‘Walking Dead’ Season 3 Preview Reveals The Prison & Michonne [Updated]

Published 3 years ago by , Updated May 23rd, 2012 at 9:44 am,

[UPDATE: Scroll Down for the First Image of Michonne!]

Production began in early May on The Walking Dead season 3, and AMC has just released the first footage from the highly-anticipated next chapter of the show. Shot on the set of The Walking Dead season 3 premiere, today’s two-minute behind-the-scenes video contains cast interviews about what fans can expect to see in this upcoming season.

Fortunately, there’s much more than just high-hopes contained within the video. For those who look closely, you’ll notice that a majority of the featurette is filmed in a new, unfamiliar setting. One with bars. And blood.

Giving viewers their first glimpse inside the prison, there’s not exactly a lot of information that can be taken from it (besides there being many bars). However, one thing that the video does reveal is the physical condition that many of the characters reach the prison in. With a noticeable addition of blood to some of the actors, the journey to the prison must not have been the easiest.

Touching upon the shift in setting for the upcoming season, series star Andrew Lincoln promises a “darker, harder, faster, deeper” Walking Dead season 3 – and with good reason. By moving to the prison, the moment that fans of the comics have been waiting for has finally arrived.

Update: Speaking of “arrivals” – check out the first picture of actress Danai Gurira (Treme) as Michonne!

Walking Dead Season 3 Michonne  Walking Dead Season 3 Preview Reveals The Prison & Michonne [Updated]

With the addition of Michonne and the Governor, the now “darker, harder, faster, deeper” Walking Dead is going to have to deal with many (potentially) controversial storylines. Of course, with showrunner Glen Mazzara proclaiming “there’s no place we won’t go, it’ll be interesting to see exactly what that means in this upcoming season.

Still many months away from premiere, there’s more than enough time to debate what exactly the series will (and won’t) show. Until then, it’s time to take a look inside the series’ new home for season 3.


The Walking Dead season 3 will premiere Fall 2012

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Sources: AMC & EW

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  1. Cool.

  2. Oboy this looks frikin awesome prison, michonne, governer what more could u ask for >maggie :)

  3. Best show on TV.

    • *cough* Breaking Bad *cough*

      • Please don’t tell me it’s a prison for walkers, that would be kinda lame… the female afrosamurai looks so cool :)

    • 1. Game of Thrones
      2. breaking bad
      3. walking dead

      • dexter and boadwalk empire. top 5 shows ever to hit tv. oh and prison break

        • 1. Game of Thrones, well, last year. This year is kind of slow. Too much gibber jabber but I would say still number 1, barely.

          2. Spartacus Vengeance. The kills and the violence is just crazy good.

          3. The Walking Dead. Despite last year’s slow start it did finish off strong with good things to come

          4. Breaking Bad. Still awesome but it’s not a series that I go crazy for if I miss an episode or two

          • Your Crazy! I was addicted to Breaking Bad! Now that its coming back I am going to rewatch all of the seasons!

            Best shows
            Breaking Bad
            The Walking Dead
            The Wire (I know its over but damm it was a great show)

          • Spartacus Vengeance.??? Are you kidding me?

            Vengeance is totally killed the series.
            The Spartacus is horrid.

        • have to agree with you on dexter. Best show currently on T.V by a long long way

    • SHERLOCK ?!?!

    • i agree so much better than game of thrones and season 3 better hurry up im dying to see it

    • wrong… best show on non-premium channels

  4. Wonder when they get to the prison and go in the cafeteria and meet Dexter, Axel, Andrew and when is tyreese going to show up he is a huge character at the prison.

  5. Very excited for this upcoming season. I really hope that they give T-Dog something to do this season. If Merl does come back maybe T-Dog could get a bigger role in dealing with the consequences of what he did in season one.

    Also excited for the zombie kills.

  6. We Want Merle and Morgan!

  7. Since Merle doesn’t exist in the books, I’m guessing he’ll be one of the governor’s goons when we see him again for the first time. SPOILER ALERT!!!!!

    And I think that will be the catalyst for the governor cutting off Rick’s hand as payback for Merle having had to cut his own hand off to escape. That’s my theory on how the writers will incorporate that part.

    • Apparently they’re not going to have Rick lose his hand in the TV show.

      • lame :(

      • That’s good. I really didn’t want Rick to lose his hand on the TV show.

        • I think they “may” end up doing something else to take place of the cutting of the hand :0)

          • Take the risk and kill off the main character? Or maybe have him turn and one of the gang can keep him as a pet :D

    • That is a very good idea, but I have heard rumors it will not be Rick’s hand, but T-Doggs, b/c T-Dogg dropped the handcuff keys in the vent and just left. But there are a few other important characters in the prison arc from the comic, who have already died; mainly the Dale and Andrea relationship and no Tyrese, but Tyrese could still easily be included early on in the third season, considering they met Tyrese after they left the camp, and the Farm storyline was much longer and more important to the overall story in the show than the comics. I read where Kirkman said they are planning on the prison to be the setting for the next 2 seasons. The prison arc in the comics was the storyline that shot this comic into the stratosphere, so I am very excited to see just how crazy they get in the tv show.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if Tyrese is introduced in Season 3 but then again who knows. Kirkman has made it very clear that they will try to keep it close to the comics but the whole “Getting from point A to point B” may be different.

