‘The Walking Dead’ Producer Responds To ‘Annoying Lori’ Critics

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UPDATE: ‘Walking Dead’ Star Admits Lori Never Redeems Herself

While The Walking Dead season 2 may have ended with viewers clamoring for season 3, there were still problems that fans had with the past season of the series. Specifically one person: Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies).

Speaking to the press following The Walking Dead season 2 finale, executive producer Glen Mazzara discussed the fans’ not-so-positive opinion of Lori Grimes, as well as what they plan to do with her and Rick’s relationship next season.

Here’s what Mazzara had to say:

I think Lori is a compelling, interesting character. I think she is realistic in a lot of ways and she’s certainly a character that people are talking about. So I don’t find her irritating.

I think it’s interesting that people are so focused on her and I think the work ahead of that is to see where the – in Season 3, we really have to look at the Rick, Lori relationship and what it means that, you know, she put Rick and Shane in motion to try to kill each other. So that’s an interesting place to start and we’ll certainly examine that character.

But, you know, I don’t know if we really need to start creating false [story] beats to make her more likeable. That’s not part of the plan.

Whether you love her or hate her (or really hate her), there’s certainly a pronounced divide in the series fan base when it comes to Lori. As the survivors move to the prison (with the Governor), Rick and Lori’s relationship will be put to the test. And while there’s no way to know for sure if Lori will become less “annoying” as The Walking Dead season 3 progresses, she certainly does have intriguing storylines coming up.

the walking dead season 3 lori The Walking Dead Producer Responds To Annoying Lori Critics

Continuing, Mazzara touched upon the fans’ criticism of Rick and Lori being terrible parents and how they’re unable to keep track of their son Carl:

There have been scenes where he’s sitting under a tree, he’s whittling and the kid is obviously bored and trying to find out what else is going on in this camp.

I don’t know if it’s plausible that he would always be within her eye line or wouldn’t he, like most boys, try to give mom the slip and go out there and get in trouble? That feels plausible to me. If it means that she’s a horrible parent, or Rick’s a horrible parent, well, it feels real to me.

So I hear that criticism but it kind of feels like it’s not really thinking it through to the way we are. It makes sense to us and if people don’t like it, well, then we’ll have Lori lock him in a cell when we get to the prison and won’t have any story for that character. So I don’t know what else to do. We’re trying to tell interesting stories here, you know.

While you may not agree with what Mazzara has to say, you can’t deny that he has certainly thought out both issues and made an honest effort to justify his position.

For The Walking Dead, season 2 was a necessary progressor to the greater overall story. Sure, there are a few storylines that felt a bit long, and a farm isn’t exactly the most compelling visual setting, but it was needed in order to get the characters to the place they currently are.

And with the Governor and Michonne coming up next season – not to mention a wonderful prison environment – The Walking Dead season 3 may very well be the best season of the series so far.

…of course, for some, that may be dependent on whether or not they lock Carl up in a cell.

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The Walking Dead season 3 premieres October 2012

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  1. Im glad shes gone very shady character

    • Simply put, this whole seeing ‘ghost Lori’ is overplayed and stupid. Please stop doing it- why keep paying someone a salary to show up and annoy me?

      • There isn’t a good TV series that an erase a character. Many story-lines require a vision, dream, re-play of events from different point of view.

        If you’ve been through real trauma you’ll know that seeing people who aren’t there is common.

