‘The Walking Dead’ Producer Responds To ‘Annoying Lori’ Critics

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UPDATE: ‘Walking Dead’ Star Admits Lori Never Redeems Herself

While The Walking Dead season 2 may have ended with viewers clamoring for season 3, there were still problems that fans had with the past season of the series. Specifically one person: Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies).

Speaking to the press following The Walking Dead season 2 finale, executive producer Glen Mazzara discussed the fans’ not-so-positive opinion of Lori Grimes, as well as what they plan to do with her and Rick’s relationship next season.

Here’s what Mazzara had to say:

I think Lori is a compelling, interesting character. I think she is realistic in a lot of ways and she’s certainly a character that people are talking about. So I don’t find her irritating.

I think it’s interesting that people are so focused on her and I think the work ahead of that is to see where the – in Season 3, we really have to look at the Rick, Lori relationship and what it means that, you know, she put Rick and Shane in motion to try to kill each other. So that’s an interesting place to start and we’ll certainly examine that character.

But, you know, I don’t know if we really need to start creating false [story] beats to make her more likeable. That’s not part of the plan.

Whether you love her or hate her (or really hate her), there’s certainly a pronounced divide in the series fan base when it comes to Lori. As the survivors move to the prison (with the Governor), Rick and Lori’s relationship will be put to the test. And while there’s no way to know for sure if Lori will become less “annoying” as The Walking Dead season 3 progresses, she certainly does have intriguing storylines coming up.

the walking dead season 3 lori The Walking Dead Producer Responds To Annoying Lori Critics

Continuing, Mazzara touched upon the fans’ criticism of Rick and Lori being terrible parents and how they’re unable to keep track of their son Carl:

There have been scenes where he’s sitting under a tree, he’s whittling and the kid is obviously bored and trying to find out what else is going on in this camp.

I don’t know if it’s plausible that he would always be within her eye line or wouldn’t he, like most boys, try to give mom the slip and go out there and get in trouble? That feels plausible to me. If it means that she’s a horrible parent, or Rick’s a horrible parent, well, it feels real to me.

So I hear that criticism but it kind of feels like it’s not really thinking it through to the way we are. It makes sense to us and if people don’t like it, well, then we’ll have Lori lock him in a cell when we get to the prison and won’t have any story for that character. So I don’t know what else to do. We’re trying to tell interesting stories here, you know.

While you may not agree with what Mazzara has to say, you can’t deny that he has certainly thought out both issues and made an honest effort to justify his position.

For The Walking Dead, season 2 was a necessary progressor to the greater overall story. Sure, there are a few storylines that felt a bit long, and a farm isn’t exactly the most compelling visual setting, but it was needed in order to get the characters to the place they currently are.

And with the Governor and Michonne coming up next season – not to mention a wonderful prison environment – The Walking Dead season 3 may very well be the best season of the series so far.

…of course, for some, that may be dependent on whether or not they lock Carl up in a cell.

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The Walking Dead season 3 premieres October 2012

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  1. I am torn between love and hate for many characters.

    In Shane’s case: I personally believed that he always loved Lori, even before the apocalypse. I also believe that he truly thought Rick was dead when he left him in that hospital, and that he wanted to comfort Lori and Carl. However, the way Lori and Shane’s relationship fast-tracked was not right; they were both wrong. Then Rick comes back, and he is torn, because Lori tells him he is never to speak to Carl or her again. He does not go near her son, he does not talk to her son. (later on, in season two, he is doing EXACTLY what she told him to, and Lori then goes off at HIM for it.) However, in season two, he derails. He loses his mind and I think that maybe he should have left the group, like he had planned to, instead of them killing him off.

    Which brings us to Lori: Throughout the first two seasons, I spent most of my time hating her, thinking of how much of a terrible person and bad mother she was. And then, BOOM, season three, and Rick is, through his body language, being unnecessarily horrible and cold to her, whilst she is nine-odd months pregnant. This is where my sympathy for this woman kicks in, and I begin to think that maybe she is actually doing her best, despite her past mistakes.

    On the subject of Carl: He inadvertedly caused the death of Dale. He picks up a gun, what, once, shoots a few times and, BAM, master at shooting. No. This does not happen. Whether he needs to learn to protect himself or not, I do not believe they should bring him into season three as one of the main protaganists. Ever.

    Rick: Rick is a good man, trying to do the right things. So much so that, sometimes, it makes him a bit of an idiot. Go figure. As of what I have seen so far in season three, and his actions towards Lori, I could care less if he died.

    On the debate of DarylxCarol: Don’t get me wrong; I love Daryl, and I don’t mind Carol. I have no major beef with either of them, so long as they remain ‘either of them’, and not ‘those two’. I cannot visualise a romantic relationship between the two of them. I see Carol as a sort of mother figure to Daryl, and I believe anything more than that will ruin them.

    So ends my list of opinions. Feel free to take them with a grain of salt, or a body full of clogged arteries.

  2. I’m watching the third season and wondering why Rick is so angry with Lori…I assume he figured out the games she was playing…pitting Shane and Rick against each other. Because really…Lori is the reason Shane went insane. Telling him to leave one minute..and the next saying thank you for all he has done for them. I blame Lori for all that mess. I don’t blame Rick one bit for being angry with Lori. She could have cost him his life and ended up making him take the life of his best friend. That is pretty messed up. Having said that…I don’t want her to die. I want her around for a bit to let the guilt sink in and destroy her…if she has that kind of emotional depth that is..

    • I think he was so cold to her because of the way she treated him by pulling away from him like he was a monster after he told her what happened between Shane and him, that and his realization at the end of season 2 that he killed shane for the group and specifically for her. Then the fact she was so angry with him for killing the man who was trying to kill him and take his family made him resent her even more and have hatred towards her. Pregnant or not, what she did was wrong. I’d imagine not knowing whether it was your baby or not would also be rough, though I’m sure they’ll make his character love the baby regardless.

      • I think it was easy to misunderstand Lori’s reaction – I did it at first. I think her pulling away from Rick was due to her horror at realizing that her last minute and totally misguided attempt to salve Shane’s feelings almost led to the murder of her husband, and did lead to the self-defense killing of Shane. I hated her for a minute when she waffled regarding her feelings for Shane, but she’s only human, and didn’t have time to sort her feelings out due to the constant need to run for her life.

        I think her decision to give her life for the baby’s…when she has a son who needs her, a husband who needs her, and when it’s not even clear that the baby will live is just one more in a long line of decisions I disagree with.

        She’s human, and has good intentions.

        I quit watching the show for a while, because of her conversation with Shane – I was disgusted with her. I picked it up again, and I’ve been glad that I did.

        But now I’m done with this series. I won’t watch another episode unless she somehow survived.

        I’m surprised to realize that her relationship with Rick was the center of the show for me…and really, for everyone. I just don’t see a point in ever watching another episode.

        • I agree…I don’t think they should have killed her off because she is one of my favorite characters…The only reason I am still watching it is because the baby has survived so far…but I have about had it with the series because they are killing off all the good characters like Dale and Lori an T dog… they were all good characters and now they are gone and this series is gonna suck unless they find a way to bring lori bhack although they said that the bloaded zombie did eather unless they chaqnge it to something else and say that it was a different person that it ate and rick mistaken it for lori…that would be amazing and i hope carol is still alive to because she should be in it althoiugh she is no where near my favorite character…Well one day we will figure ut what happened to all of them and if they dont bring lori back i am going to be very pissed off.

        • Except with the way that labour was going, and the fact that Carl was a c-section, was indicating it was going to be a complicated birth. Basically without the c-section they were BOTH going to die. At least this way, the baby lived.

