‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Will Tackle Controversial Comic Moments

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the walking dead season 3 michonne full The Walking Dead Season 3 Will Tackle Controversial Comic Moments

First Look: ‘Walking Dead’ Season 3 Preview Reveals The Prison

**Spoiler Warning for the comments below**

As The Walking Dead heads into season 3, the series will begin its journey down a darker path than viewers of the television series are currently accustomed to seeing. Fortunately, the producers have no intention of changing the extremely polarizing moments from the comics.

Without spoiling what’s to come, it’s safe to say that whatever terrible things you could imagine happening to a group of survivors in a prison setting that has actual prisoners in it do, in fact, happen – as well as many you could have never imagined.

Comic book fans won’t have to worry about The Walking Dead producers trying to lighten up some of the series’ darkest moments, as executive producer Glen Mazzara reveals that he has no intention of shying away from anything in the source material:

“There’s no place we won’t go. Everything is on the table. This is a cutting edge cable drama. I’m comfortable with that material and we answered a lot of these questions on say the Shield and when I worked there, so I’m comfortable dealing with very, very edgy material.

That being said, you want to make sure that things are not gratuitous, that things are not offensive for the sake of being offensive. I don’t ever want the show to get too bleak. I think we’ve done a good job of creating characters that people care about. I think there’s a heart to the show.

So we will, you know, tackle issues in our own way but right now everything is on the table and I think if you take a look at those last few episodes we’ve been making some pretty bold choices and that’s where the show lives and that’s where we will feel we get the most entertainment value out of the story we’re telling.”

While it’s great the producers have no problem tackling any issue, the network may have. With episodes 1 – 8 of The Walking Dead season 3 already pitched to AMC, the producers are waiting for a green light before they can begin writing the episodes. Whether or not any of these episodes contain any of the more “controversial” elements remains to be seen, but they will come up eventually.

the walking dead season 3 prison The Walking Dead Season 3 Will Tackle Controversial Comic Moments

And while there will likely be a few viewers that are uncomfortable with some of the upcoming storylines, there’s no doubt that the producers will be able to handle the darker subject matter appropriately – especially one specific interaction between two of the series’ new characters.

For those fans who are still in the dark, I’m sure you’ll find additional information to satisfy your curiosity in the comments below.

The Walking Dead Season 3 will premiere October 2012

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  1. As much as I’d like to see Rick lose his hand, that’s not gonna happen. Way too much work. You can’t shoot a missing hand practically (not without an actor missing his hand), and while you could CG it out, the cost to cg out Rick’s hand in every single shot he’s in for the rest of the show run is huge. They’re already gonna have to do that with Merle, but at least he’s not a main character, and probably won’t last very long or have that much screen time.

    I posted in the other thread that I think it’d be cool to have Darryl take over Tyreese’s role, have him clear out the gym all on his own, and even have him hook up with Michonne. Give him a little redemption, show that he’s not as racist as everybody thought. We’ve already seen him save T-Dog, and he’s clearly on good terms with Glenn, so it really wouldn’t be a stretch. And then it leaves Darryl in quite the predicament with his brother, who would never support that relationship. Of course, if this means that Darryl meets the same fate as Tyreese…

    • Screw that! I’m fine with Daryl somewhat taking over the role of Tyrese but he’d BETTER not die next season or anytime soon. I hope, like Michone and Andrea (as well as Rick and Carl, obviously) he is given a “no kill, t least for a long time” policy. In fact, Michone, Daryl and Rick should all be no kill as thye are simply too cool

      I think Kirkman and the creators have realized that if they kill Daryl it could be a show-stopper. In fact, I could go on watching Daryl over rick, I can’t believe I’m saying that. As I’m a HUGE Rick fan, big enough that I’m writing a fanfic of Rick meets Frank Castle in the TWD Universe (which basically is the MAX Punisher universe but with zombies)

    • I agree with you 100 percent

  2. I am perfectly happy with the idea of Rick keeping his hand. Every time I see it missing the comic, I’m just squeamish, thinking about it. I agree with you, Jbrose23, that attempting to hide the hand for the rest of the season after that is problematic.

    As for Darryl taking over Tyrese’s role… I hadn’t even thought of that. T-Dog just isn’t quite the same character as Tyrese, plus Darryl being with Michonne would certainly play up with the racism angle, and I could see Merle going absolutely ballistic with that.


