‘Walking Dead’ Season 3.5 Premiere Clip & Images – Are You Ready?

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After a lengthy winter hiatus, The Walking Dead Season 3 will finally return to air this Sunday. And while it’s unlikely that fans can get any more excited about the return of their favorite post-apocalyptic show, a newly released clip and images for the upcoming premiere give fans a glimpse of what’s ahead.

The one-minute clip, likely from the beginning of Sunday’s premiere, picks up with fan-favorite comic character Tyreese and his sister, Sasha, officially joining the group of survivors. When Hershel’s daughter Beth carries in Rick’s newborn daughter Judith, it gives the newcomers a look at a new life birthed within all this madness. Sasha asks the obvious question… “Where is its mother?”

This video, which showcases the story from the survivor’s side, mirrors the previously released clip from the Governor’s perspective. Of course, on the Governor’s side, he has Merle and Daryl pitted against each other in a battle for survival, not letting the loss of his eye go without punishment.

the walking dead season 3 part 2 premiere andrea Walking Dead Season 3.5 Premiere Clip & Images   Are You Ready?

In the pictures however, Andrea is shown running through the town of Woodbury, and it appears that she may be attempting to gather a group together rise up against the Governor, perhaps to save Daryl’s life. Of course, it is Andrea – so who knows what she could really be doing.

Additionally, there’s also a photo of the aforementioned Dixon brother battle as well as a peek of a special guest, former NFL wide receiver Hines Ward, who will be playing a zombie in the premiere. And of course, no photo gallery of The Walking Dead would be completely without a photo of Rick controlling (or consoling) someone. This time it’s Carol.

As The Walking Dead season 3 enters in to its second-half this week, audiences will get to see the final episodes of now-fired showrunner Glen Mazzara. And although some reports have said that Mazzara’s firing came after having to delay production of during the filming of these episode for lack of material to shoot, among other things, suggesting that these upcoming episode may not match the quality of those that came before it, audiences shouldn’t  be too concerned of what’s the come. Thankfully, the prison and the Governor still have many more stories to tell. Let’s just hope that Mazzara was eventually able to capture them – because The Walking Dead season 4 is happening, no matter what.

You can check out images from the premiere below:



The Walking Dead season 3.5 premieres Sunday, March 10 on AMC

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  1. Great point: It IS Andrea, so who knows how much she screws up this time, lol.

    • Lol well said. Her character is terrible. I dont like wishing people to die horrible deaths but Andrea is definitely one of them!

  2. Did I miss the clip somewhere?

  3. Boy, it’s a little hard to tell that’s Hines Ward as a zombie (but not too hard). I mean I recognized that I knew who it was, but it took a bit to figure out exactly who.

    I wonder if they will mention who it is in the show?

  4. Zoo vee hav un cleep?

  5. If they kill Daryl, I just might have to quit this show…

    • Grow up! No one is safe, I don’t see how he’s that cool anyways

      • You sound stupid, dude. Grow up?

    • I agree. With Dale long gone, and T-Dog dead, Daryl is the only favorite character of mine that’s still alive.

    • Sorry but I’m with the others (and was about to post the exact same comment). If wanting Daryl to stay on the show makes me a child then so be it!

      Both he and Rick I think need to be on the, “safe” list. Without at least a few pivotal characters that we can count on to be there and care/relate to, the show becomes less interesting and personally engaging.

    • yeah i agree, if the kill daryl, i just might have to quit this show

  6. Lengthy? It went by fast

  7. cant wait!! hopefully by the end of the season andrea redeems herself and becomes bad ass like at the end of season 2

  8. Dear Mr. Ocasio,

    Spell check. Proof read. THEN post. Terrible sentence structure and it is February 10th, not March.

    • For real! Last paragraph has like a six line sentence. It’s like a child wrote this article.

    • High five bro. :) School these newbs ;)

      • Schoool is for fooools

        • Agreed. Since you are a fool why don’t you go there and learn something. :)

          • Nevar! This is merika!

            • Sure thing, retard.

              • It’s re-tard. Though technically my mom says I’m special.

                • +1 to Bellcure for rising above with grace.

  9. Oh I’m ready!

    I caught up with all the episodes I missed via ‘On Demand’. This series has sorta made me regret not picking up the comics when I had the chance but then again I could not stand the art. Come on Sunday!

    • Meh same here. The b/w just blurs all together after reading/looking at it for 10mins lol besides the stories dont exactly follow the same path (inspired by yes, but the tv show is its own thing).

  10. Spell check. Proof read. THEN post. Terrible sentence structure and it is February 10th, not March.

  11. It looks more like Andrea is trying to stop frightened people bailing out of Woodbury – loads of those clips show folkse with loaded up vehicles and suitcases. Oddly enough I had an ex girlfriend who was spookily like Andrea in that, although she was a very intelligent woman, could not keep away from dangerous men and could always rationalise their behaviour!

  12. Thanks again for the clips that only work in American Screenrant.

  13. So far, my only favorite characters left are Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Hershel, Maggie and Carl (well, Carl became a favorite of mine this season. He irritated me in season 2).

    Daryl and Rick are the ones that NEED to stay alive in the series, in my opinion. Not because I can’t let characters go, but because I think it would really hurt the series (ratings wise). Both of the characters have been through so much (and we’ve already lost a few major characters) I just think it would be overkill, and would really hurt the show if those character died. Yeah, anyone can die, anything could happen, but ratings and reviews of the show would take a big blow if either of those characters died.

    Ok, I know a LOT of people are gonna jump on me and say “Why are you bringing racism into this?” but the truth is, I think it would be a mistake to kill Glenn off, because he is the only multi-racial character to still be around since season 1 (with the exception of Morgan and his son. We aren’t sure what happend to them yet). I’m not in any way calling the show racist (people, please don’t jump to conclusions) but one thing I like about the series is how multi racial it’s been.

    That being said, think about it: Rick, Carl, Daryl, Andrea, Carol, they are all still alive (and that’s not including characters introduced in season 2). In season 3, they’ve gotten a good multi racial mix again with the new characters, but I don’t think it would be a good idea to kill off the only non white character to be around since the first season. But, that’s just me.

    Anyways, thanks for the clip screenrant. I can’t wait for new episodes :)

  14. No, I am not ready. Stop the show.

  15. Why cant I view the clip? We get the Walking Dead in Australia one day after America? What difference does it make :( I need my fix!