  2. I recently just became a huge fan of the series walking dead. First of, when the season began in 2010 I thought it was another reality show similar to Survivor, lol, which I am not a huge fan of Survivor. All I saw were people with tents etc. and talking about surviving etc. so I did not even continued watching the episodes because it looked boring. Unbeknownst that it was a show about dead people who died or turned into zombies. I am a huge fan of Zombie movies, especially the classic The Night of the Living Dead. I saw that movie when I was in elementary school 20 years ago. After that movie I wanted more of it,,,and others tried to imitate but couldnt compare,,UNTIL NOW! My kids and husband tried to convince me that it wasnt a Survivor show and to watch an episode to its full hour. Well I did, this year November 2012. AND OMG.,, I fell inlove with the show. And also fell inluv with RICK GRIMES,,hahaha,,who I found out was British,,,and my husband is also british and Rick Grimes reminds me of my husband. hahaha! I LUV BRITISH MEN and finding out that RICK GRIMES is British made me a WALKING DEAD ADDICT. I was by my kids to understand the whole Walking Dead saga I would need to watch it from the beginning of the series. Low and behold , I found out Walking Dead Season 1 and 2 was available on Netflix. OMG, I didnt have a life for the past 3 days,, hahaha, trying to catch up on this BRILLIANT WICKED SHOW that i have been waiting for ALL MY LIFE after THe Night Of the Living Dead! I got glued to Netflix and I thank Netflix first of for having the series. I understand the whole saga now and it’s unbelievable how this show made it feel sooo real! I know people out there might think and tell me to get a life! Hey this is life, watching the Walking Dead. I feel so connected to this show. I am not saying that I am fighting off dead people but the dead people signifies the evil that we face in this life. And if you are not Strong enough to fight the evil in your life then you might as well “TURN” lol. Anyhow, I luv Rick Grimes and what he stands for in the show. He is ultimately tested on all directions, from good and evil. And I would probably stop watching the show if he is killed of! PLZZZZZZZZZZ DONT KILL HIM OFF! He is like the root of the show, if he is killed off then the show will die off too! TRUST ME ON THAT! My second best choice is Darryl, OMG he is like the roughed up RICK GRIMES! lol,,I know they tried to roughen Rick Grimes but he still looked classy and all-together. Darryl on the other hand is such a Bad Ass in a Good Way! And hope he sticks around for a long time too! PLZZZZZZZZZ! lol,,,in regards to Lori dying, as much as I wanted her out of the Picture, so Rick Grimes can have no woman hugging him etc, since i was so jealous of her being Rick Grimes wife haha,,,I dont think it was right to kill her off, well not yet anyways or maybe never! Lori should have died with the Walkers getting her and being bitten and then the walkers eat off the baby! I know that sounds cruel but that is more realistic. Why did the show have mercy on her death? Was it favoritism? She should have went like the rest! NO mercy! The audience would have had more compassionate for her and the baby if the walkers got her! Her death had no meaning because it was an obvious scenario giving birth under the circumstances,,,and the boy shooting her own mom,,well thats not right! Even if it’s to save herself from turning! Her death was so predictable! I knew that was going to happen before it even happened! I even told that to my kids! I said OMG she is going to give birth and die as a result! No they should have kept her on for awhile and had her have roles where fans could love her and then kill her off! At least if they have done that for the fans to love her more instead of hating her then the fans can appreciate what she has done for the group. Instead now that she is gone, everyone is saying they are glad she is gone, because she did this , and she did that! bla bla bla! Anyways,,,back to RICK GRIMES, lol,, yes plzzz dont kill him off! And what is the story with the new baby? Is this a foreshadowing that there will be a new beginning, new life? I thought at first it would be something that the fans can appreciate and that there is hope at last! But then, a new baby in the group? Like, you think this baby would be helpful? It will just drag them down and a great burden to the group! They have enough burden already to have to take care of a baby that no one knows who the father? AHA! is this what the future will foretell, who the father will be! What if Rick Grimes find out that it’s not his, will he kill the baby?? HMMM. Another characters I luv being togehter is GLEN AND MAGGIE! Of all the characters that deserve a happy life would be Glen. And Glen with Maggie was the ULTIMATE PRIZE and deserving of what he had to go through from the beginning! Wow,,he really did a gangnam- style of the walking dead! hahahaha! Plzzz dont kill off Maggie and Glen,,,that show would be foolish if they do so! Another character that I have grown to luv is Andrea! Although, I watched first the third episode of season 3 first, I didnt know that Andrea was there from the beginning of the season…and I thought she was a right cow! But then when I started to watch from the beginning, thanks to Netflix, I understand and get where Andrea is coming from. With her losing her sister to a walker, and being separated from the group, I really feel she deserves to stay for a long while too! Last but not least Shane’s character shouldn’t have been killed off! But then again, if he didnt get killed off then we dont know who the leader would be? If it’s Rick or Shane. And as they say in cooking, too many chefs in the kitchen will spoil the broth! To make my comments to an end,,, i would like to say, I am so pleased with the show and how they have made this series like The Night of the Living Dead! I am also glad that I am now caught up with the Series ,,again thanks to Netflix and I am looking forward to the Episodes in February! But Again I would like the show to focus more on the Zombies and how the people in the show would handle them like in the season 1 and 2,,instead of the characters being tested on their Egos!

