Robert Kirkman Talks ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Production Start

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The Walking Dead Season 3 AMC Robert Kirkman Talks The Walking Dead Season 3 Production Start

It’s safe to say that the expectations for the upcoming third season of AMC’s The Walking Dead are fairly high, given the tease at the end of season 2 featuring not only the debut of fan-favorite Michonne (Danai Gurira), but the new season will also take the survivors off Hershel’s farm and have them set up camp in a rather ominous-looking prison.

In an an on-set interview with AMC, Kirkman offered a description of the prison set and spoke briefly on the subject of Michonne’s sword-handling skills. He also spoke about fan expectations with the inclusion of the villainous Governor (David Morrissey) and how he will play into the larger, more dangerous world that is expected to be unveiled during season 3.

According to Kirkman, the prison set is one of the most remarkable pieces of construction for a television series, and it largely works because of its faithfulness to the source material.

Kirkman said:

“The big change this season is we’ve got this amazing prison that we’re filming in. It’s absolutely stunning, and I never get used to being on set. They’ve taken a lot of what you see in the comic book series and brought it to life in ways that I didn’t think possible. This is going to be one of the most impressive looking things that’s ever been put together for a show.”

So far, The Walking Dead has been about small band of characters surviving together against the threat of the undead walkers, but in season 2, a potentially greater menace was revealed in the form of other survivors, hell bent on making the most out of the inherent lawlessness of a society in ruins. With that added danger, season 3 begins a new chapter where humans step up to the top of the food chain and once more become the primary hazard to the living.

“The plan was always to evolve naturally into a place were the zombies essentially become a manageable threat. You know the rules. You know how to deal with them. To a certain extent they become something to not really be scared of unless you mess up. Humans, however, do not follow any rules and will always do something that surprises you and are capable of doing things far worse than trying to eat you… We’re definitely going to be seeing a lot of horrible things.”

the walking dead season 3 michonne full Robert Kirkman Talks The Walking Dead Season 3 Production Start

Of course, for fans of the comic, the prison storyline features horrible things done to and by the two newest members of the cast: Michonne and the Governor. To hear Kirkman say it, the adaptation of the key prison elements to television will set the standard for The Walking Dead series in terms of the scale and spectacle of the storytelling.

“When you think about The Walking Dead comic series, you think about oh, the stuff they with did the Governor, the stuff they did with the prison and Woodbury and Michonne. And that’s really a lot of the stuff that people remember the story for and that’s stuff we haven’t even gotten to in the TV show yet. So as much as people love the show, and as high as the ratings are, and as cool as the show is, I feel like we haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet. This season is absolutely going to blow people away.”

Although she was only teased at the end of the second season, Michonne quickly became one of the most talked about aspects of the finale and since then everyone seems to be fascinated with the sword-weilding mystery woman and her undead traveling companions. Although Kirkman confirms Michonne will be hacking some zombies, the show won’t lose its focus on the human drama.

“There’s been quite a bit of sword training going on and [Danai] is doing an amazing job. She’s going to do all of the hard character stuff and drama that The Walking Dead is known for, but she has tremendous physical capability and the sword training that I’ve seen is absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to see her hack up some zombies. She’s using a sword that we specially designed for the show…The origins of the sword will be revealed on the show.”

One thing fans can expect is more zombie madness when season 3 rolls around; mainly because the season has increased the episode count of season 2 - bringing the total number of episodes to 16. That’s 10 more episodes than the entirety of season 1.

“The actors and the crew and a lot of the producers would not be thrilled to hear me saying this, but I love doing 16 episodes a year. I think the more the better, and I think it’s a lot of fun. We are going to get to tell bigger stories, and tell more stories, and get into the characters a lot more. So the more the merrier.”


Look for The Walking Dead season 3 to kick off on AMC in October.

Source: AMC

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  1. I actually like series like Dexter, and the UK TV series because of the opposite of what Kirkman is saying. Less is sometimes more, and I feel with less episodes that means less filler.

