‘The Walking Dead’ Creator Says Season 3 Finale Death is a ‘Good Decision’

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walking dead season 3 finale andrea The Walking Dead Creator Says Season 3 Finale Death is a Good Decision

[WARNING: Major Walking Dead season finale SPOILERS below!!]

Going into The Walking Dead season 3 finale last night, fans of the show likely expected a few surprises, grisly deaths, and cast departures, but few were likely prepared for what Robert Kirkman, Glen Mazzara, and company had up their sleeves.

Long a character that polarized fans, Laurie Holden’s “Andrea” died last night, despite still living on as a prominent part of the comic book and serving as one of the show’s more layered and interesting characters. Don’t worry though: creator Robert Kirkman says her death is a good thing.

While speaking with THR, Kirkman defends the killing of Andrea, explains why he likes to see major differences between his comic and the show, and touches on the risk of a fan backlash.

On killing Andrea and giving her a “worthy” death:

“It’s a big departure from the comics, which to a certain extent is somewhat risky but at the end of the day I like the idea of there being big differences that key in to this is the show, this is the comic. I like that there’s some kind of separation there.

It was definitely something that weighted upon us heavily. The unfortunate thing is that you’re not really going to see why this was a good decision and good for the show until season four. We thought having that tragic end to her story line — having [Andrea] work so hard to save these people of Woodbury and find a peaceful resolution to this conflict was really something worthy of the character.”

walking dead season 3 finale milton The Walking Dead Creator Says Season 3 Finale Death is a Good Decision

Sadly, we’ll never get a chance to see that character fully fleshed out, but Kirkman isn’t too scared about a backlash from fans of his comic book.

“There’s always a risk of that and we’ll see how things go. The comics still exist and I’d urge those people to continue reading the comics where Andrea is still alive. Just know the show is something different and we are telling different stories. It doesn’t mean we’re not going to see a lot of the big stories and big events from the comic book in the TV show eventually; it just means those things will be a little bit altered from time to time. Hopefully it will be exciting, new and fresh just like it was the first time you read the comic, which is really the goal.”

If one thing is clear after last night’s finale, it is that Kirkman and company are, indeed, telling different stories with the comic and the show. All season long, we have seen a tear away from the source material in a way that could be described as more severe than in previous seasons with jumbled timelines. And now Andrea’s death, the Governor’s survival, and the arrival of a bus load of refugees from Woodbury.

Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing for The Walking Dead is subjective, but producers had warned that those separations from the source material would continue and now it may finally be sinking in: none of us have a road map through the zombie apocalypse, and that, in and of itself, could be a good thing.


The Walking Dead season 4 premieres October 2013 on AMC

Source: THR

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      • How can spam crap like this get through. I’ve lost count of the constructive comments I’ve had blocked as spam some long some short.

        It really grinds my gears….

      • Really? Do tell. Because im really interested about that friend of yours.. Is she a hooker?

    • Agreed! I have a bad feeling that when these writers get a real popular show, they feel that they can do what they want with the story. Breaking Bad has not wavered with cast or story. Very disappointing.


  2. I know it’s such a polar topic, but I thought the finale was terrible. Now of course it was better than the majority of Season 3 episodes… but TWD hyped that last episode up way too much. There was hardly any “war” if that’s what people keep calling it. Neither Milton or Andrea get a chance to redeem themselves. And in the end, Carl acts like a punk and Rick brings a ton of old people to the prison. The only good part of the finale was watching the Governor snap. Other than that, this was a hugely anti-climatic finale to an up and down season. Of course, I still love TWD and will watch Season 4. But as of now, some of my faith in this show is starting to be questioned. We will see..

    • I thought this finale made a whole lot of sense actually, given that the Governor took a risk with involving the “civil” people with the attack on the prison, due to the heavy loss of manpower beforehand. If the morale of those folk hadn’t plummeted to zero that fast, they’d have probably killed our group, without a question and the big G knew that, hence why he snapped completely.

      Both sides took a huge risk with their tactics. Ultimately, it’s good to have two different versions for this fight and possibly for all future events. The show remains largely unpredictable. I would have been very disappointed if the show had followed the comic adamantly after introducing certain changes already.

      Long story short. Comic enthusiasts need to step away from what they expect for the show.

        • @mindgame

          Carl is kind of going the Shane route… Hm…

      • I’m not a comic enthusiast and I hated this so-called finale. It sucked. It was like a slightly longer normal episode and lacking the ‘war’ was a big mistake.

        I also fail to see why they left woodbury and brought everyone back to the prison. Woodbury has the amenities and comforts… not a prison cell to live in. They have food and water and some semblance of life before.

        When you can’t tell it’s a finale, there is something wrong with your finale.

        Frankly, if we have to put up with Woodbury & the prison for the next season, I’m not going to be a happy camper.