    • Seriously way to long of a comment and pretty stupid to..

      • Ironic – You’re calling someone else stupid when you can’t even spell “too”?

        • Are you the spelling police?

    • Are you a heavy set person?

      • That was my question!

    • Haroah you got it right away great writing great show. Yes they should of kept Lori alive for a bit longer but who knows as shows are we didn’t really see her die did we. Assume is the correct word for all show. We all know what that means so let’s wait who knows. Love this show can’t wait for season 4. Thank you

  3. AHHH, now I miss her. Somehow I’ve developed a twisted attachment to the sometimes b****. But I came to understand she was only misunderstood. It’s tough times they’re living in, and it’s times such as those bad qualities surface. Everyone has ‘em!

    RIP Lori, I really did love you after all.

  4. I thought Lori was a good character

    • Well, I understand her reliance on the more combative men, because her first responsibility is to her children. But she didn’t make a mistake, with Shane; [a mistake is something that you didn't mean to do], LORI selfishly-intentionally slept with Shane, before allowing a proper mourning period for Rick! Conversely, Rick is STILL in mourning over her, however Rick consistently ignores his first responsibility in favor of being leader of the group… so let’s see how long he allows before gets laid. Provided CARL really did put a bullet in her head after she died or maybe he stashed her body somewhere, like the Governor did with PENNY! Humm! Anyway Lori sucks.

      • I really don’t understand the slut-shaming about Lori. Talk about a “proper mourning period”, as if there was something written on marble somewhere about it, as if it was not a personal situation, different for anyone, as if she was not living through hell, trying to survive a zombie apocalypse, having lost everything but her son and this friend. VERY surprising that they get closer… or not. Did she need to be comforted ? Probably. Was it love ? Who knows (from what we see after, probably more affection + need for comfort and protection = she’s being human, but still, how could we know how to react in this situation ?). Plus at this time she was supposed to be a widow, so technically she was not committing adultery. Yes, it was probably soon. But they were in a very extraordinary situation, the kind of situation when the life gets amazingly shorter than it used to.
        As soon as her husband shows up, she comes back, and seems happy to. I don’t understand why so many people don’t get any compassion or empathy for this very human character. Why judging her so harshly ? Pure misogyny ? Do you NEVER make any mistake ?
        Heroes mourning forever after loosing their love are much more easy to love, it’s romantic, it’s beautiful. But in real life it rarely happens (sadly ? or fortunately ?)
        Stick to the superheroes if you prefer, but to me they seem so much less realistic.
        Like : they leave someone on the roof, trying to escape a zombie riot, and then decide to GO BACK the day after to save someone they’ve left in bare sun with zombies all around ? That is the stupidest move in terms of survival. But it’s a brave and heroic gesture, and it’s nicer to look at. But look around you. How many humans do you think would really do this ?

        • No I agree with you about the slut-shamming, Shane told Lori Rick was dead, life goes on, epesoly in that world, no it’s not what she did before Rick got back…. It was after, the writers of the walking dead are two things, racist and sexist.
          The way they write women in this series is just to drag the story along, “ho everyone is safe and there’s no problems, lets just have said women character do something irrational to provide a driving point for the story.
          And the black actor quota is laughable at just how obvious it is, I mean like really one black actor shows up and the prevues one either leaves, dies or gets as little as screen time as possible as soon as another one shows up.

    • you took the words right out of my mouth @chinos…

    • It wasn’t Lori that pissed me off, it was the writers. I didn’t like the entire triangle story line. And that idiotic having her crash like that… it was a plot device and a cheap one at that. Made even more annoying at the confirmation bias of everyone watching, “Aaaahhaha woman driving out there alone and she still crashes!”

