‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Finale Review – No One Makes it Alone

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David Morrissey in The Walking Dead Welcome to the Tombs The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale Review – No One Makes it Alone

It’s safe to say that since the introduction of the Governor, The Walking Dead season 3 has been leading up to a climactic showdown between Philip’s well-armed citizen soldiers and Rick’s group of bedraggled survivors back at the prison.

At the end of last week’s ‘This Sorrowful Life,’ Rick gave everyone at the prison the opportunity to decide whether or not their new home was worth fighting (and probably dying) for, or if they’d simply be better off by cutting their losses and moving on down the road – maybe move in with Morgan and help him build his zombie obstacle course.

Surprisingly, The Walking Dead opted out of spending a significant portion of the season finale showing democracy in action and instead went the bait-and-switch route by insinuating that the group had decided the relative, yet creepy security provided them by the mostly-sturdy walls of the prison were not worth dying over. Carl was seen packing up his belongings and shrugging off his father’s attempts at conversation, leading us to believe that perhaps the vote didn’t go his way and despite his child-soldier protestations, the group was headed for the road once more.

But, of course, that’s not what happened, and it’s also not the only bait-and-switch ‘Welcome to the Tombs’ has to offer.

Chad Coleman and Sonequa Martin Green in The Walking Dead Welcome to the Tombs The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale Review – No One Makes it Alone

Early on, Philip is seen giving someone a brutal beating, which, considering it plays out from the POV of the victim, the audience may initially believe it to be Andrea – who was last seen wide-eyed and shackled in Philip’s dental/torture chair. Regardless how problematic and inconsistent her character had become, it’s hard to believe anyone was looking forward to an episode wherein the Governor actually tortures Andrea, and thankfully, the writers’ better judgment won out and no such event occurred. Instead, Philip turns on Milton for setting fire to the walkers and then leaves him to die in the same room as the shackled Andrea.

Ultimately, this would prove to seal Andrea and Milton’s fate. As the two of them wait for the grievously injured Milton to expire, he alerts Andrea to the pair of pliers he stashed before the Governor did him in. It’s as tense a scene as it is maddeningly simplistic, which, oddly enough, when coupled with the is-he-still-breathing check-ins on Milton manages to actually heighten the suspense, if not the desire for the viewer to yell at their television.

The Andrea and Milton situation plays out over the course of the entire episode, which eventually ends up in the most likely place: Milton goes full-zombie and attacks Andrea just as she frees herself. There’s a moment where the viewer is left to wonder exactly what happened. Did Milton chow down on Andrea, or did she manage to get the better of him? As it turns out, it’s a bit of both. Andrea suffers an undead Milton-bite and although she’s able to dispatch the zombie, it’s basically curtains for another character that certainly had her fair share of detractors, recently.

And it’s here that The Walking Dead is able to play to its strengths. Much as the series did with last week’s farewell to Merle, and earlier in the season with the deaths of Lori and T-Dog, the characters seem to be given a better shake in death than they ever were while they were still drawing breath.

Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead Welcome to the Tombs The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale Review – No One Makes it Alone

Which brings the discussion back around to the Governor – another potentially strong character who was mostly a ball of inconsistent characterization and questionable motivations this season. And here in ‘Welcome to the Tombs,’ he seems to exist solely to serve the plot rather than develop into a more interesting character.

As far as climactic battles are concerned, there’s no doubt the one that’d been hinted at during the season’s various time-filling episodes would have been considered serious fan service. But instead, the finale decided to go in a different direction by watching as Philip essentially self-destructs; first getting his people caught in a trap set by Rick and Co., and then gunning all but one of them down after they tuck tail and run.

While this sadly leaves the door wide open for the Governor to return, it also allowed for a somewhat refreshingly optimistic turn of events that, although it made Rick look absurdly fickle yet again, brought out an interesting ideological conflict between him and Carl.

In the end ‘Welcome to the Tombs’ worked out in much the same way as ‘This Sorrowful Life’ and, to a certain degree, like season 3 as a whole. About half of the season (mostly the pre-hiatus portion aside from ‘Clear‘) was fairly strong, but those moments were mostly undone by muddied characterizations and a drawn-out conflict that, as we see here, didn’t really deliver.


The Walking Dead will return for season 4 in the fall of 2013 on AMC.

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  1. It is a bit ironic that the AMC post at the top of the page says “It’s safe to say that since the introduction of the Governor, The Walking Dead season 3 has been leading up to a climactic showdown between Philip’s well-armed citizen soldiers”,seeing as how not one of those “well-armed citizen soldiers” managed to get even one shot off at One Eye the Magic Governor as he was killing them. Really? And none of the men he was with were concerned that the Governor was screwing up the already screwed up female to male ratio by killing the women in that group either!?!?! And the bogus way that they killed off Andrea? Really? This woman who could kill a walker with a freaking pencil,could not find a way to stab that walker in its eye with those pliers!?! When that one girl (the youngest one) was killing walkers with a blunt ended pole through a fence,that poked right through those walkers like butter. So ultimately Andrea kills herself,as was her plan at the CDC!?!? Really!?!?! The writers really dropped the ball on this one. This always happens to a good series around the third season mark. The witters take a big steamy dump all over the script and don’t even try any more. Kind of like Battle Star Galactica in its last season. Where the writers decided to make every one a God damned cylon,and they were all really the people who seeded our planet by doinking the neanderthal man. I could have thought up ten different ways to off Andrea that would have been better. 1 How about a nice quick aneurism? All would be well,and she would just drop dead in front of the whole group. Leaving them with their jaws dropped open. 2 Or a bee sting,and her head and neck swell up like a big balloon and she dies of affixation because she turns out to be highly allergic to the insect. 3 She gets away from the walker in the torture room,and not knowing the Governor is no longer in power,flees for her life,and as she does so,she does not see the airplane landing in the open field that she is running through,and she gets shredded by the Cessna’s single prop propeller. 4 She goes to open an old can biscuits,but because of its age the yeast in side has expanded so the can explodes,shooting out one of the disks into her jugular that makes her bleed out. 5 She befriends some one out on the road who tells her to hold his snake,at first she is reluctant,but he assures her it is just a Python. Then to Andreas horror,he admits that before the walkers came,that it was his dream to work at a zoo,and that he applied and was rejected seventeen times because he suffers from some rare disease that does not let his distinguish the differences in animal species. And too late does Andrea find out that she is in reality holding a deadly black mamba. 6 Carl shoots her in the head because he does not trust that she will keep secret that fact that he still wets the bed. 7 She is back at the prison with the group playing baseball,when a pop fly hits her in her temple killing her instantly. 8 Some how she has found Excalibur,the sword of power,but in finding it,she awakens an evil spirit and must do battle. She fights valiantly,but in the end,the evil spirit just wants it more. 9 Some how the virus has now crossed species,and Andrea’s poor luck has her finding herself in side the Official Australian Animal Exchange Exhibit,and she is killed by zombie koala bears. 10 The wives of these lazy writers decide not to give their husbands any sex until the write that the crap way Andrea was killed was all just a really bad dream sequence,and that they will give her a death befitting of such a strong character.

