‘Walking Dead’ Season 3: Michonne Cast, Merle Confirmed

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Michonne Walking Dead AMC Walking Dead Season 3: Michonne Cast, Merle Confirmed

If you saw the Walking Dead season 2 finale then you know that Michonne is already very much a part of the show, having shown up for an epic last-minute samurai-sword-save before poor Andrea (Laurie Holden) ended up as zombie chow. Check out the official announcement about the Michonne casting from AMC:

AMC has cast actress Danai Gurira (Treme/The Visitor) in the coveted role of Michonne in its original series, “The Walking Dead.” Tonight’s season two finale first featured the iconic character who will reappear in season three of the AMC series.  Michonne, a fan favorite from Robert Kirkman’s comic book series, is a mysterious woman armed with a sword.

What a great description of the character: “a mysterious woman with a sword.” Totally demonstrates what makes the character so beloved by so many.

To elaborate on AMC’s official breakdown: Michonne is a fascinating character in The Walking Dead comic primarily because she is so very badass. Imagine Clint Eastwood’s Man with no Name character as a black woman with a name, and a samurai sword instead of a six-shooter. The fact that she is the one character in the zompocalypse to make the obvious good use of a samurai sword instantly makes her endearing. The fact that she may not have it all together mentally keeps her exciting. Gurira has won a coveted role and we’re excited to see what she can do with it, as she walks the precarious tightrope that is playing a fan-favorite comic book character.

walking dead michonne Walking Dead Season 3: Michonne Cast, Merle Confirmed

Rick and his diminished band of survivors are now camped so close to the iconic prison from the comics; Michonne has been thrown in the mix; Merle is sure to show his ugly face again; and we know that Basic Instinct 2 actor David Morrissey is playing the Governor, perhaps the most iconic villain in the series. Needless to say, Walking Dead season 3 is looking like a great time.

The Walking Dead starts filming in May for its fall 2012 season 3 premiere date.

Sources: AMC & Daily Dead


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  1. Once again, Kofi shows his limited and cliched vocabulary. How many times did you use ‘iconic’ in this article? Gave up on using ‘brilliant’ a multitude of times, now onto your new dead horse. Dude, really. Thesauras…it doesn’t mean an extinct giant lizard, by the way…

    • oh come on, give them a break. It’s not as if they have an army of editors and checkers pouring over the articles, making sure they are perfect.

      To that end though……

      “The fact that she is the one character in the zompocalypse to make the obvious good use of a samurai word instantly makes her endearing.”

      Pretty sure that’s a Samurai Sword ;)

      • Samurai Sword was just a typo born out of cranking an article out unexpectedly at midnight on a Sunday. Thanks for the good eye.

        • honest mistake a spell checker wouldn’t catch.

    • thesaurUS

      • Realist,

        I use it 3 times, and not by accident.

        Iconic role (Michonne)
        Iconic Location (Prison)
        Iconic Villain (Governor)

        It was to make a point: How many “iconic” WD elements will be loaded into season 3. I also used the words “iconic” and “coveted” to describe the role of Michonne – Because AMC’s press release mentioned those words for the role all throughout the press release about the casting – both words even appear in the quoted paragraph from the press release. I thought that was funny and was kind of having fun with it.

        But sure, if you want to try to mock my writing, have at it. Long as you keep clicking and reading in order to mock, I’m happy at the end of the day.

        • Change it to TrIconic and we’re all good.

          • @GJP
            I can respect creativity!! If he agrees, I agree.

            • realist… shut up please.

      • You are the fat kid who lives in his mom’s basement, making fun or critiquing every little thing that hits online, right when it is posted. lmfao

        • @Prophet King
          “You are the fat kid who lives in his mom’s basement, making fun or critiquing every little thing that hits online, right when it is posted. lmfao”
          By “lmfao” you mean “laughing my FAT ass off?”

    • Dude… Really? Is your life really so terrible that you had to type out a complaint about an internet article’s wording???

      Grow up.

      • @foopher
        Dude… Really? Is your life really so terrible that you had to type out a complaint about ME TYPING UP an internet article’s wording???

