‘The Walking Dead’ Producer Responds To ‘Annoying Lori’ Critics

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UPDATE: ‘Walking Dead’ Star Admits Lori Never Redeems Herself

While The Walking Dead season 2 may have ended with viewers clamoring for season 3, there were still problems that fans had with the past season of the series. Specifically one person: Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies).

Speaking to the press following The Walking Dead season 2 finale, executive producer Glen Mazzara discussed the fans’ not-so-positive opinion of Lori Grimes, as well as what they plan to do with her and Rick’s relationship next season.

Here’s what Mazzara had to say:

I think Lori is a compelling, interesting character. I think she is realistic in a lot of ways and she’s certainly a character that people are talking about. So I don’t find her irritating.

I think it’s interesting that people are so focused on her and I think the work ahead of that is to see where the – in Season 3, we really have to look at the Rick, Lori relationship and what it means that, you know, she put Rick and Shane in motion to try to kill each other. So that’s an interesting place to start and we’ll certainly examine that character.

But, you know, I don’t know if we really need to start creating false [story] beats to make her more likeable. That’s not part of the plan.

Whether you love her or hate her (or really hate her), there’s certainly a pronounced divide in the series fan base when it comes to Lori. As the survivors move to the prison (with the Governor), Rick and Lori’s relationship will be put to the test. And while there’s no way to know for sure if Lori will become less “annoying” as The Walking Dead season 3 progresses, she certainly does have intriguing storylines coming up.

the walking dead season 3 lori The Walking Dead Producer Responds To Annoying Lori Critics

Continuing, Mazzara touched upon the fans’ criticism of Rick and Lori being terrible parents and how they’re unable to keep track of their son Carl:

There have been scenes where he’s sitting under a tree, he’s whittling and the kid is obviously bored and trying to find out what else is going on in this camp.

I don’t know if it’s plausible that he would always be within her eye line or wouldn’t he, like most boys, try to give mom the slip and go out there and get in trouble? That feels plausible to me. If it means that she’s a horrible parent, or Rick’s a horrible parent, well, it feels real to me.

So I hear that criticism but it kind of feels like it’s not really thinking it through to the way we are. It makes sense to us and if people don’t like it, well, then we’ll have Lori lock him in a cell when we get to the prison and won’t have any story for that character. So I don’t know what else to do. We’re trying to tell interesting stories here, you know.

While you may not agree with what Mazzara has to say, you can’t deny that he has certainly thought out both issues and made an honest effort to justify his position.

For The Walking Dead, season 2 was a necessary progressor to the greater overall story. Sure, there are a few storylines that felt a bit long, and a farm isn’t exactly the most compelling visual setting, but it was needed in order to get the characters to the place they currently are.

And with the Governor and Michonne coming up next season – not to mention a wonderful prison environment – The Walking Dead season 3 may very well be the best season of the series so far.

…of course, for some, that may be dependent on whether or not they lock Carl up in a cell.

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The Walking Dead season 3 premieres October 2012

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  1. We don’t need any more of this relationship b******* that drags the show down just focus on getting the characters actual character development.

    Rick was not a better man than Shane not even close it’s a shame Shane died he is very underrated.

    He mostly kept season 2 from becoming total s***. It’s just bunch of blind haters that probably doesn’t even know what character development is if it bites them in the ass.

    He was the best character that had character development Daryl is overrated once he became a nice guy all of a sudden people love him to death don’t get me wrong he is my 2nd favorite character but his development and everybody else except Shane in the 2nd season was s***.

    I prefer the characters personality in the first season 2nd season downgraded it a lot you have to be blind not to see it. I don’t care about Rick or Lori I hate them both I didn’t had a problem with them in the 1st season but in the 2nd season they both suck.

    • I think that she has stood by Rick with every decision, and I think she needs to stand by him with, him killing shame!!

    • I think that she has stood by Rick with every decision, and I think she needs to stand by him killing shame!!