    • I like that you reference classical literature at the end. You were talking about Lysistrata, right?

      To be honest, although you were kidding, the brain aneurysm would have been interesting – all this fighting and surviving against humans and zombies means that things like medical conditions probably take a back seat. If someone suddenly died of something like that, it’d be unexpected if nothing else.

      • Thank you for your reply reno2200. No,it was not my intention to reference classical literature at the end. I honestly just made that up along the way. But after reading your post I looked up “Lysistrata” to see what you meant. I think it is funny,and I am a bit proud that I came up with some thing that was written way back in “411 BC”. I guess I am a writer who is “after” his time. ( I am not a writer,just kidding ) It just goes to show you that every thing that we write,read or watch on TV or at the movies has pretty much already been written before by some one else,in some fashion or another. Which is kind of a depressing realization to know that all we as a species can do,is rehash old ideas,scenarios,plots and story lines. But,lucky for me I have only read about 30 novels in my life,so the old ideas and stories will seem new to me when I happen upon them. The Walking Dead was my all time favorite show,until the third season. I still think it is number one in the field of shows or movies that deal with zombies. And to those who have read “The walking Dead”,I have not,so my reference is solely to watching the TV series. So please don’t judge me too harshly. How ever,I have come across a show that has quickly replaced the Walking Dead by leaps and bounds as my new number one. I is called “Game of Thrones”. And I have watched this show through its third season,and I can honestly say this about the show. It is really good at the beginning,and completely awesome at the end. And the third season is not the last of it either. Season four will be on its way.

        The following is what is posted on Facebook about it.

        “”I am loving this more then The Walking Dead. I am into the third season,and unlike The Walking Dead,no bull s*** story twists. You know,like “One Eye the magic Governor” who can some how find Andria and abduct her at the exact moment Rick almost saw her. And what a let down the prison war was. None of that bull s*** in “Game of Thrones”. At least not yet. Really awesome writing for this show.””
        “”TO ALL MY PEEPS
        My favorite show is “Game of Thrones”. The Walking dead was my favorite,but they really crapped out there at the end of the third season. The fight for the prison was so anticlimactic it was nauseating. And how “Magic the One eyed Governor” could some how track Andria to the perfect place to kidnap her just before Rick sees her was nothing more then a really bad joke. I have two episodes left of Game of thrones in the third season,and the show has stayed completely awesome.
        There is magic and dragons in it,but they do not over use it,nor abuse it. The level of writing for is show (Game of Thrones) is of a very high caliber. The intrigue,the diabolical plans and the subterfuge make for a really awesome watching experience. In other words,you will find great enjoyment because the bad guys are really mean,calculating shits.””

        And also,I found another good one,it is called “Orphan Black”. Here is what you might find on Google “Orphan Black is a Canadian science fiction television series starring Tatiana Maslany as several identical women who are revealed to be clones.”
        Do not let the fact that it is about clones put you off of this show.
        The show starts out with two women at a train station,one woman watches as the other takes off her shoes and lays down her purse. The woman who was watching goes to walk past the one who is acting funny. They see each others faces,and the woman who was watching realizes that this woman looks exactly like her. Then the woman who took off her shoes and was acting funny jumps in front of an on coming train. Now here’s where it gets good. The woman watching decides to take the dead woman’s purse. But wait,,,,,not to find out who this woman is who looks exactly like her,,,not for some deep seeded reason to find out the truth,,,,,but to see what she can steal or scam for herself out of it. LMAO!! She is the main character,and she is a guttersnipe.lol
        So she finds this woman’s apartment,then finds out that this woman has about 70K in the bank. But in order to get the money,she has to pretend to be the dead woman. And then it gets really good. All this you will find out in the first episode,so I have not really given any thing away. Also,this one has finished its first season. I am eagerly awaiting the second season. All I will say is,things get complicated. It is hard to find a good series these days. I am always on the look out for them though.
        P.S. I heard some where that “Game of Thrones” was taken from a several books or stories. That it is some kind of conglomeration or hybrid of more then one book or story line. If it is the Frankenstein monster. Oh what a monster it is.
        P.S.S. The reference classical literature at the end “ie:Frankenstein” was on purpose. he he (Well,if Frankenstein is considered “classical literature” that is.) I hope you look up those shows and enjoy them as I did.

    • Though I disagree with you concerning the scenario the writer’s devised to bring about the death of Andrea I do find your suggestions quite creative as well. They would work well if the show was developed as MONTY PYTHON’S THE WALKING DEAD! You really gave me a good laugh which I really needed after enduring some of the toxic posts (some aimed at me personally as opposed to my opinion) on this site. Well written.

  2. This final really sucked!

    It wasn’t even a finale … the Governor story arc isn’t closed, but Woodburry is gone. The whole season built suspense for a big action showdown that wasn’t delivered!

    Funny thing is that the writers of a show sacrificed their own story developement to (very slowly) lead into NOTHING. Why? Because in a show that shows death and brutality everywhere as well as leaving (almost) no character save, they didn’t ‘t want to give the audience an “usual” (means: brutal & bloody) showdown (rather an “unusual” A-team shooting and an Andrea goodbye drama, but leaving the Bad Guy conclusion open) … WTF? For what?