  3. I like Lori, always have. She thought her husband died. Shane told her that her husband died. I believe that Shane really thought that Rick died and as Rick’s best friend protected his wife and son and fell in love with her, or they fell in love with each other. When Lori realizes that Rick isn’t dead, I think she assumes that Shane lied to her to be with her. That isn’t true but it understandable that she feels that way. I can understand why she gets so angry with him when Rick returns, because he told her that her husband had died. I don’t think Lori is a whore, I think she was confused and in love with two men. She felt obligated to be with Rick, but still had feelings for Shane. She didn’t sleep with tons of men, she slept with two men, two men whom she loved. I think Lori is doing the best she can. She’s stressed out, has a son that is growing up way too fast, and thinks he grown. She has a husband who is mad at her, maybe an understatement. He hates that she put this wedge between Shane and him, and ultimately had to kill his best friend for Lori. I think he blames her for that, which again I can see why. I think that if they talked about how they felt that they could get through what ever it is that’s driving them apart.

    • “She didn’t sleep with tons of men, she slept with two men, two men whom she loved. I think Lori is doing the best she can”

      I definately have to try this out… Hunny, you gotta understand… I only slept with your sister cuz i love BOTH of you! That’s okay right? Nobody should hate me for that.

  4. my name is alex manikas i would like to be on the show as a servivor i would play a good part im a hunter and ex military its my best show and i would like to be part of it my e-mail is bearslayer62@comcast.net

    • i would like to be on walking dead as a survivor i would play a great part my e-mail is bearslayer62@comcast.net

    • Um…you do realize this is not an official communication to the Walking Dead producers, right? And what are you, 11? That’s not how the world works.

      • More specifically, that’s not how casting works. Pete, you can’t say that the the key creatives of the show don’t read this. It’s just not realistic to make that assumption. They may not – given busy lifestyle and perhaps a fear of criticism. Personally I hope that they have someone reading this and not choosing to totally close themselves off to the public opinion expressed on this page.

        Alex, casting for speaking parts usually occurs with a casting director. The casting director contacts casting agencies which in turn contact the actors that are on their books. If you wanted a chance to get on the show you should find out what casting agencies they use and get on their books. Still though, a lot of casting depends on what production work you’ve done before – so you may still not get a part, but can’t hurt trying, yeah :).

        Wow there’s been a lot of comments on here since I last posted I think there was 100 then.

      • More specifically, that’s not how casting works. Pete, you can’t say that the the key creatives of the show don’t read this. It’s just not realistic to make that assumption. They may not – given busy lifestyle and perhaps a fear of criticism. Personally I hope that they have someone reading this and not choosing to totally close themselves off to the public opinion expressed on this page.

        Alex, casting for speaking parts usually occurs with a casting director. The casting director contacts casting agencies which in turn contact the actors that are on their books. If you wanted a chance to get on the show you should find out what casting agencies they use and get on their books. Still though, a lot of casting depends on what production work you’ve done before – so you may still not get a part, but can’t hurt trying, yeah :).

        Wow there’s been a lot of comments on here since I last posted I think there was 100 then.

    • [Removed by Moderator]

      • A negative comment like that doesn’t really help anyone, just makes you look like an a**h*le troll.

        So here’s my troll for you:

        How do you know COD has no military training gems in it? Isn’t meant to be pretty realistic? Are you claiming the game designers don’t do their research? What qualifies you to make that deduction? Do you have any evidence to back up your claim? Here’s a link that alludes to it – http://www.popularmechanics.com/_mobile/technology/gadgets/video-games/how-realistic-are-the-top-military-video-games. If they are so intent on getting physics right why wouldn’t they try to incorperate real training.

        Why do they need someone who can spell? Is that person going for a script writing position? No, he wants to be a character which means he needs to look the part. In fact your suggestion might make an excellent addition to the story – how would an illiterate cope in a Zombie apocalypse, given that most warnings are written.

        What makes you assume that he plays a lot of COD? 90% of assumptions and judgements on others are made from reflections of the person judging.

        BTW, if you hunt V everyday, when do you work? Or it must be a pretty easy going job to let you do it at work…. Like a milkman (assumption/joke based on my knowledge of film noir)

        But hey to keep it somewhat on topic, I haven’t seen any Milkmen in ‘The Walking Dead’, maybe the virus is spread through milk.

        • From my expense in the military and seeing the walking dead and playing CoD the ppl that did CoD put more time and research in to their product then the righters, actors, and detectors of the walking dead, just from past episodes with the national guard, Rick Grimes(police) the way they use and operant firearms and how the prison is set up, sad just sad.

  5. Good think they killed her. It`s not even about lori for me. Its about that woman itself. She f***** up prison break to. Who would hire a crackwhore looking actrice, im so glad they killed her. Wouldnt give a damn about it if it was in real life to. People dont have penny in this crisis and some retards give her so much money for f****** up good tv shows.

    • Crack Whore? shows much you watch the show dummy

  6. I don’t get why she get mad at rick for killing shane. I thought she was gonna hug her tighter. Your husband just killed his best friend in self defense. Why get angry at Rick? Stupid writers.

    • The whole getting made at Rick for killing Shane thing was kinda wha sealed the deal in wanting Lori off the show. It just made her look like a hypocritical bimbo. No she wasn’t the best parent, but parenting post-apacolypse can’t be easy. God she always seemed incredibly dumb though. She seemed to be the only one who didn’t get smarter and more skilled at things. P.S. while Carl’s skills are a little exaggerate with a pistol everyone’s are. An entire winter is definitely long enough to learn how to shoot with relative accuracy.

    • The whole getting made at Rick for killing Shane thing was kinda wha sealed the deal in wanting Lori off the show. It just made her look like a hypocritical bimbo. No she wasn’t the best parent, but parenting post-apacolypse can’t be easy. God she always seemed incredibly dumb though. She seemed to be the only one who didn’t get smarter and more skilled at things.

    • Definitely bad scripting. When she pushed him away, looking disgusted, I have to say that was the most awkward and abnormal reaction they could have filmed. I think what they wanted to do was show Rick being turned on by everyone in the group (Including Lori and Carl). This little scene with Lori was just bad writing and worse acting (On her part).

      Other than that, TWD show writers (yes, Kirkman, I mean you too) need to get back to what made the show good in the first place. Character driven stories. Forget the Governor and his generic citizens of Woodbury. Although this plot was amazing in the comic, it didn’t work out on screen. They have no redeeming qualities therefore we don’t care if they die. Make us care about the characters, then massacre them in the most heart-wrenching way possible. Greek Tragedy style =)

  7. Why you killed lori off? I liked her character. It’s the writers fault for making people hate her. She’s deep down a good woman but got caught up in the triangle. I do think both parents should of watched Carl more but they’re too caught up with themselves and the zombies to act like a real family. It’s madness having to survive creatures less have a some what normal life raising their kids and being good to each other. It’s not Loris fault Shane lied to her. He knew Rick didn’t died. He deliberate left him in the hospital to save himself. It’s always been that way and he proved it with the other characters. He always loved Lori even b4 the zombies. It was his chance to be with her. He was a big part in Carl’s life even when Rick came back. The disease made Shane nuts. And making the others just as crazy. They didn’t have to kill her off. Now how they going to feed the baby? Don’t go pretending another woman can breast feed it or just happen to find enfamil. I can’t see them raising a baby around those zombies. They’re going to leave him/her alone and those things will eat him. Makes no sense to me. Should of saved her. Bring her back. And not as a zombie. You let the brother live. Don’t understand why.

  8. I am so upset that lori was killed off the show it makes no since how a man survives a zombie bite and an amputation but a women undergoing a c-section would die especially considering the vital role lori should have played in this new babies life. This newborn needs her mother to feed and protect her. If you wanted to kill off lori as i know she dies in the comic books as well you should have waited at least till the baby was a little older. This group is steadily becoming more disabled with an amputated guy,a child and now a newborn they have a lot on their hands not including the fact the world is taken over by zombies and now was not the right time to kill off lori. That birth should have gone smoothly it should not have ended in lori’s death.That whole situation should have played out completely differently. There is so many other insignifigant characters you could have killed off i am so appalled you choose one of the more important ones. I though lori was a main character one that was going to be around for awhile.

