‘The Walking Dead’ Producers Discuss Season 3 Finale & Fidelity to Comics

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the walking dead robert kirkman The Walking Dead Producers Discuss Season 3 Finale & Fidelity to Comics

[WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!]

The season 3 finale of The Walking Dead is right around the corner, and fans are on the edge of their seats waiting to find out what will happen in the inevitable clash between Rick and the Governor. If you’ve read the comics then you’ll know that the showdown occurs at the end of this particular story arc, and that things get very messy. If you haven’t read the comics, then be warned that the following article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for up to the end of issue 48.

The creator of the comic book series, Robert Kirkman, also serves as an executive producer on the show. He has previously said that he’s interested in keeping a healthy balance between adhering to the story of the comics and straying from them, saying that there are some events from the comics that need to be seen on the show, but that they’re also shaking things up so that fans of the comics will be kept on their toes.

In The Hollywood Reporter‘s recent interview with the producers of the show, Kirkman warns fans to brace themselves for the upcoming fight:

“Things are going to be pretty intense; it’s a huge conflict, and we’ve been building to it this entire season. There’s definitely going to be some dire consequences, and there will certainly be some casualties.”

Master of on screen gore effects Greg Nicotero directed last week’s episode, ‘This Sorrowful Life,’ and hints that he and his special effects team had a fair bit of extra work to do in the final episode:

“It’s going to get pretty bloody. We’ve spent a lot of time setting it up, and it’s not going to end well. Clearly, we’ve strayed a little bit […] from the comic book because Lori and Judith don’t die together. That’s the trick of ‘The Walking Dead‘ – You never know. It’s kind of sad that nobody is safe, but we’ve already shown that in the first half of the season.”

David Morressey in The Walking Dead Prey The Walking Dead Producers Discuss Season 3 Finale & Fidelity to Comics

In the comics, Lori survived up until the final conflict before being shot in the back whilst attempting to flee, falling forwards and crushing baby Judith with the weight of her lifeless body. In the TV show, Lori died in childbirth and Carol took over the task of nursing Judith. With Nicotero’s description of Judith’s fate coming across as rather ominous, could we see a repeat of Lori’s tragic death from the comics, with Carol in her place?

Perhaps, or perhaps not. According to executive producer David Alpert:

“It’s going to surprise you, no doubt about it. We do some things that are a little bit different than in the comic. If you’ve read the comic, you don’t want to do the same thing. We’re going to do something that’s going to surprise and shock you while rewarding the fact that if you read the comic, you’re going to recognize all the milestones that were built into it.”

Gale Anne Hurd, another executive producer on the show, also echoed Alpert’s warning that the finale will shock fans of the show and the comics alike. It sounds like they’ve got a particularly powerful moment up their sleeves:

“I think there will be a couple of collective gasps in those episodes. There’s no way to predict what’s happening. With this level of cast, even when there’s action, it’s all character-based, so you’re really invested. We were doing music the other day and even though I knew what was coming, I still gasped.”

In most TV shows, the audience feels a sense of security in the fact that the writers need to preserve the status quo to a degree, meaning that there are certain characters who can be relied upon to survive no matter what gets thrown at them. The team behind The Walking Dead, however, have proven themselves to be as merciless as the post-apocalyptic world that they write, and no character – major or minor, young or old, good or bad, sick or strong, male or female – is safe.

Somewhat ironically, despite the fact that they get slain by the dozen, the only characters who are more or less safeguarded against elimination are the walking dead themselves; you can’t have a zombie show without zombies.

the walking dead comics vs show1 The Walking Dead Producers Discuss Season 3 Finale & Fidelity to Comics

Let’s look on the bright side, though. With the finale threatening to thin the ranks of the show’s cast, there is at least one new character from the comics who will step in before the end of this season to fill a gap. Also, while the writers’ willingness to stray from the comics means that some characters that fans thought were safe might not survive, there’s also a chance that characters who met an untimely end in issue 48 of the comic series might live to see another season. When asked if the Governor might make an appearance in season 4, Hurd replied mysteriously, “Do I want to keep David Morrissey? Yes! Do we? I can’t tell you.”

With The Walking Dead‘s equivalent of The Hunger Games approaching, which character would you most like to sponsor for survival, and who are you willing to sacrifice to the rising body count?