    If they don’t wanted an “usual” showdown, then they maybe should have written a totally different season without building expectations for a big showdown and let suspense going nowhere! They sacrificed the story to their selfish desire of being unusual writers not conforming to viewers expectations… in this case, I think, fulfilling (built) expectation would have done a better job!

    The Walking Dead becoming the new LOST!?
    The Walking Dead started as an amazing show with both fulminant action and (enough time for) great characterization … not to forget the thrilling cliffhangers of season 1 (and even 2).

    Then season 2 came. And the writers took very much time for characterization of the group and new characters. It was good, well written and ok to built something … therefore season 2 was accepted for being much more slowly.

    Then season 3 started really great. And again I totally accepted the time taken for character development (Michonne, The Governor, others) and I’ve seen the time taken for story development, to built suspense … remember how often episodes were analysed as episodes setting the path for the final showdown.

    But there wasn’t any delivery! Just expectations and suspense leading into nothing. I don’t care about the Governor anymore … he already lost … but I wanted to see him go down. If such an justice for the bad guy showdown is bad writing (especially when everything before hints to such an showdown), then almost every Tarantino movie is bad written.

    Season 3 had great moments and very well written episodes, but overall and retrospective it’s a incomplete season that wasted so much time … and it owes the audience an action showdown delivery!

    If the show goes on like this … building expectations and suspense without delivering plausible conclusions … then it will follow the path of shows like LOST: big disappointment because the writers couldn’t live up to all the expectations they built before!

    I really hope that the show runner has been fired for a reason and that the writers now will remember why the first season created an TV show hit!

  3. This was not a finale. The Governor didn’t die. Thats what a finale is about for Season 3. Now there is nothing to Ooohhh and Aaahh about. Also I’m less excited for season 4.

    Why did they evacuate the people from Woodbury and take them to the prison WTF…. Go live in Woodbury then?

    • I don’t know that the finale needed the Governor to die. It just needed a climax. The show didn’t give one. It needed to close out some story loops. The only one it did close was Andrea’s loop. Though I hated that character, I didn’t really want her to die. I just wanted her motivation be better, and her story to be told in a better way. SO RIP Andrea.

      • It also closed the Woodbury versus the prison loop and I believe it leaving open the fate of the governor as a way to get the viewers geared up for what is to come next Depending on one’s point of view that was either a successful gambit or a total turn off. I think you make a good point.

        • There was no Woodbury vs Prison loop. There was a Governor vs Prison loop. That is not closed.

  4. One thing is for sure: if you rather chat with a dying guy in Zombieland than using every second available to you to free yourself from your predicament, you either want to die or, at the very least, you deserve to.

    I also can’t believe how stupidly some of the other characters were written. “Yay! We won!” – “Didn’t you see them hightailing it outta here?”. Sure, buddy. You won. After your elaborate baiting plan you only managed to kill two guys of a 25+ force, among other things equipped with a .50 cal machine gun and a grenade launcher. There is no way in hell that they would ever return for some payback and put you in a world of hurt. Suuure.

    If you only had bothered to seize the vehicle with the .50 cal while most of them were inside the prison, just to mow them down when they came back out. Ah well…

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself…

      • So true … poor episode, weak final (in fact: no final), no delivery of what the whole season built up, suspense going nowhere and expectations disappointed.
        So annoying!!!

  5. Sorry to everyone who was disappointed with the season finale. I for one thought it was very good. I thought the writers did a particularly good job showing how Rick’s decision making throughout season 3 was catching up to him regarding Carl’s attitude. How could Rick point an accusatory finger at Carl after Carl witnesses Rick reject Tyreese and his group without even talking to them, or showing no mercy whatsoever to the hiker on the side of the road, or even telling Merle to take Michonne to the Governor?

    By the way, here’s a scene that was left on the cutting room floor from season two that I thought was interesting. I’m not sure of what it means or why it was cut. I guess it was to introduce to us the notion that people are more dangerous than zombies, although I think the Governor was the one who killed the folks in Atlanta since he was there and rescued Merle.

    • I agree, I don’t understand the problems some people had with the episode. It was well written and very entertaining, great Walking Dead episode. Can’t wait to see what the Governor has in store for next season :)

  6. It was a boring end to a boring season. The writers could have pulled the trigger on some epic action, but right at the end , chickened out. I hope the new show runner puts show back on pace. Otherwise season 4 isn’t going to get watched much past the first episode.

  7. Any episode that Andrea dies in is a good one in my book. I screamed “YES!” when she pulled her shirt back. She has been an annoying character since her first seen putting a gun in Rick’s face, for the 1st time.

    Carl is a friggin joke and has been needing a beating from his father since season 1. Don’t fault him for shooting the stupid kid who didn’t obey the command to drop his weapon though and Herschel should shut the hell up. If my son ever told me to go away or spoke to me in the incredibly disrespectful manner that Carl frequently speaks to Rick in he would think twice about it the next time.

    The A-team style shoot out with no casualties was lame.

    Someone commented here that they all tried successfully to pick up pliers barefoot and could do it quicker than Andrea and they were drunk. Ok…I am curious how they fared getting out of handcuffs with them? LOL

    The governor displays his amazing ability to draw his weapon and shoot someone who has a rifle trained at his head, again.

    I am a little confused however and don’t see anyone bringing this up, what the hell did Carl mean by “you didn’t kill Andrew and he came back and killed mom” We rewound it 5 times to make sure that was what he said. Who the heck is Andrew and we all know Carl put down his mother after she died giving birth. Of course, there is no body, or bones, or teeth, or hair or anything else to examine to confirm that Andrew didn’t kill her…

    I only hope the new heads of the show return it to the great show it was for two seasons. There were a few good episodes in Season 3, but not many.

    • First SCENE.

    • I could be wrong but I believe Andrew was the inmate who opened up the gates that allowed the dead to gain entrance into the prison thus causing the chaos that Lori eventually perished in. Carl is assuming that had his mother been in different circumstances with Carol and Hershel there to respond,she would have lived. If I’m wrong I know I’ll hear about it but that is how I remember it going down.

      • You are right!

    • Andrew is the prisoner who came back in the ‘Killer Within’ who
      set off the prison alarms and let walkers in the prison during his attempt to take it back from Rick and company.

