‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Will Tackle Controversial Comic Moments

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the walking dead season 3 michonne full The Walking Dead Season 3 Will Tackle Controversial Comic Moments

First Look: ‘Walking Dead’ Season 3 Preview Reveals The Prison

**Spoiler Warning for the comments below**

As The Walking Dead heads into season 3, the series will begin its journey down a darker path than viewers of the television series are currently accustomed to seeing. Fortunately, the producers have no intention of changing the extremely polarizing moments from the comics.

Without spoiling what’s to come, it’s safe to say that whatever terrible things you could imagine happening to a group of survivors in a prison setting that has actual prisoners in it do, in fact, happen – as well as many you could have never imagined.

Comic book fans won’t have to worry about The Walking Dead producers trying to lighten up some of the series’ darkest moments, as executive producer Glen Mazzara reveals that he has no intention of shying away from anything in the source material:

“There’s no place we won’t go. Everything is on the table. This is a cutting edge cable drama. I’m comfortable with that material and we answered a lot of these questions on say the Shield and when I worked there, so I’m comfortable dealing with very, very edgy material.

That being said, you want to make sure that things are not gratuitous, that things are not offensive for the sake of being offensive. I don’t ever want the show to get too bleak. I think we’ve done a good job of creating characters that people care about. I think there’s a heart to the show.

So we will, you know, tackle issues in our own way but right now everything is on the table and I think if you take a look at those last few episodes we’ve been making some pretty bold choices and that’s where the show lives and that’s where we will feel we get the most entertainment value out of the story we’re telling.”

While it’s great the producers have no problem tackling any issue, the network may have. With episodes 1 – 8 of The Walking Dead season 3 already pitched to AMC, the producers are waiting for a green light before they can begin writing the episodes. Whether or not any of these episodes contain any of the more “controversial” elements remains to be seen, but they will come up eventually.

the walking dead season 3 prison The Walking Dead Season 3 Will Tackle Controversial Comic Moments

And while there will likely be a few viewers that are uncomfortable with some of the upcoming storylines, there’s no doubt that the producers will be able to handle the darker subject matter appropriately – especially one specific interaction between two of the series’ new characters.

For those fans who are still in the dark, I’m sure you’ll find additional information to satisfy your curiosity in the comments below.


The Walking Dead Season 3 will premiere October 2012

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  1. I’m loving the show. As long as they dont ever kill off Daryl I’ll be happy because he is by far the best & most interesting character. I also like Rick & Glenn but Daryl needs more screen time.

    • Agreed! He definitely needs a bigger focus, and if they ever kill him off, a little piece of everyone will die.

      • it might suck, but if they want to follow the comic, Daryl has to go. Him and his brother are actually not even in the comics at all. They were both completely made up for the show

        • Well if D and M are made up characters for the show, and they aren’t even in the comics, isn’t it safe to say the writers can do with them as they please? Doesn’t mean they have to go, because the offense was creating them in the first place. :) Some hope for all us Daryl fans!!

    • I havent read the comics so please dont jump down my throat. I hope Daryl doesn’t disappear from the show, I think he’s only just coming into his own after spending most of his life dominated by his older brother. It’ll be interesting to see how he reacts when Meryl reappears and where his loyalties lie, as I’m sure Meryl has some issues he wants to iron out especially with rick, who seems to have put Daryl in the position of his right hand man.
      I hope Lori and the baby dont die, what I like MOST about TWD is that we get to see and appreciate how life goes on when disaster strikes. Seeing how life continues regardless of the apocolypse, people’s emotions, trials, tribulations are what I enjoy most about TWD. It’s not just about the blood and gore, it’s about what happens after “the end of the world” as we know it. If anyone has played fallout I liken it to this. I hope in season 3 the writers don’t lose all sense of this, despite the gory hunters.
      I really hope in this season, we find out who was flying the helicopter in the first season, I’m also interested to know how the virus was made and what the contamination was, although I realise Robert kirkman has said that’s not what the programme is about, I would like to have that lose end tied up.
      I really enjoy thr the walking dead, it fast became my favourite tv show after I saw the very first episode in 2010.
      I like the direction the writers have taken us in every season so far, even though most watchers found the farm a bit on going, personally for me it was perfect, we saw how the group coped with the loss of a child, the way in which one could survive, if given the right circumstances, we saw relationships develop, and as a whole the group of strangers became a unit, and finally we saw their comfortable new life thrown into obliteration, a reminder that no-one is really safe and as season 3 kicks off I’m sure we’ll see more associated kicking as the group continue to try a make a new, safe, haven for themselves.

