‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Premiere Review

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Danai Gurira Andrew Lincoln and David Morrissey in The Walking Dead Season 3 The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere Review

After 2 seasons of watching Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) struggle to keep a petulant group of survivors alive in The Walking Dead, things are finally looking up for him from a leadership point of view – but decidedly down everywhere else.

So, in an effort to guide the remaining ensemble down the long road to ruin, season 3 kicks off ‘Seed’ by loosening the narrative’s grip on just how serialized the series needs to be, and by moving the episode along at a much more deliberate pace. This solves two of the show’s bigger problems, in that more progression is allowed to happen off-screen, and the things that are presented in the episode are considerably more interesting. There were glimpses of this in the last half of season 2, which was largely a march toward change for the better. The increasingly burdensome conflict between Shane (Jon Bernthal) and Rick was finally resolved, and the farm where the plot went to die was overrun by walkers and destroyed by fire.

As much as Hershel’s farm had drained the plot of its excitement, perhaps it had been designed as a means by which the audience could get to know and eventually care about these characters. It didn’t really work out that way, however, and by the end of season 2, all we really knew was that this group had a hard time getting along and that they were, more or less, looking for someone to lead them. But despite Rick’s best efforts, the group had largely decided Shane was the way to go. That, of course, was undone with Rick killing his former best friend, and adopting a no-nonsense attitude toward keeping these folks alive. Now, the season premiere sets out to show whether or not the whole Rick’s-way-or-the-highway approach worked out.

Norman Reedus IronE Singleton Andrew Lincoln Steven Yeun The Walking Dead Seed AMC The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere Review

‘Seed’ gets underway by establishing that even though the prison was revealed to the audience at the end of ‘Beside the Dying Fire,’ the group has spent all winter jumping from house to house, more or less tending to the everyday requirements of survival. The jump in time works by granting the assumption that everyone has had sufficient time to process Shane’s death and to work out whatever problems may still linger between them – at least to the point that their squabbles are no longer as big a threat to the group as the walkers. It also makes Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) being pregnant a far more immediate issue to deal with, and helps explain why Carl (Chandler Riggs) appears to be two inches taller and can gun down walkers as efficiently as his father. Most importantly though, whatever happened during the winter made the group a far more cohesive unit, which is conveyed only by the fact that they’re still alive, but also by how quickly they make use of the prison.

The clearing of the prison yard and cell block, followed by the search for supplies, are the most substantial set pieces that ‘Seed’ has to offer, and they manage to provide plenty of gruesome moments and jump scares to keep things thrilling. The episode also establishes that the state of Rick and Lori’s relationship has been taxed to the point that he barely speaks to her, and when he does, it’s in a terse, matter-of-fact tone. Rick hasn’t gone off the deep end like he seemed he was about to while addressing everyone at the end of last season, but whatever transpired over the winter has earned him enough recognition that even Carol (Melissa McBride) mentions to Daryl (Norman Reedus) the group wouldn’t have survived as long under the guidance of Shane. It shows that although time has passed, the influence of Shane is still significant beyond more than the unasked questions about Lori’s pregnancy, and it also serves as a small victory for Rick, setting up a new direction for the series under his leadership that will hopefully consist of more than watching every argument as it unfolds amongst the survivors.

There are also a few moments that grant a clearer view of the characters’ state of mind, like the comfortable way Maggie (Lauren Cohen) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) look after one another during a rare moment of solace, and Lori’s feelings of regret about Shane and her husband, which are amplified by the fear that she’ll have to deal with a zombified baby, or worse, the group will be forced to put her down if she were to die giving birth. They’re short moments that flesh out where these characters have been, and how those events have shaped them into who they are now. It’s also a good starting off point for whatever drama is to come.

Danai Gurira in The Walking Dead Seed AMC The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere Review

‘Seed’ also offers something the series hasn’t really done before; it’s allowed the main story to splinter off. At the end of last season, Andrea (Laurie Holden) was presumed dead, even though Michonne (Danai Gurira) had saved her in rather grand fashion. Here again, Michonne’s entrance grants the series some excitement and suspense, as she deftly deals with a store full of walkers in search of some aspirin to give to an ailing Andrea. Even though the episode doesn’t spend too much time with them, it establishes the pair has come to rely on one another, and the lack of medical supplies has begun to take its toll on the survivors. Most importantly, however, Andrea and Michonne’s storyline – though it will likely converge with Rick’s group soon enough – is a welcome break from the blow-by-blow account of what everyone else is up to.

