‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Will Tackle Controversial Comic Moments

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the walking dead season 3 michonne full The Walking Dead Season 3 Will Tackle Controversial Comic Moments

First Look: ‘Walking Dead’ Season 3 Preview Reveals The Prison

**Spoiler Warning for the comments below**

As The Walking Dead heads into season 3, the series will begin its journey down a darker path than viewers of the television series are currently accustomed to seeing. Fortunately, the producers have no intention of changing the extremely polarizing moments from the comics.

Without spoiling what’s to come, it’s safe to say that whatever terrible things you could imagine happening to a group of survivors in a prison setting that has actual prisoners in it do, in fact, happen – as well as many you could have never imagined.

Comic book fans won’t have to worry about The Walking Dead producers trying to lighten up some of the series’ darkest moments, as executive producer Glen Mazzara reveals that he has no intention of shying away from anything in the source material:

“There’s no place we won’t go. Everything is on the table. This is a cutting edge cable drama. I’m comfortable with that material and we answered a lot of these questions on say the Shield and when I worked there, so I’m comfortable dealing with very, very edgy material.

That being said, you want to make sure that things are not gratuitous, that things are not offensive for the sake of being offensive. I don’t ever want the show to get too bleak. I think we’ve done a good job of creating characters that people care about. I think there’s a heart to the show.

So we will, you know, tackle issues in our own way but right now everything is on the table and I think if you take a look at those last few episodes we’ve been making some pretty bold choices and that’s where the show lives and that’s where we will feel we get the most entertainment value out of the story we’re telling.”

While it’s great the producers have no problem tackling any issue, the network may have. With episodes 1 – 8 of The Walking Dead season 3 already pitched to AMC, the producers are waiting for a green light before they can begin writing the episodes. Whether or not any of these episodes contain any of the more “controversial” elements remains to be seen, but they will come up eventually.

the walking dead season 3 prison The Walking Dead Season 3 Will Tackle Controversial Comic Moments

And while there will likely be a few viewers that are uncomfortable with some of the upcoming storylines, there’s no doubt that the producers will be able to handle the darker subject matter appropriately – especially one specific interaction between two of the series’ new characters.

For those fans who are still in the dark, I’m sure you’ll find additional information to satisfy your curiosity in the comments below.


The Walking Dead Season 3 will premiere October 2012

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  1. I’m in.

  2. Here’s what I want from Season 3.


    I want the prisoners to be cool, and I especially want the crazy psycho prisoner to kill that blonde girl who had no business slowing down the momentum of season 2.

    I want Michonne and Rick to be ensnared by the Governor of course and have Rick’s hand chopped off and Michonne beaten into madness.

    I want Daryl to have a conflict of interest with his brother Merle, who will be the 2nd in command of the Governor.

    I want Lorie to have her baby and then get blown to bits at the season finale.

    I want Carol and T-Dog to get eaten alive as soon as possible.

    I want Tyrone, which I doubt will happen, but oh well.

    And I want the zombie demolition derby/gauntlet/death circle at the Governor’s facility.

    Am I missing anything?

    • What should happen to Hershel and his family?

    • lololol

      thats almost straight out of the comic books. almost line for line.
      i will probably happen that way with a slight twist. But def not as dark as the comic got.

    • Rick’s hand will not be cut off. Too much CGI and SFX required to perpetuate that. AMC is cheap and budgets are slashed in order to please Wall Street.

      Tyrone? You mean Tyrese, right?

      • couldnt agree more here… the arm would be way to hard… perhaps he sustains another major injury.

    • If they keep it like the comics lories deaths going to be quite gorry.

      • That would be awesome! She completely sucks as a human being anyway! The way she could turn on Rick at the end on Season 3 really ticked me off. She’s a selfish cow and I personally can’t wait to see her killed off. Oh and I agree with the earlier post about her being so damn skinny….. seriously would she eat something for goodness sakes.

    • *Tyresse

  3. Uhm, I don’t know how they are going to pull this off. I can see Rick’s POV during Michonne’s torture scene, but the Governor’s scene? Yeah, not going to be as effective on a non-HBO/Showtime channel. And warning people in advance, look up Kirkman’s response to what happens to Michonne before you go all racial on it. I REALLY hope they incorporate the scene of the twins (excluded from the TV series) with another character though (looking at you blonde girl whose name I don’t know). Can’t wait! :-)

    • OH, and Thomas Jane is no longer gainfully employed. Get that man to play Abraham in season 4!!!