The Walking Dead season 3 finale airs Sunday, March 31st, 2013 @9pm on AMC.

Source: THR

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  1. Carol,Hershel, and beth seem like the most likely to die. Governor might survive this season if the writers choose to extend the prison arc(seems unlikely though)

    • I’m pretty sure the governor dies cuz he’s starring in a new movie so ya

      • He doesnt have to be in every episode

        • But that does damper him coming back though..crap x)

  2. cant wait for the finale really curious how this is gonna turn out with the show being so different from the comics. Hoping tyreese and andrea meet up with the gang and tyreese maybe switch sides. id be surprised if carol or beth dont die

    • Honestly what I’d like to see is the guy from the first episode who we saw not a while ago will decide to come back and help Rick and the rest of the group

      • I really doubt it for that guy, he is gonna be busy for a while. He is busy with upcoming movies according to imdb. But i also wanted him to come bAck as well in the episode “Clear”.

  3. Is the finale 2 hrs?

    • So was it 2hrs? Havent had a chance to catch the episode?

    • So was it 2hrs? Havent had a chance to catch the episode.

  4. I think Carol, Beth, Governor, that smart guy from Woodbury (drawing a blank on his name, sorry) and Hershel die. I want Andrea to live and redeem herself to the group, have her live at least one more season. :)

    I like Daryl, but I think that the show focuses on him a little to much and not so much on the other characters. Still want him to live, but I won’t be surprised to see him die.

    • AS much as everyone hates Andrea, I agree. I want her to become awesome sniper Andrea from the comics.

      • which it seems like ever time Andrea takes a step toward awesome Andrea, by the end of the episode she takes 2 steps back to annoying Andrea.

  5. I think that Hershel will live, he’s proving to be a more complex voice of reason than Dale was in the books. Beth is kinda a no-brainer, if only to serve as an inspiration for Maggie to do the whole “depressed” arc. Carol is safe if they kill Andrea, and vice-versa, one will go I think.

  6. Does anyome think Rick’s hand gets chopped off?

    • nah wont happen it would cost so much money to have rick without his hand in every ep

      • What if they made it like they did Meryl?

    • In one of the latest comics, in the “letter hacks” section, there was a question about getting to rethink some decisions from the comics. Kirkman’s answer was that he wished he had not cut off rick’s hand, that it created problems, and they would not be doing it in the show.

      • Crap. Really wanted to see one hand Rick.

  7. I can’t wait,just finish watching the marathon,Love everybody on the prison side. hopefully Tyreese,and Andrea make it so they can help out the prison.Hey a girl can dream!

  8. That’s the reason I love this show so much. It can be so unpredictable at times.

    ‘could we see a repeat of Lori’s tragic death from the comics, with Carol in her place?’

    As for this quote, I am a bit iffy about this one. I think Beth’s done most of the caring when it comes to Judith, so if anyone was to suffer Lori’s fate in the comics I think it would be her.

    As for Carol, I think there’s still a lot of fun to be had with her, so I expect to see her kicking around for a while longer.

    Hershel’s gonna go soon as well I reckon, he’s a great character within the group but it seems like they’ve been building up to his death with the whole idea of Glenn being the one to look out for Maggie in many of the episodes.

    Milton, I see him hitting the hay as well. The Governor has lost trust in him and we’ve seen how psychotic of a man he is, so that can’t be good for Milton at all.

    The Governor, hmm it seems like there’s still a lot that could be done with him as well. Don’t get me wrong, I want him dead as much as the next guy… But that only proves just how good of a villain he is in the show and that’s worth keeping around.

    I think there are some obvious safe choices people would make, these being:
    Glenn, Maggie, Rick, Darryl, Carl, Michonne & Tyreese.

    But ya never really know, a part of me hopes to see one of these characters go for the shock factor, but then another part kinda wants them all to live.

  9. Man! This article left me drooling

  10. Leave Daryl and Rick alone, Andrea can bite the bullet and the baby brings nothing to the show, also the Governor can go, he’s been around far to long as it is.

    • I think Judith, the baby, is supposed to bring hope to the survivors. Although, I really think Beth and Judith will die in the finale. I may be wrong, but it’s the feeling I have.

