‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Will Tackle Controversial Comic Moments

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the walking dead season 3 michonne full The Walking Dead Season 3 Will Tackle Controversial Comic Moments

First Look: ‘Walking Dead’ Season 3 Preview Reveals The Prison

**Spoiler Warning for the comments below**

As The Walking Dead heads into season 3, the series will begin its journey down a darker path than viewers of the television series are currently accustomed to seeing. Fortunately, the producers have no intention of changing the extremely polarizing moments from the comics.

Without spoiling what’s to come, it’s safe to say that whatever terrible things you could imagine happening to a group of survivors in a prison setting that has actual prisoners in it do, in fact, happen – as well as many you could have never imagined.

Comic book fans won’t have to worry about The Walking Dead producers trying to lighten up some of the series’ darkest moments, as executive producer Glen Mazzara reveals that he has no intention of shying away from anything in the source material:

“There’s no place we won’t go. Everything is on the table. This is a cutting edge cable drama. I’m comfortable with that material and we answered a lot of these questions on say the Shield and when I worked there, so I’m comfortable dealing with very, very edgy material.

That being said, you want to make sure that things are not gratuitous, that things are not offensive for the sake of being offensive. I don’t ever want the show to get too bleak. I think we’ve done a good job of creating characters that people care about. I think there’s a heart to the show.

So we will, you know, tackle issues in our own way but right now everything is on the table and I think if you take a look at those last few episodes we’ve been making some pretty bold choices and that’s where the show lives and that’s where we will feel we get the most entertainment value out of the story we’re telling.”

While it’s great the producers have no problem tackling any issue, the network may have. With episodes 1 – 8 of The Walking Dead season 3 already pitched to AMC, the producers are waiting for a green light before they can begin writing the episodes. Whether or not any of these episodes contain any of the more “controversial” elements remains to be seen, but they will come up eventually.

the walking dead season 3 prison The Walking Dead Season 3 Will Tackle Controversial Comic Moments

And while there will likely be a few viewers that are uncomfortable with some of the upcoming storylines, there’s no doubt that the producers will be able to handle the darker subject matter appropriately – especially one specific interaction between two of the series’ new characters.

For those fans who are still in the dark, I’m sure you’ll find additional information to satisfy your curiosity in the comments below.

The Walking Dead Season 3 will premiere October 2012

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  1. Thank god that old man died! He was soooooo annoying! wahhh!! the end of humanity, blah, blah, blah. And about rick losing his hand. That’s retarded. . If that happens I’ll stop watching. Losing an eye is fine. There’s got to a group of survivors, rick, lori, carl and the baby or there’s no point. Its just another stupid zombie movie where everyone dies. There has to be belief that the characters we like will win in the end.

    • Dale proved a voice for the good of humanity in a group that needed it. Rick has that voice too, but not as, say, polarizing as Dale’s was. What I mean by that is that Rick will go with the options that are humane before he goes with something as heavy-handed as killing. He’s a man who uses his words before his actions, whereas Dale would only ever use his words.

      What what is there to win? Nothing. The world has ended. This is a show about survival and what it means to be a human being in a world after civilization has ended.

      Nobody cares if you quit watching the show. It seems petty to quit watching just because something doesn’t go your way. That would be “retarded”.

    • Lori has apparently gone south, what’s she thinking? First Shane is dangerous and now she’s grieving over that lump of scat. She needs to turn, bite Carl and Rick have to shoot them both, Carl is just annoying

      • She wasn’t upset Rick killed Shane, she was upset that Carl shot Shane. In her mind, Rick allowed Carl to shoot Shane because he never clarified to her that Carl showed up out of the blue.

        Also, sorry to disappoint, but Lori and Carl will be on the show for quite a while (at least one or two more seasons) if they follow the graphic novel series.

        • Ok maybe I saw it different but several other people thought the same thing and I hope your right however, Carl is still annoying

        • she started acting all upset as soon as rick said he killed shane. she worthless for being like that. rick should take carl and daryl and go find andrea and say to hell with the rest of the 2 faced people.

