‘Walking Dead’ Star Admits Lori Never Redeems Herself

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the walking dead season 3 lori1 Walking Dead Star Admits Lori Never Redeems Herself

[WARNING: Major Walking Dead season 3 SPOILERS below!!]




In this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, the series’ many “annoying Lori” critics received a shocking surprise: Lori died! Now that Lori is no longer around to cause controversy, it’s time to put her character to rest with one final question: Did Lori ever redeem herself?

According to series star Sarah Wayne Callies, Lori didn’t get the chance to. But she does admit that some redemption was needed in her relationships with Rick and Carl. Speaking with the press today, Callies touched upon the topic of Lori’s redemption, revealing that her death happened sooner in the season than was originally planned. Because of this, Lori didn’t have a chance to fully redeem herself, though the character was taking steps to do just that.

Here’s what Callies had to say:

“There were some very specific things that mattered to me to find with Lori in the third season. And redemption was a big part of that – a sense of redemption in her marriage and a sense of redemption with Carl.

“And while I don’t think either of those were ever achieved completely – because that would tie things up in a package that’s far too neat for our show, and I don’t think honest in life – I think we took steps down that path in a way that not only dramaturgically served the show, but in a way that I’m grateful to, personally, because I have such a profound affection for Lori.”

While Callies’ statement does officially validate all of the Lori critics out there, her point about things being too neat that they become dishonest does have quite a bit of merit. At its core, The Walking Dead is a dense, dark character drama. Instead of large progressions in the series’ storyline, we’re presented with an intimate look at the day-to-day struggle of surviving an apocalyptic event. The normal, everyday decisions that are typically overlooked in any other series are now highlighted while already polarizing characters become even more so – including the decisions they make.

the walking dead season 2 lori Walking Dead Star Admits Lori Never Redeems Herself

So maybe the fact that Lori has critics is ultimately a good thing. If people weren’t invested in the show, nobody would care about Lori’s decisions or actions. And while it’s true that there were a few things she could have done differently, it’s impossible to deny the fact Lori is responsible for quite a bit of character development on the series. The characters of Shane, Rick and Carl all benefitted from Lori’s decisions, good and bad (in the eyes of the viewer).  For example, even though Shane’s death could be said to be a result of Lori’s actions, the end result was Carl transitioning into a more competent, lethal character – which fans of the comic books know can be a very good thing.

And much like Carl, there something else fans of the comic series know: Lori’s ghost haunts Rick. While we currently don’t know whether or not that aspect of the comic book will be implemented in the television series, Sarah Wayne Callies has said that she’d love to return to reprise her role, if needed. And if The Walking Dead doesn’t want to use ghosts, they can always do flashbacks. Either way, this may not be the last you’ve seen of Lori Grimes. 

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  1. Completely agree! She never had the chance to repair her relationships with Carl and Rick. It makes her death all the more tragic. :(

    She wasn’t perfect and she acknowledged that. She knew she made mistakes and wanted to be a better mother and wife. I know people hated her but she seemed the most human to me. Sad to see her character go. Her final scene was gut-wrenching! :(

  2. In my eyes, her speech to Carl redeemed her a bit. But I think it’s kind of silly to talk about redemption on a show about surviving the zombie apocalypse. While yes I’m sure the characters know they may die and they would like to make things right, it will always be almost impossible for them to do so.

    • I don’t think you understand what that word means.

      • ^

  3. I believe it’s worse when you have no feeling towards a character (just having critics can be a plus, like the article mentioned), when you just have that “meh” feeling, that’s when you know the character isn’t worth jack. T-Dog falls under that category for me, glad he’s gone.

    • Yeah I agree. Weird they killed her. I thought she was a worthwhile, polarising character.

      • Although I don’t believe she was worth exploring, the actions she made gave the show more discussion value. I hated her but she gave me something to talk about.

  4. People may be glad Lori is gone. but honestly a good part of the show is the hatred we felt for Shane, Lori and Carl. Carl has changed now all we really have to dislike is the governor. and is it just me or does the governor sound like Liam neeson?