    • I’m siked about season 3, even more so now that I (think) the governor will be in it. It’s gonna be rough to beat season 2, I am so pissed Shane and Dale died, even though *****SPOILERS*****SPOILERS***** they both die in the books, granted earlier, and later than the books. Dale earlier, and Shane later. I said it on another site, maybe this one, the scene with Shane and Rick was so much better on the show than the comic. In the comic I was thinking “KILL THIS MOTHER NOWWWWWWWWWW” in the show I was saying “C’mon Shane.. don’t do it.. you can bang Andrea, get over it.. No.. No.. No…”

      And humans are the top of the food chain? I hope that was just a bad choice of words, because that makes me think that zombies are basically nothing. Which I don’t like. We know the rules? Okay CHANGE THEM. I don’t want this to turn into a show about humans with the occasional zombie to remind you what made the show start. The same as I don’t want them to have peace in the comics from the zombies. Like I said if we know the rules you should change them. The zombies shouldn’t be an easily conquerable enemy. I had something good to say and forgot it… Damn it. Kirkman, I know you’ll never read this, so I don’t know why I’m talking to you, but please don’t turn this into some two bit b******* show. It’s PERFECT right now.

      • Nicely Said Andy, could’nt have done it better myself. Because I live in South Africa I have to wait until every episode to finish on Sunday (in America) and then download it on the Monday (South Africa). But I can not wait for it to start in October. I am going to the beerfest first then Zombie Killing fest ;)

      • well said

    • The thing is that they have plenty of material from the epic comic series. They do not need ANY filler..

  2. Shut up whore b****

    • no need for that sort of language! Kind of surprised your comment wasn’t deleted for trolling…

  3. In an an on-set interview with AMC, Kirkman offered a description of the prison set and spoke briefly on the subject of Michonne’s sword-handling skills.


  4. As a guy who’s never read the comics, but knows (vaguely) the general plotline of it, I have to say I’m a little worried about the upcoming season. The best parts of Walking Dead so far were when the survivors were on the move, constantly running into zombies and scrounging for supplies.

    It seems to me that being in a heavily fortified prison would encourage the survivors to stay indoors. Which I don’t know, I feel like it could be pretty boring. The Human drama was always great in WD, but only while it had the threat of zombie attack to balance it out. (IMHO)

    • Nah, that stupid kid will wander out pretty much every episode I bet…

      • lmao Carl… you are so right

    • I recently read the comics because honestly the show wasn’t enough for me. A little boring. The second half of the second season was the only think I would consider really good. The first half bored me to death with the lets look for the little girl. The best episode is when Daryl is tripping out & talking to his brother about how he saw Bigfoot. Had me rolling. Point is I read the comics & I had some much more respect for what they did with the show. The source material is good, but they also did a very good job with the show. Made Shane one of my favorite characters while in the comic dude is pure vanilla. Basically the first two seasons were about 12 comics or so. Two different story arcs & their in the prison for maybe like 18 or more. Governor & Michone are both great. Some very intense scenes to come.

  5. I think less is best as well because more episodes will mean more fluff and pointless episodes in between. BUT, they will have a LOTTTTT going on next season from the looks of it and so they may need the extra episodes. I feel like this upcoming season will bring in a lot of nerds but lose a few of the older people that watch the show…the show looks like its going to have a radical change and it will be interesting to see how it is perecieved by the fans.

    I for one, am very excited about the upcoming season but also very skeptical as to its success. It will be interesting to see how next season gets played out…but one thing I’d like to share, more Zombies NOT less

    • I agree we watch the show for the fear of zombies and survival if it turns into some drama soap some real fans will be lost

  6. Según Kirkman, el conjunto de la prisión es una de las piezas más notables de la construcción de una serie de televisión, y en gran medida se debe a su fidelidad al material original.