  8. I forgot Andrew Lincoln (Rick) was British. His southern accent is perfect.

    • he’s actually Australian

  9. Honestly, this season better make up for season 2, and it sounds like it, but if it doesn’t so help me. In season 2 you could probably watch the first episode, the mid season finale, and the last two episodes and be fine without seeing the rest.

  10. Season 3 is going to be a lot of a faster pace. The last 3 episodes will represent the pace the show will be going now but that’s also not to say it’s going to be just 1 season in the prison/Woodbury. There is sooo much material that is going to be used along with new stuff that it’s going to be great. The fact that AMC gave the ok for the first 8 episodes on script shows the trust they have in Kirkman now. I think people will be surprised with David Morrissey and with Season 3

  11. One thing that would have been cool is if Rick had to go dig up Shane and re-kill him, like the comic, but that scene in tv show was awesome too.

  12. After the disappointment of getting to the farm and having the show grind to a halt, the prison better up the game and bring the characters – a couple at least, please – back to a point of viewer empathy.

    Pilot aside, which was fantastic, this show has not juggled the zombie scenrio and the characters well to date.

    • Expect lots of Zombies up to the Prison. Once they get to the prison the zombies will be a backdrop

  13. I feel abit slow but i neer knew rick is english! i heard his accent and was like WHAT!! hah

    • lmao, most of the actors you have fronting your shows are english….It shouldnt come as a surprise to find out he is english too. Whats more we are no longer are we the bad guys…..lmao

  14. Great show, one of the best for sure. But, I was reading through the comments and no one mentions Fringe? Sad to see. Sad to see.

    • fringe sucks ass watched every episode, story is lame acting is lame and the story just keeps getting lamer

      • walkin dead is the best zombles r goin to eat ur ass

  15. Yes, I also believe that Merle will be back but the revenge thing might not be as big as the “Cain & Abel” conflict between the two brothers. Daryl is pretty tight with the current group but he certainly has some loyalty to his brother. I remember reading somewhere that the film crew felt it might be too expensive to blue screen out a severed hand on Rick for the rest of the series (that makes sense). I am wondering how they are going to keep Carl as a child. The current timeline is only about 3 months since Rick came out of the coma but it seems like Carl will be old enough to be driving soon (????). Remember back in season one, when they were at the quarry – he was playing in the dirt with a toy truck and was really a little kid. I’ll be happy to see Lori pull her hair out of her face – she makes some bad decisions and really needs to be brought down a peg or two. I am looking forward to Andrea and Michonne to be an ass-kickin’ duo. Sadly, it might be Beth and Maggie that are going to endure the brutal rapes that were done to the twins in the comic book.

    • You may be on to something LOL

  16. Breaking Bad best show on television. Dexter was great at one time & hope it gets back there. Like one person said Zombies with be the backdrop here. Basically First & Second season is the first two trade paperbacks. Their in the prison for like 2 or three trade paperbacks if I am not mistaken. So I am curious to see what & if they rush through. Governor is epic. I only watch for Darryl & Merl. Can’t wait!

  17. LOST




    Best Shows Ever……

  18. I see a show jumping the shark in the very near future.

    • There is no way they are jumping ship. This is AMC’s money maker now. Ratings have been through the roof so it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if they renewed another season after the 1st episode of season 3.

      • Actually he said jumping the shark, not ship, which is a reference to Happy Days when Fonzy jumped over a shark.

  19. TRUE BLOOD IS THE best show on tv… what!! if u havent watched it you must start from season 1. youll be hooked.

    • supernatural … end of

  20. So, this is just a preview when does the real season starT?

    • to answer your question, it starts sunday october 14th

  21. They will probably never do this but it would be nice if they got rid of Lori, she’s just dead weight that brings unnecessary drama to the group

    • Thnk u so much for answering

  22. i dont know if you guys know this but the return of “meryl” deryl’s bro will be in season 3. i am realy hoping that dwayne and morgan are alive

  23. I’d be a great actress and would love to join the walking dead any details let me no

  24. This show is so awesome if I didn’t have this show I don’t know how I would get throw the week

  25. Who knows anything about that cop and his little boy di they die or are they comin back

  26. HOOAH !

    Can’t wait till the new season starts !
    This is the only show I watch, on tv. And I have direct tv so I can see it tonight!

    • yr lucky hahahahaha

  27. Morgan was not a cop Samantha. But he is still alive ( assuming they follow his storyline from the comic book).

  28. normal reedus is lush in that lets hope he doesnt die xxxx

  29. lets hope this one is much more wiked than first and second come lmfaooooooooooooo