‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Details Revealed

Published 3 years ago by , Updated May 23rd, 2012 at 8:59 am,

the walking dead season 3 rick The Walking Dead Season 3 Details Revealed

 First Look: ‘Walking Dead’ Season 3 Preview Reveals The Prison

The Walking Dead season 2 finale has aired and our favorite group of survivors are now on to their next adventure. Since October is such a long time to wait for the next season of The Walking Dead, why not find out what’s in for season 3 now.

[WARNING - Walking Dead season 3 SPOILERS Follow!!!]

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  1. So awesome, I can’t wait for them to start filming and see pics!

    • They’ve Already filmed half of season 3.

    • nice job on getting first


  3. Cant wait for next season too! I like the direction season 2.5 went and how season 3 appears to be turning out.

  4. Walking dead hit it stride in the second half
    and I think their in a groove now that will
    carry over to season 3 starting strong.

    Curiously, although the budget was cut
    leading to Frank’s departure, the episodes
    did not suffer despite having to spend less.

  5. They’re, obviously

    • I just want to see Daryl Dixon and Michonne kill about a million Zombies and any people who mess with the group and their survival!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I’m with you on that, Nate.

        Darryl has become a favorite
        of mine and adding Michonne to
        the mix points to a great season 3.

  6. oh i can’t wait til season 3.

  7. I love “The Walking Dead”, but I do wish they would make Daryl, along with The Grimes’s and Michonne, a trio of main characters.

  8. The walking dead just keeps getting better and better. It was sad to see season 2 come to an end but it was truly epic.

  9. October?? Damm y is it always such a long wait o well its gonna be worth waitig season 3 gonna be epic

  10. Season 3 is goona be amazing. AND it’ll be 16 episodes instead of 6 or 13. (Still wish they’d go with 22, but I’ll get over it)

  11. The second season finale was definitely beyond epic but I have a question. If the woman in the dark cloak wasn’t Michonne who was she? Or are they just saying that wasn’t the actress cast to play Michonne in the 3rd season? Any ideas would be much appreciated

    • Wasn’t the actress who’ll be playing her

    • @ Yeti

      The cloaked figure who saved andrea is Michonne. The actress hadn’t been cast yet when the finale episode was filmed that’s why they don’t show her face.

      • Now who is michonne? Refresh my memory.

      • @vader thanks for clarifying also do I need to have my eyes checked or was she lugging around two walkers? I never read the comic so I wouldn’t know if this is normal behavior or not

        • @ Yeti,

          No need to get your eyes checked Michonne was in fact lugging around a pair of walkers. The purpose of her doing this is to mask her scent and appear as a walker herself to the roaming dead and keep walkers from attacking her. I don’t know that I would call it normal but then again what would you call normal in a zombie apocalypse. It’s her way of adapting and surviving in what has become of everday living. I know it was brought up in recently by another ranter can’t remember who though.

          @ Domingo

          Michonne is a fan favorite from the comic, she a bada$$ sword wielding chick. She has learned to adapt and survive in this apacolyptic world and you will see her in action in season 3.

          • thanks vader, I was under the impression that they could’ve possibly been some of her loved ones that were turned and she couldn’t bring herself to do away with but since you’ve actually read the comics I guess we’ll go with your idea :-D

            • is it actually a “Spoiler” if the answer is common knowledge and has been for years?
              I mean, any google search will answer the question if people really want to know.

              Those that are a bit familiar with the graphic novels already know.

              Who the two zombies are doesn’t effect the TV series at all.

              So, is it really a “Spoiler” if someone says it?

            • Jawless Walker 1 = Boyfriend
              Jawless Walker 2 = Boyfriend’s Best Friend.

              Michonne (Me-Shon) observed that Walkers don’t attack other Walkers. So she chopped off the arms and lower jaws of her Walker Boyfriend and his best friend. Then she chained them up and put a hood on.

              • Sally Sparrow, Thanks – okay I get that… no arms, no jaws… using them to mask her scent, wearing a hood – all kind of makes sense in this world (as much, anyway, as the episode where Rick and company smeared walker guts on themselves and walked amongst them, undetected… that was, until it rained and washed off their “camouflage”!) – but they also seemed docile. Even without arms and jaws, wouldn’t they still be trying to eat her? Or has she somehow, just by wearing a hood, made herself undetectable to them – even though they’re just a chains-length away. I also read somewhere that someone thought perhaps she had also removed their eyes – so in essence they’re actually and figuratively “blind” to her. They get pulled by chains as opposed to having any direction or will simply because their sense abilities have been altered. Am I getting the basic gist of this? Not being familiar with the comic I’m just sort of picking up here and there…

  12. Michonne will be in next season to answer the above question

  13. This series rocks! the studio needs to get off its arse and keep ponying up the bucks! This series has the potential to be around for many years to come.

  14. So pumped! Michonne is my favorite charecter in the book and I thought the prison storyline was some of the best so far. Obviously they won’t be able to get into the crazy sick stuff with the governer from the books but it’s really going to get good. As good ad the show is I would urge you all to buy the paperbacks! If you think the show is crazy, the books will shock you.

    • I agree with you i think that the jail is epic im also hoping that daryl we be a main character soon

  15. Season 2 moved too slowly and you could tell that by adding extra episodes without much additional budget, they reduced the amount of zombie killing. The farm only lasted 3 comic book issues yet they dragged it out for a WHOLE season. The prison makes up at least 15 issues, so I worry we could be there for the loooong haul.