    • It’s not about that though! Lori HAD to die. She dies in the comic strips. but the point is that they had to choose who was going to die. People HAVE to die! But they had to choose whose death would create more of a story! Lori’s death takes a huge toll on Rick taking him a whole other direction, and now he has a baby to care for. not to mention Carl! What he had to do! What is going to happen to him? And Maggie and Beth, it really hits everyone hard. But it gives a whole different meaning to the series. if they Just killed anyone insignificant, it wouldn’t matter to anyone. It wouldn’t be more meaningful you know. And that was a very gruesome birth so she definitely would still have turned, because they are still infected. It’s about the impact that the characters make. If they all lived and everything is perfect it would just seem fake. It’s the Walking Dead! Anything can happen. anyone can die! And it completely makes sense, I liked it. I wouldn’t change it, it makes Lori much more valued and respected.

  9. i like where it’s going, although I would have rather had the baby die than LORI “no offense” I was hoping she would get killed off eventually, but trying to raise a child let alone a baby in such a hectic world makes the walking dead more dramatic than I want it to be. I guess I’ll see how everything works out.

    • OK enough said about Lori, what about Carol where is she and why let her cut up a walker to learn how to do a C section? Hello…….. I think Lori is not dead because we didn’t see it happen. It would be a great surprise think about it. WOW………….. New Breed…………… The Baby….

      • Lori is not dead and the baby has the cure…………………….

  10. Yep, the writers made her dialog intolerable, then the writers kill her off. Their lack of writing dialog skill brought an early end to the character. Oh well. And did we even get to know T-Dog, no, so the writers give him little to no dialog historically until the end, then write him off the show. Or in this case, swap out one black guy with another. Two was too much to handle I guess.

    Hershel’s blond useless daughter should have been the next one to go. She’s weak. So much so, I can’t recall her name. She has no survival skills. Oh well …

    • She will stay for a while as a love interest for Carl. He is the main character, you know.

  11. Ive been watching this show from the start, and I love all AMC shows, I felt Lori, was annoying, and just no clue to what was going on, like she was in another world all the time, her son was a pain in the butt also, always getting into stuff he should not have. I wish they had kept T. Dog that was sad to see him go last night, and I can see why they it happened, because now when Rick and Darell’s brother go at it he can only take all his revenge on Rick because of the loss of his hand. I really thought after Lori’s Car accident she lost the baby, after flipping the car, why the writers let the baby live, is just crazy it wont make for much or a story, like what are they going to be able to do to take care of the kid, and then lose it, because of the the state of things, just crazy. ANd Im really disgusted with Angela, Michone should leave her with the Govener, seems everytime Angela comes across a new guy she is attracted to him and can’t think straight, I really wish she would have been one of the fallen I can’t stand her.

    • At least Andrea is useful, and pointed out Lori’s s***. She was hands down one of the most useful members of the original group, up there with Daryl in the beginning because she could defend herself, often thought rationally, and could provide food for the group as she and her sister had been taught wilderness survival skills as children. She became a burden after the lose of her sister, but that’s at least understandable, and believable. What’s Lori’s excuse? She barely has any burdens, and any she does have are molehills made mountains by no one but herself.

      Andrea offered a solution to the ShaneXLoriXRick conflict which would have worked if Lori hadn’t interfered. As for Andrea with the Governor, think about it. She is thinking straight. They found a safe place after wondering in the walker infested wilderness for months. Every logical argument based on the information she has available tells her it makes sense to stay. We know that the Governor is doing bad things because we have an audience’s perspective, but she doesn’t. So you can’t ding her for that. The only thing that points to that is the fact that Michonne is telling her that there is something off based off of “a feeling in her gut”. Michonne doesn’t even tell her about any evidence she’s found that even points towards the Governor being dishonest.

      If you were in her shoes, with the information she has available to her, you would most likely stay as well. I find Andrea to be abrasive, but she is probably one of the only female characters that has been believable from the start, and competent for that matter. You could be mad at her for shooting Daryl, but honestly, go watch that ep. again. That whole thing was totally Lori’s fault.

      • You can’t blame Lori for Andrea’s decisions. She doesn’t like to be told what to do no matter who is telling her. If she listen to Rick she never would of shot him. But instead sh wants to act like a kid. But everyone h their opinions and weak women and controlling men don’t like a strong take charge women. And Lori put Andrea in her place before to.

        • What was “Andrea’s place”? In the kitchen instead of providing a sentry? I don’t know, I just really disagree. I’m in the army, sentry is the first thing you worry about. If you don’t have a sentry, the group doesn’t do anything, you don’t eat, you don’t sleep, you can’t even take a piss. Keeping your camp secure is priority #1 if you don’t have a mission at hand. So from the perspective of someone who has had basic group survival and tactics drilled into their head, Lori is an imbecile, and I’d take Andrea on my side any day of the week.

          Yes, Andrea was at the end of the day responsible for her own actions. But don’t think for a second that given the situation, and the result that Lori wouldn’t have punishment from a rational group coming down on her to. If I came back to a group after doing a patrol to find that the sentry was taken off watch for laundry duty, I’d string them both up.

          I can understand Andrea not wanting to listen to Rick though. Rick is wrapped around Lori’s little Lady McBeth finger. Like Shane, Rick’s decision making can’t be trusted when Lori has had her fingers in the matter. If you put yourself in Andrea’s shoes, she saw a walker approaching the camp and saw a chance to prove that she didn’t need to be doughted on like a child. Then again, the very fact that the group hadn’t established a system for when people are coming in, possible injuries, or even a bloody buddy system still perplexes me.

          All I’m trying to get across is that if Lori didn’t rile people up so much with her complete lack of common sense; Or her thought process that seems to imply that she believes she’s a house wife stuck in the 50′s where there isn’t a zombie infestation happening. Many of the show’s characters wouldn’t get put into such retarded situations. Which is one of the reasons why so many people are loosing interest with this show. My boyfriend isn’t watching anymore, along with a lot of my friends who got me into the show in the first place. Though when they heard about a certain even in season 3, they showed interest again.

          • Yeah sentry’s are important but only if they are going to listen. You don’t need to use a gun for one zombie you never know if more are near by that you could be attracting to your group. That is causing risk to the group not help. The others had the right ideal of taking it out quietly to where you don’t attract others. She has to learn how to use her head before she acts.

            • I completely agree with you about the sentry needing to listen. As well as how it made a lot more sense to dispatch one zombie quietly. You conserve ammo, and do not create unnecessary noise. But what my point is, is that say it was a zombie. Here you have a perfectly competent member of the group that not being allotted the opportunity to contribute in protecting the group.

              The only way that Andrea could prove that she was competent is by demonstrating it. I guess I can sympathies with Andrea because I’ve been in similar situations. Not nearly as drastic mind due, but similar. From rifle drills, to basic survival skills, I am often over looked because I am a woman. Like it or not, it’s a reality of real life, and of this show. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to stand by and grit my teeth watching some “macho men” trying to start a camp fire in the woods. Having to stand by for over 20 minutes while they clumsily, and unskillfully rubbed sticks together, all the while I tell them that I can do it. Only after forcing my way in can I demonstrate that I am indeed more competent in this skill set because I know what I’m doing as a result of years of wilderness survival training. Only after lighting that tinder within minutes did they acknowledge my abilities. But that’s the thing, people often won’t even let you try if the skill is outside of your gender roll, that goes for men to.

              With Andrea she tried talking, she tried arguing, but nothing came of it. Even though she tried proving her competence time and time again no one would listen, or give her a chance. She saw an opportunity to prove her skill set, and she took it. For her it wasn’t about killing one walker, it was about proving that she was capable and should be treated as such. Unfortunately for both her and Daryl then end result was not what she wished for. They all thought that he was a walker, and like I said, what if he was?

              How would things have been different if instead of Daryl wandering half dead into the camp, it was a walker? That distance was roughly 400m which she hit him at with a poorly maintained rifle with a terrible scope WITH the sun in her eyes. Whether you like her or not, if you’ve ever shot, you know that’s an impressive hit. If that had been a walker people would have been annoyed at the unnecessary noise, but you and I both know they would have acknowledged her skills after that point complete with a nice little “f*** your lemonaid, I’m killing zombies” glare at Lori. But it wasn’t a walker, it was Daryl, and friendly fire is an unfortunate reality. If that wasn’t so, there wouldn’t be so many Canadians dead at the hands of Americans over seas. Americans have the go ahead to fire at anything remotely suspicious. In Iraq they’re allowed to shoot at people standing on roof tops with video cameras, or people with cell phones. If you think Andrea is trigger happy, you can just imagine how a trained soldier would be.