        Grow up.

        • ROFL!!

        • Your a sad person.

  2. Woohoo! Really happy Merle will be returning but I hope it’s for more than just say a single episode as a delusion.

    Also what about Morgan? I would really like for him to join the cast as a regular.

  3. Very badass character. I haven’t read the comics but I am avid show fan and that scene was epic in multiple ways. Not a huge fan of merle returning I think Daryl is better of without him. Daryl is actually my favorite character in the show but I didn’t like whT I saw of him with merle. Very excited for the chick though with the sword.

    • She uses them as a deterrent to the other walkers. So pretty much if she walked around walkers with these two, the walkers wouldn’t notice she was alive still.

    • They serve as many things. To Michonne they serve as guardians and if they stay on board with the comic they are actually her loved ones. One of the zombie is…was her boyfriend and the other was her best friend. In the comics, she used to talk to them because she was in fact a lone wolf. As survival means, if you saw the “guts” episode in season 1 their presence masks her scent and walker are less likely to think she is a meal. And obviously you can understand why they have no arms or bottom jaws.

    • Their smell keep her unoticed by the other Zombies. She explained it as soon as she entered the jail

    • They are her brother and brother’s friend in the comic book. could be different in the show though

  4. It took me awhile to place this actress from “Treme” (NYC girlfriend). This character is going to be loved and I see her being a good replacement for the jaded Shane fans. Such an awesome screen shot of her with her 2 walkers!!!

  5. looks like season 3 will be another Resident Evil:Afterlife. another prison and more trying to survive but being contaminated still.

    • Not at all, it shifts more to an uninfected vs. uninfected conflict once they clear the prison.

  6. Michonne, yeah she uses the two walkers to mask her sent, and the walkers are her boyfriend and his best friend. Michonne is a bad ass, and thats how you wrap a season by the way, answer the cliff hanger from season one at the end of season 2,then Tease where they are heading for season 3, great writing and great action. Oh and I must say the transformation Rick makes at the end of the episode, Perfect. Bring on the Governor.

  7. last nights episode rocked. Season 3 should get very interesting with Merle coming back, The Governor and Michonne making a debut. I never read the comic before but i may have to start in order to get my walking dead fix until fall arrives!

  8. The finale was great and looks like season 3 is gonna be sick. With Michonne’s character finally making the cast for season 3 that scene where she saved Andrea was bada$$!!! Things to look forward to next season Michonne the Govenor the return of Merle and finally no more farm.

  9. With these 3 “iconic” pieces in place (Michonne, The Governor, The Prison) season 3 has the potential to top everything that’s happened so far.
    At 1st I wasn’t happy with the mid-season break but now that it has shortened the wait until next seasons start I’m thrilled that they did it. Assuming it starts @ Halloween again.

  10. man i cant wait till season 3!! governer michonne, prison merle, and 16 eps next season gonna be awesome!!! only downside is its such a long wait

  11. please someone email me where i can find the comics!!

    • Check Amazon or Barnes and Noble. That’s what I did. You can buy them in volumes with about 6 issues each or as books with I believe 12. It’s easier than trying to find individual issues. And they’re around $12 (US) for the volumes. That’s what I have.
      Hope that helped….

    • A friend of mine just ordered a collection of the comics from Amazon.

  12. Okay – so we have Merle returning which will no doubt be pretty cool and have lots of dark overtones associated with his character in regards to the group and then Michonne (who I call the Night Stalker)…

    She is gonna be a sick addition – can’t wait to see her in real action…

    Rick – growing some balls – good but I wonder how his new demeanor is going to really effect the group – especially the wife and kid after she had that heart to heart with Shane… I hope they stay away from the “soap opera” aspect they were pushing in the first half – I almost got bored…

    But my question is – one that NO ONE has touched on – the helicopter – that’s the 2nd time we have seen a helicopter flying over the city.