    I expect the Season 3 premiere to be awesome, but I’m really worried that episodes 3 to 7 will sloooow down big time and get boring like Season 2 did. If they’re adding more episodes, then it means they need to progress the story faster, not pad them out with unnecessary character dramas.

    If you look at Season 1, it only had 6 episodes yet kept a very fast pace that was exciting and filled with drama.

  16. Hello fans of my show, I’ve been searching through the spoilers trying to find any facts and I have to say, they are all most definitely incorrect. Season 3 in the show is going to be similar to the comic except daryl Dixon will die in the finals and michone’s going to die aswell

    • No way in the world they are only going to have Michonne around for one season. They only finished planning half of the season last week so your rumors are B.S.

    • Oh Please

    • thats just wrong mostly for Daryl put it this way first Sophia died then shane is killed and to follow that the old man dies if daryl goes then so do i

    • Well that didn’t happen. Daryl is alive an well.

  17. If you havent read the comics dont read this if you have please ponder. Lori really pissed me off when she got mad at Rick at the end of season 2. I wonder if she is going to have the same fate as her comic counterpart at the prison? And Tdog? Well really pretty much all of them except Rick and Carl. Already heard Rick is keeping his hand so…….

  18. why do we got to wait to october its to long of a wait why not the summer i wana know what happens alrady i cant wait …waiting for resident evil 6 is killing me already now i got to wait for this too ahhh lol

  19. Love the story about the two Z’s Michonne has with her. Way to keep it personal. hahah! I wonder if TDog is supposed to be a stand in for Tyrone? If so,….heheheh and ewwwww! Maybe they’ll deviate again and his character won’t reflect the comic.
    Maybe they’ll bring back the guy and his son from season 1! Throw them in the mix to give Rick some much needed back up.

  20. love the show the ending left some big ifs and such

  21. I understand that M has the zombies so she can blend, but why didn’t they try to attack Andrea? They’re still zombies, even without their arms and jaws…but they just stood back like trained dogs.

    • @Daphne,

      They don’t attack because they’ve been condtioned not to. So yes, in essence, they are like trained dogs. They even have a little back story/history with her.

      To all others who have questions about the characters, please just look at the source material. It isn’t hard to find.

      • “Conditioned” zombies? Oh oh… I hope that’s not the case. Romero did that with Bub in “Day Of The Dead” and (in my opinion anyway) that’s when his Dead movies “jumped the shark” so to speak… Zombies should remain unconditional. A zombie being burned by a flame shouldn’t know any better by the experience, and should still walk into a roaring fire without the sense not to do so. As soon as you start to introduce “conditioned” zombies (which is a contradiction, even by name) I’m afraid you’ve lost me. The reason why I’ve been so hooked by the Walking Dead thus far is because of the level of “realism” it’s been given. Yeah yeah, I know – “realism” and dead people walking around is an oxymoron… but most people will get what I’m saying. I think!!…

  22. I think a potentially interesting relationship will be Daryl and Michonne (assuming Michonne ends up being like her comic book counterpart). Both are alike in their approach to the new world they are living in, and both have very similar personalities.

  23. I love the show it is the best

  24. AWWSSOOOOOME finale, can’t wait for season 3.

    How did they all became infected??

    • It was explained during Season 1, in this Toshiba commercial:

    • I read tha is a question that will eer be answered.

  25. So unbelievably disappointed that Dale died in Season Two. There goes the Tainted Meat scene, right outta the window.
    Just wouldn’t be the same if they used a different character for it.

  26. I can not wait for season 3. Season 2 had an epic ending so I hope that is a sign for an even better season three.

  27. this show should be canceled and will be the cooperate office has already discussed dropping the show that is why they were give such a low budget this season. This reminds me of the Sarah Conner Chronicles a two hit wonder. Bad acting no name actors and low budget. I will be happy when they finally cancel it.There will be no season 3 that is for sure. Cooperate will drop it next season 100%.

    • Huge fanbase and also a talk show to follow it. Yeah it’s in real danger of being canceled.

    • Can you say “Warren Becker is a troll?” Silly boy, this show will not be cancelled, they’ve already begun filming for 3 and begun talking about Season 4. I f you don’t like the show…change the channel.

    • WRONG!!!!!!!!!! Season 3 is over and Season 4 will start this Oct. Even The Talking Dead got picked up for another year. Turns out Seaon 3 broke it’s own record for viewers 3 times. The final Welcome to the tombs was the highest rated yet. Don’t like the show, don’t watch it. But o know you will.

  28. Very uninformed Warren Becker because season 3 starts filming in May and WILL happen. As far as comparing it to SCC, well real bad comparison to say the least. This show is in no danger of being canceled. Not sure why so negative but TWD is excellent and a landmark TV experience since nothing like it has ever been produced for television. Great show with most likely many years/seasons left to come.

  29. Loved the second half of the season and the last two episodes were beyond great. The show really ended the season on a high note and emotions were through the roof in the finale.

    I read the comic book storyline synopsis and really hope that they do not go down that path in season 3 (at least not go through with every horrific detail that happens to Rick). I sincerely doubt that they will cut Rick’s hand off and that his son will get shot in the eye…too much.

    I hope that they are not just confined to the prison environment in season 3 and that there is still much exploration into the word that the group will do.

    I think Hirshell will get the axe this season, although I hope they keep him alive….

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