      Since Rick didn’t kill Andrew when he ran away, Carl feels since Rick caused Lori’s death.

    • because andrew let out all the zombies which is the reason tdog is dead and the reason lori got stuck and couldnt really run cause of all the zombies. carl probably feels she would be alive if it wasnt for all the zombies be released in the tombs.

    • I too picked up on that andrew comment….googled it even…nothing…answers would be nice..

      • The Andrew question was answered in the above posts.

  8. Wow The Walking Dead is the most overated show on television. That was a terrible season and finale. I don’t even like the show but even people who can’t get enough of it had to be disappointed. First of all I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead comic which is hardcore and generally awesome. The show is a dumbed down Pg version for teenagers and an embarrassment to a fine comic. Robert Kirkman……really?…..why did you let this happen? Anyway on with the finale. I literally thought it wasn’t even the finale and there was going to be yet another episode. It was so bad it somehow fell short of my already low expectations. I was surprised. It definitely seems like they are low on budget or something. Anyway the ultimate conclusion to this “war” that they were going on culimanted in literally 3 min of sad action where a significant Governor force abandone all strategical rational in a half assed attempt on the prison. Don’t worry not a single person was hurt in this sad excuse for a showdown. Glen and Maggie simply shot at there feet and vehicles while the governor ran away. I laughed afterward and everyone in the room was like “what was that?” and “that was it?”. Rediculous to think that someone would lead a strike force of 15+ people into close quarters like A PRISON CORRIDOR. Not even believable. I don’t know who is doing the dialogue for this show but it was somehow even more noticeably terrible for the finale. These actors just really aren’t cutting it. That’s why on talking dead you keep hearing them bring up The Wire and Tyreese. Tyreese played Cutty on The Wire and was pretty much the most peaceful character in that whole show. So all in all…. big showdown led to Govenor being chased of by Glen and Maggie……lol no one was hurt. Minus the kid Carl clipped which was good but still off camera losing a lot of the effect. Same thing with Adriana. half the show is her trying to get this tool into her hand and talking to the soon to be zombie who will eat her face off. Completely rediculous. I was embarrassed to be watching it. Would have been better to actually see Adriana’s last stand that leads to her demise since she had easily become my most hated character since Lori’s departure. THANK GOD I didn’t have to hear anything more about Maggie’s PTSD from being mock raped. That single handedly sunk this whole season. Always these dramatic scenes about the trauma. GIVE ME A BREAK. I have seen many girls on the dance floor go through worse at the club on a friday night and it took about the time to drink another beer until they were over it. Women who actually have been raped got over it faster than this show did. So disappointing as this it is so much better in the comic. So going through the characters the only two that were done any justice this season were Carl and Michonne. They are pretty much the way they are in the comic and it shows. In fact the only cool parts to the season are the parts that they actually took from the comic almost directly. Problem is they forgot to write any kind of story to fill in the gap as they stretched this season out over 16 episodes with no pay off. Rick didn’t do much at all other than talk all season. I told my friend and fan when this show started that if they didn’t take Rick’s hand then it is beyond redemption. Rick Grimes character is known for not having a hand which is chopped off by the governor. This is essential to his character as Rick Grimes definitely spends the majority of his life after the zombie apocalypse minus one whole hand. The fact that the show has yet to do this is an example to why it sucks so much and embarrasses an otherwise great story. The show incorporated Rick going a little nuts with the phone. However they changed it and exaggerated it to a point of rediculousness. Seeing Lori and freaking out…….worst ending to an episode all season. For people who don’t know good tv I suppose this floats your boat. For me just another casualty of pop culture. I only came back to this show after what I called a dismal second season because a friend who knows his stuff said it had become much better. Sadly it let me down yet again. I can no longer watch it in good conscience. They have done almost everything with this show since the 2nd season wrong. The Walking Dead comic and story is known for showing you the dramatic side but not 97% dramatic dialogue like the show. There is literally only a few moments of action as reward for suffering through terrible acted drama with characters that the show has changed but failed miserably to develop, with the exception of Daryl which has gained immense popularity. Ironic that neither Daryl or Merl are in the comic. All in all in comparison to other shows walking dead falls way short of any of the current heavyweights by a large margin. It is grossly overated and should not be encouraged. I thought Breaking Bad drew things out……I know better know. Walking Dead can compare with the other shows on AMC of which it is not even the best. Both Mad Men and Breaking Bad are far better just based on the acting alone not to mention plot dynamics and character development. Compared with shows like Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Dexter, Homeland, American Horror Story, Shameless…..well it’s just out of it’s league and needs to go home and practice.

    • You talk about boring…what a chore it was to slog through your post. I’ve seen segments on C-Span with more interesting content than that sad diatribe. To be serious Paul, you are way too much in love with the comics to be the least bit objective about the show. So don’t watch it anymore because it obviously is too painful for you to see the way the comic has been altered for television. The writers from the comics have made it clear that they want the TV show to be different from the comics, to explore the same story arcs in new interpretations (by the way did you know that the very writers that took Rick’s arm in the comics say they regret having done so and consider it a mistake?). And who the hell is Adriana? I know of a character named Andrea who was brilliantly played by laurie holden and who was sadly killed off in the season finale.

      • Haha I know good story when I see it and that wasn’t it. I have no problem with deviating storylines when transferred to different media. That was terrible though by any standards. Interpret it differently but make it decent. The drawn out apocalyptic drama we have seen so far is weak at best. I would be considered a newbie to comics and even I can see right through this show. They shouldn’t of even called it The Walking Dead lol. Attacking the validity of comics in entertainment is a losing battle my friend. They are and have continued to remain integral to major movie successes all the time. Hmmm Batman, Avengers, Spiderman, Django Unchained, not to mention upcoming Superman just to name a few recent contributions. So spare me the lecture on comics as they have spoken for themselves, survived becoming obsolete despite incredible advances in technology and continue to be major contributers to entertainment in general over a wide range of mediums.