      • nooo way!! she made Shane fall in love with her, she had relations with this man, he loves her son to death.. and soon as her husband comes back she want to pretend as if none of that happen… no way!! she is a wh0r3 to me and i cant wait to see her die.

    • I sooo agree with you, im currently re watching the 1st and 2nd series and all i keep saying is “why did they make shane die?” he was the best charcter. When he sacrificed the fat guy i think it was totally justified and needed its either him or the kid??? Shane to me, his charracter is sooo much better than Ricks, they never should of let him go..

  2. Lori and Rick are the worse characters ever. They have to go and they must never come back. Lori ending up pregnant destroys the series. Pregnant characters in a zombie apcolaspes die faster than a fly as it is known in zombie series plus to add the fact they are more stupid too. Who really wants to see that? I rather watch resident evil that has clones children the a pregnant slut character.

    • You are so retarded.

    • Yes i cant beieve she gets pregnant.. If she does not die in the 3rd series im gona be soo upset, because that will not be realistic.. a crying new born omg im getting annoyed thinking about it. I would of loved to seen Shane and the Blond girl run the group would of been better.

    • lmao i want Lori to die, she is a pointless nag, who got the best charcter killed Shane!!!

    • THANKYOU!!!! Whyyy does everybody HATE Lori?? I love her character in the series, That’s the type of women I’d love to be! Shane needed to die, he lost his mind; OBVIOUSLY. And you dont let psychos around your chidren. I hope Rick and Lori work it out… AND I WILL FLIP IF SHE DIES, and the baby… D:

  3. Lori is a manipulative little b****. I had the peak of hatred when she throws disapproval at Rick for eliminating Shane when she is the one who literally asked him to do it ! And the kid’s very annoying too, he’s got his mama’s awful traits. I feel bad though thinking about Sarah Tancredi and how good a character she was in Prison Break and how I used to like Sara Wayne for portraying that character. But now I can’t ever be Sara Wayne’s fan.
    (Truth be told, she is a terrific actor, well it does take great acting to bring in this much hatred !)
    This is my first ever zombie movie/tv show and I now know it’s not just puerile and full of s***. The very idea of a post apocalyptic world is so thrilling.
    In Walking Dead I do feel that romance between Maggie and Glen is the best part. It is so genuine and pure. Lauren Cohan is the best actress I’ve seen off late. I can’t get enough of Maggie’s dialogues. I play them back again and again just to enjoy her majestic accent.

    • carl isnt anything like lori. when carl got shot and was recovering all he could think about was sophie. carl has more heart and soul like his father. lori is a good person when she’s not taking sides…

      remember how the blonde chick i forgot her name want to have a gun and not be useless, when she got mad that lori had a gun and she couldnt, lori gave her the gun to make peace… so lori isnt a bad person, she just likes being the alpha female. she was when she was with shane and again when she is with rick.. its all about the power… but other than that, lori can be a kind person. and you have to remember, carl is more like his dad rick then his mom. carl has a good and kind heart and soul like rick. and he’s a kid trying to survive in a zombie world. his friend sophie just died. he has no one to play with but is imaginary friends… what would you do if you were in carl’s place???

    • I like maggie & glenn too, don’t kow about Lori being a good actress (how she responded to Rick telling her Carl killed Shane wasn’t that convincing). the kid Carl is a terrible actor. The season closing episode, where he’s doing the “whe whe where’s mom” thing. Couldn’t they get a better take than that? The Lori & Carl duo … perhaps Michonne will kill them, if she has a temper its highly likely 😉

    • Yea i agree with you.. but I hated her in prison break to.. its like any time she is in a relationship with someone “the best characteres” they die or get hurt because they love her.. it sucks..