              I’m not condoning what Andrea did, but what I am saying is that I can understand why she did it. Imagine being freezing cold and desperately needing that camp fire to survive. You have the ability to start it just fine, but no one will let you. Would you just stand by and listen to them, even if you know it’s unreasonable and puts you, and the group in danger of freezing to death? Or are you going to push them aside and light that fire, not only saving your group now, but in the future as well? As you will have proved yourself, and you will be able to provide fire for your group in the future.

              Everyone is ragging on Andrea’s one shot for having the possibility of attracting walkers. But what about Shane’s firing line at the barn? That was completely pointless, noisy, and a huge waste of ammo. He had a point to prove to, but we all know there were better ways to go about it.

              But this show has the characters written with almost no common sense. That’s the only way the story moves forwards.

              • I completely agree there. I understand that better then you think. Majority of my family is military everything from army to navy seals. Including my brother who died two years ago in the army. Proving yourself is one thing doing something that can in the end cause more harm then good is another. You always have to use your head in bad situations. Shane was very wrong there which he did a lot I don’t like. My kids all are learning survival. Two oldest know how to shoot working on their aim though lol.

              • So your argument is that a woman should be given more leeway as a sentry because they aren’t thought of in that role? Sorry, i may have read that incorrectly. You bring up all your very very impressive self-experience (and i’m finding you if the apocalypse happens – so i’m not trying to insult you with this), but then you choose the perspective that you support and are impressed by her despite not condoning the actual pulling of the trigger.

                I know, i’m twisting your words. The military role of the sentry is to overlook the camp, asses dangers and take action if necessary. Would you fire on an enemy 400 meters away from your concealed camp, that was moving from the east, to the north? I probably wouldn’t, but i would let someone know, and maybe follow them. But i have no military training.

                Taking it further – remember that Zombies are effectively mindless. Zombies don’t hunt, they wander until they find something to chew on. By taking the shot, she proves that she isn’t doing the job for camp safety She would have had the time to get out of the sentry position, find a replacement, grab a drink of water, go to the homestead and ask for an axe, before the Zombie was close enough to actually be a threat. To me, she took that shot to prove that she could shoot that far accurately, and so made the assumption that that was the prerequisite for a Sentry.

                The melee group had already reached Darryl. If he had been a Zombie, he would have dispatched pretty fast. By taking that shot though, imagine the unnecessary danger that she put Rick and the other in. Not from roaming Zombies, but from the shot itself. She is not a trained and experienced sniper. What factors would she have to account for when shooting that far? How wrong in landing place could she be given that they don’t electronic equipment for predicting weather?

                Don’t get me wrong, i’d be saying this even if it had been Rick or Shane with their professional requirements of gun training.

                It’s been a while since i watched s2, so correct me if i’m wrong, but i believe Rick and Shane acknowledge her as the best shot in the camp – which is only furthered by how many head shots she racked up in the last episode. So who was she proving it to? As you suggest, Lori. It has already been established on this board that Lori…. may not think things through very….. carefully. But she does the job that she thinks herself capable of. That of Cooking and Cleaning. And according to Sun Tzu, and probably every medical practitioner, providing food and good cleanliness is just as important as safety. So maybe none of the men can cook – or the women of the group don’t want them to. In survival groups (and correct me if i’m wrong), you should do the job that needs to be done. Then the job that you’re best at doing.

                I wouldn’t have Andrea as my sentry. But i would have her as my distance shooter – which means as long as all important roles are filled (Sentry, Cooking, Cleaning, and Hunting), she could just chill out till something needed to to be shot.

                • I really must say, I 100% agree with you about the fact that making the decision to shoot Daryl/what Andrea thought was a zombie was a bad decision on her part. But what I was getting at is that I understand why she did it based on the situation at hand, and the information that she had. However, if such an action had been taken in the presence of trained group/ a group with common sense, she would have been throttled, along with Rick and the others. But in a trained group, this situation would probably never have happened in the first place, so it’s difficult to say.

                  In that episode their camp was not concealed. From what they saw, the “zombie” had made it into the clearing, and was heading towards their camp. In real life, as a sentry, yes at 400m you light them up. Preferably relegating them to a member of the pink mist club. Because A) at 400m, you can see them, they can see you. B) Entry roots and signals are established so friendly fire doesn’t happen. C) Emergency signals are established just in case s*** goes down and you have little to no choice than to run into friendly arcs of fire. AKA) You’d run in screaming a set code word for the op. lets say “BURNING RIVERS! BURNING RIVERS” which means, s*** hit the fan, the enemy is on our ass, let us past, and get ready to light them up.

                  However, these are zombies, and these people aren’t trained. But still, a little bit of common sense goes a long way. Trained or not, I don’t think that this would have happened, which is what bothers me the most with season 2. Common sense just doesn’t seem to be that common which makes the characters unbelievable.

                  To be clear, I never said that Andrea should be given more leeway as a sentry because she’s a woman. My issue with this situation comes from the fact that the abilities of those in question are not being taken into consideration. The ability of the individual should be the deciding factor as to what responsibilities are delegated to them. However, in this show the gender of the individual are how roles are being assigned. In the situation I proposed where Daryl was a zombie instead as they had believed. Andrea would have made an impressive shot, and her skill sets would have been acknowledged. Would she still have gotten s***, yes, of course. The worst thing her is the fact that people were down range when she shot. The whole thing was a double edged sword to begin with.

                  Additionally, the idea of shots draw zombies has been inconsistent to say the least in season 2. Andrea’s the worst/dumbest person in the world when she shoots one round in camp on the grounds of unnecessary noise. But Shane and Rick are Gods for teaching others to shoot bottles repeatedly on site? There is little to no consistency in that.

                  As to who she’s proving her skill set to? To the group. They may say that she’s a good shot, but the fact that she’s still being pulled off sentry and relegated to the kitchen shows that they feel otherwise. Actions speak louder than words. I will always say that any sentry is better than no sentry. Andrea is proficient with her weapon, and the fact of the matter is that none of this would have ever happened if duties in the group were assigned based on merit and skill rather than gender.

                  Furthermore, on the subject of food and laundry. I really have to disagree with you there. Cleanliness on the other hand, (I’m a combat medic) 10000% agree, it’s very important. However, one man, one kit. The thought of group members being assigned to do other people’s laundry is insane to me. Furthermore, 5 people being put on kitchen duty is also INSANE. When we’re in the field, every member is in charge of their own kit and ablutions. And in rotation 1 person is assigned to kitchen duties. Having all the women (almost half the group) doing these tasks is a huge waste of resources, especially since as I stated before sentry is the most important role to be filled. If Carol, and Lori can only do housework then it makes sense to put them in roles that they preform efficiently (even if they should at time be taken out to train in other skill sets). But Andrea has many skills that are more important than domestics such as fishing, hunting, basically survival, and fire arms, all that were well established in Seasons 1 and 2. However I disagree with the distance shooter thing. People should always be working, and jobs should be rotated often. In these kinds of situations allowing people to only hone one skill is dangerous. Like putting all your eggs in one basket kind of deal. Lori and Carol only working the kitchen is foolish, they should be tutored in all skill sets.

                  I apologize for the giant wall of text, but that is my reasoning. I think the biggest thing here, especially regarding Andrea is that people don’t actually acknowledge that the characters don’t have the 3rd person perspective that we have. There are a lot of things (like in Season 3 with the governor) that people give her s*** for, but her reasoning is understandable based on the information that she has. I think that out of all the characters that she is the best written just based on the fact that she reacts in a realistic fashion based on the situations and information she is exposed to. Where Lori’s writing seems to be “we need drama, lets make Lori do something really retarded and counter intuitive to make drama.”

                  • I agree with you on almost all your point. What I disagree with could be said to be really inconsequential and largely the same.