        I consider TWD a casualty of pop culture like so many things that have completely ruined a good thing. Kirkman said those things and it has culminated in a weak ass show about the zombie apocalypse. If you think that is good acting and television then your mind would be blown if you watched anything decent. Or maybe your 17 years old in which case enjoy it for what it is. If the show just floats our boat then hey to each their own…….but don’t go around saying it is the best show on tv. Not even close. I mean can you really say that finale wasn’t disappointing? Can you really say the 2nd season was good? This show is running on the the first season.

        Sorry that my comment writing is not entertaining. Don’t read it if you don’t you don’t want to. I’m not trying to entertain anybody and I don’t claim to be grammatically correct or good at spelling. Just calling this out for what it is after suffering through it.I mean I’m not surprised I new as soon as AMC had it there would be problems down the line. I mean there isn’t even any swearing. As a show I thought it was going to be a hardcore apocalyptic drama that may do the zombie genre some justice given a great framework was already laid out on a platter. I was mistaken.

        • Paul, please show me where I was denigrating the comics. I was collecting comics back in the 60s, had the original 1st issues of Fantastic Four, X-Men, Avengers, Dr. Solar, etc. I love them and I love the recent films inspired by them. I said you were too in love with the comics to appreciate the TV show. I respect the fact that you aren’t happy with the result. I’m just saying that I am. I do not agree with your denigrating the acting which all up and down the cast has been excellent..okay, you don’t think so and that’s fine. We are of different minds here and that is what makes the world go round. I just really believe that it is a waste of your time to watch this show because it is never going to be what you want it to be. For me, it’s an excellent and very original series that offers compelling stories about how people under the worst of circumstances behave. I will continue to watch. You maybe should reconsider.

          • Damn, you’re tiresome.

            • I may be tiresome but you are a tedious bore. Try keeping your posts about the subject matter.

              • I, for one, don’t find you tiresome. The interesting debates you have sparked over the past few weeks have provided much entertainment for me and I’ll kinda miss these pseudo-arguments until October.

                • Thank you.

        • Aside from your frankly disgusting opinions on the mental repercussions of sexual assault, I find the idea that Rick losing a hand being integral to who he is ridiculous too. From a technical point of view, it’s easier to not have a handless protagonist. Whereas a comic artist will simply not draw a hand, on TV, they have to make it look convincingly cut-off.

          Am I annoyed that the whole Prison/Woodbury fight didn’t last long? Yeah. Am I glad that Rick’s group fought smartly instead of classic lines of soldiers fighting between the trenches? You bet! The people freaked out in the Tombs because it was dark and scary. The Governor, a (completely insane) badass, didn’t flinch. This was believable.

          Glen and Maggie (thankfully, someone other than T-Dog remembered the body armour!) didn’t shoot anyone down because, despite being trained with guns and ‘used’ to killing, they knew the were firing at (mostly) innocent people. Contrast with the much younger, less experienced Carl, who guns down some KID without thinking twice. NOTE: I agree with Carl’s decision because that shotgun barrel *was* close to his face and think that Hershel was a bit of a nonce for what he said to Rick, but hey. Nice parallel.

          The problem most people complaining have is that the pacing/pay-off isn’t as great as the first season. Now, in UK TV shows, there are short seasons. Very few ‘filler’ episodes. The first season of The Walking Dead had fewer episodes. It was popular. AMC thought, ‘We’d like more of this!’ and now, they have similar-length stories, but more minutes to fill. I like the extra character development time, the opportunities to explore a single character’s motivations and more potential screen time for Emily Kinney, who is pretty damn cute.

          Also, it’s not a Sherlock situation where you’re waiting a year for three episodes. Three spectacular episodes, but still. There are going to be ‘sacrifices’ outside of the show’s story. Budget is always a concern. Members of the comic book’s ‘fan-dumb’ (because it’s like fandom! Anyone? *crickets chirping*) who claim that this is crap and sodomising the story Robert Kirkman set out to tell should remember that he has a lot of input. If anything, this is his chance to redo things he didn’t like the first time around!

          A final note – a lack of swearing makes this show rubbish? Grow up.

          • This is such a well written post and I agree with it 100%(probably why I think it is well written). I gave Paul a pass on his lack of insight on the repercussions of being sexually terrorized because quite frankly I’ve been called out on this website and actually called a troll so I am trying to be cordial in my admonishments of other’s posts. However you expressed your totally justified outrage to perfection. The whole “I’ve seen girls on the dance floor….” showed such a lack of sensitivity that quite frankly it’s frightening. I guess that the insensitivity isn’t so surprising from someone who damns a show basically because it staged a cleverly rendered confrontation as opposed to a graphically violent massacre.

            • This is my first (and last) post here, so I dont quite understand:
              The Rules say: “No profanity or personal attacks.
              Use a valid email address or risk being banned from commenting.”
              Yet thats just what Robert (Bobby) O’Dell did to Paul’s comments.
              He started off calling Paul boring, then was apparently forced at gunpoint to read the entire post (Note: You DO NOT have to read all posts, Bobby…just an FYI) … but my favorite part was when he compared his post to C-Span. L M A O! Bobby, if youre watching C-Span then youre already a Zombie expert. Or may be one yourself.
              And congrats on all the MSNBC buzz-words and thanks to you “Diatribe” is my new favorite word now! Though you may want to double check the definition. If Paul LOVES the Graphic Novel, Diatribe does not accurately describe his feelings because he did compliment a few things.
              To be honest, Bobby… if anyone should back away its YOU. Paul obviously hit a nerve with his post by pointing out this show’s glaring flaws, inconsistencies and deviations from the ORIGINAL story.
              And I am guessing you LOVE this show.. am I right? Huh? huh?
              Or maybe your Brother-in-law works for AMC or TWD and if this gets cancelled he’s back on your couch again.
              Well get your flame thrower out and point it at ME now, cause Ill tell you what *I* think of it: (And again, Bobby.. no one is MAKING YOU READ THIS)
              My wife got me into this show since we were looking for something new to watch together. The show had a few bad spots along the way. VERY slow development. But in general, a pretty good show.
              And then came the Governor. You aspiring writers take a lesson from this character on how NOT to develop an antagonist. At first he was decently portrayed, a seductively evil man who’s actions were always tempered with every tyrant’s favorite mantras:
              “Its for the greater good!” and “The end justifies the means!”(In real life, anyone who uses this phrase should be avoided at all costs)
              But then the worst thing that can happen to a character happened… The writer fell in love with him.
              When this happens ALL the rules are out the window. Poof. Gone.
              Sadly, the Governor was bitten by a radioactive biter , uhm I mean spider, because he suddenly gained Magical Super Powers!
              Allow me to elaborate: (Bored yet, Bobby?)
              Wolverine-like Tracking:
              He was able to track Andrea across several miles, somehow knowing exactly where she was, and damn near followed her exact footsteps thru the warehouse.
              BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!! He not only fights off the zombies and escapes the warehouse, but also he manages to get ahead of her, know her exact path of approach to the prison, avoid all the walkers milling around the prison, successfully attack and subdue Andrea in nearly plain sight of Rick and still get her back to the town without any further incident!
              Invulnerability to Death:
              - He was stabbed in the eye and Magically survived it! (As in Moshaan [sp])
              FYI to the writers.. Our eyes are literally wired directly into our brain. Death from shock could likely have occurred.
              - He can be sleeping helplessly and can Magically stop people from slitting his throat. (As in Andrea)
              - He can be shot at by an ex-military man and human shields suddenly appear to eat the bullets. (As in Merle)
              - He can defeat anyone who physically attacks him with a sharp object( as in Milton AND Merle)
              - He can shoot all his soldiers after a failed raid, but when one of the survivors has him dead to rights, he is able to draw his pistol and kill the slow witted idiot.

