‘The Walking Dead’ Producer Responds To ‘Annoying Lori’ Critics

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UPDATE: ‘Walking Dead’ Star Admits Lori Never Redeems Herself

While The Walking Dead season 2 may have ended with viewers clamoring for season 3, there were still problems that fans had with the past season of the series. Specifically one person: Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies).

Speaking to the press following The Walking Dead season 2 finale, executive producer Glen Mazzara discussed the fans’ not-so-positive opinion of Lori Grimes, as well as what they plan to do with her and Rick’s relationship next season.

Here’s what Mazzara had to say:

I think Lori is a compelling, interesting character. I think she is realistic in a lot of ways and she’s certainly a character that people are talking about. So I don’t find her irritating.

I think it’s interesting that people are so focused on her and I think the work ahead of that is to see where the – in Season 3, we really have to look at the Rick, Lori relationship and what it means that, you know, she put Rick and Shane in motion to try to kill each other. So that’s an interesting place to start and we’ll certainly examine that character.

But, you know, I don’t know if we really need to start creating false [story] beats to make her more likeable. That’s not part of the plan.

Whether you love her or hate her (or really hate her), there’s certainly a pronounced divide in the series fan base when it comes to Lori. As the survivors move to the prison (with the Governor), Rick and Lori’s relationship will be put to the test. And while there’s no way to know for sure if Lori will become less “annoying” as The Walking Dead season 3 progresses, she certainly does have intriguing storylines coming up.

the walking dead season 3 lori The Walking Dead Producer Responds To Annoying Lori Critics

Continuing, Mazzara touched upon the fans’ criticism of Rick and Lori being terrible parents and how they’re unable to keep track of their son Carl:

There have been scenes where he’s sitting under a tree, he’s whittling and the kid is obviously bored and trying to find out what else is going on in this camp.

I don’t know if it’s plausible that he would always be within her eye line or wouldn’t he, like most boys, try to give mom the slip and go out there and get in trouble? That feels plausible to me. If it means that she’s a horrible parent, or Rick’s a horrible parent, well, it feels real to me.

So I hear that criticism but it kind of feels like it’s not really thinking it through to the way we are. It makes sense to us and if people don’t like it, well, then we’ll have Lori lock him in a cell when we get to the prison and won’t have any story for that character. So I don’t know what else to do. We’re trying to tell interesting stories here, you know.

While you may not agree with what Mazzara has to say, you can’t deny that he has certainly thought out both issues and made an honest effort to justify his position.

For The Walking Dead, season 2 was a necessary progressor to the greater overall story. Sure, there are a few storylines that felt a bit long, and a farm isn’t exactly the most compelling visual setting, but it was needed in order to get the characters to the place they currently are.

And with the Governor and Michonne coming up next season – not to mention a wonderful prison environment – The Walking Dead season 3 may very well be the best season of the series so far.

…of course, for some, that may be dependent on whether or not they lock Carl up in a cell.

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The Walking Dead season 3 premieres October 2012

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  1. Forget Lori, kill Carl!! What a dumba*s. He is the most annoying character on the show by far!

    • no carl is one of the best characters along with rick its shane who’s one of the most anoyying character.

    • Agreed. The kid’s obnoxious.

      • Wrong! Carl is a BadAss! this season. Shane was the best character of the show, besides Rick

    • Carl redeemed himself in my eyes in the second to last episode.

    • and Carl can’t act!!!!

      • Oh I absolutely agree with you. He can’t act. I cringe at how bad Carl is. Please, someone, spend more time rehearsing his lines with him or get him in some acting lessons soon!

        • Chandler is an amazing actor. Look at the intricacies.

      • His acting skills remind me of the kid who played Anakin in Star Wars.

    • Lets just say the walking dead is a good show but as well as a stupid show. Realistically all of them would of been dead quick, but it’s a show it has to have suspense and ends, resident evil 1 the movie on the other hand is 5000 times worse and more realistic survival than the walking dead. Your cornered and no where to go man that sucks. My point is the show has to have stupid things in order for them to survive, they all could of killed all those walkers, if they all went to the barn or made a fire wall and burn them all pretty much. Plus what happen to the melee weapons, they had so many in the previous season 2 episodes. If it was me I would had little holes in the barn so I can yank all zombies =D, just a little neat tricks could help or get rocks and store them at the top that way I can own them from the top. You can even make bundle hay stacks toss them with little fuel and ignite them and throw it. Besides these zombies barely run, if they ran that’s when I say your doomed. But they kinda walk so it’s quite easy to mess around with them. It would be smart to have many farming hoes or make spears, carve it out, stab them for fun and run, you can kill many and have a gun when they are so close. In real life it’s way worse at night without much light, cause I been camping before and it’s pitch black!, you can’t even see s***, being outside is like suicide with zombies lol especially if they run. All I have to say is the walking dead is a great show but stupidity has is sadly makes up for the suspense, I would like more realistic deaths but it’s a show who cares. Resident evil 1 had more realistic deaths and dawn of the dead, they had no chance, what’s so ever. Anyone with me on this point.