This gives season 3 two distinct storylines to follow, which, if nothing else, should provide plenty of opportunities to keep the tempo from relaxing to the degree it has before. And with 16 episodes in this third season, the worry is that the prison will become as much of drag on the plot as Hershel’s farm was. So, in what appears to be another effort to combat the temptation of comfort that the prison represents, it turns out not all of the prisoners have succumbed to the walkers – and as far as introductions go, hacking off Hershel’s (Scott Wilson) infected leg is about as memorable as Rick & Co. can probably hope to get.

It may be too soon to say that ‘Seed’ is the episode Walking Dead fans have been waiting for since the pilot, but it certainly offered plenty of visceral excitement and intrigue to back that notion up. At any rate, since much of season 3 is supposed to deal with the threat humanity poses to the living, the surviving prisoners and the Governor (David Morrissey) will likely help keep the suspense above the threat of being kicked off a farm.

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The Walking Dead continues next Sunday with ‘Sick’ @9pm on AMC.

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  1. Even though I was hoping to see what a world after the Zombie Apocolypse would be like during the winter I’m ok with the time jump. Also they’re in Georgia so it’s not like it would be a winter in Illinois or the North East.
    Back to my point, I mostly like the time jump because we weren’t forced to see a bunch of episodes of more bickering, Carl learning to kill, Carol learning to shoot and so on. Now we just know these things have happened and the show can move on.
    As far peoples problems with them not finding the prison before hand, I really don’t see why it’s so hard to believe. None of them are overly familiar with the area and when you’re constantly on the run or in the middle of nowhere it’s not really that hard to believe it has taken 6 months to find.
    Also, it goes back to the point about the time jump. 6 or 7 months ago they wouldn’t have been able to fight their way in as well as they did. The experience they now have helped them so it’s actually more believable IMO.

    • I hear a lot of questions about finding the prison. The last episode shows the prison off in the distance but did anyone “see” it or was it just shown to the viewer for a tease to next season? I don’t remember and I know thats what I saw that made me excited for the new season!! My husband works in a Ga. prison so he said things looked real accept for the tower inside the cell block!! Also Lorie’s pregnancy is a clue to how much time has passed and it’s not 9 months!! She was at least 4-6 weeks pregnant when she asked for the morning after pills, and she has not delivered the baby yet so the most time could be 7 months!

      • The viewer saw the prison as an establishing shot, people may have just taken it to mean the characters saw it. It was visual exposition and clearly they didn’t make a straight bee-line to where the prison was or that they even knew it was there.

        • Thanks Slayer thats what I was thinking too! That explains why it took so long for them to get there folks:)

    • Another point on finding the prison. If my memory serves me, they didn’t actually *see* the prison at the end of last season, the camera moved up to show a prison in the background hidden behind some trees, so they didn’t know it was there which would explain them only just finding it.

    • Very True, it’s not like they got g.p.s. Half the people commenting about that could barely make it around the block without the g.p.s telling them to make 4 left turns. These people are doing it while being chased by walkers, low on food and energy with old fashion maps. People just need to enjoy the show instead of looking for any little hole to pick.

  2. Yeah, the Hershel’s leg thing kinda through me off, hence the reason why I found this thread :) When the episode ended to sudden I was like nooooo!!!? Lol, but that must mean it’s a really great show! Already with is was Sunday again :)

    Carol is right, Shane wouldn’t of gotten them all this far, but man the intro in season 2 episode 12 is amazing! Shane, Darryl, T-Dogg & Andrea. Four righteous bad asses with Shane as the leader of the kill squad! Just love this show guys! Cheers :)

    • I really enjoyed it but, a few of things bugged me:

      1. You’ve a bunch of Walkers behind a fence, you’re low on ammo, do you a) lure them to the fence and safely take them out or, b) run through the middle of them while your mates waste the last of the ammo on shooting practice.

      2. You’ve decided to move into the prison, where there might be loads of Walkers, do you a) lure them to the fence and safely stab them to death (slightly tedious but your life is kind of at stake here), or b) leg it out of sight of the rest of your party into an enclosed space and when you discover Walkers coming from multiple directions decide to fight it out rather then get the hell out of there.