    • “But if we execute a member of a roving band of thugs that want to rob, rape and kill us, we are no better than they are … !”

      Wasn’t aware this was a status based contest, Dale.

      Well, guess we oughta shoot ’em then. Way I see it, if we kill this guy we’re better than them scorewise by one.

    • You’re annoying, his name was Dale and he was awesome.

  2. This is a fantastic series that really keeps you interested. I had to watch these on xbox live because we do not subscribe to dish or cable. I have really enjoyed the series it has enough slowdown through zombie killings to keep an even keel. I have this funny feeling that in the end God will show up or Jesus like it said in the King James bible. Its a good show …well maybe a very interesting nasty show..hahaha! Keep up the good works folks we love it.

  3. To you all that have read the comic, do they ever meet up with the man and boy that helped Rick? Rick gave up on trying to get him on the radio he gave the man. I wanted him to be in the series again

    • In the comics theyeet up with them

    • In the comics they meet up

    • In the comics they meer up, but the son is a zombie and has to be killed.

    • i read 1 of the comics and rick and carl do meet up with the guy in the 1st episode that he gave the radio to..but that does not meen it will be in the amc series

  4. Are they still making comics whats going on in the comics right now?

  5. Carl is a s***** actor, hopefully a walker gets him in the next season

    • John, I kind of agree with you, except that i generally like Andrew Lincoln as an actor in most of the roles I’ve seen him play … but an American tough but sensitive, hero people’s leader role is not for him. there is (obviously) a huge wealth of talent in America that could play the role a hundred times better.
      there are a handful of non-Americans that can play American roles to perfection. Hugh Laurie for example, I couldn’t see anyone else as House, and within two minutes of seeing him on screen, I forgot he was an English Comedy actor. But I’m afraid that Andrew Lincoln as Carl just doesn’t cut the mustard.

      • sorry, brain-fart … i was talking about Rick, not Carl … but i Stand by what i say … only, obviously not about the kid !!! Doh !

  6. You all have such heated negative opinions about this series. If you think its so bad, can you do better? If so then why don’t you got write a better show? If not, then you have no room to be bitching.

  7. Honestly so many people are complaining when really the show has remained very close to the source material. They have added a few things to make it more interesting for the fans of the comics because otherwise they would likely find it not suspenseful enough. Having Sophia die was a nice twist. The only thing she really does in the comics is give Carl a friend to hang out with. Dale’s death was handled well too. Fans of the books knew he was going to die, but they threw us a curveball by killing him off earlier (and in a much less controversial way than having him get infected and then half-eaten by cannibals) rather than have him and Andrea develop a relationship. I will admit I was a little disappointed that they didn’t develop that story further, but in the end it didn’t destroy the overall storyline. To everyone bitching about Carl and Lori, give them time to develop. Carl is a much more important character later on in the story once he’s had a chance to go through what he’s been through. My only complaint is that they stayed at the farm too long and left out the attempt to settle in the subdivision. Now that we’re moving on to the prison and introducing Michonne among other interesting characters I’m happy. I say good job and keep up the good work!

    • When I first started watching the show I was stoked and worried to think I had perfect foresight into the series from reading the original 12 books(wish Tony Moore stayed on as the artist after #1). Then major story changes were put into play keeping the series fresh for the comic fans, but these weren’t a second party rewrite, they were from Kirkman and his pool directly. It is a fantastically written show that maintains the same character strength and development of that of the comics, and as for the cast, I think they portray those parts better than I could have hoped for a franchise that means so much to the original fans. Actor, Andrew Lincoln gave Grimes the same impression as the desolate, yet hopeful impromptu leader who is able to make those tough calls as was given in the graphic novel. Not killing off Shane in the initial episode led to what was arguably the most influential and powerful character development thus far in the series. I can not wait to see Merle’s reappearence(potentially as the governer?). There are less stirring performances by certain actors, but as for the spotlight cast members, they perform the crucial emotional and tense moments to the highest degree. That, along with the walkers, is what keeps me watching.