              And I can honestly go on and on and on about him….
              This was honestly the biggest disappointment Ive had in a while.
              Rick’s decision to give Moshaan [sp] to the Governor lost me entirely.
              A veteran policeman who is willing to send a sacrificial lamb to appease a terrorist… really?
              Neither Hershel nor Darrell try to talk him out of this horrible idea? Really??
              Then Rick is gutless enough have Merle do it because he doesnt have the stones to fulfill the deal HE HIMSELF made with the Gov.? No wait! Rick changes his mind then goes after Merle! No wait again! Merle’s already gone and Darrell goes after his brother alone! No wait some more!! Merle suddenly has a change of heart, releases Moshaan and decides he WANTS to die a martyr’s death!! No Reaally Wait!!

              I can almost guarantee the writer said as he began typing the finale “Im gonna make a couple bad characters turn good..and a couple good characters turn bad!”
              Somehow, “Fail” just doesnt quite say it….

              So, I think Im gonna take Bobby’s advice too. This kind of epic story telling is just waaaaaay too advanced for someone like me. Guess Ill go back to watching Chopped and Naruto with my wife, since I have no desire to watch anymore of this series. The final camera shot of the cross in the field was a good enough ending for me.

          • “Glen and Maggie (thankfully, someone other than T-Dog remembered the body armour!) didn’t shoot anyone down because, despite being trained with guns and ‘used’ to killing, they knew the were firing at (mostly) innocent people.”

            That is the WORST reasoning EVER

            When someone walks into the place you live strapped to the teeth with weapons and ready to kill you, you don’t go “Well I better shoot at their feet and scare ‘em a lil bit”

            Don’t make excuses when a show goes downhill as if the show is somehow a part of you. If you love it so much then you should want it to stay good and if you want it to stay good you must HONESTLY critique it, because if you just keep defending it, then they will keep shoveling that garbage right into your face

            • “When someone walks into the place you live strapped to the teeth with weapons and ready to kill you…”

              This, I think, is a key statement. Season 3 had a lot of (slightly ham-fisted?) comparisons throughout. One of the key ones was how the Governor and Woodbury do things vs. how Rick’s group go about business. The Governor *would* order his people to gun down invaders fleeing for their lives. Heck, this is how Oscar was killed. You know, that prisoner? The one people called T-Dog 2.0 even before he did pretty much nothing and then died?

              Glen and Maggie are *good* people. They’re the best chance at a future in this post-apocalyptic world as a young couple that are fiercely loyal to one another and their group and they love each other. They don’t gun down fleeing civilians. Contrast with Carl, who (without hesitation) does exactly that, although that shotgun was basically pointed at his face.

              Again, this is a little bit ham-fisted, but it gets the point across. *Could* Glen and Maggie gunned down those people? Absolutely. Some battles in World War 1 were basically massive machine guns mounted on the edge of a trench on full-auto whilst being moved from left to right to cut through swathes of enemy troops. However, firing above the heads of their enemies continued the ‘loud noises and scary stuff’ from inside the prison’s ‘tombs’ and ensured that they left. The prison folk aren’t like the people at Woodbury and Rick is not their Governor.

    • By the way, sir, women who are raped never ever really get over it. They eventually learn to cope, get on with their lives but never get over it. You should be ashamed at making such a thoughtless, callous comment.

      • How can you claim this, exactly? A poll? An article? Interviews? A study? Rape is a terrible thing, certainly, but that seems a little pat to me.

        • I can claim this because I have worked for nearly 17 years for a private nonprofit agency that deals with the homeless and people with mental health concerns many of whom have experienced the trauma of rape and physical/mental abuse. I’ve read all your posts and as I always say about everybody’s posts,you are entitled to your opinions as I am to mine but when you resort to uniformed and ignorant personal attacks well you diminish yourself so I really don’t need to comment.

          • LMAO. I am not the one mocking sexual assault the show is lol. I have obviously wandered into the kids section here. Such delicate sensibilities for a 30 something person who watches a tv show for teenagers. You people think this show is good? most of the best parts happen off camera. You don’t think swearing affects the validity of the apocalyptic landscape? You know what’s rubbish, the zombie apocalypse takes place and no one curses. Tell me to grow up you grow up. Please. You think this show is hardcore? LMAO it’s softcore drawn out drama with miniscule bits of action tied together to stretch 16 episodes out of what could easily have been 6. This is just my curiousity but do you guys like other things in life the same way? Do you prepare food for hours on end only to spoil it and shove it down your throat as quickly as possible? When you have sex is it foreplay for like 15 hours and then just the tip for a couple seconds with no finish lol? Because that is what this show is……Unsatisfactory. Like an adult going to kids amusement park and waiting in a line for hours on end to ride the little train. Then coming off and claiming it was one of the best rides ever. LMAO you guys crack me up. Have fun and enjoy it. Didn’t mean to disrupt your polite little peace circle here pretending that this show is not boring as hell or hardcore.