        • The problem with Woodbury is that it is basically fortified against Walkers but pretty much vulnerable to coordinated attacks from humans. the Governor is still lose and our group simply doesn’tr want to take the risk that he might come back with more people. They know and can defend the prison much better for the time being.

          I wouldn’t get to hung up on it. In this world, they are mostly living from day to day, week to week. Long term goals are risky at best.

          Also, the Walker problem is steadily growing. It was sort of a non-issue mostly up until now but it will only grow and never truly vanish.

        • @Honeybooboo

          Woodbury is The Governor’s home turf. He knows all of the secret was to get in and out of that town. It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to stay there while he’s still on the loose…

    • I have to agree with you…

    • I have to agree with Trey 100% I am so disappointed in the finale. This is what happens when a show get “bigger than it’s britches” over hype and killing off favorites. I don’t see “Breaking Bad” doing anything this stupid. After Sunday night “Breaking Bad” still the best show. TWD showed me a red flag. I still love it but the way it went down for Andrea I am pissed.

    • the finale was horrible/ dont care how many records it broke. it was a horrible season ender

  3. Popular characters- live
    Unpopular characters- die

    • That pretty much seems to be the trend.

      That’s a shame if it’s accurate.

  4. It wasn’t a good death. She has been terribly written the entire season.

  5. I was looking forward to a more “split up” season, or at least for more of the alternating story lines to be explored.

    At the beginning of the season, Andrea and Michonne were on their own. Might’ve been neat to see that explored in more detail, reveal more about Michonne’s beginnings in the whole apocalypse via opening flashbacks, see the two of them struggle to survive a little longer before getting to Woodbury so soon.

    Daryl went off with Merle for not even an entire episode. This would have definitely been a cool moment to explore a lot of their dynamic together. After all, it wasn’t until season 3 that both brothers were on screen together. They too quickly changed their course of direction and went back to the prison. Give it a few episodes and really explore their relationship. I was looking forward to that.

    Maybe explore Milton’s past more. He got more important as the end of the season drew near, but it also would have been neat to see more about his experiences/history with The Governor.

    Overall, I was disappointed with the repetitive nature of giving characters interesting dialogue and situations and then killing them off soon after. Rick became kind of a boring character after the mid-season break. That opened the door for some good chances to tell good stories about the rest of the group instead of sticking with Rick (ep with Michonne, Morgan, and Carl aside). Oh well.

  6. killing off andrea was a bad idea…. doing this they killed off so many interesting story lines with her. Wonder who is rick gonna hook up with now since in the comic he hooks up with andrea

    • Probably the chick the governor didn’t kill.

  7. Why does Rick have to “hook up” with anyone?

    • It’s comic related

    • At this point it doesn’t matter what the comic does.

  8. After this death I can assume other important characters will die eventually. Daryl, Glen, and maybe Rick in the end…

  9. The only problem was how they marketed the final they made it seem like it would be action packed….I expect the Governor will return in season 4 and there will be the climatic battle at the prison.

  10. I personally do not agree with the whole “season finale was a disappointment ” thing. I think it went a totally reasonable and satisfying route, in which it kept me waiting for season 4. Even though I think that Andrea could’ve been fleshed out a little more as a character, as well as MIlton, I think that her death was perfectly played. This is because all of this season she has tried so hard to play the role of peace keeper, yet in the end she fails miserably and pays the price of being unable to put the Governor down. Also I think her death helped huminize Michonne, and helped break the whole “main characters in the comics are safe in the TV series” theme. Finally, I believe that the Governor’s slaughtering of over twenty of his own people was one of those moments that allowed you to truly see how screwed up the man is. And with Carl, his reactions to certain events in season 3 are entirely realistic. Any kid in a world as screwed as the Walking Dead’s who has lost a mother, and has a distant father would attempt to grow up faster then they should. Over- all, the decision of keeping the Governor, Caesar and Shumpert alive was a good one too, as I see it as cheesy starting a fourth story arch in the fourth season. Their survival will allow for a threat and compelling antigonists for at least another half season. Also, it will allow for the prison storyline to play out long enough to further characterize people like Tyreese, Sasha, Karen, Beth, and even Carol before stories such as the road to D.C., Alexandria, and Negan. Also it will allow for certain relationships to be explored before the group is left on the road again, such as Daryl and Carol, RIck and Carl, Rick and Tyreese, among others . Face it people, the TV show is not the same as the comics, nor will it ever be, and staying at the prison was, in fact, a good idea. Though, I believe the prison storyline and the Governor will not make it through the whole of next season , and the group will be on the road again by the season 4 finale.

  11. I kinda feel bad for Andrea as she didn’t get the redemption I thou she could have. Maybe because it was the episode after merle’s. all she says is – I did it all cause I want everyone to live, don’t they all want that. It just seemed a little flat compared with the episode before. Maybe they shouldnt of played two similar storylines together???

  12. Also!! How did Carl know it was the governor that shot merle???? Dum dum dum !!! How did carl know merle been shot and not stabbed to death or something???