  11. Wow. I cannot wait. counting down the hours. I feel that Judith unfortunately is going to die during the war. along with carol and Beth. This will push Rick and Glen over the edge but it will give them just enough rage to defeat and kill the governor and his army. As for Daryl, he will be the one to take out the governor. If you ask me… no i have not read the comics. i love the show. Something bad is going to happen this Sunday. I just hope the Governor gets what is coming to him. and i hope its slow..
    dangit andrea, you could have stopped this episodes ago. all u had to do was take your naked behind over there and cut him up with that blade… AHHH!!

  12. Dont know whats gonna happen but I really hope the Gov plot arc comes full and ends because while he was an interesting character at first he has bored me beyond the point of wearing out his welcome..Hope all of Woodbury dies along with Andrea(aka the worst chatacter in any TV show or movie EVER!!) but dont care for many others. Obviously like anyone else who watches TWD I want Daryl to live but thats really it. Rick, Carl, carol, Hershel, hell Glenn AND Maggie….. Screw it Kill em all lol. Just keep Norman Reedus or I stop watching immediately

  13. Is it just me or does anyone else have a strong feeling that Glenn would be one of the next one to go? He’s got the whole oh-would-you-marry-me-i’d-be-the-happiest-guy-on-earth thing going before the war. And if cliché movie plots have taught me anything, it’ll be that guys who say that won’t be around very much longer.

    • While I definitely agree about the trope, I think all of that is setting up Hershel’s death. Particularly the scene with Glenn asking Hershel for permission. He actually smiled, knowing that Maggie will be taken care of. Good time to exit.

    • I got that same feeling too..hopefully not.

    • ****COMIC SPOILER*****

      They way Glenn dies in the comic is one of the most graffic and messed up deaths that has been put in there imo. I think they would have to do something like that in the show for him. I dont see him dieing yet.

      • that would be sick,and not in a good way.

  14. I think they will gradually make Rick’s right hand man Tyrese as it is in the comics, thus killing Daryl – and he will probably die sacrificing himself.

    Milton will also join the gang, he’s an interesting character they can build upon, the group does not have their token nerd guy.

    Carol will bite the dust, there is no use for her anymore, and maybe Beth.

  15. If they kill daryl they might as well cancel twd. He’s the best thing to happen to tv since drew carey took ocer price is right. He’s so dreamy and he could kill u with his hands or a crossbow or a gun or a knife and probably a sword or a rock or a harpoon or a tank or a missile launcher or an rpg or an enchantment spell or poison or a noose or a booby trapped snake pit or an otter or a mace or a gatlin gun or a machete or an axe or a bat or a taco or even a regular bow that shoots arrows….daryl vs arrow nedxt on celebrity death match!

    • Or a wink! Lol

    • TLDR; Got bored reading your long comment. We get it, you’re obsessed with a character. Go ahead and quit watching if he does die, not a real fan of the show anyways if you do. Sh*t happens, people will die. Still will be a great show, with or without.

  16. Um are u trippin yo? Ur bromance creepin me out yo! Besides…darryl. could not beat arrow because ollie got the mojo y’all!

    • Why you gots to bring race into this huh? Its not about that its about how daryl can kill you….come on guys help me out let’s all name the ways daryl can kill all of us. With fire and music and laughter and car bombs, with molotov cocktales laced with acid and milk, cheese grater, and a spear gun and a bowling ball and a chainsaw and a lawnmower and a nail gun and an airsoft pistol and a hammer and a sledge hammer and a wicked ass hand grenade!

      • Seriously? What race card. This dudde be huffin paint! Besides arrow is the bomb yo! Hell straight up tell you you failed the geographic location where you live and then shoot you in the face! Gangnam style!

        • I don’t know if you’re talking like that because you actually talk like that or you’re trying to be funny but either way: stop. You sound like a twat.

  17. Is the season finale 2 hours

  18. I don’t think we have seen the end of Lori. I wonder if Carl kept her somewhere, one of the cells. Just trying to think outside of the box. Then I wonder if Lori gets at the baby somehow.

    • @ Kimberly
      You idea sounds completely feasible I think we are definitely going to see walker lori but is the season finale 2 hours

      • I think seeing Lori as a walker would be really interesting in the season finale…, but I thought she was eaten by a walker after she died, the one Rick stabbed in the stomach?

    • Do you guys even watch the show? A walker ATE her. SHE was in ITS belly. C’mon, guys .. pay attention.

      • Ate PARTS of her. Other walkers ate the rest of her.