    • Won’t happen as Tyreese is supposed to be introduced

      • where did you find this out… all reports i have read say 3 characters.. Michonne, Gov, and Meryl.

  3. Darryl taking Tyrese’s spot sounds like a good idea that I had not thought of yet. I like it. I just dont want Daryl to meet his demise at the hands of the govenor the same way as Tyrese does. I think Daryl will be one character that carries over through the “prison” seasons. I really dont think their time at the prison will end anywhere close to what it did in the comics. I expect a handful of survivors and not just Rick and Carl.

  4. Someone mentioned that the prison setting will be season 3 AND 4, I am ok with this due to the fact that Lori isn’t even showing her pregnancy yet (BTW, that actress is SKINNY… I know food is suppose to be scarce in this setting, but would it kill her to put on a few off camera pounds???).

    The rape/torture scene in the comics with the Twins I see becoming watered down and happening to Maggie’s sister this season (would make an interesting mid season finale ala the Sophia killing this year).

    With the Governor in this season and Michonne, the whole torture scene with Rick and her would be a interesting Season Finale

    If they decided to speed through the season and end it with the massacre, killing a pregnant Lori and Carl would be cool (although I think that Carl will turn more into his Comic book self, he is semi important if they are doing the Alexandria safe zone sequence in the future).

    I would HATE to see Daryl go off the show, but if he is replacing the Tyreese roll he would have to (Carol seems to like him, and if Michonne starts liking him, it WOULD make an interesting conflict between him and his racist brother Merle since he is back next season…. I can already hear the “A BLACK WOMAN?!?” speech)

    T-Dog I feel is somewhat safe cause….. well lets be somewhat PC and fair, you CAN’T kill the one black guy off your show (granted with Michonne he is expendable…… and for anyone who thinks otherwise, TV exec’s DO consider this kind of thing). Herschel will be there hopefully til the prison massacre sequence in the comic…. The thing is they can’t go off killing to many characters just for random shock value without introducing a bunch of others cause the group will get too thin…. we know we’ll get some prisoners, and the Woodbury people too. I expect more of those people to go first rather than the core Atlanta survivors. I say of the Atlanta/Farm group.. Carol, Maggie’s sister, possibly T-Dog and Daryl are maybe the next possible casualties…. And the only thing that would make Daryl’s killing off acceptable is if they introduce Abraham and make him bad ass

  5. I have heard that because of the fan base of daryls they are bringing him into the comics

  6. Michonne is tortured and raped in the comic, but she does the same to the governor. Try your local library for copies of the comic. I work at the Austin Public Library and we have several copies.

  7. how many comics are there and where can i find them???

  8. Wait! I haven’t read any of the comics, I ran into the show when it first started & instantly me, my husband & family became huge fan! I hated to see Dale & Shane go! What’s this about Rick losing his hand & Lori getting killed? I also love Daryle (& thought he & Carol would make a sweet couple)! If he goes, I don’t think I’ll be watching the show anymore! Where can I find the comics? I need to know what’s gonna happen before I’m too involved! Plus, waiting til October for the season 3 is hard enough….I’m sad now!

    • Just wanted to let you know, Rick does loose his hand, Lori and the newly born baby girl is killed by a shotgun and carl gets shot in the face and looses and eye (the last one is further down the line)

      And i will be seriously disappointed if the last two don’t happen in the show

    • The TV show does not follow the comics very much, which is a good thing because you don’t know whats going to happen even if you have read the books. But The comics are good, just don’t assume that what happens in the books happens in the show or the other way around

  9. I think T-DOG will take the roll of TYRESE…..c’mon “T” is slang for Tyrese. I believe T-Dog’s character will evolve.

    • Come on man, the t dog guy is sooooooo boring ur hoping he’s the next to die not shane, he made the show.

  10. Make it dark and thrilling!! that is what we want that is what keep people talking and focused. we thrive off action it really gets our heart pumping! the shows doing great with that so far and now that the third season has a greater opportunity to give us heart attacks they better take advantage of that! i cant wait for third season. i love the fact that they kill important characters it really shows that this a survivor show and anybody can die at any moment!