  13. I really do not see in what way Andrea’s death is going to be a good thing in season 4, I guess Kirkman is using it as a way to get people like me that really does not like the show to watch it the following season, but I am done with this show. Everyone I put onto the comic ask me the same thing, “why is the comic so much better than the show” and my only answer is that when writing the comic Kirkman does not have AMC breathing down his neck, but then again Kirkman has made it clear that he wants to make the show different from the comic, and I get that, I really do, I understand that changes need to be made in order to get people who have read the comics to watch the show, but if that’s the case why not tell a different story from the comic, show scenarios and plots that were only spoken in the comic but never show, use different characters all together, show Woodbury when it was first getting put together, show the character ark in The Governor as a family man who lost it when the zombie Apocalypse hit. But as of now I am truly done with the show…

    • @David C. Diaz

      We all know secretly that your going to still watch. Prime example , as fed up with supernatural as I am I’ll still catch an episode , here and there. I never read the comics so it’s all good for me. They do have the Rise of the Governor and the Road to Woodbury out. Still can’t get it wraped around my head on how popular the show is. Went to Horror con a week back and my God there were so many people there.

      Waited 2 hours just to meet Reedus. Wait was worth it though. Got my Boondock Saints DVD signed to boot.

  14. I loved the comic. But that was a long time ago. The current stories are boring and basically the governor plot line all over again. But I keep reading because I can’t judge it until its over. There might be slumps, but how is it overall that makes it a full story. Same thing with the show. I don’t like it, but I continue to watch it because I want to see what it will be. Part of why I am not enjoying it is because there are so few episodes and such long breaks in between. We are left WAITING, and it feels like there is no pay off for the wait. I found I will just wait for the show to end, and then watch them all together. I have been faithfully watching every week, and I am just disappointed.
    People are talking about comparisons between the comic and the show now more so that Andrea died. But Dale was a major character in the comics, his death should have been the slap in the face that this is different. Or that Allan and Donna were good people, or that Morgan joins the group only to die later, or that Ben is a child murderer, or that Hershel died, that Carol was a loon. See where I am going.
    It’s not who lives and who dies that makes this worth comparing. It is that in the comic the people, not the zombies, are what make the it interesting. That is what I feel is missing here. You don’t have to tell the same story, you have to have the same feel. For myself, and many of my friends who were watching the show, we feel that a large part of that is missing. I feel that Hershel loves his children. That there is something to Carol and Daryl. But I don’t care about Andrea. She died. Boo hoo. I felt it when Dale died. That was unexpected and he was the heart. I liked these people, so I wanted to follow them. I don’t like them anymore. When Rick, Michonne and Carl went on their little road trip and left that lone man to die, and come back at the end and steal his stuff from his dead body, I thought, what makes them any better than the Gov? They aren’t people anymore. They’re killers. We are supposed to feel better now that Rick didn’t turn over Michonne to be tortured to death? Why? He didn’t do it because he figured it wouldn’t work, not because it was wrong.
    I have lost faith. I have stopped asking people to watch the show. And the group of friends that I would discuss the show with has died down to none. There are fans out there. And I love me some zombies, but I don’t care about the people. I watch it now to see who dies. Not who lives.
    So go on, compare the comic to the show. But not because its not the same, but because it doesn’t feel the same.

  15. I’ve read the comics and also watch the show religiously and normally don’t have any problems with the points of departure between the two. In fact, most of the time I actually like the show’s changes. However, last night’s finale left me underwhelmed. While I’ll admit reading the comic left me expecting a bloodbath last night, even if I went into last night’s show with no knowledge of how things turned out in the comic, it would still have been a letdown. For weeks things have been building up to a climax and every episode had someone talking about “going to war” and when the big moment arrived it fizzled out in the most pathetic way possible. A couple of flash bangs, a little automatic weapons fire, and the Governor’s men (who outnumbered and outgunned the prison group) just ran to their trucks and sped away? That was it? That was the big showdown?

    • @Jon

      LOL, I think they are not ready to get rid of any of the actors in the cast… :-)

  16. I wouldn’t call it Laurie Holden’s Andrea as much as writers mischaracterization of the Laurie people were use to in the books, as well as someone hard to support if you never read the books. This was an elseworlds Andrea, and I have no hate on the actress (and some nuts allegedly were threatening to her life over a not-real character they hated). From the moment the character left the safety on at the dept store, the writers had it in mind to mess with the dynamics and it led to here. It would have been nice to get the group Andrea with the bad ass skills to fill the need, and maybe more Milton. Oh well, at least Andrea’s suffering is over, . . who will they write wrong next… As for alterations, I like some of the surprises in event changes in this butter-fly effect world where something went different than the books, it keeps you guessing and you get some cool characters like Daryl, or lose some bad early book damages by giving those defects to different people. R.I.P. to the Dale and Andrea that weren’t.