      • Jonathan you miss the point of the show entirely.

    • Oh man I agree! I’m prone to hate children in shows like this! All the good shows tend to avoid them cause they’re fuc*king annoying!!! Dexter breaking bad and so on have none and that’s why they are great! Kids overact! Kill Carl! The show touch has a kid but he doesn’t speak yet he’s barely acceptable! No children anymore!

  2. Lori Carl n Andrea are annoying as hell!

    • No, Mazzara. They ARE horrible parents. In this world of death at every corner, (especially after Carl just got shot and Sophia just got killed) you would think most parents would want their children in their eyesight, THAT is more natural. Where the mother (if she gave a crap about her kid instead of wishing she was locked in a pair of chinese finger cuffs) would be overprotective of the kid and THAT would make compelling storytelling because THAT is how we are. Not, oh, yeah, my boy just got shot and recovered and the only other girl vanished and wound up dead, but it’s cool, you know, boys will be boys!! Well, Mazzara, if that’s how YOU were raised that’s your problem but it don’t mean that’s how most people were raised. Ever notice how producers always think THEY know a good story and it usually is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY out of touch with what makes a good story, hence why the writer is almost never allowed on set and the producer changes everything in the editing room, because, after all, that’s where movies are REALLY made…or broken.
      Lori should lock MAZZARA up in a cell (of course, she’d probably sneak in there to keep him company when Rick ain’t around…and definately when Carl ain’t…

      • You have to remember that one of the main premises of the show, as evidenced in the finale, is that they are trying to live some semblance of a normal life. In a normal life a young boy would be wondering around, especially on a farm where they felt safe.

        • They are not in a safe World his wondering around is the reason the old guy is Dead.

      • Helicopter parent alert! Sheesh. Kids are kids, no matter what the circumstances. I hate to think of what can happen to Carl out there on his own so often, but he must learn to fend for himself as must all children. That is what growing up is all about. I teach high school and I see kids who are lazy, helpless, and completely dependent on mommy and daddy every single day. I’m glad Carl is not growing up to be one of them. The only person on the show who could possibly be a better parent is Daryl. Now THAT’S a guy who knows about self-reliance and resilience!

    • Andrea’s a BOSS. Don’t have a problem with her at all. In fact, she’s the most likeable female, imo.

      • Andrea is likeable every other episode. The writers made her do some stupid s***, which was done for the plot & out of character IMO. Most notable is the episode where she shoots Daryl. Completely pointless.

        Alot of my ills with her (and most characters) come from the first half of Season 2 where everybody did stupid s*** and the show suffered from near idotic writing and character development.

        • true, thats what happens when they try to make the seies longer at the last minute.

        • again I have to agree with this comment…the writing on this show is very subpar and there are countless plot holes everywhere …I can’t stand when tv shows don’t give there audiences some credit and this show is very very sloppy from a writing stand point…I think I’m done watching the ‘The Walking Snooze Fest ‘

          • You have no idea how hard it is to maintain interest on a continuous project like this. If you have read the comic then you would know that Mazzara is doing a great job with what little he had to work with.

      • At first i hated Andrea, why? bc she shot Daryl and was a total ass to Dale, but in a way she is coming together and redeeming herself, out of all the females on this show she is the most likeable. I have a feeling that Andrea and Michonne will be killing a s*** load of walkers in season 3, i just hope they dont kill Daryl off or else im done with this show, JK but i will be pissed, seeing how dale was killed off randomly makes me worry about Daryl. (My prediction Merle will be right hand man to the Governer, and he will cut of Ricks hand, lynch T-Dog, and kill Carol causing Daryl to kill his own brother). Cant wait for Season 3.