      • Whoa, not going to read the entire essay you wrote, but let me tell you this:
        Dont let all the internet ruin The Walking Dead for you. STRONGLY recommend reading the comics before its completely spoiled.

        If your not going to read the comic any time soon, then i will tell you this (not spoiler):
        It seems your kind of missing the point of TWD. Comic readers find out pretty quickly that the story is not these “loose ends” you speak of. They will never be tied up, because that would pretty much end our story. TWD is about how the characters act in this hopeless world where all is lost. ITs about figuring out how to survive, and live life, not how or why this all started.

        • if you had of taken the time to read my “essay” you would have realised I haven’t missed the point of TWD at all ;-)

    • I think alot of people will be done watching the show if Daryl get’s killed off.

  2. Cant wait for season 3! Especially since Dale’s whiney ass got killed! I liked him in 1st season a little but last season about halfway through i was just wishing at the time that Shane would just go ahead & kill him for hiding the guns or trying to change everyone’s minds because its not the right thing to do! Hope season 3 new characters will mesh with the rest of the cast! & hope theres a ton of zombies to kill!

  3. Get rid of that t dog guy, he’s boring and never steps up to say anything. Shane, Rick and daryl kick ass, they have interesting things to say and make the show.

    • I see your point about T Dog but it is not his fault, the writers have made his character appear weak, always in the background, used as a driver instead of shooting walkers and they have not developed his character nearly enough so we as the viewers do not feel like we even know who he is. Lets get serious writers/directors, here you have this big muscle bound hulk of a man and he is not getting any recognition for his strength. What is that about? He is the only black character in all of season two yet he has been nearly invisible. Seems odd this story takes place near Atlanta yet they have only ONE black survivor? I don’t get it… and just so you know I am white.

      • Maybe zombies prefer dark meat. Pow!


    • It’s strange really, maybe he will shine through more in this season, in the comic his role is/was much larger.

    • no

    • You got your wish


    • Maggie died! DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD

  5. I dont think they should have killed of dale so quickly, he was one of the most important characters in the comic. i cant wait to see how theyre gonna do the whole prison story arc in the comics

    • Dale was killed at the direct request of the actor who played him Jeffrey Demunn. Him and Frank Darabont are very good friends he never even had to audition. Frank just called him up and asked him if he wanted to be in it. He was hesitant but Frank convinced him. So when AMC screwed Mr Darabont the hell over. Jeff basically said screw you guys I am done too. He said he is out of the show contract or no. They did the best they could, and actually gave his character a fitting end I felt. Again they had no choice, and as much as I love the show The Walking Dead I too am pissed off that AMC screwed over the guy who made the show so famous to begin with. The Main guy at AMC is known for being a how do I put this lightly? POS. Mad Men only came back with explicit demand that the head honcho has NO SAY in ANYTHING to do with it.

  6. Doing the countdown and can’t wait! The graphic novel is amazing but a bit dark at times. If Glen is killed off I am done watching, just kidding!
    Bring on Michonne!

  7. They had better not kill of Daryl, he is the most interesting one. I hope they don’t cut off Ricks hand either, that would suck. I also hope there’s more then just eight episodes in season three.I can’t believe it’s already been a year since the last episode of season two aired.