      3. You’re stealthily moving down some corridors, all poised in case some zombies appear; some zombies appear, do you a) take them out or, b) freak out and run screaming in separate directions.

      • Some very valid questions, althought I feel like you are missing some details:

        1. You’ve a bunch of Walkers behind a fence, you’re low on ammo, do you a) lure them to the fence and safely take them out or, b) run through the middle of them while your mates waste the last of the ammo on shooting practice.

        - Running through the yard actually served a purpose. Closing the Interior Gate to avoid having Walkers spilling into the court while they cleared it. After that, true enough, they should’ve just baited the walkers to the Exterior Gate to stab them all.

        2. You’ve decided to move into the prison, where there might be loads of Walkers, do you a) lure them to the fence and safely stab them to death (slightly tedious but your life is kind of at stake here), or b) leg it out of sight of the rest of your party into an enclosed space and when you discover Walkers coming from multiple directions decide to fight it out rather then get the hell out of there.

        - I had the same feeling on that part, except that the group is low on ressources and they are attempting to make another important push inside the prison. Beside, the “kill squad” looked like a well oiled-machine covering every direction at once… But still I understand your point with all those corners and open doors…

        3. You’re stealthily moving down some corridors, all poised in case some zombies appear; some zombies appear, do you a) take them out or, b) freak out and run screaming in separate directions.

        - Except, they are standing in the prison ward (close quarter combat), with no idea on the numbers of walkers inside with them. A tactical retreat did seemed like the best idea (except, like you mentionned that’s not what they did – freaking out and screaming), especially since they’ve past a good number of corridor still left unexplored. And as we saw, some of the zombies were able to cut their retreat route.

        Here’s what really bugged me. You’ve been killing zombies for the past few months, so why the hell once inside the prison ward aren’t you crushing the skulls of every dead body you meet as a necessary precaution? That simple move could of saved Hersel from a very unpleasant leg hacking.

        • “so why the hell once inside the prison ward aren’t you crushing the skulls of every dead body you meet as a necessary precaution? That simple move could of saved Hersel from a very unpleasant leg hacking.”

          Egg-freaking-zackly!!! LOL

        • Who is this “governor” person????

    • question.. if they are all already infected what difference would a non fatal bite make? this should be explained..

      • lol…I never thought of that. Good point.

        How about this:

        If zombies are a bunch of rotting corpses, eventually, wouldn’t everyone that’s a zombie rot away to the point that they couldn’t move? It wouldn’t take that long to get to that point. In order for muscle to move, it needs to, you know, not be rotten pudding. I could keep going about the zombies seeing, smelling, hearing, etc but it’s just one of those plot holes that you just have to ignore.

        • Mark,

          I always took it in the Zombie verse, that whatever makes them a living dead also slows down the entire process of decomposition. Then there is a possibility of environment (hot/cold-humid/dry-inside/outside) effecting the rate of decomposition, and maybe getting something living (or fresh) to eat can slow down or temporarily stop the process.

          But yes, in the end I would think they would at some point just fall apart.

          • When the group was at the CDC (season one I think) the Scientist there stated the the zombies would slowly rot away. But he never says how long that might take. Odds are that how and when they deteroate is based on how much food they get and where the zombies are. Zomibes inside a buidling might fare better then zombies outside exposed to the elements (though they might have less to eat.)
            Also in watching the show, it appears that zombies seems to go into a sort of hibernation if nothing is around to stimulate them. In the real world desert toads can hiberate like that for up to 20 years as they wait for rain to fall. So Zombies might be someting like that.

        • My understanding is that the zombies are actually living with fully functional organs and all that, it’s just that the infection ignites a very small amount of brain activity, stripping them of all humanity, and basically turning them into clumsy animals that only operate off instinct

        • Read the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks that explains everything ;-)

      • They are infected with the virus in their body, yes, but may be they are inactive and will only become active after they die . When walker bite, the active viruses are transferred to the bitten which turn them full on zombie. Just my thoughts…

      • Simple enough, and explain (partially) in the first episode;

        The infection is not deadly, it just guarantees that once you die, you become a walker. For example dying of a cold or a heart attack will result in becoming a member of the undead.

        The bite or scratch (non-fatal to fatal) just makes the process faster. Morgan Jones mentions that the body heats up rapidly after a bite or scratch after which the person dies… for a short while.