  19. Like Gale Anne Hurd, I’d love to see them keep David Morrissey. He’s a fantastic actor and he brings so much to the show. To kill off either Hershel or Daryl would leave a huge hole in the show for me but, like the rest of the group, I’d survive. The only character I absolutely couldn’t do without is Rick. To lose him would ruin the entire focus of ‘The Walking Dead’ for me, so please don’t stray THAT far from the comics.

    Andrea can go at any time as far as I’m concerned. I agree with some other commenters that it would be nice to see her redeem herself, so maybe she could die saving someone else’s life. If they’re going to keep her, I think it could be really interesting to have her do a 180-degree turn and become a full-fledged enemy to Rick’s group. They could really do things with her character that way.

    • But Rick does die later on in the comics, haha. So if he dies in the show thy are not straying from the comics. Also what do you think about the fact that Andrea and Rick have a “thing” later on?

  20. I love the prison arc don’t get me wrong but the series gets soooooooo much better you guys


    I REALLy want them to get to the Alexandria safe zone arc and then eventually negan >:)

  21. very intriguing article I hadn’t thought that the Governor might survive, which would be good in a sense because he’s such a great villain, but i don’t see them extending the arc especially after seeing how the season has played out. I would hate if Carol bit it she’s a good balance between the group as is Hershel but it seems pretty clear that he is going to go. Beth seems to be a big candidate as well cuz she doesn’t bring a lot to the show. I’m not sure about Judith it’s possible I rekon. It seems to me that Andrea is going to make it out alive why I have no idea, she’s not as annoying as she once was but still i wouldn’t care if her face was eaten by zombies.
    If they kill off Glen, Derryl,or Michonne i will be supremely pissed. if i remember correctly Glen dies after the prison arc in the comics, but Steve Yuen is too good they must keep him around as long as possible.

      Glenn doesnt die (in the comics) till issue #100 and the prison arc ends in issue #48 it has many unique and interesting arcs between now and then. Hopefully he, Darryl, Hershel, and Rick survive they are the shows backbone especially since Glenn finally got some balls.

  22. Not having read the comics and knowing that almost anything can happen, I think its a possibility that Milton, the Gov’s right hand man might be the one to finally put a bullet in the Gov. After finally going thru a lot of mental and morality issues inside himself, I think Milton just might have the bollocks to put an end to the Gov. Just a thought.

    • I like it!

    • I hope Glen, Maggie, Rick, Andrea, Tyrese, and his wife/girlfriend, Carl, Hershell, and Beth make it. I would like to see Carol and Daryl become a couple and take the baby. I don’t want to see any of the prison crowd die. I would like to see Milton live but I think he will rescue Andrea and get killed by the governor, but I am never right about these things.

      I only want to see the governor go! He is unredeemable.

      I would like to see Andrea reform and get together with Rick. They would make an interesting couple. I definitely don’t want to see Rick die. He is the hope for the new world! He is a decent man. I think Shane got what was coming to him. I never liked Lori; felt she played Rick and Shane against each other.

  23. I was watching the show with the family the other night, telling them some of the differences between the comic and the show, and it finally struck me how worried I am for Darryl during this finale. He is a fantastic character, but he doesn’t have any pre-existing arcs in the comic, so killing him would be a major emotional moment, but leave them free to explore everything that has been done post prison in the comics. Please don’t!