  4. im not surprise the comic book story wont always be in the show on tv, cause the writers of tv shows have a different method of how the tv show should go. so if you are a true comic book reader of the walking dead, dont be too shocked when the comic book story isnt always in the tv show story…

    i like lori, but i was angry and tearful when she turned her back on rick at the end of season 2. she kept emotional damaging shane cause he wanted lori and she’s like, (haha, you cant have me anymore) and shane snapped. shane was the alpha dog before rick came back and then shane had to be the beta dog and then he lost his leadership, and lori and carl. and yet lori was teasing shane that’s why he snapped… (lori shame, shame)

    and then rick and shane had to go head to head and when lori and carl found out the rick had to pull the trigger lori looks at rick in a disgusting way.. i was mad. who would turn their back against rick. he risks his life, and everything for that group. the poor guy got out of a coma in a zombie world. that’s alot to take in…

    i think rick grimes is super awsome!! i hope he gets a girlfriend.. its a zombie world so i believe you can stop seeing your wife and call that a divorice…. cant wait for season 3…

    i think lori is carrying shane’s baby. the timeline fits. she got pregnant before she was with rick. i wonder if the baby will look like shane. rick would be like (that’s my baby) and the baby looks exactly like shane!

  5. the difference between shane and rick is?..

    shane was shoot first and ask questions later..
    rick was ask questions first and shoot later…

    2 alpha males.. not a great combination…

    how much can a sane man take before he becomes insane?

  6. i like the people we seen in season1 and season2. the good people in the group are my favorite. my 2 favorite guys so far are rick and daryll. cute guy with arrows. and his tracking ablities are super awsome!!

    the others in the group i hope stays around for a long time. but its a zombie world and the mayor coming anything is possible..

    the show needs more romance. romance is like they still living in a zombie nightmare.. romance, jealousy, all the good story stuff… i think the show should be 50% zombie stuff and 50% romance, jealousy, living stuff… like a soap show in a zombie world…

    • I personally think Lori liked the idea of two of the “leaders” of the group chasing her(like a little girl) and when she found out Rick killed Shane she knew that chasing was ended… This is why everyone hates her! I like Lori and Rick so I was happy and hoping for Rick to kill Shane. I can’t wait for the season premier tonight!

      • dear @peoplearewalkerstoo,

        reallY?! you think the writers of the character “Lori” secretly like the male leader chasing her like a little girl?! really??

        cause the make believe character “Lori” has no feeling beyond what the writers give her.

  7. I love how casual they all are now. And they finally gave the kid a gun- more like a hand cannon! NICE!

  8. My family and I agree that Season Two devolved into a pedestrain soap opera, costing the series dearly in terms of maintaining viewer interest; my husband, for one, refused to watch more than the first few episodes. Writers, please save the love triangles, suicide vigils, and petty infighting for the daytime dramas. We also agree that the Lori character is despicable and should be “killed off” in order to improve the story; there is no way to redeem her now. We feel that dropping the Shane character was a mistake, for he added energy and momentum to many scenes, and we were very sorry to see Dale removed as he was a compelling character who provided emotional and behavioral insight relating to the group members. We would love to see more science brought into the story, and we had hoped this was the purpose for taking the survivors to the CDC at the close of Season One. We were astounded to see the the demise of the Jenner character, who would have been an excellent source of scientific explanations as to how animated corpses continue to exist despite their lack of cell respiration and the destructive action of autolysis (wouldn’t they all be reduced to sludgey messes by now?). We also wonder how they can growl, moan, and roar without the benefit of working lungs; and, by the way, as they lack thermogenesis, do they freeze during cold weather? Essentially, it would be nice to find a way to explain how zombies can violate the laws of biology. We hope Season Three brings us an improved story: no more Lori, less drama, and the inclusion of more science. Thanks.

  9. Hey, This is an awesome series, especially the life like zombies. Wicked addition to the cast, new lady. I hope it goes for more of the technical route. Thanks all.

  10. The comments clearly show people have no damn understanding what the show really is. The show is a drama, season 2 was ALL drama, if you hated season 2, you hate the show. The show is not about zombies, its about the living characters and how they deal with the new world they found themselves in. This show is a drama above all and that is exactly what season 2 was.