      • Five-o,

        They have shown that if you get bit by a zombie (or a serious enough scratch), you get infected and will die from the said infection.

        Remove the area of infection before it is spread through the body and you prevent death. Like during the American Civil War where they amputated legs and arms to prevent gangrene from killing wounded soldiers.

        But unlike gangrene, this Zombie Infection is like a virus or a Super-Bacteria so that anti-biotics have no effect upon it.

        Once dead, the virus/cosmic-ray/whatever that reanimates the dead to become flesh eating ghouls takes over.

      • Five-0,

        Think of the difference between being a carrier and actually having a disease. One is in a state of suspense and the other is active. A bite introduces the activation of the disease.

      • When bitten they will turn in a matter of hours. Yes they are infected but will not turn until their dead. EX. Shane being killed, 2 minutes later he’s a walker. In the grand scheme of things, yes, they are doomed but must keep fighting”human instinct” Also i am sure they a clinging on some kind of cure or change in the world.

        • Bronxster,

          It is a matter of hours after death. Anywhere from a few minutes to a number of hours (under 20) according to Dr. Jenner in episode TS-19

          But from being bit, Jim was bit in the early night from the Zombie attack in episode Vatos, and is still alive in the middle of the next day, though he was most likely hours from death when they leave him behind.

          And since everyone who dies and does not have their brain destroyed returns as a Walker, who is to know that the bite turns them or they just turn at death.

  3. It was good; no real plot or character developments but good action and the setting was interesting. I was not a fan of season 2 but I expect an improvement on 3.

  4. The premier episode was awesome. It looks more like the comics now, Carl’s character almost mimics his comic version. I enjoyed the action at the prison, the setting was gothic and the atmosphere was tense. I have very high hopes for the rest of Season 3. I really love this show.

  5. Hugo – in the comics, they end up finding riot gear in the prison. When Rick and the others start clearing the prison, Maggie is obviously wearing what looks to be a bullet proof vest. I’m still not sure what good that would do, but maybe they will tie in the outfit find somehow.

    Myself and my husband keep wondering if Carol will develop the lesbian crush on Lori like in the books. That’d be a pretty awesome character-relationship twist.

    As for overall opinion on the season premiere, I felt it set up the prison sequence pretty well. From the previews, though, its hard to tell if Michonne will end up with Rick’s group or not. Personally I hope the writers stay true to the comics, because her encounter with the Governor is BAD ASS.

    • Interesting you should mention the lesbian thing because it looks like Carol and Lori are planning to live in the same cell. With Lori desperate for affection and possibly someone to deliver her baby, who knows?

      • @Brenda, I’m afraid you’re a bit misinformed, Lori gets shot but crushes her baby, the baby is not shot.

    • i thought about wearing neck cover or hard boots since most of the bites are near the neck or legs if you do the stats. Cutting off Hershel’s leg is the thing that really got me pissed it was a risk they cant afford the riot gear or stuff like that would have prevented it. He is a farmer he should know long boots prevent snake bites etc.

      I thought they must have realize that survival is everything, then hazard protecting clothes should be their priority as well. They should at least dress in military style gear, kinda combat ready. May be in future in the coming episodes, since they might have found the riot gear in the prison, if at all they are not wearing it against The Goversnor’s aggression.

  6. The premier was awesome and loved that twist just before it ended, can’t wait till next Sunday!!!!

  7. I didn’t get to catch the episode fully but just from reading this review and hearing friends talk about it, it makes excited about the direction it is going. The prison part is definitely starting to come together like in the comics. The prison is a big deal because it proves how far Rick will go to protecting the group.

    Andrea and Michonne getting picked up by The Governor is going to be interesting because that’s not how it played out in the comics. So how all of that will come together will be nice to see.

  8. The prison is located in a remote area no one was thinking about or looking for a prison. Rick and Daryl stumbled across the prison while hunting; Rick figured by the looks of it supplies would be available. I don’t see the logic in “it took them 9 months to find a prison that was right next to them”.

    I don’t have a problem with the time line as some things don’t need to be explained. I liked where this season picked up and how desperate they all were. All the characters have matured, formed alliances and relationships with each other. I enjoyed the story line as well as the action. Thumbs up.