  24. Hey guys this my prediction to the finale –
    The Govenor & his men head towards the prison just as Rick’s group have voted to leave, escape and survive another day. Rick’s group is packed and starts heading out when Gov men show up. Carl, Beth, Maggie, Glenn & Daryl make it out to the forrest in time; while Rick helps a struggling Hershel, Carol and baby Judith get out in time.. My guess is the first half of the group will encounter Martinez and Daryl will kill him making that “meet and greet” they had few episodes back symbolic.. The Govenor will see Rick help Carol, Hershel escape and open fire. Carol will get shot in the back of the head and die in crossfire. Baby Judith will fall to the ground from her arms. Rick will then drop Hershel and rush towards his baby. Rick will hold judith tightly and realize shes unharmed, Rick will turn around and see the Govenor pointing a gun at him saying “Rick you will pay for your actions towards Woodsbury” he then smiles and drags forward Hershel. Rick starts begging and yelling at Gov; the Gov puts a gun in Hershels mouth and pulls the trigger, Hershel dies.. The Gov then walks towards Rick and says “I will take from you Rick, the very thing Michonne took from me; my little girl”.. The Gov trys to take Judith but Ricks kicks him off. The Gov then pistol whips Rick and takes out a sword or knife or possibly chainsaw and cuts Ricks right arm/hand off which is holding on to judtih. The Gov then grabs Judith and says “wouldnt you like your baby to become a zombie Rick? then she would stay small and cute forever” the Gov then pretends to walk towards a zombie and bring the baby in close contact. Rick at this point hopeless yells “I will g****** kill you”. The Gov gets angrered the Rick still unsults him after all this. The Gov then actually trys to get Judith Biten. Rick looks up barley at the Gov and all of a sudden a sniper shot goes off and a bullet goes through the Jaw of the Govenor and he drops dead.. Rick looks around and sees (Either Morgan or Andrea) rushing towards him. (Morgan or Andrea) then helps Rick to his feet, Rick runs towards baby Judith; when Rick reaches her – his heart stops and hes in shock and he sees his baby Judith has turned into a Zombie…… the screen goes black – episode ends

    • This prediction is well, to be honest, way waaaay out of left field. Too predictable if you ask me. Lay off the fan fiction for a bit. I know you tried, but seriously .. that’s too crazy for this show, beyond Rick and The Governor crazy.

    • sounds like something out of creepypasta

  25. what do you guys think about my prediction?

    • I think you should write for the show!

    • It doesn’t make too much sense if you have seen the previews for the finale, the cars are missing, they are all ready out of the prison, not too far but they are out, notice how there is not a walker in sight when the truck comes into the prison yard…..so no walkers around to bite the baby,

      • I think they rounded up the walkers and took them inside the prison and Allen will be attacked by them since is can be seen going into to the prison first.

    • I think you should lay off the drugs, personally.

  26. I absolutely do not want Carol or Andrea to go, but I do see baby Judith as a ‘death magnet’ as I think she is definitely going to die in the finale…I am hoping it is NOT Carol who receives baby Judith as the handoff because that would determine the outcome…I like Beth, but not as much as Carol, so I hope it is Beth who takes the baby….As for Andrea, I think she will get the beating of her life as Michonnedid in the comics, but SHE will have the most reason to kill the Governor – and kill him herself….

  27. I feel like Rick’s group will leave the prison, but only to flank the Govener and his people. Rick’s group might even use the walkers from the courtyard, because as Ang said there are no walkers in the courtyard in the preview, and use them how the Govener used them. I honestly think this episode will be amazing, but also very upsetting. I can’t wait to see what happens.

  28. Well the comics were way crazy on the slaughter fest at the prison. I don’t know if the comics continue after that, but if they do and if the show is left with so few of the original group left, then they’ll have to find more survivors to get together with. The people who follow the governor might turn on him like the comics so who knows.

    Recently I watched some “B” movie where some space aliens came down and did a good job wiping out humans. There was a small group of Americans in Russia who had to work together with Russians and others to fight for their lives against the common enemy. I think that’d be the reality if there was a real Zombie apocolyst. I think people realizing that there’s so few living people left and so many Zombies that they’d see it’s in everyone’s interest to work together. Do you really think someone like the Govenor could control a bunch of finicky Americans like he does here? They make the Woodberry people seem like a bunch of mindless fools up to this point (Same in the comics). Maybe china, Russia or someplace where they’re less used to balking leaders, but not Americans….they’d revolt as soon as things got uncomfortable

  29. The makers of the show have said that if you watched the first few episods of the season, there was a “theory” that was poked at…this theory will be put to the test in a heartwarming albeit cruel way. My theory is they were talking about the experiment milton was performing about whether or not the dead can remember anything from their life (i.e. CHILDREN..etc)…

    I have a feeling Lori is going to pop up somewhere and have “feelings” for her child (Judith)…..I am also going to guess that Lori kills the governor.

    • Lori died during childbirth though, and carl shot her to nake sure she wouldn’t turn… And to add to that she was also eaten by a walker after she died. as much as i would like to see Lori in the season finale, I don’t think it’s possible.

      • yep and it was already confirmed by the producers that she died.

    • That’s about the weirdest theory I’ve read on this page so far :p

      • I dunno’ .. there’s some crazy stuff on this page’s comments. Anyone thinking Lori will come back magically is just stupid and doesn’t pay attention to the show enough to know what is going on, though.