    Those bashing Lori are stupid, Shane told her her husband was dead because he loved her and wanted her. What is she supposed to, when her husband who is supposed to be dead, just shows up one day alive and well? A person has no choice but to go on after the loved one died, they don’t just stop loving people. She was a severely conflicted woman, and really acted just like any other woman did who was put into the same situation.

    Lastly, of course things will be different from the comics. If you already read the comics, you already know what will happens, so there is no reason to watch.

    • Hi @Jeremy Gordon,

      This where you’re wrong. Categories in movies like “Romance” or “Biography” can be dramas. “Comedy” isn’t true drama (as it should be funny) and neither is “Horror”. “SciFi” can go either way. When I see a “horror show” named after “zombies” then I am expecting “zombie horror” not “Days of our Zombie Lives”. When I want drama I watch “Person of Interest” which by the by, had more horror than the second season of the walking dead.

    • Part 2 of my comments. You wrote: “If you already read the comics, you already know what will happens, so there is no reason to watch.”

      Not true. The reason to see the show regardless of whether or not you’ve read the comics is the same reason I read the Spiderman comics and still went see the Spiderman movies. The experience is different. It’s great, or sometimes not so great (e.g. season 2), to see something come alive with real humans acting out roles.

      Why are you taking peoples comments so personally? I never understand that.

    • I can’t stand when people said Lori had to move on and that justifies having sex with shane.
      If I died and my husband moved on just months later then obviously I didn’t mean that much to him to start with.
      A couple months? Maybe if your a cold witch

      • Chrissy,

        Did Lori have to move on? No.

        But do people, when they lose someone sometimes find someone else? Yes. They do so in order to fill the void and remove the pain. In most cases it only works for a very short time before doubling the pain.

        Lori and Rick were having problems before he was shot. He is shot and Shane, being the good friend is there to support her. Then the world goes to hell and civilization collapses.

        It is in human nature to seek company/protection/love in times of stress. So what Lori has done with Shane, makes sense. It is just that such decisions in the end cause more pain then they ever healed.

  11. Man…How disturbing and sad would it be if Lori’s baby dies prenatal ! I just happened to see a vaguely similar situation in ‘Dawn of the dead’ movie.
    Lori is still annoying (season 3) but I just can’t help but pity her plight.
    Season 3 premiere wasn’t the best but the last few minutes of the episode had material enough to keep me hooked and I love being hooked to a thriller drama. I’ve wanted to see someone cutting down a bitten body part to save life for a long time since I started watching TWD.

  12. I like the sow the way it is obviously Shane (although I liked him) had to die! I love this show but please don’t kill Darl or carol!!

    • The reason Lori was with Shane is cuz she needed protection for her and Carl! Unfortunately things went too far but I think Rick has anger over the fact that another man was there for HIS family . I think this is a pretty good storyline I don’t think Lori is bad I love Rick cuz no matter what he tries to protect his family

    • hi @Alice,

      Have you forgotten Carol was married to a wife beater and child molester in Season 1 (yeah, he asked for one-on-one time with his child that was not comforting in the episode that he got beat up)?!

      Now Carol is coming on to Darryl. Carol: “Pretty romantic. Wanna screw around?”

      Did Carol go look for own daughter — NO, she sent others. What mother does this?! Carol looks like zombie food to me. Hope the writers make Darryl’s character smarter. Have enough boring drama and useless filler in season 2.

      Just saying …

        • hi @N.L.

          A good mother would die for her child, and no one could stop her searching regardless of danger. Even in the animal kingdom this is true.

          A good mother would not stay with a child molester (and wife beater).

          A good mother communicates and watches her child even more when there is a crisis (zombie Apocalypse).

          Most mothers would still be grieving their child instead of looking for the next piece of arse.

          A female dog is a better mother than Carol. Carol was not a good mother — period.