    • Er…I think it’s a fair question. The prison was, according to the last thing we see, just above Theo’s eye line and close enough to take up the entire screen. It seems surprising that they didn’t stumble upon it, just from the signs associated with prisons (Hitchhikers May Be Escaping Inmates) No. It’s something the show want you to eat, even though it’s implausible. I’m gonna eat it, because they did that solely to give you characters a little more hardened by their experiences, and I much MUCH prefer non whingy, more practical characters.

      ….On the surface, it’s absolutely correct. How could they not know about the prison for SIX MONTHS?

      • Quite simply because they weren’t looking for it?

        They’d just been forced from the farm, were tired, shaken and feeling exposed. The last shot of season 2 panned up to show the prison some way away behind a forest. As the survivors of the farm were trying to put some distance between themselves and the walker herd so it’s quite plausible that after the night where season 2 left them, the following morning they simply carried on along the road.

        The little section with the map clarifies that they were trying to leave the area but had spent the entire winter having their routes blocked by worryling large hordes of walkers that they didn’t think they could safely navigate, hence why T-Dog makes a comment about them going in circles.

      • You guys ever hike through a jungle, mountain or dense woods? One mile in a straight line is WAY different that a mile through that stuff. The distance shown at the end of season II was the prison on the horizon. That could have been 20 miles from them, plus no prison is set on a main road. So you can’t just drive off I94 and pull up to the gate.
        They aren’t on any maps either.

      • It’s not implausible. When their on the road looking at the map and trying to figure where to go next, T-Dog says we already picked through there, we are going in circles. Being in the woods surrounded by walkers, being herded in any direction they push while being weak, cold ,and hungry. They are using a old map which obviously is not showing the prison, most people can’t make it around the block without a g.p.s telling them to make 4 left turns.lol.. So under the circumstances I say it is possible to miss it after being so close.

  9. No one noticed the (maybe?) love story in process between Carl and the blond girl? xD.

    • I noticed :)

      • me too!!

    • Hope not. The “everyone has to be paired up” BS is clicheed and annoying. It caters to the lowest common denominator: the squealing fat fangirl.

      • Um…no. It’s human nature. Our most basic instinct is to procreate. When it’s the end of the world, you’re going to pair up.

        • Exactly, human nature and slim pickens leads to them pairing up.

    • Yes! I can’t believe more people arn’t talking about that part. There was like some weird romantic/psuedo sexual tenstion between them. I like the part where Hershel walks into the cell they’re both in and is just kinda like “I know your not here because you plan on staying in the same room as my youngest daughter, RIGHT?”

      • The best part about that for me, was that Carl (NOT my favourite character in the previous 2 seasons given the amount of other dead characters he is responsible for), having clearly done a lot of growing up in order to become someone his dad can rely on, reverted instantly back to awkward child when left alone with the girl he clearly has developed feelings for.

    • In the books, Carl has Sophia to talk to. Someone his own age that he can tell his secret feelings to. They killed Sophia in the show. Carl needs someone to talk to who’s not an authority figure. Beth is the closest to his age. I suspect they are doing this, on the show, for that. Carl is very important to the books. He’s a major turd, and a pain in the ass, in the show. They are wisely trying to change that. They need to have him talk to somebody to do that.

  10. One of the most important things about this series is not the series at all, but how the show has affected Network TV. Suddenly, horror TV is alive and graphic, gory scenes are popular. American Horror Story and other shows are the result. We can thank AMC for this horror revival.

    • American Horror Story kinda sucked to me.

  11. The premiere should have been longer. I needed to see some of the past winter…flashbacks. I was disappointed and I’m a hardcore fan.

    • I agree. I get tired of all of the humid scenes. Some winter stuff would have been a nice change.

      Also it seems like their is some sexual tension between the old lady and the biker dude ( sorry, dont know the names).

      • Carol and Daryl. How do you not know their names, especially since your talking about too many humid scenes, meaning you watched quite a bit of the show. am I right?