                    It’s strange, 3rd season Andrea seems pretty reasonable and somewhat intelligent about her situation. Having only watched half the season, I say the following on the provisor that I have not seen past when Glen and Maggie are taken (I’ve read the comic, and decided I simply can not sit through Maggie replacing Michonne at the Govenor’s hands).

                    I found from what I have watched, that Michonne was incredibly paranoid, selfish, and arrogant. It could be said that she actually fueled the issues with the Govenor.

  12. After reviewing Season 3, episode 4 I was left stunned. Losing T. Dog was huge, he was the muscle of the group, getting tasks done and providing huge support in the defense against the undead. T. Dog also didn’t bring drama to the group until the last half hour or so of the episode with his support for the prisoners, I liked that. It was shocking losing him. Lori on the other-hand angered me with her ignorance. I understand her wanting the baby to live, like every other mother would, but look at the world your bringing it into, its retarded. Lori should have miscarried or taken the chance with it and could have always down the road, maybe in a safer world, gave birth to another child. Now instead we lost a vital member and I only say vital due to her being able to work, provide support in killing undead, etc. Now we have a broken group with a baby that can’t fend for itself and will be brought into the world only knowing suffering and death… Angela and Michone will be interesting…Ill keep my eye on them.

  13. I am sooooo happy that Lori is dead, she was hands down the WORST character in the bunch. And yes, she was a TERRIBLE mother, a TERRIBLE wife, and above all a TERRIBLE person. Honestly, people are like, “well, she’s not going to be able to keep track of Carl 24/7, do you want her to chain him up?” No, but when they were on the farm what the hell was her excuse? I think that Andrea called her out on it 100%. Andrea may not be a perfect person either, but when she called Lori out on putting making freaking lemonaid a greater priority than having someone on sentry and keeping the group safe it really showed what an idiot she was.

    When Carl went missing MULTIPLE TIMES on the farm, SHE DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE! What’s her excuse? It’s not like she was busy doing something! I can’t ding Rick for being a bad parent in this case because he has to pull so much weight because of how Lori has essentially ensured that all the women in the group would be doing almost nothing that doesn’t entail 50′s house wife duty. That’s not a “oh, female power!” bull, that’s straight up common sense. She effectively rendered almost half of their group useless because of her queen bee attitude. She also kept the kids from learning how to be useful, and how to protect themselves. She made doing laundry a greater priority for 6/13 members of the group over learning how to use a gun.

    You could argue that Carol was worse than Lori in terms of usefulness to the group, and as a mother. But, you’d have a pretty hard case to argue. As a mother Lori constantly looses Carl, not only in chaos, but in down times to. Where with Carol, almost every seen that had Sophia, Carol was very close by, if not in the same shot. Carol was always watching over not only Sophia, but pulling Lori’s slack by watching Carl as well. On top of doing the same, if not more homestead work as Lori. All while dealing with the abuse by her husband/ the death of her husband. Carol only looses Sophia when they are attacked by a herd of walkers and she cannot reach her in time. Carol leaves her daughter instructions on what to do, as well as supplies that will help her survive. Carol becomes less useful after her husband’s death, and the disappearance/death of her daughter, but never once causes unnecessary discourse within the group as a whole unlike Lori.

    One could argue that the fact that it was primarily Daryl and the other men who were looking for Sophia instead of Carol points to her being a bad mother. But that would suggest that you forgot that it was Lori who essentially controlled the actions of the women in the group, and insisted to Rick and Shane that the men handle the searches, or anything remotely useful to the group’s survival. Carol also spent a lot of her time going back to where she left the supplies for Sophia to wait for her. Carol went through a lot more mental trauma than Lori, and yet was still more useful to the group in terms that she did the same labor as Lori, and caused 100% less problems in the group. In fact, she’s probably the only reason why Daryl (hands down the groups most valuable member) stayed, even though he thought that the group was broken.

    Lori is the reason for most of the group’s social problems, including most of Shane’s insane behavior, and therefor his death. People say that it was Carl who inadvertently caused Dale’s death, but if you look at it, it’s actually Lori’s fault. If she had just kept an eye on her kid instead of playing mind games with everyone he wouldn’t have slipped into the forest at dusk. The fact that Lori almost never realizes that Carl is missing until someone else asks her where he is, followed by the response of “I don’t know” every single time just shows she’s useless as a mother, and a human being in general. She’s not a believable character, because if someone like that was in a group surviving the zombie Apocalypse, she would have been left by the group to die long ago regardless of prior connections. Especially after she crashes one of the group’s only working vehicles because of ONE walker, then acts like it wasn’t a big deal.

    When she finally dies, she is again with Carl… and she’s being useless. It’s her son who is protecting her, even though she’s the adult, and the parent. And no, when Carl was protecting her, she wasn’t in labor yet. She’s so useless that in the time skip she never learned how to use a gun properly, or protect herself, let alone Carl. Where Carol, who had just lost her husband and daughter learned how to use a gun, how to fight, and general medical skills… to help Lori. Even in her death, she causes problems with the group by mentally scarring Carl for life, as well as leaving them with a baby to care for in her absence. Even though she KNEW that she would have to have a C-Section, and that her chance of surviving it would be slim. What was she doing for 9 months then? She spent all that time sending Glen to death’s doors to get her conditioner but she couldn’t have the state of mind to say “Hey guys, we might need to start hording baby supplies”.


    So now we can finally move on with the storyline, instead of dealing with unnecessary, and petty interpersonal problems that Lori caused 100% of the time. I’m not even going to touch on all of the ShaneXLoriXRick problems she caused because I can see that A) It’s obvious, and B) Of how many people have pointed it out already.

    • again, someone has tooooooo much time on thier hands…. Write a Noval instead..


      • That comment took me, maybe 3 minutes to write. I don’t know how slow you type, but a comment that is coherent and thought through doesn’t imply I have no life. Especially if you’ve spent years in university knocking out 20+ page essays in the course of one day. Maybe you should look up a program called “all the write type”.

        • Thumbs up to that !

    • Spot on!
      but one thing she did provide was unnecessary risk and interpersonal backstabbing. which is common fodder for zombie stories. If that wasn’t the case then every zombie story would end up being “get behind a big fence with a stabbing weapon and enough supplies to last a life time and live happily ever after”. You NEED a character who has the stupid idea that living in relative safety and comfort “isn’t really living” and therefore opens the gate OR makes everyone else distrust each other to the point where a logical and straight forward supply run becomes a game of “hunting accident”. I loved to hate her.
      If this was real life someone so needy and weak willed definitely would have been the first to go (how the hell did the entire army get wiped out yet she survivied?)

  14. Ok I swear how stupid can some people be. First of all yeah Lori was upset about Rick killing Shane. Partly cause she probably still has feelings for him some. But she wasnt pissed till he said Carl put him down. I would be pissed to learning my son just had to put down someone he respected and looked up to.Lori is pregnant and barley able to get around right now. Plus trying to take care of the old man. Think Rick and Lori are doing the best they can under the circumstances. But you know how it is some people are not happy unless they are dogging someone else to keep their minds off their own pathetic lives. Real or fake it doesn’t make a difference to people. They should take a real good look at themselves. No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Yall wantbout Lori starting drama ha their is more drama on here then there is in the show. That is really funny. y. Especially considering its a show and its all fake.

    • Tapeawa ,

      “First of all yeah Lori was upset about Rick killing Shane. Partly cause she probably still has feelings for him some. But she wasnt pissed till he said Carl put him down. ”

      I have been basically saying that from the beginning, glad to hear it from another.

      What I loved about this last episode Season 3, Episode 4: ‘Killer Within’, is when Rick just loses it is when he looks at Carl and realizes that it was Carl that put Lori down. That which tore Lori from Rick (Carl killing zombie Shane) has come full circle with Carl doing the same to his own mother.

      • I believe its going to push Rick to the edge with Lori being and Carl being the one that put her down. Can’t wait for Sunday!

  15. OK enough said about Lori, what about Carol where is she and why let her cut up a walker to learn how to do a C section? Hello…….. I think Lori is not dead because we didn’t see it happen. It would be a great surprise think about it. WOW………….. New Breed…………… The Baby….