          Pretend like she was an inner city minority mother who spoke Ebonics and see if you’d have the same opinion of her. Pretend like she was 300 lbs and see if you have the same opinion.

    • I agree, I’ve really gotten attached to both of them.

  13. Lori is a good woman she always stands by Rick !! Yeah she made the mistake with Shane but she thought her man was dead and the world was ending seriously who wouldn’t make the same choices she’s made??

    • alice: lori is not a good woman.. she should of not just cut shane off like that after the feelings he developed for the selfish whore the least she could of done is adress it as soon as her husband ame back…

  14. what i don’t get is WHY the hell did she throw up the abortion pills and decided to keep the baby? How sick and strange. I mean COME ON, the world is gone mad and enough have died!! WHy make such a selfish idiotic decision? I like Lori and feel for her, but still, i think it was wrong to keep that baby.

  15. Please don’t kill Lori. I hate her arrogant manipulating guts so I’d like to see a new “love interest” come on the show for Rick. That way the former “miss queen bee with two men wanting her” will have to suffer not only through zombie apocalypse but also suffer watching Rick fall in love with someone worthy of him. I like Rick, SO much better than Lori. I’m sure we’ve all met Lori’s type in real life and it’s always fun to watch them get what they deserve.

  16. What I find interesting is how many people hated Shane. Let’s face it, he was a realist. If he didn’t do half the things he done, they wouldn’t have survived. Go back to the barn scene, if he didn’t let the zombies out to kill them, then no doubt the zombies would have escaped and killed the survivors. Or, they wouldn’t have found out that ladies daughter was in there.

    • hi @Connor,

      I agree with you. Shane did what needed to be done. He honestly thought Rick was most likely dead. I thought Shane should have been the leader in Season 1. I don’t get it either.

      I don’t think people think. I think living people are a lot like zombies — brain dead. If society tells you to think someone is bad — then they go along with the idea without using critical thinking skills. Sure does explain the way the world currently is. Sure does explains why all the stupid and repugnant things people do — like bully the kid that Sandusky raped instead of being angry at Sandusky.

      I think that’s why I like the show. It reminds me of how stupid we are as a society. It shows how being intelligent has a reward of ZIP while being an idiot allows you to escape so many unreasonable situations — as the crowds cheer their brilliance.

      • your not considering Shane after season 1. He seemed like a good asset to the team but Shane lacks diplomacy. Rick was looking for a compromise because that farm belongs to Herschel. Fail spell. When things get heated Shane looses his cool. In a world like that you bet, you are going to have to have the beans to kill. Period. However, when your outmatched and outgunned sometimes you have to survive on your intellect. The dynamic between Rick and Shane is something like a yin & yang. What Rick lacks in taking the initiative Shane has but Shane lacks reasoning. Rick fell into the rut that every politician eventually has to submit to which is doing the wrong thing. That whole prisoner bit and Dale pleading for the kids life meant a huge milestone in the groups morale. The kid said it himself that his previous group took him in. Who is to say that kid couldn’t have offered something to the group? They all chose fear. Shane fed that fear because it was a means of controlling the group. It’s all about power to these people. Rick genuinely is trying to do what is right for the group but he messes up when he gives into fear. Had Dale not died, what kind of people would they have become? In season 3, does any that matter? Fearing thy neighbor is a constant reoccurring factor throughout human history and even in the present. I’m with Dale. He wasn’t fit to be a leader per se, but he has the right idea. If you lose your humanity in that kind of scenario, then whats the point of surviving? Growing bonds with other people and working together to build something worth protecting… That’s what would drive me. The easiest way is not always the best way. It’s when we choose to take the leap of faith and do things the right way, that’s what really matters.