    • There is no reason for the twins bit from the comics to happen in the show. The point of that part of the comics was the reveal that everyone is infected. That information has already been revealed in the show. I do however want to see Adnrea get attacked and get her face slashed.

      • You are very wrong about the twins. It was revealed that they are all infected with Tyreese’s daughter Julie. Right after the boyfriend shot her she came back to life and he then shot her in the head. This murder of the twins came right after. I agree that they are not really important to the storyline but get yer facts straight ;)

  4. I…SPOILER…..

    …just want lori and the baby to die in season 3! I don’t know what they are going to do with out sophia because now glenn and maggie can’t learn how to be parents when carol dies! I can’t wait for merle to see his brother be working wtih the two people that deserted him on the roof!

    • Maybe Lori will have the baby then die and Rick will be all crazy by then so Glen and Maggie will end up taking care of it.

  5. I think they’re going to develop the Daryl/Carol relationship like the comic did with Dale and Andrea.

    T-Dog is going to be the Tyrese character for Michonne to fall for. And he’ll bite it at the hands of the Governor.

    Yeah, Laurie/Lori/Rick’s wife needs to die. They can do Carl, too, while they’re at it. Either that or put that kid thru the fire and burn off the whiney brat and give us something more in line with thte comic.

    Merle will be back. Bank on it. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with him and Daryl and Rick. Or T-Dog for that matter. He did drop the key.

    Can’t wait to see the Governor’s place, the Doc and Nurse.

    • I heard Rooker lost 20 lbs. to play Merle, I bet the Governor’s people are starving and he is the Governor’s right hand man (get it?!)!

      • Kirkman said the prison setting will last season 3 & 4. It will hopefully cover about all of the comics. And Glen Mazzarra said that Tyresse was somebody that they wanted to introduce, so no T’Dog isn’t the Tyreese fill in. He also said the wanted to look back into Morgan from the Pilot. And I’ve been hoping Merle would be a second in command to The Gov. This season will really ramp up on action and kill off a few characters while they’re at it.

      • I’d like to see a zombie Merle go up against Daryl in the Governor’s fight pit.

    • Daryl will (hell he pretty much already does) take over the Tyreese role, Carol is already half in love with the guy. He’ll hook up with Michonne which will (hopefully) send Carl into the tail spin she takes in the comics.

  6. Things do get quite bleak in the prison building, but I won’t spoil anything.

  7. @ Tyler…The Tyrone character you mentioned is Tyrese and they said he will be there next season as well. So maybe we will get to see his daughter kill herself while her boyfriend backs out and then Tyrese kills him twice with his bare hands.

  8. what about maggie’s younger sister? in the comics she died before even reaching the prison. Lori and her baby got shot in the comic but I think it would be cool if she lives and raise the baby. that’s another storyline for her. I don’t really like the prison and the governor storyline a lot so I wish it ends soon.

  9. I bet the twist they will due is let Lori have her baby. It won’t be Shances and it will actually be Rick’s. This will bring them closer together….until they kill her. They like doing this shiet to Rick on AMC, they just can’t let him be happy.

  10. *Shane’s

  11. Just started reading the comics. On issue number two (just bought volume one today) but

    Being it on.

  12. Okay so what controversial things happen at the prison or with the governor?

    • …There’s a few things… One, that I think they’ll probably change, is a rape/torture scene. Another is literally killing a baby. Not the most TV familiar stuff :/

  13. I’ve heard it postulated that Lori’s baby will have immunity from the zombie scourge which they all carry. The prison must have a medical facility of sorts and if Herschel survives (the only one with any medical skills) he might be able to fashion a primitive vaccine (nod to ‘I am Legend’). However I STILL say the series ending will have to be a cop out with Rick ‘waking up”, in the hospital with the entire zombie doomsday scenario nothing more than a hallucinatory side effect of a drug, say Ketamine? But I pray I’m wrong. I enjoy the show but hope it doesn’t get TOO grim – that can be demoralizing for some viewers.

  14. First of all, thank you fellas at Screenrant for writing all this stuff about Walking Dead. I have been obsessed for a while and it helps me get it out lol.

    I have a lot of trust in the writers and directors after these two seasons. I do hope they get down to the serious things that take place in the Prison timeline. I wouldn’t mind Carol letting herself be eaten or Tyrese’s daughter’s suicide. I don’t think they will allow a baby to be killed but maybe a pregnant woman. I am not sure. I wouldn’t mind a storyline with the child but Lori is getting super annoying.