        • Yeah, Andrea shooting Daryl and becoming all ‘rebellious’ didn’t work for me, but she’s definitely come a long way since then. Her character has at least changed, unlike Carol (the lady who can’t fend for herself) and Lori (the woman who never learns anything).

          • Carol is at least learning how to be useful, Lori causes almost all the problems in the show, including all the grips that people have about Andrea. Andrea wanted to prove Lori wrong, and show that she could do more for the group than make freaking lemonaid, and because of that she ended up shooting Daryl. Daryl being shot was totally Lori’s fault.

        • Very clever!! You might have nailed it!!

    • nah just lori at first andrea was annoying now im really starting to like her

  3. Carl is fine. I don’t have a real issue with him. Lori needs to get blown away or eaten or something. Worst wife mother and lover. Terrible.

  4. In my opinion, Lori and Carol are the least likeable members of the group left. However, I like where the Carol and Daryl storyline seems to be going, so I’d like to see her stick around. Lori needs work; her character doesn’t make much sense to me half the time; she really never seems to think things through.

  5. Oh, and if they ever kill off Daryl, there will be rioting in my living room.

    • @JRM Daryl is my favorite character. If he dies, so does my intrest for this show lol.

      I usually root for the one black guy but Daryl is way to cool. The use of crossbow and making his own arrows is way to cool. Wait, did i say that already lol?

      But s/o T-Dog for getting a record setting four lines in the finale. He even drove the truck!

      • I really hope the writers have something interesting planned for T-Dog, because I really don’t understand why he’s still on the show. Like, what does he do? Lol. The fact that he outlived Dale and Shane is ridiculous. In fact, a part of me feels that even Patricia and Jimmy had more lines than him this season! Hopefully they use Dale’s death as a catalyst for T-Dog character development.

        • lol Woe is T-Dog. There is nothing to do but kill off that character. I hope he suprises everybody with some unknown usefulness or secret novel lol.

        • T-Dog is just showing, that when zombies are around, you need to be very quiet and not cause a ruckus. Cause if you do the Zombies will come and get you.

    • I second that motion.

    • You will have to invite me over, i swear i will kill everyone on that show with a crossbow just to redeem Daryl if they kill him.

  6. She isnt annoying. Dale was a little annoying at times but he is still sensible & good hearted character. (The death of the Voice of Reason shld have an interesting effect on the group) Even Glenn can get annoying with his “first time talking to girl” jitters but he is still cool the rest of his time.

    Lori on the other hand is just a manipulative lying person and by extension a horrible wife and mother. Shane was always messed up in the head but Lori pushed his buttons. I feel she is responsible for his actions. As a mother she is just as bad and twice as disrespectful. The episode where she throws insults at Hershel as the man was preparing to save your son’s life, disgusted me.

    The world was fille with joy when her car flipped over and she was almost Zombie lunch! LOL. Call it bad writing, bad acting or what it really is, Lori is a bad person/wife/mother and viewers would be happy to see her die.

  7. Andrea. SHE IS A BAWSS. Shes my fav 😀

  8. I think Lori’s character is so crucially intwined in the story, and how she influences actions and outcomes is so compelling! Culminating in the scene where (spoiler alert) Rick tells her he killed Shane after she had said he “needed to do something” about the situation shows how emotionally fractured her character has become. She’s part Lady MacBeth and part damsel in distress in a world where clearly the old rules don’t apply any longer.

    And if you think that they would be able to watch Carl all day every day when they live on a huge farm surrounded by woods with no tv or xbox and access to loaded fire arms, you’re nuts!

    • funny, i also drew a lady macbeth-lori comparison durign the last two episodes of season 2. her character is believable, even if unattractive

    • That’s exactly what I expect her to do because she literally does nothing else. Carol only lost Sophia when they were attacked by a herd AND she also watched Carl. Lori never knows where Carl is, and she only notices he’s missing when someone else has to point it out to her. They’re on a farm, it’s more than easy to keep track of a kid. If she wasn’t so busy trying to ensure that Carl would be just as useless as her, s*** wouldn’t be stirred. So many characters tried to offer to let Carl work/learn with/from them and she shot them down every time. Instead she expected him to sit under a tree and be quite all day. If she was doing house chores, why couldn’t she have asked him to help her? That way she would know where he is, and he would become a contributing member of the group. But no, that makes too much sense and would eliminate just another opportunity for Lori to cause problems.