            • Not quite sure when teenagers took possession of the right to watch the show. The show is for whoever wants to watch it. And you can LMAO all you want. You were the one that made the totally insensitive remark in your post. The show has treated Maggie being terrorized by the governor in a phyical, sexual and emotional way with the heft it called for. I’d like to see your emotional state had you gone through what Glen and Maggie did.

              • Lol I bet you do and I can assure you I have undergone worse than that as have many people, sometimes on a weekly basis for the real partiers. Sorry, I didn’t think a member of the Feminist Peace Network would read my post and take offense. Obviously using hyperbole as a figure of speech is at your own risk lol. Watch whatever you want, it’s all just demographics. You want to be the older guy in the teenage demographic be my guest. Gets more awkward to people the older you get so good luck with that. Do you do this all the time? Just get into pointless conversations online and step up to anyone who posts something you don’t like. I mean if your that touchy about my comment I’d expect you to have an aneurysm if someone was really being a meanie. I don’t comment very often (at all) but it seems like you do all the time. How much free time do you have to be commenting on TWD all day? get a life and I will be returning to mine.

                • It is easy to tell that you are part of that teenage demographic watching the show. I guess 15 going on 5 by the intelligence and courtesy you display. By the way, the key demographic that watches this show is 24 to 42 so I guess this show isn’t meant for you as you so joyfully proclaim. Look it up mister so inmature it’s not funny. Luckily you aren’t representive of your age group…many are intelligent and articulate and unlike you, respectful of other people’s opinion no matter what their age.

                  • LMAO …..that makes you the 30+ guy who incessantly squabbles with a developmentally challenged teenager because they insulted one of your fav tv shows on the internet…………Are you insecure by any chance????? LOL

                    • Really hope life is good to you Paul and that if you do give the 4th season of The Walking Dead a chance that it doesn’t disappoint you the way season three has. Hopefully as you gain more life experiences you will gain greater sensitivity to the issues of emotional, mental, physical and sexual intimidation and abuse and you will be more gratious regarding other peoples opinions. To the point where I sunk to your level of insult, I apologize. And don’t worry, I am very secure in who I am, what I think and feel and in what I have to offer.

                    • Yeah Paul .. you REALLY hit a nerve on Mr. O’dell. Or Bobby is just an old troll ( I say old cause he bragged about collecting comics in the 60s… though youd think someone in his seriously advanced age bracket would have more respect for other’s opinion.)

  9. Okay, much like this whole season, I was upset with plot:

    -Sure, we will bring everyone back to the prison-cold damp, ugly, no running water, horrid beds and death everywhere, instead of joining them at Wood bury- basically opposite of EVERYTHING I just typed.

    -As many posters have said: Nice to build up all season to a climatic fight that never happens.

    -Why grab those guns and vehicles while the Governor was in the prison? Why leave The happy Kinda married couple to do all the work?

    -HEY ANDREA!!! SHUT UP AND GRAB THE PLIERS!! (Although that was the most suspenseful moment of Season 3, truth be told.)

    BUT- I loved the characterization:

    -Rick feeling forgiven and not seeing his wife anymore after the painful arch he had all season.

    -Hershel continues to be the most stabilizing character on the show.

    -Daryl overcoming all the ghosts of his past.

    -Carl basically warping into the kid from the “Omen” movies.

    -The Governor finally descending into the insane, crazed killer we all knew he had in him

    If ever the was a need to do a two hour finale to do things right, this was it. Just a missed opportunity. I do agree with a lot of comments here: It is time for Season 4 to grab us by the throat and remind us why we got hooked on this show in season 1.

    • Totally agree!

  10. Snowgator, glad to see SOMEONE here who knows constructive criticism. I disagree with you on some things, I thought the finale was really good, but it wasn’t nearly as epic as it could have been if it was a two hour episode. I was actually really entertained with the prison fight (really good with a TV budget!) but it was too short. But you did have good points, well written comment :)

  11. Oh, btw. Did anyone notice the continuity problem with the season of the year in the finale? In the previous episode they had late summer/early fall with green leaves and a couple of red/yellow/brown ones here and there. In this episode they were in full winter, with the trees around the prison having shed all their leaves and visible breath due to cold air during the day (the people, not the trees).

  12. No big surprise but the Governor is returning in season 4, and the war will continue.


    I wonder what the setting for season 4 will be? It’s to early for the safe zone, I’ve been told. What other settings are there in the comics? Has the prison setting run its course yet? Will they be leaving early in season 4? Why didn’t they stay in Woodbury, which seems to be more insulated and comfortable, and not the prison?

    • I’ve seen this asked before and I dont’ think anyone has answered it yet, so here goes:

      They can’t stay in the town because they can’t defend it. It’s far too big a space for them to defend. The people they brought back from Woodbury were mostly old and infirm.

      The Governor still has some soldiers with him and if the prison group were to set up in Woodbury the Governor could infiltrate it very easily.,

  13. WTF! They killed off Andrea? Though I hated how the writer made her out to be I didn’t want her to die? Does every character have to die if people hate them? Now who is going to be Rick’s lover for the future? That Karen lady? lol

    • Moderator alert! I don’t know who posted that last comment attributed to me but I can assure you it wasn’t. Unless there is a one and a million chance that another Robert O’Dell that suddenly decided to start posting on a forum that will most likely be on hiatus until October there is a good chance that someone who thinks they are funny is posting foolishness and trying to pass it off as mine. Any posts with such inane remarks as that one I assure you are not from me. Hopefully you can check this out by the individuals e-mail address and edit any further attempts.

  14. “and a child shall lead them, i been preaching this sice the foundations of the universe,all the knowledge he will gain over the years…..in the end, the zombies will say o’ faQ is that carl???? lets get the hell out of here, quick….before he kills us all, ultimately the zombies will fear carl because is 4-6 yyears ea will become a no fear zombie killing machine, he will never have merci on the the walkers that killed his mom tha he loved so much…she was his whole world

  15. A good character knows when to make an exit. Good writers know when to let them make that exit. These lazy writers are so in love with the Govenor they thought it best to drag out his arc. Do yourself a favor and read the comic. Kirkman got it right.