  8. Season Three is gonna be rad.

  9. Ricks awesome!!!

  10. Seems to me if I was on the East coast I would head for the ocean, get on a boat and sail out to an island, once it was clear of zombies I bet it would be a safe haven, as it appears that zombies do not swim, nor can they operate a boat. Or how about a big cruise ship,, full of food, booze and medical supplies. This is my “survival plan” in case we do get over run by a zombie plague. I for one will not be out running through the dark woods at night waiting for a zombie to jump out at me. But this is what makes for good TV. This series has given me nightmares but I cannot stop watching!
    Can’t wait for Season 3!

    • Your right about it being a boring story, but there are also some HUGE flaws with the boat/island plan (assuming zombie Michael phelps doesnt come for u):

      You would have to gather a sh*t load of supplies for the boat, and if you somehow survived that mission, you would eventually run out, and need to come back (fuel for the boat?).
      Water would protect you from zombies/bad guys, but I think it would just expose you to a bunch of other dangers that the ocean brings, and isolate you from any help/supplies you may need.

      An island that could naturally provide food and water would be ideal, but good luck finding one, and if you did, someone more rich/important probably already took it over and may see u as an enemy

      • Don’t forget the unwanted guests that may get washed up on the island.

    • World war z read it

      • If you get a cruise ship the pirate who operates on the ocean would attack the cruise ship, zombes would not be even the worst problem. not to mention storms and hurricanes! And a ship would need fuel eventually, so you have to go to the shore some where, and you will run into plenty of zombies. The safest place would be up high maybe on some of the high mountains of Tennessee but then we would still be isolated from food and supplies.

    • I like you plan. The other thing I wouldn’t do… is sleep in a frickin tent!

    • I like your plan. The other thing I wouldn’t do… is sleep in a frickin tent!

    • Thank’s for telling everyone… now all the cruise ships and Islands will be taken!

      Haha, that was my idea also (Clearing out the Island), I have said it a few times. What the heck, I’ll let the other people help me clear it out then get rid of the ones I don’t like hehe.

    • na bud, thats Morgan. He is also in the comic, and is named Morgan.
      The show is pretty good about keeping the same names when they use a character from the comic. So far, every character from the comic has had the same name, and when asked, Kirkman always says tdog is not tyrese.

      Personally, I say we never see Tyrese, since his window has kind of already passed, not to mention Daryl has almost the same role Tyrese had in the group.

      • It has been mentioned by the walking dead creator that Morgan WILL make an appearance in the tv show. He didn’t say when just that he would.

        I agree with your thoughts on Tyreese, don’t bring him in to the picture. Pacing is different with a comic book than with a T.V. Show. If too many actors are in the show the rest don’t get enough screen time. T-Dog is either about to be written out entirely or take a quasi role or Tyreese. He has actually had some good scenes it is just that the show is so awesome that every “good scene” is overpowered by all the amazing scenes. I believe him and Merle Dixon are going to have some scenes this season.

        On an unrelated note Robert Kirkman has said that he likes the character of Daryl so much that he wants to bring him to the graphic novel.

      • Tyreese looks to be one of the prisoners… Watch what you say George Spears… Your comments border on being Spoilers for those who have never read the comics!

        • Do you go to WESS?

  11. I’m watching the marathon and can’t wait till the new episode!!!!!!!!!!! I herd the man in the helicopter is the governor and he has a whole town of living people!! I also can’t wait to see the prison

  12. Yes! The premiere episode brought so much to the table. I was so worried that they were going to dumb down some of the more intense moments in the show. I kept telling myself that this isn’t HBO or Showtime so there is an extent to the brutality. This premiere put my mind at ease. The grittiness is captured perfectly. There is still one or two scenes that I do not think will make it in to the show or that if they are will be toned down significantly. These scenes however are such that even the fans of the graphic novel were crying foul when they happened.

    I am a little wary of how distant Rick is from Lori though. This is a complete departure from the original source material. Then again given what she has put him through in the TV Show it makes sense. Andrew Lincoln looks like he is playing the “real rick” more and more by the day. It isn’t that I like Lori because I don’t, but it is going to lessen the impact of specific scenes in the TV Show if Rick is distant from her. Then again maybe that is how they will soften the blow.