  9. I don’t like Lori. Point Blank Period. She could have waited longer to have sex with Shane, she shouldn’t have reacted so horribly when Rick shot him. Shane lied to her, tried to rape her, and on numerous occasions tried to kill Rick; she needs to move on. As far as Carl, it’s a freaking zombie apocalypse – boys will be zombie food. He should have stayed near people.

  10. I grew up with a city jailer for a Dad. Took me with him to pick up his paycheck once when i was younger than Carl … A prison riot broke out. He tossed me into a holding cell in an unused area of the jail for safe keeping. Maybe it is a good thing I dont have much memory of those 45 minutes. Talk about scared straight!

    Carl better smart his ass up!

  11. I was annoyed by Lori when she got all upset about Shane getting killed by Rick/Carl. I mean the guy was an jerk and threatening, why was she so upset about it? And Carl is annoying because he is always off getting into trouble. Maybe they can’t watch him 24/7 of course, but c’mon, it seems like she is NEVER aware of where he is!

    • No she got mad at Rick when she found out that Carl was apart of Shanes killing, if you watch when he tells her about killing Shane, she knows it was what she said to Shane about having feelings for him that caused Shane to stop. But when the whole Carl thing came up, she got mad.

      • Which still doesn’t make sense. She should have had her eyes on him! And did she forget the part where Rick mentions Shane becomes a ZOMBIE!?

      • Yea that was what I thought at first. Lori had excerting a great amount of effort to keep Carl’s innocence. I saw the look of “OMG! How could you let my baby boy become a killer”.

        But you could see something more of it in the last bits of the scene. It wasnt just Carl is a killer now. It was I loved Shane, maybe even more than she loves (possibly loved) Rick. She is a deceitful one. Tar and feather that hoe!

  12. Lori is the victim of bad writing and Carl is the victim of bad acting.

    I’m still trying to figure out why no one on this show ever bothers to lock their car doors while parked or wield an aluminum bat while feeding the chickens.

    Seriously…If your world had been overrun by zombies, wouldn’t you at least take a “study buddy” with you each time you had to walk into the woods to pee?

    • There is alot of little survivor things I wonder about. Likewhy didnt they re-fuel when they were back on Sophia’s highway. First theing that came across my mind. Refuel, resupply.

      The second is characters not learning from other characters. Like what are you doing in your down time? I would have learned basic mechanics from Dale, how to track&survive from Daryl &how to heal wounds from Herschel. Dont put all your eggs in one basket it fir ti crack and spill out zombie chickens!!!

      Also Herschel using the unlimited ammo code from GTA was fun to watch lol.

      • “There is alot of little survivor things I wonder about. Likewhy didnt they re-fuel when they were back on Sophia’s highway. First theing that came across my mind. Refuel, resupply.”

        They may have, as Rick starts to run out of fuel and it is too late to go looking for more. Means they had been driving all day.

        From them getting back together on the Highway to driving off, alot could have happened that they didn’t show. That is the beauty of telling a story, you do not need to show/tell everything that happened.

        As to the rest of your post, you are dead on.

        • @WailWulf

          Yea, I see what your saying. But it feels like we have to reach to get to that conclusion. I think if Rick had just said a simple “lets refuel and search the cars for any supplies we may have not gathered” and then cut to the driving off. I think an off hand remark would have served the situation better.

          Plus, what about that truck full of water bottles!? Im almost to a certainty that they never got all that idle water lol.

          • They left a ton of stuff on that car too when they drove away.

            One of the problems with this show is just that, they make you assume too much. Like this thing with Carl always being off in the middle of nowhere and no one knows where he is. We can ASSUME he sneaks away from his mother, or hes told to go and do something and he just runs off somewhere else..

            But we never SEE that, we never get scene where he’s yelled at for running away or not doing his chores. Sometimes he’s told to do chores, which he does, but its never mentioned that he’d running off to taunt zombies. Its just like.. no one ever knows where he is, ever. Its always “WHERE IS CARL!!”

            Each episode is quite long, take three minutes to show him sneaking away from a distracted mother or being told to chop wood, half-heartedly hacking at a stump for thirty seconds then walking off. At least then we know they are trying to manage him and he’s rebelling instead of it seeming like they only pay attention to him when there is a catastrophe.

            Same with this, spare a minute or to, or a single line “alright, lets collect all the supplies and fuel we can and get out of here as quickly as possible” -cut to driving- its ONE LINE but it solves all the ‘did they just leave a freeway of supplies and fuel there?” comments.