    Kirkman dijo:

    “El gran cambio esta temporada es que tenemos esta prisión increíble que estamos filmando pulg Es absolutamente impresionante, y nunca se acostumbra a estar en el set. Han tomado mucho de lo que se ve en la serie de cómics y lo trajo a la vida de maneras que no pensaba posible. Esto va a ser una de las cosas más impresionantes que buscan que alguna vez han juntado para un espectáculo. ”

    Hasta el momento, The Walking Dead ha sido de pequeño grupo de personajes que sobreviven juntos contra la amenaza de los senderistas muertos vivientes, pero en la temporada 2, una amenaza potencialmente mayor se revela en la forma de los sobrevivientes de otros, empeñados en hacer el máximo provecho de la ilegalidad inherente de una sociedad en ruinas. Con el peligro añadido, la temporada 3 comienza un nuevo capítulo donde los seres humanos el paso hasta la cima de la cadena alimentaria y una vez más convertirse en el principal peligro a la vida.

    “El plan siempre fue evolucionando de forma natural en un lugar donde los zombies convertido esencialmente en una amenaza manejable. Ya conoces las reglas. Usted sabe cómo lidiar con ellos. En cierta medida se convierten en algo que realmente no tener miedo de no ser te equivocas. Los seres humanos, sin embargo, no siguen las reglas y siempre va a hacer algo que te sorprende y son capaces de hacer las cosas mucho peor que tratar de comer … Nosotros definitivamente vamos a estar viendo un montón de cosas horribles. ”

    Por supuesto, para los fans del cómic, la historia cuenta con prisión de cosas horribles que hacer para y por los dos nuevos miembros del reparto: Michonne y el Gobernador. Para escuchar Kirkman es decir, la adaptación de los elementos clave de la prisión a la televisión se fijó el estándar para la serie Walking Dead en cuanto a la escala y el espectáculo de la narración.

    “Cuando piensas en The Walking Dead serie de cómics, piensas ¡oh, el que hizo cosas con el gobernador, las cosas que hizo con la prisión y Woodbury y Michonne. Y eso es realmente una gran cantidad de las cosas que la gente recuerda la historia para y eso es algo que ni siquiera hemos llegado a la serie de televisión todavía. Así que tanto como la gente le encanta el show, y tan altas como las calificaciones son, y más fresco que el espectáculo es, siento que ni siquiera hemos llegado a las cosas buenas todavía. Esta temporada está absolutamente va a volar a la gente. ”

    A pesar de que era objeto de burlas sólo al final de la segunda temporada, Michonne convirtió rápidamente en uno de los más hablado de los aspectos de la final y desde entonces todo el mundo parece estar fascinado con la mujer misteriosa espada weilding y sus compañeros de viaje no-muertos. A pesar de Kirkman confirma Michonne se hackear algunos zombies, el show no perderá su enfoque en el drama humano.

    “Ha habido un poco de capacitación en marcha y la espada [Danai] está haciendo un trabajo increíble. Ella va a hacer todas las cosas carácter duro y el drama que The Walking Dead es conocida, pero tiene una enorme capacidad física y la formación espada que he visto es absolutamente increíble. No puedo esperar para ver a su corte a algunos zombies. Ella está usando una espada que diseñado especialmente para el espectáculo … Los orígenes de la espada se dará a conocer en el programa. ”

    Una cosa que los fans pueden esperar es más locura zombie, cuando la temporada 3 rollos de todo, principalmente porque la temporada se ha incrementado el número de episodios de la temporada 2 – lo que el número total de episodios a 16. Eso es 10 episodios más que la totalidad de la temporada 1.

    “Los actores y la tripulación y una gran cantidad de los productores no estarían encantados de oírme decir esto, pero me encanta hacer 16 episodios al año. Creo que cuanto más mejor, y creo que es muy divertido. Vamos a llegar a decirle más grandes historias, y contar más historias, y se meten en los personajes mucho más. Así que cuanto más, mejor “.