    I hope they don’t hold much back from the Governor (except maybe his wall of heads and his own torture scene). He is one of the worst/best villains in anything I’ve seen or read. It would be cool to see Merle in that town with the Governor.

    I want to see Rick make some of those tough survival decisions and fight for his sanity like in the comics. I have scene glimpses of that conflict but it really gets pushed in the prison.

    I’m very excited for October. I freaked out when I saw Michonne and I can’t wait for the Prison.

  15. It would be cool if loris baby comes out some hybrid zombie/human, maybe looks like a zombie but has complete human functions except a hunger for flesh haha…
    And someone please kill Carl.

    • Or she loses the baby and it’s reborn as zombie and eats her from the inside!

      • …. one can only hope

  16. Well Kirkman said previously that he didn’t want Rick’s hand cut off in the show but I’m wondering, if the show will be darker like the comics, could the producer’s comment of “cutting edge” be of any foreshadowing significance? *Mostly getting hopes up.*

  17. Carl & Lori Need TO GO ! I Was Hoping Shane Would Have Stayed Around !! I Am A Big Shane Fan I Think He Made The Right Decisions !!

    • Murdering two people, and almost murdering a third (Rick) so he could have his wife. Yea, sure, he made the “right” decisions…

      • Shsne did not have any wife or child. He was never married. He wanted Rick’s. Any woman in their right mind would not want a man like Shane. He was mental and a pathetic excuse for a man.

        • Carl wont be killed, because despite the fact that it hasn’t shown through in the show as much, the comics are as much his story as Ricks. He has a ton of major story lines and he even has at least one book that is just him. I think if they actually start writing some decent storylines for him like Kirkman did in the comics he’ll actually be a valuable part of the show.

    • I think you’re wrong, Shane was an ass and it was good that he got it.

  18. October is such a long way off but I’m confident that screenrant will keep us updated on TWD. Season 3 will no doubt top both previous seasons and I can’t wait. I won’t go into details as to not spoil anything for anyone. All I can say is once season 3 starts your not gonna want to miss a single episode of TWD. There will be some shocking moments as well as surprise twists as usual to keep everyone on their toes. All I can say is bring it on.

  19. This may be kind of counter productive given that Kirkman said that he does not plan on having Rick’s hand cut off or what not. If we remember in season one Rick is responsible for Merle having to cut off his own hand in episode two. Now with all of this speculation about Merle Dixon’s affiliation with the Govonor, wouldn’t it make sense that Merle and (The Govonor) exact the same kind of revenge?
    An eye for an eye…or hand for a hand.

    I dunno, this is all speculation but I feel logically presented, Rick needs to lose a hand, Michael Rooker is missing one. These pieces add up.

  20. If you want to watch a good show- try JUSTIFIED

    • They’re both good actually, and not in competition with each other.

  21. How can the cost of CGI be why Rick doesnt lose his hand? Merle is coming back and he is missing a hand. Granted Rick will be on screen more and for longer. There is NO way the TV series will be as dark as the comic as it relates to the prison and especially the govenor. The guy playing the govenor doesnt really match up in my mind first of all. I dont think when all is said and done that the only survivors of the prison will be Rick and Carl. A few other main characters are going to survive. I would bet Lori dies but the baby lives, Herschel’s daughter takes the place of the twins, And Michonne and the Govenors “interactions” will not be as brutal as the comic. No doubt that Merle is with the govenor though.

    • The only survivors of the prison in the comics aren’t Rick and Carl. Andrea, Glenn, Maggie and Michonne are all still around in the comics now. Dale lives past the prison as well, although since he’s already dead in the comics I guess that doesn’t matter much. A lot of the characters make it out of the prison just not as a single group.

  22. After reading all these comments I am really not so sure about my feelings towards the prison setting next season. I think that the comics are way too dark for TV and that while many men will love a straight up comic book approach to the season, the female viewers will be lost.

    I think that the Governor’s character will really be huge and will be a major focal point for the season. There will be a lot going on next season, and I am having a strong feeling that the producers are going to drop the bomb and kill off Lori and the baby, or the baby will end up being Shane’s. This season is going to be very, very twisted

    • Girls read comics too

    • That’s really a quite sexist thing to say. Female comic book reader & viewer right here, and I am hoping they go the comic route.

    • I’m female and would not turn away from the show if they went the comic route (which I’ve read). The prison plot is exactly what this show needs (though that’s not to say I haven’t been loving it thus far).