    • Lol he kind of does. Come to think of it, they even look like each other!

      • I think he sounded more like elvis lol

    • What about Andrea’s asinine character? Are you really going to say you don’t think she’s just a tad bit daft and (in my view: utterly) annoying – flirting with the Gov and Merle like she can’t wait to bang them both?

      • Ehh I just never cared about her lpl

        • pfft well they showed you… Andrea’s death was sadder than Lori’s for sure.

      • “…just a tad bit daft and (in my view: utterly) annoying..”

        ROFL. Had you not made that observation, I might have felt compelled

      • She will be in for a long time…. According to the comic books. Sorry

  5. This show is going down hill now they are going to carry around a baby?Raise it in prison either way they had a lot of time to plan episodes and it seems as if they didn’t put in the effort to make things fall into place better and anothef thing good acting by rick when he find out that Lori died lmao that was funny

    • You sound like a 12 year old kid, guy.

      • Agreed lol

        • Someone was weened off his formula too soon. ;)

          • Yea

      • Really? You actually heard him speak in real life?

    • I thought it was good. its real crying, its ugly and sounds bad. I hate when movie and shows have guys cry all tough and huff and puff. crying is wimpy sounding.

      • Yeah it was intense. I might’ve been a bit overtired, but I got a bit weepy watching his reaction.

      • i agree…rick’s crying is what finished me off

        • I’d say it wasn’t his crying, but his facial expression, his staggering movement towards carl, and his final collapse into the fetal position. Those reactions are what moved me.

        • For me, I’d say it wasn’t his crying, but his facial expression, his staggering movement towards carl, and his final collapse into the fetal position. Those reactions are what moved me.

          • Yeah… that was one of the most realistic male crying scenes I’ve ever seen. That was Emmy material right there!

          • Yea exactly Andrew Lincoln told you everything that was going through rick’s head before it pierced his heart (Lori is Dead, My wife is gone.., oh no my son had to kill his own mother , and the months of repression he has boiling up too) while barely speaking. He nailed it, the News hit him like a shotgun to the chest and you saw it.

        • What sold it was after he knew Lori was gone… then realizing that it was Carl who had to do it and going from distraught to just completely destroyed.

    • The baby died in the comic book maybe the governor will kill it.

    • No the baby will hopefully die like it does in the comic book

  6. All I have to say is that was REALLY messed up.

  7. I was so sad to see T-Dog go! But I’ve got to admit, he was just there. Just someone who helped protect the group. It wasn’t until the end when he actually said something about the inmates. It seemed like they were giving him a voice in season 2 when he spoke to Dale about the group seeing them both as the weaker ones. Guess they decided to just leave that hanging, LOL. Also, I thought they were keeping T-Dog around to have his character develop into someone that is acknowledged throughout the series such as Shane was in the first and second season. Shane might have died but he was acknowledge at least for SOMETHING. In some way, he was vital in this series. Now, the governor has taken place as the antagonist. He’s done a pretty good job. I hate him already, LOL. As for Lori, damn. I didn’t think she was gonna go out so horrifically. I think she redeemed herself with the painful death she endured. Rest in peace, you guys! :(

    • I completely agree. I thought that T-Dog was going to break his stereotype as one of the background nobodies and become a pivotal character with a story arc and all as time went on. Total let down to be honest.

  8. Is the spoiler REALLY below or was it in the title? Thanks for spoiling who died Screen rant! I just recently subscribed to SR, can I ask the long time readers if these types of spoilers happen often?

    • Unfortunately they do.

      • I saw the article title and i though it refers to the actress talking about her character later in the season. I hadnt seen the episode (until a few hours ago) but the title of the article didnt spoil anything for me. i just avoided it until i was sure to be completely up to date on the show.

  9. I agree with this. Pretty obvious from the title header. I don’t care but I’d change it quickly to avoid the wrath of others.

  10. Thankfully I had already watched the episode before I opened up Screen Rant this morning but had I not the title would have given away a fairly big plot point.

