‘Walking Dead’ Star Admits Lori Never Redeems Herself

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the walking dead season 3 lori1 Walking Dead Star Admits Lori Never Redeems Herself

[WARNING: Major Walking Dead season 3 SPOILERS below!!]




In this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, the series’ many “annoying Lori” critics received a shocking surprise: Lori died! Now that Lori is no longer around to cause controversy, it’s time to put her character to rest with one final question: Did Lori ever redeem herself?

According to series star Sarah Wayne Callies, Lori didn’t get the chance to. But she does admit that some redemption was needed in her relationships with Rick and Carl. Speaking with the press today, Callies touched upon the topic of Lori’s redemption, revealing that her death happened sooner in the season than was originally planned. Because of this, Lori didn’t have a chance to fully redeem herself, though the character was taking steps to do just that.

Here’s what Callies had to say:

“There were some very specific things that mattered to me to find with Lori in the third season. And redemption was a big part of that – a sense of redemption in her marriage and a sense of redemption with Carl.

“And while I don’t think either of those were ever achieved completely – because that would tie things up in a package that’s far too neat for our show, and I don’t think honest in life – I think we took steps down that path in a way that not only dramaturgically served the show, but in a way that I’m grateful to, personally, because I have such a profound affection for Lori.”

While Callies’ statement does officially validate all of the Lori critics out there, her point about things being too neat that they become dishonest does have quite a bit of merit. At its core, The Walking Dead is a dense, dark character drama. Instead of large progressions in the series’ storyline, we’re presented with an intimate look at the day-to-day struggle of surviving an apocalyptic event. The normal, everyday decisions that are typically overlooked in any other series are now highlighted while already polarizing characters become even more so – including the decisions they make.

the walking dead season 2 lori Walking Dead Star Admits Lori Never Redeems Herself

So maybe the fact that Lori has critics is ultimately a good thing. If people weren’t invested in the show, nobody would care about Lori’s decisions or actions. And while it’s true that there were a few things she could have done differently, it’s impossible to deny the fact Lori is responsible for quite a bit of character development on the series. The characters of Shane, Rick and Carl all benefitted from Lori’s decisions, good and bad (in the eyes of the viewer).  For example, even though Shane’s death could be said to be a result of Lori’s actions, the end result was Carl transitioning into a more competent, lethal character – which fans of the comic books know can be a very good thing.

And much like Carl, there something else fans of the comic series know: Lori’s ghost haunts Rick. While we currently don’t know whether or not that aspect of the comic book will be implemented in the television series, Sarah Wayne Callies has said that she’d love to return to reprise her role, if needed. And if The Walking Dead doesn’t want to use ghosts, they can always do flashbacks. Either way, this may not be the last you’ve seen of Lori Grimes. 

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  1. I know this is a bit far fetched, but I believe Carl didn’t shoot Lori and she only went into shock and I think Carol is going to find her within the prison. So the next episode Rick will go in trying to find Lori after realizing Carl didnt shoot her, he’ll find that she is gone from where she apparently died then he’ll go even more insane when he finds out that she’ll be suffering. Then, the next episode Carol will find her leading to the half season finale where Carol and Lori both come out of the prison.

    • no because carl did shoot her witch was messed up anyway i bet carol is dead when t-dog said”go”.

      • nice try i know you ling and you spelled “just” wrong. i bet you didn’t even read it.

        • you relly have nothing better to do then To Insult The Way I Spell Juss cuz Im Uniquie like dat? rude..

          • Lori was a lame character who added ZERO to the plot. She wont be missed.

            • Im pissed, SHES ALIVE! Sooo disappointed in you.

            • Do you have no brain? Before she died she basically added everything to the plot

    • The Zombie that Rick stabbed to death with the bloated belly ate Lori. That’s why he flipped out. He found the bullet from carls gun and you heard the gun shot. Carl’s a bad ass and would never have risked her turning.

    • I agree I want Lori to be alive and not a walker. There are a bunch of us who watch together and we all decided not to watch anymore after she died. Easier said than done!