    LIZA1017 less than a minute ago
    Lori is not dead and the baby has the cure…………………….

    • Hmmm Carol was with T dog not Lori. Maggie helped Lori deliver the
      baby. Now I thought of that maybe Lori not dead since we didn’t
      see Carl shoot his mom. Daryl’s brother survived when we thought he
      could of been killed and wasnt so maybe.
      To the others who think Lori is a bad mom for not watching her son. Dont forget Rick didn’t watch his son either so it’s not all Lori’s responsibility. How you think Carol and Andrea lost their daughters? They weren’t being watched either. They strayed and got killed. It’s a horror show. I don’t think these kids are suppose to be watched cause they’re not in a safe world. Even if they were being watched, you see how fast those things can grab someone and take a chunk. Now they have weapons might help them a bit longer but what will be real interesting is if they all find the governors fort. I want Rick to find out about the gov and see what happens.

    • Haha, I was thinking the same thing for other reasons. We didn’t see Lori die and Carl may not have had the nerve to shoot her. He might have shot the ground. After all, Rick did find a bullet that was smashed like it had been fired directly into the concrete. What if there is someone else alive in the prison, like the prison doctor, and he was able to stop the bleeding and drag her off somewhere where he could save her? Thin chance since she would need blood, which even if the prison kept any, would be spoiled due to lack of refrigeration (or maybe not), It’s a stretch, but it would be an interesting plot twist! The only thing is that at the rate she was bleeding, by the time Carl left the room she would have been pretty much drained or most likely dead already.


  17. Lori is just like every other mom out there would be like a lot of girls. In her situation she was told rick was dead there is only 2 people in that campsite that knew what she was going through and shane just happened to be one of the she didn’t know what to do her emotions were all twisted yeah she made a bad choices but who don’t no one is perfect. Lori is a good mom she makes sure her kids are safe and plus she put the babys life before hers in the last episode.

  18. i’m so happy that lori died in tonight’s episode…the most annoying tv character ever!

  19. Lori didn’t have ro die this soon there was so much unfinished buisness between her and rick. They never got to say love u 1 more time. Everyone makes mistakes but they needed to say tgose words 1u more time

  20. Look at all the women coming out of the wood works to defend the actions of a terrible mother, partner, and person. Someone who didn’t leave proper time for honoring the memory of her husband; someone who constantly lost track of or put in danger her own son. Someone who called out others for their character flaws and yet had the most of anyone in the group. The very person who is responsible for having put Rick’s life in jeopardy and caused the death of an alpha male (Shane). Please, this feels like a lot of women justifying horrific actions because they’ve had to justify them in real life. The fact that Rick accepted her despite the crap she pulled shows just how much of a beta male he really is. I know the comics had Shane dying and Rick being a leader, but man…the way he acts is why society is going down the drain.

    • I am married with five kids and I haven’t had to justify bad action in real life. Lori was a good mom and good wife. Yeah she didn’t wait a long time. But their was time for Atlanta to go from being a safe haven to dangerous to be there and her wanting for a while to put a sign up warning everyone. And if anything ever happened to me I would want my husband to find someone else no matter how quick so he could get over the depression and be happy not sad.

      • You have five kids, it’s the zombie Apocalypse. Violent flesh eating things are wandering around everywhere, there are bad people around as well. The guy you were involved with is clearly becoming mentally unstable and violent to the point he’s killing friends. Where are your kids? Are you the kind of mom who is going to make sure that they’re safe, supervised, and know where they are at all times, and if you loose track you’ll find them ASAP? Or are you the kind of mom that will loose track of them, and not even notice for hours at a time, even past dark?

        Something tells me that you would do everything in your power to make sure you knew where they were, or at least knew that they were with someone who would ensure their safety. Furthermore, you would have 5 and probably do the same, or at least your very best, and no amounts of laundry, lemonade or self made drama would keep you from them, am I right? Now think about how Lori, with only 1 child, constantly lost him for hours on end, and barely gave a thought to it. In fact, the only times she noticed he was gone, was when someone else pointed it out to her. Please tell me you don’t think that is what makes a “good mom”.

        • My kids are 14, 12, 8, 5, and going to be 3 in December. The older ones do try to sneak off but been there done that it doesn’t work so good. My point is that it never shows him sneak off or what he says to her or Rick. For all we know he could be telling Lori he is going with rick or something. Her and Rick doesn’t communicate good enough to know if he would be lieing about that. That’s how me and my husband do it we always communicate.

          • Tapeawa Fortner,

            That is where I lay most of my blame on Rick is that he did not communicate with Lori about Carl. They each seemed to act as if the other was watching Carl or keeping him in line. Rick, understandably, did not have as much time to keep track and take care of Carl, and Lori did not even attempt to pick up the slack. She should have had that boy beside her at all times, having him do chores like laundry and making lemonade.

            But instead she berated Andrea for wanting to be more proactive in protecting the group.

            Rick failed at parenting for he was overwhelemed with the group. He should have found some time to discuss with Lori what need to be done to keep Carl safe. But didn’t. But Lori not only did not discuss with rick what need to be done to protect Carl **, but sha also did not try to keep track of Carl so as to protect him.

            ** Yes she did complain to Rick that Carl was getting “hard” and changing so he was no longer their little baby. But there was no discussion of what to do with Carl to keep him safe and to give him some responsibilities.

            • Communication would of solved a lot of problems. They both should of took it more seriously especially after the first time of him sneaking off. When that happened they should of took the time right then to come up with a plan of keeping a better eye on him. Both needed to spend more time with him and let him help out more then he wouldn’t of been so.bored and wouldn’t of felt the need to sneak off to stuff. Doesn’t matter how busy you are that should of been number one on both of their minds.

        • But for hours at a time? I admit, the writers of this show really fall short for not explaining why Carl is always wandering around, but because that information is missing you can’t really say that Lori is doing something about it either. What we do know is that the group has very structured chore lists that don’t include the kids. There have been many scenes that show Lori not allowing Carl to help out with day to day work. Many times when Carl goes missing, Lori knows that a large portion of the group is gone off into the woods doing something, and that Carl is not allowed to join. Even if she had sent him to go chop wood, that doesn’t excuse her not checking up on him for 5+ hours.

          There are times where every member of the group is inside the house, and it’s dark outside, and Carl is missing. And yet Lori is clueless. Can you honestly tell me that you would do the same? Or would you be like, “Where the heck is my kid?!?” Then ask other people if they’ve seen him. No Lori never does that, and I’m sorry but I lived out on a farm and we are 5 in total to, my parents always knew where I was. And to be honest, I was a brat, and I always snuck off into the woods. I hid from my mom because for some reason as a child I was retarded and thought it was funny, even though there were black bears all around our house.

          My parents would work dawn ’till dusk, and yet they seldom lost track of the 5 of us, and there were only 2 of them. IMO Lori is a bad mother, she only has 1 kid to look out for, and has an entire group to support her. If she had to look out for any more kids, they would probably be dead. My mom got fed up with me slipping away to climb trees in the woods, so she made me help her in the garden. Keeping me busy, and in sight. When I did slip away I couldn’t have been gone for more than 20 minutes before my mom caught me, I still don’t understand how she always found me so quickly. Lori has no excuse, she’s just a bad mom, and a bad person. But we’ll agree to disagree.

          • I hold both of them at fault there except for when rick is gone and isn’t there to know he wondered off. But again like I said if either of them would of bothered to sit down and discuss what they need to do to make sure Carl is around at all times and no where to het hurt or worst, things would of/could of been different. The first time he wondered off both should of took it at hand to have a long talk with him. And there was lots he could of helped out with that would of kept him out of trouble. And personally me if I was in that situation all of mine would have stuff to do with me right there by them helping out or at least within eyesight of me. They would of been to preoccupied to even think of sneaking off. At before the sun went down they would be inside by me cause in the dark it is harder to see if something is walking up. And I would of had the other two learning how to shoot a target with Shane since he was a good teacher. Which they know how to shoot but would need to learn to hit their target. But I find faults with both as far as parenting goes. But everyone makes their mistakes.