    I have noticed a couple of Fringe articles that effectively do the same thing, come on Screen Rant you guys should know better than this :(

    On a more positive note, thank you for continuing to produce interesting articles.

    My other half practically cheered when Lori died, I don’t think she was a fan ;-)

  11. I was not expecting redemption but she died too soon. 4 episodes in to season 3 and you kill off the mom. i expected something like this at the end of the season or in season 4 or 5. Balls man… balls. however take it easy on the killing. You need main characters to carry the story to the end. I am how ever expecting Rick to be killed off when Carl is a young adult.

    • lol he said “balls”

  12. i’d always had this little theory that T-dog would of been the last one standing, what with him staying in the background and not saying anything for entire episodes but i guess i was wrong, least we learnt a valuable lesson, there can only be one male black main character on the walking dead. the other black guy coming back was predictable for me but i’m kind of glad i predicted it, means we get three new members for our group for the price of two

  13. A ghost? Really? Not unless she uses Ma Bell. I dont want to see apparitions.

    Darryl got to see his brother as one. That was enough.

    They need to go the way of the book and deal with Rick as such even if it is just for one epidsode.

    Possible Spoilers……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………happy yet?……………………


    As in the books they need to break Carl and Rick off from the group. Rick can take phone calls from a person later to find out it is Lori. Of course this is his way of dealing with her death and closure to their relationship. It also allowed Carl to ‘grow up’ as he took care of his father while he was feeling ill/struck with fever.

    Just one episode….. him and Carl. No flash overs, flash backs or flash forwards. No ghosts except for the onesin Ricks mind.

    • hmmmm now that you mention it what if the watcher was that other con?

      While I would like to see The Hunter storyline which would be nice to have them take the baby…..

  14. This show used to have that great nerve. This last episode was disgusting and nothing but it. From my point of view, you’re either really twisted or have a boring life if you get any sort of satisfaction out of that childbirth scene. I almost puked when she was lying there on the floor. It’s not about the gore itself, because gore can be a great effect when used in the right amount for the right purpose(making things seem real etc.). What bothers me is that they choose to let her go that way, and emphasize the situation by showing everything the way they did. The main difference from previous “gory” scenes in the show is that they all left me with other emotions other than absolute disgust. The Walking Dead was different from all the modern scares like Saw and those films that are all about the gore. Now, it seems The Walking Dead is on that twisted way as well. However, I agree she had to go. But it was to visual for my taste.

    • Meh thought it was fairly tame.

      Women through the years have died during child birth some in probably worse ways.

      So were you disgusted by the gore or the way it was done or the way it was done with the gore?

      You say its not about the gore itself yet that was the only thing disgusting about that scene.

      Are you saying you would have been less disgusted had they not shown the ‘gore’ or had her pass another way?

      They needed a reason to extract the baby right away. Lori was bleeding (in a bad way) and she had a fear of the baby (from previous episodes) of being dead and such.

      All we saw was some blood, a belly cut and hands reaching into a cavity. She would never had survived prior to the C section based on her bleeding and their location.

      I dont think the scene would have been as strong if you just saw her face the whole time, talking to Carl than closing her eyes.

      • I was disgusted by the Gore within the context of the childbirth. Thanks for replying. There was a shot of ger lying on the floor after she had passed where you could see ger insides out on the floor, and within the context of childbirth that disgusted me more than it would had been a zombies insides.

      • I was disgusted by the Gore within the context of the childbirth. Thanks for replying. There was a shot of ger lying on the floor after she had passed where you could see ger insides out on the floor, and within the context of childbirth that disgusted me more than it would had it been a zombies insides.

    • I didn’t think it was too bad…for a zombie show.

  15. Does anyone else hear the phone ringing?

  16. hated loris character but the way she died what a brutal way to go out

  17. I never read the comics but I’ve actually enjoyed the show. I’m just amazed that a lot of people have died since season one. Is this how the comics are.

    • Yep. There are quite a few different characters in the comics than the show but they are pretty close to the amount of deaths.
      Right when you start liking someone.. WHAMO

  18. Callies touched upon the topic of Lori’s redemption, revealing that her death happened sooner in the season than was originally planned. Because of this, Lori didn’t have a chance to fully redeem herself, though the character was taking steps to do just that.