      So many of her flaws seemed fairly cheap and convenient.

  5. Lori was fine holy s***! The show is about zombies and all of you are focused on one girl who makes you a little mad? Forget it.

    • Dude the zombies are the third side dish in this cluster f**k, theirs more arguing, planing bad ideas, more arguing, bad ideas with out arguing, arguing about bad decisions that were made but already argued about, this TV show is just about bad British actors arguing and zombies show up… Sometimes.

      • LOL, you pretty much summed up the show, especially with the “bad British actors” bit…too true!

        • I’m glad some others feel my pain, and happy you got a laugh out of it.
          Thanks :)

  6. Lori can be a little annoying, but I still like her. She’s very realistic. The one who really annoys the bejezus out of me is Andrea. Somebody shoot her already!!

  7. I’m glad Lori popped in. I hope she’ll be back. Her character was interesting. I can think of a few useless people to leave like hershal. And I find Meryl annoying. Hopefully he’ll be gone. I hope Beth doesn’t leave but she wasn’t seen much on the show as it is. Beth hasn’t done much and should be able to do more than babysit.

  8. I don’t think I’ve ever yelled stupid b**** before when watching a tv show by my own. But with walking dead I’ve done so on numerous occasions. All thanks to Andrea and Lori.

  9. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one that finds Andrea and Lori utterly annoying. I have never yelled stupid B- so much at my television in my life.
    Her husband is laying in a hospital bed in a coma and she leaves him there when the zombie’s take over? Fine, she thinks her husband is dead. So she screws his best friend? For, what? Comfort? Bull. Husband’s best friend should be like your brother or a really annoying person you can’t stand to be in the same room with. Ugh. And she only waited about a month before she started fornicating with her husbands best friend. Jeez. Wonderful and loving wife my ass.
    I understand her aligning herself with the stronger, alpha male. That’s basic survival and hey, it’s smart. That doesn’t however mean you have to screw them.
    If a zombie apocolypse actually happened you can be damned certain both of my kids would be within MY sight, because I wouldn’t trust anyone else to watch them besides their dad.
    On a side note. I love how realistic they have made this show look. My brother can’t watch certain parts for fear of throwing up. Which is quite funny because he can stomach a lot.
    Love the show, get rid of the stupid people. They don’t survive.

    • @Jenny Mae. Yeah, but when a show triggers those kind of reactions it only show it’s a well written show. Although I completly agree with you, I kinda forgave Lori for fornicating with Shane, but when she went and had that talk to him when he was at the mill I almost snapped. :D

      Michonne is my favorite amongst the girls. I’m guessing I would acquire a samurai sword as well if the world would be run over by zombies.

      • Say a show is good because it causes you to have a reaction like that is say human Centipede was good because it made you Cringe… Really the Situations these people put themselves in is utterly stupefying, instead of ppl struggling in a dangerous world, all you see is ppl struggling in their own bad Decisions that could get them killed.
        Ppl didn’t like Die Hard because John put him self is danger by choice he did it out of necessity, the bad guys crashed his party and he over came it, this show just is bad drama bullsh** Disguised with good zombie acting and make up artists that can do their jobs with the bad British LOST Wannabes.

    • Nenny Mae,
      Those two characters were painful to watch. Especially andrea when you know how cool her character is in the book.

      I hit my peak hatred of Laurie at the end of the 2nd season. I get it, it’s just a show. But it’s a good show and when the characters do things that don’t make sense with the rest of the plot, it’s weird.

      She saw how Shane was becoming unhinged. she knew he was a danger. She tells Rick Shane had to go. Then she turns on him, after Rick told her Shane tried to murder him. He did not kill Shane in his sleep or something, he defended himself.

      The group is totally cool with doing what needs to be done right to ‘that’ point. Then killing someone who is an obvious threat is a big deal?!

      Don’t even get me started with Andrea. She’s about as useless as T. Dog;/ That being said, I was bummed when they both died. T. Dog became very useful in Season 3 and Andrea, well, died thinking she could broker a deal between Rick and a total psychopath.

