was ‘strong’ from the begining. Oscar just appears to flow.

      Im not saying Oscar wont go bye bye however there is nothing that requires him to go bye bye.

      Also in reading above that was not in the SPOILER SECTION of the article…. Tyreese is seen in Woodbury I dont believe he ever made Woodbury in the books.

      So we may see a totally different Tyreese than what we know from the books.

  11. More black, more flavor…keep Oscar with Tyreese coming on you can’t go wrong. It’s like two Luke Cage(s) stomping some zombie @$$. Plus the sexy Michonne welding her katana and you in good hands.

  12. LOL sorry Mr. Scott, just wanted to clarify…”Reportedly AMC will add Tyreese (no, not the model…”
    Tyreese in real life is NOT a model. Hes an R&B singer/Actor (Transformers). You might of confused the name for Tyson Beckford, who is an actual male supermodel :)
    Clearly, I have nothing better to do today lol

    • PS. Good Article! And I dont care how many black or any race of people there are in TV shows or Movie. Whatever

      • Tyrese is the name of the character in the comic book. If you notice at the bottom it said not Tyrese the model.

  13. I like that actor, but his partner in The Wire (Idris Elba) really has the build for an ex football player

  14. How stupid am I that I didn’t notice the spoiler warning! But, since I did read it, I hope they DO stray away from the comic storyline as explained here. The last thing the show needs is a love triangle. Daryl is so loved that (SPOILER AHEAD) having Carol hook up with ANYONE but him at this point would just feel wrong. (END SPOILER) And the show’s racial track history IS sketchy. I agree, it does seem like there can only be one black guy at a time! And if the writers had even attempted to write T-Dog as a full-fledged character, maybe his death would have had an even greater emotional weight. Because of that, I don’t have confidence in the writers’ ability to effectively introduce an interracial romance/love triangle/love square. They don’t handle “the race issue” well, so let’s not introduce something that whether we want to admit it or not, would bring race to the forefront — in a storyline that’s not even essential to the series.

    • Mace,

      What is “the race issue” that they are not handling well?

      Being this is probably the only entertainment site I regularly visit what others have brought up “the race issue”?

      I dont recall “the race issue” being brought up in the books…..

      Actually the storyline (in the comics) is vry essential as it was not only about the triangle iot was also about Carol attempting to cope and in various ways. This eventually POSSIBLE SPOILERS *******************************************

      led to her death at the hands of the only thing she could relate to…. a walker as she was talking to it……

      However Carol in the show does not appear as weak as the one in the books. Although they could break her down a little after T gave his life. However what I THINK will happen is Merle and Darryl will have a come to meeting where Merle will bad mouth the “color” in the group as he is known to do. Darryl will take offense to this as if it wasnt for T Carol would be dead….

  15. It’s Cutty!

  16. It’s definitely about time they add Tyrese! I just wish they had added him around the same time he was added in the comics. I would have loved to see the scene where he was locked in the prison gym full of walkers and fought his way out by killing them all. Tyreses was my favorite character from the comics besides Rick and Glenn.

    • They sort of had Rick doing that, but not to the same extent. I have the book that has several of the comics, but I’ve stopped half way through the prison stuff because everyone started acting like a bunch of whiney kids blowing up and throwing tantrums. I guess I’ll try reading it again after this season, but I for one am glad that they don’t follow the comics too close..

  17. I think the show could do an awesome job with him. I personally love when they leave him for dead in the prison gym, and the next day open the door to see he has killed all the walkers by himself. Could be an awesome scene in the show to end, or begin an episode on. Lol

  18. Geez, I’m going to give up on the show if people are going to argue about the amount and level certain ethnic groups. This is getting silly. Enjoy what you get. I’d be happy to see Tyrese jump in now, just because he’s a great character NOT because he’s black.

  19. I don’t care who they add to the show as long as it’s some eye candy for the ladies! Oscar is sexy, Tyrese looks sexy too!

  20. would be funny to see if the love triangle between Tyresse, michonne and carol was actually reinvented between Oscar, Tyresse and Michonne.

    Could fit into the existing story line.

  21. what about gay people…. And of course the dude at the begining of the show and his son??

  22. At face value it may seem that their limiting the amount of african americans on the show at one time, but I think that has more to do with how we are looking at things. If we choose to see things in terms of black and white, then that’s what we’ll take away from it. However, if we consider each character for their uniqueness and what they bring to the show as people, regardless of race, I think we’ll start start to see things in a new light. Consider when Dale was killed off in season 2, I didn’t see anyone saying, “now that herschel was in the picture they had to lose Dale because there’s only room one old person in the group at a time.” So, why should this be looked at any differently?

    • Exactly. Is anyone Jewish on the show? How about representing the Mormons? Is anyone Iranian on the show? I don’t think there are any Filipinos either. Get over it already!

  23. No I don’t like they added him…because the Carol and Michonne mess, I am all for Carol+Daryl and I want it that way….

  24. I don’t think the Carol-Tyrese-Michonne love triangle will find its way into the show, not with that combination at least. They have spent a lot of the shows history on subtle Carol and Darryl moments and now it’s pretty much what everyone wants to see.

    Maybe the new female character that arrived with Tyrese and doesn’t seem to be a comic book adaption will take the place of Carol’s depression arc, seeing as she has been spending time with Tyrese she could definitely have already developed feelings for him and all they have to do is hint to that and have Tyrese and Michonne hook-up. Then we can get the infamous scene of Carol, but not Carol, kissing the zombie!

  25. Don’t kill off Daryl please