  8. Bring in Tyrese . . . and give T-Dog a good send off. Although I’d be good with a Daryl/Michonne type deal.

  9. This is the season, I hope, that Mrs. Grimes get killed. Sadly, I feel I will be disappointed and stuck with that worthless piece of meat for more seasons yet to come.

  10. Dear AMC,
    You are my hero for making the best thing ever, anywhere, forever.

    Sincerely, Z.A.P.

    Dear AMC,
    I hate you, your “season 2″, if that really is its name. In all honesty, the show lost something very important in season 2, intrigal if you will. You, and I say this with full conviction, NEED TO GET FRANK BACK!!! Seriously, season 2 was like a bad dream from which I woke up in a bed of quicksand.

    Sincerely, Z.A.P.

  11. YOU NEED FRANK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I wonder how they are going to handle the interaction between the Governor and Michonne, it just has to get bad.

  13. very bad for them

  14. So excited to see season 3, PLEASE try stick to the main issues that are in the comics, but yeah I agree with a lot of you all when not wanting Carl to continue on. Put more of a spotlight on Daryl, he is great! I think if he gets killed off I can’t watch haha!
    Bring it on! Hope it’s earlier then late October though..

  15. I adore this show. I watched Season 1 because a friend of mine loaned me the dvd and I was hooked. I do feel like Season 2 was a little slow in comparison to the first, and the gore level wasnt even close to season 1. But overall it wasn’t a horrible season but I am really hoping Season 3 kicks the first two seasons asses!!! Also Lori I think is kind of nuts. I think she really wanted Shane but felt guilty for hooking up with him once she found out Rick wasn’t dead. Plus it was like she was pittin the two men against each other. Maybe it was a subconscious thing but she did it non the less. I can honestly say it wouldnt be the worse thing if she dies. I read somewhere that if they follow the comic her and the baby die. Can anyone verify if that is true? I’m not a follower of the comic series.

    • Yes, in the comics Lori and Judith die.

  16. i really love the movie hope to see season 3 soon

  17. Bring Shane Back!

  18. All I’m going to say is about time they made a show that’s so edgy and in your face drama, as much as I was saddened Sophia was turned they weren’t afraid to write that in obviously me being a
    Mother myself touched base with the raw emotion that was portrayed on those episodes. And as for Rick yes his character was a pain in butt but because he got on our nerves and mad us all feel ever so slightly angry at his actions doesn’t that show the actor did his role perfectly? As for the boy Carl yes he annoyed me but I think in a sense he was meant too as he was the reason dale was killed and if he kept up his sweet and innocent role up wouldn’t we of found it hard to be angry at him? The episode where dale left was the episode where Carl pushes boundaries and was a smug lil so and so. I think a lot of people are misjudging this show as well it’s not all about zombies it’s about the world order when you have no order do rules still apply like the law they once knew things like humanity and what dale brought up in that episode was fantastic! Keep up the great work it’s not all about death etc who didn’t sit back and think what would they do if they fell pregnant in a world so torn and destroyed??

  19. Omg!! I looooovvvvvveeeee the walking dead mad that I have to wait till october :( my brother got me in too it this year. Without a doubt in my mind best zombie movie ive ever seen. Still upset that shane died but I guess its part of the storyline… I liked all the gorey parts like when they pulled that walker out of the well and he split in half that was awlsome!! N about rick losing his temper I like it when hes like that sick of the group nagging at him! Hes not holding u hostage u can leave if u want! Well I love the show hope there is a season 4! :)

  20. I’m a huge fan of the comics and I believe the writers and producers are doing an excellent job of telling a fresh take on the story while remaining true to the storyline as intended. I was so excited to see Michonne turn up it let me know that they were going to stay on course with my beloved comics

  21. All I know is that if they kill off Daryl, they will loose majority of the shows viewers. Daryl has become the hero to most of its fans and I reckon Daryl should take over as group leader because people seem to think he is the most likeable character.

    Give what the fans want guys :)

    • No Rick is the beat Daryl is a good second In command though.