  7. I agree with Kirkman 100% because s$&t’s about to get real, and fast.
    I’ve read all the comics and this is what I’ve been patiently waiting for.
    And to those who haven’t read the comics get ready to see the nastiest villain you’ve ever seen on TV, The Governor…

    • absolutely, for those whom have worries about season 3 and the fact the the show is going to be boring , because they are are in a prison and not out side wandering around , dont worry , there is little rest for our band of surviours. Also like Kirkman said the Zombies are only half of what they have to worry about. LMAO, I cant wait for this season

  8. This show has no balls, theyve completely pussied out on all the things that made the comic so edgy and memorable. Dale and Andrea hooking up? Nope wouldve been to awkward for the audience. Carl killing Shane? Nope gotta make it PC and have him shoot zombie shane instead. The twins getting murdered? Theyre not even in the show, gotta avoid that situation all together. Forget about Michonne getting raped you know that aint gonna happen. The one character that actually pushed the envelope in Season 1 they pretty much completely wrote out of season 2 and made his less controversial brother some kind of white knight who wants to help everyone.

    I know they want to be different than the comic but the whole spirit of TWD is lost in the show. Its all slow build up, slow build up, slow build then forgettable zombie scene or the cast doing some stupid s***. Theres no point in getting excited for the Governor because theyre gonna totally neuter him, Joffrey will make him look like Mickey Mouse. If they replace the most iconic scene of Tyrese getting his head chopped off with T-Dogg im gonna puke.

    • Damn. You make some solid points, but you for sure seem a little bias. I thought they did a great job with the first season after reading the comic. Adrea & Dale never happening disappointed me cause I could see that before I read the comics. First half of second season pure garb. They saved themselves with second half of second season. I think this season will determine & say a lot about how far they wanna go with this show. You have to push the envelope this season. I think they will do well. I could go on more, but to much already.

    • Sounds like sonic doom should be watching American Idol instead.

      • That dosnt even make any sense but i guess that should be expected from fans of TWD show.

  9. It needs to hurry up and come on

  10. I’m excited for Season 3. I think people will be surprised with the pace and the direction this show is going. For people worried about the pace of the show, all I can say is the last 4 episodes is more of the pace the show will be going. Yes, they will be in a prison for the majority of the season and part of next season but with that there is a lot of dangers. Some of the plots within that comics will stay true but some will be toned down, well, because it is a basic cable channel but it will be a darker season. Season 1 and 2 were more of a prologue within the series. Season 3 I can say will take the show to another level, LOL.
    To those who are still stuck on Frank Darabont, I say go check out the LA Noir series. He was canned not only due to the budget but I would believe part of it is also not working well with Kirkman as well. Frank departs, the first 6 episodes goes into a limbo but the last 7 are more of the new direction. Kirkman is now helming the series in the way he wants it to go and I am excited about that.

  11. I think Robert Kirkman played out Shanes and tdog characters in the show horribly due to fact that shanes character was the best acting in the show that had you on edge everytime you seen him and tdog was not comic book tyress and the farm storyline was not original I think the walking dead will see the decrease in viewers and soon cancellation thanks alot rob smh

  12. Doubt it. The shows fan base is still growing and getting stronger. Yes, they will loose some fans but not enough to get canceled. I see huge ratings come S3 ep1 and therefore getting another season renewal

  13. What is the date of the premiere of season3?

  14. Can’t wait for the show to start back I Love this show could watch it all the time

  15. I wish we didn’t have to wait so long between the seasons. It makes it very frustrating being such a great show. Wish it was on as a regular show every week. I love this series and their is no show on tv out there like it. I could watch it all the time.

  16. does anyone no when twd series 3 starts in the uk? cause i really dont wanna miss it.

  17. Hi my name is josh

  18. The walking dead is the best thing since sliced bread . I’ve always lived zombie films but the walking dead series beats them all .

  19. essa serie tem mais furos do que um queijo suiço. nota 10 em maquiagem mais o roteiro sempre foi furado. estou a disposiçao pra roteirista frrelance