    • Kirkman is the one who decided to shake it up and keep the governor around longer than he did in the comics. To paraphrase, there is alot more to do with the governor. I for one am glad.

      • The number may be accurate.

    • Exactly right!

  16. I used to love this show during season 1 but with the first half of season 2 and almost all of this season there’s not much to like anymore! The Governor never seemed scary or dangerous to me and David Morissey’s accent was terrible!

  17. This is such a Bad Show…. The first season was cool and promising but then it went down under.

    • It’s been 3 months! A little late to the party. You know, you either like the show or you don’t. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. If you are someone who likes the show but are disappointed in how it has developed give some constructive advise on how you think it can be improved upon. “This is such a bad show” doesn’t really advance the discussion very much. Me? I’m looking forward to October when it returns with the 4th season.

    • Zero I completely agree. I would even say the first two episodes were the only real gems in the whole thing. Don’t mind Rob O’dell there. He is the the censor who spends his life on these things comment bombing anyone who disagrees with him. He’s a 40 something sophomoric adult who gets hard watching pg 13 melodrama. I’m here to combat his directorial ways and tell him to f_ck off. I usually comment on things like news, war, economics….you know things that actually matter in the real world. This is a guilty pleasure where I get to both trash TWD for destroying a good thing and the adult children who make it possible.

      I hope TWD gets cancelled myself, put it out of its misery and end this shameful decline into absurdity.

      • Paul, you don’t know me. And I don’t have to justify myself here. I offered no insult to the poster as you feel the need to do. I’ve spent my life working with the disadvantaged and I would put my contributions to what’s important in the world up against yours any day. I hope you live a long and productive life and someday outgrow the need to belittle people the way you seem compelled to do.

        • LMAO….Please Rob you’re an egotistical pompous hippocrite. Probably why you feel the need to keep bringing up your line of work on a TWD comment section (like…who does that?). Let me let you in on something….you don’t do it for the disadvantaged people, you do it so that you can reaffirm and validate your own self worth…which would be fine….if you didn’t try to throw it in other people’s face to make yourself feel superior….on the internet of all things…Pathetic. IIt’s not like your the first person to do it. I have encounered a lot of your type. Then you say I belittle people when that is exactly what you do by pulling the “I help the disadvantaged” card. Like I said hippocrite. You are selfish and insecure. You have a need to make yourself feel superior to others. I can be insulting yes, but I don’t have to justify myself on here as you have already mentioned for yourself. You didn’t insult the poster with any harsh words no, doesn’t mean you weren’t completely arrogant and conceited by playing a 9th grade english teacher and telling them how to express their opinion by offering constructive criticism. Who the f_ck are you to tell someone how to construct their opinion in such a dichotomous fashion? You literally lay out a blueprint for your own discussion (selfish) by attempting to bully people into what to say and how to say it. Who cares when the guy got around to watching it… who cares if his opinion is one sentence…. It is not your opinion to control or provide a template for. Then you’ll turn around and say you respect people’s opinions when really you try to control and manipulate them. Once again a superiority complex. You think I am trying to belittle you but really I am standing up to your fascist tendancies by belittling you. A taste of your own medicine so to speak. That’s why I have singled you out. Because you’re an audacious s*** who is compelled to bully anyone with a different opinion.

          • You don’t justify yourself because you can’t. Nuf said. Like I said before you don’t know me. and you seem to be the only one offended by me. Talk about insecure. But enuf said.

            • lol there you go trying to control the discussion again. My whole last comment was basically my justification for injecting myself into this little discussion. But like you said “nuf said” lol. Well you can’t say you have never been told. However I suspect this wasn’t the first and probably won’t be the last time. I wonder if you can just walk away without having the final word lol? Like you said:

              “I’ve read all your posts and as I always say about everybody’s posts,you are entitled to your opinions as I am to mine but when you resort to uniformed and ignorant personal attacks well you diminish yourself so I really don’t need to comment.”

              …….You’ve replied to me specifically 5 times since you wrote that LMAO. That’s how I know I am under your skin, otherwise you would have been able to walk away. By replying you not only ensure I will comment back but you also acknowledge my comments by continuing the conversation. You would’ve done better just to ignore me like that Squishy b_tch…. but you just couldn’t lol. Like I said you crack me up. But hey your smart enough to have already known that. To be honest I expected to be banned a while ago so this is all bonus amusement to me. “MODERATOR ALERT!” lol.

              • You’re a very sad human being.

                • HAHAHA Thank you Tommy for your arrogant and impertinent diagnosis. Let me guess…….you got your degree from the University of Phoenix? Maybe next time you insult someone you can exercise that brainpan and come up with an adjective longer than three letters.

                  • Paul, you are a f*cking loser prick. I bet you like that I used some attractive language! I have studied to be a health care professional at a university level, and I can confirm that the affects of sexual abuse/rape last a life time. Has there been studies done? Of course you f*cking moron. Do you know anything about published health/scientific Journal articles? I wish I could fly across this computer and f*ck your face with my meaty man stick.

                    I never speak or act like some prick but I thought lets attack fire with fire….. spoiler from late season 4.

  18. well maybe paul finally shut up one can only hope rofl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • rofl…… really…. I uess you re easily amused. How farcitcally droll

  19. Its amazing how much hate and anger exists on these posts. If you don’t like it don’t watch but to day that a person who helps others is doing it to feel superior. Wow. Not sure what to say to that

    • I’m not surprised you don’t know what to say to that. Maybe you have been lucky enough to never meet some of these people. Maybe you just never dealt with a two faced bully or taken Psych 101. It is called a superiority complex (or an inferiority complex) however you want to look at it. If you have a hard time grasping this concept, which is quite prevalent in society, then good luck because I would imagine you go through a lot of life speechless. You honestly have never come across two faced people who do nice things only to use to their own advantage??? You never heard of someone doing someone a favour and then holding it over their head? I’m not saying everyone does it. I am saying that the guy who finds it necessary to tout it in a comment section for TWD does it. I really figured some of you guys would F_ck Off once the new season started….. But if you all want to keep getting served keep running your mouths. I get to you when I can.