    • I wish HBO would pick up the show for the sake of including those brutal scenes that correlate with the comics…although AMC did do a good job keeping Mad Men from being overly racy.

  13. Watch what you say George Spears… Your comments border on being Spoilers for those who have never read the comics!

    • yes i agree. very boarder-line. perhaps you should just start keeping them to yourself.

  14. I love spoilers!!!!!!

  15. I am just going to say that Season 3 is awesome I thought season 2 sort of fell off the interesting scale I mean the reason they were at the farm to begin with was to find Sophia an knowing it’s an open area why wouldn’t a herd be able to over run it. And, in season 3 with all the characters lost we now learn our favorites can be shaken, rattled, and yes killed off. This show became my favorite show right away it was time for a good zombie story!

  16. I really hope that AMC doesn’t try to filter this season like the article implies…the controversiality is what I love most. I never read the comics and probably never will, but lets bet on at least 8 seasons!

  17. After reading the comics that are at this point in the series…
    #1 In the comic, Lori was shot while holding Judith and the shot killed the both of them- I hope that the baby getting shot right away doesn’t happen. I think that would be pushing their limits of how the fans would react

    #2-One question I have always asked myself-What happened to Morgan and Duan after practice? With Duan being left downstairs, was he left by Morgan to get killed by zombies so he can TRY to kill his wife? In the comic they are supposed to meet up again when they go back to his hometown to clear out the sherrifs office of guns and ammunition when he had already done that with Morgan before going into Atlanta?

    #3-Why are they turning Andrea into a “dependant” tramp who was promising to be a major part of their elite marksmen? I hope they change her back to the fighter that she is.

    Just curious

    • Stop spoiling the show please….

  18. The walking dead is the best show!!! Its full of drama. Who doesn’t like the walking dead?!?!

  19. The problem I have with this show is that there are never any bright spots for these people. The story just goes from one “shocking” tragedy to another and that gets old. The story arc has no real direction and the characters have no real motivation. They are just wandering around looking for a better place to sleep. This show could be so much better by simply giving the characters a real purpose or destination. Another issue is the actor playing Rick Grimes is terrible casting. Writers, please let his character be the next tragic death.

  20. Honestly, I hope they do follow the comic to an extent. I didn’t quite like the conclusion of issue #100 for obvious reasons if you read it. I believe if they follow the comic in that sense then “Mo” should be someone else. Of course I’m talking long term.(SPOILER kinda I guess..) our favorite survival group is still dealing with the Governor right now. Michonne will deal with him of course. looking forward to the new season, and the next issue.


    • I agree Andy Lincoln has been excellent.. and if there were no zombies he would have (AT LEAST) been nominated for an award,… but without him, the show still has some great people involved… You should be more worried about losing Glen Mazarra, than losing Rick or Daryl.

      Besides Lincoln, Dale and Shane were amazing actors… Carol Hershel and Carl are great at their roles… The governor is awesome, albeit, not like the comics, but dude can act. Meryl is also good…

      However, you can tell Glen, Maggie, beth, Michonne and Andrea are just not in the same class…

      Oh and Tyrese should do well (Wire fans know whatsup).

  22. Why did the producers of The Walking Dead show the marathan of Part 1 of Season 3 when people were too sleepy to watch. They could have started in the morning. That was too stupid. I love the show but was very disappointed at this move. After trying for 2 weeks to convince my daughter to look at it, She had to start from 101. The later tried to watch the marathon buy went to sleep. They need to repeat the marathon again. She’s hooked on the show but wants to see part 1 of S3.

  23. I started watching this show in the second season but i finally was able to catch up but will they ever explain the outbreak?

  24. The most absurd part of the entire series is that no one ever misses when they shoot a ‘walker’, even with a handgun. The shots always hit the heads. Absurd.

    • We have already accepted that zombies walk the earth, so why can’t we accept everyone is a great shot as well.