    Where was it coming from and where was it going?? That’s a HUGE plot point there… Unless it’s coming and going from the prison gathering and bringing back supplies…

    • hey man, i gotta tell you, at first i didn’t thought about those helicopters (BTW I’m only seeing that episode from first season right now, joined the fans at second season…. had a small fear from zombies when the first season was aired) but now, that’s a very interesting thing to think about. If the producers (as i can obviously guess) will “remember” the plot potential at these two heli’s, that would be very interesting to see developing. as for Michonne, Merle and the rest, well, that’s just ginna be awesome. cant wait.

  13. Thank the Great Spaghetti Monster that Tara from True Dud (I mean True Blood) won’t be showing her whiny face in WD.

  14. I just read that the helicopter is the Governor’s and will be back in season 3 when his character is introduced.

  15. Spot on casting.

  16. Cant wait for season 3!
    Gonna practice my Zombie walk in the meantime.

    • lol

  17. There is so much to come. For the ones who have read the books. Why do you think they killed off dale? He survives well in the 5th or 6th book.. It looks as if the series is following the comics time-line well.. The prison concluding the Second book. No Twins.. No Allen.. A few characters were left out. Guess they are having to mix things up to shock the Comic fans.

  18. As for the helicopter question, you actually only saw one helicopter. When they showed how the heard started to form the flashed back to the helicopter scene. In the comics the helicopter came from a news station in Atlanta and crashed after being sabotaged, Rick and some others go after it and find it empty,eventually leading them to woodbury and the governor.

    • wait, you don’t mean that the helicopter in season 1 first episode, the one’s Rick seeing and leads him to the street full of walkers when he tries to follow it, is actually the one that drew the heard all the way to season 2 finale?
      or did you just forgot that one, maybe? :)
      and about what you said, that the helicopter in the comics is from a news station and was sabotaged…. do you happen to have some more info, like why did they sent the helicopter, or why\who sabotaged it? I’m a freak for all the background stuff ^^

  19. They killed off Dale because he’s boring and old, now we get some badass lass with a samurai sword win.

    They killed of Shane because he is a prick and ^no one likes him.

    They killed off a few of hershalls family because there is too many of them and it is annoying.

    We get Merle back which means that he is gonna get his brother to turn against everyone etc. (it’s obvious that’s going to happen)

    Hopefully in this series they will kill off that woman, can’t remember her name now been a few months now since series 2, and the black guy, also can’t remember his name because they both are boring and don’t do anything.

    In the series the first part will probably be about rick and his family with their issues etc. Because rick killed Shane.

    Then it will move onto Merle.

    Then something else for the final part of the series.

    I’m guessing Merle will only be in for a few episodes, and that they will have to accept him back into their ‘gang’ because of his brother.

    Then him and his brother daryl will both leave the ‘gang’ after killing one of them, probably the woman I mentioned before.

    That’s my theory.

  20. ALL WALKING DEAD FANS!!! If you are a Dish Network customer, you may never see Season 3. They are threatening to drop not only AMC but others too. Dead fans speak out and let Dish know we will not stand for this!!!!
    Call 855-KEEP-AMC and Contact DISH on Twitter by tweeting to @dish

  21. I love the walking dead so bad! Ilove all the characters <3

  22. Why the hell does Michonne have two armless zombies chained to her??? why don’t they attack her WTF???/ Someomne please tell me! I’m having major brainmelt over here!

    • Michael :
      The jawless, armless zombies Michonne has with her are 2 former friends, & their presence will apparently make walkers think she’s just another walker. Their scent apparently covers her living scent, too.

  23. Why the ridiculously LONG wait between seasons ? A fanbase can dissolve / wither away from such a thing, even with marathon showings prior to the beginnings of new seasons. At least show some episodes from the past season.
    I love The Walking Dead. In the realm of fantasy, horror, sci – fi / adventure shows ( past & present ) I put it with series like Warehouse 13, Friday the 13th the Series, Stargate & Stargate : Atlantis, Doctor Who, Being Human ( The U.S. version ), BSG & several others.
    Merle just seems like a stereotypical Redneck ” Good ol’ Boy ” bully who gets his kicks from pushing around others that he assumes to be weak, like Daryl. Just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.