        • I assure you I am not stupid. I think you should have some respect for other peoples opinions. Don’t be a jerk please. This is the walking dead – It wouldn’t be impossible if Lori came back (before ghost lori, folks like you were saying she was not coming back in any shape or form…how wrong you were!)

          And the fact that Lori’s body was never seen is an indicator they might bring her back in Zombie form. Stop being an ass and slamming others….if you disagree, fine, say so – but don’t resort to a childs mentality and call people names.

          • No, the producers confirmed she is dead. PHYSICALLY gone. Not coming back as a zombie, just appearing here and there in Rick’s imagination. Rick walked into the room where she gave birth to Judith and because of this, Carl shot her in the HEAD to keep her FROM turning. After Rick didn’t see her body, just blood everywhere leading to a zombie that ATE her body, showing it full .. about to burst open from eating so much of her, which is why Rick stabbed the zombie’s stomach. They couldn’t put her body into the grave because she was eaten.

            I mean, sorry for using words, but you all should really pay attention and read up. If Lori comes back at all for the finale, it is in Rick’s imagination.

          • lol don’t get so butthurt and defensive over bein called stupid…it’s the internet… lori isn’t coming back as a zombie…she got eaten

          • I see where you are coming from considering how vague her death was( never being shown, no body etc.) but Lori is dead and isn’t coming back. It has been confirmed by the director of that episode(Greg Nicotero ) as well as producers in other interviews. A simple GOOGLE search will pull it up.

        • No, is just that the way she went was vague. You hear the shot but never see her die. Plus the fact the body was missing when Rick got thier. But it has been already confirmed by the producers that Lori has died and has been torn and eaten by a bunch of other zombies. Lori is 100% grade A DEAD.

    • I think Milton was right, but not in a meaningful way. In the very first episode, a little zombie girl stoops down and picks up her doll. Morgan’s zombie wife keeps fumbling with the door on her house. If the show is consistent, there must be some brainstem memory, but not true emotions.

    • I just feel like “Lori’s death” was strange. Its always bothered me.
      1-We didn’t see her die exactly, she just looked like she passed out.
      2-We didn’t see her turn.
      3-We didn’t see Carl shoot her. Just noise. Carl’s turned into a chilly ice cube, but he’s still a son…still a kid.
      4-No body parts! Really? Not even a pinky toe! -_-
      5-The fat zombie…Yeah, he coulda been a greedy f*** and ate her, but ALL of her? He had a big belly, but not nearly big enough for a whole human adult body. T-Dog was only half eaten by 2 or 3 zombies.
      6-Removing her live body. There was a way into the prison before Rick’s group arrived. Somebody could’ve found her and taken her or nursed her elsewhere in the prison then left.Lori was in the boiler room. The same room that Tyrese and his people were found in (by Carl…hmmm).
      7-On Talking Dead Greg Nicotero talked about Lori’s death, but Carol’s “grave” was also discussed. Carol’s alive. Different situations I know, but the people on Walking Dead talk about things as if they are what they seem. Robert Kirkman has also said that “anything can happen” or something along those lines…
      P.S. Not a huge fan of Lori…Its just that her death was very non-Walking Deadish. It was disappointing. We ALWAYS see the characters die…Don’t we? *shrugs*

      • All your points are valid as i have also listed before but no, Lori is dead and has been confirmed to be dead. A simple google search will find you what you want.

        —-The fat zombie…Yeah, he coulda been a greedy f*** and ate her, but ALL of her? He had a big belly, but not nearly big enough for a whole human adult body. T-Dog was only half eaten by 2 or 3 zombies.

        I actually thought the same thing you did but it was said by the producers in a interview that it was multiple zOmbies that teared and ate lori not just the fat one. the fat one just happens to be the one thats left.

        But i totally agree, they really made her death vague and disappointing as hell.

        P.s. we didn’t see the season 1 guy that was digging graves die. The group just left him near the side of the road.

        • Your right! Jim could of also been taken my survivors, but it wouldn’t make sense since he was almost dead anyways.

          Lori’s death was pretty vague and no proof she died or not, but then again the theory that she was found by survivor and nursed to health doesn’t make that much sense. If anything the survivors that took her would stay within the prison.