  17. Oh joy Shane is dead! Shane became a limited character as he de-evolved over the course of season 2. There was really only one place to go with him. After Lori chose Rick, (LOVE RICK) he was a bomb with a timer set to blow at the end of season 2. What was so interesting about Shane apart from his anger and madness? Irritating he was, and boring and unwatchable, (not to mention unbelievable) he would become if he did not die. His death on screen was so welcome I found myself pounding my fist on the coffee table in delight. There was no more room in the show for Shane. We all know that there is a new villain in season 3 that Rick, and crew, (Daryll, and Maggie and Glen) will hopefully pound into the pavement. Rick is the hero, and Lori is the mother and wife, (their relationship is vechile for ‘the struggle’ – inner/exterior.
    Producers – The show obviously rocks. Sci-fi fan at heart, (since my mother took me to see Logan’s Run when I was eight) …not a comic book lover or horror fan so much. BUT, I have never missed an episode and am a ‘buy at full price, watch over and over’ type of chick who bought both the DVD and blue ray of both seasons. Has to count for something, especially when you times me by the countless other new horror fans you’ve hooked. Please, do not get rid or Rick, he is the candy and the meat in Zombie-hero land and please keep the fantastic balance you have managed between story and zombie annihilation. The show is so successful not because people kill zombies and zombies look cool, (even though they do!). If that much smaller anti story demographic was satiated, the show would not hold the attention of so many varied viewers. Please don’t kill great cast members to advance plot, just be the great storytellers that you have been so far. And thanks for the show.

    • hi @Annie,

      You were pounding your fist on the coffee table in delight?! That was funny for reasons you may or may not understand. As the Joker would ask: “Why so serious?”

  18. The most idiotic annoying and hated character in TWD is definitely Rick. He constantly makes the wrong decisions I havent seen him do anything right yet, his holier than thou attitude, sanctimonious crap, his moral high ground in a survival situation, his total disregard for his Family as hes always leaving them and never seems to know where they are, his lack of simple common sense or reliability, his constant stupidity has created more trouble than the zombies to their group. Shane shouldve lived and Rick shouldve died.

    BTW how did he become the leader of a group that existed just fine before he came along? I dont know how many times other people have saved him, far more than hes ever done for them, the only contribution hes made is… Not a damn thing.

    There are other annoying characters, Lori, Carl, Carol, especially Carol, shes all kinds of useless, I wouldve killed her off long ago, the enormity of her uselessness makes her prime spot for number 2 most hated, her Family mistakes staying with a man who abused her AND her daughter, then doing nothing but whining and crying when her daughter goes missing, Ive felt like smashing her face in on several occasions, especially for soiling Daryl with her snotty tears, Please kill her off, Please! to the actress who plays her, sorry you got such a character to play, Im really sorry.

    The most Annoying part however, is how they LISTEN to Rick, as far as Im concerned they deserve whatever punishment his decisions create for them. They lost so many because of him, almost got blown up, or eaten, another group of the living almost found them and if not for Shane the group wouldve died several times over. Its frustrating to see the great characters in TWD placed in the background where u rarely get to see why theyre so awesome.

    1. Glenn is intelligent and yet follows a moron like Rick, he went from resourceful awesome quick witted young guy to emo lets be honest dork, playing around with love like a first time virgin. Even though hes been written this way lately, he would still be a far better leader than Rick. Despite his lethal stupidity in following Rick Id still stick to him like glue, his survival ability and quick thinking is far to valuable.
    2. Daryl is survival 101 zombie sensei to follow without question, if it was just Glenn and Daryl in my crew I would have absolutely no worries at all, I just hope I bring enough to the group to be worthy of surviving alongside them.
    3. Andrea, her emo slash wrist moment is long forgotten now, shes just awesome imho, went from victim to zena warrior princess with a gun, in a blink of the eye, for that alone she warrants respect. My admiration only grew when she jumped off the back of a ute filled with the dead to pick up an arm, the gal is great!
    4. Shane, the realist, the man who made the tough decisions, so what if he lacked the ability to own up to them, what he did he had to do, if not for him most of them would be dead already. So what if he got it on with Lori, hes saved them all countless times, instead of gratitude he gets some old man in his face calling him out to be some kind of monster, if I had to pick between Shane and Dale, Id choose Shane hands down. His only crime was wanting to protect Lori and Carl, he stuck by them, protected them, and didnt leave them alone like Rick Constantly does. All the decisions Shane made were the right ones, no matter how foul the outcome, he prioritized the situation and put their group first always. Survive first worry about morality when you have the luxury to do so.