    • That’s what we don’t want. If it’s too dark it will lose viewers.

  11. Rick has to loose his hand. Its a pivotal moment in the series. Plus, (assuming) Merle returns one-handed proves that they can do it. AMC should be able to throw “The Walking Dead” a bigger budget given its popularity. It broke records as being the highest rated cable drama of all time. Use some of that money they’re making on the video game, the action figures, and the DVDs and the Blu-Rays to pay for the special effects.

    I don’t know why I am taking it so seriously, but I feel that Rick not being maimed in some way by the Governor makes the Governor less of a threatening presence in the story.

    • Not to mention Lionsgate has merged with summit (twilight films) and with Lionsgate’s success with their film Hunger Games i dont think they will be too picky with the budget for one of their highest rating tv cable shows

      • Seriously? I had no idea that happened. More the reason to give “The Walking Dead” the money they need to do what they need to do in order to tell this story the way it was meant to be told.

    • It will cost waaayyy too much to make the effect of Rick losing his hand, it won’t happen.

    • I really dont think Rick will lose his hand.. especially if Meryl comes back to play a big role, theres only room for one ‘one-handed’ gimp..

      HOWEVER, I MUST SAY, when i first saw the episode where they find Meryl’s hand chopped off, I immediately thought HE would become the Governer and take Ricks hand as revenge.

      We’ll see, thats whats so great about the show being different.

  12. I hate to break this to all you who are hopeful that T-Dog is gonna fill Tyrese’s shoes, but Robert Kirkman has already made it clear that they are two different characters. So T-Dog is not going be revealed as Tyrese in the show. I thought that he would be him aswell. He has also stated that the reason a lot of comic characters were cut from the show was that it would be too impractical and expensive to hire actors, so the cast will remain relatively small. So it’s possible that Tyrese’s role and actions from the comics will be spread to several character’s in the television show. I think it’s more likely that T-Dog and Michonne will hook up and take on the romantic “Tyrese” role while Daryl will be the more agressive zombie killing “Tyrese” role. Still up in the air as to who will lose their head. Also I’ve been wondering if/when will see a return of the original camp survivor’s who didn’t go to the CDC with Rick & Co. cause I’ve noticed that if they don’t have death, they always come back!

    • Also, the loss of Rick’s hand is very plausible. They’ll probably use CG when they have to, but for the most part they could just conviently hide his hand on-screen so that it’s not in most shots (like close ups or the camera angle is on his left so his body hides his right stump).

  13. Cant wait for season 3 it seems things are about to get darker and more intense. By the way who is Tyreese? Was he on the show i think i missed him.

  14. Ok some one please tell me what’s inside the prison dosent look like a normal prison ??? Walkers ?? People ??

    • It’s simply that 30 issues (give or take) take place in the prison, whereas what we’ve seen on the show so far (the camp, the farm) only are about 20 issues in the comic. Its a huge portion of the comic book series, on top of that the most crucial storyline to date occurs while they are in the prison. That’s the whole Governor storyline.

      I’m actually thinking it Season 3 and 4 will take place in the prison because there’s no way that they can squeeze all that story into one season.

    • Actually, I just checked, in the comics the prison was their safe haven for 48 issues. Not 30 as I had said before.

  15. Maybe Rick will lose his hand. When Merle comes back I can see him taking his hand in return for Merle losing his own. He’s a religious (Kind Of) guy and I can already hear the “Eye for an eye” speech.

    • That’s what I was thinking too.

      There’s a lot of potential TV changes that would work, in my opinion. I think that Daryl could substitute for Tyrese.

      [[[ SPOILER ALERT!!!! ]]]

      Especially considering his relationship with Carol. Tyrese got involved with both Carol and then later cheated on Carol with Michonne, thus Carol killing herself. That’s when Rick and Tyrese got into that huge fight in the comics, which would look awesome on the show if between Rick and Daryl.

      Also, I can see Daryl being killed off the way Tyrese was. It was a warrior’s way to go: In a field, on his knees, being decapitated by the Governor, sacrificing his life for the others inside the prison.