  12. All I could say at the end of this is wow. I have very high expectations for this season, and this series. Season 1 was so fast-paced and amazing, it was just event, after event, after event, and they didn’t even know Rick!Season 2 was pretty slow for me, but it does give more time to focus on the characters and gives time to understand them and their problems. Season 2 eneded good (despite the fact that they lost alot of the group), but i think that it makes the group stronger in a way, now they are closer and have a way better bond. I love the fact that season 3 starts out with them all together being Bosses. Carl dropping zombies…. With a pistol!!! I love the fact they they are all together and not as much of a broken group. They do still have their problems but, they are not as broken, thus honering, my favorite character, Dale. Very exciting episode though!!! Hershall getting his leg hacked off!! ALive prisoners!!!! Will Hershall be a zombie??? Is rick gonna kill the prisoners or add them to the group?? It is so exciing!!!!! Criss-cross out!! Peace!

  13. So, I miss Shane and his interesting personality, but at least the others have become less boring and cliche. Lori finally realizes that her actions led to Shane’s death and Rick has finally quit being a p u s s y and started relaizing that they’re not living in Happytwon anymore.

    After the season 2 snorefest I had serious doubts about the show, but it looks like it’s back on track. I predict the deaths of Hershel, Carol, Beth and T-Dog, the only series regulars still listed as guests, and probably Lori as well. Karma’s a beeeyotch!

    • Well she and her daughter die in the comics so…

      • Also Carol commits suicide and T-Dog wasn’t in the comics but another black guy was in it and he got his head cut off by the Governor dude.

      • I wonder how they’ll do it. I’ve read about the comics and apparently someone shoots Lori and the baby. Doubt that the censors will allow a baby to be shot, but maybe she dies in childbirth like she predicted?

        I also wonder if Merle will kill Carol, leading Daryl to kill Merle?

  14. You know, they did explain the reason why 9 months went by and they did not find the prison sooner. It was said in the episode, that they have had to run in circles around the ever-moving hoard of zombies. The zombies sort of dictated their path in getting to the prison. They have had to stay out of sight because of this; they would camp out in abandon houses and search for food. It is entirely possible that they took longer than what would in a “normal” world. I am also loving Michonne! My boys love the graphic novels as well. Awesome show! I left DISH network in order to keep my zombie show!

    • Because it HASN’T been NINE MONTHS and they’ve had to go in circles to avoid the bands of walkers all winter.

  15. Other than the first 2 seasons being a bit dragged out, we must understand that the protagonist of the story is Rick and his family, and the first 2 seasons have really let us watch the evolution of Rick and his ultimate realization that the world is much more complicated than ever before. Even at the farm, we see the ultimate conflict of all of the characters in the barn massacre. Nobody could understand why Herschel would have family and neighbors stricken by the disease, locked up in a barn. Then here comes Sophia, who has turned, walking through the door, and then they all understood, because they all froze and ultimately Rick kills her. Dale in the comics was not any type of moral compass as he was in the series, and though his ideas were noble and honorable, the world was far from it. Having morality is a luxury not afforded in the Walking Dead universe, and believe me morality is a luxury of a civilized society, but when no civilized societies exist, morality can get you killed. But I loved the pacing of the new episode, and of course anyone who has read the books, know that the pacing dramatically increased at about the same time. The prison and the inclusion of Woodbury and the Governor, will make this unlike any other season yet.

  16. I don’t think it’s been 9 months (you usually don’t know you’re pregnant and can’t confirm until 1-2 months), throw in an extra month or two and then consider the “winter” statement and we’re probably looking at 4-6 months if Lori is due soon.

    Did anyone notice they were using silencers in the house raid? Finally some smarts (although all that shooting at the prison should have drawn more walkers from the surrounding area).

    Having read the comic series, it kind of spoils it for you as I knew what to expect in the final scenes but at least they are being a bit different. I’m very interested in seeing how the Governor story arc plays out.

  17. It was scary and exiting at the same time!!!!!! GMG

  18. I love the fact that they arent afraid of a single walker anymore. They move together as a unit and have honed their walker slaying skills pretty spot on.

    Only thing I don’t get is why they didn’t take out as many walkers as they could through the fence before charging in?

  19. One question. Why the f*** would they bring the ONLY DOCTOR with them when doing dangerous things like search the prison. They should have left him with the women and children, now he is on one leg and even more of a liability should they need to run anywhere. Unless they give him a peg leg and turn him into a pirate or something.

    • it looks as if the survivors have no idea what state of emergency mean, they should be protecting “what matters the most” like Glen who can repair car radiator, Hershel the Vet should be left to protect the women while the rest can go scouting, if not they will soon run out of options or perish.