    • Agreed. The second most absurd thing is nobody mentions the poop situation and lack of toilet paper. If this was real, that’s what we all would be talking about.

  25. Im sorry season 1 was great but season 2 was awful and season 3 is too. Typical of a TV station to fire a good director, then hope its gonna be as good as it was before. Its less about the actual walking dead now and more about a bunch of irritating stereotypes. I hate all of the characters so I gave up watching its more like ER with zombies now grrrr

    • “The Walking Dead” refer to the living, not the zombies… If your looking for zombies or horror, there are plenty of corny shows and movies to choose from…. Comic readers know that we go several issues at a time without seeing one zombie…
      Not sure where you got the “ER” from??? Just because they cut off dude’s leg? And what stereotypes?
      If the world went to sht, EVERYBODY would be stereotypical, prejudice, whatever… Just look at JAIL… take away society and it just comes down to survival, sticking with people you can trust (which is nobody really).

  26. I know it about living with zombies and there can’t be much good come from this but the writers go out of their way to have good people die so they can introduce more hideous characters.

    The governor has now become the main character in the series. If this is going to be the direction the show takes I am out. I’ll stick with it this season but I fear this may be my last.

    • I doubt the “govenor” will take over the show, my thought is that this is just a run in with another group and conflicts between Rick and his group (probably to see who will win their little war), and the blonde originally with Ricks group will probably go back to Ricks group and probably try to kill the govenor herself when she finds out that hes been lying to her.

    • Go cry somewhere else. Preferably while watching your Golden Girls reruns.

  27. I think that they should do something with them traveling to France, the man in charge of the Atlanta CDC (when he was alive) said that the French stuck around when all hell broke loose to work on it some more, maybe something could come from that, maybe not a cure but maybe how it infected them (most likely in the air etc) something interesting? Why should they be confined to the USA and just traveling the road and scurrying for supplies. I think they should check that out as a future option, and then they could also see the world in the process to see how others have made out… Maybe figure out if the weather slows them down or kills them (like freezing cold etc..?) I have alot of ideas about the slow but obviously I am no producer but I do have lots of ideas where this show could take wild directions. Which is what they should be doing because none of them have ever dealt with an end of the world event before, maybe one of them can come up with a bright idea to at least stay safe for a while at sea and get to know each other better (maybe Merl + Rick can have it out etc on the boat). There is so many options that this show could take. I can’t wait to see what else happens and also what the deal is with Morgan and his son and how they made out (maybe his radio couldn’t make outgoing comm since the walkie got dropped from a zombie incident and he heard him but couldn’t comm back). But suddenly by chance they come across each other. SO many possibilities with this show the options really are endless. I agree that giving out the info on where the disease originated etc would be probably one of the last episodes where they are able to cure those who are still alive and vaccinate them. Maybe start a new world with less corruption and rid fossil fuels (as stated by the guy at the CDC that the world still runs on it and how stupid that is). The show could give hope that a better world could come from this tragedy. Anyways that’s my rant and I feel that keeping the show ongoing indefinitely would be ideal (for the fans). Way more than 7 seasons. Try for 20-30 seasons if possible with introduction of new characters (obviously keeping Rick, Carl, Daryl, Glen, and Herchel. Possibly his daughter, etc. And the dyke looking chic.

    • Also they obviously need to keep tension between episodes etc to keep it interesting. Like new groups as they have done with them trying to kill Ricks group etc.

      There is so much endless potential to this show.

      • Hell they could even have it where Carl gets bitten and he doesn’t change maybe he has some strange immunity to it and that would cue them to try and find a cure over in France or at some research facility. I am sure out of all those that have survived someone has to have some sort of immunity to this disease.

        • france? lol, your retarded. Lets just hop on a boat and row to france.

          …You know this show is based on a comic right? The comic is years ahead of the show and goes over most of your predictions.

          The gov will not take over the show? NO s***.

          ok bye.

  28. Why would AMC reduce the budget? What idiots.
    They basically are turning it into a Soap Opera w/ Zombies…YUCK~!!!