‘Walking Dead’ Season 3 Trailer: New Threats, New Home, More Horror

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Screen Rant TV Editor Anthony Ocasio is nervous right now: he think season 3 of The Walking Dead may be too intese for those viewers who don’t know the comic book source material that inspired it. The teaser trailer above certainly hints at this being the case.

Although the Walking Dead TV show has some pretty drastic differences from Robert Kirkman’s comic book, it has still followed the same overarching path in terms of story progression. Season 3 will cover a section of the comics in which there are many brutal and graphic things that occur – and as executive producer Glen Mazzara has already stated, the show isn’t afraid to push into that controversial territory.

For now, however, we are simply getting a taste of the sweet horror movie suspense that helps set The Walking Dead apart from just about every other TV show out there (a uniqueness that critics claim was missing from the first half season 2). This brief teaser trailer immediately sets up a new nightmarish challenge for Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his group of survivors: capturing the prison glimpsed in the final shot of last season from the horde of walkers roaming its halls. Between the footage we saw in the previously-released teasers and this trailer, taking that prison is going to be hell – and could maybe cost a survivor their very life.

the walking dead season 3 poster Walking Dead Season 3 Trailer: New Threats, New Home, More Horror

On the other end of things, we see that Andrea (Laurie Holden) only gets a short reprieve from peril, as she and her mysterious savior, Michonne (Danai Gurira), are both seen to be at the mercy (or lack thereof) of The Governor (David Morrissey), who is the inspiration of that season 3 tagline, “Fear the living.” Fans of the comics (including one Anthony Ocasio) know the lengths that Rick and his survivors go in order to ward off the threat of The Governor – just how far (and how brutal) the show is willing to take that war, remains to be seen.

The Walking Dead season 3 premiere, “Seed”, will air on AMC on October 14, 2012.

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  1. I can’t wait for this. AND the next comic comes out in 5 days. So excited. I love The Walking Dead.

    • Can’t Wait Too … So excitedto see whar will happen next. Shane wake up

  2. man soo cant wait

  3. ‘The teaser trailer above certainly hints at this being the case.’

    I saw NOTHING that would even suggest the intensity of this story arch from the books.

    We see Andrea waking up? Asking what is this place….. How do we see her at his mercy? It appears she is taken there and wakes up not knowing where she is.

    The guys leaning on the door frame seem very noncholant in their demeanor.


    I never saw the “evil” side of the Governor.
    I never saw any inmates and what they might bring.
    I never saw Carol “loosing” it.
    I never saw Zombie Arena.
    I never saw the Governors little girl…

    Show the Governor getting ready to hack a hand. Show Rick and Company opening the doors to the mess hall and seeing 4 people sitting there. Show a little Girl (or the Gov talking to) a little zombie. Show the Arena. Show Carol at a complete breakdown talking to a Zombie chained up.

    Thats intense and hints.



    LOVE the show even if it is not a true transfer of the comics. So dont get me wrong. However all we are doing is hoping right now and that clip does nothing but let us know a prison is there and “he” is on the show along with Mich.

    • :22 – Andrea with a gun to her head, at the mercy of the Governor’s peeps.

    • :24 – is that not the Governor violently dispatching somebody at the end?

      The prison scenes of the group taking on a horde of walkers – is that not intense enough?

      • We saw them take out hordes before. Them dispatching Zombies is the norm sorry that is not intense as it relates to the Prison story arc. Matter of fact that is probably one of the least intense things they get associated with during the Prison arc. It was very systematic in the books.

        Andrea has a gun pointed at her. She is on the ground they are above her. She appears to be in the woods still where we last left her. So when you come across someone in this environment you dont fully trust them. So I have no issue with anyone pointing a gun at a person in the woods with a handgun.

        Im just saying there is nothing intense in that clip. At least not at the level that the people that read the stories can relate to.

        Even if you look at it as a nonstory reader it is not that intense. We make it intense with the belief we THINK we know what is going to happen based on what we already know about the story.

        The clip hinted at nothing that we as viewers of TWD havent seen already.

  4. I really don’t think they will put a few of those (specific) encounters involving the governor and Michonne. That would just be too rough for cable TV. But I’m sure it’s going to be great and a lot more violent then the past 2 seasons. I think the governor will appear as good for a little longer as well, being as the show usually takes it’s time in developing characters. Very excited.

    • I think they can put these “encounters” between the two of them just make most of it implied but not shown.

      In the comic i believe glen hears what is going on they can show it from his point of view and still have it on cable.

    • I hope they dont. I mean in the books he flipped pretty quick (in one book).

      I want them to show us regardless of where you are its kill or die zombies or not.

      If they make it to long it will (IMO) cheapen who we know he is. We will be let down after seeing/assuming he aint that bad.

      Kind of hard to explain but I guess I want the group on their toes this whole season, I dont want a lull like we had at the farm.

  5. I am excited. And I just want to thank all the commenters/graphic novel nerds (I use that term endearingly) for labeling spoilers. I have dropped off of the comic book world many moons ago and with kids I don’t have time to read them anymore. I love the show though and enjoy not knowing what is going to happen next.

  6. Kofi, shouldn’t that read:

    The Walking Dead season 3 premiere, “Seed”, will air on AMC on October 14, 2012. Not available on DISH.

  7. Haven’t read the comics,and for my taste,I hope they do not get into that direction ! Should be more grounded as it was the last season,and not some sword wielding super ninja chick stuff or what ever they have in the comics!

    But i guess the majority of the internet guys here want thats stuff :)

    • I liked the “lull” it helps you get more attached to the characters and hope for their safety. If the people dont get a little rest they would all go nuts real fast.

  8. I agree with Aknot that the writer of this article is clearly retarded, but if you are implying that all those “spoilers” are going to come true in the show… I think thats very optimistic thinking.. If I had to bet, probably half of those events will stick… (SPOILER) and we dont even know how many seasons they will spend in Prison/Woodbury, i think Lori/judy die end of season 3… but i heard they will use the Prison for season 4 too… either way, the show will distance itself from the comics.

    ps- Yall should def read The RISE OF THE GOVERNOR.. in which case you would know the girls name is PENNY, and you learn A LOT of secrets that will make you look at the GOVERNOR differently!

  9. where can i find the full ATAS panel of 2012 to watch