            • Couldnt agree more. For an hour long show, a lot is left off screen in favor of s*** i dont need or care for.

              BTW You would happen to be my good friend Stephen Hall from HS would you lol? seriously tho.

              • lol, no. That’d be a trip wouldn’t it?

                But yeah.. I mean i’m no expert or anything but..I know that there are things in every episode i could do without, spending ONE whole minute showing me HOW and WHY carl got from the farm house (Where someone should be watching here/he should be helping someone do something useful) to the motorcycle to get that gun and wander off into the swamp to taunt the zombie and lead it back to kill dale..

                That would have gone a long way to removing the image i get that this kid just wanders around all day with no one watching him or giving him anything to do and, you know, supervising him around all these dangerous guns and farm equipment and ZOMBIES…

                Just sayin’

  13. You can tell from this article, and his appearances on Talking Dead, that this guy is frustrated by all the criticism. You can also see that it gets to him because he is (and the other people involved are) trying their hardest to please the fans.

    • I get that feeling as well. But he has to try to look at the characters, not from the perspective of a producer, but from a fan perspective.

    • He’s defensive because the viewers are calling him out on his BS, As the executive producer he oversees the entire production and is responsible for the quality of The Walking Dead. His “it seems natural to me” response is a cop out. I’m a fan of the show but I do tune out when certain storylines are playing out and 100% of Lori’s character is going nowhere. Hopefully they keep to the comics.

      • c’mon playa. Kill the SPOILERS!! Not everyone reads the small print

        • Awe mah bad, lol. -Read up savages!

    • The showrunners from “Game of Thrones” are pleasing the hardcore fans, “TWD” is not. I love the show and I like some of the changes (Shane’s death scene, Sophia) and have really only hated Dale’s death scene. I mean really, a zombie can tear open someone’s stomach but Lori can fight 2 back to back a couple episodes before and come out on top? Dale’s death in the comics was so much cooler and that is the problem I had with the change. If you are going to change something make it for the better, not worse.

  14. There is a HUGE difference between ‘locking the kid in a cell’ and making sure he’s kept under supervision when you KNOW there are murderous creatures and people in the immediate area. Geez. How about giving the kid chores, teaching him to survive in a world that’s gone crazy, teaching him how to use a gun or a bow? I’d love to see Rick or Daryl doing those things, instead of creating fake drama with him running off AGAIN.

    • I totally agree, and thats the thing. Its not even so much that they don’t watch him (at all, which is ridiculous, because he’s always gone for ages before anyone notices) its that he’s around a lot of dangerous things. Farms are dangerous themselves, and there are guns everywhere, and zombies. But they never seem to know where he is “Where’s carl?” “I dunno lawl, maybe he’s with X” Nope! He’s in the swamps with daryls gun taunting zombies!

      Give the kid something to do, something to devote his energy too. Teach him a skill, give him some work with an ADULT around, give him PURPOSE.. God, he shouldn’t be a free-roaming deus ex machina device, which is all he is half the time. He’s provoking something, be it drama or death or something, it seems like its his only purpose and it would disappear if people acted responsibly and controlled him even a LITTLE

  15. Yes she is very annoying! Probably has something to do with her being very inconsistent. Sometimes she seems like a strong charactor and then the next she is as mixed up as Shane. Looking back, I think the writers are trying to make her confused about her feelings. Trouble is these feelings seem to change during the episode.

  16. Lori is annoying, Carl is annoying, and Rick and Lori ARE terrible parents. But that doesn’t mean I want any of them out of the show, or that I would change what they’ve done thus far. Lori messing with Shane and Rick has brought about some great scenes, and Carl wandering off all the time always results in a sh!tstorm.

    That said, I would be happy to see something from Lori in the new season that doesn’t cause a disaster. Maybe she’ll learn from her manipulations and start doing more productive things for the group and her family.

    More badass, less laundry.

    • Rick isn’t a terrible dad, Lori is just a horrible mother. Rick’s busy trying to keep the group alive, and he, as well as all the other guys have so much work to do because of Lori’s antics that keep all the women, (almost half of the group) confined to doing nothing but 50’s house wife labor. Just look at how much Lori flipped out on Andrea for doing sentry duty instead of helping her do laundry and make lemonaid. Lori actually thinks that home comforts are more important to the group’s survival than establishing a secure perimeter. Lori almost single handily prevented 50% of the group from learning how to defend themselves. Andrea and Carl actually had to sneak off to learn from Shane, which is retarded. That should be group skills lesson #1. Furthermore, just look at how much Lori freaked when she found out that Rick was even thinking about teaching Carl how to defend himself.