  2. I don’t think she is dead. Sophia’s mother is still missing and I think she found Lori and they are hiding in the prison. Sophias mom practiced on the dead to do a c section and she found lori and sewed her up. At least that’s is how they should have the show play out. I think if u bring Lori back and Sophia’s mom back it will make interesting plays for the show.

    • carol is dead because in the new episode “say a word” glen say dig 2 more graves by the 1st grave.

      • THE GRAVES ARE EMPTY CAROL COMES BACK IN NEXT WEEKS SHOW!!! 11-18 you ppl just do not want to understand the show! do you? carol will be in till at least the mid season point maybe thru this season! but others will die, daryl (god I hope not) carl (PLEEZ) but I know it wont happen!! carol yes sometime but not yet, hershel SOON maggie YES prolly not till the end of this season maybe next season! jail birds they will go here and there, MICHONNE is the real ass kicker and will eventually KILL THE GOVERNOR! the baby YES if they want it to be REAL! with the noise those little bastards make this lil brat cant be spared

      • It’s funny he has the graves dug but there are no bodies. If Sophia’s mom died we will see her as a Walker that Daryl will have to take out because of his closeness to her. A walker completely ate Lori so maybe one of the graves is for T-dog and the other two is just being prepared incase the bodies are found.

  3. Do You Think You Go to Hell When You Die As A Walker? I Meen Its Not Like Ur Gonna Go To Heaven And Watch Your Old Body Eat People Right??

    • you are rude ling but i don’t care.

      • Hey, Idunno Ya So Its Miss Ling To You Bebe

  4. Yes u do know me we are cousins remember or are just a cool person in high school or something.=]

    • … weird

  5. I was completely shocked!! I am kinda drawn to the “Carl didnt shoot Lori” theory and hoping that she isn’t dead.. I understand why most people hate her, I also feel she did make wrong choices but with pure intentions.. What was she to do in season 1 thinking her husband was dead? && again with the decision to keep or abort the baby and again with teaching or not teaching her son to defend himself aka become a cold hearted killer.. I see her struggles with all of those decisions and hope this was not the last of her!

    • hey bring lori back to the show!

      • Agree …hope she comes back… I hope she is alive ! I what them to be together

  6. I’m very confused! There is no way the Zombie in the boiler room could have consumed all of Lori. There would have been bone left over. Why would a Zombie eat a dead person anyways? They do not attack dead people. It looked like Zombie Thanksgiving with the Zombie with the big belly after a big “Lori” dinner. Why would the Zombie only leave the bullet behind and nothing else? I think the producers on the Talking Dead are full of crap!

    • If the body is “fresh” enough, they’ll eat it, and Glen Mazzara (sp?) said himself that Lori’s body was dragged around the corner, you can see the drag marks that that is so; so, the body was not “completely consumed.”

    • They do eat fresh dead. They use smell to recognize the living as we saw in season one when Rick and Glen wore walker chunks. Andrew left a trail of dear meat to lure the Walkers and it worked. The fresh blood would have attracted the walker.

    • That’s what I’m saying! I don’t completely believe she’s dead. I think there’s no point in Beth being in the show i like everyone but Hershel won’t make it with one leg.

  7. i am glade that lori died but i really fill bad for rick than i am to you know.i bet carol is dead because she never came back.

  8. Ok this is for the writers of the show. Hire me because I can make up some good stuff for this show.

    I think that Carl did not shoot his mom. The walker that Rick found might have had hair in his mouth but it was probably from the guy rick killed that had the long black hair. Or could have grabbed Lori’s hair but never got her and Carol came in and saved her. When Carol looked out the door she saw the walkers and went back inside the room. I think she tried to find another way out of there and found Lori on the floor and the screen writers want you to believe that she is dead. The bullet didnt even have blood on it, so how could he have shot her. I think the two girls will come out alive and that is how i hope it comes out.

  9. Lori was the most interesting character in the show. Just look how quickly theories about how she could have survived popped up after her C-Section. As for redemption, she didn’t need to be redeemed. She didn’t do anything wrong that someone else couldn’t have done. Even if she needed to be redeemed, she sacraficed herself for Rick’s baby, how can you top that?