  10. I’m surprise this isn’t moving on by now. Will they kill off Andrea? I wouldn’t miss her but it’s interesting where she end up now. I was sure they would of had their war between the prison and woodbury people by now. 2 more episode? Really? Ugh. Now I have to wait how long b4 these show comes back on? Ugh! nOOOOOO! I dislike waiting!:( Anyways I hope for a great seasonal ending.

  11. This show has so far disappointed me, the bad gun handling AKA Rick and his python revolver waving it around and flagging everyone wile he gives pointless speeches, the way it jumps back and forth from the prison to Woodbury, the way it makes you care very little about the caricatures if not at any. I was hopping for more out of this series, less TV drama, bad acting, whining and more story, more plot… I don’t know it just feels like TV is just throwing something at the wall and seeing what sticks with a genre that I’m a very big fan of, I love zombie movies… Good ones like Remero’s night of the living dead, dawn of the dead, and Robert Kerman does a outrages job on his Comic book but this falls so shot it tripped at the starting line, being a real zombie fan I can say this with out being labeled as a hater because I really wanted to care about this show and I gave it a chance and showed my support with my money, but so far it just does a bang up job of making me hate it even more.

    • Your comment disappointed me. Did you even bother to watch season 1 and 2? I certainly feel an attachment to many of the characters, but I could see how you would feel less intrigued if you had jumped at season 3 before glancing at the others.

      If you had, in fact, watched the preceding seasons, then fine. You’re entitled to your opinion, no matter how ridiculous it is.

    • Hoorah you got it right away great writing great show. Yes they should of kept Lori alive for a bit longer but who knows as shows are we didn’t really see her die did we. Assume is the correct word for all show. We all know what that means so let’s wait who knows. Love this show can’t wait for season 4. Thank you

  12. This show has so far disappointed me, the bad gun handling AKA Rick and his python revolver waving it around and flagging everyone wile he gives pointless speeches, the way it jumps back and forth from the prison to Woodbury, the way it makes you care very little about the caricatures if not at any. I was hopping for more out of this series, less TV drama, bad acting, whining and more story, more plot… I don’t know it just feels like TV is just throwing something at the wall and seeing what sticks with a genre that I’m a very big fan of, I love zombie movies… Good ones like Remero’s night of the living dead, dawn of the dead, and Robert Kerman does a outrages job on his Comic book but this falls so shot it tripped at the starting line, being a real zombie fan I can say this with out being labeled as a hater because I really wanted to care about this show.

  13. This show has so far disappointed me, the bad gun handling AKA Rick and his python revolver waving it around and flagging everyone wile he gives pointless speeches, the way it jumps back and forth from the prison to Woodbury, the way it makes you care very little about the caricatures if not at any. I was hopping for more out of this series, less TV drama, bad acting, whining and more story, more plot… I don’t know it just feels like TV is just throwing something at the wall and seeing what sticks with a genre that I’m a very big fan of, I love zombie movies, Good ones like Remero’s night of the living dead, dawn of the dead, and Robert Kerman does a outrages job on his Comic book, being a real zombie fan I can say this with out being labeled as a hater because I really wanted to care about this show.

  14. Why would they kill louri yeah sure she wasn’t the best mom or whatever but still…i cried :(

  15. It was nice seeing Lori on the show even though it was small parts and she didn’t talk. A memory would do more than just stand there looking at you. They could of had flashbacks with her acting out sometime fun with herself, rick and or their son. That’s what made me think she was a ghost cause she didn’t do anything like a flashback/memory would. Once Lori knew her husband was alive she was mad at Shane for making her think he was dead. And she didn’t do anymore romance with Shane so she shouldn’t be getting a bad rap. She did what a lot of people might have done in that particular situation. She was very sad and some people just need closeness with someone they know to help them deal with a lost. We see this all the time in tv shows and movies. It’s no different in her case. And she probably was thinking they might not survive long either so
    what the heck. I don’t think she was being insensitive only being human. I hope they’ll do some flashbacks with her in Ricks mind. It was great seeing Carl wanting that pic of all 3 of them.