      Rick is competent, and actually does what he can to be a good father while trying to keep the group alive. Lori is just a useless burden to the whole group.

  17. I haven’t liked Lori ever since she got her head cut off and reattached in Prison Break. That was a bizarre storyline.

    • Yo playa, SPOILER ALERT!! Not all of us read comics. Thanks #Management

      • Really?? I guessed it right? I need to go and actually read the comic now, thanks!

      • Hahaha, that is what happened to her in “Prison Break” the FOX series (he just used her name from “The Walking Dead”). Her comic fate is not that!

        • Hol on. There is a show where people have their head cut off and reattached!? Worth a loook lol

  18. I would gladly trade Lori and Carl for a return of Shane — already thought of a way they could do it. Woman typically watch and copy other women’s fashion accessories, after seeing Michonne’s fashion choice, Andrea will put zombie Shane on a chain. I don’t believe is that good of a shot to have hit Shane in the brain — hence, he could still be the walking dead. BRING SHANE BACK!

    • Hahaha, he has already been cast in another series’ pilot.

  19. Did anyone ever think that maybe their being “terrible parents” is part of the story? In the pilot it’s clear that their marriage wasn’t that great, maybe this is a product of that…

    Just a theory though.

    • I took it that they were having relationship problems. Lori was mad Rick didnt yell at her which basically mean Rick is non-chalantand rather keep a false peace, which is evident in his relationship with Shane. I think Rick atleast was a good parent before the outbreak.

    • I’d like to see some flashbacks of their lives before the apocalypse. It may help make her character more likeable, or at least understandable.

      • I feel its kinda pointless now. It would have been helpful earlier in Season 2 but going into season 3 im moreso focused om the present.

        That bit I got about Laurie&Rick relationship problems came from a season 2 episode. It happens before the opening credits and I think it was the one where Lori tells Rick she is pregnant.

      • They kind of did in 202, with Shane telling her that Rick was shot. I wish they would’ve kept it up. Maybe they will in season 3. Get Shane back somehow.

  20. “So I don’t find her irritating.”
    “So I hear that criticism but it kind of feels like it’s
    not really thinking it through to the way we are.”

    Mazzara comes condescending and arrogant.
    Lori is annoying as hell and he’s not listening.

    He thinks he is smarter and knows more than
    those voicing concerns which just happen
    to be the loyal show watchers and fans.

    • Totally agree..

      “I see all this criticism but i feel like the fans are just wrong, they don’t see it the way we do, so you know, their opinion doesn’t count. Because they don’t know any better!”

      Thats what the comments sounded like to me, it just screamed “Well thats because you’re wrong and you just don’t understand what we’re doing” which is the standard cop-out of any creative team when fans don’t like something, be it art, music or fiction, even video games. “Well you just don’t GET it” No, we get it, we just don’t like it, of course YOU like it, you made it, if you didn’t like it you (hopefully) wouldn’t have made it, but that doesn’t mean everyone will like it and if they don’t its not because we don’t get it, its just not as good as you think.

  21. Just kill them all of and make it about the redneck Rambo.

  22. Mazzara directed the only episode I hated in the series, Dale’s death. The whole stupid scene was his idea, so I am not surprised that he is the one to come out and defend Lori. It seems the bad ideas are coming from him, they need to fire this guy.

    • Greg Nicotero directed that episode.

      • Huh, he was on “The Talking Dead” right after that episode and I thought he had said he directed that episode. He was talking like he personally directed that scene (changes, insight into the effects, etc.). He left a bad taste in my mouth after that, maybe they find a better spokesman than him. He comes off pompous.

        • That was Greg Nicotero on that episode of “talking dead” – Greg is the makeup guru and one of the producers who directed the episode where Dale dies

    • Whoever directed the episode where rick kills shane, i want to talk to him. because i have a question..

      If shane was ‘leading rick to his death’ like, luring him out so he could kill him.. And the visual was amazing, the dark shapes on the field with the moon behind them, it was great..