    • your absolutely yes!and lori is very important on the show! without her i dont think the show is still interesting…

  10. I don’t think Lori was ‘annoying’ or bad in any way. I think Rick was sort of a prick by being distant and cold to her – I mean when every day is a matter of life and death you would think you could put petty politics aside and love your wife and forgive her for any past mistakes. And Lori’s mistakes aren’t even that great – sure, she could have said different things but you can’t blame her words for other people’s actions. And although she was not very useful in defending the group, she did help out with chores which I’m sure have helped the others focus on keeping them safe. Also, she never had blood in her hands like Rick and Shane who killed living people who may or may not have been innocent. So I would say Lori was the only ‘pure’ character in the story. Rick and Carl were idiots for not showing how much they loved her before it was too late.

    • that’s delusional. Lori almost got Glenn and Maggie killed. And she does have blood on her hands: Shane’s.

  11. Glad she died. Like really, who is dumb enough to get pregnant during a zombie apocalypse. Obviously Lori was and she paid the price.

  12. Okay – to Jeslynnnn … let’s be fair now. Getting pregnant was not just Lori’s fault and is not solely the responsibility of the woman. Let’s not forget Rick’s … or Shane’s part in all of this.

  13. She is dead! But she died differently in the comic book….. I’m a bit annoyed its not kept o the original…. The baby should have died too with her……. But later in the story…… Very annoyed

  14. the walking dead amc! were hoping for loris return on the show! rick,carl and the baby needs her! shes very good on the show and big points!

  15. I like that she never ‘validated herself’ because it shows that, especially when every second is a life-or-death struggle, that you must never leave these important things unsaid.

  16. If you would do a vote of
    Do you think lori quit or got fiered that would be cool and if you know that awnser email me and let me know its bin killing me

  17. Lori’s character will not be missed and added nothing to the show. Michonne’s (and Daryl’s) character kicks a$$!

  18. Lori’s character will not be missed and added nothing to the show. Michonne’s and Daryl’s character kicks A S S!

    • Lori’s character kept Rick sane and Carl from turing into a cold blooded careless individual

  19. Lori’s death completely ruined the show for me Im just now getting caught up on season3 just finished episode 5 but I had to force my self to watch after she died. While I liked her as a character biased aside her death was not needed the baby for her is a horrible trade a grown women with a kid and a Husband who already killed his best friend (Hated Shane) the baby cant defend anything all it can do is make noise. Lori’s death ruined the show for me personally because when its all over I wanted(Lori Rick Carl and newborn) the main family made it through it all and are so close and will never leave each other and poof one gate several walkers one baby its all gone. I have no reason to watch beyond episode 6 My only motivation is my overall favorite character is still alive (Darrel) I have a feeling he will die so if I ever get to that point then The Walking Dead will absolutely be over for (Was compeletly addicted till Season 3 Episode 4) Oh and my 3rd favorite T-Dog also died is that same Episode gee thanks

    • I love that the show doesn’t follow the same stagnant predictable formula. it’s awesome! I actually felt sadder when Merrell died. He actually did redeem himself somewhat. Lori… she just couldn’t leave Shane well enough alone. She needed to go. They both did. They were endangering the group.

    • i 100%ly agree with you. if darrel dies i am also COMPLEATLY done with the show!

  20. Lori had to go — I hold her completely responsible for Shane’s death. She had played Rick and Shane against each other most likely Well Before Rick was shot and in a coma. Games like that can only lead to destruction which played out when Rick finally put an end to Lori’s games by killing Shane.
    Rick loved her (Why I am sure I do not know how), and now see’s her as a ghost. I hope the writers excise her from future sightings and have it done once and for all.

  21. Wow…I’d say she’s an excellent actress if she got you that worked up!

  22. i cannot beieve she died. she had such n important role in the walking dead if will be LESS amusing and interesting to watch now since she was one the the most important charactors. i am so devistasted and hurt i want to cry. walking dead was one of my favorite shows and i don’t know if it will ever be the same anymore. why couldn’t they just have 1 death in the episode 2 in one episode is a little over the top and im very unimpressed.