  16. Get rid of Carl asap . Worst actor and dialogue in a long as time .

  17. Oh please KILL Andrea!!! She is the worst character of all! Why kill Lori? She might be a bad parent but she still have a good heart! Andrea on the other hand, I just have HATE her character! She need to get killer. After all, she did tried to killed herself before! So many people in the episode try to save her dump ass but her attitude is horrible and she freak stupid thinking she IS so tough! Come on kill this b**** Andrea!!!

    • To say she is a bad person, is one thing. To say she is a bad character- is a whole different ballpark. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I think you are missing the entire point of her character. To say Andrea doesn’t have a good heart when she tries to save everyone in Woodbury in the Prison- including sticking behind to try and do so, is incredibly unintelligible. She’s not there for the Governor. She’s there for the hope in humanity and everyone else in the town. I would really like to see you try and wriggle out of a tree being pinned down by three zoms.

      • Very true

      • I think the thing with Andrea is that you have a super smart and capable character making irrational decisions.

        Sleeping with Shane as he’s having a nervous breakdown and thinking he’s the guy with the plan. hooking up with the gov and being blind to what is going on around her EVEN after shes warned by Micchone. Thinking that this dude is sane enough to make a deal with Rick after what she has seen him do. How can anyone be so blind? The actions do not fit the character they developed.

        I guess it’s enough to freak fans out or leave going, WFT?

  18. Rick is an idealistic stupid person. He is the worst main character I’ve ever seen. Hes is not a hero. He is a stupid person with a police uniform and a gun.
    Lori is just stupid and she has nothing to do than washing clothes and other “clean house” things.
    They are just a bunch of stupid people trying to survive. And the story is long, very long. And nothing happens.
    The actors are terrible. I would like to see just one tear in Lori’s or Rick’s face.

    • I agree, the fact that Rick is a main Character that is Supposed to have a moral compass is this zombie apocalypse but is no different then the governor(just crazier) is mind boggling, the comic showed a man that was more human, more relatable, that you could see was struggling in this world gone mad, but this Rick is a MadMan gone crazy with power.
      I just wish ppl could see threw the fact it has Zombies in it and want something that reflects their beloved Genre with better taste then this steaming heap of bad acting riding on the Coattails of zombie fans.

      The walking dead is to TRUE zombie fans what twilight was to true vampire fans.

  19. I liked Lori. I think Rick is the one being the arse to her. And Carl the little turd. He should do as he is told and STAY IN THE HOUSE. You honestly can’t blame Lori OR Rick for him taking off.

    • Hmm, look I don’t have kids, but perhaps Carl, and many children his age, may need more direction than ‘go entertain yourself, but make sure you stay in the house’. I mean sure – disciplining undesired behaviour, but perhaps something like ‘Carl go help with the food’ or ‘Carl can you give me a hand with the dishes’ might be a better way to occupy his time than telling him to play in a house that he already spends pretty much 24/7 in. Also these specific activities would define: the carer responsible for him; a definite beginning and end to the activity; teach him valuable skills and responsibility; and give him a feeling that he’s actually contributing to the group without having to shoot people (walkers).

      • I agree with you on that, witch in regard for the other comments about it not being Rick or Lori’s falt, just proves it really is bad parenting on both their part, I feel as if I’m watching an episode of teen mom. Ricks to busy doing a lousy job trying to play hero and Lori’s to busy b**** about it, instead of focusing on the drama, their hole marriage looks forced. I just wish the writers of the The Walking Dead were good at doing their jobs and at lest trying to make be believe this is a believable story and not just waving a zombie at me like every time I start to think this is a load of horse s***

        • As Ygritte would say, you know nothing Dan.

          • Know nothing about zombies, kids or the walking dead? Because I assure you I do b****.