    • “All the women”? Last time I checked a lot of the people here (including me) that are tearing Lori a new one are women. I’ve only seen a few women trying to justify her actions, even if they’re not supporting them. Most of the guys I talk to about this show all seem to jump to Lori’s side, (some bull about a woman in need, and how she’s the only attractive woman left) and yet skewer Carol despite the fact that she’s the better written character (because she’s unattractive).

      As for the Alpha/Beta male comment. Do you know how tribal dynamics work? Even if you’re looking at life through this outdated system, you’re still kinda wrong about your assertion. Shane was the Beta in every sense, sure he was a Beta trying to assume the Alpha position, but because he was Beta he was killed. Shane was the Beta male to Rick when they were cops, and Shane immediately lost leadership to Rick the second he walked into the group. Rick didn’t even have to fight him for it at first, the entire group recognized him as the new leader, and Alpha male, including Shane even if it was begrudgingly. Rick emitted a presence of Alpha just by walking in, where as Shane had to constantly assert his dominance though physical violence.

      It’s like watching a pack of dogs. The previous “alpha” who has to constantly attack other members to assert himself isn’t actually alpha at all, they’re just a dominant beta. Where as when a new male enters can take over the pack just by being in their presence. Shane lost the entire group, as well as Lori (the alpha female) in a matter of confrontation free hours because everyone in the group instinctively saw Rick as the Alpha male over Shane. I don’t know where you learned about group dynamics, but you seem to be confusing Beta behavior for Alpha behavior. In almost all group animals, especially dogs, large cats, and primates the Alpha is almost never confrontational because they don’t need to be. In the case of Silver backed gorillas the younger males fight between themselves, but the Alpha clears his way just by being there.

      Beta’s feel the need to always try to “prove themselves” and broadcast their perceived dominance. What use are such tactics to a male that is already Alpha? He has nothing to prove. If you don’t believe me, go to your local dog park, it’s almost laughable. Small beta dogs running around barking, growling and pacing like mad trying to establish their dominance over other dogs. Then you see the true alpha walk onto the scene, and the entire pack swarms to it. Their tails go down, and the betas stop trying to establish dominance because they know there is no competing with the clear Alpha who is quiet, and almost dismissive of the other dogs.

      Shane was only the Alpha of the Betas, running around, yelling, pacing, and intimidating the other members to keep his delicate hold on leadership. Then when he tried to challenge Rick for leadership the group refused him, and he tried to tuck tail and leave. When he didn’t he tried to kill Rick to regain dominance over the group, and he was killed. No one in their right mind would say that the dead dog was somehow the Alpha after a dog fight. The beta fought the alpha and died, it’s as simple as that.

      • Completely agree with you on this.

  21. Writers figured out that they need to purge these useless characters Horray!

    1. Lori wasnt the most useless or repugnant character however she needed to go, she was an unfortunate side effect to the real useless character.. RICK.
    2. Now they just need to Purge RICK and all the horrible things of the previous seasons can be a bitter memory we can put behind us.
    3. Id like to Vote for either Darryl or Glen to take over leading the group.
    4. Id like Morgan Jones (that first guy Rick meets when he left the hospital) to join the group and suddenly, we have a winning combination!
    5. Michione and Andrea coming back to the fold, will be badass
    6. I hope Carol is dead, shes useless, a bad mother, a bad survivor, nothing but irritation and hate for her character, Shes far worse than Lori IMHO, having her and Darryl be together is a horrible thought, Id rather he hook up with an undead.
    7. RIP T Dog Theo, your character was not very well fleshed out and I actually had to wiki you to get your name, sorry that I had no interest in you. You couldve been good if the writers did a better job.
    8. The most irritating thing bout this season, is how they figured out that the farting around they did concerning morality, and Family dynamics plus Relationship Drama was not a survival response to the situation, they arent living in the world that was, but as it is now. The fact they took that long to figure it out, and another 9 months on top of that, is STUPID.
    9. SHANE WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG. AND RICK WAS WRONG! The fact RICK is trying to Recreate SHANE by channeling him is proof enough. You need to have something to work with before you can work on it, survive first worry bout the rest later. You dont have a world to rebuild when your all infected.
    10. Psycho Leader the Govenor seems interesting altho a bit to contrived, it would be nice to have someone that is actually too good to be true and really be good. lol
    11. This group would be shitting themselves if these zombies were like those on Resident Evil or I am Legend or 28 days later. The fact so many of them die from these slow zombies shows how pathetic the group was to begin with.

  22. Im soooooooooooooooo glad Lori is dead. I hated her to begin with. She got what she deserved!!! Point blank!!!So lets see…she allowed Shane to manipulate her feelings and obviously it showed her weakness for not only herself but for her husband. And what got me the most about Lori is that she wanted Rick to get mad at her and show that side of himself to her. She said and did a lot of wrong things to Rick through out the series and now she is dead and is inside of a stomach. Good ridens Lori!!!!!!!

  23. Lori’s someplace better, and its Ricks fault in part, and now he’s all crazy and useless to his biological and extended family. His fault? Make sure the people you lock out to be killed by walkers are actually dead, not assumed. Rick knows that the walker overrun that Andrew let loose was directly related to not killing Andrew outright, and in the end, it separated him from his wife/new baby at the time they needed, need Carol and Hershel. Rick’s made a lot of good decisions to keep them all going, but just one misstep and you’re digging multiple graves. T-Dog, . . . the writers hardly knew you but at least sent you off stronger than prior seasons content. Carol, you became less annoying . . . I still hold out hope you made a clean escape even if your head scarf didn’t . . . off screen deaths, . . yeah like Andrew….

  24. I really can’t knock the decisions people make in this post apocalyptic environment. Reality or not, people make stupid decisions and sometimes they just don’t think things through. I can understand that Lori had feelings for Rick and Shane (especially since she thought Rick was dead), and that given the circumstances; she may not have been able to contain her emotional response when Rick explained how things went down. It seems like in Season 3, Lori had realized her mistake and was hoping to mend things between her and Rick. It’s really too bad she had to die. Sarah Wayne Callies is a beautiful woman and probably more than a man could hope for in a post apocalyptic world. The biggest problem I have is the situation with the Zombies. If everyone is infected and will turn if they die, what causes the acceleration when a Zombie bites them? Do they have venom? I mean if the person is already infected and they are going to turn anyway, how does a small superficial Zombie bite suddenly give them a fever and cause them to die and turn if superficial wounds not caused by bites (Like T-Dog cutting his arm on a piece of metal) have no effect?

    • Karl:

      “The biggest problem I have is the situation with the Zombies. If everyone is infected and will turn if they die, what causes the acceleration when a Zombie bites them?”

      Well, the zombies/walkers are dead, they are rotting away, though slowly.

      In the real world, a bite by a human or animal can cause an infection unless you clean the wound, and still in some cases get anti-biotics from the hospital. Untreated, these real world bite infections can kill if left untreated.

      In TWD, the bites from the walkers is especially virulent and seems to be immune to anti-biotics. The bites from walkers do not turn you into a zombie/walker, it just kills you. Once dead, you will turn to one of them unless some one destroys your brain.

      • I have some problems with zombie logic in this show to, but I have to disagree with how you’ve put it. The complaint about the anti-biotics would only make sense if the infection was due to bacteria. Anti-biotics are useless against fungus, viruses, and parasites. Although, it could still be a strain of bacteria. Remember that anti-biotics are not all the same, and bacteria are not all the same. Certain types of anti-biotics do not work on certain bacteria, and while there are certainly wide spectrum anti-biotics, they certainly do not work on all bacteria. Even in cases of “super bugs” where their anti-biotic counter parts no longer are particularly effective because they’ve become resistant/immune over time.

        The only way how their zombie logic makes sense is if it is a bacteria, a virus, or a fungal infection. Parasites wouldn’t make sense with this. However, the way they’ve described it, my money is on a fungal infection because it’s almost like they were using fungal meningitis as a blueprint. Dormancy until death or direct contact with a live sample would make sense if it is indeed a type of dormancy. The infection could enter a host, and lay dormant for a prolonged amount of time. Either inactive, or in too few of number to effectively overwhelm the bodies defenses staying active for only enough time to multiply, but not greatly affect host cells.