    5. Michone she looks like all kinds of awesome,I cant wait to see how she turns out, Im hoping they dont mess up her potential cause shes oozing epic.

    • I don’t understand how everyone likes Shane so much. He was a murdering jerk, who betrayed his best friend and then attempted to murder him. People talk about how ignorant people (the audience) like the “good” characters in the group. But that makes sense. It’s easy to root for the villain or the anti-hero because they make easy, selfish decisions that always, ALWAYS benefit themselves first. You people really think Shane was only looking out for Carl and Lori because he loved them before anyone else?!? He loved himself, first and most, and so he could cope with the situation of being devolving human, he needed and wanted a family to keep him sane. Well, he couldn’t take it from Rick, because finally the writers allowed him to stand up for himself and become a true leader of the group.

      Rick may have become a murderer by killing Shane, but that was not in cold blood nor was it like he had many other choices if he wanted to stay alive. How many more nights would have passed before Shane tried to murder Rick again? When Rick was extremely weak from giving blood, he was still going to go after Carl’s medical supplies. He is selfless. And as for his several attempts to leave the family, he knows as a leader he has to look out for EVERYONE in the group. And he’s a leader who acts. He goes out and leads by example.

      Today’s society is just as scary as it’s ever been. We love our anti-heroes because its fun to live out fantasies of being the most selfish people — getting whatever we want, when we want it and damn the consequences or stepping on anyone else.

      Dale said it best when he basically said what’s the point of living if we give up humanity? I guess when push comes to shove, I’d rather be Rick than a pyscho like Shane — even if people won’t find me popular.

      • hi @Adam,

        I hear you, but I don’t agree. Yes, Shane was selfish, as almost everyone I’ve ever met. In general, everyone puts themselves first, with the exception most mothers and many dads, as they has something in their life they would die for — their children. Of course when the kids become teenagers, many parents want to kill their kids themselves.

        Shane was true to his self. Shane thought Rick was most probably dead. Shane, like almost every man I know, sought out sex from a person he was attracted (Lori). Shane killed Otis to survive, but many would have, I mean why did both of them have to die? A kids life was on the line. Shane saw the value of safeguarding, gun power, and other survival requirements. Why would the group look for a dead girl when her own mother wasn’t out looking for her?! Shane knew this.

        I think Shane was human and realistic about the situation. They are at war and Shane seemed to be one of the few who knew this. Some has to know tough calls. In the battlefield it is done all the time. Who lives, who dies, who we bomb, who we let live, who we feed, who we let starve. The current presidential elections are about this today. No health insurance who aren’t rich enough to afford it. No birth control. Etc … Shane is a real prototype of an American, whether we like it or not.

        Rick wants to help everyone, regardless of outcome. Rick wants to make Herschel feel good. Rick wants to raise a child that may not be his. Rick wants peace, though it’s obvious it not gonna happen. Rick’s heart is the right place, but that’s not enough to survive a zombie Apocalypse. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” — Bible

        Dale! Imagine Dale as an old meddling woman, cause that is what I saw. He called himself saving Andrea from the CDC explosion, but he gave a rat’s arse for the older black lady who also stayed behind, just the attractive blond. Dale interred with Andrea’s right to choose. Not even God does that. Dale was self-centered, inflicting his own view of right and wrong on others. Dale was a gossip. Dale was completely self-righteous. Dale was NOT anyone’s moral conscience, except for his own delusional ideas of what the group should be doing. Dale was passive-aggressive, which is the worst type. If Dale’s character were female, I don’t think he’d get half the great comments I’ve seen about his character. Lastly, Dale was a complainer. Nobody needs a constant complainer during a war.