  23. my kids love to watch the Walking dead but theymgo to bed at 9:30pm ao can you make it be on saterdays they will hate me if you dont thanks , daisy

  24. When Rick was asking Carl about the kid he gunned down, Carl said that “Andrew killed mom”. Who the hell is Andrew?

    • to chaz – andrew was the short black guy that was a prisoner. Carl shot that guy and said but andrew killed mom…and he was right if it werent for rick not makin sure the short black guy wasnt alive when he thought the walkers got him when he ran out of the prison into the yard full of walkers. if rick had made sure…Lori and T dog wouldnt have died cuz andrew let the walkers into the prison.

      • I’m really disheartened that Lori died and surprised to find out that a large oart of the fandom hated her. Sure, she wasn’t gunning walkers down at every opportunity but she gave Rick and her son a sense of ‘normalcy’. So many people hate her because she was not ‘Badass’ enough or that she slept with Shane, ect.
        I don’t think Lori ever played Shane and Rick up against each other. It was made very clear that Rick was the one she truly loved. She slept with Shane because she was alone and afraid in a post apocalyptic world where her husband just ‘died’ with a son to protect at all costs. Any of us would be kidding ourselves if we said we wouldn’t jump at the first opportunity not to be alone anymore if we were in that situation. Plus, Shane cared about Carl as well. I doubt she would ever have gone there with Shane had she known Rick was alive. Some people think Lori felt something for Shane because she apologised to him, it’s b*******. She felt bad, because truth to be told –she did an awful thing to him even though it wasn’t her intention. She HAD to cut Shane out of her life in order to make her marriage work. She had to treat him that way, she had to make him understand that she loved Rick. There really wasn’t anything else she could do, besides Shane is to blame as well. Sure, he thought Rick was dead… but he wasn’t really convinced since he put the bed in front of Rick’s door to give him a chance if he were to wake up. I don’t get how people can put Shane’s death on Lori…she can’t be responsible for other people’s feelings and actions. It was what it was, and Shane was out of control.
        Anyway, I cannot stress enough how obvious it was that Lori loved Rick and not Shane. Her reaction when Rick told her the truth about killing Shane was due to her shock and concern that Rick was becoming cold- blooded. Her worry was eliminated though, in S3 when she told Rick that she doesn’t believe he has any malice in his heart. Unfortunately it seems Rick took that reaction as a sign that she actually loved Shane. And he was cold and cruel to her throughout her entire pregnancy and last months of her life. It doesn’t make sense, I don’t get how LoRick became so estranged just due to her reaction.

        As for people who says she was a ‘weak character’. That is so ridiculous, I could almost laugh. What weak woman would decide to carry her baby full term in a post apocalyptic world where she barely survives herself? How do you define a strong character? A character who fights off zombies and doesn’t just care about serving her husband? Lori wasn’t an asset to the group when it came to protecting them, she was an asset in the sense that she kept everything ‘normal’. She did normal housing chores, trying to create a life worth living. Which is just as important. She offered emotional support, not only to the leader of the group, but to the group as well.
        I think Lori’s presence was necessary in the show, still is. She’s the one source that kept Rick and Carl ‘Humane’. Not so much towards the end since they barely spoke, but S1/S2 Lori was the one thing Rick and Carl really needed. As we’re nearing S5, it’s so obvious that Carl and Rick are becoming cold and hard as a result of the world they live in, and I believe Lori’s presence would’ve prevented that. In spite of Rick/Carl’s cold attitude towards Lori in the last few months of her life, they loved her dearly and they needed her. They could’ve worked it out and I’m sure they would’ve been able to do much more with her character if given the chance.
        Anyway, those are my thoughts and the way I experienced the show’s events regarding Lori. Does anyone want to add their thoughts? I just finished S4 and I’d love to discuss! What exactly did Lori have to be redeemed for? She never intentionally hurt anyone, and the decisions she made was decisions I completely understand. So the redemption part is kinda confusing here.

        To Curtis — THANK YOU. I never understood who actually opened the damn prison for the walkers to get in.

  25. How can they kill lori she was the purpose in the very beginning she was why rick survived if he wasn’t looking for her he obviously would have died he was sick and weak anyway they could have killed her off in the finale of season 4 when the governor attacked the prison