      Buuuuuuuut.. it seems like Shane led rick all of five minutes away from the farm.. you can literally SEE it after the shooting, Carl is RIGHT there, he didn’t really lead him very far away, or at least it didn’t FEEL very far away, it didn’t feel like they were miles off into the woods where shane could off rick in secret, it feels like hew as just off in the field next to the house.

  23. Lori is not perfect, downright bi-polar and self-centered, good mother/bad mother, cheater, then loyal, then a cheater… easy to hate.

    I think that’s the point. We’re a little too used to the “mother” character being good and true and kind, but there are some BAD mothers out there. A bad mother would be better suited to the zombie apocalypse.

  24. There is no divide. People do not like Lori for very OBVIOUS reasons:
    1. Even with there not being a zombie apocalypse, parents usually keep a pretty close eye on their kids or have someone they trust watch their child. The fact that Lori doesn’t keep an eye on her son when it’s been proven there is a dangerous group of people out there along with creatures that want to kill her son in the most atrocious way possible is absolutely unbelievable.
    2. She has spent the last two seasons placing two friends against one another. She made a mistake & slept with Shane; I can accept that. But she has given mixed signals to Shane since the very beginning. First, she’s angry & wants to cut Shane off from Carl & herself completely. Then, she discovers he wants to leave the situation & get away from her & Carl and she tells him to stay. Then, she lays down the law when it’s discovered she’s pregnant & tells Shane he has no rights to the child, it’s not his, she’s not his, she never felt anything for him & he needs to stay away from her family. She does a complete 180° & informs him that she did feel something at the time, the baby might be his & implies that if Rick weren’t there things would be different. All the while, Lori is pouring poison in Rick’s ear Lady Macbeth style telling him that Shane is dangerous, Shane thinks that she, Carl & the baby are his & that Rick is in the way. And she implies that Shane may kill to protect what he thinks is his.
    3. Her complete reaction to discovering Shane’s death. She heard from Daryl & Glenn that Shane’s story about Randall breaking free was not on the up & up. Rick tells her that Shane planned it so that he could get Rick alone to kill him. He tells her that he gave Shane every opportunity to stop, but he didn’t take it & he had no choice. He also explains that Shane reanimated & Carl was forced to kill Walker Shane to save his life. She appears upset that Rick was forced into this situation, but she shows genuine anger & rage at Rick for Carl protecting his father. Why? If Carl hadn’t shot Walker Shane he would have killed Rick & more than likely went after Carl next. Her reaction makes absolutely no sense. What the HELL did she expect? I can understand her feeling guilty for what she has caused, BUT to blame the one innocent person in this situation is INSANE.

    Her character NEEDS to go. Personally, I think Dale should have lived & Lori should have died. Dale still had TONS of potential story-wise where Lori’s drama just drags the rest of the story down. By killing Dale, the story was given a shot of short-lived morality that is already now deteriorating. Please, please Powers-That-Be, cut the rotting wood off this show & just let Lori go.

  25. Well hopefully when it comes to Lori they will follow the comic storyline on the show next season :)

  26. One of the main story lines this season is how the seclusion of the farm gave many of the survivors a false sense of security. Maybe that is why Carl was given the rope to “explore” a little.

  27. I have to agree with most of the criticisms of Lori and Carl. Their TV show counterparts are far less interesting and far more irritating than the comics versions. Lori simply whines too much about Rick and Carl behaves in nonsensical ways. Why did he cry when he found out Rick killed Shane? That made no sense. He might have been shocked, but wouldn’t have cried. Even worse, I don’t think the actor who plays Carl is up to the task. He looks the part, but his acting is robotic.

  28. Lori isn’t just annoying at this point, she is manipulative and dangerous. She is also a liar.

  29. WOW GLEN… really, you’re going to get snippy with the criticism of how dumb Carl is and how bad Lori is as a Mother. You’re trying to tell compelling stories??? You crawl through most of season two at a snails pace and you can’t film one shot of Carl sneaking away or something distracting Lori as he creeps out of a room… That’s all people want to see… they want some type of reason for Carl randomly all over the place. Don’t get bitter and say stupid crap like maybe we should lock him in a cell and have no storyline. What are you ten years old? Just take 30 seconds or so of the show and film some aspect of Lori just not being dumb. Film Carl sneaking off… yes, we’re smart enough to know that he obviously sneaked away… but once, just for parenting sake, film it. Lord knows you have airtime to fill.

    That all being said I love the show and the second part of season 2 was fantastic. I’m very very excited for season 3. Oh, and Lori sucks.

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