  22. I can’t stand Lori. the end.

    • It seems pretty clear Tyrese’s character has been absorbed into Daryl… Ricks right hand man (no pun intended). He fills that role Tyrese represents.. another man capable of being a leader, lost whatever family he had early on.. etc.
      Tyrese’s window has passed, and since the Daryl’s brother (Meryl i believe) is signed on for season 3, it seems this story arc will fill the void left by Tyrese.

  23. Kinda sucks that hey’re keeping close to the series. Hopefully Rick won’t get his arm cut off. Daryl better not die, also I may be the first one to say this but I really don’t want Glenn or Maggie to die either.

  24. Does anyone know how many episodes will be in Season 3? I loved that Season 2 had so many but the break in the middle really sucked I think I went into withdrawals lol. I think Daryl is a critical character but I was watching an interview online and Kirkman said they didn’t consider anyone “off limits”. Mostly I’m just oping for more gore this season. Oh and I’m gonna miss Dale. I liked his role. Kind of the grounded person in the group.

    • hoping* :/

    • Season 3 will have 16 episodes.

  25. Lol. Lori gets so much hate! You guys are obsessed with her! All you can say is how much you “hate” Lori. I think she’s a brillant character. I think they need to continue with her. Her & Rick’s relationship needs to be stronger.
    Ever thought that maybe Lori can’t constantly keep an eye on Carl because she’s busy with other stuff? And she tells him to stay in the mofo house because she trust he’ll listen to her? Nope. It’s just a show, its just a character. You all better not be putting to much hate on her. Hell, i bet she’d be laughing anyways. Oh and by the way, if you say you can’t watch the show because she’s in it, then you watch it and complain, i suggest you turn off that TV. Cause Lori is one of the main characters and i don’t think they’ll be killing her anytime soon. Plus, shes ma dawg.

  26. For real everyone is hating on Lori. Daryl better not die he’s a bad ass.


    1) If they stick to the comic for this part, Lori and the baby dies. End of story. However, it wouldn’t be the first thing they’ve changed. So there’s still a chance she could live. But, she was annoying as hell in the comic and an instigator in the show.

    2)Give Carl time. If they stick to the comic for his character, he turns into quite the little bad@$$…

    3) My biggest worry for the show is how fast they’re catching up to the comic. At this rate (unless they add filler and drag out story lines), they’re gonna catch up to the comic within the next 2 seasons EASY. Which means one of two things. Either…

    A) They’ll stop the show and give Robert Kirkman time to work on new material and then pick it back up, which could take a year or so. Or….

    B) They’ll have to start writing their own version of it with Kirkman over the script and then the comic will be behind the show, which I just don’t see happening. However, they’ll probably drag out the Prison story arc for a season and a half just like they did the Farm Arc until the fans are yelling “Get out of the prison already! We want more zombies!”.

    My point is they’re catching up to the comic TTOO* fast, especially since R. Kirkman hasn’t put out a new issue of The Walking Dead Graphic Novel in months. If I’m not mistaken, he’s about 3 or 4 months behind when the last issue was supposed to be released.

    But, they’ll probably do their own filler story Arc like they did with the CDC. But they’ll have to do a couple of those while Robebrt Kirkman works his A$$ off writing and illustrating new material for the show to go by.

    At least that’s my opinion. I could be completely wrong. However, I don’t think I am.if they’re already at the prison, then there’s only one more safe haven for them to reach before the comic came to an abrupt halt.

    • The pace does not seem to fast… theres going to be over 100 issues when they start season 3, and they discover the prison in issue 12 or 13 or something like that.. how do you figure there going to fast? Seems like they can make 10 seasons at this rate.

    • @H34RT13SS

      I don’t think it will catch up to the comic too fast. You have to consider that there is a deal between Kirkman and the show whereby he holds off on sections of the comic he’s already written until a certain time, release more, the season takes a break and then goes on again. They already have 2 full seasons lined up so…

  28. I think I am the only person who doesn’t want Lori and the baby to die. Rick’s character centers around his family values, Lori and Carl are essential to his character as a whole. What he does for the group he does to keep his family safe and if they completely take out his WIFE then everything goes down hill I hate that in the comic they killed her off. Yes, she is an annoying character but nothing she does doesn’t necessarily make sense in the situations she’s put through.