          • Know nothing about zombies, kids or the walking dead? Because I assure you I do ass

  20. Lori wasn’t a badass, but she was one of my favorite characters. I agree with Glen that she’s very realistic. That may be one of the reasons people overlook her as one of the good characters. Because the show is so convoluted, and she was consistently the most sensible. That can be overlooked next to characters who are more dynamic. She never meant to hurt anyone. I think it’s completely unfair to solely shame her, in regards to the affair, and then overlook Shane. Shane was also one my favorite characters, but he’s usually not considered at fault in regards to this situation. That could be because of gender roles and how it’s easier to label women as whores, and this is coming from a dude. Personally, I don’t think Lori or Shane should be considered at fault. It was a post-apoloypictic world and they had no idea who was out there, much less Rick. That world doesn’t have time for mourning. The walkers wouldn’t give you a chance to properly do, and in short, you just have to get over it, because there’s no time not to. The flashbacks showed Shane had a genuine reason to believe Rick was dead. They also showed something was faulty between Lori’s and Rick’s marriage, which I’m sure was from both sides, though I’m also sure many would assume assume it was just on her end. Yet, they always stood my each other. I’m not the one for romance, but their relationship was beautiful and how they were incredibly overprotective of each other and especially Carl. She had a couple of devious moments that could have been provoked through the pregnancy. The changes inside of her and the fact she’s pregnant in a world like that. Also, that conversation she had with Herschel shows she was so scared. But you also have to consider, Shane was contemplating killing Rick, prior to what seemed to be Lori provocation. Shane loved Lori and Carl and was as overprotective of them just as much as Rick. In the midst of all this, she always backed up Rick, despite all the horrid things he was forced to do. She made peace with Shane, and despite doing so, she still felt at fault. She was always able to except her makes, despite the whole mess she was in and that takes true character. She raised her son right, teaching him humility and to do the right thing, without being overbearing, even letting Carl play with guns. Which mom could see what Carl had to undergo and maintain their moderate way of thinking? She understood what was necessary and never forced Carl to stop on the pursuit of learning to protect. She only expressed discomfort within the moment, but she that was just her motherly instinct. She cared so much for Carl, Rick, and her baby, always wishing she could do better or be better for each of them. Her death was very noble and it actually brought me to tears. RIP Lori

    • Correction: She was a badass. She was hot as hell and knew how to work a gun. Yum

      • If by badass you mean dumbass then yes, oh and by hot did you mean always looks confused and in distress, yes again! And I beg to differ about her gun handling skills, she’s the only person in the show to crash a car with no one on the road in the zombie apocalypse wile looking at a map.
        If Lori would have died before Rick got back in season one, Shane and Rick would more or less be working together then the thorn in their side called Lori that just kept the decent between the two thriving, Lori was a good part of the problem along with Rick stupid acts of heroism and the fact he sucks as a leader.

  21. Good things about Lori are as fallows…
    -She died.

    Bad things about Lori are as fallows…
    -She plays friends against each other to the point they are literally going to kill each other and then do.
    -She is a horrible leader.
    -She is a manipulator.
    -She can’t keep her legs closed.
    -She has sex knowing full well what it leads to and then acts surprised.
    -She can’t keep her mouth closed.
    -She is selfish.
    -She constantly hurts people.
    -She is a baby killer in training.
    -She only cares when there is drama involved. (Rick gets shot and suddenly her love for him is in bloom, Rick kills Shane and suddenly she hates Rick for it even though her little games manipulated the whole thing into place.)
    -She looks like a female version of Skeletor.
    -She constantly make choices behind peoples backs and then pretends she is in the good.
    -She has no respect for others but expects them to respect her.

    Why Shane would chose her over Andrea I will never understand.

    • Completely agreed no idea What these people were thinking when they made this character

  22. In reply to
    A comment from Swati
    “Are you the spelling police?”

    My reply since its not shown-
    No but Lori would f**k them too for having badges.

  23. I wish they would kill off Carl. I think he is by far most annoying person on the show. There has been a few others that annoyed me but luckily they have all been killed off! PLEASE KILL OFF CARL! He’s evil annoying Brat! Love this show & can’t wait till Oct.!!

  24. I am probably one of the only people that liked Lori, I thought she was real…messed up like the rest of us. as for losing Carl all the time, nobody could find him.

  25. I didn’t really find Lori annoying. Rick, however, is the most annoying character in TV history. (Actually, the character isn’t annoying so much as the actor playing him).