  19. can’t wait for Rick to start getting those phone calls

  20. I have a theory: What if Carl DIDN’T shoot Lori? What if when Rick goes back into the prison, smashing zombie heads to vent his rage, he finds a Zombified Lori with a gaping hole in her belly, shambling towards him? How would he react? Would he finish what Carl couldn’t, or have to be saved by another when he can’t bring himself to chop her in the head?
    Then again, that would hurt Carl’s character a bit, but it brings in more drama!

  21. The fact she died before Rick and her could work things out makes it that much worse. Because now Rick is going to feel even worse for being a jerk to her since there is no way for him to fix things. And the idea Carl did not shoot Lori is annoying. Carl did what he had to do. With Lori’s death, Carl is the one being strong, and Rick is the one falling apart.

  22. I don’t believe Lori’s dead. I think Carl fired into the wall or something and wasn’t able to shoot her. That leaves it open for him to reveal this to Hershal, who originally had zombies locked in his barn while he tried to develop a cure, correct? Who knows? Maybe everyone doesn’t automatically turn into a zombie even if they aren’t bitten like Rick believes! I read a spoiler last year that claimed the little girl that came out of the barn wasn’t the real Sophia, but that’s never been mentioned again…and I don’t see a lot of zombies changing clothes, so maybe it was just another girl from another town that had the same shirt???? Anyway, I love The Walking Dead! Can’t wait until the next episode! Any thoughts???

    • My thoughts exactly. I dont think Carl was able to fire a quick bullet into the brain of his beloved mom. Thats why we only heard the gun. If I was filming that shot, with the intention of having Carl actually fire the gun, I would have the camera at least looking up into his face along the for front of the elongated barrel of the gun as he fired it, with a few tears rolling down his cheek. that would have sealed the deal right there.
      But not seeing any of it, that leaves too much to happen down the road. Probably a walking dead Lori that Rick will eventually have to deal with and re-examine the way things went down leading up to her demise.
      The ghost thing is just another part of the comix saga, and while I’m on the fence about the others thinking that Rick is going off his rocker claiming he’s seeing Lori, I think that They could use her in another very dramatic twist. Without reading the comic, and thinking only of the series itself, wouldnt it be interesting if Lori being pregnant some how casued a chemical reaction in her body, negating the zombie plague. Im just saying.

    • Carl would never let his mom turn into a walker.

  23. Am I the only one who thinks Lori should have let the baby die?

    The baby has a slim chance of surviving in a Z world… especially without her mother… and will become a burden, while Lori herself (when healthy) is beneficial to the group. And… not to mention that it is probably not Rick’s.

    Lori made the wrong choice in my opinion… but I feel that maybe her guilt led her to what she did.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-children… but in a Z world… I don’t think having babies is the right way to go unless you have the security and supplies to raise them.

  24. STOP WITH THE WHOLE “Carl didn’t shoot Lori” THING! Yes we didn’t see him shoot her. But we didn’t see Daryl shoot Dale either? We just saw the gun go to Dales head, screen go black the BAM! We all knew Daryl did shoot Dale so why is everyone being in denial and refusing the fact Carl did shoot Lori. He did it because he knew it was the right thing to do.

  25. Lori death was to sudden ,she should have gotten an opportunity to see the baby, after all the running and servival technique she learned what the heck not give Lori that much

  26. Propaganda? What is misleading or subversive about this show? Also, I am confused about the nature of this supposed propoganda. Are you saying that the show is teaching us to become immoral i.e. killing people who can’t be helped (zombies)is the right thing to do, cheating on your spouse is acceptable, parenting shouldn’t be hands on, etc? Or the opposite, that the story is about “bad” or “immoral” people as a means to show us how NOT to treat our fellow man? Because the way I see it, there isn’t a whole lot of propaganda. There’s no conservative family values. There’s no liberal message of love thy neighbor etc. What are you aiming at?