  16. I love this show! but if they kill off Daryl I’m gonna quit watching it!

  17. Please don’t kill Lori! (Am I the only one who loves her???) I think i’d be bored with out the b!!tch of the show <33 I love her and Ricks relationship and I wanna see it get stronger as she forgives him. (I'm sure she will) and I want to know will she keep a closer eye on Carl now that all that stuff happened! DONT KILL LORI !!! :(
    (Or Daryl, or Rick, or none the others.)

    It would be cooler if Lori had an almost death scene. Like the baby dies in her stomach, and becomes a zombie (cause they all are infected right, that means the baby to?) And they all gotta get it out before it eats Lori.

  18. I HATE Lori and Carl! They are just soooo stupid I will be happy when she’s off the show!

    • OMG. Thank you! They’re so annoying!!

    • I agree! I hated Lori the moment her and Shane were sneaking off into the woods to have sex! And as for that idiot kid Carl, his face makes me sick! They need to go!

    • Agreed,the actor that plays Carl has the exact same Greasy hair. It’s gross.

  19. I stopped watching the show because I thought they were going to bring in the governor and all that bloody carnage (I briefly read about in the comic), isn’t my thing. I also stopped watching because it got boring, too much talking not enough zombies. Plus, Daryl got very little screen time.

    I decided to watch again and wow! They did a fantastic job of the last two episodes in season 2! I’m hooked again! I’m disappointed with Rick’s new attitude and feel they flipped his character without warning or reason. I liked the “Rick” before Carl got shot.

    I’m hopeful for season 3, and I only request they please post episodes on itunes sooner, they don’t kill off Daryl and give him more camera time! :)

    • First you say that carnage isn’t your thing, then you whine about how the show is “boring” with “too much talking” and “not enough zombies”. Then you go on to say Rick’s character changed without warning or reason. b*******. You should just grow up and watch the show. The dialogue carries the story and gives the characters personalities. If you paid attention you would’ve noticed Rick’s dwindling optimism over the season due to the circumstances he encountered.

      Learning that your wife in fact did cheat on you with your best friend, that you and your loved ones are indeed infected with an incurable virus, watching your son teeter on the brink of death and suffer from bullet wound injuries, having to search for a missing child and only learn that you had a hand in her death – then having to kill her undead body, having to assist in choose a young man’s fate, your best friend tries to murder you, and you also have to kill your best friend in self defense. I think that would change a person for the worst, wouldn’t you?

      And, to everyone, that’s only Rick’s storyline. How the heck is anything in that boring?!

  20. I have been doing a lot of thinking about this show since the Season 2 finale. What if the studio came up with another WD spin-off ?? Like the way Law & Order or C.S.I. have done ?? Like taking place in another part of the country – showing a whole new group of survivors – maybe at some point in the future doing cross-over episode(s) ?? This new series could air during the original story hiatus and seasonal breaks. I am a long-haul trucker and there are several story arcs that could be used in relation to my job. Example: I am sure that as I am driving my big rig around (loaded with supplies to trade for goods or services) – I encounter a herd of walkers – a novel way of taking them out would be to just plow through them !!! Gore flying EVERYWHERE !! Or, I have been able to aquire an M-60 machine gun and a bunch of ammo from over-run military posts – my co-driver/partner is operating the high powered weapon while we continue down the road in a never ending quest for more barter goods and adventure. A lot of places I deliver to are grocery warehouses – see how we would use “Glenn techniques” and savvy to get in, get supplies, and be down the road. Also, a lot of trucks on the road have generators that could be used for pumping fuel into the truck – way easier than the “sucking on the garden hose” method that the current show uses when the need gas. Maybe this post will spur some interest in this scenario – any ideas ?? Thanks

    • That’s a pretty cool idea, but its already being done in the video game series being released on the PlayStation Network by Tell Tale Games.

      In case you are unaware: Tell Tale Games is releasing five 2-hour video games, one per month from April through August. Each episode of the game will chronicle the life of an entirely new character in The Walking Dead universe. The coolest part is that it is not an action game. If you’re familiar with the game “Heavy Rain”, the gameplay is exactly like that. It’s an interactive drama with bouts of action here and there. The game’s story is reliant entirely on the choices that you make while playing the game. By that I mean you may purchase “The Walking Dead” game and so does your friend, but you and your friend will have entirely different gameplay experiences because you two will likely not make the same moral choices.