  26. Rick and daryl and the black woman dreads best people on the show


    • I wish Shane was still on the show so he could handle ‘the governor.’ Shane would have served the governor’s own balls to him on a silver platter! Shane didn’t take any mess. I just re-watched the episode when he found out there were walkers in the barn. I was crackin’ up as shane was walking fast and hard down the dirt path towards the barn going off and pacing back and forth like ‘oh hell naw. f*ck that, these zombies ‘gots’ to go!!! He was truly the man…IN MY OPINION!!

      • I agree with you, Shane is no different then any of the others, but with out the b*******, take it he did shoot a guy really for no reason when they where getting away, their called “walkers” for a resign, but I did get the idea why he did it, it was no different then Rick planing to basically kill Michonne, or his “I can’t act to save my life” failure of a son, killing a unarmed kid.
        The problem is this, it’s connection to the comic, I don’t know if you seen or played any of the Tell Tail The Walking Dead Games but I advise you to go on YouTube and watch the cut seens, this is where the TV show went wrong and put its own restricting cuffs on its self for the life time of the show.
        The game on the other hand had little to no characters from the comic, besides Glen and Hurshel and that’s it.
        They started with a clean slate, no expectations of making it as good as the comic to the fans of the comic book, not having to f**k up the story so the readers of the comic don’t feel they are already know what’s going to happen.
        What they needed to do is start with all new characters, the same univers and world, but a different story something new, just like the Tell Tale Game then it’s fresh to everyone, no one gets hurt that the characters don’t meet their expectations, that the Rick from the comic is nothing like Rick from the TV show,
        I have no doubt that Robert Kirkman could come up with a hole new and awesome story, but the real problem is AMC and like a SAW victim that keeps hurting them selfs, this is for no resign.
        For all you Waling Dead fans out their look in to how they treat their ppl, espesoly the guy that basically gift raped this show and then was let go like a bad extra.

  27. I really hate Lori. I think she was the most selfish, self-absorbed, manipulative b**** I’ve ever seen.
    She acted like she’s a very faithful wife that wanted the best for her family when in fact she:
    1. Already grabbed every reason she could find to fight with Rick, making their marriage a hell before the whole zombie apocalypse happens.
    2. She didn’t even mourn for Rick. I mean, what kind of wife that mourns for her dead husband by sleeping with said husband’s best friend?! And then she put the whole blame on him when she was the one who can’t wait to spread her legs to the next available man?
    3. She dumped Shane the moment she didn’t him anymore, so callously and acted like he should be fine with it. And when he tried to leave to avoid conflicts, she made him stay by giving him a very vague and false hope about…everything! Seriously, if a man confesses to you that he loves you, what do you think would happen or what he would think if you ask him something like “please stay”?
    4. She purposefully creating a rift between two best friends, two brothers, just because she…what? I mean, Shane aimed a weapon at Rick but he couldn’t pull the trigger because he was his best friend and brother. No matter how jealous he was, he couldn’t do it. And Rick forgave him for what happened because he understood the situation. And Lori just had to come and pitch them against each other? Did she think she was that special?

    I thank the creators of the show for killing her. I just wish it happens earlier and in less than honorable way like giving birth because she didn’t deserve that kind of death.

    • No matter what everyone is says about Lori must of been doing a hell of a job since you all can’t stop talking about her. Let’s all ASSUME she is dead and we all know what that word means. Wouldn’t it be a BANG season 4 if Lori & Judith are………. Let’s leave it open for the writers to complete. Love this show can’t wait for Feb 9 2014

      • Correction: ASSUME: Dead or Alive!!!!!!!!

  28. This is a great thread . Mashies me that people are into WD about as much as I am;)

    I just want to be clear about my issues with the Laurie character. It’s not about slut shaming. Heck, it’s the end of the world. Old relationship structures will prob go to the wayside anyway.

    My issue is how the whole cast turned on Rick at the end of season 2. Especially Laurie. She gives him the go ahead to kill shane because he was becoming unhinged. When he explains it, she bugs out a little. I get it, she had a relationship with this guy but he also tried to force himself on her too. It did not make sense especially knowing how Laurie’s character in the book reacts to things.

    It ‘bugs’ me more than I would call it slut shaming.