      No point in making gender-based generalities, sir.

    • They can’t make it too twisted as they know that younger audiences watch the show. It is unlikely that Rick will get his hand cut off, There will be no Rape/Torture scene between the Governor and Michonne, Lori and her Baby Probably will not die. Lori may die before she has her child but They wonèt kill a baby like the comics did. Also for all we know the governor may not be as big of an ass as he is in the comics. We’ll have to wait and see.

  23. I may be wrong, and correct me if I am, but doesn’t Herschel die the same time Lori and the baby does? I believe that when the Governor raids the prison (which I am not sure if that is correct) they will probably kill Lori, but Herschel and baby survive. Oh and yes, T-Dog HAS to die this season. Sorry, but it’s a miracle he even made it this far. And Beth also. And I love Carol, but if she wants to survive then she needs to start gettin tough.

    • T-Dog doesn’t have to die. He may prove to be a plot important character, also Carol is the one who needs to die if anyone does. Her only use is annoying Daryl.

  24. i think this is the best tv series to av been made cant wait for season 3 dose any one know the exact date in october its being relesed ??

    • Most likely the 28th of October.

  25. The tv show can diverge from the comics. I don’t mind at all that it has. Sometimes that’s a good thing lol

  26. Sickk cant wait!!

  27. I love the comics, and a huge fan of the show, i hope they can find a good middle ground, Comics way too gruesome for TV, if they tell the story correctly. However, if they continue with the current formula with mixing the 2 together (Comics and Acceptable TV drama/gore) They should come up with an amazing season, like the last 2 have been. I dont like seeing children hurt on fake TV or Movies, so i hope she never has the baby or it lives. And dont kill carl, come on!!!

    • I agree that I do not want Carl to be killed. Just his mom. LOL Not to be mean about it but as a mother I personally have an issue with a woman who never seems to know where her young child is in a world filled with ZOMBIES. I mean seriously?? She NEVER knows where her kid is and she is having another? Good grief just off her already. LOL :)

      • Carl must die. He ultimately contributed to Dale’s death. Dale was the last voice of reason, and wasn’t afraid to say what he had to. Dale was definitely a more likeable character than Carl. Plus Carl does the dumbest things, like sneaking into the barn where they were keeping Randall, sure he saved Rick from Zombie Shane, but that doesn’t outweigh his contribution in Dale’s death.

        • Carl wont die in the show, for the same reason he doesn’t die in the books, he is the true main character. He is the next generation, he represents the new world.. he is everything, …everything Rick does is for Carl, and if u notice, everytime something important happens (like a major death), in pops carl to witness it, be apart of it, etc…
          The actor playing carl might be annoying, the character in itself is perhaps the most important other than Rick.

  28. Please tell me daryl won’t die anytime soon….what happens to him in the comics?…..please, someone answer :(

    • Daryl isn’t in the comics.

    • daryl is not in the comics it is arguable that he is the tougher side of rick, in the comic or takes the place of tyresse in the comic, but as far as issue #94 he is not in the comics so we don’t know.

      • oh…was merle in the comics….and do you think he’ll be killed off soon..he’s one of my fav characters and i hope he has a bigger role in seasons to come

        • Neither of the Dixon brothers were in the comics. It wouldn’t kill you to pick them up and read them you know.

          • Where can i go to read the comics?

      • i meant will daryl be killed off soon

  29. So who gets raped and tortured in the comics?

    • Michonne

      • I have a lot of questions ok
        Q1: who the is tyreese
        Q2 : Wat the is inside the prison
        Q3 how is merel still alive
        Q4 who rapes who
        Q5 who dies in the comics
        Q6 that prison looks like a mid evil prison ??
        Please someone answer this :P

        • Tyreese is a man that the group meets in the comics. He is accompanied by his daughter and her boyfriend. He falls in love with Carol and then is caught enganging in a sexual act with Michonne by Carol.

          The prison is filled with walkers, Guns and ammunition and four prisoners.

          Mearle was obviously in the military so he knew basic medical survival procedures. He will most likely show up in the Governors camp.

          The governor rapes Michonne, which will not happen in the show. This is AMC not HBO.

          In the comics, the only survivors after the prison are Rick, Carl, Glenn, Maggie, Andrea and Michonne. Morgan (the man that Rick meets when he gets out of the hospital) is also alive. They likely won’t kill off as many characters in the show.