  21. I never read the comics before but if Rick loses his hand he just wouldn’t be the same bad ass in the show anymore. Daryle is my favorite character so i hope he doesn’t die. From watching the show it seems that the show is about Rick trying to keep his family save so if Lori and her baby die what the heck is rick going to do its just going to be caral and him caral and is a little b****.

    • Rick becomes even more unhinged and more violent after he loses his hand actually.

      And as far as Daryl never dying, Kirkman even said that he told all the actors casted on the show: “It’s not a question of if your character is going to die, its when will your character die.”

      I do not know who “Caral” is. If you mean “Carol”, well she’s got a right to be upset. Her daughter died in front of her. If you mean “Carl”, he’s a kid. He’s just a kid and he’s being forced to grow up in a world that offers him nothing more than a struggle.

  22. You can’t make Daryl be Tyreese. Daryl is nothing like Tyreese. He’s not gonna bang Carol, but I bet Carol meets the same end as Carol in the comic. I doubt he bangs Michonne either. Just doesn’t fit his character. They will probably continue to write new storylines for Daryl.

    I could see T-dog meeting the same end as Tyreese. He’s expendable. Wouldn’t be quite as shocking as the comic. T-Dog is just the token black guy right now. But perhaps his role could expand somewhat and then chop his head off at the end.

    They gotta have a Martinez role. They can’t cut that out. Too important to Rick’s character development.

    I don’t think they’ll chop rick’s hand off. You know even in the comic that doesn’t seem to slow Rick down much. he still gets in brawls one handed. He still shoots his gun. People question his leadership, but not because he’s handicapped.

    Carl must live.. to you people who say his character is boring… he gets better. They didn’t do enough with him in the first 2 seasons. In the comic he blasts Shane because he threatens his dad not after he turns. In fact, they bury him in the comic and don’t know he’s a walker. It’s only later when Rick learns everyone is infected that he rides all the way back to Shane’s grave alone and digs up his zombified corpse and finishes him off for good. One of my favorite parts of the book.

    It will be interesting to see how they portray what the governer does to Michonne. Or even worse yet, what she does to him. I doubt it will have the impact of the comic. You just can’t do that on television.

  23. I can’t wait for next season, I want everyone to live except Maggie sister she’s boring, Andrea is my fav I love that girl., and Daryl is def stepping his game up

  24. I haven’t seen the comics, I dont know who this Tyrese is….. as for daryl taking his role??? If it means daryl leaving eventually then I wouldn’t go for it…. he is by far one of the best characters. They should make more time for him on screen. Although if they bring back merle in the third series then the whole ‘racist’s brother dating black woman’ conflict would go down well. I would stop watching if daryl was to be killed off. Im glad they got rid of dale, nothing against the actor, just his character did nothing but moan all the time. Shane had to go, his character was good to begin with, but trying to kill your partner to take his wife for your own……. that wouldnt sit right with any fan. I think to take the tv series the same route as the comic book would be a waste of time.. I mean if you want the comic book version then read the comic book.

  25. Oh and….. on the lori and baby deaths….. it needs to happen. Its not plausible to have a baby in a walker run world… they’d forever be overrun with walkers attracted by the constant crying of the baby.

  26. I think in the case of Lori and the baby, she probably won’t have it. She’ll probably have a miscarriage or something. Secondly, I’ve never read the comics but I think Rick losing his hand would be a bad idea. Rick is one of my favorite characters and it would upset me so much if he loses his hand.

    I pretty much want everyone to live next season, except for maybe Maggie. I really don’t like her for some reason.

    • Maggie in my opinion is one of the best characters. She is what essentially keeps Glenn going. Plus they’re a good couple.

  27. I have a feeling that Lori will live but the baby will die. I agree with you deadaitken if they make the show like the comic everyone is going to know what happens next and everyone who reads the comics will spoil everything for you. They make you wait a long ass time for every season btw s*** kind of sucks.

  28. If you read the comic,you’d know that the problem in Rick and Lori’s marriage is that Rick is secretly a homosexual. This comes to light when Rick has an affair with Tyreese and nearly drowns in Tyrese’s hot man goo and Carl walks in on them. I doubt they’ll deal with this in the series, too controversial.

    • lololololololol, if this is true, you just gave me a reason to read past vol. 30 . . . lololololol, but I know its not