        Reanimation after death would make sense in this case because the body’s natural defense would be inactive and the infection would be able to work unhindered. In the case of being exposed to a live/dominant sample from a bite or otherwise this theory would make sense as well. With dormancy/inefficiency samples can live relatively undetected for prolonged amounts of time. But upon the introduction of an activated strain the dormant variants can be activated. It is very possible based on the show, that some people were infected with an aggressive strain of whatever is causing the zombifications, while others were infected with a more docile variant. See Fredrick Griffith’s experiments with viral strains and mice for a simple version of this. When the aggressive strain meats with the docile strain, it changes it’s passive counterpart into an aggressive state.

        I could go on and on, but this is the most “realistic” explanations based on various methods of contagion that could offer up a reason for the high virulence upon being bit.

        • Ayanna,

          It may be bacteria, fungal, viral, supernaturual, act of god, act of space aliens or something else.

          But what we do know is, if you die, and that death does not cause your brain to be destroyed, you will turn into a Walker. It does not matter if it is a bullet to the heart or a walker bite, when you die, you will re-animate.

          A walker bite does not make you turn into a Walker. That is going to happen no matter what. There is no need to say that the bite turns you into a zombie for you will turn into a zombie no matter what.

          But we do know, if one gets bit, they will die from an infection, like a virulent gangrene. It is fairly quick, a day or two instead of weeks. And Anti-biotics, the most common drug prescribed for infection is useless, be it the infection being a super-bacteria or something like viral or fungal in nature.

          Now, is the infection caused by a bite the same infection that causes the dead to wander the earth? Maybe, maybe not. I like to think not, for we do not need to be turned, but I could always be wrong :) But if it is two separate infections like I believe, then maybe the CDC and others like it around the world chased the wrong infection and know absolutely nothing about what causes the dead to turn into flesh eating ghouls.

          • I don’t mean to be argumentative, but I have to disagree with the two separate infections. It doesn’t make sense because they would have to be apart of the same life cycle. Whatever is killing them from the bite would have to be the same thing that they are infected with otherwise it wouldn’t work so quickly. But it’s not like the writers for this show really fact check so it could be anything. After all, they were trying to push that the morning after pill could somehow cause an abortion in a later term pregnancy. Or like when they said they couldn’t cauterize Hershel’s leg because it wouldn’t stop the arterial bleeding (Which is BS). They instead chose to sew up the stump of a leg (facepalm) which magically worked. Over seas, when people get their limbs blown off by IED’s they use something called “Quick Clot” which chemically cauterizes wounds, it is just about the only thing that will save someone’s life if they’ve had their leg blown off, that or 7+ tourniquets.

  25. Something is telling me lori is alive. I really don’t believe Carl shot his mother. I bet carol found her and helped her into a safe area to help close her wounds and tend to her. Lori just passed out from the pain but didn’t die. Carl shot the ground but not her. This is what I believe happen but I hope the character lori was killed off the show cause to screw ricks best friend before rick arrived was whore like. I lost respect for her after that episode a ways back. WHORE!

    • She thought Rick was dead, dude. She found comfort in his best friend; I’m certain they both mourned his death together. Or Shane took advantage of her in her emotionally distressed state. She wasn’t a whore, she made a realistic decision. I’m certain your mother would do the same thing in that situation. I guess, in your mind, she would be considered a whore too?

  26. I don’t think they should have killed Lori off…A lot of people love her… I am thinking abou quit wating the show because obviously these people don’t know how to produce the show… I thought she was alive and that she left or Carol got her until I saw the bloated zombie with her hair…the only reason that i watched the last episode was because the baby lived and that there could have been hope for lori… the only way she could be alive now is if rick thought that zombie ate her but it really ate someone else… but she is dead and there is nothing we can do and episode 5 of season 3 will probably be the last episode i will watch because i have had it with the stupid desicions they have made…they killed dale t-dog and lori aand i liked all these characters a lot and think that they should not have killed her off. Lori was probably my favorite character and she had the female lead role. so unless they bring her back i think i am done with the walking dead… I think that whoever did episode 304 is quite stupid and if they are gonna kill off all the god characters then they should be fired from producing episodes and working on tv…Also i like carol to and if i find out that killed her i know i will quit watching … they are pissing me off with all the stupid desicions and i am not going to watch this unless somehow they decide to bring lori back which like i said i think it is impossible to do at this point…So way to go you idiots there is a way to turn a good tv show into a f****** hell hole

  27. Lol. All the bad drama, that existed in Season 2 of the show, has officially spilled out into the real lives of the viewers who blog on this site.

    Wow, this blog has officially become more dramatic than the show. Between the “I gonna hold my breath until Lori comes back” crowd, and psuedo-science rhetoric of how the virus actually works.

    I would like to thank everyone here for the entertainment. Soon this blog will be officially BETTER than the show itself.

    So now let me add my own dramatic interpretation. Lori is NOT the alpha female. Alpha females know how to lead and command respect, which the writers did not give Lori that personality. What the writers gave us was a woman who was weak, by giving into Shane after such a short period time after Rich was presumed dead, and weak in the sense of not knowing the whereabouts of her son at any given time, and weak by learning survival skill immediately, but instead preferred to mimic “Betty Crocker the Zombie Warrior.”

    Season 3 started up with Lori and Carol finally having some fighting skills, as the writers wised up and realized “The Days of Our Zombie Lives” was ridiculous. I am very happy to see the advancements of Season 3, with or without Lori. Carol, in my opinion, was written as a morally worst character than Lori. Carol allowed her husband to abuse her and her daughter Sophia in Season 1.

    The pain that Rick is feeling from the lost of Lori is what Carol should have felt in Season 2, from the lost of her daughter Sophia. There is nothing more emotionally painful than than your child dying. Ask anyone who has lost a child.

    As a side note, I don’t think the writers are as thoughtful as the fans are regarding creating any type of realism behind the infection itself. I think they are winging it and feel because it is fiction, they don’t have to make anything truly realistic. I will continue reading your post, as I find them interesting. Maybe a few of us should get together and write our own Zombie novelette.

    • Ugh, please don’t attempt to write a novelette. I can tell just from reading your comment that it would suck. Your characters would all be the same, no sense of development or realistic downfalls as human beings. Just a bunch of lame Mary-Sues. Please stick to writing paragraphs on blogs; I’m afraid a career in writing wouldn’t take you anywhere.

  28. “The abortion pill is sometimes confused with the emergency contraceptive pill (also called the “morning after” pill or Plan B), which is used to prevent a pregnancy if you have unprotected sex, or your chosen method of birth control fails. Emergency contraceptive pills have no effect if you are already pregnant.”

    Just letting you know, the pills Lori took, would have done nothing, therefore. But I guess they wouldn’t know that. But people should.

  29. I think Rick is a bad husband and father. He doesn’t keep his eye on his son either. He doesn’t care about his baby. He left Lori by herself knowing she could have that baby any day. Andrea said she was roaming with Michele (?) for 8 months so Lori should have been near having the baby.
    They should have gotten more medical supplies for Lori when she did have her baby. Everyone was walking around like she wasn’t pregnant. And Hershel who got his leg chopped off survived the infection? Like why save him? And then they didn’t get extra supplies for Lori.
    And Rick seems to be the only one walking around filthy. Why everyone else looks clean but him? And he was like that before lori’s death. And what’s funny Maggie had bloody hands and seemed to cleaned them right after handing the baby over and entering the car. Somewhere after in another scene her hands looked cleaned.
    I know they wanted to kill Lori cause in the comics she died. But it’s just stupid the way they did it. I just expected a more realistic view. Perhaps if Hershel was there instructing Maggie what to do and then those zombies got in and attacked would of been more logical. And then she passed out and they thought she died and then got the baby out while others were fighting the zombies. They save the baby and Rick tried to get her to a safe zone not believing she was dead and then she was attack.
    Now he’s running around like a madman. It’s kind of sweet cause the way he was acting with Lori but not really believable for me.