        In times of war we may not like men like Shane, but we certainly are glad to have them. That’s why most of us stay home and let someone else’s children fight in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. We can’t make the tough calls.

      • Adam,

        Could not have said it better myself. If the Zombie Apocolypse ever happeens, I hope Rick picks me to be on his team and Nip gets to be on Shane’s

  19. All of you that is calling Lori a whore can go suck one. She thought her husband was dead because Shane told her he was. She never would of been with Shane if she thought her husband alive. When Rick came back she hated her self for being with Shane. But Rick is the man she loves the father of her child so she stands with him. Shane couldn’t accept the facts. It’s his own fault he is dead cause he wanted to kill Rick hoping it would get him back Lori. He was stupid and out of control. He would of gotten a lot more people killed. Rick has gotten the group a lot further then Shane would of cause he would of sacrificed all of them if he thought it necessary.

    • @Tapeawa – You do realize these are fake characters right? Because you seem to be just a bit too emotionally invested. No need to get all riled up.

      Paul Young – Moderator

      • @Paul yes I know these are fake characters. But I can express my opinion just as wsy one else. And someone being called a whore whether just a character being played or not I can’t stand. Especially when there are no grounds to call them a whore. If when Rick came back she was sleeping with both then she would be a whore.

  20. All of you that is calling Lori a whore are wrong. She thought her husband was dead because Shane told her he was. She never would of been with Shane if she thought her husband alive. When Rick came back she hated her self for being with Shane. But Rick is the man she loves the father of her child so she stands with him. Shane couldn’t accept the facts. It’s his own fault he is dead cause he wanted to kill Rick hoping it would get him back Lori. He was stupid and out of control. He would of gotten a lot more people killed. Rick has gotten the group a lot further then Shane would of cause he would of sacrificed all of them if he thought it necessary.

  21. Can someone tell me … Why at the start of Season 3, Rick and Lori are no
    longer speaking. Rick new long ago about her sleeping with Shane. Season 2 they were getting along, but now the “happy” family is over. Why?

    • I would like to know that also.

  22. I believe Lori is a very important role in the show. She adds the drama that is needed between the characters, if there was no Lori I don’t believe the seasons would have been as intense because aside for the constant terror of the geeks, we would t have had the tension between Rick and Shane to add more to the story. The Carl issue is really surprising to me because I’m not sure people realize that they are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and honestly I don’t think with everything going on that your gonna be able to keep track of your son all the time. I think they are doing a great job making this show as intense as possible. Keep it up guys and I can’t wait to see where season 3 goes.

    Riley Anthony

  23. Some have called Lori a whore and I agree. Her husband is barely cold yet and she can’t wait to sneak off to the woods away from the group with his best friend to hump like rabbits? My god but I would hate to have a wife like her.

  24. I hope Rick does not die

    • Cassie,
      I agree. I think that Rick is one of the more interesting characters and for now at least the story works better with him than without him.

  25. I hope Rick dies. Even though the writers have tried to make him a Shane clone LAUGHTER!, they realised they got rid of the wrong character LOL he even fails at being Shane hah! How many months do you think it took him to get to this stage.

  26. 5 bad things Shane did.

    1. Killed someone useful, Otis RIP
    2. Boned Lori
    3. Listened to Rick
    4. Saved Rick
    5. Allowed Useless people to live

    5 bad things Rick did

    1. Got shot twice by standing in the open and being stupid during a gun battle
    2. To much talent in making the wrong decisions
    3. Glen, Shane, Duane, saved him many times mainly from his own stupidity
    4. He got Sofia killed
    5. He compromised the groups safety on numerous occasions, its like he was on the zombies side.

    I could go on, hes got so many bad points.