  20. I thought it was a great way to kick off the series. Agree with the comments on here that say the didn’t see the Prison at the end of the second series, it was a teaser for the audience the group didn’t know it existed.

    Glad they did the skip else the Rocky style montage might have played a part in showing them training to kill Zombies, Eye of the Tiger doesn’t really fit with the feel of the show.

    I know it was only banter between Carol and Darryl but I could see them getting together rather than them taking the route with Carol and Lori, but with Carol and Lori sharing a cell, who knows.

    I feel this season will not follow the comics as there are some difficult topics to portray on screen. I hope Carl and Beth don’t ‘get together’ as he’s like 12 and she seems about 15, bit silly and the series doesn’t need it (maybe it’ll get him to stay put when he’s asked though!).

    All in all a great opening episode (apart from Hershel getting bitten, it was a bit too obvious that zombie was still ‘alive’) and I cannot wait to see how it all pans out.

  21. Great start to the season. The pace is about how the season is going to go. These upcoming episodes is only going to get better too. Old characters coming back, new characters coming in. Let’s just say this season is a big improvement from S2, LOL.

  22. Good so far but I fear the worst for this season.

    If this season goes anything like the comic, I’m done with this show. Considering what the creators have been saying, I have a feeling they are going to do what was in the comic. Horrible mistake, if true.

  23. I heard Ricks loses his hand in the comic, hope that does not happen. New survivors inside the prison ? I did not see that coming !

  24. I know the point of the story is to show gory death scenes but i’m fed up of being so attached to a character and them being killed off, I am a huge fan of the show though and therefore hope for a slight happy ending unlike what’s in the comic books which has a lot of bad things happening, the thing that the shows doing from other tv shows is killing off main characters where other tv shows would have a bunch of main characters that would be in from start to finish however this keeps killing off main characters which is a little risky for viewing figures.
    I think the people asking why they haven’t found the prison sooner are looking into it too far, if you wanted to know then an above comment states that they have been circling and haven’t come across it but who says they haven’t seen it before but never tried getting in there?
    I hope that Lori has her baby and there is just the tiniest bit of a happy story line at one point as as much as i hate to say it, the constant sad story line is putting me off a bit more.
    Finally, I think that the season premiere was incredibly made and am glad what the producers have done with the story line and characters.

  25. If you need your characters to be complete idiots and do moronic things every episode just to push the story forward, your show sucks.

    Thus the Walking Dead sucks.

    • @Barry – Well thanks for stopping by and giving a pulsating and non-bias review on the series, I will definitely re-evaluate my love for this TV show based on your comments.

  26. Having read some of these posts I (and I’m sure others) would really appreciate a “potential spoiler alert” before anyone mentions something that happened in the comics.

    I haven’t read them and I don’t intend to until the show finishes, and while I appreciate the show isn’t directly following the comics, there is always the potential that something shocking in the comics will be transferred to the show…

  27. Who is this “governor” character????

  28. For those of you who keep saying that there was no character development in this episode I am so sorry. I’m so sorry that you can’t realize things like that from an episode like this because they don’t actually come out and have several five minute disscussions about everything on their minds. There was way too much of that in season 2.

    If you actually just looked at things for yourselves you’d see that there has been a ton of changes in character and chaaracter “development” to pick up on. Just not all of it was stuff we saw “happen” in the episode but things that have changed over the six month gap.

    For instance: Carl and the rest of the group has matured and are more use to surviving, Rick in particular has evolved into a much better and more serious leader. Darrly and Carol are closer relationship wise, so are Glenn and Maggie and even Carl and Beth are starting to show some attraction. Rick is distant from everyone including Lori and Lori is worried about her pregnancy and the baby. We even see that Michonne and Andrea have developed a friendship and look out for each other.

    So based on ALL of that above^ I’d even wager to say that there was even more character development in that one episode than some of those repetative episodes from season 2. That plus tons of action equals one of the best episodes yet. (Thumbs up)

    • Yeah there is character development whether on set/screen or explained/depicted to have occurred over the six (6) month lap, that i think we should give it to the team of Producers/Directors they have tried.

      One thing i notice is that the walkers in the prison are not as aggressive as the ones on the farm or in the city……..then i said to myself they must be starved in the prison no more humans/animals to kill and feed from hence their lack off agility.

  29. i think carl and beth(sofia’s comics counterpart) will hook up eventually.